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When the shit hits the fan

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PostSubject: When the shit hits the fan   Fri 21 Apr 2017, 05:05

Three years after the release of full dive gaming the gaming community craved something more than the. Sword art clones and life simulators, so Hidetaka Miyazaki the creator of the Souls series teamed with. Yoko Taro, Hana Kikuchi and Yoshiho Akabane the writers of Nier Automata and Nathan Phail-liff the artist behind The order 1886. To create a revolutionary re-visualizing of the Dive Digital Role playing game or DDRPG. And thus Phantasmal Souls Online was born, made with the most intricate tactics system that can link passive and active skills to create endless possibilities. Combine that with the Matrix engine that not only incorporates the 5 senses. It removes the barrier of digital and reality as your mind is placed in a world that you can See, touch, taste, smell and hear. And the most graphic and gruesome gore in a game to date, this is achieved by the forming of all environments, avatars and entities on an atomic cell level. Meaning a single object in the game has more code then a single Triple A game. After viewing a preview of what the game can offer the ERSB demanded the game get and AO rating. Due to the graphic gore, Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Demented and Traumatizing content and Adult situations and Realism. But a quick petition to the Art society helped it to be granted the M for Mature.

When the games started all players started in the cold embrace of stone with only the shifting of unseen objects to let them know they were alive. And in those moments they felt uneasy until the stone cracked and crumbled off them. They then fell to the ground only to chase after a dim light until the darkness opened up into the mirroring sheen of water where they see their avatar completely naked. The moments that followed set the premise pretty well. It didn’t take long for the first death to happen and when it did. A cold realism hit as they were kicked from the party and for life. Panic struck the community as they huddled together, three individuals kept running the labyrinth slaying boss after boss. They were a guild known as the Kingslayers , whose members were Shion Aoba, Caleb Howl and Joshua. These brothers in arms helped unlock the regions of the labyrinth for others and were even. The ones to help reach the surface world were the game truly started. A month in a half later a civil war erupted. Causing several more deaths, and ended when Howl killed the leader of the uprising allowing the sane players to subdue the rioters. In the month that followed the Kingslayers were facing a raid boss when it glitched. And corrupted its routines leading to the death of Joshua, sending Howl and Shion into a blinding rage. In the time that followed Howl went ghost while Shion rose to the top of the Strongest guild in the game. As he continued the push to complete the game.

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PostSubject: Re: When the shit hits the fan   Fri 28 Apr 2017, 03:31

Snow begins to fall as he tries to make his way down the path, each step seems to intensify the snowfall. Soon the wind picks up and causing the snow to swirl completely blending the world into a solid white. It’s at this moment that he sees a ripple in the white causing him to stop as he closes his eyes and focuses on the sound around him. It doesn’t take long for several beasts to erupt from the show and charge him. He stands ever so still as his body glows with an aura for a second. The monsters close the distance as he twitches his fingers and the white world is painted red. More begin running circles around him as they begin to chant “Poor little Howl no one wants him.” He pivots to face each monster and hit them with a flurry of blows in less than a second. But for every one he strikes down to more start to circle him, adding “It’s your fault, you killed him!” To their chant tears start to roll down his scarred face as he continues to hold them at bay. Before long Howl is surrounded by body parts that start to move on their own as dead lips say “You’re the monster and everyone wishes you were dead”. Howl grits his teeth as the remaining horde rush him. Only to explode into gore as Howl screams into the air and falls to his knees. As the air itself sings “Shion wishes you would just die already”, the words just echo in the air as the world starts to spiral all around him as blood pours down form the scar on his face.


Shion sits at the head of a very large table with several other guild leaders of the top guilds at Pricilla’s shop. Shion has his feet on the table with his chair leaning back as he flicks through some menu’s. The other leaders are arguing amongst each other, as a girl hands
Shion a drink.

Shion: Thanks Prinny *She smile and walks away whom all turn to stare at him. Shion merely drinks the liquid down before asking* this drink is awesome you guys want one?

Leader of the Ichigos: Are you taking this seriously Artorias?

Shion: *Blinks at him* It’s Abyss King Artorias.

Leader of Ichigos: What?

Shion: *Leans forward* My name is Abyss King Artorias, you have to say the whole thing, Like A Tribe Called Quest.

Leader of the Ichigos: Your joking.

Leader of Mastodon: No he’s not Legend.

Legend: This is ridiculous

Shion: No it’s respectful, I don’t go around calling you crusty balls do I?

Legend:…..Fine, are you taking this seriously Abyss King Artorias

Shion: *Leans back again* What about this seems like a joke Legend, If we team together and face the siege boss. Our victory is
assured it’s that simple, what’s so hard to understand?

The rest of the guild leaders begin to speak at once each one trying to drown out the other as they speak their concerns.

Shion: *Lets out a sigh of irritation* Ok let me show you the plan once more *A hologram of the battlefield appears on the center of the table* First our Aggro specialist will start the encounter and take the beasts attention. With the attention on them we run down these lines here until we reach this ridge with the siege weapons. Defensive mages combine their efforts to create a barrier keeping the beast at bay. As we hit it with all we got, now this is not like other fights, even with all our combined might. We are looking at 24 to 74 hours so we need to be ready for the long haul.

Leader of the Hand: Only the meek would turn down a challenge such as this, you can count on our aid Abyss King Artorias.

Shion: *Nods* Thanks Bakuto * he then turns to look at the leader of Mastodon* What about you Po?

Panda Po: The fact that you had to ask is an insult to my integrity

Shion:*Laughs* Alright so that is the top 3, what say the rest of you?

A silence falls over the other 6 guild leaders as they contemplate the situation, the first to get up and leave is Shades the leader of the fourth strongest guild. The rest follow suit leaving Shion, Bakuto, Po and Legend.

Legend: Looks like you lads are in a bloody bind, lucky for you I’m tired of you three getting all the fucking glory.

Panda Po: So are you really going to call on him for this?

Shion: *Gets up and starts pushing in all chairs left by the pussy guilds before saying* I wouldn’t do it without him.

Bakuto: To think this will be the first time I meet the White walker, an exciting time indeed.

Legend: Who the hell is the Walker?

Shion: *Strikes the table* White walker!

Legend: What?

Panda Po: *Sighs* Not this again

The four talk for a bit longer before Po, Bakuto, and Legend leave to prepare their guilds for battle. Wynne Aounma enters the shop and starts talking to Prinny, as Shion checks the status menu to see if Howl is still ghosting.

Prinny: You missed the big guild meet Wicca.

Wicca: What was it for?

Prinny: *glances at the frustrated Shion before saying* gathering forces to face the siege boss

Wicca: *her face goes pale for a second before she walks over to Shion and slams her fists on the table* Are you insane?

Shion: *Glances at her and then goes back to the screen* That is debatable, care to explain why you’re PMSing

Wicca: *shrieks before pushing Shion’s screen out of view* How many people have to die before you stop with this madness.

Shion: *takes a calming breath* Maybe this is going over your head, but if we don’t keep pushing forward. We’re going to be stuck in here FOREVER! *he lets the words hang in air as he reopens the menu screen*

Wicca: *has tears roll down her cheek* Some of us actually have people we actually car about more than this stupid game.

Shion: *closes the menu* Are you really going there? What about your IRL boyfriend, you know the one you abandoned. Even though everything he ever did was for you.

Wicca: Oh poor Caleb. *does the crybaby gesture* he would rather throw himself at every monster in the game until you. And all the other meat heads accept him then stay with his girlfriend. The one person that loved him and could look past his ugly and disfigured face and accept him for who he was. When he started to leave reality I was the one that grabbed his hand to bring him back. And every night when he woke screaming and shaking I was the one to calm him down. He changed not me, now he avoids me like a plague.

Prinny: Wynne

Shion: *face contorts as he struggles to keep his anger down* get your facts straight he never took credit for anything. In fact, there is only a handful of people outside of this room that even know who the fuck Howl is. Hell he was the only one who kept pushing for us to move forward because, you kept sobbing about missing your little sister and family. You think you know what darkness claws at him? Well you don’t you weren’t their when Joshua fell, you didn’t see what he became then. It was like he was something else and that’s when it finally hit me he is constantly suppressing himself. *Shion’s voice starts to crack* And to find out that you broke his heart before the fight even started. *Shion closed his eyes and centered himself* he lost two pieces himself that day.

Wicca: What? He never told me…..

Prinny: *starts to cry just thinking about Howl’s pain*

Shion: *rises to his feet and starts to leave as he stops for a second and looks back* He is the only one who hasn’t changed.

As Shion leaves he sends out a message on his private line with Howl that reads “Howl I need your help”. He then heads to his house to rest

(Back with Howl)

His boots crunch the earth beneath as he walks through the spiraling world, blood dripping on the ground every third step. He starts to slow his breathing to keep from getting struck with vertigo. When Jousha’s body falls in front of him wreathing in pain and bleeding, Howl rushes to his side. Only to be grabbed by Josh’s bloody hands as he looks Howl in the eye and says “Why, I thought we were friends”. Josh then falls limp and withers away, as Howl’s eyes go completely black and his muscles start to tense. Wicca appears and says “I never loved you Caleb” , Shion starts to form as a pop up shows up that reads “Howl I need your hel”. The world suddenly freezes around him. Before melting back to reality as Howl closes his fist as he says “Time to get to work”.

(The next day)

Shion wakes up to thousands of messages from his guild, The Hand , Mastodon and Ichigos. All saying they got a beautiful and powerful weapon from a WW. Bringing a smile to his face as he sits up and turns to the left only to see Howl leaning forward in the chair by his bed.

Shion: *Practically jumps to the other side of the room* Jesus!

Howl: *Puts his hands out none threating* Sorry didn’t want to wake you *he pulls the hood connected to his coat a little lower to cover his face even more*

Shion: It’s fine you just spooked me is all.

Howl: *chuckles* Not exactly a face you want to wake up next to. So what’s the situation?

Shion: It’s time to push forward and that means defeating the Siege boss, something we couldn’t do in the beta.

Howl: In that case * He opens his left hand and a magnificent sword appears in his hand, he then tosses it to Shion* you’re going to want this.

Shion: *Shion unsheathes it and swings it around several times even flips it around before sheathing it* It this Hierophant Alpha/Omega Horn?

Howl: *Nods*

Shion” *eyes open wide* you beat it on your own?

Howl: *nods*

Shion: I can’t take this.

Howl: *Stands and stares Shion* I made it for you just like I made each weapon for your coalition. Heroes need their Mastersword.

Shion: And what about you?

Howl: *raises his right hand summoning the same blade into it* I have what I need

Shion: A copy?

Howl: No.

Shion: Then how?

Howl: Time displaced

Shion: You mean that shitty spell actually has a use.

Howl: *Grins* You have no Idea, I have a lot to show you

???: *bursts into the room* Abyssal King Artorias are you ok? A hidden account was detected in your room.

Shion: *Sighs* it’s just *He turns to where Howl was only to see no one* nothing. It was nothing. Agent Ward. *a hidden message screen pops up “See you outside-Howl”*

Agent Ward: Sorry *Bows and closes the door on his way out*

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PostSubject: Re: When the shit hits the fan   Fri 28 Apr 2017, 07:24

"If I've ever had a real regret, founding this Guild is probably it." Shion remarked, sighing deeply as he emerged from his room.

"Sir?" Ward tilted his head, looking to him.

Shion yawned, pulling a tattered black cloak from his inventory, which shimmered faintly as it was equipped. Lifting a hand, he ruffled his midnight blue hair, messing up his bangs as his samurai-esque ponytail tossed about behind him. "How do I look?"

Ward smiled proudly, "The Cloak of the Deep's King...it suits none better!"

"...Thanks, but I was talking about my face." Shion glanced at him, his silver gray eyes glowing dimly. "How do I look right now? Honest opinion."

Ward blinked a few times, but nodded. "Well, sir....to be honest, you look like you could use more sleep. As if you're recovering from a rough night."

Sighing in relief, Shion pat his subordinate on the shoulder. "Good. This'll keep everyone from bothering me too much today~"

"Speaking of, our partners on this raid are already making preparations. Lady Merascylla is coordinating said preparations." Ward explained, looking at a list upon a screen before him.

Leaning back a bit to straighten up and stretch out, Shion yawned once again. "That's my Ciri. If it's her, we'll be ready to roll out by 15:00, which gives us approximately...6 hours of downtime?"

Ward clapped, nodding. "As always, you're spot on my liege! It's currently 9:13."

"Alright, you can go ahead and leave me for now. I'm going to meet a friend." Shion noted, waving to him nonchalantly.

"Roger!" Answered Ward, who saluted respectfully as he was left behind.

Shion smiled slightly, as he strolled down a busy street of the town, nodding to the players and NPCs who greeted him brightly. {Yeah...half the time I wish I had never created the Flames of Lordran. It's not like I ever wanted to be associated with such a big Guild, much less lead it...}

His smile faded, the face of a dear departed friend flashing into his mind. {But Josh always did say that I'd be one hell of a leader, one day... I'd feel like a real asshole, if I didn't strive to prove him right. I guess it isn't all bad, anyway. I've got Ciri, Airi, Lia and the others to pick up the slack when I want a break. And they at least do at their best, even when I'm not around.}

Flames of Lordran, the strongest and most famous Guild in PSO, led by the most famous and popular player, Abyss King Artorias. They started with just Artorias and his several generals, and after accomplishing a number of incredible feats, being responsible for roughly 70% of the world exploration and settling that had taken place thus far, it was only natural that they were the idols of every player. Led by Abyss King Artorias, the Flames were clearly a Dark Souls inspired Guild. Artorias, the leader, bore the title "Emperor of the First Flame," a title that was actually given by his allies for being the first to ignite the flames of hope in their hearts. Directly beneath him, the souls who were strengthened by the ashes left in the wake of his dazzling flame, the Lords of Cinder; his most trusted subordinates and friends, his generals. Beneath the Lords of Cinder were the Chosen Undead, who served as lieutenants to the Lords. At the bottom of the rung were the rank and file, the Ashen Ones who made up the majority of their population.
Artorias and his noble, faithful Lords worked together to create a number of Spells and items only accessible to them and other members of their Guild, with the most outstanding members being given permission to use the higher classes of these exclusives.
Following their clearing of the Palace of the Hallowed, they established the former Dungeon as their base of operations, and pioneered the fast travel system set by the game developers, linking all safe spaces that had been unlocked in the game. By all rights, they were the ones who truly made the game world a habitable and bearable environment, even within all the horrors surrounding the players.

The Lords of Cinder, along with his best friend Howl, were the only ones that Artorias felt comfortable complaining to. For everyone else, he usually put on his bravest face and, at the very least, tried to act like he was always in control of the events transpiring around him. Howl and the Lords, along with a handful of others, they were the only ones allowed to use his real name, which was publicly decided to be against their brand of netiquette.

"Shi-chan, Shi-chan~"

"?" Shion stopped walking, finding a woman in front of him. "Oh, Lia."

The woman referred to as Lia, was a girl with long silver hair and purple blue eyes, who often wore white and purple dresses. Her Avatar was a Half Elf, so she naturally had pointed ears. Her game name was Satella, and her IRL name was Emilia. She was the middle sister of three, who were also Shion's childhood friends. Through her actions, she was granted the title "Witch of Envy". This came about from her proficiency as one of the most powerful Mages in PSO, with some of the highest stats in the elements of Ice and Darkness, as well as her tendency to become cold to anyone who bothered her precious Shion. Normally though, she was one of the sweetest girls you could meet. She was also very famous for having raised one of the most powerful Familiars, a cat-like beast known as Puck, whose power over Ice and Darkness could compliment and significantly boost her own abilities.
Naturally, she was one of the Lords of Cinder.

Emilia poked her crush's cheek playfully, "Were you thinking about how much you regret leading us, again~?"

"Huh? No, what would give you that idea?" Shion replied, slightly flustered as he took a step back from her. "You aren't with Airi?"

Emilia shook her head, moving to his side as she held his arm with a vibrant smile. "What are you doing until prep is complete, Shi-chan?"

Shion shifted slightly, looking down the cleavage window of her dress. {It's still a bit shocking how our IRL physical data converted to our Avatar upon initial scan... I really can't tell the difference between their boobs here and in reality.}

Emilia grinned a bit mischievously, upon noticing his eyes wander. "Are you having dirty thoughts, then?"

"Huh? No, what would give you that idea?" Shion replied, parroting his prior response as he looked forward, ignoring her laughter in reaction. "Anyway, I'm meeting Howl."

Emilia blinked in surprise, "Wow, he really came back? Wicca-chan was really heated after talking to you yesterday. Did you have to go so far?"

She couldn't help but frown, upon seeing his face shift sorrowfully.

"Do you know what the most common response to denial is, Lia?" Shion wondered, smiling bitterly at her. "It's anger. Wicca's just taking her frustration with herself out on anyone who prods at her insecurities. I'm sure it's difficult for her to carry the guilt of knowing she's a big part of his suffering."

"Yeah..." Emilia gripped his arm more tightly. "Shi-chan...are you okay? You never talk to us about it...that day, I mean... I can guess what it's been like for Howl, but even though you stayed, you just don't talk about it..."

Shion took a calm breath, "There's nothing to tell, Lia, that's all. Josh died because Howl and I couldn't support him properly. After going through that, I refuse to ever face that situation again. So, even if I don't particularly want to, I'll fight as hard as I have to. To keep the rest of you safe. I said it before, and I'll say it again..."

He smiled warmly at her. "Lia, no matter what happens, I'm getting you girls back home. I'm getting us all back home. I'm the one who dragged you into this with me, so I'll never give up until we can return together."

Emilia's face turned red as she lowered it to his chest in embarrassment. "I know...and we'll always be by your side, no matter what happens...Shi-chan... I mean, you can hardly do anything without us anyway, right?"

Shion ran a hand through her hair, kissing her atop the head. "Yep, I'm completely and utterly useless without all of you."

"As touching as always, you two." A voice called out from a dark alley, as the couple passed by.

It was followed by a chuckle, as the girl jumped in surprise. "Does my hideous voice scare you that much, Emilia? I'm sorry I can't be as silky as your abyssal knight over there~"

"T-that's not funny, Howl!" Emilia exclaimed, darting into the alley to pound him on the chest.

Shion walked over behind her, chuckling as he saw his best friend seated atop a box, not even flinching. "Lia, stop, you're embarrassing yourself."

Emilia stopped, almost as soon as he spoke, stepping back as she pointed to him. "There's nothing hideous about you, Howl! And it's not like Shi-chan's the grand prize himself, anyway! What's silky about this anal, awkward introvert?"

Shion jolted, taking a step back as he sweat a bit. "L-lia, I'm right here..."

Howl chuckled again as he watched the two, "Oh, how I've missed these little moments between you. How goes it with other two?"

"You can see for yourself when you see them." Shion replied calmly, opening his menu and pulling up his map. "Let's go check in with the other Lords."

Emilia moved between Shion and Howl, as they left the alley, sticking to the backstreets. "Howl-chan? I know I say this every time, but the last Lord of Cinder position is waiting for you, whenever you decide to take it~"

Howl pat the girl on the head, smiling wryly as she giggled. "Yeah, I'll keep it in consideration."

"That's what YOU say every time in response." Shion quipped.

Howl shrugged nonchalantly, "Speaking of, is everyone here? Unless something's changed, I don't think it's your style to have all hands on deck."

Shion glanced up at him, nodding. "Like you think. I only have Lia, Airi and Ciri with me right now. Erst, Rou and Tatsu are back at HQ, handling other business."

Erst referred to Erston Outway, an IRL friend whose game name was Gaius, a mighty samurai who wielded a Sephiroth-like nodachi and traveled the path of devastation through a single hit. He was easily the most serious and dense of the whole lot, but also the most earnest.

Rou referred to Emiya Shirou, another IRL friend whose game name was Archer, a jack of all trades who was a master of ranged archery, along with being very skilled with short swords and a variety of other weapons. He was the resident goody two shoes, who desired to help out everyone around him, even with menial tasks; he was a bit of a pushover.

Tatsu referred to Shiba Tatsuya, yet another IRL friend whose game name was Taurus Silver, a marksman of extreme ability and lethality, who had mastered every class of firearm in the game. He was also a master of martial arts, having studied ninjutsu through his life. His primary role was actually quartermaster, as he managed the commerce of the Guild. He was also one of the highest ranked blacksmiths, engineers and armorers in the game, spending much of his time in the forge whenever he was struck with inspiration.

"Sounds about right." Howl remarked, smiling slightly.

"Here we are~" Emilia announced, pushing the door to an alchemy shop open, stepping aside for the guys to follow her in.

Howl laughed a bit, upon finding their target in the middle of a heated bartering with the shopkeep.

"These prices are criminal." The girl hissed, slamming her hand firmly down upon the counter separating her from her counterpart. "The herbs I gather myself are of much higher quality, and I don't sell them for even half your rates, peon."

The shopkeeper, a nervous player, backed up into his wall, sweating heavily. "L-lady Xerxes, please forgive me! I'm struggling to make ends meet here!"

Shion walked over, extending a hand to include himself in their transaction, paying the price immediately. "Sorry for the trouble, she can't seem to go a day without tormenting some unfortunate soul."

The shopkeeper gasped, "E-emperor Artorias!? I-I-"

Shion covered the woman's mouth before she could deliver one of her outbursts, grabbing her wrist and pulling her along. "Later~"

He released her outside, chuckling. "Jesus, Airi, can't you chill for one minute?"

"Shion!" She growled, grabbing his arm violently. "I was being perfectly civil, did you even LOOK at the price when you paid?! It's robbery! Highway robbery!"

"Good to see you haven't changed, Airiel." Howl whistled as he followed Emilia outside.

Airiel blinked, looking at him. "Caleb? You're back?"

"Temporarily." Howl answered coolly.

Airiel was the eldest of the three sisters, a year ahead of Emilia. Her Avatar was human, her hair a long, silvery white and her eyes a deep red, like vibrant wine; her hair was adorned with azure blue ribbons. She was usually outfitted in flowy, elegant, extravagant robes which were partially exposing. Her game name was Xerxes, and she'd earned the title of "Queen of Fundament", which was granted accordingly; she's the most knowledgeable player in the game when it comes to minerals and herbs, being the most powerful Alchemist, fully capable of employing a nigh-infinite number of effects through her skillset. Thanks to this, she was always buying and exploring for rare items, as she could easily separate items into their base components and reconstruct them into something much more useful. Being the most scholarly, stern and diligent of them all she had taken the time to write a multitude of books about the ingredients around the world of PSO, and where they could be found, and used. A popular rumor was that she knew the basis of the concepts within the game world better than the developers did.
Of course, she was another Lord of Cinder.

Airiel took a calm breath, nodding. "Understood."

She looked up at Shion, "I know you can't help yourself from playing the fool, however atop your unnecessary squandering of funds, I do NOT need you to fight my battles for me. Had you left me to my own devices, that miscreant would have seen the error of his ways in detail."

Shion chuckled, setting a hand on her head gently. "I'm well aware, Airi. I interfered to save him, not you."

Blushing slightly, Airiel closed her eyes, clearly happy he was touching her. "More importantly, I've finished my preparations for the expedition. I've purchased all the catalysts I'll need, with interest. I'm sure I'll be able to create at least one new formula by the time we encounter the Boss."

"Heheh, that's my Airi~" Shion cooed, pinching her cheeks.

"S-stop that." Airiel commanded, swatting his hands away as she opened her eyes.

Emilia immediately glued herself to Shion's side, pulling his arm to her chest. "As you can see, Howl, Onee-chan's tsundere game is still going strong~"

"Yep, she seems to be unrivaled in that category, too." Howl remarked, grinning a bit deviously.

With a deep sigh, Airiel turned away from them. "Caleb wants to check in with Cirilla as well, correct? Let us be off, then. We only have a finite amount of time to spend on leisurely activity."

"Yes Ma'am!" Shion, Howl and Emilia chanted in unison, saluting her as she walked off ahead of them.

Airiel stopped for a moment, suddenly turning around and running her fingers through Shion's hair.

Emilia and Howl exchanged glances, laughing as Shion wore a lifeless expression.

Airiel lowered her hands after neatening his appearance. "Shion, you're our leader. You directly represent our entire Guild. Please take care to always present yourself optimally."

"Okay, Mom..." Shion whispered.

Airi blushed once again, "I am NOT your mother!"

In the town square, the site where the main preparations for the adventure were taking place.

A woman was directing the efforts carefully, while answering a number of questions from her associates.

"Classic Ciri-nee~" Emilia proclaimed, "Always a beacon of helpfulness~"

"I would say it's to be expected of my little sister, but you're clearly the outlier between us." Airiel remarked, rather coldly.

"Onee-chan's bullying me again, Shi-chan." Emilia mumbled, rubbing against him.

"...She doesn't mean anything by it, I'm sure." Shion claimed, looking ahead.

Howl smiled sympathetically, glancing at his best friend as he asked Emilia to grab her little sister. {I know it's tough for him to keep calm through that. He's come a long way from the past, huh?}

A short while later, Howl, Shion and Airiel were joined by Emilia and Cirilla.

"Cal-nii!" Cirilla ran over to hug him affectionately.

"Good to see you, Ciri." Howl put an arm around her in response, releasing her after a few moments.

Cirilla was the youngest of the three sisters, a year and a half behind Emilia. Her avatar was an Elf, so alongside her long and pointy ears, she had snow white hair, long and usually braided in twintails behind her, with long parted bangs. Her eyes were an alluring amethyst purple, though men often said they were more beautiful than the actual gem. She tended to dress conservatively, at least toward the top, as she liked wearing skirts and variations of them. Her game name was Merascylla, her title "Nature's Princess" having come from her mastery of nature magic, as she excelled at turning environments against others, and completely altering entire landscapes to suit her purposes. She was also a summoner, capable of calling upon the highest ranking elemental spirits in the game world, who would lend her their power. Of the sisters, she was the kindest by far; considered to be almost sickeningly sweet and innocent, something which even persisted through their experiences up to that point. She was arguably the most popular female player, with a number of fan clubs and even entire Guilds devoted to praising her angelic nature. This was also enhanced by the fact that she's one of the best healers in the game, and goes out of her way to heal any and all damage for every player she comes across.
Like her sisters, another Lord of Cinder.

Of note to others, was the fact that three sisters all had rather alarmingly sexy and shapely bodies, though Airiel's proportions were unanimously agreed upon as being the best overall; with none of them lacking anything in particular.

"I'm so glad you're here~" Cirilla admitted, smiling brightly at Howl. "When you're around, Ao-nii is always able to put forth his best effort!"

Shion blinked at her, "You're making it sound like I don't pull my weight unless he's with me..."

"We all know you can do much better than you usually do." Airiel suggested calmly, shrugging.

Emilia laughed as Shion hung his head in shame, "Onee-chan's just giving you a hard time. She's always talking about how thankful she is that you're our leader~"

Airiel turned bright red, turning her back to them immediately. "She's exaggerating. Immensely."

Howl nudged Shion as Emilia and Cirilla teased their big sister. "It's good that your harem is as strong as ever. Did you know that, according to the polls, you're actually the most envied player in the game? Some anonymous comments also ssuggested that you should die for living such a dream."

"Hmph!" Shion crossed his arms, his cheeks puffing up childishly. "Maybe I should fake my death, then! Screw those guys! They're just...well, it'll come to me. Anyway, they don't even know the true colors of these chicks. If they did, they'd know it isn't all fun and games."

"Yeah, you definitely have it rough, Brother." Howl quipped.

Shion took a breath, looking to him. "Hey...before we set out... I don't think it's a good idea to see Wicca right now, but you should definitely meet with Prinny. Some things were said yesterday, and I felt pretty shitty leaving her to deal with it alone."

He scratched his head, looking down. "Even if I tried...well, you know better than anyone. I'm a train wreck when it comes to handling others intimately."

Howl stared at him in silence for a few minutes, before speaking. "Maybe you should give yourself some more credit. After all, you're the reason those three have been able to stay sane all this time. Josh- He'd be proud of you. A lot more proud than he'd be of someone like me."

Lifting his head, Shion frowned. "Don't say that. He'd be-"

"Shi-chan, Shi-chan~" Emilia skipped around to his back suddenly, hiding behind him. "Onee-chan's ready to confess her love for you~"

"Wha-" Shion looked from her to Airi. "Huh? What?"

Airiel turned red again, looking away. "Emilia is being an idiot, like usual."

Cirilla smiled a bit nervously, "Airi-nee..."

"M-more importantly..." Airiel cleared her throat. "Let's get out of here. Caleb doesn't need any unnecessary attention because of us."

"Yeah, sure." Shion nodded a few times. "Let's find some food, then. I haven't eaten anything yet."

Cirilla looked up at him, "To Priscilla's then?"

Howl noticed Shion glance at him, "That's fine."


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As the five make their way through town Ciri jumps up and pulls back the hood of Howl’s God Eater coat. Revealing his flame red hair held back in a samurai’s tail its tips are a saturated Ink black, his ears though pointed were much larger then elves. Several earrings lined both ears each glinting in the light of the sun, which complemented his glowing glacier blue eyes, and when he smiled his four sabretooth canines added to the bestial look of his scarred face and body.

Ciri: *Nods* That’s better

Howl: Well as long as you’re comfortable.

Ciri: I am. *She then runs back to Shin’s side who turns to Howl and shrugs*

As they make their way to Pricilla’s Howl does his natural migratory pattern only to be herded back by Emilia, Airiel, Ciri or even Shion himself. At this moment it’s like nothing else in the world matters. They joke laugh and forget their worries as they near the entrance, Howl looks up and sees a cloaked figure with no face staring at him for a few seconds before walking off. As the five walk into the restaurant to see it’s packed with a line to the door. Prinny waves them over and takes them to a vip booth on a balcony, Shion and his harem take their seats as Shion motions for Howl to talk to Prinny. So Howl turns to face her and is surprised to see how little she has changed, Her Purple hair goes down to her ass and covers one side of her face, the eye that shows is a beautiful sea of green. Today she was wearing a sexy red riding hood attire that hugged her curves perfectly, She pushed her hair to the side and stared into Howls eyes.

Prinny: ……

Howl: *As he opened his mouth to speak he feels a surge of emotion as took her to the table tearing off her corset and pulling at her skirt as he bit her neck. The look in her eyes shook his soul but he was powerless to stop. It’s then that he feels a warm hand touch his and he snaps back to reality with Prinny holding his hand and still staring into his eyes.*

Prinny: Caleb I know when I first met you that I was a uber bitch and I could spout off all the excuses that I believed at the time. But we both know tit was out of fear and I don’t expect you to forgive me but I *tears welled up in her eyes as she dashed forward and wrapped her arms around Howl as she pressed her face against his chest.

Shion raised his hand to try and order something only to receive a death glare from Ciri, Emilia, and
Airiel , so he slowly slide under the table quietly.

Howl: Prinn *he said as he ruffled her hair* I…

A table flips downstairs catching everyone’s attention as Wicca stands their writhing in anger her blonde hair raised in the air like a super sayin her brown eyes narrowed as she pursed her red lips.

Wicca: You traitorous whore! Out of all of them you were the last I would have suspected to pull this on me!

Howl: *Pulls Prinny closer* I am the one you hate not her Wicca!

Wicca: If I wanted to talk to a ghoul I would go to the underground!
Airiel and Emilia have to hold back Shion from diving off the balcony at Wicca.

Prinny: *leaves Howls embrace* He’s not a possession Wynne, so don’t get mad when someone else wants him.

Wicca: Is that what you think you’re doing? *Laughs* You were always jealous of him for loving me, but now you see a chance to love me from riding him!

Prinny: *starts to laugh* You think you’re the first to love him Wynne?

Wicca: What?

Prinny: Cause I hate to break it to you but you’re not.

Wicca: *Laughs* really and who might I ask did.

Prinny: Queen of Hearts!

A silence falls upon all them as Shion and his girls turn to look at Howl who looks away unable to look at any of them. As they stare at him he feels hands caress him as he goes back to a time before this game even existed.

(He was but a teenager with a broken nose and fist as he helped his sister from her chair to her bed, she winced as he laid her down too quickly. He bit his lip in anger and looked at the ground as he turned to leave only to have his arm grabbed by her. He stopped and she pulled him closer examining his hand first and then caressing his face.

Queen of Hearts: Who was it this time?

Teenage Caleb: They were making fun of you and …*His words are cut short as she squeezes his busted fist as hard as she can and doesn’t let go as tears roll down his face*

Queen of Hearts: So now your my protector Caleb?

Teenage Caleb: Your myne * this time she bends it back causing even more pain as he falls to a knee*

Queen of Hearts: *isn’t even looking at him* Did you win?

Teenage Caleb: Yes ……I broke his arm * he winces but she doesn’t do anything this time*

Queen of Hearts: * caresses his cheek* I just want you to fit in Caleb, that’s why I have you go to school in the first place.

Teenage Caleb: They fear me Himi……Like I’m the boogey man. They aren’t like you.

Himiko: *Grabs his nose and squeezes it till blood pours down from his nostrils* first you defend my honor and now you compare others to me * her gaze softens as she releases his nose* what’s a girl to do with this kind of attention. * She lifts his chin and leans over kissing him deeply* Very well come take your prize * she motioned form him to join her on the bed and as he kneeled over her* How removes her clothes and stares at her body until she guides him through it*

*sometime later*

Howl rests his head on Himiko’s chest as he holds her tight, she strokes his hair and kisses his forehead as they lay their both in silence, perhaps contemplating what had just happened.

Himiko: * takes a needle and carves a heart into the left pectoral of Howl’s chest* Now your mine no matter where you go or who you’re with, you are now complete.)

He returns from his time with his half-sister to see Prinny starting to walk away, Howl reaches out and grabs her arm she tries to free herself but Howl grip tightens as he pulls her close. Her eyes show sadness and anger, Howl lifted her chin and kissed her making her eyes widen in surprise before she returned it and when they released she smiled and kissed him again.

Howl: If it’s what you want then I’m yours.

Prinny: *Wraps her arms around him and squeezes* Of course, I’ll be whatever you need me to be

Howl: *pushed her to arm’s length* No just be you

Prinny: *Smiled* well let’s get you guys some food

Shion: Finally, *Gets smacked by all the girls* What I say?

Howl took his seat and they all made their order, Prinny ran to the kitchen to get it made as the others all looked at Howl strangely even for them. After a few seconds of the stares he pulled his hood back up to cover his face. He even turned away from them and contemplated getting up, and it was as he started to rise that others broke the silence.

Airiel: *grabs his hand* that was cold even for you Caleb you just stood there in silence like a child. I know being on your own has been what your used to but you can’t pick the moments you care and think you can get away with it.

Emilia: *As Howl tries to slip his fingers out of Airiel’s grip* Even when Shion is at his laziest he would never let something like that continue.

Ciri: Cal-nii?

Shion: *Leans forward* where did you go?

Airiel,Emilia,Ciri: What?

Howl: I was back with Himi

Shion: *Sighs* So it’s true then {Himiko}

Howl: How long?

Shion: Roughly forty-five minutes.

Howl was about to reply when all the food got there and Prinny sat beside Howl wrapping her arm around his as they all began to eat. It took a few seconds for Prinny to notice that Howl was hooded again.

Prinny: What’s wrong Howl?

Howl: *his lips twitch under the hood* still working through the emotions Wicca stirred up. Didn’t want to upset everyone’s meal. Guess that failed *rose out of his chair* Maybe some air will help.

Airiel: *As Howl starts to leave* Howl I.

Howl: *cuts her off* Pain is but a feeling that comes and goes nothing to worry about.

Howl then walks outside as Shion reassures Airiel, once outside Howl looks over the edge as the wind blows against him as he hears the creak of a wheelchair behind him and the arms of a woman wrap around him.

Howl: I disappointed them. I could see it in their eyes.

Himiko: I should have been more thorough with my investigation of Wynne’s intentions it appears that you need to spank me for failing you. However I got a good feeling about Pricilla she might be good to bring into the fold.

Howl: *His scar begins to moisten as he turns around to see Himiko and walking from inside Shion*

Himiko: what is it.

Shion: You good Howl ?

Howl: Yeah the air helped.

Shion: Good cause I need you to reassure Airiel she feels bad about the scolding you for something you can’t control

Howl: Ok let’s go

Shion: Howl your hood

Howl: right *pulls his hood down*

Shion: Howl your scar it’s bleeding

Howl:*Touches his head and looks at his blood covered fingers* Damn guess the hood it is *Pulls his hood back on*

Himiko: *Smiles as she watches the two walk inside* Can you feel me warm you at night Caleb?

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Within the VIP seating area of Priscilla's.

"-so Shi-chan decided it was a good idea to go Leroy on us, and charged right into the Sub-Boss Chamber ahead of us, blowing away all the Adds in a flash with his strongest spell! Thankfully for him, we were able to join in quickly enough to bring the Sub-Boss down quickly~" Emilia noted, finishing up a story of Shion's idiocy. Or bravado, whichever way one wanted to look at it.

Shion was busily eating a rack of ribs, looking up from them. "If not for my impromptu charge, everyone would have just sat around stroking their shafts. I had places to be and girls to meet that night, so I just had to get out of that Dungeon."

"Oh? Do tell about these girls you had to meet." Airiel requested, while wiping his mouth rather roughly, a dark smile on her face.

Shion sweat a bit, looking away. "I have a life outside you, Airi."

Cirilla gently grabbed her eldest sister's hands before she could react, "Airi-nee, Ao-nii's just joking with you~"

"Am I?" Shion tilted his head.

"For your sake, I hope you are." Emilia replied in a rather chilling tone, as she ran a finger down his cheek. "I only barely tolerate our current arrangement because they're my actual sisters~"

Howl, Prinny, Cirilla and Airiel all felt a piercing chill, growing silent as they stared at Emilia.

Emilia covered her mouth, giggling as she saw how shocked they seemed. "I was also joking, of course~"

"Y-yeah, of course you were Lia." Shion had shivered when she touched him, as she'd subtly cast a Novice Ice Spell to lower his body temperature.

"Of course I was~" Emilia echoed, kissing him on the neck.

Howl whistled as Shion jumped a bit, before Airiel inserted herself between the two at the speed of lightning.

"Emilia, stop teasing him." Airiel growled lowly, giving her sister a sharp look.

Emilia frowned at her, "What? This is just innocent affection. We're not doing anything as bold as Howl and Prinny were."

Prinny's face turned red as she turned against Howl.

Howl shrugged when his best friend looked to him for some aid. "Come on, Aoba. Life's too short to be a prude."

"Now isn't that the truth!" Emilia cheered, pumping a fist.

Cirilla's cheeks turned red, opening her mouth to speak until noticing someone at one of the downstairs tables. "Um...Ao-nii? That man there has been staring at you for a while."

"Don't be naive, Ciri, he's staring at you." Shion claimed, glancing at Airiel, who was twiddling her thumbs. {Is she actually considering what he just said?}

Howl's ears twitched as he looked to the man in question, clad in mage robes. "Aoba."

"?" Shion turned his head to look, spotting the man. His eyes immediately caught the man's hand as it shifted beneath his table, the symbol of a blackened, distorted moon with a sword through it having flashed in his sight. "...Prinny, sorry in advance."

"Huh? For what?" Prinny tilted her head as Shion set his hand upon the railing behind him, pushing himself up and over into an aerial cartwheel.

Shion landed atop a table right below, ignoring meals he ruined and the surprised voices too. Jumping off the table as the man flit out the restaurant like a wraith, he sprinted out after him.

Emerging onto the crowded street, Shion skidded to a stop, kicking up dust and a bit of smoke from his momentum. Jumping from the street to the roofs, he quickly spotted the fleeing man, who had already cleared a block. {One of The Blades...? But why?}

Shifting his hand, he ruffled the Cloak of the Deep's King while focusing on a large, armored man just behind him. In a blink, he fell into his own shadow, emerging from the armored man's with no delay. Upon exiting the shadows, he lunged at the robed man, sliding across the ground so quickly sparks flew from his feet. Reaching out, he failed to connect and stumbled a bit, before sprinting down an alley.

The robed man glanced back from the opposite end of the alley, tossing a smoke grenade.

"!" Shion's eyes honed in on the man's shadow the instant before the smoke engulfed and billowed beyond the alley.

Rising from the man's shadow, he jumped into him with a flying knee, which connected to hurl him across a clearing into some barrels. "I don't wear this thing to look cool, you know. I just haven't encountered any Overwear Items that are remotely as useful to me."

"You're even sharper than the rumors say, being able to use that shitty ability so perfectly." The man remarked, rising from the broken barrels and cracking his neck.

"It's not shitty, it's just difficult to use." Shion claimed, cracking his knuckles. "You may be a lot faster with your Skill, but even the White Walker himself can't escape me if I don't want to let him. So...talk. Why are the Blades of the Darkmoon watching us?"

"Would you believe me if I said that I was just another fan of the Flames of Lordran?" The man replied, sliding his left foot forward.

"No." Shion responded curtly, flicking his left hand out. Fireball

A giant fireball launched from his hand, exploding against the man and shaking the ground.

Flitting out from the flames without a scratch, the man landed in front of Shion, pulling two kodachi from his sleeves to strike at his throat with a cross slash.

"!" Shion ducked to save his head, spinning low to counter with a sweep kick.

The man jumped from the ground to evade, twisting over his shoulder to bring his foot down in an axe kick, a shimmering magic blade of black crescent forming around it in the process.

{The Darkmoon Razor.} Shion lifted himself off from the ground with his hands, kicking directly upward with his right foot, striking his opponent's ankle accurately to push his kick off target. Pushing off from the ground with an upward twist, he followed up with a spinning hook kick with his left foot.

Lifting his kodachi to guard, the man was blown back, sliding across the ground. As he stopped, his kodachi were covered in the same effect that his foot had, swinging them forward in a chain of 8 slices, each one releasing a crescent razor at high speed.

{I'm jealous of how versatile that Skill is.} Shion mentally admitted, stepping back with a spin while flapping his cloak.

"?!" The man blinked as his attack passed right through his target, as if he were a shadow. "I didn't realize it could be used that way."

"Few people do." Shion claimed, crouching slightly as he became solid. Abyss Walker

In a dark blur, he advanced with godspeed, leaving wispy lines of blackness in his wake as he stepped directly behind the man. Forge of the Abyssal Flame

Shifting his hands as if he were holding weapons, spectral black flames flared to form daggers of a semi-solid nature. Thrusting both upward, he cut through the kodachi while kicking off the ground into a back flip, performing a somersault kick. Dolphin Kick

His foot struck like a dolphin's fin, cold water lashing out with the movement to strike the man and launch him into the air.

As Shion landed on his feet, he brought up his quick menu to equip the sword that Howl had given him earlier that morning. As the abyss-born daggers faded, he gripped the sword and looked up.

"The rumors really aren't enough to do you justice, Abyss King Artorias." The man whistled, having landed atop one of the nearby buildings.

He rubbed his head as he spoke, "There probably isn't another player capable of chaining Skills together so seamlessly, regardless of its type. You'll be a fun hunt, indeed..."

"Answer my question, and I'll consider not hunting you down right here." Shion spat in irritation.

"As much as I'd like to answer that threat, I'll be punished if we proceed any further." The man admitted. "I only came today to deliver advance notice, as is our custom. Artorias, Leader of the Flames of Lordran. One among your ranks has committed a sin most grave. Find this scumbag and bring them before us, so that they may face our judgment, or die in defense of the heathen. Those are the only two options available to you."

Shion lowered his sword, standing up straight. "There's no way that any of my Guildmates would do anything disgusting enough to get your attention. I'm well aware of your rules, how the sins of subordinate fall upon their master...but aren't you misinformed?"

The man set a hand on his hip, "Do you know them so well? Each and every single member of your Guild? It's the biggest one out there, after all."

Shion sweat a bit, biting his lip. {He's got me there, I'd be lying if I said I knew even half of the faces in the Guild.}

The man extended his free hand, "You have one week from now, Artorias. Get to the bottom of this issue and do the right thing, or face the vengeful blade of the Darkmoon. You probably know this better than anyone else, but if, for whatever reason, you don't meet our initial demand by the end of the week..."

"Yeah, I know." Shion interjected sternly. "You'll return with your fellow elites to slaughter us all. One thing...what if my investigation determines you to be wrong? Isn't there a rule in your doctrine about false accusations?"

"If that's the case, then I'll slit my own throat to repent." The man explained with a chuckle. "But I'm sorry, I've never once been wrong. In fact...I saw your man commit that sin with my own two eyes~"

"Anyway, I hope we meet under pleasant conditions next time. So we can finish this little fight~" He waved, jumping back off the roof as he phased out of sight.

Shion sighed deeply, lifting the sword and plunging it into the ground in a single motion, sending tremors outward to upheave the entire clearing like jagged blades of cement. "Didn't we make our own doctrine for the sole sake of avoiding Guilds like them? Fuck...I'll have to deal with this after the Siege Boss is down."

He unequipped the sword, leaving the area. {I can't risk them...not against them... They've really stepped up their game since our last encounter.}

"Shion! What's wrong!?" Airiel demanded, running over as he emerged from an alley.

Shion smiled at her, "Nothing."

"What, nothing? Everyone heard the noise you were making!" Cirilla exclaimed. "Who was that man!?"

"...Just a dark cloud from the past." Shion responded coolly. "We can talk about it later, we've got something more pressing to deal with right now."

Emilia let out a breath, shaking her head. "I guess so..."

"Was he strong?" Howl asked curiously.

Shion looked up at him, nodding in response.

Howl crossed his arms, {He told me was involved with the Blades of the Darkmoon, but I didn't think they'd show him such consideration.}


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An awkward silence filled the air as the girls and Shion felt the crushing weight of responsibility on their shoulders, at times like these Joshua would have found a way to snap them out of it. Howl on the other hand was silent with a pain in his chest as he heard whispers all around him as they reached the bonfire. Shion went through first followed by with Airi and her sisters following right behind him. Howl approached the fire only to stumble back as the whispers intensified making his head pound, he shakes his head and catches a glimpse of a figure causing him to turn to face the silver masked figure. Which quickly vanishes leaving behind it a distortion in the code. “Selene” gasps Howl right before he enters the bonfire, and in mere seconds he finds himself standing in front of Shion. Who wears a face of worry as he asks “You good Caleb?”, Howl fights the distractions and makes himself smile like usual “thought I saw someone turned out to be just another figment”.

Shion gave him a puzzled look before Bakuto embraced him in a hug "my Shion you've returned to me" he sighed, Shion saw Howl's questioning look . And shouted "It's not what it looks like....", "White walker we meet at last" Bakuto says completely cutting off Shion as he steps toward Howl. "Shion here talks a big game about you, but you'll excuse me if I have some reservations......don't disappoint me out there."

Howl shrugs "now I gotta live up to a legend of myself *Sighs* this is becoming more trouble then it's worth".

Bakuto shakes his head and turns to leave before stopping ot say "you better be right about this one mi hijo". Before leaving as he shakes his head.

"Sorry I disappointed your friend Aoba, guess I'm just not that great in person" Howl says a he shrugs.

Shion turns to Howl and smirks as he starts to say a witty remark only to have one of the Chosen Undead run up to him and tell him he's needed. He glances at Howl who motions for him to go were he is needed and Shion nods and runs to the base camp.

Howl unequipped Godeater and pulls out a ceremonial balm which he sets on the ground as he kneels before it starts preforming the ceremony rites. Before dipping his fingers in the spade black balm and drawing symbols of the Eldar upon himself, once finished he returns the balm to his inventory and walks toward the massive base camp. He gets stares from all he passes, as few have every actually seen him in the game. He shrugs of the stares and wanders to the Flames of Lordran part of the camp were he asks for Lia. And after a near camp covering goose hunt he finds her reorganizing her quick cast list, so he sneaks up and pokes her sides makins her scream. As Howl gets pounced to the ground by Puck who she accidentally summoned.

Lia quickly ends the summons and runs to check on Howl "Oh my god Howl are you ok?" she shouts as she checks him over. She lets out a sigh of relief when she sees he's alright before striking him several times in the chest in frustration. "I could have killed you, you jerk" , Howl almost cries from laughing the whole time as she frowns and asks. "So aside from scaring the shit out of me is their something you needed?"

Howl takes a calming breath before saying "Yes I need you to frost me", Lia gives him a what stare as he stands there waiting for her response.

"Wait your serious" Lia asks, Howl nods yes as she stares at him and says "Are you a masochist?"

Howl shakes his head "Will you do it or not?" he asks

Lia thinks hard about it before finally agreeing but still says "The second it starts to hurt let me know immediately". Howl nods ok and she readies herself before placing her hands on Howl's back and shouting Winters coming causing howl to immediately be covered in frost. She has to close out everything around her as she focuses the blizzard inside Howl as the frost slowly starts to turn to ice. It takes her a second to realize his body temp, and she starts to freak and try to pull away when she hears "Boost" from Ddrieg Howl's great red dragon ring. Causing the spell to be boosted before she can remove her hands turning Howl completely into Ice or so she thought as the Ice disappeared into his now etched and symbol covered skin. He turns to face her with his dragon glacier eyes a smirk on his face as he returns to normal.

Howl whistles "It still works that's good to know, thought I was in trouble their for a second" Lia's jaw drops before she composes her self and starts wailing on his chest again as she calls him several names. Before composing herself and apologizing, her eyes then open wide as she gasps out loud.

"Where did you get this scar Caleb" Lia asks as she points to the one over his right pectoral, Howl shrugs and says "don't remember". Lia gives him a stern glare "Caleb Amakusa Howl. That is a deep tissue scar and from the location of it you should not be standing here right now". Howl pats her on the shoulder and says "Yet here I am, guess that means it's just another scar for the books well I better go find Shion before he starts to look for me". And with that Howl heads on his way {No one can survive a stab to the heart Howl so how did you?}

Howl finds Shion going over the details of the plan with the leaders of the other guilds, bringing a smile to his face as he equips Four Horsemen. A tattered coat with rusted silver elapses and buttons, before walking up to Shion and leaning on his shoulder as the three others look up to him. Shion looks up at him and says "running the Horsemen an interesting choice Howl" as he fists bumps him.

"That coat is bloody worthless you Fucking wanker" blurts out Legend

Panda shakes his head and says "Nothing is worthless if these two acknowledge it, good to see you WW"

"Are you ready Aggro machine?" asks Bakuto

"Wait this guild less mother fucker is our Aggro *turns to face Shion* Are you fucking retarded, this guild less fuck is going to get you killed. I thought you were some fucking genius and here we all found out your as useful as a fucking dingle berry". Gets stopped by a palm to the throat by Shion.

"If you have a problem Legend you can leave at anytime" growls Shion

As Legend gasps on the ground, "Waiting on you guys" states Howl as Bakuto nods as he turns towards the camp and lets out a high pitched whistle. And in less then fifteen minutes all members of the guild alliance had assembled in their rows with Shion and Bakuto at the front.

Howl made his way into the encounter area where a Eldar in platinum armor sat on a throne made of the bodies of those that had challenged him before. And as the others made their way out of sight Howl stepped into the view of the villain, whom rose to his feet brimming with anger. "You dare wear those vestments in my presence as if you are casting judgement on me" his voice boomed through the hall. Howl remained unmoved as he walked even closer "I don't pass judgment I am here to bring your damnation" stated as he found the spot to make his stand. "You dare threaten me peon" bellowed the beast, Howl flicked his chin at the beast before he preformed Line in the sand This seemed to enrage the beast as he transformed into a Minotaur and charged at Howl with it's head bent low for a gore attack. Howl's body glowed blue for a second thanks to Zoom as he stood his ground and repelled the Minotaur with. An iaijutsu-focus causing the line to glow as the beast roared even louder casuing the stalagmites in the ceiling to shake.

Shion kept his fist up as a sign to hold their position as they watched Howl keep the beast in check for three rounds, it then changed form to a basilisk and charged. Howl dashed forward as hilts of weapons hovered by each leg, which he drew and slashed the beast with until he reached it's tail he Cyclone striked. He followed that up with a flip into a skill synchro of quick draw/rapid fire/hawk-eye/Iaijutsu-focus. Lighting up the back of the beast as he landed, the beast wheeled around as it changed form back to a Minotaur and charged him. And it was at this point that Shion pointed forward for a charge to the next point for the first group, and after several minutes most of the alliance was crouched by the seige gear.

Legend was leading the last group forward when Howl saw the beast shudder into a Chimera facing Legend as it began attacking with a breath attack. Howl reached his hand out as Noctis flew through a tear in space, as Howl warped to it's handle as he twisted in the air as he opened his right palm as a giant Gilded gauntlet appeared infront of the attack. Absorbing most the damage but splash damage hit Howl sending him through six pillars taking a big chunk out of his health.

Ciri was preparing to heal Howl when Shion stopped her, she looked at him confused as he explained "Healing magic creates sixty times the Aggro with this boss. *closed his eyes as he let out a sigh* So we have to sit and watch until Legend gets his ass up here and we can set the barrier". The two watched as Howl got to his feet and grabbed the blade Hatedrinker which went from a broadsword to a witchblade gauntlet as red tendrils grew from it and wreathed in the air. The sight of the blade made angered Shion so much that he tried to go to Howl but got held back by Panda. Ciri turned to Airi and asked "why did Shion freak out when he saw that weapon", "Because the Hatedrinker amplifies aggro by eighty percent but nullifies Howl's Eldar regeneration and cuts his defense down by half. Making him squishy. And lastly it makes him immune to all forms of healing or buffs, to put it in perspective that weapon is a self sacrificing last ditch weapon". Ciri starts to tear up as Airi and Lia try to comfort her.

Howl glows with another boost from Zoom as he staggers out of the way of the serpent tail as he tries to get his bearings, but the beast doesn't relent as he uses his speed and reflexes to stay a millisecond ahead of a death blow. He glances over and sees Legend and his group frozen in place causing him to stop for a second as the Lion head goes in for the kill so he is forced to Flash step to the left and slam Hatedrinker into the nose as he yells "MOVE YOUR ASSES NOW". Legend snaps out of the fear and gets his group running double time as Howl gets another boost from Zoom. Allowing him to outpace the beast for now.

Shion regains his focus as he calls for everyone to take positions as the barrier makers start to form the barrier as Legend and his group scramble up the hill. Panda stands at the top tossing the slower folk behind the barrier point before crossing back himself as he gets on shell loading duty. Shion screams "Attack!!!!", and every siege weapon begins to fire as Ciri hits the beast with Quantum fireballs lighting it up first. As it shifts back into the Basilisk , Shion follows suit by casting Vortex fireball and the others follow the chain.

Howl warps with Noctis so that he is surfing down the Basilisk's back as he unequipped Hatedrinker and is instantly healed by Ciri. As the beast turns he flips off and lands infront of the beast as it turns about to him as a siege bomb hits it in the face he feels the entire area get chilled from Lia's AoEAbsolute Zero. Causing his body to morph as he swing the massive Tessaiga and activate Wind scar shattering a bunch of formed ice and pelting the beast with it amping up the damage. After several volleys and attacks the beasts armored state actually shatters.

As Panda and Bakuto lead the other melee fighters down to the beasts location Shion uses the Cloak of the Deep to warp to Howl and strike the beast with Black Meteor which Howl mimics at the same time. And the two continue to compliment the other in such a way that Airi,Lia,Ciri and the Chosen Undead present can't help but feel jealous of. As Panda and Bakuto start to strike Howl begins to complement their strikes as well. Until the other fighter get their at which point he uses the Four Horsemens ability Death's Mantle. Boosted by Ddrieg coating all the warriors in it's effects which make them Incorporeal with the added effects of armor piercing and instant critical hits. Giving them a good twenty minutes of amazing damage before the beasts armor starts to reform, Shion activates Cloak of the Deep as Howl boosts to allow him to take all the others back with him behind the barrier to start the cycle again.

The beast runs past Howl as it goes for the barrier, Howl twists through the air as he tosses a javelin at it's hind leg and follows that up with. A perfect rope arrow shot to the back of it as it impales the tendon of the beast as he teleports with Noctis into the sky as he equips Gilded mail Greaves causing him to plummet qickly as the rope he tugs pulls the beast back down the hill as he uppercuts it. Before unequipping Gilded mail Greaves

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous

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"Reinforcements incoming!" One of the Ashen Ones called out, alerting the army.

"Reinforcements?!" Legend gasped, as his Guildmates pointed out an approaching wave of War Beasts, Ogres and Thralls primarily. {How could he have possibly known this would happen?!}

"It's just as you suspected, Artorias." Bakuto noted, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

Panda nodded, "You were right, none of the previous challengers even made it to the real fight. Breaking its armor the first time is nothing more than the introductory phase."

Shion ran a hand through his hair as he walked to the edge of the barriers, "It's just what I expected from a boss standing between us and World Expansion, that's all."

He gave a thumbs up when Howl looked to him, "Everyone, stick to the plan, prepare the Siege Weapons for the next volley."

As he changed his loadout, being equipped in light, enchanted black leather armor with glowing mystic runes and no weapon, he continued speaking. "Merascylla, White Walker is working to build aggro, so focus on supporting him. Stick to your lowest tier Healing until we launch the offensive. Satella, standby with Puck. Xerxes, provide covering fire for me."

"Understood." Cirilla, Emilia and Airiel answered with a nod.

"What, you're taking them all on by yourself?" Legend snarled in disbelief. "I know you're good, but that-"

One of the Chosen Undead, Eleanor, a girl with long red and peach pink hair tied in twintails, along with grassy green eyes, scoffed with a confident smile. "Good is a severe understatement! Watch with open eyes, Sir Legend, and you too can learn something from watching our leader's sublime skill in battle!"

Legend and his Guild looked surprised, Bakuto and Panda chuckling as Cirilla and Emilia smiled, while Airiel sighed. The rest of the Flames of Lordran cheered, all idolizing their leader as much as Eleanor did.

Shion began to sweat, glancing at the girl. {I'm gonna feel like a real loser now, if I fuck up out there. Way to put the pressure on!}

As soon as he stepped outside the barrier he activated Armiger. Spectral black flames flared around him, revolving at high speed while forging into 13 different weapons, mixed with swords, polearms and axes this time. The moment the weapons stopped and floated at his side, he stepped forward with Abyss Walker.

Moving between Howl and the Siege Boss, and the recently arrived War Beasts almost instantly, he took a quick glance to ensure he was outside the aggro range of the Boss.

Airiel was standing beyond the barrier now as well, nodding when he looked to her. She lifted her left hand, bracing it with her right while extending her index finger.

Shion held his hand out, grabbing a greatsword as the first ogre reached him. Stepping toward it as it attempted to punch him, he slipped right underneath it, while swinging the blade to sever the creature's arm, blood spraying out.

Smiling as he felt the resistance, he spun a single time, cutting the Ogre in half from the torso with one clean swing. Releasing the sword, he extended his hand as the other beasts paused upon seeing their comrade fall.

The 13 weapons revolved around him while shifting to point outward, launching all at once and leaving behind bluish black streaks of light. The weapons shot into the War Beasts, aiming for the nearest Ogres first and tearing right through them as if they were pudding dolls. As the weapons detonated to trigger piercing explosions of black flame, taking out a few Thralls surrounding, 13 more weapons forged, this time all spears.

Eleanor's eyes sparkled as she spoke for the Guild, "Do you see?! Our fearless leader is a one man army, even War Beasts of such caliber are simply no match!"

Gandr. Airiel focused on the War Beasts while Shion used Abyss Walker to move above the Thralls and rain his spears down upon them. A large black and red sphere formed before her finger, firing off like a bullet, which was followed by more as she accurately aimed them at the Ogres and Thralls.

Emilia smiled to herself as most attention shifted to Shion as he took on the War Beasts face to face with only Airiel's support. "Summon Familiar: Puck~"

A gray and silver cat appeared, his body forming up from ice in his smallest form. "Oh? Are we taking on the Siege Boss now, Lia?"

Emilia reached out to scratch his ears gently, the women within the current party squealing upon seeing him. "Not yet, Shi-cha- Er, Lord Artorias has us on standby. As soon as Howl-chan- Er, as soon as White Walker builds enough aggro and the Siege Weapons fire, you and I will be the first to attack this time~"

"Heh, this would've already been over if you'd summoned me from the start~" Puck claimed, rubbing his head against her cheek affectionately, winking at the women who stared at him. "Where's your boyfriend, anyway?"

He looked as he sat upon her shoulder and she pointed, "Oh wow, he's as crazy as ever. Why doesn't he just use that other Skill of his? It'd be over in a flash~"

Emilia frowned at him, "You know he won't use that one."

The Siege Boss was back in its Minotaur form, now wielding a war axe at high speed.

Howl remained a step ahead, receiving another boost from Zoom. Evading narrowly, within a hair's breadth of the axe blade, he grimaced as he was taking damage from just the air pressure behind each swing. {Tough bastard, aren't you?}

Equipping Godeater, he parried the next swing, rolling to the side while countering with a wide and heavy swing. As he got back to his feet, feeling the assist from Ciri's Restoration, he caught sight of his best friend as he threw himself at the reinforcements. "Ever the showstopper, eh?"

"You're one to talk!" Shion shouted back, Abyss Walker activating to distance him from the Thralls as they got close, with Airiel's cover fire bearing down. "Look at you, casually solo aggroing the Siege Boss who's killed thousands of players!"

Howl blinked once, shifting his weapon to guard a heavy strike, being blown back across the ground. "You...call this casual? Maybe you're more unstable than I am."

"Bounded Fields," Airiel called out, halting her fire to produce two large, circular fields of glowing white light, which upped Shion and Howl's HP and Mana Regen while buffing their defense and offense.

"Transmutation." This time all the rubble around the area was transmuted wide-scale, into a variety of alchemic bombs, which dropped upon the War Beasts and the Siege Boss.

Puck purred as everyone watched the bombs go off, clearing the reinforcements and staggering the boss heavily. "As cool as ever, Big Sis~"

Airiel ignored the cat, adjusting the fields and layering them atop one another as Shion immediately shifted focus to the boss. "Eleanor?"

Eleanor saluted, "Siege Weapons ready in 5 minutes!"

"Satella?" Airiel glanced at her sister, pretending not to notice Puck clawing at her playfully.

Emilia smiled, nodding eagerly. "We're ready~ We'll attack first as soon as the Siege Weapons fire~"

Airiel shifted her focus to Cirilla, who was now splitting her Healing between Shion and Howl as they initiated Dual Tank tactics to expertly split Aggro, something which was considered to be the highest level of Tanking tactics. "Merascylla, Artorias has predicted a number of calamitous developments, so focus on only Healing once the full assault begins. Save your Ult. until our leader orders for it. You'll handle the major Healing once the assault is renewed, and conduct the other Healers accordingly."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Cirilla answered confidently, nodding with a resolute expression.

"Sir Legend," Airiel glanced at him. "Please don't make any mistakes this time. Your previous fumble nearly broke the first phase strategy, and cost us roughly 8% of our maximum DPS."

Legend gulped loudly, for once, unable to voice a complaint. "Aye, Mum..."

Panda chuckled as everyone kept silent while the Queen of Fundament solidified their foundations and cemented their roles. "Artorias, WW, X. It's always magnificent to watch any of them in action."

"At this point, I can't disagree on White Walker." Bakuto admitted, smiling in amusement. "He still falls short of the beauty of my dear, but I'll cede that it's simply unfair to compare anyone to such a sublime individual~"

Emilia glanced at him, "Bakuto? Not that I don't agree, but I hope you understand what'll happen if you ever lay a hand on him that way again."

Puck chuckled as Bakuto grimaced in pain, rubbing at his chest. "Lia really tore you a new one that time, didn't she~?"

"This is-" Shion soared above the Boss as it slithered around in Basilisk form, 12 greatshields slamming down around it, with such force that each produced solid air to forcefully slow and restrict its movement.

"-just like-" Gripping the last weapon, an ultra greatsword modeled after the Dragonslayer from Berserk, and a certain weapon in his armory, he dropped down to plunge the blade into the throat of the Boss, accurately striking right through a small gap in its shifting armor.

"-old times, eh?" He grinned at his best friend as he felt the blade pin the beast to the ground, where it writhed and raged.

Howl grinned wildly, now brandishing Urvan, a tremendous battleaxe colored in gold, silver and bronze. With a swift swing, he allowed the momentum to carry him full tilt on the first pitch, tearing right through a cracked part of the armor. Shifting his body to fan the momentum, he spun to use Cyclone Strike while circling around the boss to strike multiple times without striking the shields.

"You know it!" He shouted, while ending the skill with a leap, bringing the axe down atop the Boss' head and tearing one of its eyes apart. "You've gotten a bit scary though, I daresay."

He leapt back with Flash Step while being boosted once more by Zoom, taking notice of where his friend had so masterfully impaled the enemy. "When are you going to share that story about you soloing a Raid Boss?"

Shion's expression grew bitter for a moment, as he twisted the blade in a perfect 360, snapping through the armor gap and sending cracks radiating outward. As he jumped straight up, the blade and the shields all detonated and he moved to the opposite side of the boss with Abyss Walker. 13 varied weapons forged this time as he shuffled back swiftly, avoiding a massive tail swipe which tore apart the ground and sent massive pieces of the area in every direction.

Extending his left hand, he used Dark Hand to project its transparent red barrier, deflecting every piece that would have hit him. "It's really not something to boast about. Maybe I'll tell you if you can get me drunk tonight~"

"Ah, that's my Shion." Howl remarked, evading every piece with swift movements, like a river which runs through treacherous teeth. "You always know what to say to motivate me!"

The Boss let out a deafening hiss, producing a powerful mystic wave to afflict heavy Debilitations and Status Effects on all touched by it. Its tail lifted high, slamming down once upon the ground, then thrice more. With each slam, stalactites the size of large houses cascaded downward across the entire battlefield.

"!" Shion shifted his barrier upward while staying still, minimizing the damage to himself.

Howl stood still, lifting Urvan defensively as the Abyss King extended his other hand to project a second barrier above him.

Those within the barrier watched in shock, as the falling projectiles created a large and thick cloud of dust, obscuring their view.

"Did anyone see if they reacted in time?" Bakuto inquired, raising an eyebrow.

Panda nodded, "Artorias should have put up defenses in time, the only question is if it held out long enough to spare them the majority of the damage."

Airiel didn't look concerned at all, snapping her fingers to get everyone back on track. "The moment we confirm their positions, initiate the second full assault."

Wordlessly nodding in response, the entire Siege Party held their breath. As the dust settled, the first thing they saw was a large shadow, the Boss being revealed first. A few seconds later, they saw the Dual Tanks alive, Howl at 1/6th HP and Shion at 1/8th.

"Return." Airiel commanded, her AoE field instantly compressing itself and engulfing her two allies, who were warped to her side.

"Thanks, Xer." Shion and Howl said in unison, both gently tapping their fists against her shoulders.

Airiel smiled at both of them, as Cirilla quickly Healed them back to full HP and cured their afflictions, while the Siege Weapons bombarded the Boss. As she turned her attention forward, some of their Mages cast suppression spells and she produced a number of gems, which she tossed toward the boss between volleys.

"Arcane Gems Manipulation." She called out, the gems being connected by strong links of energy within a circle, producing an overwhelming and crushing gravity effect, which forced the Boss to the ground as it tried to transform, being stuck halfway to Minotaur form as a tremendous crater opened up beneath it and lowered its defenses.

As the final volley broke through all the armor and dealt bonus damage, the Siege Party seemed to hold its breath once again as they felt the temperature of the entire area plummet.

Stepping forward past everyone, Emilia passed through the barriers for the first time in the battle, Puck joining her while taking his largest form to tower over her and everyone else like a titan.

"Everyone, be ready." Shion ordered, deactivating Armiger and changing his loadout as everyone else did, the melee combatants speccing to maximize their DPS. "WW and I are going to capitalize this time and drag everyone through my cloak's ability.

He glanced at Legend, "You kept asking about Satella's Ults. during the meeting. You're about to see them."

With a dual chant alongside Puck, Emilia cast Falling Snow to call down two intersecting, high-volume flurries of frost and snow, which quickly built up and afflicted Frostbite on the Boss to halve its resistances.

Next came Hammer of the Ice King, which created two giant masses of ice which dropped down to deal heavy damage while detonating, creating two waves of icy mist which dealt DoT.

With another dual chant, they cast Absolute Zero to produce two circular boundaries of ice, with doubly absolute zero conditions, dealing massive damage and leaving behind a dual stream of residual chilling mist for even more DoT.

Their third dual chant saw them dual casting Blade of Conviction, two portals of darkness tearing open above the Boss to rain down innumerable swords of darkness, before two colossal blades crashed down and exploded, releasing double-layered torrents of darkness, which cut into the Boss with high extra DPS.

"Executioner's Sword!" Emilia and Puck shouted in unison, lifting their hands the same way as two large, magical blades of icy energy formed and launched into the Boss, whose body seemed to be struggling to stay solid under the extreme assaults.

With a fourth chant, the two cast Dark Gospel, manifesting two spheres of darkness covered in complex and ancient runes, which expanded to engulf the Boss, dealing damage before detonating into layered pillars of unholy black energy, which sent violent tremors across the entire area and rumbled the Siege Raid.

The two exchanged glances while immediately moving on to their fifth and final chant. "Dark Frost!"
Ice and darkness surged forth, fusing together seamlessly and producing a devilish explosion of ice, which swiftly engulfed the entire field, threatening to even extinguish the lives of those within the barriers.

Those within were silent in awe, unable to see through the storm as its immense DoT kicked in.

Legend and his Guild just stared slackjawed, realizing that Emilia had just dealt more damage to the Boss by herself, than all of them had in the previous damage phase.

Howl nudged Shion, while equipping Alondite. "She's gotten even scarier over the last few months."

"Tell me about it~" Shion quipped with a shrug, equipping Ebony and Ivory twin handguns which fired high-impact, explosive mystical rounds which could be charged before firing.

"And this, Artorias, is why men everywhere hate you." Panda remarked, equipping Titan Grasps, a set pair of legendary gauntlets and greaves which provided earthen defense and struck with the force of Giants.

Bakuto chuckled, licking his lips as he equipped Honjou Masamune, an honorable blade which dealt extra damage to those viewed as hostile, yet unable to deal any damage to those viewed as allies. "Oh, not all men."

"Baaaakuuuutooooo~~~~~" A chilling voice called through the storm, belonging to none other than Emilia, who stepped back inside with Puck in his smallest form.

She smiled a bit darkly, as the group averted their gaze from Bakuto, knowing that he nearly pissed himself.

"Damn, Lia, you're so savage when it comes to Shi-chan~" Puck cooed, rubbing his nose against her cheek.

Emilia giggled, walking past the men and gently running her fingers along Shion's arms, frost creeping across his skin and stretching out to imbue his handguns with her touch. "Wait 30 more seconds, then jump out there as soon as I cancel the DoT~"

Shion shivered awkwardly, looking at his frost-enchanted guns. "R-right..."

Airiel sighed, "Satella, I'm fairly certain you don't need to inflict any pain on him to cast Enchantments."

"Oh, there's no way that hurt my Artorias, right?" Emilia answered with an innocent smile.

Cirilla blushed, "S-satella, you're going to make him lose focus if you keep doing that! S-s-stop seducing him!"

"If I were seducing him, I think you'd know it." Emilia claimed with a shrug. "Right, WW~?"

Howl glanced at Shion, who looked rather nervous now. "Yes, of course." {You really do have it rough, bro. I feel like she'd throw herself atop you, even right before the Boss' onslaught.}

As Emilia's DoT effects were cancelled, Shion and Howl boosted with the Cloak of the Deep's King, taking all the melee fighters in through the Boss' shadow.

Unloading on the Boss up close, they threw everything skillfully, chaining their Skills masterfully, especially between Panda, Howl, Shion and Bakuto, with Legend stepping up this time to show his best. Eleanor stole the spotlight for a time, when she used her Ults. to blitz the Boss.

Cirilla and the Healers kept the Siege Party in good shape, as the Boss shifted to Chimera and fought back the best it could.

Airiel and the Snipers of the Siege Party attacked from just outside the barrier, while she also coordinated with the Support to apply buffs to their allies, primarily geared toward increasing their DPS.

Emilia led the Mages with tactical, small-scale spells, cast as quickly as possible to staggerlock the Boss multiple times, allowing the Melee groups to pile on the DPS.

As the damage phase ended and the Boss' armor regenerated, its body seemed to distort. The first to notice the change, Shion called an early retreat as he and Howl once again boosted to return to the barriers.

The decision came just in time, as the Boss' body produced a devastating explosive wave of ancient energies, blocking all sight from within the barriers for over a minute. Once the Siege Party got eyes on the Boss, they realized it was now at 1/6th HP, but it was now buffed with a status effect that not even Airiel had knowledge of.

"What in the Seven Hells was that?!" Legend demanded, roughly elbowing Shion in the side.

Shion ignored the outburst, stroking his chin while mumbling his thoughts at blinding speed; A trait familiar to Howl, the three sisters, the Chosen Undead, Panda and Bakuto, though everyone else was understandably freaked out. "Thanks to Lia, we skipped at least two whole phases. Our DPS was three times as potent as I originally envisioned, everyone worked together well, we've become a solid Siege Party. That was likely one of the Boss' Ults. and it's introduced a new mechanic never seen, even in Raids. This is probably a standard Siege Boss mechanic, most likely the last stand buff that was hinted at back during the livestream reveal. This was also something I considered during planning. Adjust strategy accordingly, while jumping to final phase tactics. Caleb and I will continue Dual Tanking antithetically, no more defense, only offense. So much offensive Tanking that the Boss can't respond to Aggro from Healing and Support effects. This is likely the final stretch, so reinforcements will flood en masse. Ciri will hold off on her Ult. in case of the unexpected..."

He paused a moment, unaware of the rather unnerved looks he was receiving from all but his closest friends. His eyes narrowed sharply upon the Boss, whose body was distorted and fluctuating, now taking on an amalgamated form crossed between Minotaur, Basilisk and Chimera. "Boss now likely holds the strengths of all three forms, the weaknesses of neither. HP regenerating rapidly since Buff was applied, if we don't finish it in this final burst, we'll have to flee."

Glancing around as he noticed another change, he tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Siege Weapons no longer working, Boss is very lightly armored now. Alter endgame strategy."

Taking a deep breath, he nodded once as multiple large groups of War Beasts flooded into the area, turning to everyone. "New directive. We're splitting into three groups. WW, Panda, Bakuto, Legend, Eleanor and I will serve as the vanguard. WW and I will continue Dual Tanking with complete offense, with our squad striking from between us. The second group will be beyond the barriers, with Melee holding the line while Snipers and Support go all out at their backs. The third group will be the Healers and Mages, who will enact their maximum potentials. Don't use any Ults. since it'll completely throw off our Aggro Split. Merascylla, don't use your Ult. until you hear me call out 'Flaming Blighters'."

"Once all the adds are down, everyone is to converge upon the Boss." He added, crossing his arms. "We're on our own for this last stretch, and our DPS has to be huge to overcome the Boss' regeneration. Our group will be taking the brunt of it and dishing out the most damage to counterbalance the regen, so dispatch your targets swiftly. Group two, focus on the closest mobs first, we'll split our focus between the outer mobs while fighting the Boss. Questions?"

The entire Siege Party was silent for a few seconds.

"Got it!" Everyone called out, quickly absorbing the new strategy thanks to his clear explanation, even through the chaos.

"Move out then." Shion ordered, the first one through the barrier alongside Howl.

As the new strategy was laid out, everyone fulfilled their roles. Howl, Shion, Panda, Legend, Bakuto and Eleanor engaged the boss with the former two Tanking and the latter four splitting DPS between the Boss and adds. Group two invoked strong Support while Snipers rained death from afar and Melee cleared out the closest groups. The final group kept the Siege Party as healthy as possible, while the Mages employed AoE Skills to quicken the mob eradication.

Group one expertly took on the amalgamated Boss, fighting calmly even though it was even more powerful than any had expected. Supporting one another and chaining Skills, they piled on DPS while fending off the adds.

Once the mobs were down, the entire party converged upon the Boss and focused everything. In the heat of battle, a detail went unnoticed even by Shion and Airiel. A detail which became more pronounced the more damage they dealt, the closer the Boss got to death, and the closer its armor got to breaking. Each of them felt the end was near, but just before they could get that relief, the armor shattered. This time, the armor's pieces shot out as projectiles, dealing heavy damage to each and every member beyond the barrier while downing them. As they got back to their feet, some teetering on the brink of death, the ground tore open in various spots while the Boss' buff deactivated and baptized it an an aura of godly energy, which restored half of its HP.

From the holes swarmed high-tier War Beasts, all buffed with Berserk and unrelenting. Shion only took notice of the buff deactivating, right as they were overwhelmed from every direction. Lost among the hordes, the Siege Party's formations were completely shattered. Checking the Party Status Menu, Shion realized that in less than a minute, half of the entire Siege Party were knocked into Bleedout, more entering the death state rapidly.

"Shion!" Howl roared, throwing himself between his best friend and the Boss.

Shion gasped as he was knocked to the ground, looking up to see the Boss' weapon and tail converge on Howl, tearing right through his defenses and instantly forcing him into Bleedout. {No! Not again!}

Catching Howl, he pulled him aside before the Boss finished the job, opening his mouth to bellow. "FLAMING BLIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!"

The instant the words were roared, Cirilla cast her Ult. Healing Skill, Divine Bounty of the Loving Goddess. In an instant, the terrifying waves of chaos, the passionate cries to fear, the horror of the unbelievable army of overflowing enemies, the cold realization of impending death...it was all silenced. The entire Siege Party felt an overwhelming sense of relief, accompanied by a peerless wave of warmth, which welled up from both within and outside of their bodies. Holy, divine light filled the entire area, temporarily preventing the enemies from continuing their relentless attacks. Everyone in Bleedout rose with a vengeance, feeling unlimited energy surging through their bodies as they were healed for godly HP and granted invulnerability and double damage.

Shion first confirmed Howl's safety, nodding when his friend sighed in relief, freezing for less than a second when he saw the dire look in his eyes. {...We don't have a choice.}

He slammed his weapons together, producing a deafening wave of sound which stifled all excitement. "RETREAT TO BARRIERS! NOW!"

Immediately, the Siege Party retreated, none daring to question their leader's judgement. The most fleetfooted of them quickly reached the barriers after cutting through the monsters in their paths. Those barred by monsters, or who weren't fast enough, were brought back by Airiel and some others, through their Support Skills. As they returned to the barrier en masse, they did a check and confirmed that, miraculously, Ciri's Ult. had prevented a single Player from dying. But it was also then, as the buffs all wore off, that they realized that their Dual Tanks were missing.

Shocked, all eyes darted toward the hordes and the Boss, as the barriers were reinforced and renewed. Amidst the endless hordes, Howl and Shion were seen together, back to back, all attacks phasing right through them thanks to the Cloak of the Deep's King's secondary effect. All were confused this time, even those who were closest to the duo.

As Howl and Shion opened their mouths, they chanted in one of the lost languages of the world.

Airiel looked shocked as she stared, able to hear them even over the chaotic sounds of the battlefield. "Galdr...?"

"Abyssal Rebirth." The Abyss King and the White Walker spoke in unison, a sorrowful stream of tears rolling down Shion's right eye and Howl's left. {Josh...give us strength.}

The Domain, the overall atmosphere within a battlefield, shifted completely, encompassing even the ancient Eldar's Domain of chaotic divinity. In fact, the new Domain was far darker, so dark it felt as if life had no place within it. The Abyss itself came forth in force, engulfing everything and blotting out the environment beyond the barrier. The Abyssal Blaze burned hellishly, incinerating the hordes and the Boss as giant Abyss Blades swarmed forth from every direction. The duo's skin began to shift and crack, the Abyss' flames seeming to burn within their very flesh.

"Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!" The voice was heard from Howl's Ddreig, the Synchro Skill being boosted dramatically, over and over, the effect intensifying even further until the blades struck like mountains.

As the Abyss teemed and flared wickedly, it was all absorbed at once, directly into Howl. In an explosion of the Abyss, the White Walker was transformed into a mighty, dark form. A world-devouring beast of the Abyss made incarnate, its wolf-like, humanoid body as infinite as the black in the midnight sky, with nary a star within to provide light. The matchless blaze of the Abyss burned atop its back, like the wings of an immortal Phoenix.
It was Lord Ran, the Dark Deity of the Abyss. Every member of the Flames of Lordran knew immediately, as they gazed upon the wickedly alluring form of their guardian mascot. The grand beast which could only be given birth by Abyss King Artorias. The dark deity which had granted him, and him alone, access to the Abyss and all its horrors.

No words were necessary, and no looks were exchanged. Howl was inflicted with Berserk, letting out a nightmarish howl which seemed to shake the entire Continent to its core. As if empowered by the roar, Shion rose from the ground, his Mana bar now shown to be infinite in value.

While Howl unleashed his mighty breath across the field, finishing what was left of the hordes and searing the Boss, Shion flew above him freely, manifesting and infinite amount of ungodly blades, which all pierced the Boss relentlessly. As the entire field became hostile, so lethal that stepping beyond the barrier would guarantee instant death to any who crossed beyond it, the Boss wailed in pain and rage. As the Boss' HP plummeted to less than 1/8th, the flames became too intense, the barriers beginning to burn.

Noticing this, Shion took a deep breath, calling out with a piercing voice. "HIMI!

As if snapping out of a trance, the Berserk status was removed, the transformation ending abruptly as Howl equipped the Gilded Mail.

Descending back toward the ground, the White Walker took a deep breath, swinging his arms out as if to strike the earth. Countless distortions tore open in space, a legion of mighty weapons armed and at the ready within. Massive chains flooded from the distortions, binding the Boss whom, even in its weakened and frenzied state, struggled with terrifying strength and resistance.

"Fall...THE FUCK DOWN!" With a throat ravaging battlecry, Howl caught hold of one of the chains on his way down, swinging down, up and around back downward. Keeping hold as he descended again, he brought the chain down in hand, pulling with all his might as all of the chains constricted at once, slamming the Boss to the ground with a violent tremor.

The Boss growled lowly, viciously. "No...not...at the hands of a peon...and a fool!"

Having risen to the very top of the field before his flight ran out, Shion was now descending slowly with his back to the ground, no weapons in hand. At his back hung a sheathed longsword, the Hierophant Alpha. Drawing the legendary, glistening holy blade in one beautiful motion, he twisted in the air, just enough for him to look down upon his writhing target.

"Shinto Kourenzan." He called out strongly and clearly, his voice heard by all. "This is for-"

His body shifted, turning completely white and seeming to multiply, as multiple white wraith-like shadows formed. The shadows surged forth, like arrows loosed from a celestial bow, cutting down into the Boss in solid streaks of white amidst the black of the Abyss. Once all the shadows had struck, Shion completed his twist to posture upright, spinning his blade upside down. In a white flash, he plunged the blade right into the heart of enemy. "-all the noble Players-"

"-that you mercilessly slaughtered!" With a shout, he twisted the blade to produce a powerful dome of white, which pulsed out across the field. And with one clean, mesmerizing motion, he tore the blade free with a stylish flourish, his body returning to normal as the Siege Boss finally perished, the entire field being split in half as its hateful body did.

Without hesitation, Howl leapt atop the corpse behind his partner, the Coiled Sword in hand as he plunged it into the Boss' skull. As the illustrious Bonfire activated, its protective light filled the entire area, vanquishing the flames of the deep.

At this point, the barriers all fell at once, the Siege Party standing together and staring toward the Bonfire. They were all speechless, completely overwhelmed and in awe of what they witnessed. It was then that some noticed that the two's HP were both left at just 1 measly point. Before any could react, the entire area shifted loudly, a rumbling sound encompassing the entire Player-explorable World. The ceiling came apart and disintegrated, along with everything beyond it for a vast distance.

Sunlight funneled into the chamber as the rubble all disintegrated in holy light, and half the chamber was illuminated brilliantly, yielding a sight. One that drew all eyes, unblinkingly, which not a single soul would ever forget, as long as they lived...

Abyss King Artorias and the White Walker, back to back on opposite sides of the Bonfire. The Walker on the left, beneath the dark side, the King on the right, beneath the sunlight. The duality and beauty of a tale as old as time. A Hero, bathed in the tears of the Gods. A Shadow, drowned in the sorrow of the damned. Light and Darkness, which exist side by side, yet destined to never walk the same path forever.

Airiel, as if overcome by some insatiable urge, opened her Menu to take a picture of the chamber. With the new, unexplored lands in the distant background of one side, the outlines of the Siege Party at the other side. All focused in on the two bathed in Light and Dark, the Bonfire burning incandescently between them, as if serving as the bridge between two entirely different worlds. A picture which called to mind the epic paintings in the ages of old, which would set the entirety of the Phantasmal Realm ablaze with the flames known as Hope.

"Whew..." Shion sighed deeply, looking out at the landscapes. "Caleb, look...we finally did it... Just imagine...what kind of crazy, horrifying, beautiful shit there is out there~"

Howl put his arm around his brother's neck, shaking his head. "I would, but...I'll leave the grand visions to you, Leader... I'm...only good at...tearing shit apart..."

"Ahaha...ahaha...ha..." Shion fell into him. "I don't wanna argue with you...right...now...night~"

"See ya...in the morning..." Howl mumbled, both losing consciousness as they fell down together.

Emilia was the first over, shaking both of them in fear, tears in her eyes.

Cirilla was next, the Healers at her back as they poured everything they had left into the two.

Airiel wore a mysterious smile as she walked over, standing over the two as every other Player made a massive commotion and fuss, unanimously deciding they'd head back to town immediately.

She watched Shion and Howl, whose heads were resting against one another, looking like siblings who were always together. {Both of you were always pulling off the impossible, things which defied the rules of PSO at times. I wanted to think that it was just me, not knowing everything I could. And I was right...but also wrong. The Scriptures of Phantasmagoria read thus..."when the Hero of Light and the Shadow of Midnight stand together, no nightmare shall persist..."}

She closed her eyes in amusement, {I don't particularly think Shion can be called a Hero of Light, considering the source of his power is even darker than Caleb's, but...irony aside, you two are clearly the main stars of this story. Rest, for now. Your next grand trial...is very far away.}


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"Why are you always their to protect me when I stumble?'" asks Shion as he awakes, Caleb places his arm over Shion's shoulder. And says "Your life is worth billions"{my role is replaceable}

"Quit with that distant shit, it's just us in here" retorts Shion as he catches Howl in the ribs with an elbow shot. Howl grunts and ruffles his hair "Fine, what you want to talk about?"

Shion cleared his throat before saying "Do these pants make my ass look big?", he can't help but grin as the two burst out laughing .{I've missed this time we used to have when it was just the three of us against the world} Shion thinks to himself. "So why do you keep turning down my invitation to the guild?"

"It's a large responsibility being a part of something like that, people need to be able to depend on you. Just like you can depend on them and I can't guarantee that I can do that. You all deserve better then that". replies Howl

Shion nods in understanding "I'm not going to stop asking till you agree to stand by me in the flames of hope. Now about that scar that Lia saw, what's the story".

Howl took a breath as he stared out into nothingness recalling the memories, only to be interrupted by the door bursting open with Lia,Airi, and Ciri. Falling to the ground as the two stare at them Howl rises to his feet and says "I'll go get some drinks".

Shion actually gives them a glare knowing that any oppurtunity to speak personally with Howl was now gone. The girls tried to apologize as a waitress brings them all a drink. "miss can you tell me where Howl is?". "He said he had somewhere to be, but to assure you that he will be back soonish". responded the waitress. {Fuck!}"Thank you for the info?"

Howl lays on the roof of Prinny's restaurant feeling the vibration of the party throughout his body as he stared into the starry sky. A steady stream of tears rolling down his face as the hatch opens Prinny crawls out and over to him putting his head into her lap as she sighs. "Finally found you thought you were avoiding me". She starts to wipe his tears away as Howl grabs her hand and asks " What is it that you see in me Prinny?"

She looks at him shocked "Wow I thought we would have gotten physical before you started questioning me.....do you remember when you taught me to defend myself *Howl nods* you were harsh strict and shrewd. But behind all of that your eyes showed a concern for me like in that moment I was the whole world. *Blushes* It made me feel safe even in the chaos of this world." She then leaned down while brushing her hair to the side and kissed him.

A cool wind started to blow making Prinny shiver and little bit before she snuggled up against him, Howl looked over and say Lia's hand give him a thumbs up. He shook his head as he pulled a blanket out of his inventory and wrapped it around them both, Prinny wasted no time as she pulled his hand under her shirt. Howl's hand slid up her abdomen to her chest making her bite her lip as the sound of charging filled the air. Howl snapped back to protector mode and ran to the edge of the roof, and saw a massive amount of riders coming this way all belonging to the fifth most powerful guild Hokuto Shinken. Without thinking he lept down in front of Raoh who sits upon his mighty warhorse.

"Out of my way weakling I am here to speak to the Fool" Shouts Raoh, "Thought I taught you manners the last time I dealt with your guild, guess I need to give you a refresher". Answers Howl as Raoh dismounts and walks up to Howl towering over him as he says "Heard you died, guess that right is still mine" taunts Raoh as Shion the girls and other leaders exit Pricilla's. Raoh smirks as he looks at Shion cracking his knuckles as his power suddenly spikes obviously arrogant since his gain of the Elemental Arcana/Chariot. As Raoh swing connects with Howl Shion shouts out "WW". Only to see the air and earth explode around Howl as Raoh starts to laugh, until the dust settles and everyone see's Howl standing unfazed with his hand in cased in gilded gauntlet, "Impossible no Arcana user can hide their status", at these words Shion has an expression of disappointment. Raoh trembles in rage as he begins to swing on Howl continuously blanketing the area in pulverized matter. And from the center of it is a rainbow of neon glow as the dust settles to show a glowing Howl hovering over a crater fully encased in a now platinum Gilded armor.

{Could he be, perhaps The Tower, Temperance or even The Magician. Then again elemental energies fall under the Magi curse and perhaps his armor can absorb energy with a sort of invincibility. Like the Hero Gilgamesh, it would explain all the regalia he's been totting around} Shion's mind continues to run wild with possibilities as he keeps silent trying not to worry the others any more then they already are.

Howl begins to walk forward with his hand out like Darth Vader in empire strikes back as Raoh begins to back up as he continues striking. "Power-" Howl continues forward beginning to glow brighter with each strike, "means nothing-". Raoh Leaps up into the air and brings both hands down on Howl only to be repulsed back as the earth turns to a crater beneath him. "without-". Raoh recovers and rams into Howl continuously before taking both hands and slamming them against Howl with all the power he has left. "Sacrifice" says Howl as Raoh falls to a knee panting from exhaustion. Howl punches at him making the whole crowd gringe only to see his fist stop in front of Raoh's face. "Under no circumstances should lethal force be used against a fellow player. Next time you try to show how low your dick swings it's coming right back at you!".

Shion suddenly snaps back to reality as he realizes what Howl is going to do and sprints towards him screaming "Walker don't" as Howl slams his fist to his chest. Creating a blinding explosion as his armor explodes inward, the force it emits knock's out the entire Hokuto Shinken guild save Raoh and sends Shion bouncing backward across the ground. Everyone stares in awe as Howl stands over Raoh with 1/2 a hit point left. He suddenly starts laughing as blood pours out of his mouth, until he suddenly falls to the ground unconscious. Everyone stares at him in silence as they try to understand what the fuck just happened. When Lia suddenly breaks the silence by saying "He is a masochist". Everyone then turns to stare at her even Shion as she responds with "What?"

Shion takes a second to compose himself before walking over to Raoh an obvious chip on his shoulder as he shouts "I'm here now so what was so fucking important that you needed to talk to me about it?". Raoh rises to his feet towering over Shion as he replies "This Arcana has granted me the position of Fourth strongest guild. And with you being similarly empowered and the opener of new lands for our conquest. I demand you make me your vanguard since you will no doubt be replenishing your strength", "Is he for real" interjects Ciri as Bakuto steps beside Shion."You got some balls pendejo but my mi hijo is not loco like his el mejor amigo". states Bakuto

"As wielder of Chariot you should have more restraint then an average player would with a new sword, you have proven yourself a disappointment and until you can prove. That you are a team player you have no place in this alliance, .... and count yourself lucky that WW didn't strike you and your guild from this world". States Shion before turning his back on Raoh as he and Bakuto lift Howl and begin carrying him back to the restaurant. {Could have killed yourself you damn fool}

*Raoh rouses his guild and they ride off for the time being, Bakuto and Shion carry Howl back into the roo they awoke in as Ciri pours her healing into him. As the residual effect of Chariot hinders the process. Once Ciri finishes he asks everyone to clear the room locking the door behind her as he casts silence on every surface in the room. He then takes a seat by Howl*

"They're gone, you can stop pretending to be asleep" Shion tells Howl as he opens his eyes and scans the room before rising to a sitting position grimacing in pain. He looks at Shion and says "You got that look like you want to ask me something so go ahead and hit me with it". Shion looks away feeling awkward as he asks "Did you happen to be...led somewhere very strange? Somewhere that seems not to be of this world?". Howl takes a drink and lets out a deep breath "so that's how this conversation starts well lets see have I. Yes but to me this is a more open question, but for your question the easiest answer would be what name comes to mind when you look at me". Shion gives him a annoyed expression as he stares deeply at Howl as he drinks and after several minutes go by before he throws a pillow at Howl and says. "None, not even your actually name it's like if I didn't know you already you would be just some person in front of me. Does.....Does this have to do something with your profile being gone from the server or is it that scar I asked you about".

Howl suddenly becomes quite dark in mood as he sips his drink as he says "my profile and scar are connected yes. *Closes his eyes for a second*. Back before you disappeared I had a run in with The Purple man or Kilgrave as he was known, and his guild the New Gods while I was adventuring. Long story short he was turning female players into sex slaves and we are talking in the thousands, so me and a member of the Blades of the Darkmoon named Selene. Infiltrated his lair and killed him and we went to let the girls free but they were broken. No it was worse they were less then an animal, and when I looked at them it made me sick so I....I, I hacked their coding. All of their coding and pulled *His hands started to shake as he spoke* everything he and his guild had done to them *his voice wavered and he had a twitch*. All while leaving everything up to that point untouched, and it was like they awoke from a dream free from the darkness their avatars had experienced. Selene reported me immediately and low and behold my name made the list and just like that she stabbed me in the chest. The rest was....wa..was...*Howl goes completely blank for a good few moments before shaking off the experience* I awoke later, not sure how much later my private channel was filled to the brim with messages from the girls worried about you. I did what I could to look for you including black netting and hacking but couldn't get anything so I lied and said you told me you were training".

"How did~", "I survive , my heart is on the left side unlike most people but the game counted it I guess" Howl said cutting off Shion. Who nodded in response before asking "And the data of thousands of girls what did you do with that". Howl grew silent as Shion reiterated the question. "You didn't at it to yourself did you Howl, tell me you didn't" shouted Shion as Howl stared at a wall as Shion punched him in the arm. The two drink in silence for a bit before Shion asks "Is there anything you want to ask me?", "nothing you'd be willing to tell me , just another Fool with his secrets". Says Howl as he sets his glass down "Enough of carrying the world on your shoulders a hero like you deserves to have a little fun before he has to save us all again".

With that Howl opens the door and yells "Shion's in here" he then raises a glass to him before fading away into the crowd that charges in to be with Shion. The party intensifies as Howl strolls through the empty streets of town accompanied by the demons that cling to him and the whispers in the wind that sing. "I am he who does all but does not, No one I won't save for no one will I save. For I am the one I am No One!

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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"Do not dare to let this transgression go unpunished. For the crime of rearing his hideous head, teach that mutt the definition of respect. Don't just ask for his obedience, TAKE it. Ensure he understands the repercussions of thinking himself worthy of demanding a single god damned thing from you!"

A chill crept down Shion's spine as he heard the angry order from his second, repeated in the confines of his mind. {Jesus, Airi...when they talk about slave drivers, you're probably the definition of the term. Why was she even so mad when I'm the one who should've been offended?}

He walked into a dark manor outside the town of Barnemouth. At his back laid the KOed Players of the 5th strongest Guild, Hokuto Shinken.

Advancing straight to the heart of the manor, tearing through the Guild's guards, he kicked one final man through the door to the Guildmaster's chambers.

"What the fuck kind of shit is this?!" Raoh demanded, scrambling from his bed while equipping a pair of spiked gauntlets, eyes darting to the subordinate who was launched out the window loudly.

In a blur, Shion entered Raoh's line of sight, slamming his palm into the man's face and launching him against the wall across the room, with such force the entire wall splintered and cracked.

"It's this kind of shit..." He answered, driving a side kick into his target's chest, the wall shattering outward like glass as Raoh was flung outside beneath the night's sky. Lowering his leg, he looked down outside, sighing. "Thanks to you, I wasn't allowed to just sit around and enjoy the party we worked so hard for. I also wanted to say something to my best friend, but of course, here I am instead."

Raoh grunted as he got to his feet shakily, coughing a few times. "Artorias...! What's the meaning of this?!"

"That's my line," Shion answered, jumping outside and walking toward him. "Tell me, what the hell were you thinking, going off about the Arcana in the middle of a social hub? Oh, I know, you weren't!"

Kicking off from the ground into a high-speed sprint, he threw a lunge punch.

Raoh caught his fist with a growl, the ground beneath his feet cracking loudly. "You think to punish me, for some crime I didn't commit?! I merely-"

"-acted like an absolute imbecile!" Shion shouted, pulling his fist back with a swift spinning jump, delivering a back hook kick to his opponent's head.

Landing as he completed the spin, he immediately walked toward Raoh as he hit the ground roughly, tens of meters away. "You honestly believed you could just stroll up like you owned everything, hot and fresh off your Trial?! Did you even learn anything through it?!"

"You act as if you're above me!" Raoh shouted as he stood. "When you wielded this glorious power to achieve World Expansion!"

"Allow me to show you my power! Of The Chariot!" He roared, taking a wide stance. "Elemental Arcana!"

Elemental energies raged and flared, gathering within his fists and his gauntlets as the atmosphere shook.

Shion let out a breath of exasperation, shaking his hands out. "The mutt at the bottom always has the loudest bark."

"Tempest Arcana..." Emerald green wind flowed about his body, an omnidirectional shield of wind. His body felt to weigh less than a feather, as he leapt off the ground.

Raoh clicked his tongue in irritation, pulling back his fist after his first strike, which unleashed a shell of energy to miss its target. Throwing a followup punch, an uppercut, he unleashed a massive upward-bound wave.

The wind turned to a storming gale, as Shion shot right into the wave, piercing through without resistance, like a flaming arrow through its target. In an emerald streak the wave dispersed, outward from a hole which opened within it.

Back on the ground, he stood over Raoh, his fist just above his face.

Raoh froze in terror, a chilling wind rushing out around them. He dared to look about, finding the entire field shredded violently, as if the Primal of Wind had thrown a temper tantrum. "How...?"

"Arcana isn't as invincible as you think." Shion said softly, stepping away as the wind faded away. "You can't just rush off, blinded by a newfound power. And contrary to what you think, I didn't even use that Phantasmal Art in the battle for World Expansion. Take the time to read the manual properly, and-"

"There's...there's a manual?" Raoh asked in disbelief, sitting up to look at him.

Shion's lip twitched, a wicked smile stretching across his face. "Yes...there is, you dolt."

-A few minutes later...-

Shion sighed deeply, standing in front of Raoh as he held an ancient manuscript. "Seriously, read it. It's a bit different for each of us, but it clearly outlines what's expected of you, the level of restraint you're to show. You, especially...The Chariot symbolizes the downfall which comes after triumph, should you choose to revel too long in it. We aren't the strongest, or the best Players, Raoh. We're chosen because we're what the Arcana's apparently looking for. They aren't just weapons of mass destruction like you believe them to be, they're fine tools to be used for the right cause...and misusing them can lead to severe consequences."

He paused a moment, "Do you know what'll happen if everyone finds out about us? They'll push all their expectations upon us unfairly. They'll demand that we clear this whole game for them, then spit on us when they find out that we can't just magically make that happen. There has to be a line between us and them...and that's our restraint. Take it easy, learn what it is you're dealing with. Once you truly grasp the responsibility you hold, the power in your hands...then come talk to me."

He turned around to walk away, "And for heaven's sake, DON'T just show up like like a prick! Pulling that shit'll get you killed one day!"

{Don't disappoint me again, Raoh... If it looks like you'll go down the same path that she chose, I... Don't make me have to kill you...please...}

In the City of Ashborne, the grand starting city on the surface world of the Phantasmal Realm. It was here that the rules were first established, after the legendary Kingslayers cleared the wicked Labyrinth. Currently, it was owned by one of the game's Special Guilds, groups granted special Admin privileges. In this case, the Special Guild was one which worked in junction with the Throne of Acuity, the Administrative force which watched over all Players and would intervene with its mighty forces of divine retribution, in extreme cases. They were known as the Magistrates of Absolute Justice, one of the most feared Guilds in PSO.

The Magistrates of Absolute Justice were led by the Grand Magister. Beneath him were the Judge Magisters, who carried out his will to spread justice and order throughout the Phantasmal Realm. Beneath the Judge Magisters were the Judges, whom despite being rank and file, were elite foot soldiers, each capable in their own right. They serve at the pleasure of, and with the favor of, a divine entity known as The Chaste.

Within the Palace of the Magisters, a glistening structure which served as the headquarters of the Guild. In the grand office of the Guildmaster. The man seated behind the desk inside was Greivor, the Grand Magister.

Greivor was a man with dark gray skin, short black hair and eyes as red as magma. His Avatar was a Demon God, so his features were monstrously humanoid, complete with large, white glowing horns; he also had extremely high base physical stats. Greivor was his game name, his IRL name, known only to a small group of Players, was Itou Keita. He was an IRL friend of Shion's, and the one chosen as Justice, granted the Phalanx Arcana. Praised as one of the greatest Tanks in PSO, he earned the title of "Divine Palisade" after he once single handedly stopped an army of the Undead in their tracks, allowing his comrades to escape with their lives and rescue the injured. Master of a dual wielding greatsword style, he was always equipped in imposing armor, thought to be an unstoppable force of nature in both defense and offense, and though agile, he's not as acrobatic as some Players.
Despite being a man of the people, he's one of the most feared Players in PSO. Extremely stubborn and hardheaded, he has a reputation for being impossible to bargain with. He tends to be very extreme and bears an anal view of the law, typically leaving no room for interpretation. With him, it's his or no way, and he doesn't take no for an answer. While he does mean well, and wants to protect everyone around him, he's capable of extreme brutality in all aspects of life in PSO. When executing criminals, he makes it a point to do so publicly, in order to deter their allies or those similar. He has a soft spot for his few friends, the ones who use his real name, but even they aren't above the law.

Keita was leaning back in his chair comfortably, staring out the window behind his desk.

He ignored a number of whispers, which only he could hear, as he considered the news that had taken the Phantasmal Realm by storm. {So you've gone and done it, Aoba-kun, just as you promised. And without the use of your Phantasmal Art. Testimony from those who took part in the siege is overwhelmingly in your favor. You were already the top idol of the game before, now you're its undisputed champion of the Players. You've truly done well for yourself.}

He closed his eyes, a small smile upon his lips. {You were already one of the most exemplary individuals in this game, and you've proven yourself to be a worthy Master of Arcana. If only she would have followed in your footsteps that day, the way you asked her to...}

{We'll meet soon, old friend, on the new frontier you've given us. I'll always do my part to further exploration.} He turned his chair around as he heard his doors open, facing some of the Judge Magisters as they brought him new information.

In the furthest reaches of the Black Hollow Marsh, a treacherous swamp filled with lethal poisonous substances of objects, and home to dangerous hostile creatures, where it was always nighttime. Hidden within the marsh, obscured by a divine illusion, was Onryx Keep, an ancient castle built into the march, with a castle town surrounding. It was home to refugees, rescued from a variety of tragedies, as well as numerous merchants and traders. Primarily, it was the headquarters of the infamous, notorious and feared Blades of the Darkmoon.

The Blades of the Darkmoon were a Special Guild who gained their power and authority through a connection to Yorshka, Goddess of the Darkmoon. Through Yorshka's favor, the Blades hold the privilege of killing any Player or NPC they choose, with no ramifications in the game world. The one who directly forged the Darkmoon Covenant became known as the Dark Sun, leader of the Guild and master of the 12 Darkmoon Blades. The Dark Sun and her 12 allies are among the most elite players in the game, rumor being that the Dark Sun is on par with the legendary Abyss King Artorias and the White Walker. Through the Darkmoon Covenant, they can monitor the actions of Players, who are placed on The List when they're reported for doing something illegal with no justification. They can work at the request of others, and the Darkmoon Blades frequently travel to keep an eye out for activity, which they can report at will as per their discretion. When a target is chosen, it's their custom to deliver advance notice, typically a day or two. The target can be offered to the Darkmoon to be killed, or everyone protecting them shall face their wrath. Their claims can be disputed, but they're never wrong. In extreme cases, they skip the custom and carry out their target's punishment without pause.

Within the ancient castle, inside the quarters of the Guildmaster, which doubled as the Shrine of Yorshka. A woman rested within, by the name of Sister Nightingale, the Dark Sun.

Nightingale was a woman with very long, midnight blue hair, and shining, icy blue eyes. Her hair is typically adorned with long white ribbons. Her skin was white as snow, and soft to the touch like milk. She's usually dressed in very tight clothing, which is easy to move in and usually exposes her great bosom. Her Avatar was a Yuki-onna, granting her access to a unique passive Skill that made her touch damaging to her foes and capable of inflicting Frostbite, while granting high resistance against ice damage as well as immunity to Frostbite. Sister Nightingale was her game name, her IRL name, known only to a select few, is Kanou Ouka Sumire. She was Shion's childhood friend IRL, as well as his first cousin. Chosen as Death, she was granted the Extinction Arcana, also holding the ability to call upon the Goddess of the Darkmoon. One of the most feared Players in the game, she wields the extremely powerful weapon known as the Lifehunt Scythe. Even before being chosen as Death, she ironically earned the title of "Empress Death", after she wiped out a dangerous Guild which murdered Players for sport, on her own; this feat is coincidentally what made Yorshka receptive to her. While she can also wield any bladed weapon to mastery, she's strongest in pure martial arts and doesn't require gauntlets. She's praised as being so physically overwhelming, in strength, speed and technique, that she's actually considered the strongest martial artist in the game, with even Panda Po gracefully accepting defeat against her with a clear difference in ability. She primarily wields illusion magic, which utterly fuck with the senses of her targets.
She's a very strong willed and graceful woman, whose alluring aura and immense charisma wins over others to a blatantly fanatical degree. She's capable of inspiring anyone with words alone, and is bold enough that she prefers to let her actions speak for her half of the time. She's exceedingly confident, but remains humble enough that she never underestimates anyone she meets. She can't stand unrepentant sinners, and is hellbent on exterminating them. In her eyes, at least one person must always die for a sin, and though she doesn't believe in killing the innocent, innocence is irrelevant if someone willingly protects a target of theirs. She's very adamant about her duty, and has earned the undying trust of her 12 Guildmates, choosing to trust their judgement.

Sumire sat in an open windowsill, enjoying the eternal night's breeze in a showy nightgown, her eyes on the starry skies.

She smiled as she thought of the pictures which had circulated, her mind producing images of the siege from the information she'd heard of it. {You must have been incredible, Yu-chan, you always have been and always will be. It's relieving to know that those three haven't sullied the sharpness of your blade~}

{It won't be too long until we finally meet again, hm? All you have to do is make a decision. I want to see you, Yu-chan...I'm waiting for you. I could never turn you away...} She closed her eyes, her mind focusing only on the face of the man who was being hailed as the hero of PSO.

She looked to her doors as she heard a knock, "Come in."

The door opened, and a man with short, messy, curly black hair entered. His Avatar was Human, his dark red eyes fixed upon his leader. He was the Player known as Raijin Kenji, one of the 12 Darkmoon Blades. "I just got back a moment ago, and wanted to make sure I reported to you immediately."

"Welcome back, Kenji." Sumire turned in her spot to face him with a smile. "You did great work, Yorshka is pleased with you."

Kenji opened his mouth to respond, his eyes wandering from her alluring smile to her breasts. "...Thanks. Did our venerable Goddess happen to discuss my fateful encounter in Barnemouth?"

"No," Sumire answered calmly, still smiling as her eyes observed his in amusement. "But tell me, Kenji. What did you think of the Abyss King?"

Kenji closed the doors behind him, taking a seat at the table in the room and pouring himself a drink. "Artorias? Now why would you want to know about someone like that?"

He took a few swigs, smirking at her. "Will you, maybe, tell me why that guy get's a week when others are lucky to get a whole day?"

Lips curling slightly, Sumire silently remained smiling, though her smile took on a dark and intimidating quality.

Kenji felt himself sweating under her gaze, taking a nervous gulp to settle himself. "He's...impressive, alright. I thought you were the most gifted in Skill Chaining, but he's got you beat."

He paused to drink more, wiping his mouth. "Of course, I feel like I'd have beat him if we went all the way."

"Oh?" Sumire stood from the sill, walking across the room to stand at the opposite side of the table. "If you believe that, then you've either leveled up thoroughly since you were last here, or you're vastly overrating your own skills. After all, you've yet to even beat me in a fight, and Artorias has always been my equal."

"Hmph," Laying his head atop his hand, Kenji motioned to her. "Seriously, what's the deal with you two? I get that he's famous and all, but you never take such interest in our targets, and you've never made any exceptions until today. What, is he like...you? Does he have one of those Arcana, or whatever the hell you call them? Are you two long lost lovers? What's the deal?"

Sumire chuckled, lifting a finger to her mouth a bit seductively. "You're sort of cute when you're jealous, Kenji."

She continued as his cheeks turned red, "My relationship with him is none of your business at this time. All you need to know, is that he's special because I see him to be. And please, keep this in mind. Artorias is NOT our target. The one on The List, is the man whose crime you witnessed. Artorias is a very intelligent man, he has no intention of getting on our bad side."

"And this should go without saying, but-" She stepped around the table to his back, gently running a finger down his neck, his skin freezing over along the path her finger ran. "-we don't interfere with ongoing investigations. I hope you have no intention of doing something untoward to the Flames of Lordran."

Kenji shivered, resisting the cold and the pain which accompanied it. "You know I'd never do anything to betray your ideals, Lady Nightingale. But if it does come down to it-"

"Yes, you'll have lease to do as you please." Sumire interrupted, lifting her finger up his cheek, more of his skin freezing over. "I assure you that it won't come to that, though."

"Anyway, thank you for your time." She stepped away from him, returning to the windowsill. "Good night, Kenji, please close the door behind you."

"...Yes Ma'am." Kenji answered softly, standing and going to open the door. As he walked out, he looked at her, his fist clenching as she stared outside. "Good night."

In the mountainous dwelling known as Kilcliff, a town built into a cliffside, with an expansive inner area. Once home to a number of criminal NPCs, it was cleaned out and the NPCs slaughtered by the hundreds, before a new, much worse Guild moved in. This Guild, known as the Scourge of the Seven Hells, started out bold and strong, committing a number of atrocities and crimes, ranging from thievery, to murder, to sexual assault. They grow in size, power, influence, infamy and notoriety with every act. They do what they want, when they want to, and refuse to let anyone stop them or tell them what to do.

The Scourge of the Seven Hells are noted by a system known as the Court of Carnage, where those who commit the worst crimes and get away with it, are promoted accordingly. Led by the Queen of the Night, AKA the Night's Queen, founder of the Guild, she stands above her subordinates as a symbol of fear and depravity. Beneath her are the Warlords of Midnight, followed by the Carnage Scions, and then the Fodder of the Seven Hells. The Fodder have a high aspiration and desire to rise up to Carnage Scions and then Warlords of Midnight, as the Fodder are fully aware of how expendable they are. They're the most ambitious Guild in PSO, and are quickly becoming feared as living nightmares, due to their complete lack of care for others. Even within the Guild, backstabbing is common, thus this group can be called the den of sin and depravity.
They're disciples of Iazambrel Thago, the Dark Deity of Decadence, and every crime they commit, grants him power. He's fueled most by cruel and unusual deaths by the hand of his disciples.

Within the deepest abode inside Kilcliff, the dark temple of the Night's Queen. Beyond the boundary of chaotic darkness was Lilith Branwen, Queen of the Night.

Lilith was a woman with long raven black and pink hair, her skin the color of caramel and her eyes a luminescent blood orange. Her hair is typically unruly and rough looking, giving her a very wild appearance. She prefers to dress in black gothic dresses and outfits. Her Avatar was a Shinso Vampire, a vampire who ascended to the ancient blood. As a Shinso she has a passive ability which granted her below average HP numbers in exchange for immense HP regeneration, to the point that she could regrow and reattach severed limbs in seconds, without the need for healing; alongside this, she boasts the ability to naturally recover from Bleedout if she isn't finished off. She also had naturally huge mana reserves alongside high mana regeneration, in exchange for being highly susceptible to flames. With her fangs, she can drain blood from other Players, NPCs and other enemies, to weaken them with each feeding while strengthening herself and regaining HP and mana. She also has the innate ability to transform into a horde of bats, which can attack her foes, render his invulnerable for a brief period of time, and reform elsewhere out of danger. Lilith Branwen was her game name, her IRL name, known only to less than 10 Players, is Himeragi Yuno Saeko. She knows Shion IRL. Chosen as The Devil, she was granted the Nemesis Arcana. Her title is "Queen of Destruction", due to her being the polar opposite of Airiel and her Magecraft. She wields a special form of magic, Destruction Magic, which as its name suggests, is only good for obliteration, typically of the indiscriminate kind. She's actually the most powerful Destruction Mage in PSO, with the ability to absolutely break and demolish her enemies. While her primary specialization is in magic, as a Shinso Vampire she's highly attuned to close range combat, and can wield a variety of lethal weapons, alongside creating them with Destruction Magic. She also knows Destruction Skills which can allow her to face off against physically powerful opponents. In her style, offense is the best defense, as well as her only defense.
Having always been Shion's stalker IRL, she represents his greatest regret, and is the only thing that he legitimately fears. She's always been very interested in Shion, and madly in love with him. Since being stuck in PSO, her mental state deteriorated and her extreme interest turned into a disturbing obsession. She's so insane that she's the only member of the Arcana who doesn't just resist the whispers, she embraces and accepts them, having trained her Arcana more than her fellow members. For her, Shion is her everything and she believes that it's her duty to be the main antagonist of his story, the final boss for Shion. Thanks to her time of stalking him, she knows him better than almost anyone, and her favorite hobby is to commit the crimes and atrocities which she knows will hurt and anger Shion the most; if he loathes something, she won't hesitate to do it. She feels that she can't live without Shion's attention, and does anything and everything to keep it. She has an idealized image of Shion, where he's completely without flaw and unbeatable, so she becomes enraged if she learns that he lost to someone or something. Even through her severely unhinged mentality, she's a diabolical genius who can easily drag out the very worst darkness, desires and temptations within a person. She enjoys torturing others, physically and mentally, to break them and turn them into demented messes just like her. To that end, she's an extreme sadist and masochist, loving to feel pain as much as she loves to dish it out; she has no issue with completely mutilating her own body. She absolutely hates and can't stand any of the people around Shion, especially Howl, Sumire, and the 3 sisters; Airiel is the single person she hates more than anything. She has a tendency to fuck around with the people Shion values, and she likes targeting the sisters, in the hopes of either killing them off or just driving Shion to pure insanity. She's so fucked up that she openly admits that her deepest desire is to rape Shion, and because she can't live without him, he's actually the one person she can never kill, even going so far as killing or breaking anyone who targets her precious Shion. Her dream is to become the most wanted criminal in PSO, and have Shion chase her forever while she tries to drive him mad.

Saeko was sitting against a wall, her bare body upon the ground. Her eyes were fixed on a picture, the one taken at the siege during World Expansion.

Panting loudly, her face was feverishly red as she stared at the face of the one hailed as a hero, her fingers going to work between her legs. "Shion...! Shion...! Why are you...so...perfect~?"

In her vision, the sight of Howl at Shion's back was completely unnoticed, and she wildly pierced herself, over and over, and over again, moaning loudly.

As saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth, she felt herself climax. Catching her breath, she looked down at her bloody squirting, removing the knife from her legs and dropping it as she felt her HP and injuries regenerate swiftly.

"Shion~ I love you so much~" She squealed madly, getting to her feet shakily as her juices spilled to the ground. "Tell me, what do you think about him~?"

A pair of female Players, a Dark Elf and a Half Mermaid, tried to scream when they were addressed, but their mouths were gagged.

Saeko remained nude as she made her way to the two, bound in tight and painful chains. Her hands groped at and caressed their half naked bodies. "Come on, already~ I've been so gentle with you until now, you know~? Hurry up and break already~ Don't you miss the sun? A feeling of warmth beyond my cold flesh~? You're not going anywhere like this, though..."

"Not until you're just...as twisted as I am~" She removed the gag from the Dark Elf, who immediately began to scream before Saeko forcefully took her lips, biting into the girl's tongue, which caused her to squirm with muffled wails.

At the same time, her fingers inserted themselves in the Half Mermaid's clit, relentlessly fingering.

Once the Half Mermaid had an orgasm, she withdrew her fingers and stopped violating the Dark Elf's mouth and tongue. Standing as she licked her cum soaked hand, Saeko couldn't help but to laugh. "I'm in a good mood today, so we'll end right here for now~ Don't panic too much, m'kay? I'll have someone heal your tongue for you~"

She turned to look back at the picture of her love, already starting to pleasure herself. "Oh Shion...I can't wait to see you... I'd love to go on another adventure with you, on the new frontier~"

In the town of Barnemouth, within the manor which served as the Flames of Lordran outpost. The morning after the party.

Sitting behind his desk as he read some private messages, Shion felt a chill, shivering slightly. {How unseasonable...}

"Shion?" Airiel entered the office, looking at him.

Shion looked at her, "Before you ask, yes Airi, I did put Raoh in his place like you wanted."

"There was never any doubt that you would," Airiel replied while taking a seat atop his desk and lifting a finger beneath his chin. "You've never dared to disappoint me when I ask something of you. It's what I've always liked most about you."

Shion let her lift his chin, smiling wryly. "Right, what would you do without your loyal manservant? I'm just the figurehead, you're the one calling the shots around here."

"You're not very good with sarcasm, but I find it adorable nonetheless." Airiel responded, brushing her hand against his cheek. "I'm sorry that I lost my temper last night...it...wasn't Raoh's base foolishness that set me off, I expect it when dealing with him."

Her cheeks turned a rosy pink, "Him barking like the rabid animal he is, mouthing off about something he has no business speaking of...no, it's even less than that...or more, from my perspective... It made me furious to hear him mention the Arcana like that... Even though I desperately want to discuss it with you, I know how much it hurts you to think of it...and..."

Shion smiled softly as he placed his hand over hers, "Airi...thanks. It makes me happy to hear you say that. But that's not how it was...well, it's painful when I really think about it, but...what bothered me was his lack of restraint."

Airiel blinked once, "Oh...yes, of course."

"And I don't want you to think I'll never talk about it." Shion noted, holding her hand against his face. "I want to...and I will talk to you about it one day. I just need some more time."

Airi smiled, watching him as he closed his eyes. "You spent the night at Priscilla's, didn't you? Did you enjoy what was left of the party when you returned?"

She ran her other hand through his hair as he nodded, "I'm sure you did...it must have been blissful to lay with both of my sisters."

Shion's eyes opened quickly, and before he could open his mouth, she placed her fingers over his lips.

"I'm not angry, I'm jealous." Airiel admitted, pulling her hands back as she began to remove her top.

"Airi..." Shion stared at her in surprise. "We-"

"I know, but there's nothing you can do right now. Let Shirou, Tatsuya and Erston investigate." Airiel leaned in close to him. "Are you going to make me beg for it? Yusuke..."

Some switch seemed to flip in Shion's head, as he pulled her into his lap and stripped her down, allowing her to do the same to him. With their bodies bared, he lowered his head to her breast, his tongue gently tickling her nipple.

-2 hours later...-

Shion was mounted atop Airiel, whose back was on a couch. "I...think I'm done, Airi..."

"Just one more time, Yusuke." Airi replied, pulling his hands to her chest.

"That's what you said the last three times..." Shion mumbled, while fondling her.

Airiel smiled up at him, "You're the one who keeps getting hard, Yusuke~"

Shion was about to move, but stopped as he heard the sound of a call going off. "What timing..."

"We can always ignore them." Airi suggested.

"I shouldn't." Shion kissed her on the lips for a few seconds before getting off her and answering.

Airiel sat up, pulling him to sit with her as she shifted to lay her head on his shoulder.

Shion put the call on speaker as she put his arm around her, "What do you have for me, Rou?"

"Shion! You're the talk of the world right now, you know that?" Shirou responded with a laugh. "Everyone here in HQ is going nuts! Hey, did you and Howl really two man the Siege Boss like the reporters are writing~?"

"You should know better than to listen to the propaganda of the media, Emiya-kun." Airiel said sternly.

Shirou gasped lowly, "Airiel-san! I didn't realize you were...wait, you two are together right now? Are you...alone? After...the party you had last night?"

Airi took a deep breath, "Please enlighten us as to what you're implying, Emiya-kun."

"O-oh, nothing at all!" Shirou claimed, continuing quickly. "On to the matter you asked me to look into!"

Shion smiled at Airi, who kissed his neck. "Yeah, what'd you find out?"

"Honestly? Nothing." Shirou admitted, both Shion and Airiel able to accurately picture him shrugging. "Are you sure the Blades are on the money in this case? Because I just finished going through our registration logs with a fine-tooth comb. Every single member of our Guild is connected to our Guild Tenets, meaning that none of them could have committed any crime that would catch their attention. I know them as well as anybody, but I can't help but feel like we're being trolled here. And honestly, you guys just royally stomped the Siege Boss that nobody else could touch, so would they REALLY go after us? And even if they did-"

Airiel interjected, "Of course, if the Blades come after us, we'll crush them with everything we have. But I've never known any of their members to mess around with their duty, unlike certain others I know."

Shion pulled on her hair gently, rubbing it against his face as she blushed. "The Darkmoon Blade that I fought then claimed that he saw the crime committed with his own eyes."

He quickly spoke before the other two could, "I know, it's suspicious that he'd leave his target alone in that case, but he was also interested in fighting me. He seemed similar to Panda in that regard, with a desire to face the strong. And what better way to face the strong, than to go after the number one Guild in PSO?"

"The Darkmoon Blades all operate with discretion, because the Dark Sun trusts them." He explained. "So this may be his way of trying to rile us up, or confuse us. Either way, he did offer a huge clue, probably unintentionally. He specifically said that the one he saw was a man."

Airiel blinked, "A man...that's good, we can limit our proper investigation to the men."

Shirou laughed a bit, "Even so, we've got thousands of guys with us~ Say, would you be willing to send more help? With just Erst, Tatsu and me, we'll never investigate everyone before the week is up. In fact, we only have 5 or so more days, right?"

Shion nodded as Airi looked at him, "You're right, but I can't leave this to anyone else. I'm going to ask Eleanor and Ward to return to HQ this afternoon to help you. Send over transcripts of all the registration logs and account details. Airi, Lia, Ciri and I will go through them to see if anything suspicious comes up. We'll also conduct investigations on every male Guildmate in Barnemouth right now."

He moved his finger to use his menu, making a number of selections in the communication pages. "I just set up a private Guild server. The only ones with permission to access are us, along with Ward and Eleanor. Just to be safe, all further communication will be done through there as far as this matter is concerned. Also, be sure to log all of your findings, no matter how small or inconsequential. Airi will scan all notes every two hours until further notice, so we can examine every angle carefully."

"You got it, Sir." Shirou responded, laughing a bit. "You really do always plan for the craziest things~ Whatever's going on, I'm sure we'll get ahead of it~"

"Yes, we will." Airiel agreed with a calm smile. "Thank you, Emiya-kun. Brief Erston and Shiba-kun immediately."

"Good luck to us all." Shion remarked, before ending the call. He looked at her, opening his mouth and just gaping as he saw she was already on her feet and heading to the bathroom.

Airi glanced at him, "Let's take a quick shower after we rouse my sisters. You and I can start with the investigation by interviewing everyone with us."

Shion scratched his head as he got up, sending messages to Cirilla and Emilia, then to Eleanor and Agent Ward. "Uh...yeah, that's...what I was going to suggest."

He held in a sigh as he went into the bathroom with her, {Damn...I won't have any time to find Howl now. Hopefully Prinny will be able to keep him here for a while. And that Wicca won't be an emotional bitch while he's here.}

-A few hours later...-

Emilia was sitting behind Shion's office desk, carefully reading the transcripts and account details.

Puck was sitting on the desk with her, casually flipping through the documents.

Cirilla was seated on the couch, reading the papers laid out on a coffee table. "Hey Emi-nee? I know what Yu-nii is thinking, but do you believe this could be a ploy to throw us out of order?"

Emilia smiled at her, "I bet that's one of the first things that Shi-chan and Onee-chan thought of. But those two are always thorough, so if anything we should at least humor them. Besides, if we've learned anything at this point, it's that they're right at least 70% of the time~"

"Yep~" Puck agreed. "Shion and Airiel have uncanny intuition, so if they think is really necessary, you should just do it~"

Cirilla smiled at them, nodding. "Maybe I'll summon Ashera to help out~"

Meanwhile, Shion and Airiel were hitting the town, speaking to their subordinates as they tracked them down, asking them if they noticed any strange happenings.

"We're not having much luck, are we?" Shion leaned back on a bench as they sat down to take a break.

Airiel sat with her legs crossed by his side, brushing some hair over her ear. "The absence of news can be a blessing in some cases, we'll just have to hope that to be so in this one."

"Shion, when we intruded on you and Caleb..." She glanced at him. "Were you planning to tell him about the Raid?"

"Well, not at that specific time, no." Shion responded with a sigh. "I want to now, though. I'm just hoping that Prinny will be motivation enough for him to stick around until I can."

Airi sighed as well, "I'll never understand the two of you. Is there something preventing you from just speaking plainly and stating your intentions and desires? Just tell him that you don't want him to leave yet."

Shion chuckled lowly, "You've got a point of course, but you'd never understand. When we were the Kingslayers, we made a pact in the Labyrinth. Cal, Josh and I. We promised that none of us would ever do anything to tie the other down. That's why I'll never do anything to try and make him stick around when he doesn't want to, and vice versa. It's also the reason I won't push him too much about joining our Guild. Maybe he will, one day, but right now he doesn't feel like it would be right for him."

"Even though joining us could put some order in his life?" Airiel wondered, looking down sadly. "If Caleb continues his self-destructive antics, he might just...die in a place we can't see..."

"I don't know about you, but I couldn't handle that." She admitted, her voice soft. "I don't want to lose him. Or you, or anyone. I don't ever want to lose someone I care about to this game, not again..."

Shion held her hand tightly, "I know how you feel, Airi. I feel the exact same way, it's scary to think of what might happen to someone you love. But I can tell you this, Caleb isn't going anywhere, at least not in that sense. He's got way too much fight in him to ever lose to this game or anything in it. And so do I. That's the reason we were so damn effective together in the Labyrinth~"

Airi looked at him, smiling slightly. "Shion...thank you."


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*During Shion's escapades that night*
A violin cascades through the night as Howl makes his way through the wood until he finds before him a man dressed in black Armor and holding Alondite a gift from Howl himself. The man stepped forward his sword cutting through the earth as he moved, "White Walker we aren't your enemy. But if you continue to refuse releasing it we will take action against you", his voice vibrated through his helm as he spoke. "So he's sending you now Zelgius and here I thought Dean was the only lapdog, if any of you knew what you were asking me to do you. Might understand my refusal", Zelgius slams the tip of his sword into the ground as he shouts "Dammit White Walker we aren't your enemies. But if you continue to deny the natural order we will take action, you have five days till Nabu orders the Lords of Order to take action. You have been warned" and with that Zelgius teleports away taking with him the sound of the violin. "I need to talk to Shion" Howl says to the wind as he turns to return to town.

Howl get's back to the Pricilla's as Shion is getting his freak on and is stopped at the door by Puck who curls up on his shoulder and nibbles on his ear before saying. "I was told to keep anyone from entering, but she never said No one could enter and you seem very distressed a truly rare occurrence". Puck Stretched out and clawed Howl's shoulder as he turned around and said "It can wait he's earned this" Puck jumped down to the floor and asked "Should I tell him you stopped by". Howl shook his head "No" as he made his way back into the main hall.

Prinny was busy wiping down the tables when Howl entered the room, today she was wearing Velma's attire (a orange turtle neck with a red pleated skirt. With orange stockings and red heels) it looked stunning on her, Howl made his way up to her silently as she leaned over the table her toes a few inches off the ground. He ran his hands up her legs causing her to shout "Hey, not for sale here" as she turned to see Howl step in closer as his hands went under her skirt. She turned over and said "someone could catch us out here Caleb". She blushed as he pulled her panties off and tossed them onto the table "that's part of the fun Prin" he replied as she undid his belt and opened his pants. His curled around her upper thigh and pulled her in hard making her gasp out as he began, she curled her legs around his abdomen as she peeled the sweater up to reveal her bountiful bosom. A deed that continued through the night and into the early morn as they made it to Prinny's room. Until they collapsed from exhaustion.

*At Dawn*
Panda made his way to Nightingale's dojo were she was stretching as she awaited him, her body bound in a tight bodysuit that accented her every feature. Panda placed his fists together as he went to a kneel and bowed to her she stared at him silently, "Thank you for accepting my spar request Nightingale". Said Panda before rising back to his feet "it intrigued me, my only question is what motivated you to ask for it". Replied Nightingale, "As Artorias and Walker stood over the siege boss I realized that in that moment they overcame the worst this game has thrown at us. No matter how powerful the foe they always seem to overcome it even back when they were Kingslayers. In awe I asked Walker what it was that made them so strong and he looked me in the eye and said instead of comparing yourself to others aim to be the most powerful you. At first I thought he blew me off but then it hit me, I need to push myself beyond what I think capable and thus. I realized that in order to hone my soul I needed to do so with a fellow master of the arts". His sincerity surprised her, she gave him a bow and the two burst into action.

The air practically crackled from the power of their Ki clashing as they attacked with pure martial arts no skills, if there was anyone watching they would be in awe of the graceful and brutal dance before them. Each hit she connected slowed him with it's frostbite making the fight lean toward her favor. Until Panda unleashed the Ki within coating his entire body similar to how Iron fist coats his fist, allowing him push through it. Thus signifying the next stage of the fight was at hand as the two started to work skills into their combos as seamlessly as breathing. Hours began to pass as their endurance was put to the test until finally it looked like Nightingale's victory was assured. and so Panda feinted a Hadoken which Nightingale hoped to counter by moving in. But when Panda made it behind her and struck she blasted his chest with a rear kick, the two flew apart and the the spar ended.Nightingale on her feet and Panda on the ground, but the entire left side of her body was limp from his last attack sealing her Ki. Panda flipped to his feet and bowed to her graciously "thank you mighty Nightingale". She let a small smile cross her lips before giving him a respectful bow and replying "I look forward to seeing your growth from this exchange". Panda turned to leave "Wait Panda can you- he turned to face her and she shook her head. -never mind this is something that should b spoken in person". Panda nodded and left as she opened her menu and went to a secret channel Shion had given her access to. "How does he even use this I can't understand a thing" she says to the air as she presses a random button on it. Before frustratedly closing it

Needless to say Shion had already left when Howl awoke roaring in anguish, at first frightening Prinny who quickly recovered and grasped his hand. Telling Howl he was safe as she pulled his face to her bosom as he began to calm himself while within her soft embrace. She laid with him stroking his hair until he stopped shaking, then the two went and showered before Prinny opened up shop Howl sat the bar as she served him some breakfast. Wicca burst through the door and shouted "You bastard", both Prinny and Howl looked up as she made her way to Howl and slugged him in the Jaw. "I can't believe you would sink so low as to have Shion quarantine my man". She screamed as Howl replied "what" and she shrieked thoroughly annoyed as began to strike Howl repeatedly until Prinny restrained her hand. "Does it feel good to destroy everyone's happiness, cause here is some knowledge for you no one can love an abomination like you. Even Priscilla is using you for her own gain"- Wicca gets decked by Prinny who spears her to the ground and starts to wail on her til Howl stops her. Prinny stops and looks at her fists in shock as Wicca looked at her in shock as she screamed "you destroyed our lives Howl I wish I we never met you". Prinny felt his grip loosten and when she turned to look at him Howl was gone to where she did not know.

Nightingale was sifting through reports from her followers when she felt the presence of another , she quickly spun around and held a blade at neck level. She was greeted by glacier eyes "You summoned me" spoke Howl as she lowered her blade and replied "What?", Howl sighed and said "Open the channel again". She humored him and as it opened he sent a decryption key that translated the page for her. "Oh I did?, please take a seat", Howl took a seat across from her and stared into her Icy blue eyes as she says "I summoned you here to let you know the Magician has taken a strange interest in you". Howl nods and replies "Yes, Nabu desires me to release something from my possession". Intrigued Sumire asks "What is it that he wants", Howl tosses her a seemingly unassuming battered Tarot card. She takes it in her hand and after finding nothing special about it asks "And why does he want this?". Howl places his forehead onto his fist and replies "Speak it's name, please". "The Tower" she states as the card vanishes and she feels the power of Arcana fills the room as a man once close to Shion stands before her. "How can you bear it and not be named" she shouts as her eyes pierce into Howl's as he looks to the side. "I do not bear the Arcana but his soul is tethered to mine making the Arcana unable to pass on". Her gaze then goes to the man and asks "Is he", Howl shakes his head "No he passed when he fell that day but this fragment of him remains to haunt me". She looks back to Howl and asks "Does Artorias know of this?","No" replies Howl as he finally returns his gaze to her eye's . She then asks "Then why not give him the card and be free of this specter?", "The card is merely a manifestation of my own will created to allow you to call forth the tether and see it. To release it involves a rather special ritual that must be conducted within five days". "So why don't you get it over with already?", Howl sighs and reaches out his hand and says "Take my hand and I'll show you". She grabs his hand unsure of what is about to happen next as he chanted 5th Hymn of Damnation-Gourd of Greed.

The world around them twists and warps as they travel through time, Sumire is shocked to see a scene where Wicca is crucified. And even one where Shion is stabbing Howl in the chest with a blade made of condensed wind. The rest seem to just fly by as the swirling stops and she finds that they are surrounded by devastation as a battle rages on she sees the Destruction Arcana full force as each use obliterates everything in the blink of an eye like it never existed at all. She then saw the dual powers of the Balance Arcana tear at the mighty field that protected the Tower. "Were are we?" asked Sumire, through gritted teeth Howl replied "this was the main hub", her eye's grow wide with terror. As she asks "Where is Shion" Howl nods and closes his eyes as they appear in the labyrinth were Shion is missing half of his side. Sumire tries to go to him but Howl holds her back as she turns to look at Howl and says with a shaken voice "How is this possible". Howl takes a deep breath and says "When he began his attack, I used my powers to contain him whilst Shion evacuated the players. The power of that Arcana proved itself to strong for me and the blast came hurdling towards Shion, My body kept it from extinguishing his life. All this took place because Nabu manipulated the order and choose who he wanted to wield the Tower so that he could have his ultimate fight". Tears welled in her eyes as she asked very coldly "Who did he choose?", Howl goes to open his mouth but falls to a knee as he returns them to the present.

Sumire blinks as she readjusts to where she is and notices that Howl is kneeling beside her and a bit wobbly she reaches to help him but he raises a hand. And makes it to his feet he takes a second to center him self and says "I'm good don't worry about- his nose starts to bleed as he collapses to ground unconscious. Sumire goes to his side and tries to verify his condition when she hears the door to the main hall burst open. "Shit" she says as she now tries to move Howl only to find he is way to heavy.

Seconds later Selene and Kenji burst in the room weapons drawn as they both shouted "Lady Nightingale are you-, they are greeted to her suddenly. Leaning back from the ground her body Au natural as she rocks as if she is riding someone sensually, with own hand she pulls her hair to one side revealing that she is staring at them coldly{please don't get hard, please don't get hard, why did I think this was a good Idea. Please stay asleep, please buy this, instant regret shit, Fuck, Fuck}. -OK" they finish as they now see her body suit on the table. Selene steps in front of Kenji and starts to push him outside as he says a few things only to get kicked and then shoved into rolling down the stairs. As Selene closes the door and says "Sorry to disturb my lady", with that she uses magic to lock the door ensuring privacy. Sumire collapses on top of the unconscious Howl her chest pushing against his as she lets out a muffled scream against his shoulder. {Do I make an explanation of this being a booty call? No, they won't question and as long as they didn't see Howl they won't have a person to label my lover, Side bitch?}. "I need a bath" Sumire says as she stands up and goes towards her room door before turning around and grabbing Howl's hand. And drags him with her as she mutters "better no one sees you here after putting on that display. Don't get me wrong your not the worst guy to be labeled my guy but, ok lets not go down this road although technically with me being a Yuki-onna. It would make sense", until finally reaching her personal bath.

After taking a soothing bath she is shocked to see Howl still unconscious so she checks his pulse just to make sure before looking for a place to lay him. She looks at her bed {nope} for a second before looking over to her Gothic loveseat and after several minutes of forcing his body to move she got him up their as she let out a sigh of relief. "You really know how to make a girl wait" she says coyly before giving him a kiss on the head and whispering "Please wake up Caleb".

Dean and Zelgius enter the Hall of order where Nabu was floating through the air his hand over an orb showing him the vast images of the events around the game world. He took a few seconds before he lifted his head to greet them his eyes glinting different colors, "I have not felt the release of the Arcana". He said coldly as Zelgius bowed before him "I gave him the warning as per your request master Nabu". Said Zelgius as silence was the response to him, "Zachariah if he does not do the ritual within three days send a message". Boomed Nabu to the black haired archangel lounging about on the furniture, at the sound of his name being spoken he rose to a sitting position. "Finally you are willing to send a real man to get the job done" Zachariah says as a smile crosses his lips, "But- Zelgius is cut off by Nabu's raised hand {Please be smart about this Walker, what happens next is on your hands and your hands alone}.

Prinny passes Wicca a ice bag "You need to stop attacking Howl like that you no he won't defend himself" said Prinny. Wicca laughed as she put the Ice bag to her face. "You think Howl is this sweet misunderstood guy that is just trying to fit in but you couldn't be more wrong Priscilla. You have no idea what he has done and is willing to do, and you are so blessed to not have to bear that burden like the rest of us". Wynne said solemnly as she stared at Prinny, "How can you say that Wynne, you and him went out for five years before we entered this game". Prinny retorted heatedly as Wynne sighed and replied "I was blind back then, I looked past his tendency towards violence. But it became so much worse in this game as he kept pushing and pushing the others to move forward without stopping like a man with blood lust. He pushed them so hard that it was no surprise when Joshua faltered and fell because Howl refused to let anyone help them. Shion may not want to face the facts that his friend is the reason that his best friend is dead, in my eyes Howl is worse then Lucifer himself, at least he has rules he must obey. So I mean this in the nicest way possible run as far as you can from Howl before he hurts you too". Prinny just stares at Wicca as she fights back an anger within her that is stronger then anything she has felt in her life as. She slowly says "Wynne, if Shion, Sumire, Airiel, Emilia or Cirillia ever hears you speak these words you will regret that you ever thought them. I don't know what Howl supposedly did to you to make you hate him so much but he will always love you and I have to live with the fact. That you will always hold a place in his heart and what makes that feeling hurt is that you use that as a way to punish him for being around. Grow the Fuck Up! Howl isn't just yours he has people that care about him and apparently love him more than you ever did". Wicca's face contorted in anger at being bested in this conversation and even more so with jealousy over Prinny's affection towards Howl. She threw the Ice in the trash and got back to serving now that her break was over.

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous

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In the town of Barnemouth.

After some time, the Flames of Lordran in the town had been gathered together in the town's base. The women of the Guild were in charge of keeping watch over all the men as they were brought in, the men being quarantined physically.

Shion let out a sigh as he approached a street corner, "This is gonna be a bit difficult to apologize for, later."

"Every member of this Guild sees you as their King, Shion." Airiel responded coolly, walking by his side. "Some, like Eleanor and Ward, are so devoted that they believe you to be the rightful King of the Phantasmal Realm. Speaking frankly, you don't owe anyone anything, much less an apology for doing what must be done."

Shion was about to answer, but quickly stepped into her, sliding his foot against hers gently as they turned a corner.

Airiel blinked in surprise, maintaining her balance as she was made to sidestep. "What was that about?"

Bakuto smiled at the two, having just turned the corner. "Ah, just who I was hoping I'd...run into."

He winked as Shion smiled at him and Airiel tilted her head, "I've been hearing some interesting rumors today, Mi Hermano. Flames being plucked up from right off the streets and detained, despite the huge victory we had! Any truth that?"

"Yes, actually." Shion answered without hesitation, to the surprise of both Airiel and Bakuto.

He took the time to explain things to him in detail, as they continued their trek across the town.

"Now that's an interesting situation, indeed!" Bakuto remarked, hanging his arm around his friend's neck. "Allow me to help you root out this weasel."

Airiel glanced over at the men, as Shion nodded. {I suppose there's no harm in it. Alistair holds Shion in the highest regard.}

Within the Palace of the Hallowed, the Dungeon City which was once ruled by a high-ranking Deity, and had been repurposed to serve as the main headquarters and home to the Flames of Lordran.

In one of the large conference rooms of the palace.

Shirou let out a deep sigh, "Man, this has been a bit intense. What do you guys say we take a short break?"

Eleanor frowned at him, "With all due respect, Lord Archer, our King has entrusted us with this most crucial of tasks. We shouldn't be giving this anything less than better than our absolute best."

Shirou sweat a bit, scratching his head. "You're really intense too, Elen-chan, has anyone ever told you that?"

"Eleanor, Archer actually has a point." Tatsuya noted, motioning to her with a calm smile. "We've been at this for hours on end, and the best work is done with a fresh mind."

"Indeed," Erston agreed with a nod. "A fresh mind grants a fresh perspective, a fresh perspective may reveal details you once missed."

He looked at her, "Thanks to your speedy arrival, we have covered more than we thought to at this time. While Agent Ward continues with the interrogations in the dungeons, we must be sure to give him the most accurate information possible."

Tatsuya chuckled a bit, "More importantly, Eleanor-san, that King of ours would be upset if you overworked yourself."

Eleanor blushed slightly, picturing Artorias kindly asking her to settle down. "Y-yes, I suppose that's true...very well."

Shirou smiled a bit as he watched her, "Man, lately I've been thinking. I can't help but wonder whatever happened to her. Everything seemed to be going so well, until that day. Then when he came back, he seemed to stop talking about her entirely."

Eleanor tilted her head as the other two got quiet in thought, "Her? Who are you talking about, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Ah, not at all." Shirou leaned back in his seat, looking to her. "It was a while back...this girl that we sort of knew IRL, through Artorias. At first, she was a sister in the Church, helping other Players to deal with the stress of everything. One day, Artorias disappeared, and she apparently did at the same time. When they finally returned, months later, Shio- Er, Artorias brought her here. Something was...different. About both of them, really. She was immediately made one of the Chosen Undead, like you, and it seemed like Artorias was grooming her to be the next Lord of Cinder."

He paused, thinking back to the time which Saeko spent as a member of the Guild. She'd been withdrawn, distant and aloof, yet her sincere nature and attitude won over all of them.

Eleanor stroked her chin, "She must have been truly impressive, to have our King's attention like that."

"She was, yes." Tatsuya confirmed. "Lilith was a very special woman. To be honest, there isn't another female Player in PSO who's as unique as her. We were all drawn to her mysterious aura."

Gaius nodded once, "Aye, she was one of a kind."

Eleanor blinked at them, "Lilith? As in Lilith Branwen, the Queen of Destruction?"

"Yes, the very same." Gaius answered calmly, closing his eyes. "She isn't simply called the most powerful Destruction Mage in the game for nothing, that's for certain. The concept of defense seemed foreign to her, but her ability as a Player was truly sublime."

Shirou nodded in agreement, "Yeah. So she chose Vampire as her race when she started. She found out about the secret, limited-time event questline, which would allow her to ascend to a Shinso Vampire. Artorias...well, it was to be expected, I guess. See, even IRL, he was always really mindful of her. There were tons of times when he completely ditched all of us to be alone with her, but he was always secretive about their relationship. Anyway, he refused to let her go the quest alone, so those two left together to take it on."

He paused for a moment, running a hand through his hair. "We were all waiting for them to come back, and after 2 weeks, Artorias came back without her. When we asked after her, he said that she quit the Guild and that we wouldn't be seeing her around anymore. After that, well...he completely stopped talking about her. Even if you ask, he ignores, like she doesn't exist..."

He grit his teeth a bit, "I mean, I...want to know what happened between them, and what happened to her, but it's frustrating. When he came back, Shion was different again. It took a month before he was able to smile and laugh with us like he always used to..."

"Ah!" He covered his mouth, realizing he'd used Shion's name.

Tatsuya smiled at him, "Don't worry about it, Shion speaks very highly of Eleanor, I'm sure he wouldn't mind her knowing his IRL name."

Eleanor blinked, blushing. "King Artorias...his real name is Shion...? What a beautiful name..."

"Yes, in fact his mother named him that hoping for a daughter." Gaius admitted with a chuckle.

Shirou burst out laughing as Eleanor covered her mouth in disbelief, "It's true! She's actually the reason he keeps his hair so long~ Man~ It's so hard to tell Shion and Sumire apart when they're together~ One of them could've at least changed their hair color in-game~"

Tatsuya laughed a bit, "True, but both of them would hit you if they heard you say that."

"Sumire?" Eleanor tilted her head. She smiled when they got quiet. "Apologies, I won't pry. Thank you for telling me. Even if it's only a little bit, I think I understand King Artorias a bit better now. As I thought, he must be someone who would do anything for his friends."

Gaius set a hand on the table, looking right at her. "Eleanor, you are in love with Shion, aren't you?"

Shirou shook his head as Eleanor gasped again, her face bright red as she flailed and mumbled unintelligibly. "Bro, there were 100 better ways you could've asked her that. Though really, Elen-chan, it was pretty obvious. A lot of our allies ship you two, actually. They call it ArtorElen."

"A-artorElen!?" Eleanor nearly fell out of her chair in her excitement. "T-t-that's not...! Er...is it...really...that obvious...?"

Tatsuya took a breath, "Yes, though I regret saying so. Shion is dense though, toward any woman who hasn't fulfilled a specific criteria, so he doesn't think much of it."

Eleanor frowned a bit, "I had...figured that he was involved with Lady Xerxes, Lady Satella and Lady Merascylla, both here and IRL, but...are there more?"

"Uh, yeah." Shirou scratched his head a bit nervously. "To be perfectly honest with you, Shion's been a disgusting chick magnet since elementary school. He's always been different from other guys around. He's actually an introvert with extreme OCD, though you probably couldn't tell. He's always been a social butterfly who, in spite of his desire to be solitary, put his best foot forward with others to help them in any way he could. It's always felt like he was trying to make himself stronger, by doing things that he didn't want to."

"The way he approaches things is...well, unorthodox, but he's so damn brilliant." He continued, looking at Eleanor. "It's not like he's putting on an act, he really does care for the well being of every one of you, even if he can't remember every member's name. I'm sure you've noticed, but the majority of the girls who join this Guild do it because they're enthralled by him~"

"Yes..." Eleanor nodded slowly. {Despite being an introvert, he's remained so strong, even with everyone putting so much pressure on him... What remarkable fortitude he possesses...}

Gaius, Tatsuya and Shirou exchanged glances, smiling at Eleanor as she got quiet in thought.

The mountainous town of Kilcliff.

Saeko strolled down a path leading to the exterior of the town. Behind her were the Dark Elf girl and the Half Mermaid girl, who were close at her back and just to her sides.

The Half Mermaid, Araxie, had ocean blue hair and eyes.

The Dark Elf, Brunern, had mahogany brown hair and light green eyes.

Both women gazed about, as they were led on a tour of the town and dwelling. All around, men and women engaged in a number of acts, deviant or not. Fornication was common, with quite a few pairs clearly being forced with one party.

"As you can see, this is the one 'safe' haven for people, Players and NPCs alike, to partake in all the sins they dream of~" Saeko explained, motioning around casually as the members of her Guild cheered, waved and whistled at her crudely, as she passed by with her two new toys. "Of course, the vast majority of them are inconsequential to me. If anything happens, I'd happily ditch them and start anew elsewhere~"

"Ditch..." The women said softly, looking at one another shyly.

"Oh, but you two, my dears, don't have anything to worry about~" Saeko stopped, turning to kiss both of them on the lips. "I've grown fond of you, honestly~ Nobody else has ever been so sweet and receptive to me before, after everything~"

Araxie hugged her tightly, licking her cheek. "We'd do anything for you... You set us free from all of it~"

Saeko giggled a bit, opening her mouth as her Vampire fangs grew. Before she could bite into the Half Mermaid's neck, she was stopped by the other. "What, should I suck you off first?"

"I...wouldn't mind that." Brunern admitted, blushing and closing her eyes. She bent down a bit, allowing Saeko to bite into her neck. "This is about last night...you seemed to be somewhere else, while we were together... Was it Abyss King Artorias...?"

"..." Saeko pulled her fangs free, licking some blood from her lips. "Shion is my true love, yes. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for him~ Is that an issue? Were you hoping to have me all to yourselves~?"

The men around gulped as they watched their leader and the two girls, some already masturbating just to the sight of her.

Saeko smiled as Araxie and Brunern both blushed, "How adorable~ As much as I like that, I don't want to lie to you~ My heart will always belong to Shion, you and all the other women I've got laying around...you're just cheap substitutions for when he and I are apart~"

"Buuut~" She stroked their cheeks tenderly, while letting her nails cut their skin. "I know you two both had crushes on him in the past, so I might just let you two get pounded a few times, the next time I see him~"

She giggled again as the two blushed more, shifting their legs. "How obscene~ Are you already wet just thinking about it~?"

Grunts were heard around the area, as the masturbating men released loudly.

Saeko ignored them, much to their dismay, turning to look out across the distant land, low beneath them. "Are you happy to be back in the sun~?"

"We prefer the touch of your cold hands..." Brunern and Araxie responded, both of them wrapping their arms around her, touching her breasts and her butt.

Saeko couldn't help but squeal a bit, "How wonderful~ Looks like I'm getting wet too, so let's get back to our beautiful chamber~"

-The next day, in Barnemouth.-

Inside one of the rooms, Shion watched a man enter. "Have a seat."

As the man sat, he looked over his account details. "Dick Grayson, huh?"

"Yes, King Artorias!" Dick answered quickly.

Shion smiled slightly, "Why Dick and not Bruce?"

Dick took a short breath, "As far as I'm concerned, there was only one Batman, and his name was Adam West."

"Huh..." Shion nodded a few times. "I like you."

"That's a relief..." Dick admitted. "I thought I was in trouble because..."

"Because what?" Shion raised an eyebrow.

Dick scratched his head, "Well, I thought this might have to do with Wynne, so..."

Shion's eyes widened for a moment, "I see, so you're Wynne's boyfriend... That...actually explains a lot."

{No wonder she blew up at me the other day. Why didn't she just tell me what was going on and ask me to do something about him being in the Siege Party? Did she think I'd blow her off? What the hell...before this game, we were inseparable...have we really grown so far out of touch?} He sighed a bit. "She never said anything about you."

Dick nodded, "She wanted me to keep our relationship a secret from you."

"Go figure." Shion mumbled, before continuing. "Did she tell you anything about her previous boyfriend?"

Dick shook his head, "Not really...at least, not beyond him being an absolute scumbag, human trash that ruins the lives of everyone around him, the reason that she's been miserable... She wishes she could forget everything about him, but she doesn't think she ever can... I wish I had known her sooner, so I could protect her from him... Er, I'm sure you did what you could for her as well, of course!"

Shion clenched his fists, shaking as he shut his mouth. {Scum? Trash? The reason for her misery? She wants to FORGET him...? That damn woman...! Even after everything he's done for her, she really thinks that way...?}

Whispers entered his ears, soft hisses only he could hear. "Kill her...kill her... Kill Wynne... Kill her and liberate Caleb from his pain and suffering... You know you want to..."

Wincing, he shut his eyes. Images flashed into his mind, visions of himself and Wicca. He had her pinned to the ground, his fingers wrapped around her throat, squeezing, choking the breath of life from her body. She struggled, hard, but he was far too strong for her to fight off. Her eyes were filled with tears as he stared into them unblinkingly, as if begging him not to do what he was doing to her. And ignoring these silent pleas, he snapped her throat like a twig.

"King...Artorias...?" Dick spoke cautiously, watching him.

Shion shook his head vigorously, opening his eyes. "Sorry, I've got a splitting headache..."

"I'm not surprised, you deal with so much every day as is..." Dick remarked. "I wish there were something I could do to ease your burden..."

Shion stared at him, "...What about me? What does Wicca say about me?"

Dick crossed his arms, "Well, it's complicated. She talks a lot of trash about you, honestly, but I'm sure there's a lot of history between you two. I don't pay much mind to that. But she does also talk about you more fondly. She envies you. Your strength of character. She says that the man she met years ago was someone she never imagined could become the hope of millions of people. She said she wishes that she could be as strong as you are..."

Shion smiled bitterly, looking a bit pale. "Is that so...?"

{She loathes Caleb so much, and yet... Wicca, sometimes I really wish that I could hate you... That I could...just end you. But I...} He took a deep breath. "Dick, we're actually investigating our male members, because one of them did something to get on The List. I'm positive it wasn't you."

Dick looked shocked, "One of our people?!"

"I'm surprised too," Shion admitted. "But I doubt it's a trick. If you could do me a favor, I'd be indebted to you if you could mingle with the other guys and see if you can learn anything. Anything at all..."

Dick waved his hands dismissively, "You don't owe me anything! You're our hope, King Artorias! I would do anything to help you!"

Shion smiled slightly, nodding. "Thanks...and Dick... Take...care of Wicca, will you?"

"I intend to!" Dick saluted to him, before leaving the room.

Shion looked down at the floor for a few moments, until he heard a call. Opening his menu, he saw it was an old friend, reluctantly deciding to answer. "Vijay? I appreciate you reaching out, but this really isn't a good time-"

"Shion! This is an emergency!" Vijay shouted.

Shion blinked, as the man was one who rarely raised his voice. "What do you mean? What happened?"

"Two of my Guildmates, two members of the Devas of Anarya, went out together on a quest and never came back!" Vijay explained. "It's been over a week!"

Shion frowned in response, "I hate to ask this, but do you think they-"

"I already contacted Greivor!" Vijay admitted. "He owed me a favor and checked the system account records, but they're still alive! Just missing! Nobody can get in contact with them!"

Shion held in a sigh, "Not to sound insensitive, but there are other Guilds better suited to this than we are..."

"This is serious, Shion!" Vijay shouted back. "Do you think we've forgotten it? The day that you nearly gave your own life to protect the life of an NPC that we all would have overlooked without a second thought!? Everyone there that day knows this, that you're the Player we can all count on! The one that cares about your fellow Players more than any other!"

Shion inhaled deeply, nodding to himself. "Alright...I won't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do. Who's missing, anyway?"

Vijay took a breath, "You remember the two lovely ladies who were in my Party when you helped us set up our Guild? Araxie and Brunern, those two are the missing ones. And they're so responsible, too...I think those two have feelings for you, actually..."

"...I understand." Shion responded. "Keep things up on your end, and I'll try to do what I can to help you. Stay strong, okay Vijay? Your Guild needs you to stay calm."

"I'll try..." Vijay replied softly. "Shion...thank you so much..."

Shion sunk into his seat as the call ended, staring at the ceiling. {Dammit...}

-The next day, in Onryx Keep.-

The atmosphere heated up within the ceremonial chamber of the Shrine of Yorshka. The moonlight funneled in through stained glass, crackling fissures radiating about the area. To anyone watching, it seemed as if the atmosphere itself was being bent. Flames burned around the area, candles lit to aid with illumination.

Sumire stood within the swirling energy, her eyes closed. As her Ki pulsed outward, canvassing the entire shrine from top to bottom, everything within it was transmitted through her mind like a sonar. In the main quarters, her home above, the still body of her close friend was seen. A few Blades were scattered about around the Shrine, and behind her stood one at the door.

"Bravo, my lovely Sister~" The man called out, clapping as she shifted slightly.

"Have you come to challenge me again, Hisoka?" Sumire inquired calmly, her voice as tranquil as the atmosphere was charged with her aura.

Hisoka, a man with backward spiking red hair and amber eyes, chuckled. He was dressed in an outfit which called to mind a jester prepared to battle. His face bore paint, a star on his right cheek and a teardrop on the left, and his clothes had various suits of a card deck.
His title was Grim Magician, and he was one of the 12 Darkmoon Blades.

"Not at all~" He claimed, walking a bit closer to her. "I'm always so enthralled by the way you meditate. It's like a beautiful dance with no steps, which moves even the heavens. And yet, it carries such a ferocious and hostile will at the same time~"

"Oh, so you're just watching me. Again." Sumire responded coolly, lifting her head very slightly.

Hisoka stroked his chin, "I did want to ask you something, though. About the man resting in your room. That is the White Walker, is it not?"

He didn't flinch as the entire atmosphere seemed to quake for a single instant, a powerful wind putting out every flame instantly. "I would never forget meeting such a...distinguished individual. Of course, he doesn't know me."

"Not surprising, considering your tendency to come and go, like some unhinged specter." Remarked Sumire, who lowered her foot gracefully, her advance having been faster than lightning itself.

Hisoka chuckled a bit, "I'm flattered to receive such praise from one of the only three Players capable of completely erasing every trace of theirself from the perception of others~"

Running a hand through her hair, Sumire took a seat on one of the benches. "Spare me your sweet talk, Hisoka, we both know that you're capable of doing the exact same thing, through a different method."

She smiled softly at him, "I didn't even notice you go up to my room, to be honest. Did you just return from wherever it is that you went?"

Taking a seat across from her, Hisoka nodded. "That's right, I just came back from a most amusing adventure~ So tell me, Nightingale, is he your secret lover?"

"You should know better, Hisoka." Sumire answered, raising an eyebrow. "He's like a brother to me, he's not the one who won my heart."

Hisoka nodded once again, chuckling lightly. "Of course, the man who tamed the most gorgeous beast in all of PSO, is one who dances atop the most terrifying flames without being burned~"

"I'm willing to let that comment slide because I like you," Sumire admitted, running a hand through her hair again. "You were really able to monitor Caleb without him knowing?"

"It was a bit difficult, but yes." Replied Hisoka, as he pulled out a deck of cards and shuffled them. "Of course, the biggest challenge in this world is your beloved~ Shio-chan is oh so...sharp~ How I long for our bodies to collide in violent dance~"

Sumire chuckled a bit, shaking her head at him. "Unfortunately, there won't be a chance for that to happen just yet. And even if Shion were to mess up, which he won't, Kenji would get the first shot at him."

Hisoka smirked in amusement, "Kenji's still but a child, why would you risk allowing him a chance to fight with one of PSO's monsters? His delicate advancement would be halted, if he had his confidence shattered by Shio~ We should treat him with care, so that he doesn't break before living up to his full potential~"

Shifting in her seat, Sumire turned to look up at the stained glass. "You know as well as I do, Shion will find a way to dispute the allegations."

Hisoka nodded in agreement, "But of course. He's our Hero, after all~ No matter what puzzle I drop before him, he's more than capable of overcoming it~"

"Speaking of, you already knew everything since before Kenji even got involved, didn't you?" Sumire wondered without looking at him. "Why didn't you just start it all on your own? Were you hoping Shion would be disadvantaged by the goal of World Expansion?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not~" Hisoka answered with a chuckle. "More importantly, what happened to Caleb Howl, anyway? Unfortunately, my usual muse was inactive during my adventure~"

Sumire was surprised as she looked at him, "Wow, you actually faced a challenge which required your FULL attention? I'm genuinely shocked, you'll have to tell me about it sometime."

She continued as he nodded again, "Caleb showed me something...well, concerning. But before he had time to properly explain it to me, he ended up in the state you saw."

She paused as he whistled, "Hisoka, do you think there'd ever be a situation in which Shion could strike down Caleb? Do you think there's an enemy so powerful that it can break even him?"

"No, I don't." Hisoka responded with a playful smile. "Shio-chan's the Player with the greatest mental fortitude in the entire game, so he's naturally immune to any form of mental influence beyond that which tricks his senses. His resolve is what really makes him, however, so there's no reason to believe he can ever break. Especially now, after everything he's already been through~"

"The only things which can cripple him are the five of you, ironically~"

Sumire nodded slowly to herself, "Yes, I thought so. And it is ironic. We're his weakness and his strength, aren't we? Not that he has to worry about me."

She paused as she reconsidered what he said, "Five, hm? Then do you share my opinion, which Keita rebukes so vigorously?"

Hisoka smiled a bit deviously, cutting his deck skillfully. "Naturally. What other reason could he have for protecting her so madly? I might even say that she's a much bigger weakness than the rest of you~"

"Perhaps so." Sumire agreed with a sigh. "What are you going to do now?"

Rising to his feet, Hisoka tossed the cards up, letting them rain down around the shrine. "I'll tell you if you order me to~"

Sumire smiled a bit as the cards dissolved into luminous orange glitter, her ally being out of sight by the time she looked. "Just like a specter. He really is lucky that I like him so much."

Whispers entered her ears, being promptly ignored. {Yu-chan...maybe it's for the best, if you never met Saeko again. If possible, I want to put an end to her myself. You've never thought very clearly when it came to her...}

-Back in Barnemouth, in the evening.-

In one of the rooms of the FoL Guild base.

"Any luck, Alistair?" Airiel asked curiously, watching him enter.

Bakuto shook his head, "None at all, Airiel. Nobody I've questioned has seemed suspicious, they're all united in their belief in your Guild. Our precious Shion, especially. It was clear that your Guild was the most zealous in their duties, but I hadn't realized just how zealous they were."

Airiel took a short breath, "Yes, I know what you mean. It's only gotten more pronounced since the World Expansion. It's good that our subordinates are so loyal, but it also means they may end up doing something wrong in the name of Shion and the Flames."

Chuckling, Bakuto ran a hand through his hair. "Curious, no? Even something as wonderful as love, when taken too far, can become dangerous and unwanted~ We humans are such flawed little things."

"Yes, we are." Airi agreed, closing her eyes.

Inside one of the questioning rooms.

Shion studied a man that had just joined him, one with short curly black hair, light brown skin and yellow eyes. "Do you happen to know what's going on this week, Squala?"

Squala smiled at him, "Yes, I've put it together over time. One of us men have done something horrible wrong, isn't it so? I noticed that even some of the Chosen Undead were being questioned~"

"...Yes, that's right." Shion confirmed, watching him. "We're leaving no stone unturned. One of our Guildmates have committed a crime grave enough to be marked by the Blades of the Darkmoon."

He stared at Squala, whose smile seemed to stretch somewhat. {Quelaan had told me he was a very strange man, but...something feels off about him. It's not just this incident, either. She said he's always been a bit of an unnerving person. But his skills and dedication have never once been called into question. Everyone who's worked alongside him only has praise for his commitment to our cause. I'd prefer these types of people to be open and earnest like Elen, rather than keeping it in.}

Squala motioned to him, "I can save you some trouble, my King."

He pulled out a mystical contract, writing in some terms and sliding the paper over.

"?" Shion looked over the contract. {In signing this contract, if I've done anything to the detriment of the cause, the Gods shall strike me down.}

"Are you serious?" He asked softly.

"Absolutely," Responded Squala with a calm smile, as he took the contract back and bit into his index finger to draw blood, which he used to sign his name.

He waited a few moments, before chuckling. "As you can see, my love for this Guild and you is bottomless~ I would never do anything that you wouldn't approve of~ Besides, didn't we all get sworn in to the Guild Tenets? If there's no notice of them having been broken, then this may be meaningless."

Shion took a deep breath, sighing. "Yeah, I know. But there may just be a loophole that we didn't know about. I-"

"No need to apologize." Squala interrupted, standing up. "I understand you've been under a great deal of stress, and I hope I've helped to alleviate at least a bit of it."

"Sure~" Shion smiled at him, nodding. "Thanks, Squala, keep up the good work."

He waited until the man bowed and left, before whispering to himself. "It's not like I want to suspect the people that I've trusted my back to all this time..."

He picked up the contract, staring at it. {He's crazy...if he'd done something detrimental without even realizing it, he'd be dead right now... Wait...now that I think about it... I might be overthinking, but I'll try it.}

A few hours later.

"What should we do?" Emilia wondered, scratching Puck's ears as he laid in her lap.

Cirilla frowned a bit, "None of you noticed anything at all, and we've gone through everyone already."

Airiel stroked her hair thoughtfully, "We must have missed something."

Bakuto leaned back in his seat, legs crossed. "You lot back at HQ turned up empty too, eh?"

"Yeah..." Shirou sighed, over a video chat with those at HQ with him.

Tatsuya looked up in thought, "I choose to believe in Shion's judgement, there has to be something wrong with the picture. Some kind of trick that we aren't seeing."

"Yeah, we have to be missing something here." Shion answered, laying his head atop his hand as he sat behind his desk.

Bakuto motioned to the video, "Everyone on your side was clean too?"

"That's right." Gaius answered. "We were very thorough. Ward was positive, but he said he's following a different line of thought right now."

Eleanor closed her eyes in thought, "I know we wanted to keep this in house, but perhaps we should speak to those close to our Guildmates?"

"That would take far too much time, and we're running out of it." Airiel answered calmly.

"A different line of thought..." Shion said softly, standing up. "I'm gonna step out for a bit, I need to think about this. Let everyone know they're free to go."

Everyone exchanged glances, watching him leave his office, as he left without giving them time to object.

Nighttime in Barnemouth.

At Priscilla's.

Prinny brought food for Airiel, Emilia, Cirilla and Bakuto, noticing they all seemed bothered. "Did...something happen?"

"...Nothing worth mentioning." Airiel answered with a sigh, deciding not to involve her. "I've noticed Wynne's pretending we don't exist today."

Prinny laughed a bit, glancing at her friend, who was dealing with other customers. "Actually...have you guys seen Caleb?"

"White Walker?" Bakuto looked at her. "No, why?"

Emilia shrugged, "We've been busy, so we haven't seen Howl lately."

"I figured as much, I was hoping Shion would be here tonight." Prinny admitted.

"So were we..." Cirilla mumbled, pouting a bit. "He went off a few hours ago and hasn't come back."

Prinny tilted her head, "By the way...Wicca was upset earlier. She mistakenly thought that Caleb was the reason her boyfriend was being detained."

"Cal-nii?" Cirilla looked at her in surprise.

Airiel sighed a bit, "I see. Shion told me about him, and he's been released. Everyone has. But Priscilla...did Wynne say something to Caleb?"

Prinny sweat a bit, seeing an intense expression on Airi's face. "Well, she did, but...I took care of it, don't worry about it~" {Who knows what she'd do...}

"Anyway, she'll at least be relieved to have him back." She remarked, taking a breath.

Bakuto stayed quiet, eating as he listened to the ladies.

"More importantly, Howl." Emilia interjected. "Have you tried calling him?"

"Yeah, but he hasn't answered." Prinny answered, looking a bit sad. "Usually, he'd at least send me a message when he doesn't answer. I hope nothing's happened to him..."

"I'm sure he's fine, Priscilla." Airiel assured her, touching her hand gently. "We'll let Shion know when we see him."

Atop the highest tower in Barnemouth.

Shion was wearing the Cloak of the Deep's King over black leather light armor. He was sitting atop the railing, relaxing as his eyes focused on his menu map. The positions of every male in his Guild, within the town, were displayed in real time as he monitored them.

He lowered his hand, grabbing a french fry and dipping it in a sweet chili sauce before taking a bite.

{Come on, someone move. I know you want to.}

He pulled up a second map, finding Airi and the others at Priscilla's. {Like I thought. I'd love to join them if this goes the way I think it will.}

"Ah." He smiled slightly, upon seeing one of the Guild members moving suspiciously. "Gotcha."

He tossed the rest of the fries in his mouth, the box burning itself as he casually pushed himself off the tower.

Zetsu. His presence was completely erased as he descended, planting his feet on the tower side, halfway to the ground. Looking in the proper direction, toward the docks, he kicked off to launch himself over to a rooftop.

A man wore a black robe, covering his head as he walked across the town and made for the docks. {Almost done. As soon as I get out of here, my mission is complete~}

{It's gonna be quite the show~} He smirked to himself as he moved.

Undetected, Shion shadowed the robed man from the rooftops, moving without making so much as a sound.

Upon reaching the docks, the man made his way to the furthest section, where he came upon a group waiting by a small boat.

"My brothers and sisters, I have arrived!" The man called out, waving to them.

"Oh, you're here! You weren't followed, right?" A woman responded.

"Of course not, who do you think I am?" Replied Squala as he removed his hood.

A man chuckled a bit, "I know you're excited, but you can change back now. What's happening is definitely set in stone at this point."

"True enough," The man claiming to be Squala agreed, lifting a hand to tear his face off. Immediately, his entire body changed, becoming a few inches shorter, but more muscular. His skin became lighter, while his hair turned brown.

"Good to see you again, Bloodeye~" One of the women smirked at him. "You really pulled it off smoothly, didn't you?"

Bloodeye, whose eyes were red, grinned. "It was easy, they never suspected a thing~ Let's find a nice place to watch from, when the Flames are extinguished~"

A shadow dropped behind Bloodeye, unseen by his allies as they turned toward the boat.

Chains of Iniquity. Chains of darkness wrapped around Bloodeye, restricting his movements and slamming him to the ground with such force that it cracked like glass.

Shion gripped the end of the chains in his left hand, standing with a foot atop his prey's back as his allies turned around in shock. "You're right, we never suspected a thing. Not a damn thing."

"Abyss King Artorias!?" The group gasped upon seeing him.

Shion gave them all a cold glare, sending chills down their spines as they felt themselves freeze in place. "It was a good trick, Squala...or rather Bloodeye. It dawned on me when you signed the contract, it was very vague and you tricked me by leading the conversation aggressively. Squala's dead, isn't he? I checked with everyone outside my Guild who's acquainted with him, and not one has heard from him in a month. That was when I remembered the Skills of the Faceless Men. When you're using a face, it requires one to be dead, and you assume their position in the game temporarily. You posed as a member of the Guild, and while the game recognized you as Squala and allowed you to be involved with the Guild intimately, you were excluded from the Guild Tenants."

He paused a moment, "Posing as Squala, you committed a horrible crime in order to get us targeted by the the Blades. It was a simple trick, but sometimes the simplest ones are the toughest to see through. I'm going to ask you this one time, so answer honestly. What crime did you commit?"

He waited for a few moments as the man stayed quiet, "Answer me now, or I'll crush your windpipe."

Pulling on the chain, they tightened around his throat violently.

Bloodeye gasped in pain, croaking. "O-okay! I... T-there was this girl... I thought she looked good, but she didn't have any interest in me...so while I was disguised as Squala, I...had my way with her and..."

"Killed her, huh?" Shion completed the sentence in a whisper, yanking a single time on the chain, crushing the man's throat so he could only make awkward grunts of pain while coughing up blood.

He stomped on his head brutally, the ground shattering as he was knocked the fuck out. "Why are the Faceless Men interfering with us? You have 10 seconds to answer, or I'll capture and torture every last one of you, until you beg me to kill you."

"We're not at liberty to say!" One of the women shouted, drawing a handgun and firing without hesitation.

Keeping hold of the chain, Shion advanced swiftly, swaying side to side sharply as he dodged each bullet without so much as being grazed. Circling to her back like a shadow, more chains bound her body, mostly around the limbs, which snapped out of place with a disgusting crunching sound as he ripped the chains into her. As she fell, he moved the second chain to the hand holding the first.

"That's not the answer that I was hoping for." He remarked, facing the rest of them.

A few minutes later, after the Faceless Men had fled, escaping in the water after their boat had been destroyed.

Shion took a deep breath, calming himself down as he took in the devastated area. He looked at Bloodeye and the woman, who were both unconscious. {Whatever...we can deal with them later. I'm gonna have to change the Tenets up myself.}

He combined the chains, tightening them to ensure that they would tear through the captive's flesh whenever they struggled. {I'm still too kind...}

Looking up at the moon, he clenched a fist. "To Black Hollow Marsh, then..."

In Black Hollow Marsh.

Shion was dragging his two prisoners behind him as he approached Onryx Keep, having sent messages through the private Guild server to let his allies know that he'd resolved their issues on his own.

{I swear to god, this better not have been some sort of fucked up prank.} He thought as he entered through the open gates.

"...So you actually came." Kenji called out, from a perch atop the gates.

Shion walked forward a short distance, before turning to look up at him. "You sound disappointed, Raijin Kenji."

Kenji blinked a few times, caught off guard. "You knew who I was?"

"I had a feeling after that little exchange we had." Shion answered calmly, setting a hand on his hip.

Kenji dropped down in front of him, "Well, just like she claimed, you've passed with flying colors. What's the connection between the two of you, anyway? You and Nightingale, I mean."

Shion looked a bit surprised, blinking once. "She hasn't told you? We're first cousins."

"...Eh?" Kenji stared at Shion, his eyes gluing to his hair. {Wait...now that I think about it...?}

"You really can be slow sometimes, Kenji." Selene commented as she walked over, all the citizens of the Keep observing from a distance.

Shion glanced at her, "You...are you Selene?"

As she nodded, his body tensed, turning toward her very subtly.

"Please don't go doing that, Shio~" Hisoka whispered, hanging his arm around Shion's neck while putting a hand over his. "It would displease her, if you killed one of her allies like this~"

"Hisoka." Shion gave him a cold look. "If you've been up to your usual creepy antics, you should know why."

Hisoka nodded as Selene tilted her head, "Indeed~ However, it isn't something you should bother with. Not yet, at least~"

Shion immediately pushed him off before releasing the chains he'd been holding. "Where is she?"

"Up in the shrine~" Replied Hisoka with a playful smile and a wave.

He glanced at Kenji and Selene as Shion immediately went into the castle, "You two be dears and prepare them for Yorshka~"

"Huh?" Selene and Kenji both stared after Hisoka, who followed Shion. "What...?"

Sumire was sitting in an open windowsill as her door opened. With a smile, she looked over. "It's been a while, Yu-chan."

"Don't 'it's been a while' me." Shion growled, walking toward her after closing the door. "I'm in a shitty mood right now."

"Really? I thought you would be relieved to know that your Guild was safe." Sumire admitted, turning to face him.

Shion's eye twitched, "The fact that you knew what was going on and didn't say anything to me, REALLY pisses me off."

Sumire reached out to touch his cheek as he stopped in front of her, "It's not like that, Yu-chan. In a way, my hands were a bit tied. I was positive that you would figure it out, anyway."

"Is there anything I can do for you to forgive me?" She asked curiously.

"You can tell me what those idiots were doing, messing with my people." Shion replied, pushing her hand away roughly.

Sumire nodded, lowering her hand. "The reason might irritate you, though. Anyway, the Faceless Men were hired by a client to infiltrate your Guild. That client's goal...was apparently revenge."

"Revenge. For what, exactly?" Shion stared at her in confusion.

Sumire lifted a hand to cover her mouth, "Well, the client apparently applied to join the Flames of Lordran sometime ago, but was turned away when he begged to be interviewed by you. The humiliation of that moment gave him the resolve to grind Quests and monster hunt until he raised the funds to hire Jaqen's Guild."

"I can't even..." Shion closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "If you're laughing right now, I might punch you."

He bit his lip, blushing as she burst out in laughter, unable to hold back. "God dammit! Why do the biggest retards cross our path!? Screw it, I'm going to handle every single fucking applicant myself from now on! Nobody joins without my seal of approval!"

"And stop laughing, you-" He was cut off before he could yell at her, by her mouth being against his.

Sumire stole his lips passionately, having been unable to hold herself back. She was pleased when she felt him pull her closer.

Pushing her away after a few minutes, Shion shook his head. "S-stop that!"

"Said Yu-chan, just before he broke down and took me over this windowsill." Sumire remarked, turning her back to him and bending over. "You don't need to hold back, Yu-chan~"

She giggled when he sighed, "Do you remember when we were in middle school? We were frequently trading places to help one another out when we needed it~"

"By that, you mean I was taking your place to do the things you weren't able to do well." Shion responded blankly, looking away from her.

He tilted his head, "Thinking back, Lia would always get so pissed when she found out we'd switched. Especially the days where she wanted to eat lunch with me."

Sumire turned again to hug him tightly.

"...Sumi?" Shion looked down at her, while putting his arms around her.

Sumire looked up at him with a bitter smile, "Yu-chan...I'm so glad you're here..."

"W-what's wrong?" Shion asked in surprise. "Are you hurt or something?!"

Sumire shook her head as he put his forehead against hers, "Yu-chan...you were too excited to notice, but..."

Shion followed her gaze to the loveseat, his eyes opening wide as he realized who was unconscious atop it. "What happened?!"

Sumire walked over as he rushed over, "It's a bit of a long story, really..."

Some time later, after sharing her recollection with him, Sumire sat on her bed, her face red.

Shion stared at her, "Is...that really the best you could come up with?"

"I-I was freaking out, okay?! If something happened to him here, you'd probably jump to conclusions and blame me!" Sumire exclaimed nervously.

"And I'm sorry that I can't be as smart as you, knowing exactly what I should do in any circumstance!" She growled.

Shion looked over to Howl for a few moments, then back at her. "I wouldn't have blamed you for anything..."

"...Do you not care about what I told you before that?" Sumire inquired. "The end is a strange part to fixate on, considering..."

{But then again...} She blushed a bit more.

Shion sighed, "I heard some cryptic warnings from The Hermit the last time I met him... Hearing what you told me...just reaffirms them."

He looked at her, seeing her concern. "Whatever this future is, I'm sure it can be changed. It's my responsibility to keep our colleagues in line. Even if that means embracing my Arcana."

"I'm still more concerned about..." He trailed off, looking down at his hands.

Sumire clenched her fists, "Shion...were you jealous?"

"Maybe." Shion answered, immediately realizing what she was referring to. "Does it matter?"

Sumire pulled him onto her bed, staring into his eyes as he landed atop her.

Shion gazed back into hers, looking a bit surprised. "...Ouka, whatever happens, I don't think we should be so scared of it. If we know what's supposedly going to happen, then we can do a number of things to prevent it. I'm not going to be hurt or killed, especially not by the likes of Nabu. And I'll neither hurt nor ever fight with Caleb like that. The only way we'll get out of this game is together, so let's just face the future together as well."

Sumire blushed, reaching up to touch his cheek. "You're always so sure of yourself, aren't you~?"

"Not even," Answered Shion, blushing himself. "The only thing I know, is that I'd rather die than let anything happen to any of you. And of course, I don't want to die. So the only solution is for us all to survive together, just as we always have."

He lowered himself, putting his arms around her comfortingly.

Closing her eyes, Sumire pressed her head against his chest. {I hope you'll still feel that way when you hear about Josh. I can't be the one to tell you, it has to be Caleb...}

She took a breath, rubbing her head against him. "Yu-chan? Tell me about the battle for World Expansion. What exactly happened? How did you feel through it all?"

"Oh, that?" Shion laughed a bit nervously, stroking her hair. "I was actually really nervous~ So we made our final preparations at our camp just outside the chamber and..."

He went through everything he remembered about the day the battle began, explaining all that had happened, along with how the developments made him feel.


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As a tale was told in the midst of Night, Wynne was making her way home when a shining angel landed behind her. It's ethereal blue strand wings wreathing in the air as it charged towards her!

Shion lay in Sumire's arms physically and mentally exhausted as her fingers ran across his skin, he looked over to Caleb. And felt an overwhelming sorrow, his lips twitched as a childhood that seemed a lifetime ago flooded back to him. As one particularly potent memory filled his mind He grabbed Sumire's hand rather forcefully and as she locked eye's with him he asked "do you know about the hit on Cal"? Sumire's eye's seemed to melt in guilt as Shion pushed away from her even as she reached for him. "Of course you did" he spat as a pit formed in his stomach.

"it's not like that Yu-chan-", "Then what is it like Sumire or should I call you Nightengale" Shion shouted only to be slapped across the face. "You think I want Caleb to be hurt? He's like a baby brother to me, I held him when he was a baby for god sake. There was nothing I could do".{please forgive me Himi} Sumire said through gritted teeth a tear rolling down her cheek. "And what if it had been me Su, what would you have done" Shion shot back unwilling to back down.

Sumire took a calming breath, "Like it or not there was nothing I could do, Selene acted at the exact second the file was reported. A right only three people have in this guild, had I been able to I would have motioned for trial by Greivor to at least give him a fighting chance. I wanted to tell you but you had just gotten out of your trial and I feared it would weigh too heavily on your mind. And so I decided to seal the incident from public knowledge. Cal doesn't need another reason for people to distrust him, and I feared how your friends and guild would react. Not that I believe he would but they might think Caleb hacked the minds of those around him, take your and his relationship you guys were never this close before the game" a sadness filled the air as she spoke

"If that were the case Wynne would have never left him *shakes his head and looks back at her* do you remember when we searched for Cal all night. And found him battered and broken sinking into the trash bags and.....he....*Tears streamed down his face feeling like flames*. Answered you by saying that's were trash like him belonged with a fucking smile on his face even as he twitched in pain".

"How could I forget that night". Sumire said as Shion continued "As we rushed him to the hospital you fervently asked him why he would do something so stupid. But he didn't answer you, I was the reason......., I doubt you remember the day but I went out with my friends and Cal stayed home like he always did. Well when I was out me and Airiel got in a spat so I came back angry, the house was dark and the shower was going. And I happened upon Caleb sitting in front of the cracked open door watching you shower and I just lost it. I shoved him and shouted what do you think your doing? He answer was silence and so I continued just when I think I understand you, you do something like this and make me wonder if everyone else is right about you. I defend you every time the others talk shit about you and then here I find you peeping on Sumi like a perv. His silence only made me more aggravated and I shouted, maybe the others are right maybe your just a worthless piece of garbage. I sighed and walked to my room door and said I don't know why I try anymore before closing the door. I tried to lay down but my heart felt so heavy for what I said that I got up to go tell him I was sorry when you burst in my room in nothing but a towel asking were Cal was. I didn't know he would go out and do what he did, and when he went to see his sister after getting patched up. I stared through the crack in the door I saw her scream at him as she crushed every break and squeezed every bruise until he was twitching in her lap as she cried. I felt like a monster , and even through all that he never once said my name to either of you. We all went home and the next morning I went to apologize I saw his fingers contorted in formation as he wiggled them back into place. With a sickening crack and my voice was gone he looked over at me and said. Sorry about last night the world gets fuzzy sometimes and I get confused and do some stupid things like staring at Sumi naked But the pain clears all that up. I stood there dumbfounded as I stuttered he held up a hand and said you never have to apologize to trash like me , and like that it was different. From that day on I felt like I had a hole in my chest as I tried to get Cal to let me back in to his heart, and just when I began to think our friendship was over. We started to game together on that old loveseat and slowly but surely we were together again, well at least we were till the girls or my friends came over. Then it was back to chasing my shadow and then before we knew it we were in this game and people started dying. And it was Cal who rose as the first vanguard to face the game and me and Josh were right behind him.
He formed the Kingslayers with his points and nominated Josh the leader. He pushed us and protected us like he was our protector and it was like we were unstoppable, but each battle got harder and harder to do alone. Josh wanted us to start recruiting but Cal wouldn't hear it, I knew we needed bodies and tried to reason with him but he stuck to his guns. I tried to stand by Caleb's vision but Josh was right and after much deliberation we realized in order to help everyone we had to kick Cal. We didn't know that Wynne was going to dump him or that things were going to go so wrong. But they did and even though Cal leapt in front of the attack the bosses piercing attack went right through his left pectoral muscle and ended our dearest friend. I looked to Cal and I saw those Icy globes become hollow husks as he cradled Josh in his arms. In that moment he told me that Wynne ended it by saying no one could ever love a piece of Garbage like you Caleb. I tried to say something as he rose to his feet sword in hand, Cal looked at me and said do you remember the day you visited the hospital after I fought you and Tatsu and Erston. And asked me why I kept these hideous scars on my face, well the answer is I keep them so I can see the monster that they see whenever they look at me.Shion couldn't find words anymore as Suimre pulled him back to her.{You will pay for actions Wynne} thought Sumi

"It seems we are both cursed to watch the one's we love destroy themselves, even as we squeeze them against our breast they seem to slip through our grasp" Whispered Sumire {I should have fought harder for you Himi, I won't Shion make that same mistake} Sumire wrapped her legs around Shion's waist as layed back pulling him onto of her as she kissed him.

"If you keep dragging your feet Yu-chan I'll make Caleb mine" Sumire cooed

Shion pushed himself from her with a scowl on his face "You'll what" Shion barked

"I didn't realize you and Cal-chan were like that, do the girls know?" she retorted alluringly.

Shion's face grew slightly red as he choked on his words for once in her presence,

Sumire ran her finger along Shion's chest before saying "If you want I can teach him the sweet spots" she continued on until she saw it was going to far as Shion began to recoil from her. She sighed and stated "Guild wise silly, one of us needs to pony up cause if we don't he will continue to tumble down the self destructive path he is on right now. And I refuse to watch that happen a second time".

"A second time?" Shion blurted out before remembering Himiko, and as he looked into Sumire's eyes he knew that she was absolutely right. "Can Caleb follow the rules of either guild though? {a faint memory of Caleb practicing entered his mind and answered it for him}
"Well when he wakes I'll-" both he and Sumire look over to the love seat and find that Howl is missing. Both Instinctively open their chat menu's only to see them spark and shutdown. {Shit}

"Hisoka" shouts Sumire as he enters the room instantly and says "I didn't think there was room for one more but if you insist". "Find and follow Caleb A Howl, and report to me his activites" she shouts quite coldly as Hisoka bows and leaves.

"Wait you said he was asked to do a ritual? but the only one that is active is....... no he wouldn't". He looks at Sumire a second before leaping out of the bed and equipping his clothes. "I can't catch him but at least I can get there before he does something stupid".

"What do you mean you can't catch him?" asks Sumire as she too starts to get dressed. " He's going to change his player type to black and use Zoom turning him into the fastest being alive". states Shion as he checks to see the closest bonfire.

His heart is pounding as he races through the city he doesn't know what he is looking for all he knows is something in the air is wrong. And that's when he sees it Wynne's battered body strapped to a cross with a message written on her body reading "DO YOU TAKE US SERIOUSLY NOW". Howl growls and charges forward tearing her from the structure as he demolishes it, her pulse is faint and her breath is even fainter. Howl quickly starts to sing Litany of Lust causing Wynne's mouth to open as the soul begins to enter Howl's as his mind is filled with what happened his flesh opens and begins to bleed while Wynne's body heals. Tears roll down his cheeks as leans in closer until their lips actually touch. Her breathing becomes normal as Howl's open glowing from under his tattered cloak, Wynne's body starts to shake until she snaps awake screaming. "Howl"! but she is alone in her bed with two rings laying on the center of her chest, she pants and cries as Dick walks in the room and rushes to her side. "What happened"?

Halfway across the world black lightning streaks across the ground and all the way through the city of Ashborne and into the Heart of Magistrates of Absolute Justice base. Stopping right in front of Kieta and dropping something before Devils Rejects ended and the runner decomposes into nothingness,"I really hate those things" Kieta grumbles. As Judge Magisters filled the room "Lord Grievor?", they were surprised to see him reading a scroll. "Hmph so your the first to use the summons this better be good Voice of the Damned" said Greivor gruffly as his Magisters looked around puzzled. "I have something to take care of I leave the will of Justice in your hands this shouldn't take long."

Howl stands atop the Spire of Damnation, a volcano that goes so far in the stratosphere that if it erupted it would blacken the sun. In his hand seemed to be a simple broad sword bound in chains. He stood at the edge of the vent looking straight into the magma as the heat and ash washed over him. With evaporating tears Howl removes his Kingslayer necklace as the sky suddenly darkens and begins to swirl over the spire. Howl then falls up into the storm spinning into nothingness before reappearing in a cavern lit by hell fire, a scarred moon gold mask covered he face. His feet and forearms wrapped in black leather with wisps of darkness pouring off his flesh, before him stood a coliseum were a man in bone shaped armor sat waiting for him.

"How's it going Caleb" says the man in red with a pep in his voice. Howl keeps moving forward completely silent as the man continues, "don't be like that bro". "Sorry, I thought I'd never see you again Joshua" Howl responds as Joshua chuckles in response as he removes his helmet. "It's been some time hasn't it? Sorry about Wynne leaving you I never wanted that to happen to you, to think if I had lived through that fight." A tear rolls down Joshua's cheek, "perhaps Shion or I would be here to face you but that would have shown Wynne right?".

"You were right Shion makes a great leader, he has an army that devote themselves to him wholeheartedly he really does have a charm that moves mountains. He all these people that worship him and power beyond recognition and yet he still says he needs me". Howl says with some cheer in his voice.

Joshua cracks a smile as his eyes show sadness "Your running out of time Howl, it's time to end this charade you know i'm not real and that this fragment of my being will be extinguished here". Howl nods "Goodbye brother"

Joshua dons his helm and draws his two ultra great swords he looks to Howl once more and says "you still refuse to use your gilded mail". Howl nods and a seal burns to his wrist as Joshua shakes his head "now all you external skills are sealed, you shouldn't have held back".

Shion makes his way to the base of the spire were he finds Greivor lounging against a tree, as Shion nears Greivor raises his head in acknowledgement. "So did the Howl summon me on your account or was it on his own Aoba-kun" asks Greivor as they fist pump each other. "You were summoned? I came here chasing Howl but it looks like I didn't get here fast enough". Greivor hands him the summons and Shion's eyes actually open in shock "He actually invoked the pact of the Round on you? Shit must be serious if he would call on you".

Howl spun through the air dodging Joshua's strike as he flicked his left hand out causing a chain to wrap around Joshua's ankle as it pulled him off balance. Howl then hit the ground in a roll using the sheathed blade to block Josh's back swing, flames then erupted around Josh causing Howl to do a back handspring backward to avoid the attack. Josh returned to the offensive with a Lunging crescent followed up by a Octo slash. Howl slid under the first strike and wove through the first three slashes of the second before wrapping one of the sacred chains around Josh's blade. Who let out an angry growl as he kicked Howl to the ground with and impressive boot. Howl bounced off the rock and blocked the blade strikes by moving the sheathed blade in circles, then kicked off Josh's knee and flipped over his head. Wrapping his chain around Josh's neck and pulls him to the ground as he lands, Josh quickly takes hold of the chain and smashes Howl into the wall.

As he sends several Fangs at him, the rock erupts into dust as Josh charges forward to finish Howl off but as the dust clears he sees that Howl is missing. Josh instinctively looks up and sees Howl descending towards him as his wrists, shoulders, knees and ankles get struck. Tagging him and leaving him motionless as Howl descends at him ready to slash with the sheathed blade knocking Josh's helmet off as he lands on the ground. "Stop playing around and draw your blade Howl!" Josh screams as he lets out a blood curdling roar as red aura surrounds him. His blades become longer, thinner and lighter as his armor expands with his increasing muscle mass Mythael his ultimate in life. Freed from the tagging Josh goes into flurry of strikes that Howl dodges by a fraction of a second but each slice gets closer and closer. Until finally one of his strikes grazes the chin part of the mask, sending Howl flying into a wall as Josh bombards the area with Death Fangs.

As the dust clears Howl is kneeling bleeding from several wounds and his breath is coming out in rasps as Josh slowly stalks forward shaking his head. "Even Shion would have drawn the blade and finished this by now" Josh taunted as he continued advancing. Chains swirled around Howl as he dashed forward. Josh sighed and started swinging but the chains deflected each blow like it was made of paper. It was at this moment that the chains were giving off wisps of pure darkness just like Howl's flesh. As he gets into striking range Howl palms the sheath into both of Josh's wrists. Making his arms swing out wide as Howl slams the sheath into Josh's foot before palming it into his chest. Sending Josh flying back as he spins about and charges forward. Josh gets his footing back and starts swinging again.

Howl deflects each attack with the drawn blade as he gets in reach and nails seven strikes to Josh's torso before plunging the blade straight through his heart. He then jerks his left arm as the sheath plunges through Josh's back sheathing the blade once more. Josh gags before laying on Howl and saying "Thank you". His body then explodes in Howl's arm as the tether that bound them starts to disintegrate. The power of the Tower Arcana starts to escape when Howl forms the Gilded mail around it sealing it for the time being. As the world around him dissolves and he finds himself falling from the sky and an accelerated rate, when he suddenly feels the pain of a spear piercing his shoulder as he crashes into the ground. He looks up and sees the angelic Zachariah "I believe your orders were to free the Arcana". Howl pulled the head of the spear out of his shoulder and said "When did I go to Diablo III", he was answered with the butt of the spear to his masked face. "Zelgius, Dean help me deal with this trash" shouted Zachariah as Howl rolled back to his feet.

Shion started to dash forward only to be stopped by Greivor's arm, "this is his fight Shion ours will be here soon enough". Shion opened his mouth to protest but realized what Greivor was talking about.{You can do this Caleb}

As Zelgius and Dean advanced on Howl he grabbed their weapons and closed his eyes as both were blasted back into the side of the spire. Both bounced off it's side as Zach charged at Howl only to be diverted by the swing of Alondite, "How'd he do that Zel?" shouted Dean in frustration. "He overpowered the regalia with his own will and hitting us with the force of rejection" responded Zelgius as he got to his feet and charged with a great sword in hand. Howl hooked his foot with Dean's Death's scythe sending to the ground as he deflected shoots from Dean's 9mms. Zach slashed his back with his spear causing Howl to stumble forward in pain as turned and swung. Only striking air as he took a pommel to the shoulder from Zelgius knocking causing him to grunt in pain as he slammed the regalia together. Synthing them into Reaper Alondite making it a double ended pole arm, Howl began moving in a pattered as he. Pushed back the three attackers , finding himself unable to take on a aggressive role against the three of them. Zelgius charged forward as Dean took aim, so Howl struck Zelguis's knee as he pushed him into Dean's shot. As he struck Dean with a Death Eclipse only to feel the spear tear at his back yet again. {Can't take to many more of those, if only this seal were lifted}

Howl went back on the defensive as the three kept the pressure on in order to keep their advantage over him. Each trying to find a chink in the others approach. Unfortunately Howl found himself pushed against the side of the Spire with no way of getting out and thus the three went for an all out attack. Howl turned around and hit the wall of the spire with Death Eclipse blanketing the area in dust blinding his attackers. Dean was the first to enter so Howl sent him into the Spire wall were he got hit by Zelgius's overhead strike knocking him out. Zelgius then took a critical from Zach's spear dazing him as Howl struck Zach with a third eclipse knocking the angel to the ground. As he grabbed him by the throat and started to repeatedly smash him into the side of the spire roaring as he did it, it didn't take long for Zach to drop his weapon. But Howl kept going and going until it wasn't enough, so he tightened his grip around Zachariah's throat. And began choking the son of a bitch, "enough Walker" shouted Grievor as he walked behind Howl who ignored him. "I said enough Walker" Grievor shouted drawing his blades, this time Howl released Zach's throat only to grab his helmet and crush it on Zach's head. As he released him he took a shoulder to the back and stumbled into the wall as Grievor roared "I warned you Walker now pay the price"

Greivor raised his blade to Howl's throat as Shion ran up to stop him only for both of them to see a concentrated beam of Chaos blast Howl. The two of them turned to face Nabu who used an Aura of Order called Sanctuary making them unable to take any action for the minute thirty duration. So the two were forced to watch as Howl writhed in pain, "Just release the Tower and this all stops Walker" said Nabu with a cackle. But Howl refused so Nabu intensified the potency causing Howl's body to warp every few seconds as he used all his strength to keep his form intact. He put up a good fight but just as Sanctuary was about the end Howl's gilded mail burst as the Arcana started to return. Nabu let up as Howl dove his arm into the smoldering gauntlet and drew the Arcana inside him causing extreme pain as the Arcana started to attack his being slowly destroying him. As Nabu tried to advance on Howl he found himself face to face with the Phalanx Arcana.

Nabu teleports back as Greivor and Shion take stand side by side behind the Phalanx shield staring at Nabu with intensity. "We gotta do this quick Shion, or else we lose Walker. So don't pull any punches" stated Greivor as he wraped his Phalanx around his swords. "Hope those shields are quicker then me, cause I'm aiming to kill this fucker" spat Shion as wind began to flow around him.

Greivor starts to charge forward his Phalanx Arcana forming a point, Nabu's sends several chaos blasts at it only to watch them bounce off it Harmlessly. {Fool,an Arcana can not alter the effects of another} thinks Grievor ad he shakes his head and continues forward, as Shion continues to boost of panels made of the Phalanx Arcana. As he presses the attack on Nabu forcing him to use Order for a barrier for the brunt of the attack. As the wind around Shion deals damage through it. Grievor then slams it at full sprint sending Nabu flying as his barrier weakens further. With a angry growl Nabu drops the shield and fires a chaos blast forth as Shion zips through him looking like streaks of emerald. The blast goes past Grievor and looks to be a missed shot until the sound of crumbling rock signifies the target was Howl. Grievor adjusts his attention just in time to stop Howl from being crushed but in doing so failed to notice Nabu strike the ground infront og him. Causing him to fall into a liqufied hole that continues to grow making him continuously sink deeper and deeper until Shion dives in and fishes him out.

Once freed Grievor drops onto a platform made of the Phalanx and continues his charge across it as Shion advances at Nabu appearing as sparkles of Emerald in the sky. As Shion lands another strike Nabu unleashes a Chaos blast like a shield around him catching Shion quite hard as he bounds through it. Both taking severe damage as Grievor catches Nabu in the side crashing him into the earth as he goes for the second Nabu erects another barrier. After two testing strikes Greivor digs his blades underneath the barrier and launches him into the air. Shion slashes through it like butter and as he continues forward for the kill strike. Nabu begins to unleash his chaos field in an attempt to take Shion with him. When suddenly what looks like an explosion of destruction begins to form in front of Shion forcing him to divert his flight. More form guiding him out of the attack and to a blindspot allowing Shion to get his strike in sending Nabu crashing down with a sliver of health. Greivor then surrounds Nabu's hands and head with the Phalanx Arcana putting an end to his spells and the fight at hand.

As Shion exits the tempest form he turns to see Caleb kneeling with Excalibur in his left hand and right arm devoid of color and looking like ash. He opened his mouth as light poured out and released the Tower from his body, as it left him he crumpled to the ground his lips creased into a smile. As he convulsed in silent laughter, Greivor used the seal of justice to send Nabu, Zach , Zelgius and Dean to the prison under his guild building. He then helped Shion lift Caleb to his feet, as both held him up Shion let out a sigh and said "I could go for some ice cream how about you Keita?". "I always have time for ice cream Aoba-Kun" and with that the three teleported to the best ice cream shop in PSO.

Shion went with a large bowl of buttered pecan while Keita got a white chocolate caramel french vanilla bowl and the semii recovered Caleb got a prinny cone (A giant Ice cream model of a Prinny from Disgiea and a case of prinny poppers which is pretty much the same thing just in bon bon size). As the three ate their Ice cream Shion and Greivor caught up after such a long time apart as Caleb ate in silence. "Well it's been strange boys, but you both left me with some work to do so until next time" says Greivor as he gets up to leave Caleb gives him the case of prinny poppers. "Thanks for the help I was rather outmatched" says Caleb as Greivor tries one and smiles, "thanks" Greivor replies as he heads out. Caleb orders to more cases before saying "we should probably head back now I'm sure Prinny is freaking right now". "In a bit I need to talk to you Cal and no it can't wait we've needed to speak for some time and we both know it but we let. All this other shit get in the way well I say now we've earned some time to not be Artoias the leader of the largest and strongest guilds. And White walker the lone wolf", Caleb looks at Shion and sighs "If you ask i'll serve you but you have to put me through your new screening process and ask the others how they feel about it". Shion takes in his words and looks at Caleb inquisitively "You think they will deny your membership? so you still refuse to trust them? then why do you trust me and Sumire what makes us different ?". Shion's voice had raised throughout the sentence as Caleb stared back at him blankly {because your family} he felt the soft caress of a woman's hand. He turned his head slightly to see Himiko with a compassionate look in her eye {You can tell him Cal he'll understand you know he will}. A tear rolled down his left cheek as his lips twitched {I can't his burden is to much right now, it would just be a distraction}. Himiko took Caleb's hands into her own {but you need it}, Caleb then feels a droplet ripple across a lake and turns his gaze to see the handsome devil looking back at him. {No, you rather tear yourself apart isn't that right Caleb}. His forehead starts to bleed slowly as he coldly says "If Wicca has taught me anything it's that it doesn't matter what I do people's perception of me never really changes. And you know as well as I do that Tatsu never forgave me for fighting even after teaching me some of his discipline to find inner peace". Shion reached out and squeezed Howl's still injured right arm aggressively. Banishing the hallucinations from his mind as he said "Enough about that as you said it's in there hands now on to what I really want to talk to you about".

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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When the shit hits the fan

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