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We earned this shit!

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PostSubject: We earned this shit!   Fri 21 Apr 2017, 05:07

Make a post and add your skills and powers as you see fit.
Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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PostSubject: Re: We earned this shit!   Fri 28 Apr 2017, 04:22


Howl- He has a grotesque scar over his face from when a bear nearly killed him when he was five and it crushed and tore his face open. He suffers from Schizophrenia and psychosis induced episodes occasionally which always involves his scar bleeding and voices talking to him. He tends to be quiet but has no problem talking to others although if he doesn't know the person his words seem distant like he's just stating them. He is extremely intelligent as his injury forces him to use more of his brain and he has the uncanny ability of knowing what attack monsters are going to use even before they project it. He can even predict when they will glitch which is why he takes Joshua's death the hardest. Some of his quirks- if in a group large or small he will migrate outside of it and observe them, he has times were he ignores some people entirely like they don't exist. If someone is in danger around him he will throw himself in harms way every time.
His full name is Caleb Amakusa Howl and his game name is White Walker.
Unlike Shion very few people know of Howl's abilities and even few know of him at all. However he is constantly honing his abilities never accepting a single one as complete. And yet he has never used an Ult unless teamed with Shion or Sumire(once) leading many to believe his is unable to. He is known as the Voice of Damnation as even the most subtle comment can become deadly from his lips. Howl's Avatar is affected by his mental state such as when his head bleeds and during extreme cases his scar disappears entirely. Another oddity is his display name has changed to Asukama, one such case was when Joshua died this has lead Shion to believe that Howl. Has an alternate personality that causes this glitch to happen, and is something that he keeps secret for fear of what the others will do in response.

Shion- He has a good heart, but he's introvert. He's an excellent leader with extremely high intellect and a gift for strategy, but he can't stand being around too many people for an extended period of time, ironic as he heads the strongest and largest guild. He's witty, but it only shows when he's around a few people, so if he's insulted in front of a crowd, he'll only have a comeback after the moment has already passed. It's been said, by those who know him, that his perception and adaptability are second to none. He excels at time management and efficiency, to a degree that none can match, as he's innately capable of drawing out the greatest results from the shortest periods of time; this is the reason he's been able to grind his skills and abilities more than anyone. According to Sumire, he's never needed more than a week to master anything, and even then she can't recall a time where it actually took him a full week to do so. All this, combined with the fact that he's allowed himself to experience more in a few years, than most do in a lifetime, come together to produce a beast of an individual who can consistently adapt to and overcome anything. He even has no issue with recklessly using his body to experience and analyze something if he feels the need to, something which gets him in trouble for being a daredevil.
His full name is Aoba Yusuke Shion. Game name is Abyss King Artorias.
He actually grinds out skills and abilities more than any other player, as he's disciplined in a number of styles in reality. He can be considered to be a master in every facet of the game, capable of filling any role in a party at will, but he would lose to someone who specializes in said field, if he only used the skills associated with said field. Since he's so balanced, he can fill multiple roles at a time, such as being a Healer Tank that keeps aggro while healing. His main passion is blades though, and he's considered godlike with any bladed weapon, from daggers to greatswords, as he employs a freeform and unpredictable style that's tailored to whatever weapon he uses. Believed by many to be the greatest swordsman in PSO, his title is "Kensei" [Sword Saint]. In battle, he's famed for his perception and senses, which allegedly borderline on clairvoyance in the words of those who have watched him.

Prinny- Is sweet and Independent woman that has a thing for Howl even though he has been with her best friend Wicca. Her real name is Priscilla Lee.

Wicca- Is a strong personality, even though she has a new man she gets hostile towards women that get close to Howl even Prinny. Her real name is Wynne Nanoki. She's currently dating a member of the Flames of Lordran, a Player named Dick Grayson, whose real name is Adam Westfield.

Panda Po (Hiryuki Honda)- Leader of Mastadon and one of the top 3 Martial arts users. IRL he is a master in 7 martial arts and a second degree black belt in the others. And has been practicing since he was 5, unlike the other guild leaders he is laid back and easy going when not in a fight. There are few things that Hiryuki loves more then fighting, in fact he surpasses his limits each time he faces a strong opponent.

Bakuto (Alistair Yagyuu)- The extremely Charismatic leader of the Hand and a close friend of Shion, he is a master of the blade and considered one of the seven strongest swordsman in the game. As a Yagyuu he trained in several styles of the sword IRL and has a deep and intimate knowledge of it. Although charming and kind he is ruthless fighter leaving little to no room for error when facing him, he thrives on fighting the strong. So much so that he has become obsessed with the strongest players to a near Homosexual degree.

Airiel- Airiel Riannon was the eldest of the three sisters, a year ahead of Emilia. Her Avatar was human, her hair a long, silvery white and her eyes a deep red, like vibrant wine; her hair was adorned with azure blue ribbons. She was usually outfitted in flowy, elegant, extravagant robes which were partially exposing. Her game name was Xerxes, and she'd earned the title of "Queen of Fundament", which was granted accordingly; she's the most knowledgeable player in the game when it comes to minerals and herbs, being the most powerful Alchemist, fully capable of employing a nigh-infinite number of effects through her skillset. Thanks to this, she was always buying and exploring for rare items, as she could easily separate items into their base components and reconstruct them into something much more useful. Being the most scholarly, stern and diligent of them all she had taken the time to write a multitude of books about the ingredients around the world of PSO, and where they could be found, and used. A popular rumor was that she knew the basis of the concepts within the game world better than the developers did.
While it's not an officially stated position, every player in the game is well aware that she's the unshakable second in command of the Guild. One secret, known only to Shion, is that she actually impressed the creators with her writing skill during a conference, and was made the chief lore writer on PSO. As a result, she actually has Admin Access Rights at will, but she's told Shion that she won't use them unless she has no other option but to, as abusing Admin privileges from inside the game can be hazardous.

Emilia- The woman referred to as Lia, was a girl with long silver hair and purple blue eyes, who often wore white and purple dresses. Her Avatar was a Half Elf, so she naturally had pointed ears. Her game name was Satella, and her IRL name was Emilia Riannon. She was the middle sister of three, who were also Shion's childhood friends. Through her actions, she was granted the title "Witch of Envy". This came about from her proficiency as one of the most powerful Mages in PSO, with some of the highest stats in the elements of Ice and Darkness, as well as her tendency to become cold to anyone who bothered her precious Shion. Normally though, she was one of the sweetest girls you could meet. She was also very famous for having raised one of the most powerful Familiars, a cat-like beast known as Puck, whose power over Ice and Darkness could compliment and significantly boost her own abilities.

Cirilla- Cirilla Riannon was the youngest of the three sisters, a year and a half behind Emilia. Her avatar was an Elf, so alongside her long and pointy ears, she had snow white hair, long and usually braided in twintails behind her, with long parted bangs. Her eyes were an alluring amethyst purple, though men often said they were more beautiful than the actual gem. She tended to dress conservatively, at least toward the top, as she liked wearing skirts and variations of them. Her game name was Merascylla, her title "Nature's Princess" having come from her mastery of nature magic, as she excelled at turning environments against others, and completely altering entire landscapes to suit her purposes. She was also a summoner, capable of calling upon the highest ranking elemental spirits in the game world, who would lend her their power. Of the sisters, she was the kindest by far; considered to be almost sickeningly sweet and innocent, something which even persisted through their experiences up to that point. She was arguably the most popular female player, with a number of fan clubs and even entire Guilds devoted to praising her angelic nature. This was also enhanced by the fact that she's one of the best healers in the game, and goes out of her way to heal any and all damage for every player she comes across.

Erston- Erst referred to Erston Outway, an IRL friend whose game name was Gaius, a mighty samurai who wielded a Sephiroth-like nodachi and traveled the path of devastation through a single hit. He was easily the most serious and dense of the whole lot, but also the most earnest. His title is "Last Samurai".

Shirou- Rou referred to Emiya Shirou, another IRL friend whose game name was Archer, a jack of all trades who was a master of ranged archery, along with being very skilled with short swords and a variety of other weapons. He was the resident goody two shoes, who desired to help out everyone around him, even with menial tasks; he was a bit of a pushover. His title is "Fate's Quiver".

Tatsuya- Tatsu referred to Shiba Tatsuya, yet another IRL friend whose game name was Taurus Silver, a marksman of sublime ability and lethality, who had mastered every class of firearm in the game. He was also a master of martial arts, having studied ninjutsu through his life. His primary role was actually quartermaster, as he managed the commerce of the Guild. He was also one of the highest ranked blacksmiths, engineers and armorers in the game, spending much of his time in the forge whenever he was struck with inspiration. His title is "Mahesvara".

Agent Ward- "King's Guard", the Chosen Undead in charge of Shion's protective detail. He's typically always hovering over and around Shion until told to leave. He's as overprotective and devoted to his leader, as he is deadly and effective, playing as a firearm wielding soldier. He's a serious and stoic person who takes things very literally and doesn't get humor very well.

Eleanor Hume- "Spiral Exorcist", the Chosen Undead whom Shion elected to serve as his secretary. She usually goes where goes, aiding him in the direction of the rest of the Guild forces. Wielding a spear, she pursues the path of Exorcist, excelling at abilities which boast great efficiency against NPC enemies and binding arts. She received her title because of sweeping and spinning style she employs in combat. A modest and innocent girl who was drawn to Shion's diligence and resolve, she works to lighten the weight on his shoulders the best she can.

Quelaan- "Daughter of Chaos", the Chosen Undead in charge of general management over the Guild. She usually stays at HQ and directs everyone, handling the work which allows everyone else to carry on as they please. She confers very closely with Airiel, who's the first person she contacts whenever an issue comes up. Her path in the game is Chaos Sage, a class with a focus on Chaos Magic which disrupts order in enemies and environments, wielding disorder in a discernible form; she wields the Staff of Izalith, a powerful weapon which wields a corrupt force. A dutiful and helpful woman who's always mindful of others, she prefers to avoid conflict when she can and behaves diplomatically.

Escanor- "Knight of the Sun", one of the Chosen Undead tasked with fighting for Players who need help, he's always charging in to battles for the sake of the Guild. He's a Solar Berserker who wields a massive axe known as Rhitta, using Sun Magic to harness the sun's power in combat. He's an undeniably arrogant man of great integrity, who believes that deceit and trickery is beneath him, always electing to confront all problems up front. Still, he has a heart of gold and is always kind to his comrades.

Luciela- "Abyssal Priestess", the Chosen Undead who manages the Shrine to the Abyss and acts as its maiden, conveying important messages from the Abyss itself to Shion. She's a Battle Mage who is granted access to the Abyssal Magic by Shion, being the only other Player who can wield it. She's a playful and sultry woman, who makes no effort to hide her love for Shion, the man who saved her from depression during the days in the Labyrinth. She's admittedly overworked at times, but never slows down as she adores Shion and strives to be praised by him.

Eizen- "The Reaper's Fist", the Chosen Undead charged with exploration and item procurement. He typically traverses lands and delves into Dungeons in search of rare and useful items and equipment, having a nose for high quality materials. He's a brawler who uses skills to strengthen his body, using simple gloves and Martial Arts Skills to fight. He's someone that looks serious on the outside, but on the inside he loves to joke around and troll others. He's knowledgeable about very strange things, constantly surprising others with the depth of said knowledge.

Mordred- "Blade of the King", the Chosen Undead who's usually partnered up with Escanor. She always looks for fights, the grander the better, as she seeks to distinguish herself and bring glory to the name of the Guild and in Shion's honor. She took to referring to herself as Shion's sword, which is where her title came from. She frequently goes adventuring with Emilia, her best friend. She's a Knight who excels at Tanking and close range combat, wielding longswords and greatswords. With an excellent battle sense and judgement, she's one of the best warriors in the game and is sometimes likened to a Juggernaut. She also enjoys using Lightning Magic to supplement her fighting style. She's an extremely bold, masculine and rough woman who hates being treated like a girl, since she sees herself as one of the guys. She can outdrink most Players in the game and has a knack for cheering others up since she's never depressed or down.

Corvo Attano- "The Dishonored", the Chosen Undead in charge of the Guild's intelligence team. His job is to scout ahead for dangers with an elite group, or survey any position of interest as requested. He works very closely with Tatsuya and Airiel and constantly seeks information on anything that can pose a threat to the Guild and Shion. His path is Assassin, and he's one of the best in the game, in no way inferior to any of the Blades of the Darkmoon. He wields a special short sword and stalks the shadows, striking like a phantom of death from all directions. He's a stern and strict man, the oldest member of the Guild by a few decades, who imparts his wisdom upon others. He's always happy to see the younger members growing and evolving as people, and desires to give his life to protect theirs, especially Shion.

Keita- Greivor was a man with dark gray skin, short black hair and eyes as red as magma. His Avatar was a Demon God, so his features were monstrously humanoid, complete with large, white glowing horns. Greivor was his game name, his IRL name, known only to a small group of Players, was Itou Keita. He was an IRL friend of Shion's, and the one chosen as Justice, granted the Phalanx Arcana. Praised as one of the greatest Tanks in PSO, he earned the title of "Divine Palisade" after he once single handedly stopped an army of the Undead in their tracks, allowing his comrades to escape with their lives and rescue the injured. Master of a dual wielding greatsword style, he was always equipped in imposing armor, thought to be an unstoppable force of nature in both defense and offense, and though agile, he's not as acrobatic as some Players.
Despite being a man of the people, he's one of the most feared Players in PSO. Extremely stubborn and hardheaded, he has a reputation for being impossible to bargain with. He tends to be very extreme and bears an anal view of the law, typically leaving no room for interpretation. With him, it's his or no way, and he doesn't take no for an answer. While he does mean well, and wants to protect everyone around him, he's capable of extreme brutality in all aspects of life in PSO. When executing criminals, he makes it a point to do so publicly, in order to deter their allies or those similar. He has a soft spot for his few friends, the ones who use his real name, but even they aren't above the law.

Sumire- Nightingale was a woman with very long, midnight blue hair, and shining, icy blue eyes. Her hair is typically adorned with long white ribbons. Her skin was white as snow, and soft to the touch like milk. She's usually dressed in very tight clothing, which is easy to move in and usually exposes her great bosom. Her Avatar was a Yuki-onna, granting her access to a unique passive Skill that made her touch damaging to her foes and capable of inflicting Frostbite, while granting high resistance against ice damage as well as immunity to Frostbite. Sister Nightingale was her game name, her IRL name, known only to a select few, is Kanou Ouka Sumire. She was Shion's childhood friend IRL, as well as his first cousin. Chosen as Death, she was granted the Extinction Arcana, also holding the ability to call upon the Goddess of the Darkmoon. One of the most feared Players in the game, she wields the extremely powerful weapon known as the Lifehunt Scythe. Even before being chosen as Death, she ironically earned the title of "Empress Death", after she wiped out a dangerous Guild which murdered Players for sport, on her own; this feat is coincidentally what made Yorshka receptive to her. While she can also wield any bladed weapon to mastery, she's strongest in pure martial arts and doesn't require gauntlets. She's praised as being so physically overwhelming, in strength, speed and technique, that she's actually considered the strongest martial artist in the game, with even Panda Po gracefully accepting defeat against her with a clear difference in ability. She primarily wields illusion magic, which utterly fuck with the senses of her targets.
She's a very strong willed and graceful woman, whose alluring aura and immense charisma wins over others to a blatantly fanatical degree. She's capable of inspiring anyone with words alone, and is bold enough that she prefers to let her actions speak for her half of the time. She's exceedingly confident, but remains humble enough that she never underestimates anyone she meets. She can't stand unrepentant sinners, and is hellbent on exterminating them. In her eyes, at least one person must always die for a sin, and though she doesn't believe in killing the innocent, innocence is irrelevant if someone willingly protects a target of theirs. She's very adamant about her duty, and has earned the undying trust of her 12 Guildmates, choosing to trust their judgement.

Saeko- Lilith was a woman with long raven black and pink hair, her skin the color of caramel and her eyes a luminescent blood orange. Her hair is typically unruly and rough looking, giving her a very wild appearance. She prefers to dress in black gothic dresses and outfits. Her Avatar was a Shinso Vampire, a vampire who ascended to the ancient blood. As a Shinso she has a passive ability which granted her below average HP numbers in exchange for immense HP regeneration, to the point that she could regrow and reattach severed limbs in seconds, without the need for healing; alongside this, she boasts the ability to naturally recover from Bleedout if she isn't finished off. She also had naturally huge mana reserves alongside high mana regeneration, in exchange for being highly susceptible to flames. With her fangs, she can drain blood from other Players, NPCs and other enemies, to weaken them with each feeding while strengthening herself and regaining HP and mana. She also has the innate ability to transform into a horde of bats, which can attack her foes, render his invulnerable for a brief period of time, and reform elsewhere out of danger. Lilith Branwen was her game name, her IRL name, known only to less than 10 Players, is Himeragi Yuno Saeko. She knows Shion IRL. Chosen as The Devil, she was granted the Nemesis Arcana. Her title is "Queen of Destruction", due to her being the polar opposite of Airiel and her Magecraft. She wields a special form of magic, Destruction Magic, which as its name suggests, is only good for obliteration, typically of the indiscriminate kind. She's actually the most powerful Destruction Mage in PSO, with the ability to absolutely break and demolish her enemies. While her primary specialization is in magic, as a Shinso Vampire she's highly attuned to close range combat, and can wield a variety of lethal weapons, alongside creating them with Destruction Magic. She also knows Destruction Skills which can allow her to face off against physically powerful opponents. In her style, offense is the best defense, as well as her only defense.
Having always been Shion's stalker IRL, she represents his greatest regret, and is the only thing that he legitimately fears. She's always been very interested in Shion, and madly in love with him. Since being stuck in PSO, her mental state deteriorated and her extreme interest turned into a disturbing obsession. She's so insane that she's the only member of the Arcana who doesn't just resist the whispers, she embraces and accepts them, having trained her Arcana more than her fellow members. For her, Shion is her everything and she believes that it's her duty to be the main antagonist of his story, the final boss for Shion. Thanks to her time of stalking him, she knows him better than almost anyone, and her favorite hobby is to commit the crimes and atrocities which she knows will hurt and anger Shion the most; if he loathes something, she won't hesitate to do it. She feels that she can't live without Shion's attention, and does anything and everything to keep it. She has an idealized image of Shion, where he's completely without flaw and unbeatable, so she becomes enraged if she learns that he lost to someone or something. Even through her severely unhinged mentality, she's a diabolical genius who can easily drag out the very worst darkness, desires and temptations within a person. She enjoys torturing others, physically and mentally, to break them and turn them into demented messes just like her. To that end, she's an extreme sadist and masochist, loving to feel pain as much as she loves to dish it out; she has no issue with completely mutilating her own body. She absolutely hates and can't stand any of the people around Shion, especially Howl, Sumire, and the 3 sisters; Airiel is the single person she hates more than anything. She has a tendency to fuck around with the people Shion values, and she likes targeting the sisters, in the hopes of either killing them off or just driving Shion to pure insanity. She's so fucked up that she openly admits that her deepest desire is to rape Shion, and because she can't live without him, he's actually the one person she can never kill, even going so far as killing or breaking anyone who targets her precious Shion. Her dream is to become the most wanted criminal in PSO, and have Shion chase her forever while she tries to drive him mad.

Nabu-Kenneth Van Hellsing is known as the leader of the guild Lords of Order and had for the most part towed the line of the more questionable actions. He bears the Title Doctor Fate and is the bearer of the Magician and it's Balance Arcana but unknown to the other players. He is actually a member of the development team and actually uses secret Admin tools hidden in the game that allow him to tamper with certain systems. He had refrained from using this tools for the longest time until he found out a player was influencing events. So he accessed the hidden panels and patched the chaos he was wrecking causing the death of Joshua, and with that he thought he nipped the problem in the bud. It wasn't until latter that he found out that when he patched the events that Howl had sealed the Tower from being released into the game. And to his disdain he cannot remove it from his being with the tools and so he has come to the situation they are in now. He is arrogant and impulsive and has come to believe he is the master of Order and it's protector and that the Tower's master is his true nemesis.

Zelgius - Irl name Liam DuranBearer of the blessed armor(Black Night gear) and was gifted a time displaced Alondite from Howl's armory, he and Dean were saved by Howl on his solo adventures. Like the character he based his avatar off of he is a man of Honor and conviction. He is a friend of Dean's IRL and tends to stick with him but sometimes their code of ethics clash and the two may end up going their separate ways.

Dean- Dean Hiazaki based his character off of the Winchester brothers from supernatural and is a follow orders kind of guy.

Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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Abyssal Magic: Skills taken straight from the Abyss, tamed by none other than the Abyss King Artorias.

Abyss Walker- Godspeed, instantaneous, short-range movement. Leaves behind wispy lines of blackness, straight from the Abyss, which builds up the Hollowing status effect over time for anyone who steps in it. Can be used for evasion or offensive movement in any direction. The greater the distance traveled, the more mana is drained.
Hollowing is a status effect that, when active, temporarily causes the afflicted to lose their bearings and go insane with vivid psychologically traumatizing images. The PSO version of the berserk status, except far worse, Hollowing is a banned status effect in PSO's PVP community, meaning Shion can't use this skill in official matches.

Abyss Strike- A skill chain which can only follow Abyss Walker. After each use of Abyss Walker, Shion performs a single strike, which is significantly powered up by the momentum from the ability, unleashing solid streaks of blackness for extra damage.

Dark Hand- Projects a transparent red barrier from the hand, which guards against a single direction at a time. Movement is limited to walking while active, and passively drains mana at a rate of .1% per second while reducing all damage against the barrier to 1/4.

Deep's Flare- Creates a compact, concentrated ball of dense black flames, which is thrown into targets, detonating into a massively powerful, wide-scale AoE skill that strikes with the might of the Abyss.

Pillar of Autumn- Summons a pillar of abyssal flames, which erupt directly beneath targets, spouting upward and raging within a small AoE. Multiple pillars can be summoned at once, potentially engulfing an entire battlefield.

Forge of the Abyssal Flame- Spectral black flames, the power of the Abyss, burn into existence to form any type of weapon temporarily. The weapons are semi-solid, capable of dealing physical damage and intense Fire and Darkness damage. These weapons are only sustainable for up to 5 minutes from their creation.

Armiger- An extension of Forge of the Abyssal Flame, which forges 13 exceptionally powerful weapons of various style while resulting in a unique, temporary buff state. These weapons differ in that they're completely solid, proper armaments forged from the Abyss. The weapons are telepathically controlled by Shion, swarming enemies to tear through them. The weapons can be detonated like missiles at will, to trigger piercing explosions of black flame with high stagger rate.
This skill becomes passive when activated, and can be maintained until mana hits zero, or until Shion deactivates it. The weapons can warp back to him when they're thrown, allowing him to reuse them as he pleases. When a weapon is detonated, he immediately creates another one, which drains an extra amount of mana. The passive mana drainage is only .5% per second, as the cost of activation always consumes 1/4th of max mana, so with accurate timing of potions, or support from other Mages, he can technically use this skill endlessly in combat.
While active, this skill restricts Shion to only utilizing his Abyssal Magic, but when combined with Abyss Walker and other skills, Armiger is one of his most powerful abilities.
Shion actually has a very dedicated equipment build, which drastically minimizes his mana drain on activation to 1/8th, lowers the passive drainage to 0.15%, and also provides mana regeneration of .5% per second. This essentially allows him to utilize unlimited Armiger with no external support, as long as he doesn't spam his other Abyssal Magic skills. The downside of this build is that it makes him a bit squishy since he only wears light enchanted armor, so if he isn't careful, he has no way to defend himself.

Armiger Chain- Extends the effects of the Armiger to allies, forging the 13 weapons alongside 13 more. In this case, Shion' allies wield the 26 weapons in a one off showdown, each weapon breaking after use with all involved allies being granted invulnerability during the attack chain. After the first 25 are used and have broken, Shion wields the last one to deliver the final blow, triggering an effect which compiles all of the combined damage from the previous attacks with the last one, multiplying it all by 4 times with a flashy finish.
This is the only Abyssal Magic skill that can be accessed by others, serving as a group Ultimate Attack Skill which drains all of Shion's mana regardless of buffs or other effects, and can only be used once every 24 hours.
Its main strength is the fact that those who wield the weapons in each of the 25 instances can actually wield use those weapons to activate their own skills. This drastically increases the damage per weapon, along with the final strike.

Sword Techniques: Various skills designed for the blade.

Iai- Shion draws his blade to strike once and sheathes it, all in one instant, faster than a blink. Typically used to target weapons and disarm enemies.

Perfected Iai- The epitome the Iai skill. Each Iai strike produces a powerful flying slash, which travels faster than bullets. While it can be used offensively, with Shion chaining the skill flawlessly, he uses it as a counter, striking after and during evasion. The actual swing and the flying slash each deal separate damage, and if the flying slash connects after a direct blade strike, it hits for double damage.

Falling Feathers- An Iai skill where Shion performs a skyward bound Iai strike, releasing an aerial slash which detonates in the air to tear space and rain down a varying number of black feathers of wind, which cut and pierce down upon everything within range.

Fingers of Gaia- An Iai skill where Shion quickdraws his blade to unleash an earthen, golden brown wave with jagged, finger-like prongs, which pierce and tear through everything in their path.

Hiryuu Shuurai- A variation at the summit of Iai, Shion quickdraws his blade with a subtle twist and flick in his wrist, while lifting the scabbard, completely altering and enhancing the Iai skill. This skill produces a spherical vortex of flying slashes, which can either travel forward in a wide reaching spiral, or project outward in a perfect sphere, cutting through everything around him. This skill requires absolute perfection and accuracy to match the timing of drawing and maneuvering the wrist, along with lifting the scabbard ever so slightly. When pulled off, the sword is immediately sheathed in the same instant, giving the appearance that Shion didn't even attack, though masterfully trained eyes can catch a blur from his hand.

Phantasm Flash- Warping directly into a target, Shion brings his blade down diagonally downward, following up with a horizontal slice in the opposite direction, rending space-time on impact.

Cross Combo- A 7 strike combo, which attacks free form, Shion completely changing his rhythm with each attack, whether it connects or not. This skill is impossible to predict, since it's never been used the same way twice, and can strike in literally any way from any position.

Enkiri Yami- Shion's blade is imbued with a deep darkness, which is unleashed with a mighty swing, producing a wave of wispy shadows which tear through targets in a short-range AoE.

Mizuchi- Shion gathers invisible wind around his blade and swings it at his opponent. It is only after the target hears the sound of the wind produced from the swing, that they feel the storm of cuts carving into their body. Those with keen eyes can see the attack coming in the form of a wind tunnel.

Flight of Kings- Shion vanishes to take on the form of a black and blue streak, which zips and zooms about, marking everything it comes in contact with. As he reappears, everything he marked is suddenly cut apart in a burst of energy, even if any targets managed to change positions.
Having developed this skill alongside Erston, he's the only other person who can use this skill.

Incineration Wave- Shion charges immense forces of pure heat in his blade, thrusting it forward to unleash a massive cannon of searing heat, which incinerates everything in its path with more force than a spartan laser.
Shion and Erston only.

Howling Sphere- Lifting his blade defensively, Shion projects a glowing green sphere of wind-based energy, which blocks all incoming damage. Very useful in Tanking.

Falcon Swarm- Unleashes a swift flurry of talon-like purple slashes, which cut and tear through targets with an overwhelming number of consecutive strikes. It's used while moving both from the ground and midair, with flips and such, allowing Shion to change direction at any time, pause and continue attacking until he's knocked off balance or decides to stop. Useful for breaking defenses and fighting multiple opponents.

Dividing Fangs- Shion swings his blade from low, underhand, to unleash golden shockwave fangs, which travel from the earth to tear into distant targets. The fangs can move off the ground and strike aerially to deal earth damage. One can be fired with each swing, or multiple can be fired with a more powerful swing.

Terrestrial Wrath- Shion swings his sword down upon the ground like a whip, rending it to unleash a massive, domed explosion of golden, earthen energy.

Gaean Blitz- Shion plunges his sword into the ground, summoning large cannon-like pillars of golden light, which travel upward toward the sky. The pillars of light can be controlled precisely, or strike indiscriminately.

Shinto Kourenzan- Becoming one with his blade/s, Shion takes on a white wraith-like shadow form, multiplying seamlessly. The shadows disperse, loosing themselves like arrows from a heavenly bow. Cutting into targets in streaks of solid white, they boast immense speed and offensive power, both in cutting in piercing. Shion himself strikes last, unleashing an overwhelming dome of white energy, which pulses out over a wide AoE to deal damage to hostiles only.
The shadows are strongest when converging on one area, but can be used effectively to assault multiple targets in different directions.

Suzaku- Divine flames burn with Shion's blade, encompassing his entire body to give him the form of a vermilion phoenix. Grants literal godspeed, while cutting through enemies and leaving trails of searing flames in its wake. With the final strike, either across a long and wide line, or with an explosive plunge, the phoenix explodes to light everything in a large AoE ablaze. Shion reappears wherever the phoenix ends.

Seiryuu- Creates dozens of large, serpentine dragons of azure water, which assault targets from all directions, surrounding them and eventually merging to produce an immobilizing, binding sphere of water. As Shion swings his sword forth, it cuts through the sphere in the same manner, striking those within while unleashing an explosion of water pressure.

Byakko- Manifests a giant tiger of white wind, which takes form around Shion. Every time he swings his sword, a claw-like blade of white wind in unleashed, cutting through everything in its path. Each blade can only target one enemy, but they can be fired rapidly. With the final strike, the tiger surges forth, its body dispersing in a godly whirlwind that blows away all targets.

Genbu- Shion plunges his blade into the ground, summoning a massive tortoise of blackened earth, which forms an almost impregnable defense from all directions, with a layer of dense atmospheric pressure around it. While active, Shion can't move, but all enemies are 500% more likely to attack him. While there's no offense involved, the skill lasts for a long time and can create walls which stretch beyond the tortoise like limbs to cover more ground. This is arguably Shion's strongest Tank Skill.

Martial Arts: Hand to hand combat skills.

Kiai- Multipurpose meditation skill, which yields a variety of effects. During meditation, HP and Mana recovery are significantly increased. When activated, Ki reinforces the body to fortify all barehanded abilities. Can project a shield of Ki which decreases incoming damage.

Zetsu- Martial arts skill which erases the user's presence, aura and energy completely, making it impossible to detect them even when they're standing right in front of someone. It essentially provides a state of temporary lifelessness, and while the user avoid all detection beyond sight, the skill is canceled when they use any other skill. Typically used to escape danger or tail targets, as the user is completely defenseless while it's active. On the other hand, if the user is confident in their natural ability, they can initiate normal attacks without being caught.
Shion, Sumire and Tatsuya are capable of this after intense training, as they're capable of erasing their presences even IRL, to an extent.

Dolphin Kick- Performs a somersault kick which strikes with the force of a dolphin's fin, cold water lashing out accordingly to launch targets with strong splash damage.

Black Meteor- Delivers a heavy straight punch, producing a meteor-like aura of black energy. High staggering force.

Magic: Arcane skills which control the elements and other primal forces.

Vortex Fireball- Expert-tier. Launches a swirling column of flames, which detonate in a spiraling formation, dealing damage multiple times with each explosion. Strongest against large targets.

Scathe- Expert-tier. Exudes an instantaneous flash of white light from the casters palm, erasing everything within a line.

Ruin- Adept-tier. Creates spheres of gray light, the same size as baseballs, with spherical domes of white light covering them. The spheres fly out as the caster wills, and explode as the caster pleases, to create devastating explosions which can be chained. This spell can be used defensively and strategically, by placing the spheres around the caster and/or allies, or setting them up in points of interest to serve as mines.

Chains of Iniquity- Expert-tier. Creates chains of darkness that wrap around a part of a target's body. While Shion holds the chain, the target's power is suppressed and dampened, weakening them and allowing him to pull them around as needed. The weakness is that he has to be holding it in one hand.

Tempest Blade- Master-tier. Creates a blade of magic energy, similar to Emilia's Executioner's Sword, except based in Wind. It covers and extends off the hand normally, but can be manifested as a projectile blade in the same way. It boasts greater cutting and piercing power than Emilia's version, along with sublime speed in striking, in exchange for not having its most lethal effect.
Ultimate Magic Attack Skill with two separate cooldowns as they're technically two Ultimates in one package. The hand blade version can only be cast once every 20 minutes. The projectile blade version can only be cast once every 1 hour.

Sacred Gale- Master-tier. A spell which summons a godly current of wind that covers a wide area, trapping everything within and cutting them all to shreds while building up air pressure, which explodes to pressurize anything that survived, causing even greater damage over a massive AoE.

Tempest Arcana/The Fool- Manifests a powerful, omnidirectional field of wind, which functions as a shield. It dramatically boosts mobility, agility and speed, while significantly fortifying attacks. Overwhelmingly powerful and wide-scale AoE wind attacks can be launched through this ability; with the application changing depending on whether it's used barehanded or with various weapon types. While its mana drainage is huge, it more than makes up for it with unbelievable versatility and utility. Unique to Shion, this Magic Spell has become famous throughout PSO and is believed to be his most powerful ability, as he once used it to solo a Raid Boss that wiped out multiple guilds and parties.
The density and concentration of the wind can be adjusted at will, and very finely, allowing for infinite variety in its usage.
By synchronizing his perception and senses with the Tempest, he can transcend his natural instincts and see and feel everything that his wind does. This allows him to achieve reaction times and actions at a godly level.
The wind starts out emerald green, changing progressively as the Skill is leveled, to white and then silver at its final state.
Those close to him know that he's extremely hesitant to utilize this skill, but that once he does, there's very little that can be done to support him in battle. Apparently the experience he went through to attain this ancient magic was harrowing and traumatic, to the point that he refuses to speak of it to anyone. Cirilla has noted that the power of Tempest Arcana exceeds that of even Sylph's Domain, and with a difference so clear she believes Shion could actually kill the Primal of Wind.
This is one of the 22 Phantasmal Arts, the most powerful Skills in PSO, which were masterfully hidden by the developers. Based on the Major Arcana, each of the Phantasmal Arts is symbolized by one of the cards. Tempest Arcana is the symbol of The Fool, which can be either number 0 or 22. As such, this is the most versatile Phantasmal Art of all- as each Art is capable of powerful variants, with The Fool holding the most potential variants. While the Phantasmal Arts are meant to be the pinnacle of whatever force they embody, this is only in context of the game world, as there can be powers that match and possibly exceed them.
Proving oneself worthy of a Phantasmal Art requires an incredibly harrowing and terrifying experience, and once one is chosen to receive one, they're permanently labeled as such, known to the highest levels of divinity and influence in the game, as well as the Arcane Order, the divine group which created the Arts. Shion is labeled The Fool, and once one is labeled they're actually restricted and unable to earn another Phantasmal Art. From bottom to top, The Magician is considered the lowest while The World is considered the highest tier. As The Fool can either be 0 or 22, it can be weaker than The Magician or even stronger than The World. The 23rd Phantasmal Art is only able to be uncovered by Shion, as The Fool, who bears the only Phantasmal Art which can be either weaker or stronger than the rest, depending on how it's used. Those of the Arcana are aware of one another, and can also tell when they meet their fellows. Technically, any of the Phantasmal Arts can be considered to be equals.
There was a period of 2 months in the past, where Shion vanished from his Guild and nobody had seen him. No matter how they searched, even Howl himself couldn't find Shion, not until he mysteriously returned as if nothing had ever happened, at which point he pretended like nothing had happened and refused to speak of his disappearance to anyone, even his closest friends. It was soon after this moment that his legend grew and he soloed a Raid Boss. In reality, Shion had been on a journey with 3 other Players, whom he had been friends with in real life. The four uncovered the Trials of the Arcana and underwent them together, engaging in the most scarring experiences they would ever know. In the end, they went their separate ways. While Shion became The Fool, one became Death, another became Justice, and the last became The Devil. Ever since they emerged from the Trials, none were the same as before. At night, they can hear chilling whispers, voices they can hardly understand most of the time, and likely the souls of the damned. With each use of their Arcana, the voices grow louder in volume, leading some of the Arcana to do their best not to use their Skill.
Airiel is aware of the Arcana, but though she's curious, she won't ask Shion about it so as not to dredge up painful memories.

Flames of Lordran: Skills exclusive to members of the Guild.

Souls of the First Flame- A passive skill which is always active for every member of the Guild. For each individual participating in any battle, up to 5, everyone gains a 1% boost to all stats for a maximum of 5%. After this, they gain a boost of .5% for every 100 additional members. When the entire Guild participates in a war-scale battle, they all receive roughly a 55% boost to all stats, as they have over 10,000 members. As the leader, Shion gains a 2% boost for every one of his subordinates fighting beneath him, up to 5 first, for a maximum of 10%. He also receives a slightly higher boost for every 100, so in war-scale battles, he can gain roughly a 70% boost to all stats.


Witch of Envy: One of the pinnacles of Ice and Darkness Magic skills.
Emilia is always equipped with a number of accessories to maximize her maximum mana, mana regeneration, reduce activation costs and minimize mana drain. Typically, just from her accessories, she's rolling with double max mana, +10% to base mana regen, halved activation costs and a 1/3rd reduction to passive mana drain. These effects are increased further, depending on the weapons she wields and the clothes she wears.

Summon Familiar: Puck- Summons a cat-like beast with supreme power over Ice and Darkness, which complements and significantly boosts her abilities. Puck can unleash massively powerful spells on his own. Mana drain on activation is 10%, with a passive mana drain of .5% per second. Counteracting this somewhat, Puck's summoning grants a passive boost of .4% per second, effectively removing the passive drain regardless when factoring the size buffs.
Puck grants Emilia buffs depending on his current size.
At his smallest kitten size, he grants her a boost of 3% per second to mana regeneration, allowing her to attack more often with bigger spells. In this size, the effectiveness of her skills are enhanced by 1/3rd.
At his medium panther-like size, he grants her a boost of 1% per second to mana regeneration. In this size, the effectiveness of her skills are enhanced by 2/3rds. Puck can also act as a guardian to attack any enemy that gets close to Emilia, or join battle actively as a striker.
At his largest size, referred to as his world-destroyer size, he grants her a boost of 0.1% per second to mana regeneration, as well as a 1% per second boost to health regeneration. In this case, the effectiveness of her skills are doubled. At this size, Puck is considered to be on par with the highest level elemental spirits, but likely beyond, and alongside Emilia he can bombard their enemies with godly offensive power. Base AoE for skills are tripled in this form, allowing the duo to take on massive groups of enemies on their own.
Puck can also cast her Ultimate Magic Attack Skills when she does, to effectively allow her to technically out DPS even Airiel's Enuma Elish.

Wall of the Night King- Adept-tier. Erects a massive wall of darkness-infused ice across a specific area, which can serve to divide both enemies and allies as needed, entrap specific targets or seal off routes of travel. Highly resistant to all forms of damage.

Frozen Earth- Adept-tier. Freezes a wide area of the ground solid, encasing the feet and other limbs of everyone caught within. Jagged pillars of ice jut out from the frost, to target enemies who are flying or jumped to avoid it.

Hammer of the Ice King- Adept-tier. Creates a giant mass of ice, which descends to crush targets with high physical damage, before exploding into a wave of icy mist, which deals strong DoT Ice Damage.

Hailstone Spear Throw- Adept-tier. Forges multiple large spears of ice, which are hurled at targets, piercing them. Targets who are pierced directly are typically frozen unless they're resistant.

Falling Snow- Adept-tier. Unleashes a massive flurry of frost and snow, which rushes across a target area with great force and momentum, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies down while building up Frostbite.
Frostbite is a status effect that makes targets susceptible to damage, halving all resistances.

Snowstorm of Darkness- Expert-tier. Fires off a laser of darkness-infused snow, which travels in a straight line from her hand.

Absolute Zero- Master-tier. Establishes an AoE boundary of ice within a circle, producing an absolute zero environment which births lethal quantities of chilling ice. Accompanied by a chilling mist which causes residual frost damage.

Glacial Reaper- Master-tier. Materializes a shadowy reaper which attacks targets with its scythe of ice. It can remain in a sustained state and attack multiple times, unleashing visceral waves of icy energy that can cut through and freeze targets all the way to their very souls. It can be used both offensively and defensively, and the reaper can emit beams of Darkness and Ice from its hand and body.
Mana drain on activation is 10% and the skill lasts up to 5 minutes with a mana drain of 0.01% per second.

Executioner's Sword- Master-tier. Her hand is wrapped in magical energy, which stabs outward in the direction of the outstretched fingertips in the rough approximate form of a blade. Causes damage by instantly converting matter from a solid (or liquid) into a gas, via a violent phase transition in order to attack its target. Deals immense Ice Damage with a high chance of vaporizing all non-Boss enemies.
Can be manifested as a large, projectile blade which initiates the same effects from a distance. In this case it deals immense AoE Ice Damage with a high chance of vaporizing all non-Boss enemies.
Ultimate Magic Attack Skill with two separate cooldowns as they're technically two Ultimates in one package. The hand blade version can only be cast once every 30 minutes. The projectile blade version can only be cast once every 2 hours.

Black Fusillade- Adept-tier. Unleashes a powerful wave of swirling darkness from her hand, engulfing targets and dealing strong AoE Darkness Damage.

Blade of Conviction- Master-tier. Opens a portal of darkness above an area, which rains down a multitude of swords forged from darkness. At the same time, a colossal sword drops down alongside them, all blades tearing through everything they rain upon. The colossal sword explodes at her will, triggering a giant torrent of darkness which cuts apart everything in its range.

Dark Gospel- Master-tier. Manifests a sphere of darkness which encompasses and engulfs an entire area, that adjusts according to Emilia's will. The sphere, covered in complex and ancient runes, explodes to unleash an unholy black pillar of energy that soars into the sky and grinds through the ground below. This skill can split the sky and make a nigh bottomless hole in the ground.
Can only be cast once every 3 hours. Ultimate Magic Attack Skill.

Dark Frost- Master-tier. Combines ice and darkness to unleash a devilish explosion of ice, which utterly ruins everything it comes in contact with. Deals insanely high Ice and Darkness AoE Damage, with high residual DoT.
Can only be cast once every 48 hours. Ultimate Magic Attack Skill.


Queen of Fundament: Alchemy skills crafted and tailored through rigorous research, by the greatest Alchemist in PSO. These skills reflect her ability to control the Akashic Records in the world's lore, also known as the Spiral of Origin. She refers to her abilities as Magecraft, the perfect cross between Alchemy and Magic. Something which shocks others, is that she's actually physically strong, being skilled in martial arts after years of training with Shion and Sumire. Those who think of her as a fragile flower are always broken thoroughly.
Unlike her sisters, Airiel's abilities aren't taxing on mana reserves due to her usage of catalysts, alongside specially crafted tomes which serve as her weapon. Typically, her mana cost on activation is so low that it can literally be ignored. In turn, her accessories are tailored to increased maximum mana and reduced mana drain. She normally rolls with quadruple max mana and 2/3rd reduction to passive mana drain. With the synergy of her skills, along with the use of catalysts, she never runs out of mana.

Transmutation- The pinnacle of Alchemy, Airiel can utilize tons of materials, which can be transmuted into something far more useful. Having researched countless recipes, she's capable of the highest level of transmutation and wields this skill similarly to Edward Elric himself.
Her most versatile skill of all, ranging from the creation of household items to large-scale weaponry. She can even turn something as mundane as a strand of her hair into a lethal precision projectile.
A passive skill which allows her to transmute at will and without cooldowns. With each transmutation, she regains 1% of her Mana, which synergizes strongly with her other skills.

Bounded Fields- Interweaves magical energy to establish mystical boundaries in a set zone, which can carry a number of effects. Primarily defensive and supportive to her and her allies, they can also become indirectly offensive to enemies. With the use of catalysts, the boundaries can be strengthened and widened.
She can establish individual boundaries, which set the individual as its set zone, assigning individual and more focused buffs or debilitations.

Containment Fields- Similar yet opposite to Bounded Fields, Containment Fields interweave magical energy to create mystical boundaries which contain direct, physically and magically offensive capability. Their general range and radius is lower than Bounded Fields, but she can induce effects ranging from simply blitzing a target, to completely erasing them from existence.

Innate Time Control- The ability control the time of herself or those around her, relative to reality.
Accel allows her to speed up individual time, while Stagnate allows her to slow down individual time. There are multiple tiers to this skill, which affect the individual's flow of time.
Double serves to double the individual flow, or halve it.
Triple serves to triple the flow, or reduce it to a third.
Square serves to quadruple the flow, or reduce it to a quarter, at which point one is stagnated to a point where their life is no longer perceived by others.
Cost on activation is 25% with a passive drain of 2% per second. Even with Airiel's standard accessory build, this is one of her most draining skills. Still, she can use it very reliably with the synergy of her abilities.

Gandr- An alchemic curse designed to directly the health of its target. Fired from the index fingers, this has been likened to a gun, impacting with the same force as either a pistol or a high caliber magnum, depending on the mana expended. She can typically fire these black and red, bullet-like spheres off freely.

Arcane Gems Manipulation- A form of Magecraft which relies on special gems as a catalyst, to produce a number of effects from destruction to healing. The more gems contributed toward a single effect, the more powerful the effect becomes.

Rho Aias- Manifests seven reddish pink flower petals made of light, taking the form of a seven layered barrier. This is her ultimate defense against ranged attacks, capable of completely negating low tier damage, and effectively tanking even powerful attacks from Bosses.

Invisible Air- A close-range combat skill which produces a blade of invisible wind. Airiel is proficient enough to defend herself with it, capable of producing powerful, short-range pulses.

Reinforcement- A simple skill which allows her to reinforce any physical target of her choosing, to potentially extreme heights dependent on the mana drain. She can use this on her allies' weapons, shields, earth skills, etc. She primarily uses it to reinforce her own body directly, which significantly enhances her strength, defense and speed. When she gives it her all, Shion has noted that she's capable of even overpowering some of the most physically impressive Players, even himself and Panda.
This effect is represented by a glowing blue, grid-like pattern layering atop the target.

Sword of Rupture, Ea- The pinnacle of offensive Magecraft, which produces a mechanical armament that glows black with red designs. With the spoken phrase of "Enuma Elish", the weapon revolves at godly speeds in counter flowing directions, building up a terrifying draft of air pressure, before firing a massive AoE blast which severs and dislocates space to annihilate enemies, dealing nigh-immeasurable damage to all caught up in it.
Can only be cast once a week. Airiel's Ultimate Attack Skill. While it completely drains all of her mana, it also buffs her with invulnerability until her mana regenerates fully.
This skill has been commented, by Shion primarily, to be so overkill that it redefines the definition of the word. To date, it's actually the single most powerful skill in PSO.


Nature's Princess: Skills of the Nature Mage capable of twisting the world against its dark denizens, while summoning and channeling the highest order of Elemental Spirits. Conversely, she brings grace to her allies in the form of supreme healing.
Cirilla's skills tend to be most draining of all, due to the power involved in them. As a countermeasure, she typically equips high caliber accessories to maximize her maximum mana, mana regeneration, reduce activation costs and minimize mana drain. She usually rolls with double max mana, +40% to base mana regen, 1/8th reduced activation costs and 1/4th reduction to passive mana drain. Despite the heavy toll of her skills, she's usually able to recover faster than she can cast, unless she's made to summon multiple contracted beings at once. Her main concern is to keep track of the cooldowns for her healing magic, which are the highest cooldown skills in the entire game.

Summon Primals- A contracted skill which allows her to summon the most powerful elemental spirits of the 8 elements. Ifrit of Fire, Leviathan of Water, Sylph of Wind, Titan of Earth, Shiva of Ice, Ramuh of Lightning, Yune of Darkness and Ashera of Light.
Ifrit with his Hellblaze, grants a significant boost to Fire Damage.
Leviathan with her Tsunami, grants a significant boost to Water Damage.
Sylph with his Divine Gale, grants a significant boost to Wind Damage.
Titan with his Gaean Wrath, grants a significant boost to Earth Damage.
Shiva with her Diamond Dust, grants a significant boost to Ice Damage.
Ramuh with his Judgment Bolt, grants a significant boost to Lightning Damage.
Yune with her Dark Messenger, grants a significant boost to Darkness Damage.
Ashera with her Sacred Shine, grants a significant boost to Light Damage.
Once summoned, the Primals incur a passive drain atop their heavy activation costs. At any point during their summoning, they can cast their Primal Magic, which automatically sends them back to their realms. Until the Primal Magic is cast, they can aid Cirilla in battle and protect her and her allies with powerful skills.

Summon Divinity- A contracted skill which allows her to summon Bahamut or Odin.
Bahamut with his Exaflare, grants a significant boost to all magical resistances, along with an immunity to all debilitations.
Odin with his Zantetsuken, grants a significant boost to all physical resistances, along with an immunity to all status effects.
Like the Primals, the Divine Ones incur a passive drain atop their heavy activation cost. Until they cast their Divine Magic to return to their realms, they can aid Cirilla in battle to protect her and her allies with powerful skills.

Firebrand- Adept-tier. Forges a large broadsword of pure flames, which pierces targets and detonates into a large pillar of rising flames. Enemies who touch the pillar are inflicted by strong damage. Targets who are pierced before detonation receive double damage overall.

Quantum Fireballs- Expert-tier. Launches a volley of fireballs which detonate against their targets. More fireballs can be launched at will in the same way, at a drastically reduced mana cost.

Burning Shrine- Master-tier. Erects a shrine of flames around a wide area, trapping all within to deal high indiscriminate AoE DoT Fire Damage.

Tidal Wave- Master-tier. Summons a whirlpool of violent waters across a wide area, dragging enemies toward its center while dealing high AoE Water Damage.

Thousand Thunderbolts- Master-tier. Calls down a thousand bolts of lightning from the skies, which rain down in concentration upon a single location, dealing high AoE Lightning Damage. Residual static in the aftermath deals strong DoT to enemies who pass through the blasting zone.

Primal Catastrophe- Master-tier. Manifests godly storms of all 8 elements, which blitz an entire battlefield in a cataclysmic baptism.
Ultimate Magic Attack Skill. Can only be cast once every 24 hours. Always drains 100% of all mana on activation.

Restoration- Apprentice-tier. Single target healing, which heals for 25% of max hp.

Recover- Apprentice-tier. Removes all status effects from a single target.

Sharpness- Apprentice-tier. Removes as debilitations from a single target.

Holy Circle- Adept-tier. Creates a large circle of light, which heals all allies within for 4 seconds, at 15% max hp per second. Total of 60%.

Nightingale- Adept-tier. Summons a warm light which bathes all allies, healing 50% of their max hp instantly.

Dispel- Adept-tier. Removes all negative status effects from a single target.

Fairy Circle- Expert-tier. Creates a giant circle of light, which heals all allies for 4 seconds, at 20% max hp per second. Total of 80%.

Angelic Embrace- Expert-tier. Summons an angel with massive wings of light, which instantly heals 90% of all allies max hp, while temporarily removing their sense of pain.

Banishing Shift- Expert-tier. Manifests a holy field of retribution, which repels all targets Cirilla views as hostile with great force. Repelled targets don't take direct damage from repulsion, but take indirect damage if they collide with anything in the environment. It also removes all negative effects from all allies.

Godly Touch- Expert-tier. Single target healing, which heals for 100% of max hp.

Dawn's First Light- Master-tier. Summons a warm and gentle light which encompasses all allies, healing 100% of their max hp instantly. Removes sense of pain temporarily, while granting a 5 minute boost of 30% to all allies' stats.
Can only be cast once every hour.

Sacred Circle- Master-tier. Creates a massive circle of light, which heals all allies within for 30 seconds, at 25% max hp per second. Essentially grants allies within the circle the ability to throw everything they have for 30 seconds, without having to concern themselves with protection since they gain health faster than they can lose it.
Can only be cast once every hour.

Divine Bounty of the Loving Goddess- Master-tier. Instantly heals all allies for 400% max hp, quadrupling all hp for 5 minutes. Instantly brings back allies in Bleed Out while healing them for the same effect. Buffs all allies with 30 seconds of invulnerability, infinite mana, and doubled physical and magical attack, allowing them to mount an all-out counterattack to turn the tide of battle, or retreat to an advantageous position.
Can only be cast once every 24 hours. Cirilla's Ultimate Healing Skill.
Shion always waits to use Armiger Chain right after this skill is activated, to further multiply group DPS.
Bleed Out is the most feared state in the game, which occurs the instant one's hp hits zero. In Bleed Out, the entire world turns gray as a bloody timer counts down from 30 seconds. With each second that passes, the world gets darker and darker, until becoming pitch black in the last 5 seconds. A Phoenix Crystal is the only item which reverse Bleed Out, but they're disgustingly rare. If one isn't healed by a Phoenix Crystal before the 30 seconds are up, they die.


Empress Death: Sublime skills of the greatest martial artist in PSO, as well as the Dark Sun who leads the Blades of the Darkmoon. She's mastered a number of martial arts IRL, giving her a unique perspective and understanding. She's also a master swordsman, as well as a master of the scythe.

Extinction Arcana/Death- Manifests a stagnant black aura, which governs the forces of death. The aura invokes powers of decay to wither, rot, weaken, and eventually destroy its target, while granting control over decayed matter in itself. The aura can be controlled at will and refined, covering a wide area, or simply fortifying the body.
When invoking the general power of decay, its effect is dependent on the effort put in and the intensity with its focus, as the effects are most potent when concentrated on specific targets at a time.
When used to fortify the body, Sumire is temporarily immune to healing, but her touch becomes fatal to her enemies. In this state, the aura also gradually saps away the life and strength of her opponents.
The final function, through the control of decayed matter, allows Sumire to raise anyone killed by her. This Arcana is actually the greatest in Necromancy, and while she can turn her victims into temporary undead slaves, she can also decay the environment and forcefully manipulate it in antithesis to life. For example, if she chose to invoke death in a tree, she could then control it in its entirety to attack her foes with its branches, roots, and even twist its trunk into a weapon.


Queen of Destruction: Skills of the most powerful Destruction Mage in PSO. There isn't another Player whom excels more in the art of utter destruction than she. She boasts zero defensive skills, as her offense is unrivaled and she believes in outright obliterating her enemies when in battle.

Nemesis Arcana/The Devil- Represents the absolute authority of chaotic forces within the world, allowing its user to manipulate probability, as well as manipulate and even shatter reality, or break matter. By nature, this Arcana grants its user unpredictability, so they're excluded from any ability to see beyond the present.
When manipulating probability, this allows her to generate a large sphere of effect around her, which influences everyone within as she pleases. She can grant her allies a higher probability of things going their way, while inflicting her enemies with a higher probability that things will go wrong somehow. For example, if an enemy has gotten into a fight before facing her, his weapon is much more likely to break, while her ally's weapon would be less likely to break. This ability can be offset, to an extent, only by an individual's innate luck. She constantly projects this ability at all times, and when she's asleep its effect naturally brings a high probability of misfortune to all within its range, making it effectively impossible to take her down when she's defenseless. She herself is always excluded from probability manipulation.
When manipulating reality, the effect actually influences the mentality of those around her. While she's naturally capable of destroying people with her words and actions, this makes her capable of completely shattering the minds of those she targets. She can induce nightmarish hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, intense delusions, and trigger the darkest and most negative aspects of one's mind to trigger severe pain through their nervous system. Against anyone who's mentally unstable, she can render them a childish mess by inducing a psychotic break. She's also shown the ability to break and enslave nearly any NPC and hostile in-game enemy. While those with strong minds can resist this, even they're typically thrown off by the mental assault. The only person who's proven theirself impervious entirely to this is Shion (because he's someone who's resolved to always face his negativity head on, no matter what may become of him), something which made her obsession and love magnify even further.
The aspect of shattering reality takes on its effect in the form of physical interference in reality. This is essentially an invisible force field in the shape of a hand. Nicknamed the Unseen Hand, these hands boast immense physical power and strength with great range, flexibility and reach, while having no innate AoE. They're capable of easily grasping and lifting very heavy people and objects, along with tearing them apart very brutally. Its main power is the ability to strike reality itself, in other words strike targets to shatter reality within and around them, dealing massively traumatic damage.
The hands, which are chaos incarnate, can also break and manipulate matter by generating a number of chaos energy-based attacks through them. In this case, the energy's output is directly determined by the size of the hand emitting it.
Thanks to this ability, there isn't a prison that can hold her for long, as she can tear through it in record time. The hands are completely invisible to everyone but her, but the sharpest opponents can sense their presence and react accordingly. The hands can also be parried and broken with masterful timing from powerful skills, weapons and pieces of equipment. She can make more as she pleases, but can only manifest 200 currently. At her peak, the number can exceed well past 2000, and the size can be altered at will by combining hands as needed.
When she went up against Shion in the past, he was able to fight her to a mutual standstill even without knowing all of her abilities, suggesting that he's one of the, if not the most, perceptive players in the entire game.


Divine Palisade: Skills of one of the greatest Tanks in PSO, along with one of the greatest and most imposing warriors. With his dual greatswords, he strikes fear and intimidation into the hearts and souls of his enemies.

Phalanx Arcana/Justice- This is the greatest defense skill in the entire game, which also boasts considerable offense in the right circumstances. This Arcana directly creates intense interference in the atmosphere to project a mystical golden wall of light-like energy. This wall can be projected around the user, or out across a varying wide distance as needed, and being nigh-impregnable it's truly the ultimate defense. It can be used to protect his allies, cut off the advance of enemies and trap enemies as well. It's invincible against all forms of standard physical damage, and nearly all magical damage, with a handful of exceptions as some abilities can pierce of bypass it. The phalanx is very malleable and stretchy, capable of taking any form Keita requires to suit a situation as necessary.
The phalanx can be controlled manually once it's projected, allowing Keita to slam it into his enemies to deal heavy physical damage while repelling them. When projected around him, he can charge his enemies head on to deal immense damage while launching them, if not tearing right through them. Phalanx can also be projected around Keita's body directly, or his weapons, to drastically increase the force and power behind them. It's said that he once sent a murderer into orbit, and as the body was never found, it was assumed that he'd launched his opponent beyond the survivable space of PSO.
All in all, Phalanx is an impregnable fortress which won't break until Keita does, boasting incredible offensive utility, albeit with short range overall.


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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Curse of the Magi-A curse selected at the beginning of the game that seals the ability to use elemental/Light and Dark magic. Howl is the only one to take this curse. As an documented bonus his body can absorb elemental magic around him and transform a ability he thought he lost. Due to another ability

Skill Synchro-A specialty of Howl's were he combines Active and passive skills creating his own skills, he can use this ability with others to create new skills and attacks.

Zoom-Drains 10% of a foes speed and gives it to the user every minute a fight continues, if fighting a mob it's 10% from each enemy involved including PC's.

Time displaced-a simple Chronos spell that in it's essence creates a temporal disruption that only lasts a total of 30 seconds. And believed to be a worthless spell. Until Howl found out that it had other uses, such as the spell actually creates it's own realm outside time similar to Kamui. And anything placed in this realm can be summoned endlessly even after it has been removed, demonstrated when he held the same sword he forged Shion. It should also be stated that any weapon in the realm is considered sheathed.

Weapon skills

Line in the Sand- A simple Aggro technique that once used gains the focus of one enemy, if the user can stop them from crossing the line it amplifies the Agg and gives a damage boost

Killing Joke-A rather sick and odd technique were Howl and his targets shadow become one and he brandishes a Joker length revolver and places it to his head. And when he pulls the punchline(Trigger) taking half of Howl's and his target's health and giving them both a debuff to defense. -Altered skill Last Laugh- Howl pulls the trigger and restores his health as his target receives the stun debuff. Shion dislikes this technique.

A moments breath- A strange technique were Howl takes a deep breath, in PvE this increases his Aggro by 75% and allows him to counter any attacks within 3 seconds of each other instantly while being completely invulnerable for the first attack. In PvP it is a counter with 30% extra damage and has a 50% chance to stun.

Switch- A counter were Howl actually swaps with his opponent's starting point, be it range or close quarters. -Altered Skill Switch Blade- Same as switch but as he swaps Howl scores an instant critical.

Martial Arts

Kei-in Po Strike-A Martial art that is pretty much a instantaneous double hit, the first hit creating a vibration that the second one strikes through allowing the user to shatter rocks or strike past defenses.

Snap Dragon- Howl condenses the ki in his body before sending it down his arm or leg and as it passes the segments in them it fires off a burst. Propelling the strike like until it finally connects with the target and goes off like an Rpg, the sheer force pushes them apart as Howl takes recoil damage.

Aspect of Akuma- Similar to Martial artists techniques Iron body or Steel will, Howl coats his body in Ki that fortifies his body. Amping his Strength and defense at the cost of Stamina and Ki regeneration. Were it differs however is his Stamina and Ki restrictions are gone and for each hit he takes. He gains 10% Stamina and Ki back as well as a 5% boost to all damage, it also alters techniques like Hadoken and Reiin-Hidoken to Gohadoken and Djinn Hidoken.

Reiin-Hidoken- Howl gathers energy between his palms but when pushes his hands forward the blast fires behind him, most think this is a feint. But it is actually a trick as most people who see him use it go behind him thinking it is the Hadoken .- Altered Technique Reiin-Hado Hido- When Howl releases the attack the blast goes in front of him and behind him at the same time.

Blade techniques

Iaijutsu-Focus -A sword technique in which the user unsheathes the sword and strikes a point several times instantly, the point can be as small as a pin or as large a wheel. Meant to be a deadly first strike technique with a sword, Howl however can use this technique with any weapon. Gigantic to tiny and even with his hands and feet, and uses it as both a attack and defense depending on what the task calls for. -Altered Technique Time displaced Iaijutsu Focus- Amidst the flurry of blows Howl uses Time displacement to either multiply the attacks or unleash the flurry at another direction.

Dual Iaijutsu Focus- Instead of one weapon Howl uses two at one time becoming like a blender as he often uses each one in an independent direction. A skill few are capable of due to the mental and physical strain.

Juggler- A knife or light blades technique were the wielder juggles several different blades while moving and attacking, it's effectiveness is based entirely on Howl's timing. Each attack can either be a attack or defense and although not the hardest to block most people can't see the next attack coming. -Altered Technique Zooming Juggle- When Howl's speed is enhanced he can expand the range of attacks as he zoom's from target to target never missing a beat.

Singing blades [Stance]-Howl uses his knowledge of the Galdr to make his blades vibrate at an extremely high frequency that makes them sing.

*Stance Technique Sonic Cry - When Howl strike his blades together in a x shape the a cone of Vibration screams forth dealing stunning damage and disorienting those caught with in it.

*Stance Technique Seismic strike- Howl Strikes the earth with either one or more blades, each one making the earth erupt even more as boulders of varied size.

*Stance Technique Tuning strike- When Howl strikes an opponent's weapon or body the struck area becomes numb and becomes limp making it nearly worthless for 3 minutes.

*Stance Technique Javelin- Howl slides one blade down the side of the other and flicks it off the tip creating a sharp wind blast that slices through an opponents defenses.

Reverse Slash- Similar to the Reiin-hidoken as Howl swings forward a fang strike fires in the other direction good for attacking enemies that circle around or are prone to back attacks.

Cyclone Strike- A simple swirling attack that can include additional weapons that are either equipped or near the user that swirl around them adding to the damage of each strike.

Synchro Skills

Damocles Cleave- Howl channels Ki into his weapons handle similar to how one channels Ki between there hands for a Hadoken, the difference coming from how it's released. For as Howl swings the blade down the Ki travels down the blade gaining power from the movement. Until the tip of the blade strikes the earth which releases the Ki in a massive explosion that sends out a massive Scar that splits earth and all in it's path. When testing this attack Howl Cleaved a Mountain in two.

Harley quinn- Howl Juggles guns of varied size as he chains shots, each gun serves a purpose pistol's damage, smgs stun, shotguns push back, rifles critical, and explosives Aoe.

Bullet barrage- a skill synchro of quick draw/rapid fire/hawk-eye/Iaijutsu-focus, since their is no draw attack for guns Howl created this one which is pretty much a Iajutsu-focus for guns. Making it useful for juggling or staggering a opponent as well as a good source of damage. Like Iajustu-focus it can get crits for each shot.

Devils rejects- Howl combines Zoom and Time displacement to create clones/copies of himself that he controls with his subconscious. He mostly summons two others as the more there are the higher a strain it puts on him and the less coordinated they become. Aside from using them for combat he can absorb them to restore health or sacrifice them to remove debuffs. Has a 15 minute recharge timer per use.

Abyssal rebirth- A sync ult skill that is only usable with Shion, it is known as the 8th hymn of Damnation, which opens a gateway to the Abyss. Destroying everything it touches which further fuels the flames of the abyss, this power comes at the cost of the users own hlife as the longer it's active the more harmful it becomes -Variation Abyssal rebirth God of the abyss- The two focus the power of the abyss into Howl until it releases Lord Ran from within Howl and unleashing it as a berserk beast of destruction. Shion and Howl have been working on a variant to not cause Howl to go berserk.


When the bell tolls- Howl smashes two time displacements together creating a supernova that allows him to travel between time and space. Allowing him to string flurries of techniques and attacks in timeless zone costing no stamina or any other form of energy until time snaps back. Usually resulting in the fatigue effect for over using stamina


Innocence:7th hymn of Damnation/Pillar of Pride- Also known as the song of silence due to the fact that Howl actually resonates his vocals to actually remove sound. His mouth forming unheard words as all matter around him begins to disintegrate continuously as long as the song continues. Howl has suck a mastery of this hymn that he can focus the effects on specific targets or areas or even make a protective field with it. When he uses this technique symbols of the Galdr language appear around his throat and collar area, the cost of this power is severe continuous pain that intensifies the longer it's used. Howl has used it past his limits before where his bodies nerves shutdown and made him motionless and continued to the point of unconsciousness.

Each hymn of Damnation is designed to embody one of the seven deadly sins and as such were designed to take form the player to gain a power unlike any other. Each hymn has a hidden requirement to allow it to be unlock able which have led many users to veer away from it. The only hint given is "Power is nothing without sacrifice", which also reiterates that these skills are double edged swords that tip the scales in either direction. Due to the uniqueness of these skills they were built on a separate system with special rules, the only player brave enough to use it is Caleb Howl.

[i]Happiness:5th Hymn of Damnation
Gourd of Greed- when sung this song allows the user to peer to see into the future for a limited time. As they begin to develop a splitting headache which can lead to a bleeding from the nose to comatose if used for to long. It also depends how far in the future one is looking

Heart:3rd Hymn of DamnationLitany of Lust- refereed to as the song of the succubi, because it involves drinking from the soul, or more exactly to drink the scars of the soul and heal the body of the target. With the added ability of communing with the target, the down side is the user takes on the scars and bears the pain of those they drink from.

Friendship:1st hymn of DamnationHeart of Envy-Sometimes called the tuning fork since Howl resonates his entire body with the vibration needed. This song's effect makes every word spoken to deal death to all that are near, unless it is a higher being in which case it does massive damage. Each word causes a bone to shatter instantly giving him a total of 206 words that can be spoken in succession, at the risk of causing death due to the internal trauma.


Balance Arcana- The Balance Arcana is one of duality for Balance is a delicate balance between Chaos and Order one cannot exist without the other. When wielding the force of Order his powers are defensive and supportive although that's not to say there are no offensive capabilities but order is not meant for destructive purposes. When wielding the powers of order he can bind aggressors like swords of revealing light. Create a field of anti magic by imposing more order to the world around him , dispel any all magical effects that aren't greater then his own ability. The most basic form is to make Order into a corporal object such as a blade, whip or shield etc. think Doctor fate meets Doctor Strange.For the force of Chaos the powers are meant to be volatile and harmful with the soul purpose of destroying. He can inflict status effects tear the fabric of the universe and of course simply attack with it, he can remove order to turn spells wild and dangerous to the wielder. If used on a being of Chaos such as a demon or the like they will actually lose the ability to take a material form. Through experimentation he has found that he can channel both powers at once but it comes with a greater strain and most often used as beams and the like.

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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We earned this shit!

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