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 Rules of the Fallen Order

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PostRules of the Fallen Order

1)Treat everyone with Respect as all Times!

2)We will now have a page for Rp Ideas and new rp's for the members to discuss amongst themselves, it will have a voting section open every month in which all members will vote and the highest votes will be implemented once created

3)All Rp's must follow original story-lines and arcs so as not to be copyright stealing

4)NO Harassment

5)If some one is not following any of the rules Pm one of the admins ,the list of Admins will change due to their activity if you do not know any of them then Pm me or Cruton

6)All Quarrels are to be handled in a Civil and sophisticated manner,if not then both users will be banned for a day or longer if problems continue

7)No Slurs of any kind are allowed although minor language may be used in none violent manners as we are adults

8)You have to acknowledge the replies that came before yours and not just ignore them,People will use your character in their replies as will you and some may have a problem with this and that's fine but it is still gonna happen the best you can do is inform the others on how your character acts if your afraid they might misinterpret your character.

9)We have made a new reply system in which you must read all prior replies and reflect or reread them for better understanding and then make a well thought out reply if we need to have a discussion page to help out then have everyone pm that they wish to have one and I will set it up with Odin sphere bonuses added to it

10)That being said you must wait for everyone in the active rp cycle to reply before you can reply again,whilst following rule 8 as well

11)No Godmodding!.... This includes makeing yourself OP a example may be you not taking damage or making a encounter with NPC's rather easy this should not be the case as that is not in anyway acceptable.If you can't do this then it is you diminishing your own creativity and that's your own problem

12)Have some decency with your avatars as it represents how the other members see you!And Jar that means you can't make your Avi bouncing titties -_-

13)Nada on the Spamming

14)We would like everyone to use proper grammar but do to certain stigmas some may not so do your best ......Sangios being Awesome is not a Stigma

15)Follow the rules and you don't get banned sound fair ?How about we throw in a imaginary hat and hell we will toss in Grizzly Adams beard sound fair now ?Yea I though it might

Rules will be updated as time goes on
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Rules of the Fallen Order :: Comments

Re: Rules of the Fallen Order
Post on Wed 25 Apr 2012, 08:32 by Ryerai
We have had a current glitch with our current Rp's due to the Quick reply box.Unfortunately I have not been able to fix the problem for the Rp's we have up but any new Rp's Should be fine.
I sincerely Hope we do not have any more Technical problems
Post on Wed 14 Sep 2011, 00:15 by Jariayias
You so stole these rules from me. =p
Re: Rules of the Fallen Order
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Rules of the Fallen Order

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