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Return of the Ichi-kun
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Shadow Puppets

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41091414 referred to as Djinn

Sleeping Dragon, Mr. Game and Watch, Senju

Status: Status: Djinn practices the Pale Hell Eternal Venus technique whose practice forever burned his eyes black leaving his pupils and the outline of his Irises white. A master of Bao-ken style a dead style due to the extremes involved in it's practice, the most basic description being to surrender oneself and exert ones spirit or will over all,Laments terms duality to the highest degree. Djinn bears the weight of a mutated dragons gate. It is slowly making him superhuman at the cost of destroying his very being, Memories emotions and your very soul. Replacing these precious things with the dragons thirst and vengeance, eventually making turning the afflicted into a violent demon until death His connection to his twin Daichi slows the decay through meditative soul fusion but even that has his limits a fact the brothers keep hidden from the rest. Djinn gained the title sleeping dragon because of his lethargic tendency's that are actually forms of spirit training. He is a big softy in the presence of Hiatzu Meryl obeying her every whim and is actually quite lovable when around her. When not in her presence he leans on towards the cynical yet wise mannerisms which rubs most people the wrong way not that he intends to do so. His spirit is the treacherous dragon goddess Tiamat which he keeps suppressed to keep her fro filling the holes in his soul. Daichi is the bearer of Bahamut the divne counterpart of Tiamat.

Bio: Hiatzu Dalia saw a possible future in which she would bear two twins through the strangest of means. It intrigued her and so she told Kenshiro of the event, needless to say he supported his wife's decision. And so Dalia went to pray at the ancient dragon shrine were she was approached by one of the masked marsh men. Before he could speak she stated her willingness to accept his gift and so via a gentle palm strike on her lower abdomen between the hips she felt an energy unlike any other. Only for it to be interrupted by a fist going through the masked man's chest. This fist belonged to the pathetic dragon fist user Raidou, who was shocked to find his own energy pouring into Dalia. Angry at losing his quarry he quickly fled as Dalia caught the now dying man who whispered instructions to her before dissipating into her being. As she rose to her feet she could feel the life already starting to grow inside her which came as a intriguing feeling. Upon her return she went back to her normal life until the week before the conception were she took the required pilgrimage alone as requested. Bearing the twins in the shrine madien's bath of the ancient Dragon temple, when she returned with the babes Kenshiro was surprised to see that the babes looked like his best men the twins Roah and Toki who succumbed to their curse and became Geedo. Instantly realizing that was who the masked man was he held the children in his arms like any of his other children when he asked their names. Dalia answered Djinn and Daichi, the names seemed odd until she pointed out the brand flowing down their spines reading 41091414 and 419389.

The next night Kenshiro filled the paperwork for the adoption of Djinn and Daichi adding them to the family a fact not known to those outside of the family besides Ouka. A year later Tseng was born and thus the three grew up together rather closely and while Tseng delved into Black heaven and Earth technique. The twins started training in Pale Hell Eternal Venus technique which focused on ones soul and spirit. They trained every day till they collapsed forcing one of the siblings to carry up food and feed them, but this was just the preliminary tests next came the first trial. Losing ones sight and forced to continue until they could overcome the set back, then the next trial they were stripped of their hearing. Until yet again they overcame losing both sight and hearing then came the third and second hardest trial. Losing the last thing the ability to feel, and for a week they were left descending into a state of madness or enlightenment no one really knows. After that week they were struck in a way that awakened only their pain receptors making even the lightest poke feel like a devastating blow. They were then forced to find a way to survive an onslaught for three whole days, upon survival they regained their hearing except this time the trainers made echos. Forcing them to learn a way to discern the difference and once they succeeded in this they gained the ability to feel again. Making every form of contact cause excruciating pain even attacking and this test was to see if they would break.

Passing this test allowed them to gain their sight back, which had the side effect of their eyes burning to show which side of the spectrum they were on. Djinn's eyes burned black with a white outline and Iris gaining him the name Mr. game and watch while Daichi's eyes became the opposite. White eyes with black Iris and outline, the trainer then taksed them in going through a labryinth were all of their sense would lie to them. Their goal being making it to the center without dying a task that almost no one ever succeeds at but by some miracle they did. This crucible helped them to gain a deeper understanding of Bao-Ken then any other user guaranteeing them the ability to surpass mastery of the style. Shortly after this the two were kidnapped by Alistair Fisk and heavily experimented on forcing them to open a gate and warping it beyond recognition. It allows them to surpass further and further past bodily limitations at the cost of their memories, emotions and soul. Essentially erasing who they are and replacing it with their spirit and a sickness known as the Dragons thirst and Vengeance until they are just mindless killing machines. It was Tseng who went on a solo mission saving his alleged half brothers and inadverlty their half sister Honoka.

Having lost almost all of his emotions by this time Tseng did it at the behest of Meryl who missed the bastards dearly. Upon their return Tseng and the brothers went before Dalia and Ken. It was then that Dalia almost shed a tear as the new cursed future of the brothers came into her mind. Both heads of the Hiatzu were visibly filled with hate and rage, surprising the twins who always felt like outcasts among the family. But for the most part life went back to normal for several years until they forgot Meryl's birthday completely spending the whole day training till dinner. Upon showing up extremely late the entire family confronted them and Meryl herself ran into her room crying. The twins felt like monsters even after it was discovered that the entire memory was gone from both their heads. The family tried to console the two but their words fell on deaf ears. The twins left the house and came back the next morning waking Meryl and celebrating the whole day with her telling her a princess gets two days to celebrate. And upon the evening Meryl fell asleep smiling, but that was the last the Hiatzu family saw of the brothers. As they left to spare the family from having to see them degenerate in front of their eyes.

Not that Tseng would have it, after two years passed he became the scion of the Hiatzu and announced their involvement in the tournament. As he made the announcement he knew without a doubt that his half-brothers were going to be by his side the whole way.

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous

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Hiatzu Yarai Tseng

Yamata no Orochi, The Noble Wolf, Prince of the Hiatzu, The Black Demon

Status: A man whose greatest strength is his unparalleled perception. His golden eyes grasp details far beyond the norm for even the most trained Martial Artists, to say nothing of the Ki Tracing technique which has him hailed as being omnipotent. He has mastered the secret technique of the Hiatzu Clan, the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, which also directly allows them to utilize their unique style, Hiten-Ryu; a style that revolves around controlling and gathering pure natural energy, which is stored in the body and released for a variety of incredible effects, including control over elemental forces; this allows them to perform even techniques that those with the Dragon's Gates can use. To reach the level of mastery currently held only by him, his eldest brother and his father, a price had to be paid, their humanity. In other words, their natural emotions. He's a sublime actor however, so aside from the handful of people who know, none can even guess that he's emotionless from the way he acts.
Tseng specializes in striking, defending and evading. The way he personally develops himself day by day, he aims even beyond the style of one like his mother. Rather than controlling an opponent's movements with his own, to absolutely dominate them in every way, he seeks the ability to control his opponents with Spirit alone, making them move according to what he allows them to see, rather than what he physically does. According to Yuan and Kenshiro, such a style can only be made a reality by one with perception and spiritual ability on par with Tseng's.
Along with various styles and techniques, he has learned the Na Bong-Chim Ryu Style, from the woman known as the greatest Healer; which he often uses to surpass his limits during extensive training or battle, by forcing his body to allow him to keep going. He's masterful in grappling, both in grappling against opponents and defending against them. His favorite line is "It's 1000 years too early for you to throw me," which is usually said whenever he reverses an attempt for someone to throw him.
When learning other styles, he incorporates them to build upon his base in Hiten-Ryu, which essentially has him practicing a unique style that evolves after every single fight and experience. He's naturally incapable of accessing any Dragon Gate whatsoever, a condition considered to be exceedingly rare, and in spite of this, he has exhibited a level of ability and talent so vast that he's capable of using Hiten-Ryu to achieve effects that even many Dragon Gate users can only dream of, making others question if he's really incapable of opening the Dragon Gates. In particular, he created a series of unique techniques which have been nicknamed the Inverse Arts: Issei Kenkon, Hisuishin, Tsuchimyaku, Chikara Kaze and Seiroushio. The Inverse Arts were nicknamed thus because they're the most well-known of Tseng's paradoxical style; where he displays immeasurable grace in combat, which invokes both wonder in its execution and apprehension over its nature, given that he draws on the absolute negatives of the Martial Arts. This takes root under the effects of his ultimate skill, Kourin Insei, which freely produces Ki so corrupt and negative that even Demons quiver under its influence; it's joked that he took the Black Demon epithet too seriously. While Kourin Insei is the true foundation of his ever evolving style, and the corrupt nature of it is always felt when he fights, he doesn't actually use the proper skill in the vast majority of fights for various reasons, so the world is clueless to its full capabilities; its activation is denoted by his techniques all taking on a black darker than the very blackest pitch, as if embodying the very darkness of the universe. Watching him typically invokes irreconcilably contradictory feelings in others, as on one hand they feel honored to watch his beautiful technique, yet they lament the fact that something so beautiful can also be so utterly terrifying. He's at least admitted that Kourin Insei is completely unrelated to the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, which makes the skill one of the most curious mysteries of Martial Arts for specialists. Ouka, Dalia, Kenshiro, Yuan, Kiirina and Hayato are the only ones who know the true nature of the skill, as it's the one thing Tseng never flaunts.
When in possession of the Hiatzu Clan Regalia, the Soul Vanquisher, Chokuto Yamato, he usually wields the blade in combat without drawing it. In that case, he wields it in a strange style which is a hybrid between a staff and sword play. If he decides to draw the blade, it's often the case that rivers of blood will be spilt. Yamato can only be activated by those without an 8th Dragon Gate, though there's a rather strict requirement even then. He also owns an ancient katana known as the Blade of Heaven, which he'll use when he needs to.
The Spirit that represents him is the Celestial Serpent that once subjugated the Heavens and everything beneath them, Yamata no Orochi. Unlike others, Tseng can willingly manifest and converse with his Spirit for a variety of effects, mainly showing others illusions of their own deaths or other brutal things. It's an undeniably unnatural ability, as others Spirit's manifest periodically in intense moments, but others aren't able to converse with their Spirits as freely as Tseng does Orochi, with others conversations typically coming onesided from the Spirit's side.
Neither Sei nor Dou, the trait of his Ki is Neutral as a result of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.

Bio: In the past, he had been extremely frail and weak, thus he focused on swordsmanship. Under training from some of the greatest masters, within and out of his family, he overcame the weakness. Of course, the main reason was mastery of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, which allowed him to meticulously reconstruct his entire cellular structure one step at a time, simply through the supreme meditation. After an accident, where he embraced the final stage of the technique, his father was severely injured and his precious little sister Meryl, the reason he can actually feel genuinely for those closest to him, was left traumatized. Since then, he has taken steps to try and ensure that a similar event never happened again.
A secret, known only to Dalia and Kenshiro, is that Tseng was actually found within the Celestial World. Dalia had had a miscarriage with their real son, and Ken happened upon a baby who had also been born that day, yet had been abandoned in the Celestial World. He hadn't understood what drove him to the decision, but he ended up taking the baby back and claiming him as their child, something that nobody else had any issue believing. As the child grew up, even the parents believed he could truly be their child, due to the incredible resemblance between them. Tseng himself is the only one aside from his adoptive parents that knows the truth, but keeps it to himself. As Dalia and Ken don't know his true origins, because Dalia supposedly refuses to look into it at all, he secretly searches for the slightest hints about his true background. Dalia did, at least, mention once that Tseng's golden eyes were probably hereditary, and that it was extremely odd that he was capable of controlling and freely conversing with Orochi. She apparently also believes that that's all related to his natural ability to inspire absolute love in anything that isn't human.
Tseng carries himself with pride and benevolence, despite his startling lack of shame in most cases. He possesses vast intelligence, integrity and honor, and even though he can usually see his enemy's weaknesses easily he'll never exploit them, allowing for earnest battles. He refuses to employ underhanded means in combat, and will chastise anyone around him who elects to do so. On the flip side, he'll do horrible things to people who irritate him. He's always in control of any situation and never loses his cool, even when he's playing the fool, trolling, or messing with others; one reason he tries to avoid Dalia is that she's the only person in the world capable of beating him in his trolling games. He believes in noblesse oblige and rarely looks down on anyone beneath him, unless they've given him reason to do so. For him, his little sister is his world, his moon and his sun. After the events that nearly cost him his father and two loved ones, he resolved to never allow Meryl to be placed in harm's way again. To that end, he rarely ever goes to a place where she'll be outside of the range of his Ki Tracing, as he can keep an eye on her at all times. He actually does possess the natural ability to get annoyed or hate someone or something. He can actually only feel for others through an extreme link of empathy between him and Meryl, who serves as an emotional anchor of sorts. If she likes someone, he can genuinely feel for them, and if she doesn't, they're either irrelevant, irritating or despised in terms of his feelings. Of course, he can only feel for those Meryl really likes, she can't lie to him to make him feel for someone. Even his family isn't exempt from this. When he gets genuinely pissed, he flies into a savage rage and doesn't stop until the target of his rage is obliterated, or he's stopped by his friends or family; mostly his family, as they're the most well equipped to take him down.
Known only to Kiirina and Dalia, Tseng did something to save Meryl's life after she was born in a very dangerous and complicated manner. Neither are aware of what he actually did, but they're the only ones who know he was with her before her condition improved.
He's known to cross dress at times, and go out to let men hit on him.
He has a rather wicked sadistic streak, and does actually enjoy seeing others squirm and submit to him, both man and woman alike.
Animals are practically in love with him, and he can tame even the most vicious of them in less than a minute. Whenever he's in an area with lots of animals, he ends up with a parade of them swarming around him.

Tenjouin Reina Ouka

Princess of the Tenjouin, Leviathan, The Celestial Spear, Ocean's Princess

Status: Ouka specializes in utilizing spears/lances in Martial Arts, with the unique style of the Tenjouin Clan. She is the greatest prodigy born to her family, with perfect control over their secret technique, Amatsuheki. Her greatest asset is her flawless precision and perfect accuracy, as she almost never misses what she aims for, no matter the circumstance. She's referred to as being savagely efficient in combat, as she doesn't hesitate to decimate anyone she faces.
She doesn't actually need a spear to utilize her style, as she's mastered a technique that allows her to forge her fingers into spears through the clever use of Ki. Her Ki Distribution ability is practically unprecedented, which only serves to lend to her precise style.
She has opened the 6th Dragon Gate, Water, which allows her to control and manipulate water at will. She generally uses this to create weapons and incorporate the Gate in her style.
Ouka's Spirit is the celestial lord of the ocean, Leviathan, who once flooded the entire world to save all life from an ethereal blaze. While her control isn't to the same level as Tseng's, she's in tune with her Spirit enough for it to manifest on its own in various situations.
Her Ki's trait is Sei.

Bio: Born just a month after Tseng, Ouka has practically always been by his side. The first meeting she remembers was from when she was 3, which was when their families decided the two would be arranged to marry one another; after her parents, Cliff and Sakura, saw how well they got along. Neither had ever been against it, even as they grew, as they shared a mutual attraction and love. Her parents can be extremely overbearing and sometimes harsh, because she lacks the cruel determination to rule (they also continue to judge her as the young and naive girl she used to be), but Tseng was always the one who supported her. Even when he lost his emotions, her being one of the few who know, she stuck with him, despite the fact that he started treating her coldly afterwards. She's thankful for and adores Meryl, for being the one that made it possible for her beloved to remain in love with her. Unbeknownst to her, she's actually Tseng's second anchor to humanity.
Ouka is thought by many to be the most beautiful Princess of the world, more resplendent than the sea itself. She can be quite the tsundere, often trying to hide her feelings, but has learned to be direct with what she wants. The ones she loves most are Tseng, her own little sister Kairi, and Meryl. Like Tseng, she believes in the idea of noblesse oblige and treats mostly everyone with respect. She'll do anything to protect Tseng, and despite being kind, her words can be callous and harsh toward anyone she believes might hurt him. She's also extremely territorial, which sometimes makes her rather cruel to other women that she doesn't accept, even those who have decided to follow her fiance, if they act in a way that bothers her; mainly when she thinks they're bothering Tseng in some way. According to rumors, her tongue cuts deeper than many blades, and she's actually driven quite a few malcontents to seriously consider suicide, some actually acting on it. As a result of this, Tseng actually tries to regulate her speech when he's with her, since he can always tell when she'll say something that will inevitably give someone a vile mental trauma. Interestingly enough, she earnestly sees nothing wrong with the things she says, and rarely apologizes to anyone no matter what she says or does. Her stubborn streak is apparently something Tseng absolutely loves about her, though he openly admits that he gets extremely turned on whenever she goes tsun.

Furinji Linali

The Sky Queen, Eastern Blue Star, Phoenix of the Murim, Princess of Yami, Member of the Kuremisago

Status: A disciple of the Furinji Garyuu style, developed by her grandfather, Furinji Hayato. Her mobility is ridiculous, both in terms of speed and aerial efficiency, as her movements are likened to flight itself; something she shares with her mother, Shizuha. She's also learned the Dragon Arts created in Korea, which are practiced by her mother. She combines the Furinji style with Dragon Arts and her mobility to dance through the skies while knocking down anyone who dares to chase her. When flying about, those around her can see a mirage of wings or feathers about her.
As a member of the famous Sun-Woo Clan, she's also assimilated their techniques and skills into her repertoire of Martial Arts, which only served to make her even more deadly than she already was.
She's extremely violent in combat, despite her personality, as she was raised in the ways of the assassins of Yami. While she does try to avoid killing people, her attacks are usually lethal enough to do so. Her assassin reflexes cause her to violently throw anyone who gets behind her.
Her Spirit is a sky blue Phoenix.
Her Ki's trait is Dou.

Bio: Daughter of Furinji Saiga and Shizuha, two of the strongest Martial Artists in the world, who run one of the most powerful shadow organizations in the world, Yami. As her big brother, Furinji Chun-Woo, is firmly rooted as a symbol of the Murim, she is the Heiress to Yami and was raised like an assassin (being one of the Kuremisago, one of the most elite warrior clans in the entire world, she also received extreme physical training). In the Murim, the top Martial Arts society in Korea, she was known as one of the Four Supernovas, the Eastern Blue Star. Just like a Supernova, she would burn brightly for all to see, with no sign of slowing down. By the time she was 14, she was already hailed as the second coming of her brother, the Nine Arts Dragon, and had joined the most feared clan, the Sun-Woo. She had wanted a new challenge however, as she'd grown too accustomed to the variations in Dragon Arts practiced by the Clans of the Murim. Having heard of Hiatzu Tseng, who was her age, from her grandfather who had helped train Tseng, she journeyed to Japan. She believed that defeating the Black Demon of the greatest family would be the most worthwhile goal she could aim for. She attacked Tseng frequently upon meeting him, to the irritation of Ouka, his vassals and his elder sister. Each fight either ended in a draw, or from someone interfering, mostly Kasumi. After a few months, she decided to take a break and returned to Korea, where she was praised for facing him so many times. After spending the next year training harder in Yami, she went back to Japan where she was finally defeated by Tseng. She had been drawn to the strength he displayed in beating her, and decided to follow him and get stronger.
Linali is extremely free spirited and open about anything and everything. Her passion is as boundless as the skies she soars across. She tends to be a bit extreme in everything she does, a result of her upbringing, but is a genuinely good girl at heart. She doesn't actually have qualms about killing others, and never makes threats since she prefers to let her actions define her. She has an incredibly bright and cheerful persona, and can usually cheer up anyone she meets. She's noted to be slightly obsessed with seeing Tseng fight, and him in general. She's openly bisexual, and doesn't hide her desire to have a giant orgy with Tseng and every girl who wants him. She keeps in close touch with her family and friends back home in Korea, but won't hold back if she ever ends up competing against them. She also has a severe obsession with cats, and enjoys snuggling cats, acting like a cat and wearing cat items.

Hotaru Kiirina

Queen of the Hotaru Clan, The Immortal Empress, Leader of the Celestial Vanguards, The World's Greatest Healer, The Holy Dragon

Status: Master and founder of the Hotaru Clan style, Tenraite [Heavenly Hand] which is primarily based around defending and countering, turning the power of an opponent against them, while rarely throwing the first attack. With her sheer proficiency, she's one of the few Martial Artists capable of throwing Tseng as she pleases. She has also mastered numerous styles from all countries in the world, and is one of the authorities on Martial Arts in general.
She developed and is the greatest Master of the first and most supreme form of acupuncture, known as the Na Bong-Chim Ryu, which has the ability to manipulate Ki Circulation Points at will, effectively enabling her to control every last thing about an opponent that's beneath her lofty power. This style has her fingers function as needles with pinpoint precision and accuracy, in order to bring about a countless variety of effects.
Her appearance is eternal and unchanging, as is her life, as she attained perfect immortality through means unknown to any other being. She has, however, developed a technique used by all Martial Artists with the proper mastery of their Ki, which grants them ageless bodies like her own.
Given her pacifistic personality, she's fully capable of defeating any opponent beneath her, without hurting them even slightly.
The original person who attained and uses the 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Palm, which is used to heal others via the manipulation of her own Ki and theirs.
Her Spirit is a pure white western dragon with a body made of holy light. Its name is unknown, rather forgotten, however it's known that the dragon is one of the cornerstones of the Heavens.
Her Ki's trait is both Sei and Dou, though she's stronger while using the Sei trait.

Bio: Kiirina was one of the people who originally attained the Dragon Gates, as well as one of the founding Martial Artists in history. In the past, when Yamata no Orochi rampaged and subjugated the Heavens and Earth, she formed a group known as the Celestial Vanguards, which worked alongside the Celestials of Heaven to defeat the Celestial Serpent. Following this, the Vanguards had fought to protect the Earth and directly established the current system that safely separates Humans from the Celestials.
Following the era of the Celestial Vanguards, she worked with the first leader of the Hiatzu Clan to develop the Martial Arts World, and founded the Hotaru Clan. Her family line is actually descended from her twin sister, as Kiirina herself is a virgin who's never felt the embrace of a man. As her technique is passed down primarily through her Clan, there is little need for children to be born, Rosalie being the last in the previous 100 years.
She has spent her life protecting and helping others, and has established the most successful network of non profit hospitals, the world over. She devotes much of her time to saving the lives of others, and travels the world at times to heal that which no other can. She also set up numerous orphanages to take care of children and teach them to protect themselves and others, in order to give them the confidence to lead an honest life.
As one of the top 10 Martial Artists in all of history, as well as the world's greatest Healer, she's idolized and worshiped by all. Despite being as human as anyone, she's viewed as a treasure, a Goddess living in the realm of man.
She's relentlessly kind, patient and understanding, carrying herself with grace befitting of her status. She dislikes being placed on a pedestal, as she doesn't see herself as being special, but has learned to live with the way she's treated. She helped to raise quite a few important children, including Tseng, Ouka, Linali, Aoi and Jeral. Despite being older than anyone knows, she is perfectly innocent and arguably naive, believing that everyone has it in them to be good. She's also a major prude and doesn't understand perversion. She does tend to go with the flow though, in most cases. Not long ago, she ended up falling in love with Tseng, which is kept under wraps due to the amount of backlash it would breed. She doesn't actually understand why she developed feelings for a boy she partially aided in raising, but finds herself unable to ignore him even when she wants to. Jeral possesses extreme confusion on how she and Tseng can possibly be romantically involved. She's a wondrous singer with the voice of a goddess.
When she first met Tseng, she felt he was extremely familiar, but wrote it off as him being so similar in personality to Dalia. In her subconscious mind, her first thought was actually that he felt just like one of her old friends.

Hotaru Rosalie

Heiress of the Hotaru

Status: As the disciple of Kiirina, she has learned the Hotaru's Tenraite style and aims to one day fight just like her Master does.
She's skilled in acupuncture, and can utilize the needles in battle in order to take down or weaken opponents. Kiirina has yet to teach her the proper Na Bong-Chim Ryu, but she's studied its use to further her acupuncture skills.
Despite her youth, she aids Kiirina in her duties, helping to run the hospitals and heal others as she can.
Naturally, she's inherited and studies to master the Dragon's Palm.
Her Ki's trait is Sei.

Bio: Rosalie is the only child born to the Hotaru Family in the last century or so. She is set to inherit the Hotaru Clan once she turns 21. She grew attached to Tseng, much like Kiirina, since the first time she met him. She recently graduated from the same prestigious middle school that Meryl and Kairi just started at, with the top scores in every category. She spends her time performing as Kiirina's manager.
She's extremely devoted to Kiirina, worshiping her and loving her to death. She can be rather rigid and far too proper for a young lady, but displays maturity seen in those far beyond her years. She's actually quite similar to her Master, though she's flustered much more easily. She can also be a strict stick in the mud at times, and hates perverted things, though she's too innocent to immediately consider things sexually. Since she's so easy to mess with, she's victimized by Tseng very often. Nonetheless, she's heavily drawn to him and wishes to support him in any goal he decides to pursue.
Those close to her, affectionately refer to her as the smaller clone of Kiirina.

Kabane Jeral

Prince of the Kabane Clan

Status: As is the way of the Kabane, Jeral relies upon his 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Blade, which allows them to use their Ki to forge bladed weapons through a method unknown to all outside the family. The Kabane members all undergo a sacred ceremony to ritually blind themselves, which mysteriously increases their abilities significantly. As he rejected the ceremony for various reasons, he's looked down on by his two siblings. In order to try and compensate for the differences, he prides himself on physical ability and possesses immense endurance after grueling training. Still, he struggles as he can never come close to his siblings in strength. Whether it be in pure Martial Arts or their Dragon Gates, he's unable to beat either of them. Despite the struggle, he puts his best foot forward and continues to do whatever he can.
His Ki's trait is Dou.

Bio: Jeral is the middle child of the current Kabane Family line, between his big brother Hirohiko, and his little sister Nui. Their parents were killed during a cross-Clan dispute just a few years after Nui was born, so the siblings had been raised by Kiirina in their place. Because of Kiirina, Jeral has known Tseng for quite a few years, though they didn't become close until after Tseng's natural emotions were killed; something Jeral is wholly unaware of. He's also reasonably close to Ouka and the members of the Hiatzu Family. He also got close to the other ones who had been raised by Kiirina earlier on.
He's a true bro, on all counts, supporting his friends even when he's jealous of them. He enjoys the company of women, and despite having an inferiority complex to Tseng and select other men, he's the self-proclaimed King of Debauchery. He's actually very popular with women, but his true love is apparently Tseng and Meryl's big sister, Leliana. He often finds himself disappointed, as she's an open misandrist and loathes the idea of being with any man romantically. Of course, he's also jealous of her little brother since she seems to have a huge brother complex. He's relentlessly confused about the relationship between Tseng and Kiirina, but is also rather uncomfortable with his own sister's blatant dark obsession with Tseng.

Kunieda Aoi

Representative of the Kunieda Clan, Keeper of Tseng's Image, Angel of Death

Status: Aoi practices the Kunieda style of swordsmanship, Mugen Ittoryu, which is famous the world over for being the sword that has protected the Hiatzu Clan even longer than the Mugen Tenshin. She studies directly under her grandfather and mother, for the sake of being Tseng's sword. From young, she showed great potential and has since lived up to it, being the best swordsman of the group. The style, which utilizes Ki-based illusions in combat and blooms forth as flowers, can also work when she's barehanded or using a bladed polearm, as there are techniques specifically for those as well. Her speed is on par with Linali's, and when serious she can cut opponents down before they even realize they were struck.
She's a devoted and skilled dancer with an incredible natural rhythm, which allows her to translate that talent into her Martial Arts. When facing a difficult opponent, she can overcome many wide skill gaps by learning their rhythm and matching her own to it, or disrupting their rhythm entirely to throw them off. This unique trait of hers causes many Masters the world over to hold great interest, as such a talent would be beyond useful in every possible style. She has the most trouble against opponents like Tseng, who are so tranquil, even during rage, that they can completely alter their own rhythm with every single action, making it so their every move is totally different from the previous. She's strongest against anyone who's confident in their grace within combat, and Aoi is often made to spar against Ouka with her flawless and beautiful technique.
Her Spirit is an angel with golden hair and 6 black wings.
Her Ki's trait is Sei.

Bio: The Kunieda are the only Branch Family of the Hiatzu that were allowed to follow them when they relinquished their position, much to the envy and disdain of the other Branches. Aoi was raised by her mother, Shinobu, and her grandfather, Ittosai. Her father is alive, but is allegedly serving Hiatzu Kenshiro on some secret mission, which has kept him away from home for about 8 years, half his daughter's life. She's often uncomfortable when Kenshiro apologizes for keeping her father from her. She met Tseng for the first time when she was 3. Her first impression wasn't great, since he didn't take anything seriously despite being the next leader of the Hiatzu Clan. After watching him train, and being present when he fought off assassins, her opinion changed and she realized that he only acted that way to make people comfortable around him and catch enemies off guard when he got serious. After spending time with him, and hearing about his personality from his siblings and Ouka, she found herself drawn to him, and is now as devoted as Rosalie is to Kiirina.
Aoi can be a bit straitlaced, but is actually rather playful beneath her sometimes cold exterior. She gets embarrassed easily and has trouble accepting compliments. She usually goes with the flow, but becomes fiercely protective of Tseng when he's threatened or insulted in any way; at these times, she displays the side of her that made Tseng refer to her as his Angel of Death. She enjoys dancing greatly, and does so as both exercise and to clear her mind. She's as defensive of Tseng's image as she is of him himself, and cares far more about making people respect and praise him than he does. This causes much grief and stress for her, when her adored master decides to clown around in the public eye. Whenever perversion comes into play, she tries to stay under the radar as she's been victimized many times, between Tseng, Linali, and Dalia. Her favorite pastime is going out to dance with Tseng, who has also come to find it therapeutic because of her passion. The one person she finds difficult to get along with is Kasumi, since they're both in practically the same position, albeit under opposite lights.

Hiatzu Meryl

Princess of the Hiatzu Clan, Princess of the Natsume Clan

Status: An excellent archer, even from young, Meryl has continued to train to become the best she can be. According to her beloved older brother Tseng, she has the ability to become the best marksman the world has ever seen. In reality, she actually is quite far beyond much of the children her age. She doesn't do much physical training beyond basics to train her stamina and Ki. She's the only one who hasn't learned the Black Heaven and Earth Technique yet, but has seen a great deal of its functions through her siblings and the Hiatzu style of Hiten-Ryu. She's observant enough to have gathered that the BHAET is probably the most supreme Ki Circulation technique, which allows the user to become many times stronger than normal at a dire cost, their humanity.
Meryl inherited the 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Eyes, making her one of the only three people in the world who can currently use it. The Dragon's Eye is a power that synchronizes with the spirits of all things, thus giving its user a type of omniscience that allows him/her to see anywhere; past, present, possible futures, as well as seeing and hearing the dead. It can also be used to make astral projections and psychometry, the ability to see the history of an object with physical contact. The Dragon's Eye is known for its capacity to consume Ki indefinitely, so sustaining it too long can cause the user to lose consciousness. She's unable to control the Dragon's Eyes, but they activate subconsciously when she's greatly stressed or scared, as well as in her dreams. An exception comes from her love for Tseng, particularly when he's away from her, as she can almost always see him with her Eyes when she truly wants to.
She also inherited the 8th Dragon Gate of the Hiatzu Clan, the Dragon's Aura, which allows the user to absorb and/or redirect any and all attacks to any target. It is considered to be the ultimate defense ability by many. If the energy is absorbed it can be added to the users energy and if redirected the force is equal or stronger than it was to start with. Energy can also be absorbed and eaten to recover. The greater the power of an attack the heavier the strain this gate takes, if the power is too overwhelming then the user will lose control and have all the energy within their body expelled resulting in implosion of the user. She's not able to control the Dragon Gate well however. Having two 8th Dragon Gates is extremely rare, virtually unheard of in fact.
Linked to Reiki, Meryl has great affinity for it, and finds herself drawn and compelled to be near it. Under the influence of Reiki, she's temporarily capable of control over the Dragon's Eyes. Tseng keeps her away from Reiki, out of concern for her potentially hurting herself. He's also worried about what'll become of her through inheriting both the Dragon's Eye and the Dragon's Aura.
Her Ki's trait is Sei.

Bio: Meryl's birth was a miracle for the Hiatzu Clan, both because she had very slim chances of surviving her birth, and because she ended up becoming the anchor to Tseng's humanity. Kiirina was surprised that Meryl survived and grew up healthy, and has always been curious about it, especially because Tseng was alone with the infant Meryl before she suddenly became better. When her brother officially lost all his emotions, she was fully aware of what had happened, and has accepted the fact that she has to be with him for him to be himself; nobody else, aside from Dalia, has realized that she understands her position perfectly. She had always loved Tseng the most anyway, so she never saw it as an issue for him to be 100% dependent on her presence. Over the years, she has also seen the BHAET's influence in the rest of her siblings and her father. She realizes that Dalia is Kenshiro's anchor, while Tseng is actually Yuan's anchor. She's also seen points where Darren and Leliana, who haven't mastered the technique and lost their humanity, would behave in ways that no human should. She loves her family more than anything, but has always been afraid of becoming like them because she sees herself as being too weak to survive the way they do.
One day, after Tseng had lost his humanity, he took her to one of the most popular cities in Japan where entertainment was concerned, Akihabara. There, they were targeted by enemies of their family and Meryl was taken hostage. When her brother went to trade his life for hers, he noticed she'd gotten hurt and bled during the initial scuffle, which absolutely set him off. She wasn't truly aware of the nature of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique until that moment, when she witnessed her brother turn into something that simply wasn't the slightest bit human. Like an animal, a monster, Tseng had acted only on the instinct that drove him to protect her, slaughtering all of the enemies with his bare hands and bringing harm to those who weren't even involved. The Mugen Tenshin ninjas had brought Kenshiro and Yuan along to stop Tseng before the public became painfully aware of what was happening, but their presence actually aggravated him further and sent things further out of control. He nearly killed Kasumi and Hayate, who attempted to subdue him. Kenshiro himself fought the demonic Tseng on his own, attempting to appeal to his son's familial love. He succeeded, but at a grave cost, as Tseng had torn his dominant arm from his torso and destroyed Ken's liver and left lung. Upon coming back to his senses, Tseng had collapsed and Kenshiro, in fatal condition, had very narrowly been saved by Kiirina and the Hotaru Family, who had to pull every trick they had to keep him alive. Yuan comforted Meryl, who had been severely traumatized, and she later informed him that she could tell her brother was suffering the whole time, trapped within his own mind as he hurt those close to him. The family had been worried that she would be too scared of him, but Meryl claimed that the one who nearly killed her father, Kasumi and Hayate wasn't her brother. That tragedy in Akihabara is actually what gave Tseng the nickname, "Black Demon", and the Hiatzu managed to keep under wraps, the fact that Tseng was responsible for the state that Kenshiro, Kasumi and Hayate were left in.
Meryl is extremely kind and loving to those she's comfortable around, but shy and scared of people she doesn't know well. She's very reliant on Tseng and the rest of her family, but tries not to take them for granted. She's almost eternally innocent, and doesn't understand things that are considered adult in nature. Her gentle personality causes others to be comfortable around her, so she actually has a lot of friends her own age, though her best friend is Kairi. She likes all of the people around her brother, but loves Ouka, Linali, and Kiirina the most. She understands her brother better than most.

Tenjouin Kairi

Princess of the Tenjouin Clan

Status: Having learned from her parents, and her sister, Kairi practices the Tenjouin's unique style of spearmanship. She's also steadily gaining proficiency in the use of Amatsuheki, though she's not as prodigious as her big sister. She enjoys training and practicing, but tends to be a bit lazy and hates getting hurt, so she usually slacks off and just plays around with her spear to make up joke techniques.
She's a master prankster, however, and can prank anyone aside from Tseng and Dalia, whom she eagerly learns from.
She's opened the 6th Dragon Gate, Water, like her sister, but hasn't developed a way to use it in her Martial Arts. Instead, she uses it for fun, particularly in pranks and squirting other girls with water to create funny and perverted situations.
Given her age, she's definitely talented and has the ability to reach her sister, however she doesn't understand why her parents seem to favor her over Ouka, considering her big sis is the greatest prodigy the Tenjouin have ever known.
Her Ki's trait is Dou.

Bio: From birth, her parents have seemed to prefer her over Ouka for some reason, perhaps because Ouka feels more affinity for the Hiatzu Clan than her own. She has always done whatever she wanted, and even when screwing up big time, she's never been scolded by her parents. She'd be a spoiled brat, through and through, if not for being chastised by Ouka constantly. Despite how hard her sister is on her, she has always loved her more than anything, aspiring to be more like her one day even though she doesn't think it's possible. Given how hard her parents are on Ouka at times, Kairi tends to act out against them whenever they treat her harshly. In particular, she often runs off to her second home, the Hiatzu Manor, whenever she pleases.
Like Tseng and Dalia, Kairi's a troll that rarely takes things seriously. She's extremely outgoing and loves making others laugh, something she has a gift for. She often over exaggerates things to make a scene, and is extremely dramatic. She loves acting, and takes her prompts from her big bro Tseng on that point. She adores Ouka, Tseng and Meryl, her best friend, more than life, and would do anything and everything for them. She's very perverted and has interests that are far too adult for her age. She hates dull situations and dislikes when people are sad or depressed. Despite being the biggest troublemaker in her age group, no matter she goes, people can't help but love her.
She gets along very well with Linali and loves to mess with Rosalie, her senpai. She messes with everyone, but Rosalie gets it the worst in most cases.

Kabane Nui

Princess of the Kabane Clan, The Twisted Valkyrie

Status: Having performed the Kabane's ceremony to ritually blind herself, Nui has mastered the 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Blade. Rather than creating actual blades like her brothers, she actually prefers spears, axes, and various brutal medieval weaponry, like maces and warhammers. She primarily makes spears to run her enemies through, along with scythes. She can also make armors and shields. Her unique ability, even within the 8th Dragon Gate, is actually to turn technology that's considered uncivilized in their world, into a weapon that can decimate others. Specifically, she has the ability to transform bullets into weapons of mass destruction. As a result, she often carries a large number of bullets at any time, and simply needs to hold them to transform the gunpowder into tactical ordinance.
Like Hirohiko, her senses are extremely heightened. Her sense of smell is the strongest of the entire family, though her hearing is second to Hirohiko's. She can feel every change in the atmosphere itself, making it possible for her to know when storms and such are coming. She even predicted a tsunami during a trip to a beach, saving a large part of Japan as her big brother was able to stop it before it made landfall. Her primary use of senses is echolocation, which reveals everything around her and is also usable through scent alone. To her, everything around is like a world on fire, a description she found avid after watching Daredevil. Her echolocation is so advanced that it's actually on par with Tseng's Ki Tracing, if not more far along due to her better senses. Her range is the same as Tseng's max.
She's weak in close range combat, and hates getting hit, but only a handful of Martial Artists are even capable of actually touching her in the first place. She's known for brutally crushing everyone who dares stand before her, and has taken many lives, as well as ended many Martial Artists' lives as fighters by removing their ability to ever practice again. Her sadistic personality shines through in battle, and she sometime plays with someone just to hear them scream and cry.
Her Spirit is a black Dullahan covered in a web of shadows.
Her Ki's trait is Dou.

Bio: From birth, she was spoiled by her parents and brothers, and loved them all dearly. When her parents were killed in front of her, she snapped, turning from the sweet girl she was, into the twisted psycopath she is now. She did the ceremony right after her parents died, making their deaths the final thing she ever saw in her life. She's been a shut in for much of her life, rarely leaving her room for a few years, which was when Tseng had gone to the Kabane Mansion to meet with Hirohiko for the first time. She thought nothing of it at first, simply listening in from her room while writing a story as dark and fucked up as anything she writes. When she heard the Hiatzu boy stand up to her overpowering big brother, flat out telling him to lay off of Jeral, she was more impressed then, than by anything before. Hearing how even Hirohiko respected Tseng's determination, she grew interested and began to leave the mansion more often to follow Tseng around. Since then, it's become habit for her to watch Tseng, and she's become rather disturbingly obsessed with him. Her obsession turned into a severe fascination and twisted love, after observing during his breakdown, when Tseng had lost control in Akiba, she finally became a complete yandere. These days, her hobby is keeping women away from Tseng, even openly, though she grudgingly accepts some of the girls since she likes them.
Nui has a personality so sadistic, dark and fucked up that even Gods would want to avoid her at all costs. She takes everything to the absolute extreme, and can only be reasoned with by Hirohiko and Tseng. She simply hates most people, and loves to observe the deaths of others. Pain and suffering is nothing more than seasoning in her life. She could walk right past people being raped and slaughtered, and laugh about it. She is soft on children, however, and actually goes out of her way to protect any child from any slight threat, as she doesn't want anyone else to face the pain she did when she lost her parents. She enjoys writing dark stories and vile poetry, along with watching anime and reading manga. It's often wondered how she does so, as well as how she seems to know exactly what others look like. Just like Hirohiko, it's often wondered if she's really blind at all. Especially since she likes to keep her eyes open most of the time.
She gets along well with Hirohiko, openly obsesses over Tseng and acts like she's haunting him, is harsh toward Jeral much of the time since he annoys her, and gets along pretty well with the group. She finds Meryl and Kairi to be adorable, and often tries to make them cosplay. She actually gets along best with Leliana, of all the girls around Tseng, since they're both extremely violent.

Kabane Hirohiko

King of the Kabane Clan, The Ultimate Blade, Sword of the Heavens

Status: Hailed as the one with the strongest power among the current generation of 8th Dragon Gates, his mastery of the Dragon's Blade is beyond anything the Kabane Clan has ever seen. He's capable of creating impregnable shields and armor, along with any kind of weapons, usually varying swords.
Even without his 8th Dragon Gate, his Martial Arts ability in hand to hand combat is at a stage that allows him to go head to head with a sublime warrior like Hiatzu Yuan.
His senses are the most heightened, though Nui's sense of smell is better. He can hear a pin drop from miles away. His echolocation allegedly reaches across an entire continent.
He's very easygoing, even in battle, and often gives his opponents multiple chances to attack before he'll actually fight them.
His Spirit is the Japanese God of War, Bishamonten.
His Ki's trait is Sei.

Bio: From a young age, Hirohiko was the main rival of Hiatzu Yuan, thus the two share a rather complicated bond; neither friend nor foe, but an odd mixture that shifts according to a situation. When he was off visiting the Kabane Branch Families, his parents died in a cross-Clan dispute. Due to intense pleas from Kiirina, he decided not to take revenge by slaughtering the Clans involved. After seeing how his siblings suffered from witnessing the event, however, he did make it very clear that the Clans would be his bitches for as long as he lived. Having become the guardian of his siblings, he was a lot harder than them, as he wanted to make sure they wouldn't be put in the same position their parents allowed themselves to be placed in. In particular, he was extremely hard on Jeral, especially when he refused to undergo the family ceremony for vain reasons. When he first met Tseng officially, it was when the Hiatzu heir had barged in to tell him off and force him to take it easy on his brother. Rather than be offended, Hirohiko was incredibly impressed; even more so, when Tseng clarified that he wouldn't allow his siblings, Yuan especially, to fight his battles for him, and that he would fight Hirohiko himself if he had to. With respect for the boy, he decided to take it a bit easier on his little brother. Since then, he's noticed his little sis develop a disturbing infatuation with Tseng, which only became more and more profound. He decided to let both his siblings do as they pleased, since both of them were so utterly taken with Tseng. He's told Jeral that he'd better not lose to anyone from some trash Clans, much less someone with no lineage, or there'll be severe consequences.
Hirohiko is a playful fool that gives off an air of carelessness, though he's actually always on guard and ready to strike in an instant. He's actually the calculating type, and always considers every possibility when attacking, to ensure that his every action is as efficient as possible. He likes making bets, as he enjoys random chance in regards to others. He can come off as a bit of a sociopath sometimes, given how brutal he is in life. He's extremely popular with women, and has a flock that he's named "Hiro's Bitches." He acts aloof, especially with his siblings, but is actually quite a worrywart when they're forging off on their own. He's overprotective of Nui, but trusts that Tseng will keep her safe when she's around him.

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Hiatzu Dalia

Queen of the Natsume Clan, Queen of the Hiatzu Clan, Kitsune, Eyes of God, The Untouchable Queen

Status: A Grand Master of the Natsume-Ryu Style, Dalia's a Martial Artist capable of doing just about everything. Her strongest area is grappling, and she's the one that Tseng originally got his favorite line from, as she's never once allowed him to throw her. She's a sublime swordsman, capable of going toe to toe with any other weapon master in the world. Her main specialty in combat, or any situation, is maintaining control; absolute control. She wins through complete and utter domination of everything around her, to the point that the opponent is literally acting like a marionette on strings that lead right back to her fingertips. She's capable of making her opponents do anything and everything she wants, acting accordingly depending on what she feels like doing to them. This style of Martial Arts, being so skillful that one can establish absolute control over their opponents by moving them through one's own actions, is insanely rare; referred to as being a Conductor. She usually plays her opponents like children, and only gets serious against Martial Artists with a skill level on par with the Top 100 in the world. She got her nickname because, at her best, she's virtually untouchable in combat.
Possesses absolute control and mastery over the Dragon's Eyes, making her truly omniscient. She can keep the Dragon's Eyes active perpetually, due to her godly mastery of the flow of her Ki. Once every month, for a complete 24 hours, she must meditate to replenish her Ki Reserves, meaning that under normal circumstances, there are only 12 days in a single year where she's considered truly vulnerable. During times where she must fight frequently, she enters more frequent and shorter total meditative states. She also doesn't normally use the Dragon's Eyes in combat, as she claims herself to be an observer.
She's mastered Kiirina's Eternal Youth technique.
She inherited the Natsume Clan Regalia, the Soul Eater, Chokuto Reiki, the ceremonial sister blade to Yamato. Reiki can only be activated by those with an 8th Dragon Gate, and Dalia typically safeguards it. Reiki also acts as an amplifier of sorts for those with an 8th Dragon Gate, provided they understand how to use it. She entrusts the blade to Leliana much of the time, and shows curiosity for how the blade beckons to Meryl.
Her Spirit is a gorgeous, dark purple and black Kitsune with nine beautiful tails robed in flames.
Her Ki's Trait is Neutral, as a result of mastery over the Dragon's Eyes.

Bio: Born the twin sister of Natsume Meryl, Natsume Dalia and her sister were beautiful flowers that bloomed brightly in the Martial Arts World. Dalia had always been the most popular with men, with her mysterious beauty and enigmatic nature. She first met her future husband when she was 14, having attended the same school as him, where he was her senpai. She was interested in him as a man of the Hiatzu Clan, and found herself drawn in more and more, as she got to watch him fight up close. Of course, she's not the type of woman who can be tamed, thus she made it extremely hard to be courted, fighting Ken multiple times. Eventually, he wore her down and she admitted her feelings. The two were married when she was only 19, and since then, have had 5 beautiful children whom she loves with all her heart. Of them all, she's most affectionate toward Tseng and Meryl, whom are also the two she dotes on the most (she even named her youngest daughter after her sister). In particular, she always adored how Tseng naturally took after her in personality, and despite the way he acts towards her, even he can't deny their intense affinity for one another (she actually does know his true identity, as well as that of his real parents, but hasn't even told Kenshiro the truth). Her relationship became truly strained after the incident that nearly had Tseng claim the lives of her husband and two of the Ninjas who were so close to the family. This was because Tseng learned that Dalia was entirely aware of what would happen, yet never made mention to a soul. When Dalia explained that it was the duty of one with the Dragon's Eyes to act as an impartial observer, who wouldn't use what they see to heavily benefit one person over others, even if they loved that person deeply, Tseng was even angrier. She doesn't hold it against him, as she knows he understands her rationale painfully well, and gleefully pursues him with more affection than ever (In fact, she did actually make a bold attempt to change the future by influencing their day behind the scenes, but had to live with the guilt of knowing that she actually made things far worse than they did, also dragging her husband, Hayate and Kasumi into the spiral of despair). Since then, she's been as overprotective of Tseng as he is of Meryl. She's stood by without a word, eagerly watching the choices her children make every day.
Dalia's the troll of trolls, who trolls so hard that her trolls are transcendental. She's always playful, aloof and fun to be around, capable of lifting other's spirits with her presence alone. She gets great joy out of screwing with others, Tseng in particular. She gives great advice when she wants to, but usually answers questions with her own, in a mysterious and roundabout manner. She also enjoys giving others very vague and cryptic advice to see what they make of it. Her family, her children especially, are the lights of her life. She often antagonizes Leliana, who's also a Natsume woman, because of her bountiful bosom, and hilariously prays for Meryl to be like her when she grows up. Also, she's surprisingly competitive and isn't above cheating with the Dragon's Eyes to win a game she's losing at.
She gets along very well with Ouka, Linali and the other girls, who all adore her. She's close to Kiirina on a more personal level, and the two confide in one another often. She happily teases Kii for being in love with her adorable son. She hides it very well, but she's actually worried about Leliana's blatant love for Tseng, which is way beyond what siblings should feel for one another, especially considering how calmly she manages to rationalize her affection. The reason she doesn't outright attempt to put a stop to her affections, is that she knows the truth.

Hiatzu Kenshiro

King of the Hiatzu Clan, Fenrir, The Black Emperor, Blade of Ragnarok

Status: A Grand Master of the secret Hiatzu Hiten-Ryu Style, Kenshiro specializes in utilizing external forces in destroying enemies, while maintaining inner strength through the natural energy. He applies the style primarily through swordsmanship, excelling in dual wielding. He received his nickname because his blade strikes true, through just about anything. He's also fully capable of long distance combat with his blades, as his reach extends vast ranges in battle. He's sublime both in offense and defense, being fluid with delivering counters and altering the flow of battle.
The flow of his Ki is tempered as sharply as his blades, and he's capable of creating trails of Ki around his body, which will cut anything that attempts to pass through them. Utilizing this with his overwhelming swordsmanship, he's capable of defending and attacking at the same time, leaving no blind spots.
He uses Ki Tracing with mastery, but even still, none can match the level that Tseng can use the technique at.
Like Tseng and Yuan, he's mastered the Black Heaven and Earth Technique at the cost of his humanity. His anchor is, of course, his wife Dalia.
Has mastery over the 8th Dragon Gate of the Hiatzu, the Dragon's Aura.
He's opened the 4th Dragon Gate, Wind, which grants the ability to manipulate and generate winds at will, for offense, defense, support, and heightened mobility.
He's mastered Kiirina's Eternal Youth technique.
His Spirit is the Dread Wolf, Fenrir.
His Ki's trait is Neutral due to mastery of the BHAET.

Bio: Born the only child of the Hiatzu in his generation, Kenshiro succeeded his father when he was only 15, taking command of the Hiatzu Clan and sovereignty over the Phoenix Families, the plumage which comprises the entirety of Japan's strength; consisting of the Hiatzu, Tenjouin, Takayanagi, Natsume, Kabane, Hotaru and more. He had actually defeated the Takayangi heir of his generation, Dougen, in order to secure his seat. His feats in combat resonated with the entire world, and he quickly earned his nicknames of The Black Emperor, and Blade of Ragnarok. In high school, he met the love of his life, Natsume Dalia. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he decided he would make her his wife. Practically ignoring all of the women around him romantically, he pursued her with a pure heart, and ended up fighting her multiple times. Over time, he had plenty of chances to speak to her, and his words and actions ended up gaining her favor, which resulted in one final fight. This time, Dalia had decided to hold nothing back, using even the Dragon's Eyes. Kenshiro had returned fire by going all out himself, pushing the BHAET to the final stage to enter the forbidden Black Origin Threshold. In this state, he was domineering enough to even pressure the Dragon's Eyes, causing Dalia to forfeit before they ended up killing one another. Directly after this, the two shared an all-consuming love, learning everything about the other, and marrying soon after. The children they had together were their treasures, their pride, and their eternal joy. He was never overprotective of any, until Tseng and Meryl, given how their relationship could be arguably toxic. During the accident where Tseng ended up entering the Black Origin Threshold, Ken was the one who ultimately stopped him, at the cost of his sword arm and fatal organ damage. When he later came to, he was first greeted by Yuan, who noted that Kenshiro could have subdued Tseng with force, without taking any damage if he'd also used the Black Origin Threshold, but Ken admitted that he'd die before physically harming anyone he loved. He also recognized that Tseng was also one of the two anchors to Yuan's humanity, and that an even worse void would tear their family apart had he hurt his son. Following his healing by the Hotaru Family, Ken enlisted the aid of the trusted Tsumuji Family, with an extremely advanced bionics department, to create a top of the line bionic arm to replace the one he lost. The arm is great, however it still fails to allow him to fight at the level he once could. He's remained the King of the Hiatzu, but allowed his eldest child Yuan to take over as leader of the Phoenix Families, while making Tseng the leader of the family. These days, he's happy to watch over his children and those around them. He's extremely excited to see the path Tseng takes, and the legacy he builds with his own hands.
Kenshiro is a very patient, calm and reasonable man. He's also extremely wise and insightful, giving sage advice to those who seek his counsel. He's always polite and cordial, even in the most hostile situations, and has taken to aiding Aoi in bettering his son's image by speaking with those who are vocal against him. As he got older, he decided to grow a rather badass goatee, which he has a habit of stroking when in thought. He dotes on all of his children, and is always happy to listen to any problems they may have. He enjoys spending time playing games that test intelligence, and caring for banzai trees; a hobby he picked up from Furinji Hayato. When his loved ones are openly insulted before him, he becomes extremely oppressive to the offenders and won't hesitate to put them in their place by any means necessary. He was the first to suggest Tseng and Ouka get married, and sees Ouka as his own daughter. He laughs it off, but has become a bit sickly after the injuries he received from his son, sometimes entering coughing fits and coughing up blood. As a result, the young ones are always trying to handle things for him and treat him with care. He does enjoy the attention, so he never says anything about it. He's most worried about Tseng's mental state, as he can see how much his son is hurt whenever he gets sick.
He's amused by the people that his children have gotten close to, and like the rest of the family, he welcomed Djinn and Daichi with open arms. He's also started to see Linali as a daughter, due to the affectionate way she treats him, though the same can be said for Aoi, whom he dotes on often and sometimes trains. He shares his wife's concern for Leliana, although not to the same extent as he's decided to let his kids do what they want.

Hiatzu Yuan

High Emperor of the Phoenix Families, Vritra, The Black Dragon, Bane of Indra

Status: A Grand Master of the Hiatzu Hiten-Ryu Style, whose primary application is through hand to hand combat. His style is extremely well rounded and he's capable of attacking while defending or evading. While his defense is incredible, he prefers to defend through offense, thus he's an extremely aggressive Martial Artist in combat. He makes no wasted movements, leaves no openings, and displays no weaknesses, making him a very overpowering opponent. He dislikes using weaponry himself, and has developed techniques to contend with weapons of all kinds. He's mastered his own Ki Transmission technique, which allows him to transfer the point of impact from any of his attacks to any location of his pleasing; essentially making him strong at every range like his father.
The flow of his Ki is strange, in that it can go from flowing freely like a river, to being as strong as a wall in an instant, allowing for vast variation in his style from one moment to the next.
His Ki Reserves are godly, as is his stamina and endurance, and he's capable of fighting far harder and longer than anyone else can, meaning that he'll likely win any drawn out encounter.
The level of his Ki Tracing technique is on par with Kenshiro's.
He's mastered the BHAET at the cost of his humanity, having two anchors; Tseng and his childhood friend Yatogami Hiyori.
He's mastered the 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Aura.
He's also opened the 1st Dragon Gate, Force, which allows the user to generate and control atmospheric pressure itself.
He's mastered the Eternal Youth technique.
The method is unknown, however Yuan can also use Shukuchi, an 8th Dragon Gate that allows for teleportation to any location, so long as it's initiated from the ground.
His Spirit is the Devouring Dragon Vritra, who once brought extreme drought to the entire world and threatened to dry up the entire ocean.
His Ki's trait is Neutral due to the BHAET.

Bio: The first child of Hiatzu Kenshiro and Dalia, Yuan's birth was complicated for none of the reasons one might normally call it so. His complication was that he was actually born with an exceptionally powerful Ki Center, the spiritual source of people's ability to utilize Ki in the first place. Likewise, his blood streams and Ki Reserves were at a natural level on par with Masters. This led him to have unprecedented growth, the likes of which had never been seen, as he'd even opened the 8th Dragon's Gate by the time he could walk. By the time he was 8, he'd already mastered the BHAET. As such, he didn't get to grow up and mature the same way Tseng did before losing his humanity, and he might have become incapable of living a normal life entirely, had he not already been close with the girl known as Yatogami Hiyori, whom he had first met in grade school. He's always striven to be a Martial Artist that his siblings could be proud of, and has defeated many top Martial Artists from every country. When Tseng was born, the boy became his second anchor to his humanity, and it became his desire to watch his little brother grow and surpass him. Following the accident, he succeeded Ken as the sovereign of the Phoenix Families, but actually shares the seat with the current head of the Takayanagi Family, Mitsuomi, for reasons unknown to the rest of the world. He neglected becoming the Hiatzu King, as he Darren and Leliana all wanted to let Tseng become the heir. Like his family, he believes in Tseng and eagerly watches over him, for the day that he'll usher in an unprecedented era for the entire world. To this end, he's given Tseng equal authority over the Phoenix Families to himself and Mitsuomi. Recently, he married Hiyori, making her a Queen in Japan.
Soft spoken and gentle, Yuan is initially considered to be soft by those who first meet him. However, hidden beneath his tranquil exterior lies a burning passion and love for Martial Arts. He's honorable to a fault, but does not let his pride blind or control him. He's the type that will die before going back on his word. He seems to treat others coldly, as there's always distance between them, but it's just a misunderstanding as he treats everyone with respect, no exceptions. Only those closest to him understand this however, and take it upon themselves to ignore the distance and reach out for him. He never acts in an extreme manner, and is usually capable of rationalizing anything, seeing every situation from the eyes of others, even those who have wronged him in some way. This is a result of possessing immense sympathy for others, which was cultivated by Hiyori. Because of that, he's capable of understanding nearly anyone, even those who don't want to be understood by anyone. He's diplomatic to a fault, and will exhaust every last option before spilling blood in any dispute. His nobility is what truly influenced Tseng to become the man he is. He's a bit sullen, so when he makes jokes, nobody actually realizes it's a joke, which makes things awkward for everyone.
He adores all of his siblings, particularly Tseng and Meryl, as is the case for the whole family. He's heavily conflicted over the overly affectionate relationship between Leliana and Tseng, since Tseng is the one who makes their sister happiest, but the fact remains that they're siblings by blood, at least as far as everyone knows.

Hiatzu Leliana

Princess of the Hiatzu Clan, Princess of the Natsume Clan, Thunderstorm Queen, Lightning Fist, One Woman Wrecking Crew, Manhood Defiler, Taker of Nuts, Raiju

Status: Leliana's inherently incapable of mastering the BHAET to the same extent as Kenshiro, Yuan and Tseng are, as she's much too emotional. For this reason, like Darren, she's unable to learn the most powerful techniques in Hiten-Ryu and unable to properly master the style. As compensation, and the fact that she's a Natsume Woman, she has learned the Natsume-Ryu Style and mastered it. Her focus is mainly on striking, and can unleash devastating combos and techniques to obliterate her enemies. She doesn't like grappling, but possesses great defense against grapplers.
Her greatest assets are her strength and durability, as she's capable of pulverizing enemies with her bare hands and feet, even without the use of Ki. Her body is naturally strong, unlike Tseng's, and she's trained so extensively that she can tank just about ANY technique and laugh it off as she counters with her own tactical nuke technique. She's easily the most destructive of the entire family, something that Tseng takes after her in most times. She's mastered a variety of techniques that allow her to strengthen her body even further, making her one of the most absolutely lethal strikers in the entire world. She's also got issues controlling her frankly monstrous level of physical strength, so even when she's trying to hold back, she sometimes ends up killing or permanently crippling others and causing widespread collateral damage to her surroundings. She earned one of her nicknames for her tendency to force straight through every obstacle without the need to plan, even obstacles of literally no consequence.
She also has incredible natural instincts and reflexes, relying almost exclusively upon them to deal with the attacks of her opponents. For good measure, she also utilizes Ki Tracing to ensure she's not caught off guard, something that Tseng actually forced her to get into the habit of, when he got sick of seeing her tank hits that never should have caught her at all.
The flow of her Ki is unnaturally violent and volatile, being best suited to high octane techniques that strike in an instant with severely explosive results. She also has an unnatural Ki Reserve, which grants her the ability to perform at full power for quite a while without burning out.
She didn't inherit the Dragon's Aura, but she did inherit the Dragon's Eyes from Dalia. She's far too emotional to use them properly at this point in time, but at least has control over them. She doesn't really use them unless an opponent is capable of pressuring her, at which point she can only utilize them for a short moment. Outside of battle however, she constantly uses them in her short bursts, in order to aid her in her quest for incest.
She's also opened the 7th Dragon Gate, Earth, which funnily enough isn't actually control over the earth itself, but rather the current of energy constantly flowing through it. Specifically, this Dragon's Gate allows its user to manipulate electricity and control lightning for a variety of potent effects. As one would expect from the name, this Gate requires the user's feet to be in contact with the ground in order to use it, meaning that a skilled opponent can disrupt it entirely by preventing a user's feet from touching the ground for an extended period of time. Leliana has actually overcome this singular weakness, utilizing the teachings of Hiten-Ryu in order to store the electricity within her Ki Center instead of having to always be on the ground. This allows her to utilize the 7th Gate at will, even in the air, something considered a marvel that only a handful have accomplished. She does at least need to touch down to recharge her battery when she blows through it all. With her extreme ability, it's said that she's capable of powering an entire city by herself for at least 3 hours, something thought to be in the realm of the Celestials.
She hasn't mastered the Eternal Youth technique yet, but her constant use of the 7th Gate actually prevents her cells from aging very much, which naturally allows her to retain her youth and beauty without outside influence.
Her Spirit is Raiju, a white and blue wolf whose body is made of lightning, and is actually the companion of Raijin, the Shinto God of Lightning.
Her Ki's trait is Dou.

Bio: Since her birth as the second child of Ken and Dalia, Leliana had always been a wild child who would do whatever she wanted, regardless of what others thought. Without a shred of fear, she's faced countless life or death situations with nothing more than a savage smile and her body. She took the entire world by storm, quite literally, and has become one of the most decorated Martial Artists in terms of nicknames. Most of the nicknames came from her fierce actions, and each suits her disturbingly well. When Tseng was born, something in her clicked the first time she got to hold him. Despite her personality, she decided to learn womanly things in order to take care of her little brother and the rest of her family, becoming rather adept at household activities. She's often invited by scientists in order to test the strength of their creations, particularly those who want to create stages that any Martial Artist can fight on safely. These days, she doesn't care as much about fighting, and prefers to stay home whenever she can.
Extremely emotional, wild and free spirited, Leliana simply doesn't care about many of the things that others obsess over, such as status, rank and money. She's a total straight shooter that sucks at lying and wears her heart on her sleeve, meaning she's liable to snap swiftly when she's worked up. She's incredibly passionate and violent, with no qualms about breaking others if she decides she should. She never second guesses any of her actions, and rarely looks back at things that have already happened, as she loves living in the present. Despite how rowdy, loud and outgoing she is, she's actually very kind to those she cares for, and many actually think she's elegant and graceful in a mysterious way. Her affection for her family, and her loved ones in general, is vast, especially for Tseng, whom she's madly in love with. She's also rather possessive of him at times, and will threaten any woman she doesn't accept into staying the fuck away from him. Likewise, she flips her lid every time she sees or even just hears about someone hurting or threatening her beloved brother. Perhaps luckily, this also makes Tseng the only being in the world that's actually able to control her, as he tamed her while he was still a toddler, just like any other wild animal that clings to him.
Leliana's actually a very good cook, who has come to enjoy the activity. She also loves cleaning in general, along with knitting, scrapbooking, and all the other hobbies that housewives typically pick up.
She gets along extremely well with Linali and has learned to accept Ouka, though it took a long time. She's a firm believer in "incest for the win." The thought of being with any man other than Tseng disgusts her, causing her to treat Jeral, and any other man that wants her, very harshly. No matter what anyone says, she's always able to fluently explain her reasons and justification for wanting to be one with her youngest brother.

Hiatzu Darren

Prince of the Hiatzu Clan, Ifrit, The Hellfire Kaiser

Status: Unable to master the BHAET like his father and brothers, Darren has compensated by mastering numerous other styles, mostly based in Shaolin Martial Arts. He has an all around focus, being skilled in striking, defense and grappling, however he truly excels in the use of polearms. Specifically, he likes wielding staffs in the Shaolin styles, utilizing a variety of spiritual techniques.
Having been born with an extremely strong body, like Leliana, he naturally developed with that strength as his foundation. While he isn't as physically monstrous as Leliana, his skill and technique are flawless. He's also capable of extreme destruction if he wishes to breed it. He's capable of wielding a staff to both cut and pierce his targets, and is so skillful that he can handle just about any situation perfectly, no matter how badly the odds are stacked against him. In battle, he's said to burn brighter and hotter than the sun.
His Ki Tracing in the family is second only to Tseng's, albeit to a significant degree, considering his little brother's godly perception.
He's mastered the Dragon's Aura like Yuan and Kenshiro, and uses it whenever necessary to defend himself and absorb Ki.
He's also opened the 5th Dragon's Gate, Fire, which allows the user to create flames and harness heat to use as energy. The level of the actual user determines the true strength. By taking in heat, the user can increase their physical abilities to greater heights through hyper inertia and laws of thermodynamics.
Has mastered the Eternal Youth technique.
His Spirit is the elemental being of hellfire incarnate, Ifrit.
His Ki's trait is Dou.

Bio: The third and middle child of the current Hiatzu Family, Darren was always in a bit of a strange place, loved but not completely doted on. This never bothered him, however, as he was always the type who liked to remain independent. Having always loved being in the spotlight, he was seen as something of an idol in the world. Especially considering his desire to defeat his opponents when they were at their best. His overall attitude brought him a great deal of love and fans. Since Tseng was born, the little brother he always wanted also became the person he competed most with. Despite his desire for worldwide attention, he agreed to have Tseng be the heir, since he's always known that his little bro would probably end up creating something that nobody else possibly could. He spends a lot of time playing games, mostly highly competitive FPS and fighting games.
Darren has a very serious personality, in regards to his goal, as nothing can stop him once he's set his mind to something. He possesses immense passion and drive, with the resolve to follow through on anything and everything he decides to do. He hates handicaps, and finds it unforgivable when others hold back on him in anything, whether it be fighting or gaming. He's very perceptive, and knows how to read others very well as a result of spending so much time with Tseng. He's the most competitive of the Hiatzu siblings by far, something he likely inherited from Dalia. In particular, Tseng is the one he most frequently competes with, the two able to compete in literally anything. He's extremely charismatic and strong willed, with lots of loyal friends who would give their lives for him. Of course, he's also endlessly loyal to those he cares for, and is willing to forget pride and honor for the sake of those around him. Albeit not nearly to the same extent as his mother and little brother, he likes to joke around and mess with people. Given how serious he usually is about everything, he's able to really throw others for a loop and earn praise through laughter. He doesn't admit it either, but he's actually overprotective of Tseng and Meryl alike, having moments where he'll be that over the top big brother.
Of all the girls who have had their hearts stolen by Tseng, his favorite is and always has been Ouka. He's extremely close to her and has always looked at her as his little sister.

Furinji Hayato

Elder, The Invincible Superman, Head of the Furinji Clan

Status: Known as the strongest being in the world, Hayato originally taught himself to fight by studying the movements of his former master, Susanoo, the God of the Storm. He developed 108 incredible techniques, highly coveted in the world, along with the general Furinji Style, a hybrid style that flows like a feather in a storm, while striking like a tsunami upon land. He has raised his family in this style, and has also been a master to other prominent Martial Artists of the world.
As his nickname suggests, he's capable of blatantly superhuman feats. His strength is so great that, even without the strengthening effect of Ki, he could obliterate a battleship with a single punch, hurl bombs as large as himself, and literally turn other beings into projectile weapons; he's also capable of altering the weather with punches and kicks, from the godly air pressure. His speed is so extreme that he can run on water due to momentum, capable of jumping so flawlessly that it looks like he's flying. He's known to have created natural disasters like tornadoes from running too fast. His endurance is so high that he's considered indestructible, as a group of evil scientists once launched an atomic bomb, which he stopped before it claimed countless lives, tanking the explosion directly and walking away in disturbingly good shape.
Along with his Legendary 108 Techniques, he's studied nearly every style in the entire world, having also spent considerable time in the Celestial World to train with Celestials, sometimes even the Gods.
Due to his level of mastery, he's capable of replicating any technique he's seen at least once, and can even do so based off of just memories of having seen it, in order to expand on it greatly. Due to this, many Masters seek him out in order to improve their styles as much as they can.
He has mastered the Eternal Youth technique, actually known as the Revitalizing Genesis, having been the first being to ever learn it from Hotaru Kiirina.
He allegedly doesn't have a Spirit, the his aura is so overpowering that it's rumored that his Spirit is too big to actually be perceived.
He has absolute mastery over both traits of Ki, and is capable of using Sei or Dou as he pleases, with some of his 108 Techniques having been developed specifically with these traits in mind.

Bio: Born in the past, back when the Celestials did as they pleased with the world, Hayato was actually one of the slaves of the God Susanoo. He studied the abilities of his master closely, training himself for years until he attained the strength to escape from the Celestial World. Following this, he roamed the Earth facing off with other powerful Martial Artists and Celestials alike. Having been extremely violent, he eventually met one woman whom he couldn't defeat, Hotaru Kiirina. After a battle that lasted months in its entirety, the two became friends and shared stories. He was shocked upon seeing for himself that she was truly immortal, and ended up following her lead, reforming from his then thug-like ways. When Kiirina established the Celestial Vanguards to change the way the world worked, he followed her along with their other 8 close friends and those around them. Their main accomplishment was defeating the Celestial Serpent Orochi, before creating the current system which safely separates the Celestial World from the Earth, with a few families being in charge of the gateways to the Celestial World. Since then, they have been hailed as Champions of the Heavens. As time passed, he started a family with the woman he'd fallen in love with, and has enjoyed life while watching over those around him and guiding those who felt trapped. He refused to join the ranks of royalty, as he enjoyed his dark horse, outsider status, but the Furinji Family is considered a living legend like him.
He, along with some other masters that he currently lives with, trained Hiatzu Tseng to help him get over his initial weakness. He's loved watching over his son and his grandchildren, Linali and Chun-Woo.
As one of the top 10 Martial Artists, he shares an intimate relationship with many, and travels the world solving problems and disputes when he's requested to.
Having once been violent and reckless, Hayato has been wizened by his experiences and the events he's faced alongside his dear friends. He's become truly kind, but retains a reckless streak and is justifiably arrogant. He tends to boast in combat, and enjoys taunting his opponents to see what they'll do. He has a strong sense of justice, viewing that those that fight for justice have great power and must take responsibility for that. He has a giant soft spot for his granddaughter, and his extremely overprotective of her, as she's the only person whose fights he has to force himself not to get involved in. He likes Tseng as well, but has trouble accepting the relationship between him and Linali. Despite his status, he lives in a financial limbo and happily struggles to make money with his allies. Rather than the relationship between master and disciple, he mostly appreciates Tseng for his uncanny business sense and ability to help them rake in dough.
He doesn't see his son, Saiga, or his daughter in law, Shizuha, too often because they're busy running Yami.

Furinji Chun-Woo

The Nine Arts Dragon, Demon King of the Murim, Member of the Kuremisago

Status: Like his little sister, he was raised under the Furinji Garyuu Style. As a result, albeit not to the same extent as Linali, he's extremely mobile and flexible, capable of picking up on techniques he sees with uncanny speed and efficiency. He also learned the Dragon Arts, partially from his mother, and mostly from his master in Korea, Un-Wol.
Aside from the Furinji Style and the variations within the Dragon Arts, his main style is actually built upon the style of his master's school, The Black Heaven and Earth School. Interestingly, Un-Wol was actually a member of the Hiatzu Clan in the past, and was given permission to leave the family in his generation a few centuries ago, in order to establish his own school. The catch was that he could only pass his true teachings down to a single student, which he did with his own variation of the Hiten-Ryu Style, which was renamed the Black Dawn Style. As such, this style is suspiciously similar to that of the Hiatzu. Chun-Woo ended up being taken on as a student, because he possessed a level of Ki so great that it could only be regulated by a technique like the BHAET. Un-Wol had kept Chun-Woo with him after Furinji Hayato made the request for him to teach. As such, Chun-Woo is thought to be the only person outside of the Hiatzu Clan who can use the BHAET. His anchor is Linali.
His level of skill is sublime, his technique flawless and his strength vast enough to place him in the Top 100 Martial Artists of the entire world. He's fully capable of going toe to toe with the best of the best, and even coming out on top.
His Spirit is a black dragon with nine scythe-like wings, shrouded in shadows.
His Ki's trait is Neutral due to mastery of the BHAET.

Bio: Born with an abnormal and rampant level of Ki, Chun-Woo was raised by his parents and grandpa in Martial Arts. When he was 6, his Ki has reached a point where the Furinji Style alone wasn't enough to regulate his Ki, which was also hurting him when he trained (unlike Linali, he actually grew up in the Kuremisago's beautiful village). Hayato and Shizuha went to the Murim to meet Un-Wol, the Grandmaster of the Black Heaven and Earth School. Un-Wol took a liking to the boy and ended up making him his disciple. He went on to achieve many great things, winning tournaments both inside and outside of Korea. When his little sister was born, he began to advance even further, as he wanted to be her inspiration for Martial Arts. To that end, he participated in the most prestigious tournament in the Murim, the Shinmujengpe, an event during which Martial Artists compete in a total of nine different martial arts; specifically the nine overall Dragon Arts in Murim. In an unprecedented upset, Chun-Woo, a man with no proper lineage, was able to win every match and attain all nine seats, surpassing the previous record holder, the Three Arts Dragon. Now known as the Nine Arts Dragon, he'd held his head high and dedicated his victory to his master and his family, particularly his adored little sister, who had eagerly been watching him fight. During the celebration, Un-Wol joined his treasured disciple and Linali while they went off, awaiting the arrival of Furinji Hayato and Saiga, and Shizuha prepared their dinner. They were confronted by the Chief of the Murim's Martial Arts Alliance and the famed Masters whose disciples lost the Seats they were "entitled" to. They claimed that Chun-Woo had made a mockery of the Murim's traditions, and that the Three Arts Dragon, Kang-Sung, had stopped at three to preserve tradition. Chun-Woo boldly claimed they were full of shit, and that no true Martial Artist would ever willingly limit themselves; he showed no remorse and felt no guilt for showing his sister what he was capable of. Of course, the Chief and his entourage grew angry by this, as bent on tradition as they were, and demanded compensation, for Chun-Woo to publicly denounce his own actions. They did this knowing that the boy would refuse, and then revealed their true desire; for Un-Wol to share the secrets of the BHAET with them, as they desired to dominate the Phoenix Families of Japan. Taking Chun-Woo and Linali hostage, they attempted to force Un-Wol's hand, a mistake, as they soon found. Un-Wol entered the final stage of the BHAET, the Black Origin Threshold, soundly thrashing those who laid their hands upon the Furinji siblings. However, knowing that the conflict would only breed unnecessary issues in the future, he then put his hand through his own heart, informing them that the only one outside the Hiatzu Clan that could give them what they wanted, was his disciple. Chun-Woo snapped, entering the Black Origin Threshold himself and dealing fatal injuries to the masters involved, before being taken down by the Chief. Hayato and Saiga showed up, ending the conflict then and bringing Chun-Woo to their senses, to adhere to the peaceful solution Un-Wol had sought. When Chun-Woo came to, he found his sister at his side, along with his parents and grandfather, all asleep. Recalling the events, he realized that his master didn't want him to seek revenge, neither did his family, but was unable to come to terms with it. He left them then, and since joined one of the shadow organizations of the world, the Black Forest Clan. To this day, despite having become a symbol to Korea, he struggles with the idea of pursuing revenge for his master, and has worked for the Black Forest Clan to bring about various events in the Martial Arts World. He has, at the least, resolved to end the lives of everyone who drove his master to suicide.
Chun-Woo is a generally laid back man with womanizing tendencies. He's also very easy going, even in battle, and likes to slack off or have a smoke. He's extremely charismatic and insightful, capable of seeing through others pretty easily. He's arguably arrogant, but certainly stubborn and willful. When it comes to his master, he seems to become a different person, losing his playful attitude and becoming extremely cruel, although he oddly keeps a playful attitude, which frightens his victims. Normally, he's very patient and wise, capable of analyzing situations and finding the best way to move forward. Although he doesn't see her often, he remains very protective of his sister and checks in with her pretty often.
He's met Tseng once, and felt a surprising affinity with the boy, having entrusted him with the safety of his sister.

Ryu Hayabusa

The Super Ninja, Leader of the Mugen Tenshin

Status: As the strongest of the Mugen Tenshin, Ryu possesses extreme strength speed and skill, particularly with a sword. He's mastered nearly every art of Ninpo in the arsenal of Ninjas, and has created a personal secret Ninpo that allegedly exceeds the Torn Sky Blast.
He practices Hayabusa Ninjutsu, which was originally passed down by his father, rather than the traditional Mugen Tenshin Styles.
Wields a mythical blade known as the Dragon Sword, which grows more powerful when it tastes blood.

Bio: Known as the strongest ninja, Ryu has lived for a few centuries and served the Hiatzu Clan as a faithful and loyal friend, as well as their trusted ally. He's faced many epic battle across the generations, and has become close to Martial Artists like Furinji Hayato and Hotaru Kiirina.
As a ninja, Ryu ruthlessly kills his enemies without mercy, executing them in a very cold, technical and calculative fashion. His rigorous upbringing in tandem with the many hardships and tragedies he has suffered, has forced Ryu to harden his emotions and disciplined his skills to perfection. He is undaunted by the lives he must take in order to protect the balance within the world, knowing that balance of the world is more important.
He enjoys watching over the younger ninjas like Kasumi and Hayate, and has aided Yuan and his siblings quite often.


Sakura of Yama

Status: Practices the Tenjinmon Style of Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu. Kasumi specializes in incredibly fast attacks, mostly with a kodachi, and though her strength is lacking in comparison to others, her speed more than makes up for it. She earned her nickname because her Ninpo's unique effect breeds beautiful sakura petals whenever she acts, also when she uses movement based techniques. She has yet to master the Torn Sky Blast.
Her stealth abilities are the highest in the Mugen Tenshin, making her best suited to infiltration of all kinds.
Having served as Tseng's sparring partner for many years of her life, she's better at perceiving things than her fellow ninja, which makes her evasive and defensive abilities a cut above the rest.

Bio: Just a month younger than Tseng, Kasumi was raised primarily for the sake of becoming his shadow guardian. As such, they've been together their entire lives, sharing in many significant events. Even since then, she's been the one primarily supporting him, and has done countless things under his orders, from taking lives to protecting Meryl. When Tseng ascended to become the third leader of the Phoenix Families, she began serving as the liaison between the Hiatzu, Tenjouin and Takayanagi, as well as other Clans. She has done an excellent job of protecting her master from the shadows, and has also ended up working closely with Aoi due to their mutual desire to preserve Tseng's image.
Kasumi is a kind, compassionate and honorable woman who doesn't want to fight if she doesn't have to. Although innocent and a bit meek, she isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. She has a very keen eye and mind, possessing high intelligence, partially from her upbringing but mainly from the amount of time she's spent with a genius like Tseng. Being very caring and positive, she's also very family oriented and cares deeply for her brother Hayate, along with all those around her master.
She gets along well with everyone in her master's company, and is very close to the Hiatzu Clan. She finds it a bit tough to get along with Aoi, despite working with her pretty often, due to their similar positions. Part of the difficulty also lies in their mutual feelings for the man.


The Wind of Vayu

Status: Like his little sister, Hayate practices the Tenjinmon Style of the Mugen Tenshin. His style has a focus on power, electing to end battles quickly, thus he lacks in combo potential. He's also reasonably skilled in grappling. He wields a katana in battle, and possesses great skill with projectiles like kunai and shuriken. His affinity is with the wind, and he has a bad habit of uttering the phrase, "I am the wind!"
He's mastered the Torn Sky Blast, and frequently tests his skills against Ryu Hayabusa.

Bio: Set to become the next leader of the Mugen Tenshin when Ryu steps down or passes away, he has trained for the sake of the clan and their suzerain, the Hiatzu. He's earned the trust of everyone around him, and is an integral piece on the Hiatzu's chessboard. In everything he does, he earnestly gives his all and makes no excuses, accepting failure with grace and resolving to never fail again.
Hayate has a very strong sense of duty, being so devoted to his clan that he strictly adheres to their traditions and rules in most cases. He's gentle and protective of his sisters and those he cares for, including the Hiatzu siblings, but is very critical of others, especially those he believes will do harm. He's someone whose counsel is valued by the Hiatzu, as he's not afraid to tell them the things they don't want to hear. In particular, despite Kasumi's relationship with Tseng, Hayate frequently gives the young heir advice even when explicitly asked not to.
He and Tseng have a very friendly relationship, and his loyalty to both the Hiatzu and the Mugen Tenshin is unshakable.


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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Name: Zahara Requiem aka Zazzy McPeterson

Status: Immortal Wolf Shaman

Bio: She made a deal with Daichi and three women so they could forever be linked, making her immortal and linked herself as well by accident. Now she has become a news reporter in hopes of finding the reincarnation of Daichi for she has been having difficulty as of the last decade.

Apperance: True form

Look she takes on now
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Shadow Puppets

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