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Endless Descent to Supremacy

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PostSubject: Endless Descent to Supremacy   Thu 30 Apr 2015, 05:26

"We may be a small group, but our passion is as great as our numbers are low. We may face many hardships, the odds may be heavily stacked against us, we may make countless enemies, but so long as we believe in one another, ourselves, and our honest pursuit of the Martial Arts, we will always find victory. Together, let us fall into the endless pits of strife, ever aiming for the next lowest edge to grab hold of."

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PostSubject: Re: Endless Descent to Supremacy   Thu 30 Apr 2015, 06:46

The setting was a nostalgically rustic, old school Japanese manor. It wasn't a stretch to say that the manor existed alongside nature, as the extensive property around it was covered in serene forests, holding valleys with waterfalls, and plains. It was the property of the family that once stood at the top of the Martial Arts World, the ex-Royal Family, the Hiatzu. Having once been in grasp of the heavens themselves, the family had since renounced their status, keeping only this place, their ancestral home. The property was incredibly vast, and likened to a national park by any who visited.

It was within the nigh limitless property, where spirits gathered alongside animals. Where a dojo had been constructed, about a mile from the manor itself. Within, a few youths were relaxing in meditation.

"Hey...you're always talking about falling down the bottomless slopes of Martial Arts, in order to become the best." Commented a girl who looked to be roughly 15, her bright blonde hair tied in long twintails, by two black ribbons. Her clothing tended to stick to the gothic and punk side. She was actually 18, but her 4'10 petite stature made it difficult for anyone to believe it. Her modest breasts did nothing to help her in this regard, though her cuteness could not be denied.

Continuing, the girl known as Marie Rose looked to the man she was addressing. "That's never made much sense. Isn't it that everyone is climbing up a large mountain, to reach the peak?"

The man opened his eyes, running a hand through his long, raven black hair, and tying it back in a ponytail that ended at his mid-back. Looking toward the girl, his golden eyes set upon her, glowing like suns in the sockets. He was the youngest son of the Hiatzu, the scion chosen to carry their legacy. "Let me ask you a question instead, Marie. What happens once you reach the top of the giant mountain? It'll surely be difficult and fraught with challenges, but what do you do once you reach the peak?"

Marie tilted her head to side, a bit confused as it showed in her face. "Well, once you're at the top, that's that. Right? You're the strongest around."

"You're free to look at it that way," The man responded, brushing his bangs from his face. "Then what about my spiritual pitfall? What happens when you hit the bottom?"

"Um...well, there isn't a bottom, is there?" The gothloli's light blue eyes were glued to him.

The man smiled, nodding. "Precisely. The peak of a mountain. It signals the end. It means you can't go any further. A peak means you've reached your absolute limit. Whereas our pitfall has no bottom, thus there IS no limit to how far down we can go. Whether you stumble and fall, or jump willingly... We'll never reach an end to our growth. You see, Martial Artists these days aim for the peak you mentioned. They don't understand that they're limiting themselves from the start. Under me, you all will be set free, falling as you please, at any pace you please. And not one of you will ever reach an absolute limit. Don't aim for the heavens, aim beyond that. There's always something greater, just out of reach. You need only reach out..."

He extended his hand, patting her one the head tenderly. "And take hold of it with your own hands~"

"Oooohhhh..." Marie's jaw dropped open in a rather cute manner as she stared at him in awe.

Yes, this man that a small group had placed their faith in, was the scion of the Hiatzu. Hiatzu Yarai Tseng, the noble and wise wolf, with the hidden, savage fury of the Celestial Serpent, Yamata no Orochi.

Tseng observed Marie's face for a few moments, before grinning rather slyly. "Do you want to kiss me? You want to kiss me, don't you? Yeah, you totally want to kiss me. Go ahead and kiss me!"

"Ugh, not if you reek of desperation like that." Marie countered, with a look of disgust as she crawled backwards a short distance from him.

"Heheh, if you react like that, it makes me want to get aggressive." The young wolf admitted, crawling toward her. "If you act coy, I might just eat you right up-"

"Hey, stop pretending that I'm not here!" The outburst came from the second girl, the last of those in the dojo.

Marie smiled tauntingly, "Sorry, I thought you were sleeping, Honoka-chan."

"I was!" Honoka blatantly admitted, blinking as she realized what she said.

She was a sweet, easygoing girl, this Honoka. She had shoulder length, hot pink hair tied into a ponytail on the side. Her red eyes seemed to burn with an untamed flame. She was only an inch taller than her friend Marie, at 4'11, difference being that she had a rather generous and ample bust. As she loved uniforms, she chose to wear primarily schoolgirl type outfits. For example, the one she was currently wearing, with a dark blue blazer. The one thing that remained static at all times, was the dark purple glove on her right hand, that had a winking skull and crossbones logo on the back of the hand, with a yellow ribbon at the base, from which two white puffy spheres hung.

"I thought you were really getting into zen," Tseng sighed, turning as Honoka advanced, and flicking her in the forehead.

"Ow!" Honoka yelped, falling back and rubbing her head.

Tseng smiled at her, standing up and stretching out a bit. "How many times do I have to tell you? Meditation is key. You need to be more like me. Calm your mind, settle down your soul...control your heart."

Marie jumped to her feet, pulling Honoka up to hers. "You say that, but I don't think I've seen anyone meditate like you! When you're meditating, it seriously feels like you're not alive! No heartbeat, no pulse, I can't even sense your Ki!"

"Of course not, I've mastered a special Breathing Technique passed down through my family for generations." Tseng explained calmly, setting his hand upon the heads of two of the girls that had won his fancy.

"A special Breathing Technique? I guess that's something I can't just mimic..." Honoka looked up at the man that stood at 6'0.

The wolf smiled, shaking his head. "Of course not, the Black Heaven and Earth Technique is a celestial technique granted to our family from the Gods. If you lack the ability to even settle your mind, there's no way you could learn it."

While smiling on the outside, he was actually frowning on the inside. For the technique he had mentioned was actually the source of the Hiatzu's unique style. It required the practitioner to pay an important price in exchange for the level of mastery that he, his eldest brother and his father had achieved. Of course, like them, he had found a way to hide this price from everyone. It wasn't so simple as just being serene, not by a long shot. Although, this price was one they had all resolved to bear on their own, as men of the Hiatzu.

"I bet I can learn by kissing you!" Honoka exclaimed, standing on her tiptoes while pulling Tseng down.

Marie gasped as her friend kissed the object of her affection upon his lips, catching even him off guard while he was distracted by something. "I-it's my turn next!"

"No way, I'm not done yet." Argued Honoka, before continuing to kiss him.

Tseng pulled back swiftly, pushing his finger over Honoka's lips. "Your brothers are on their way here. I'd rather not hear their jokes about us right now, it's a bit embarrassing~"

"No way, you're shameless!" Marie exclaimed, copying Honoka to kiss him next.

With an internal sigh, Tseng allowed the kiss to continue for the same elapsed time as the other girl, before cutting it off. "I've got plenty of shame, thank you very much. I'm always tossing and turning over my every action."

"You are?!" Both girls gasped in shock.

Tseng crossed his arms, nodding. "Yes. Right in here." He placed his hand over his heart, peeking at the girls and stepping back as Marie threw a palm thrust and Honoka threw a punch, both missing their mark. "You'll do anything not to meditate, won't you? Fine, I'll give you a break for now."

Sliding his right foot back, he took a Boxing stance with his hands raised in front of his face. "Come at me, girls~"

Both girls exchanged glances, before assuming their natural, unorthodox stances.

A few minutes later...

Both girls were panting on the ground, exhausted and sore.

"You need more practice," Tseng remarked, dusting his hands off as he stood with his back on them.

"It's so confusing to fight you!" Honoka exclaimed. "You do one thing, then you do a completely different thing!"

Marie nodded, "If there's a pattern to your blended Style, then we're not seeing it."

Tseng yawned, stretching his arms out. "Don't give up, you did pretty well, all things considered. Honoka, you grazed me with a kick to the shin, and got a solid elbow on my ribs. Marie, you almost had me with that throw at the end, but you forgot one thing. It's-"

"'-it's 1000 years too early for you to try and throw me!'" Marie and Honoka chanted in unison. "Yeah, we've heard that more times than we can remember!"

"Ahahaha..." With a nervous smile, he turned to them. "Then why do you keep trying to throw me? There are precious few with the ability to actually throw me. Your brothers, my older siblings, Father..."

He had a blank expression as he mentioned the last that came to mind, "Mother."

Honoka tilted her head, "Why do you always get like that when talking about her? Dalia Okaa-chan is so amazing! She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and she's so graceful, and nice, and perfect!"

"And she loves you the most of your siblings," Marie added, getting up and dusting herself off.

Tseng averted his gaze with an unamused look, "It's a bit too early for either of you to be prying into my personal life. There are a lot of things you don't need to know about me, and my relation with Mother is one of them."

"Onii-chan!" The doors to the dojo opened, as an 11 year old girl ran in. She had long, straight black hair with a blue hue, and amber eyes. She was currently wearing the uniform of the school she attended. She was the only person in the entire world that Tseng would completely let his guard down for. It had been commented that he was her bitch, many times.

"My darling Meryl~" Tseng turned, hugging his little sister tightly and lifting her.

Honoka and Marie watched the abnormally close and affectionate siblings greet one another as they usually did, with the big brother drowning the little sister in his love.

"How was school today?" Tseng asked, setting her down.

Meryl smiled up at her beloved brother, "It was fine, we learned about the Sengoku Era today~"

"It was a great era," Tseng replied, ruffling her hair.

Meryl nodded in agreement, turning to the girls and bowing politely. "Good afternoon, Honoka-san, Marie-san!"

"You can call us your sisters!" Both girls announced cheerfully, before jumping the little girl.

Tseng scratched his head as they snuggled against his sister, who seemed a bit discomforted by the sudden action. "Hey, don't suffocate her like that. It isn't cool."

"I can't believe YOU just said that," Marie said blankly.

"I-it's okay, Onii-chan..." Meryl said softly, her shyness shining through now.

Tseng pulled out his cell phone, sending a text. "I'll have the maids bring over some tea and snacks. I'm sure you're hungry, right Meryl?"

"Um, yes." Meryl nodded, "The others will probably want some when they get here, too."

"Hey, Meryl!" Honoka pat her on the head. "Can you do that black earth breath thing, too?"

Meryl tilted her head, "The Black Heaven and Earth Technique? No, I'm not a prodigy like Onii-chan is."

Tseng smiled at her, "Nonsense, your archery skill is second to none~"

Meryl giggled, "You always say that, Onii-chan."

"Because it's the truth," Tseng replied.

Meryl smiled, looking at Honoka and Marie. "Onee-chan and Darren-nii haven't mastered that technique either. At least, not at the level that Onii-chan, Ani-sama and Daddy have. I'm not entirely clear on the functions of that technique though. I only know it's-"

"Did you bring homework?" Tseng asked, changing the subject before she said too much. "I'll help you with anything you don't understand."

"Oh! Taiga-sensei gave us math homework!" Meryl replied cheerfully. "I don't get some of it, though."

Tseng sat down, "Let's commence with the learning then! Until everyone else decides to show up, at least."

"It'll probably be a while," Marie claimed, sitting by Meryl as she took some books from her backpack.

Honoka took a seat by Tseng, "I can help too! Maybe."

"I doubt it," Tseng glanced at her.


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PostSubject: Re: Endless Descent to Supremacy   Sat 02 May 2015, 10:01

Several hundred bodies clad in black lay on the ground lifeless, a man with black with red streaked hair spins through the air. Finishing it with a kick to the man’s collar bone filling the air with a sickening crack, the man falls to the ground only to have a fist collide with his skull. Caving it in as the man with the red streaks hand starts to shake as the skin on his arm starts to darken and crack. Another assailant kicks him in the back, so he slams his now black fist into the ground and swings his body through the air and kicks the attacker in the chest. Releasing a large amount of Ki, which literally makes the heart explode.
Black and red then falls to the ground coughing as a clawed hand grabs him by the calf and pulls him toward it. He rolls over only to take a fist to the face, his head snaps back as he slams his forearms into its ankles. He then pushes his body upward with his elbows, grabbing its neck with his feet as he twists his torso throwing it on its head. His left eye starts to bleed as a voice yells out “Tai you still with me”, Tai tries to get up but his chest feels like it’s caved in causing him to fall back down. As he shouts “you’re not rid of me yet Wei”. Wei chuckles and walks over to help Tai up, when an enemy jumps behind him Tai instantly reacts. Punching his brother square in the chest releasing his Ki from Wei’s back, the enemy falls in pieces as Tai wreathes in pain as he coughs up black blood.
Wei sees his twin fading and punches him in the chest releasing the healing energy of Tsuki into him. Wei then shouts to his brother “Start meditating”, a half unconscious Tai enters the state and draws Tsuki’s aura from the Zen. Wei sits by his brother looking at the carnage with disgust “poor bastards you didn’t deserve this”. He shakes his head causing his blue and black streaked hair to flow in the wind, the tiger stripes on his body aglow as his brother meditates. He turns his head to the left as a ninja women with long black hair appears beside him. She looks around at the bodies strewn about the forest floor and gasps. And says “Master Tseng was worried and from the looks of it he was right to worry, who sent these beasts”. Wei sighed and says “Alistair Fisk our dear old scientist friend”, his yellow eyes stare deep into hers.
He then calmly says “I can’t smell Lord Tseng’s chi around yours, so who really sent you?, Momoji”. She shuffles her feet before responding “Miss Rachel worried for her Tai”. Wei sighs before Tai suddenly says “Rachel is not of the Lin Kuei she has no ties to me”. Momoji looks away and says “that princess will never love a Lin Kuei”. Tai sits up, Wei then helps him to his feet as Tai says “Ayane isn’t like the others she doesn’t. See a monster when she looks at me”, Wei throws Tai’s left arm over his shoulder and the three start to walk to the Hiatzu manor. After a few minutes Mmoji asks “were are Mila and Kokoro”? Wei chuckles and says “they ran into Mila’s Idol and were drafted to a shopping spree, they fared better than we did”.
After an hour of walking they get to the manor, Momoji left to go get Rachel as the brothers walk up to the dojo. Wei sits Tai against the side of the Dojo before entering it, he is completely unnoticed by the three girls and Tseng. Wei merely takes a seat by Honoka and waits for them to notice him, Tseng moves his hand to the left and notices that he can’t feel its presence. He looks up and says “what took you so long”? Honoka turns to see her brother and hugs him instantly, her smile suddenly disappears as she asks “where’s Tai”? Wei smiles and says “You know him he’s trying to steal a snack before dinner”, the answer pleases everyone but Tseng. Whom has long learned the brothers are able to hide any and all emotion from anyone.
So he stands up and says “I’ll be back Meryl me and Wei need to something real quick okay”, as Meryl says “ok” he kisses her forehead. The two then leave the dojo Tseng closes the door before saying “what happened”? Wei looks him in the eye and says “Alistair Fisk”, before he can continue Tseng punches the air causing it to sizzle with Ki. Dark memories fill his mind as he remembers how he once called that man his friend. He quickly composes himself before asking “Were is Tai”, Wei leads him round the side of the Dojo to Tai. Tseng crouches down and looks Tai in his silver eyes and is overwhelmed by the pain they evoke. Tai tries to laugh and ends up coughing, he takes a second to compose himself before saying “the qualifying match is in three days”.
Tseng says “Dammit” and Tai puts his hand on Tseng’s shoulder as he says “don’t worry we have a plan….., you’re not going to miss Meryl’s archery tournament”. Tseng looks at the two of them and asks “what is it “, Wei responds “You will enter the first three fights. The rest of us will have to enter about seven a piece since our crew is so small”. Tseng shakes his head “no, were not doing that what if your brother pushes himself to far”. Tai and Wei say “You’re not going to miss Meryl’s tournament, we won’t let you”. Tseng sighs and says “thank you my brothers” the three then pound fists, each with a fire in their eye.

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Hundreds of opponents all keyed on a man with black and blue streaked hair all attacking at once hitting the man in the ribs, face, gut, back, legs, arms, back of the head, in the spine, neck, the kidneys causing the man to cough up blood, and even the groin. The man takes all the blows reeling in pain yet staying conscious, unrelenting they are wanting this man’s death but he denies them. They dog pile him with continued assault till all that remains is the pile of men, then suddenly the pile erupts and the men go flying everywhere and black and blue stands in its wake.

Wei opens his eyes done meditating, Tai finally looking back to normal from his excursion earlier “You really didn’t hold anything back there, Tai, though they were abominations they didn’t deserve that much attention; they piss you off or something?” “They attack me, Wei, I can show not mercy to fools like that they deserved all they got and then some.” Tai exclaims. “You say that but it took a good hour of meditation to heal the wound you inflict on yourself when you could kill them easily and not endured so much damage. If anything it helped for use to sync our Ki and Chi so you ready to try this again?” Wei asks while Tai stretches “Hell yeah.” Wei does a few stretches himself and the him and his brother enter a meditative state as they start to merge their Zen, Tai’s Ki swirls with Wei’s Chi as they see in their minds eye a Ying and Yang of Tai’s Djange and Wei’s Tsuki compete. Once this is achieved they open their eyes, now instead of Wei having yellow feline eyes and Tai having silver dragon eyes, each of them have one silver dragon and one yellow feline. With this they attack each other full strength with killer intent as they always do. “I can see the combined Ki and Chi as we strike each other, Wei, it’s like firework as we connect” Tai exclaims through strained focus. “I can as well, we did it though it seems you seem to still resist the merge, Ki always has more difficulty adapting, and you were always stubborn.” Wei says with ease and a smile “Let’s see how long that stubbornness will allow us to keep this up” “My stubbornness will beat your calm with this Wei, you’ll be the one to call it quits.” Tai proclaims while trying to hold it together, and they continue to fight.

Tseng sits next to Meryl as he helps her finish as Honoka sits in the corner snoozing and Marie is making when the gong at the front of the manor, Honoka jumps up startled “No teach I wasn’t sleeping, huh?” Tseng stands and heads to the front door “its ok just seems we have a visitor unfamiliar with doorbells.” Tseng opens the door to a woman dressed in an opera style formal short dress with a long coat having blond hair that went to the her waist. She stood at about 5’7” with a regal posture and had a concerned look in her green eyes, Tseng recognized her as Helena an ex-partner of Alistair Fisk who worked closely with Tai and Wei. She stopped working with Fisk once she realized his true intent. Tseng was pretty sure he know why she was here as she responds “Hello Tseng, I’m not use to the Japanese estate and thought the gong was like a doorbell,” worry invading her usual claim demeanor “It’s more for assembly the manor has a doorbell,” Tseng says with an amused smile, “I take it you heard about the encounter Tai and Wei had earlier and came to see how they were?” She somewhat forces her way in saying “It is more I can’t shake this uneasy feeling I have, are they alright?” “Yeah, Tai was a little rough but they were meditating the weariness away when I left them three hours ago.” Tseng reassures Helena as he steps aside letting her in “they said after healing up they were going to do some training and we know better than to interrupted them when they train.” A shock runs through Helena and she turns to Tseng Horror stricken “Where are they it is almost too late I need to stop them!” unable to deny her look Tseng has Helena follow him to the Lin Kuei Dojo as they enter the best work to describe the scene is massacre! Blood all over, weapons scattered everywhere some broken most bloody and the brothers still at each other’s throats killer intent in their mismatched eyes.

“What’s happened their eyes” Tseng asks as he looks upon the twin clash in fascination “They’ve merged their Zen Tai’s Djange aura and Wei’s Tsuki aura are both being used in each of them, the two of them have been working toward this since day one with Fisk. Have they still been working on this since Fisk’s down fall or has the encounter today reignited it?” Helena questions “I couldn’t tell you for like myself they keep to themselves but my guess would be that they kept at it and finally succeeded.” Tseng declares “Hard headed Lin Kuei twins even after I explain the risks and told them to not pursue it on their own, why did we become so distant Wei?” Helena closes her eyes and focuses her chi into her voice as she starts to sing what sounds like a lullaby, her song has an instant calming effect on the other spectators but Tai and Wei seemed unaffected. Helena then makes the tone harsher and infuses more chi into certain words and the two start to slow down and soon pass out. Tseng nearly asleep shakes off his weariness then turns to Helena “What was that and why did you stop them?” he asks with some anger in his voice. “I’m sorry did you want them to destroy their individuality and maybe kill them!” Helena shouts back unable to contain her anger, “you could have messed up their progress, Wei knows his boundaries and usual keeps Tai in check!” Tseng reiterates. Helena composes herself “I am sorry this is your home and I have right to snap at you. You must not of noticed but they were on the verge of destroying their since of self, Wei wasn’t all himself, Tsuki and Djange the spirit they were born with always trying to ,shall we say, one up each other and just then they were at Tsuki and Djange mercy.” With that she goes over to Wei placing his head in her large bust comforting him as he opens his eyes now both yellow feline “O Wei are you okay?” Tai also opens his eyes, back to silver, saying “Don’t mind me I’m fine here collapse in the ground” with a few light coughs “Tai, yes you to, glad you’re okay” Helena spout as she still hugs on Wei. “Helena what a nice surprise, what bring you here, how long it been, two three years?” Wei presents each time Helena give him a chance to breath. “Too long, Wei, too long” Helena reveals then her attitude changes and she punched him in the face twice “You idiot, how stupid can you be if I wasn’t in town you could of lost yourself or even died” her eyes tear up “I could of lost you forever, three year was too long.” Wei wipes Helena’s eyes “It has been too long, thanks for being here you saved us” he says with a smile, Helena leans in close, then Kokoro runs in and give Helena a big hug “Sensei, I’ve missed you!” Wei stands up walks over and slaps Tai on the shoulder “come on bro time to make dinner, I was thinking soul food.” “Yeah, yeah let us get to it…. We’re making onion ring right?” ”But of course, my dear brother.”

Back in the manor Tai and Wei head to the kitchen, on the way they Mila and her idol Tina a busty blond American with hair to the middle of her back and blue eyes dressed in a leather black jacket with a hood and a yellow top that ascents her large bust, knee length blue jeans and shin high socks with sneakers. “Well hi there Tina, it was nice of you to take Mila and Kokoro shopping we were about to make dinner would you like to join us?” Wei asks “I wouldn’t want to impo-, what you having?” Tina starts when Mila gives her a quick elbow to the ribs. “Onion rings and soul food.” Tai responds, “In that case I’d love to thanks” With that Tai and Wei go in the kitchen and begin cooking, Mila, Kokoro join them as Honoka comes in “can I help to?” she asks “Why of course and Meryl I know you want to so come on in as long as your homework is done.” Wei and Tai say in unison “Yay and yes I’m done.” Meryl declares excited, right then Tseng comes in and exclaims “You all know that we have servants for this” everyone responds “They don’t make it as good” and continue cooking.

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The ancestral manor of the Hiatzu, was arguably the most mystical place in the entire world, and certainly the most incredible location in all of Japan. The manor itself was breathtakingly beautiful, with a nostalgic and serene air to it. There was a large den, a large living room, a large dining room, an extensive and perfectly equipped kitchen, an enormous bathhouse, and open air hot springs. There was a beautiful shrine devoted to the sovereigns of the Martial Arts, the Celestials, who had been the ones to originally impart the Martial Arts upon Humanity thousands of years ago. In their honor, every major Celestial had a statue in their likeness, within the shrine. There was also another large training room within the main manor. Outside, to the northernmost side, was an open viewing deck on a rise, overlooking the most majestic valley, and natural expanse in the entire world. It was a world heritage, cut off to the rest of humanity, known as the Conqueror's Valley. The second story of the manor, was where the numerous rooms were, for people to make their home. Naturally, the members of the Hiatzu Clan resided in the most pristine and spacious rooms. The entire property, were one to conduct a proper investigation, actually encompassed over 100 miles, which was over 160 kilometers. It truly was a place untouched by the hands of man.

A standing force of one of the most deadly Ninja Clans, the Mugen Tenshin, was and always had been loyal to the Hiatzu, who had been the most powerful Royal Family in the world for some time, before they gave up their status. The Mugen Tenshin Ninja protected the land with their Ninpo, specialized Martial Arts that was quite similar to the spiritual abilities of the Onmyouji. The Hiatzu could come and go as they pleased, naturally, while the Ninjas would prevent any unwelcome visitors from entering. It was also the case, that the world renown beauty, Hiatzu Dalia, had a gaze that saw everything as she pleased. Oddly enough, there was a surprising plethora of technology, integrated into the ancient household.

When looking out from the viewing deck, into the Valley, it was sometimes the case that one might see something that didn't belong to the world. Something that didn't even exist in the world. For this land was sacred, for being one of the three gateways into the Celestial World, where those who came before, made their home. Every gateway has it's gatekeeper. The gatekeepers in this case, were of course, the Hiatzu. For they were the family who descended directly from the Divine Conqueror, one of the five most powerful Celestials. They were one of the three families who held the pure blood of the "Strongest Gods".

Tseng sat at a table in the kitchen, eyes closed with a peaceful expression, as bustling noises resonated all around. He wasn't bothered by the manner in which his companions were moving about to prepare their dinner. His breathing was calm and steady, without any form of strain. He was leaning back in his chair, a gentle smile across his lips. He wasn't simply chilling, as most thought.

No, every few seconds, he would send out a pulse of Ki. This Ki was so thin and negligible, that it was literally undetectable to everyone but his "dear" mother. With each pulse sent out, the Ki would rush outward in a circular radius, almost instantly reaching it's full distance. Everything within the range of these pulses, would be given detailed form and appear to the youngest Hiatzu man far more lucidly than it would were one to simply look at the same thing. Each pulse was currently running along 5 kilometers, the baseline for one who had mastered this particular Technique. This was Ki Tracing; the ability to emit pulses of Ki that would detect the life of everything in it's range. The detail with which Tseng could glean "sight" from this Technique, was unique unto him, and surpassed only by the eyes of Dalia, with her Dragon's Eyes, the 8th Dragon Gate of the Natsume Clan. For Tseng, Ki Tracing was the most incredible form of echolocation. His full range was unknown, as he could increase it through focus, but it was known to stretch beyond 25 kilometers. To all familiar with the skill, only those closest to him, it was often joked that he was omnipotent. In fact, he was, to an extent. The only thing beyond that, and compared to true omnipotence, were the sight of one who mastered the Dragon's Eyes, like his mother. For this reason, it was known to the entire Martial Arts World, that one could simply not hide from Hiatzu Tseng, if he wished to find them. In fact, so long as he had met someone before, and seen their unique Ki Signature, he could even find someone who was at the other side of the world, albeit not with the godly clarity he would have within his absolute range.

"Hm? Is he sleeping again?" Honoka wondered, walking over to wave her hand in front of Tseng's face.

"Looks that way to me," Mila, Tina, Kokoro, Helena and Marie responded in unison.

Meryl giggled, shaking her head. "Onii-chan isn't sleeping~ He's Tempering his Ki while he exercises his mind~"

"?" The girls looked at the girl who was, in the eyes of most, the cutest in the entire world.

Tai chuckled in amusement, "Our resident girl in a man's body, is the most proficient in the skill that has cemented the Hiatzu Family as the apex hunters among all Humans~"

Wei scratched his head, "Right, his godsight thing."

"Godsight?" Marie tilted her head.

Meryl nodded, "Onii-chan is using Ki Tracing. By sending out undetectable Ki, we can detect all life within a certain radius. The minimum range when mastered, is 5 kilometers~ Onii-chan is so amazing, that his Tracing is more advanced than echolocation, and he can actually see in more detail through Ki Tracing, than he can with his Golden Eyes!"

"Golden Eyes", was what everyone referred to with Tseng's sight, which was far beyond that which Humans should have been capable of. Even beyond most Masters, like his hearing and apparently smell. It was an ironic name, given that his eyes were more golden than the sun itself. The world over, Hiatzu Tseng was known as the Martial Artist whose greatest weapon was actually his unparalleled perception ability.

"Wait..." Helena crossed her arms. "If what you say is true, and Tseng can indeed see in greater detail, for everything within that range, then the amount of visual data that goes through his brain would be...beyond Supercomputers."

And doesn't that mean that he's watching us all closely right now...? This thought went through Helena's head, unnerving her as she looked at the man whose beauty could exceed many women in a disturbing fashion.

"Duh, Tseng's brain, and his mental processing capabilities, are beyond any existing computer. Why do you think I call him 'The Greatest Stalker'?" The voice came from outside the kitchen, as a beautiful woman entered with three more behind her. Her gorgeous, ocean blue hair immediately caught the attention of everyone. As did her choice outfit which consisted of a tight fitting black tank top, low rider shorts, and a snow white cat ear headband between her twintails.

She turned her eyes of the same color, upon her friends with an alluring smile. "Of course, I've never minded that he could spy on me while I'm naked~"

This 20 year old girl was Furinji Linali, daughter of Furinji Saiga and Shizuha, who ran one of the most powerful organizations. She was the granddaughter of the man hailed as the Invincible Superman, Furinji Hayato, one of the Top 10 Martial Artists in the world, who is said to have never tasted defeat. Her big brother was Furinji Chun-Woo, one of the Top 20, known as the Nine Arts Dragon. The Furinji Clan was one without lineage, but made famous by Hayato, who created his own unique Style. Linali and her brother both practiced the Furinji Garyuu Style, along with the specialized Korean Arts, the Dragon Arts, which were practiced by their mother Shizuha. She unwillingly invited envy from women everywhere, due to her nigh unmatched mobility, which was said to be as close to flying as a Human could get, like her mother. When either took to their aerial specialties, feathers and wings tended to be seen on them. Tseng referred to her affectionately, as the Sky Queen, which was where his nickname for her came from.

"Lina-nee!" Meryl ran over, hugging her tightly.

"Ugh...Linali-chan." Honoka and Marie both winced as they looked at her, obviously threatened, since it was common knowledge that the girl was one of the closest to Tseng.

As everyone greeted Linali, they also noticed the three behind and greeted them quickly as well. This prompted a certain man to open his eyes.

"Hitomi, Lei, Queen, Reina." Tseng smiled warmly at them as they turned to him, having intentionally left out another who had joined them. "What brings you ladies here, on this fine evening?"

Hitomi, the girl with long brown hair with a pink headband, and purple eyes, waved at everyone enthusiastically. She was wearing a blue jean jacket, with a tight white undershirt, and dark blue jeans. "Hey! It's been a while!"

She quieted down, as she saw the smile, blushing on sight and shifting to turn away. It's unfair for him to smile at us like that...

Leifang, the girl with long black hair, and brown eyes, similarly to Hitomi. Her hair was currently tied in two looped braids, pinned on both sides of her head as usual. She was dressed in a red and green chinese dress. "W-well, you know, this and that~" As hot as always!

"Hello, everyone." The last girl named by Tseng, bowed her head politely to everyone, before flashing a bright smile to the raven haired man. Her hair was a beautiful dark blue, though her eyes were of a lighter shade. "Greetings, my beloved~"

"Ouka-nee!" Meryl went from Linali to Ouka, jumping into her arms and kissing her on the cheek once she was caught safely. "I knew you would come here soon~"

Ouka, was of the Tenjouin Clan, one of the top three Royal Families, which the Hiatzu had been a part of for as long as anyone could remember. She was Tenjouin Reina Ouka, the 20 year old woman who was hailed by many as the most resplendent Princess of the world, and the one woman who could say that she would marry Hiatzu Tseng, for she was his fiance. While the Hiatzu Family had three other siblings excluding Tseng and Meryl, her family had just one other apart from her, officially. A little sister. Their family was revered as the greatest Spearmen or Lancers of the world. Ouka was the leader of her own group, of which Hitomi and Leifang were her right and left hands, being her sworn sisters and best friends, adopted into the Tenjouin Family years ago. The Tenjouin were known to possess a legendary Technique, in the same Celestial vein as the Hiatzu's Black Heaven and Earth Technique, known as Amatsuheki. While Tseng was said to be the greatest prodigy in the Black Heaven and Earth, Ouka was the greatest prodigy in Amatsuheki. Their union had been agreed upon when they were children, and neither could deny that they had been in love even as kids. It was a great desire to finally unite the Hiatzu and Tenjouin, to give rise to children who could use both Celestial Techniques. When the Hiatzu relinquished their position, Ouka and Tseng, to the delight of both families, insisted on getting married still. Aside from Amatsuheki and her Spear skill, she has also opened the 6th Dragon Gate, the Gate of Water.

Stroking Meryl's hair, Ouka kissed her on the forehead affectionately. "You get cuter, every time I see you."

She was wearing a simple, white, sleeveless dress that was open at the back and ended at her thighs, with black, boots. Though she was able to make the simple outfit look magical. As always, she wore a cute pink ribbon in her left bang. It was the first gift that Tseng had ever given her, on her 4th birthday, and she had worn it literally every day since. Nobody could quite understand how it was in as perfect condition as the day she received it, despite always wearing it. Even in battle, she somehow avoided ever letting it come to harm.

"You get prettier every time, Ouka-nee." Meryl replied.

Linali jumped over everyone, gliding overhead, before landing gently upon Tseng, who fell into his seat, with her in his lap. "Yeah, Ouka-chan gets hotter every day, doesn't she~? I always envy Tseng for being her fiance~"

Tseng chuckled, putting his arms around Linali as they kissed for a few seconds. He pulled back as all eyes went to them. "I know you're bi, but I feel like you're more interested in other girls most times."

"You're right, I am." Linali claimed, poking him in the chest. "That's why I can't get enough of you~"

Everyone got quiet, the air seeming to fill as if they were under the surface of the sea. A powerful killing intent spread through the room, felt by all but Meryl, who wasn't sharp enough to notice. Perhaps it was an illusion, but as all blinked in unison, they could see that they were indeed in the ocean depths, with a predator beyond all imaginations approaching.

"Huh?" Meryl tilted her head, noticing that all the girls aside from Linali were sweating nervously, while Wei and Tai whistled in amusement, and Tseng wore a strange smile.

Of course, she's worse than Lina-chan... The fiance that can't stand to share her man. Why does Meryl see her and Lina-chan as sisters, and not the rest of us? Thought Honoka and Marie, who exchanged glances.

"Chill out, Sis! Where's the fire?!" A cute voice cut through the tension, the illusion fading as a girl the same age as Meryl, jumped Tseng and kissed him on the cheek.

Linali had shifted in Tseng's lap, leaving space for the girl. "Hey, Princess Cutie Pie~"

"Kairi-chan!" Meryl smiled brightly as she cheered the name of her best friend, everyone looking to her.

She was Tenjouin Kairi, the other child of the Tenjouin Family. She was often said to be the spitting image of Ouka in her preteen days, though Tseng has said she looks a lot more innocent than her beloved big sister ever did. She goes to the same school as Meryl, and has shown great skill with the spear already. The two are best friends, and she's as outgoing as Meryl is shy.

"Hey, sexy Lina-nee!" Kairi beamed at her, before clinging to Tseng. "Howdy, Onii-san~"

Tseng ran his hand through Kairi's hair tenderly, amused upon seeing she was wearing her favorite hoodie, a Kingdom Hearts 2 hoodie with Kairi on it. "You're as polar from Reina, as ever, my beautiful little tomboy~"

He winked at Ouka, who sighed and shook her head.

"Why is the enemy here?" Marie asked, giving a slightly cold stare to Ouka, Hitomi and Leifang. "Aren't they also aiming for the Tournament?"

Honoka nodded in agreement, standing supportively behind Marie, who set her hands on her hips. "Yeah! Maybe they're here to spy!"

"Uh, what?" Hitomi tilted her head.

Leifang smiled a bit nervously, "Spy? Why would we do that? We're-"

Ouka tossed her hair back, over her shoulder, drawing all eyes to her once again. "It is always truly amusing, to see how you girls seem to get so territorial, when you're infringing upon my property every day."

"Eh? Property?" The girls all blinked.

Wei smirked, "Here it comes~"

Tai chuckled, "It never gets old, does it?"

Ouka put Meryl down, and pointed at Tseng directly. "Hiatzu Yarai Tseng. I have known him far longer than anyone that currently stands in this manor. We have been betrothed for as long as anyone can remember, and just as I belong to none but him, so too does he belong to me. Never forget that undeniable fact. In the same manner, you should know by now, that I have spent years living in this household, in all. Longer than all of you combined. It is just as much my home, as it is Tseng and Meryl's."

"So she owns you, huh, Aniki?" Mila looked at Tseng with a smile.

Tseng laughed as all eyes went right back to him, though Honoka looked beaten and Marie looked angry now. "My sweet summer child, Reina~ I am always in awe, at the grandiose manner in which you've adapted your speech; using big words like 'undeniable', and 'household'. I'm so proud of you~"

"Guh..." Ouka stumbled over herself in embarrassment, as Tseng remained laughing, Wei and Tai chuckled, the girls blinked, Marie snickered tauntingly, and Kairi and Lina burst out laughing. "Y-you...! I... T-that's..."

"Use your words, Reina." Tseng suggested, calmly now. "You have such an oddly enchanting way with them, after all."

Ouka's eye twitched, as Hitomi and Leifang covered their mouths, and the rest, bar Meryl, were openly laughing at her now. "S-shut up! You're an idiot! I don't care what you have to say! Y-you're stupid! Dummy!"

"Sis, you got trolled~" Kairi pointed at her, continuing to laugh. As usual, Ouka had no way to make a comeback, when Tseng decided to tease her in front of others.

Leifang and Hitomi immediately wore neutral expressions, when Ouka looked to them for aid. They both averted their eyes from her casually. It's funny because she isn't exactly wrong about what she said. She should know better than to act that way in front of him~

Meryl watched everyone as she walked over to Tseng, standing by him, Lina and Kairi. She wasn't laughing, because she was too innocent to realize how condescending Tseng had spoken to her future sister-in-law.

Tseng tilted his head, watching his fiance as Linali laughed into his chest uncontrollably. "What's wrong, Reina? Cat got your tongue? Hero, your will energy is low?"

"Watch that!" Kairi and Meryl exclaimed in unison, getting a louder laugh out Tai and Wei, along with a proud smile from Tseng.

"Ouch~" Tina faked a wince as she smiled at Ouka.

Helena recovered her composure quickly, being the first to recall that angering the Tenjouin Princess might be a cause for concern.

"I...I'll get mad!" Ouka claimed, her face bright red from how flustered she was.

Tseng ruffled Meryl's hair when she looked at him, and set Lina and Kairi on their feet before standing. "That honest part of you is always refreshing, Reina."

"Ah, damage control?" Wei and Tai nodded at one another.

Tseng walked over to Ouka, setting a hand on her shoulder gently. "It's your most endearing quality, in my eyes~"

"T-tseng..." The Princess turned crimson, as she looked up into his eyes.

The ex-Prince leaned in, placing a kiss upon the lips of his fiance for about 30 seconds. "Well, that and your tsundere tendency. It's ridiculously hot when you get in the zone~"

"Yeah..." Ouka's eyes seemed to shine, and it was clear that she didn't quite understand what he said to her.

"Well then," Tseng snuck in quick lip action to both Hitomi and Leifang, while their sister was out of it.

Leifang squealed, hugging Tseng giddily.

Hitomi blushed, staring at him.

"Nobody can handle Sis, the way Onii-san does." Kairi remarked. "Though, I guess that goes for his whole sexy harem~"

"Sexy harem?" Meryl looked at her.

Linali pulled Meryl into her arms, "That doesn't mean anything, really~"

Marie crossed her arms, cheeks puffed as she mumbled. "He kissed the Princess longer than he kissed me."

"Same here," Honoka frowned.

"Well, she is the fiance." Kokoro pointed out. "Naturally, she should at least get some preferential treatment from Ani-chan."

"An oddly fair point," Tina and Helena remarked.

Linali giggled, "I'm just waiting for the day that he lets us have that orgy I dream of every night~"

"You're the best, Lina-nee!" Kairi hugged Linali, as Honoka and Marie both turned red, along with Leifang and Hitomi, while Tai and Wei nodded understandingly, and the other girls looked at Lina in surprise.

Mila turned to Tseng, "Where are the others?"

"The others", referred to the remaining five members of their, Tseng's, group, which was still very small compared to the average group. Similarly, Ouka's group was also small.

"Oh, I was texting Rosie-senpai on the way here~" Kairi admitted.

Tseng looked from Mila to Kairi, poking Ouka without looking at her. "Let me guess. Angel, Aya, Maya and Jerry were helping Kii and Rosa out at the hospital again?"

Kairi snapped her fingers dramatically, "Right as always, Onii-san the Omnipotent!"

"Well, it goes without saying, given how close they all are." Tseng replied calmly.

Ouka returned to her senses, turning to face everyone properly. "What's going on?"

"The rest are heading here now," Hitomi explained with a smile.

Leifang nodded, "Kiirina-sama, and them."

Ouka closed her eyes, "I still find it slightly unfair that Tseng conscripted Lady Kiirina into his group."

"Hey hey, you make it sound like I forced her to join us." Tseng said blankly.

Wei looked up in thought, recalling all the trouble that Tseng had gone through to secure the woman in question.

Tai laughed a bit, "But dear Tseng, didn't you, in a manner of speaking? You didn't leave her much choice in becoming our personal healer~"

Tseng gave Tai an oddly emotionless look for a moment, before smiling. "Maybe I indirectly influenced her decision, but I didn't make her do something she didn't want. I can hardly be blamed for Kii falling for me."

"We're not familiar with this story," Mila, Kokoro, Honoka, Marie, Tina and Helena admitted.

Linali laughed, "That was funny, huh? Fun times~"

"Yep," Wei agreed with a nostalgic smile. "Even I was surprised when that spear hit it's mark."

Hitomi and Leifang giggled, "When you think back, it was kinda funny, wasn't it?"

Ouka sighed, "I suppose so. It doesn't change how reckless the whole thing was, though."

"Reckless is my middle name!" Tseng boasted proudly, beating his chest twice.

"I thought your middle name was Yarai, Onii-chan?" Meryl looked at him.

Tseng squealed in a girly manner, as he slid across the ground to hug Meryl. "You're so damn cuuute~"

"Are you...not letting us in on the story?" Mila wondered.

"It's a bit long, and Kiirina will be here long before we finish it." Tai claimed.

Wei nodded, "It embarrasses her, no matter how many times she's reminded. And we don't want too many casualties before dinner is served!"

"Casualties? From what?" An almost divine voice was heard from a distance, growing closer as the source entered the kitchen.

"Ah, speak of the adorable devil~" Tseng released Meryl, both of them rushing over to greet the woman.

The woman with dark brown hair blinked, as the youngest of the Hiatzu siblings hugged her. "Meryl~ T-tseng..."

"Ojou-sama is NOT the devil! Though, she is adorable." Another voice chimed in, as she approached with four others. Three other girls, and a guy. With that, the entirety of Tseng's group was now assembled.

"Hey, Rosalie-senpai!" Kairi waved at the girl.

Honoka and Marie exchanged glances, as Tseng greeted the other four girls affectionately, both a bit jealous despite having spent the majority of the day with him, unlike them.

"Lady Kiirina, it's nice to see you again." Ouka bowed to her respectfully.

"Hotaru-sama!" Helena quickly bowed to her as well, as everyone made their greetings to one another.

Hotaru Kiirina. She was the Head of the Hotaru Family, which possessed the the unique 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Palm. They were a family that prided themselves on their healing abilities rather than their combat skills, and to that effect, they ran the most successful hospital in the entire world. Kiirina is actually the first, and only ever Head of the Hotaru Family. She was the one who founded the family in the first place, and is known to have been one of the original Humans who were taught Martial Arts by the Celestials. The way by which she's survived thousands of years with her undiminished youth, is one of the most popular topics in the world, and everyone's got different theories. The most popular theory is that the Dragon's Palm grants eternal life to anyone who masters it, though it can't be proven or disproved. She has always been secretive as far as that went, so nobody really knows the truth, nor do they know how old she actually is, for obvious reasons. She is the World's Greatest Healer, as well as one of the Top 10 Martial Artists in the world, although she's an extreme pacifist. She joined Tseng's group after an extensively trying event, and serves as the "White Mage". Aside from the Hotaru Family, she also founded and led a group shrouded in mystery, known as the Celestial Vanguards. They were said to have been the ones who fought against the Celestials that wished harm upon Humans centuries past, but separated after establishing world order. While the secret of her immortality is unknown to all but her old comrades (Furinji Hayato being one of them), she does indeed have the ability to pass on a Technique that extends the natural lifespan of a Martial Artist almost infinitely, and preventing the aging process, though there's no way for her perfect immortality to be replicated. It apparently requires a standard of some sort, and the other Celestial Vanguards, along with the Top 100 Martial Artists, have mostly all learned the Technique. This Technique is passed down primarily through the Hotaru Family, which makes it unnecessary for them to breed much. In fact, Kiirina is allegedly a virgin, and Rosalie was the last child born to the Hotaru Family in the last 100 years. It was Kiirina's older sister that actually started the Hotaru Bloodline. She's very close to Linali, Maya, Aya, Aoi and Jeral, and helped raise them. The fact that she has apparently fallen in love with Tseng, is kept within the group to avoid backlash in the world, though Tseng apparently doesn't care about what anyone else has to say.
The Hotaru Family's Style is primarily based around defending and countering, turning the power of an opponent against them, while rarely throwing the first attack.

Hotaru Rosalie is the youngest member of the Hotaru Family, being the most recent born in the last century, currently at the age of 14. She's the sole disciple of Kiirina, as well as her aide, for all intents and purposes. She's the only member of the family, whose resemblance to Kiirina was so close that she's considered a young clone of her. She has learned everything she knows from her master, and is an aspiring Healer and Doctor like her, with the Dragon's Palm. Kiirina has decided that she would pass her position on to Rosalie, when she turns 21. While the entire Hotaru Family, everyone related to them, and the whole world, worships Kiirina, Rosalie is clearly the most devoted follower of all, conducting herself in the image of her great aunt. Due to this, she can be rather intense when it comes to Kiirina. She's developed a crush on Tseng, which leads to him teasing her rather extensively.

Natsume Maya, the older sister of Aya. 21 years old. The Natsume Family is the one to possess the 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Eye, which is more or less the power of spiritual omnipotence. It was always the rarest 8th Dragon Gate, and Maya didn't inherit it. In fact, the majority of the Natsume Family was killed off in fear of the Dragon's Eyes, despite their rarity, given that one who masters them is essentially unbeatable. Their parents were killed by assassins, and their older brother also died to get them to safety. They were taken in under the protection of their aunt Dalia, and the Hiatzu, making Maya and Aya the direct cousins of Tseng and his siblings. Along with Dalia and Aya, Maya is one of the three last remaining Natsume...as far as they know. She opened the 3rd Dragon Gate, the Gate of Wood. As their parents were always close, she grew up with the Hiatzu siblings, Aoi, Linali and Jeral, along with Ouka by effect of Tseng. Her opinion of Tseng is complicated.
She tends to snap and go berserk, when taunted in a fight. It often ends poorly for her opponent/s.

Natsume Aya, 16 years old, youngest of the surviving three Natsume women. Unlike her big sister, she inherited the Dragon's Eye, but is far from able to control it. Also unlike Maya, she doesn't carry the trauma of watching her family get killed for her, because she was too young to remember it. As a result, she's noted to be a lot more "pure" than Maya is. She's always picked up slack in the Hiatzu Family, aiding the maids with household chores, primarily cooking and cleaning. Marie often displays jealous hostility, for Aya being younger and more well endowed than her. She's a Swordswoman who learned from Hiatzu Ken, Dalia, and Tseng. She favors the phrase, "Incest for the win", and seems to see no issue with loving her cousin, Tseng.

Kunieda Aoi, 16 years old, the youngest of the famous Kunieda Family. The Kunieda are a branch of the Hiatzu Family, and were the only Branch Family that followed the "Strongest Royals" when they relinquished their throne atop the world. The other Branches went on to stand alone, and Aoi has been entrusted by her grandfather, Ittosai, and her mother, Shinobu, to be one of the warriors that serves as Tseng's sword. She has learned the Kunieda Style that utilizes Ki-based illusions when fighting. Aside from Martial Arts, she's passionate about dancing, and is said to have the best natural rhythm for Martial Arts. She's the best swordsman in the group. She found it hard to get along with Tseng at first, but quickly became as devoted to him as Rosalie is to Kiirina. She can't stand it when people make fun of, or look down on Tseng; This happens often with everyone who doesn't know him well, since he conducts himself in an embarrassingly goofy manner in the public eye, as opposed to the nobility associated with his family, and the integrity he showed while he was still a Prince. She's the most vigorous about preserving Tseng's image, though she also faces the greatest hardship since she cares way more about it than the person concerned.

Kabane Jeral, 20 years old, the middle child of the Kabane Family. The Kabane Family possesses the 8th Dragon Gate, the Dragon's Blade, which allows them to use their Ki to forge bladed weapons through a method unknown to all outside the family. His family performs a special ceremony to ritually blind their members, which somehow greatly enhances their ability. However, he enjoys looking at and playing with women, so he's stubbornly rejected the ceremony. As a result, his big brother, Hirohiko, and his little sister, Nui, who both performed the ceremony, tend to be harsh toward him at times. He struggles with the choice, since it's said that he can only go so far with the ability to see. His inner conflict is always calmed by the presence of Tseng, his best friend. Although, he is rather jealous of Tseng, given his "omnipotence". According to know-it-all Tseng, and Dalia, there are multiple paths to becoming strong, and he doesn't necessarily need to become ritually blind. Nonetheless, Jeral can't shake the feeling that they only say that to be supportive of him. Despite having an inferiority complex when it comes to Tseng, and recently Tai and Wei, he is the self proclaimed King of Debauchery. He gets a lot of women, but his one true love is Tseng's big sister, Hiatzu Leliana. Tseng often teases, "If you wanna pork my lovely sis, you have to let me give your cute sis the same treatment". This usually leads to a fight, though it remains playful...so they say. Nevertheless, he is the biggest bro of the group, and the best wingman. He knows his little sister has a rather unhealthy infatuation with Tseng anyway, so he decided to let things fall where they may in that field. As his parents were killed in combat while he was pretty young, he's come to view Kiirina as his mother/big sister figure, which yields very complicated feelings for Tseng, though he also wonders how it is that Tseng and Kiirina could have a romantic attachment to one another, given how long they've been acquainted.
His brother and sister often frighten others with their perception ability, causing people to question whether they're really blind or not.

Everyone was sitting around in the kitchen, as the cooking proceeded.

"Dalia and the others aren't home?" Kiirina wondered, trying to ignore Tseng, who was hugging her from behind affectionately.

"Tseng-sama..." Aoi stared at him blankly, as he rubbed his face against Kiirina's like a dog would.

Jeral scratched his head as he watched them, "I just don't get it..."

"Things happened~" Maya pointed out, winking at Kiirina, who blushed.

Meryl was sitting in between Kairi and Rosalie, "Mommy, Daddy, Nii-nii, Darry and Lily are...um..."

She glanced over her shoulder, out the window, and toward the Valley.

"O-oh, I see..." Kiirina nodded slowly. "I was suspicious of why Dalia hadn't come to victimize us yet." So they're in the Celestial World. I wonder if they're asking the Gods to protect Tseng and everyone.

Aya had joined in helping with the cooking, along with Tai and Wei. "Tseng-sama~ One of your middle school buddies was in intensive care earlier~"

"Hm? The ICU? Who?" Tseng tilted his head, extending his hand to hold Rosalie at arms length when she approached to save Kiirina.

Honoka tilted her head, "Ice cream?"

"...What?" Marie and the rest looked at her in confusion.

Tseng looked at Honoka blankly for a moment, trying to determine how she came to her odd conclusion. "ICU is the abbreviation for the Intensive Care Unit. For patients who are in very bad shape."

"Oh, I see!" Honoka clapped, causing the majority to rub their heads in pain.

Helena smiled at Tai, "Have you ever had her evaluated?"

Tai chuckled as Honoka looked at them, "I'm afraid it wouldn't do much good."

"Aaaaanyway!" Maya smiled at Tseng, answering for Aya. "It was your old pal, Mataza! I was pretty shocked to see him there!"

Tseng blinked, showing genuine surprise, which was rare as everyone knew well. "Wow, who could've done Matty in? Did he get overconfident with his limbs? Or maybe he got lynched? What a shame. It's been a while since someone has made an attempt on my life."

Everyone closed their eyes as Tseng stood up straight, pacing back and forth in the kitchen. Only he would get jealous that someone is being attacked by enemies.

"How long has it been, Tseng?" Ouka inquired, holding Kairi in her lap now.

Linali raised her hand, before Tseng could answer. "A week, right? The last time was when the Red Spider Clan poisoned your chicken pot pie~"

Tseng nodded, "It was a good pot pie, though. I've been thinking about asking them to make me another."

"...Tseng?" Kiirina's eyes were closed as she called out to him.

"Yes?" Tseng turned to her as everyone else got quiet, already knowing where it was going since they had the same thought as Kiirina.

Kiirina took a breath, before speaking again. "It couldn't be that you knew that pot pie was poisoned, right?"

Tseng blinked in surprise as everyone looked at him expectantly, "Kii...I'm APPALLED that you would even ask that! Of COURSE I knew it was poisoned! I mean really, do you think I was born yesterday?"

"APPARENTLY YOU WERE!" Kiirina yelled, turning to jab him roughly in the shoulder, with her finger.

Tseng backed away, hiding the fact that her finger jab hurt like a bitch. "They went to the trouble of baking it in so delicately. As soon as I broke the shell, I could tell it was poisoned. But, you know..."

He looked at his hand with a serious expression. "Since I was a boy, it has been my motto... To never waste a perfectly good meal."

"Uh, what?" Helena and Tina's jaws dropped as they stared at him.

Meryl giggled, hugging Tseng. "It's true! Onii-chan never wastes food~"

Jeral shrugged casually, "Even when Aya-chan sucked at cooking, and gave us all food poisoning, Tseng STILL scarfed her grub down voraciously."

"If you back down from something like poison, you aren't a Martial Artist." Tseng claimed, crossing his arms. "I've willingly ingested poison many times, in fact!"

He beat his chest with a proud smile. "I've yet to find one that'll really put me down! I like to live dangerously, Kii!"

"You won't make it to 21," Kiirina said coldly, looking away.

"Eh...? I turn 21 in 6 months." Tseng pointed out.

Kiirina crossed her arms, "Sorry, not happening."

Ouka nodded, "I agree. If you can detect the poison, then don't eat it."

"Why?" Tseng tilted his head. "It adds spice."

"..." Everyone was totally speechless this time, unable to tell if he was fucking with them or not.

Honoka laughed, "If Tseng can survive all that though, doesn't it mean his stomach is godly?"

"Hm..." Everyone looked at Honoka, then at Tseng.

Kiirina shook her head, holding in a sigh. I guess...this can be attributed to Tseng's training, his natural bodily functions, and the Black Heaven and Earth Technique...

Rosalie and Kairi looked at Tseng, "You don't get attacked after they poison you?"

"Oh, I do." Tseng smiled at them. "I've never been incapable of fighting back, though. Sometimes, the Mugen Tenshin will show up. Kasumi often yells at me for going out alone."

"Yeah, she does. She's cute when she's angry~" Linali noted.

Maya nodded in agreement, "She really is!"

Wei laughed, "You never cease to amuse me, Tseng!"

"Your body is it's own weapon, isn't it?" Tai remarked.

"I admit, I'm not quite sure what you mean by that." Tseng ruffled Meryl's hair.

Aoi stood, turning to Tseng. "Tseng-sama, now that I know how you conduct yourself... I'm afraid that I can't permit you to go out alone anymore."

"You can't permit it?" Tseng smirked at her. "Who's going to prevent that?"

"Ah..." The group exchanged glances, remembering that there were secret paths that only Tseng and his family knew about, which made escape from the manor simple no matter the surveillance.


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"Ah, right. You haven't had time to train today, right?" Tseng's question was aimed at those who had only arrived while dinner was being prepared.

Jeral shook his head, "No, we were really busy at Kii's hospital."

Aoi nodded, "I went for a 5 mile run this morning, but that's about it."

"I did a bunch of practice swings in the morning, with Onee-chan." Aya admitted, looking to Maya.

Maya smiled at her little sister, then at Tseng. "Yep, that was about it for us though."

Kiirina looked at Tseng, Rosalie seated by her side with a rather defensive aura. "What about you, Prince of Demons?"

"Mmm, it turns me on when you tease me, Kii~" Tseng replied with a smirk, watching as she and some of the other girls blushed. He stretched his arms out. "Actually, all I've done today is Meditate, do some light exercise, and toy around with Honoka and Marie."

"Do you mean that the way I assume you do?" Wei wondered, his question having been on everyone's mind, with the exception of Meryl.

Tseng gave him a mysterious smile, which gave everyone a mental callback to his mother. "What do you think, WeiWei?"

"Wow, Onii-san~" Kairi gave him a thumbs up. "You have no limits!"

"Damn straight!" Tseng returned the thumbs up.

Marie turned red, "It wasn't that kind of toying!"

"Y-yeah, we were just sparring!" Honoka exclaimed nervously, before continuing.

Meryl looked up at Tseng, "Onii-chan, what kind of toying were you talking about?"

Tseng looked down at his beloved little sister, a blank expression on his face. After a few seconds, he smiled and kissed her on the forehead. "The kind that makes people closer."

"Um...okay~" Meryl wore a cute smile as she held his hand.

"God dammit, she's so freakin cute!" Tina boomed, hugging Meryl tightly.

Rosalie watched as Meryl struggled a bit, "Tina-san, you're being too pushy-"

"Saving Hand!" Linali yelled, shooting into Tina, and snatching Meryl from her, before jumping away to land on part of the kitchen counter.

"Lina-nee!" Meryl hugged Linali affectionately.

Tina frowned, "How long is it going to take for Meryl to start loving me too?"

Jeral scratched his head as Kairi gave Linali a high five, "It depends, really. You're not around her enough. It's not like she dislikes you, though~"

"Aaaanyway." Tseng turned and began to exit the kitchen, motioning to the rest. "Let's go work up a little sweat before we eat!"

"Do you mind if we join you?" Ouka asked.

"Knock yourself out," Tseng replied.

Hitomi smiled at Linali, "Will you spar with me?"

"Sure thing!" Linali set Meryl down.

"Well, we'll be here." Tai declared calmly.

In the training room of the Hiatzu Manor.

Hitomi was panting now, sitting down and watching Linali spar with Leifang. "She's as strong as ever!"

"Lina is a difficult opponent, isn't she?" Kiirina asked, while poking Hitomi's back with her index finger, Ki flowing into her body to open up her Ki channels.

Hitomi blinked, no longer feeling so fatigued. "Whoa, what did you do?"

"I just manipulated your Ki Circulation Points a little," Kiirina replied calmly. It was one of the many specialties she was worshiped for, a Technique that she had also taught Tseng and his eldest brother. A decision she came to regret, given how Tseng abuses the ability to manipulate his own Ki Channels to temporarily exceed his limits in dire situations.

Leifang pushed into Linali with a shoulder strike, aiming to knock her off balance.

Lifting her leg, Linali extended her foot, her heel connecting with Leifang's shoulder and stopping her in place. "Gotcha~"

She seemed to grip Leifang with her foot, while lifting herself from the ground and throwing a Roundhouse with her other leg.

Leifang sweat a bit, as the kick stopped right before hitting her. "Nice one..."

"Thanks!" Linali landed without strain, poking Leifang's breasts. "Bouncy, bouncy~"

"Whoa!" Jeral looked over immediately, as they all heard Leifang cry out strangely.

"Aren't you confident, to look away from me in battle?" Tseng remarked.

Jeral quickly turned his attention to Tseng, 7 red and black broadswords floating in front of him. In a flash, Tseng exited his sight. "?!"

Tseng was directly in front of Jeral now, his left hand pressed against his opponent's stomach. "Boom! Dead!" He pushed the same hand, propelling Jeral back across the ground, and darted into him, throwing a lightning fast straight punch to the chest, but stopping right before impact.

He stood up straight as Jeral fell backwards, rubbing his head. "If this was a real fight, I'd have followed through, using Soutenshu instead of just pushing you. You were caught off guard, so I would have ruptured your stomach completely. While you would have been spewing up bile and blood, my punch would have been a Soul Crushing Strike, which would have completely destroyed your heart."

"It's true, you were already dead from the palm." Kiirina agreed.

Maya nodded, "You need to maintain your focus, Jerry! Although, Tseng would have been going way overboard, since you would have died even without taking that punch."

"Yeah, yeah..." Jeral sighed, laying on the ground. "Just cuz I couldn't help but look while sexy Lina gropes sexy Lei."

Tseng ran a hand through his hair, "I like overkilling things." Still though. Jer's ability is so far behind his true capacity. My Ki Reserves are ridiculously beyond the norm, and his are a bit beyond mine. But he's so limited in his ability to control the Dragon's Blade. At least part of it is mental, since he can't picture himself being like Nui and Hirohiko, but... Hm. Jer has it in him to be stronger than Tai, Wei and I. Of course, simply telling him how to reach that level is counterproductive. It doesn't mean a thing, if he can't figure it out on his own. What will it take for him to make some sense of all the vague hints that Mother, Elder and I drop on him?

Kairi laughed as Linali had pinned Leifang, groping her, while the girl in question tried to flee. "Lina-nee's the best!"

"Is that okay?" Meryl tilted her head, watching.

Hitomi covered her chest, "I-isn't that enough, Lina?"

"I can touch you too? Okay!" Linali pounced from Leifang to Hitomi.

Kiirina calmly stood and stepped away from Hitomi, who was tackled to the ground and promptly molested. She looked away as Hitomi looked to her for aid. If I try to help her, Lina will just do it to me. Again.

"She remains as...free-spirited as ever." Ouka said blankly, looking from Leifang, who was still down and recovering, to Hitomi, who was still under sexual assault.

An opening! Aya swung her training sword down, aiming for Ouka's left shoulder.

An extremely thin, yet sharp layer of Ki was covering Ouka's fingers, as she lifted her left hand, extending her index finger to stop the sword, which also broke at the same time.

Aya felt a drop of sweat roll down her cheek, as the wooden sword broke apart against the finger. "N-no way..."

"Yes way," Ouka turned just enough to thrust the same finger at Aya, who defended with the base of the broken sword. The hilt was blown apart, as she was flung off her feet for a few meters, before hitting the ground.

Marie twitched, as she watched Aya roll twice before coming to a stop. "Tch. She should be weak without a spear, but..."

"Yeah, that Tenjouin Technique that turns their fingers into spears!" Honoka exclaimed.

Aoi smiled a bit, helping Aya up. "Ouka-san truly is Tseng-sama's equal, isn't she?"

"My equal?" Tseng scoffed, setting one hand on his hip, and tossing his hair over his shoulder with the other. An incredibly girly motion. "Reina's got nothing on me~"

"Wanna bet?" Ouka turned to him with a taunting smile.

"Oooh, the betrothed couple is gonna go at it?" Jeral sat up, looking at them.

Rosalie ran over, grabbing Tseng's hand. "You can't! Every time you two decide to spar, it gets too serious!"

"Name one time," Ouka crossed her arms.

Kairi walked over, poking her big sister playfully. "Well, of the many times it's happened? You and Onii-san got into an argument over who could eat the last doughnut, while we were watching Guardians of the Galaxy, and destroyed the living room in the process!"

Tseng laughed, "The sex after that was crazy, though!"

Kiirina sighed, having covered Meryl's ears before Tseng could speak, looking to Ouka, who turned bright red. "Tseng...really?"

"Jealous?" Tseng smiled at her. "Whenever you're ready, I'd be happy to make you a woman~"

Kokoro winced as Kiirina slapped Tseng in the face, blowing him away.

Tseng bounced off the wall, landing on his feet shakily. "A-as expected of Kii... The most dangerous slaps in the world..."

"Y-you're not allowed to do that kind of thing with Ojou-sama!" Rosalie yelled.

"Why, because you want me to take your virginity first?" Tseng rubbed his cheek as he looked at Rosalie.

"Heh," Jeral watched in amusement, as Rosalie's face turned crimson, before she ran away and out of the room.

"Wasn't that a bit much, Aniki?" Mila wondered, glancing at Tseng.

Tseng closed his left eye, as his left cheek was the one slapped. "...Maybe just a bit much."

Kairi giggled as Meryl and Kiirina left after Rosalie, "Rosie-senpai isn't opposed to it, though~ She ran away because she was embarrassed, not because she was angry~ She totally wants Onii-san to be her first and only! She claims she doesn't like it, but she definitely enjoys being touched by Onii-san all the time!"

"Kairi? Shut your mouth." Ouka said sternly, before punching her sister on the head.

"Waaah! Onii-san!" Kairi ran to Tseng, clinging to him.

Tseng rubbed her head gently, "There, there~ What's wrong with you, Reina? How could you hit my adorable Kairi like that? She's such a perfect and innocent little angel~"

"What part of her is perfect or innocent?" Ouka asked, looking at Hitomi, Leifang, Linali, Maya, Aya and Aoi.

"Awww, I love Kairi too though!" Linali admitted, joining Tseng to rub Kairi's head.

Hitomi covered her chest, panting from the sexual abuse. "K-kairi is just...playful, I think."

Maya smiled at Hitomi, "Seeing Lina victimize you, makes me want to follow suit."

Aoi quickly turned her back on Hitomi, as Maya took Linali's place in groping. I won't be the next target.

Jeral whistled, taking pictures with his phone.

"Why are Linali-san and Maya-san so perverted...?" Marie said softly, tugging on Tseng's shirt.

"They're just curious," Tseng replied, stretching his jaw out. "That said, I feel like I should be the one dominating some of you girls~"

Helena's eye twitched, as all of the girls with feelings for him, blushed. "There it is...his disturbingly sadistic side..." He's always been so sick and twisted, yet people are still drawn toward him inexplicably. Despite our differences, I've never been able to dislike him either. To say nothing of animals...

From birth, Tseng has been famous for being, arguably, the most sadistic being in existence. A claim reinforced by Yamata-no-Orochi, the Celestial creature best known for having plunged the whole world into darkness and chaos in the distant past. It was this, coupled with his exceptional ability from birth. He was born with a godly level of Spiritual Affinity, that yielded godly Ki Reserves, and the ability to completely dominate and exert control over his Spirits, despite not having become one with them. As loved as he was, for being irresistibly cute, he was also said to be one of the most fearsome beings, capable of intimidating anyone and everyone. In fact, even those within the Top 10 have stated that even they found themselves intimidated, sweating under the influence of Tseng's Spirit, despite being infinitely stronger in comparison. A rumor that hasn't bee confirmed in the world, is that the youngest son of the Hiatzu was capable of exerting his Spirit to create illusions and selectively show things to people, that nobody else could see. In particular, the assassins that he had been fighting against since the tender age of 3, those who survived, have said that he showed them their own gruesome and horrific deaths. Inhuman perception and Spiritual ability, were the traits most prominent in Hiatzu Tseng. His physical abilities lacked severely, originally, which was why he was originally a swordsman. He was too fragile to fight with his body. Becoming proficient in the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, and being trained by some of the greatest Masters in the world, however, has eliminated that weakness.

"But, that can wait, I suppose. I can't do things like that when my darling Meryl can walk in at any time." Tseng looked around calmly. "We can do more later, when our dinner has some time to digest. Before that though, there is one thing I would like you to be aware of."

Honoka and Marie tilted their heads, since Tseng seemed to be focusing on them primarily. "What? Something only we're not aware of?"

Tseng stroked his chin, "Well, maybe you are, but I'm certain you don't understand it as well as everyone else does, if so."

"As you know, every Style of Martial Arts tends to have a focus. Certain people are better at certain Martial Arts than others, because everyone has a position they're naturally more attuned to." He explained calmly, "Every country has different cultural references to these positions, but they can be simplified as thus; Power-types, Martial Artists who possess traits that make them suited to throwing overwhelmingly devastating attacks to wreck ass; Jer, you're a prime example of this, since your 8th Dragon Gate is potentially one of the most destructive abilities in the world. Defense-types, those who possess traits that make them most efficient when protecting themselves and others; Their offense is usually based in countering, and Rosa is the best example of this, as the Hotaru Style rarely makes the first move in combat, and excels in countering and grappling. Speed-types, people with traits that make them best at highspeed, rapid and extensive movement... Obviously, Lina, you're the greatest example of everyone we know. Even Kii is always saying that your mobility on the ground and air, your perfect balance control and weight distribution, are beyond anything she's ever seen for a natural ability. Those three are generally all you need to worry about, since most are one or another. Training and experience can make it so any type can adapt the traits of others, but they usually won't be able to even out their skills. The last type is being an All-Rounder. Having traits that makes you evenly capable of all three positions, and thus entirely capable of learning Styles that revolve around any of the three. Take me, for example, though Kii, Lina's gramps, and Onii-sama are the best examples, since it tends to be the case that you end up being an All-Rounder when you reach a certain level of ability. Reina's also an All-Rounder."

"Yes," Ouka replied simply, looking to Hitomi. "You would be a Power-type." She turned to Leifang, "You're a Defense-type."

"Right," Hitomi and Leifang both nodded.

Kairi pointed at Aoi, "Aoi-chan is a Speed-type too, right?"

"Yep," Tseng pat Kairi on the head gently. "Marie is a bit ambiguous, to be honest, but Honoka is also a Power-type. Kokoro is also a Defense-type, like Helena naturally, and Mila is a Power-type. Aya, you're a Defense-type too. Maya is a Power-type."

"So those categories are really broad, then." Marie noted.

Linali scratched at her cat ears, "Yeah, you could say that, meow~ It's pretty hard to pinpoint a specific niche for any Martial Artist, so being general is the best, don't you think?"

Aya smiled a bit, as Maya hugged Lina, petting her as if she were a cat. "Right..."

"So what about an Archer like Meryl?" Honoka wondered.

"Power-type," Tseng replied immediately, to the confusion of many. "If you really think about it, you'll understand why. Like Marie said, the positions are broad, and many factors can lend to them."

A bit later, in the kitchen.

"We heard quite the show going on in there!" Tai remarked, winking at Linali and Maya.

Linali smiled to herself, "Hitomi-chan is a moaner, isn't she~?"

"Huh?!" Hitomi gasped, looking at Linali.

"You were the loudest..." Leifang said softly, lowering her head in shame.

Wei ate some onion rings, before commenting. "Did that slap hurt as bad as we think? Cuz we felt that from here."

"Ahahahaha!" Tseng ate some rice while laughing, though he didn't give an actual response.

"Did I slap him so hard that he lost his mind?" Kiirina smiled at Tseng.

Rosalie stayed quiet, eating slowly.

Helena smiled nervously, "I have to admit, I'm not sure how you all manage to get anything done around here."

"It's more productive than usual, Helena-san." Meryl admitted, sitting in Tseng's lap as he fed her. "When Mommy is here, Onii-chan always gets worked up~"

Ouka nodded, "Because Dalia Okaa-sama is the only person in the world who can beat Tseng at his own game."

"Game? What game do you speak of, Reina?" Tseng asked, feigning ignorance.

"The game that has you screw with everyone around you," Ouka replied calmly.

Kairi was nibbling on an onion ring, "It's always so fun to be here~ And it never gets old to see Sis get trolled."

"How's your head?" Tai asked, ruffling Kairi's hair.

"Onii-san and Lina-nee made it bearable!" Kairi replied, smiling at him.

Marie smirked, "My my, Ouka-san is always so violent toward her own sister. What kind of Princess is she?"

"Kairi's a cute little Princess, too!" Honoka added.

Ouka looked at both of them, "If I want to hit Kairi, I can hit her as I please. She's my sister."

"Alright, chill out everyone." Tseng ordered, causing them all to simmer down immediately. "It's a rare evening where that damnable woman isn't around to bother me. Let's all enjoy it to the tune of Wei and Tai's nice food!"

"...Huh." Everyone else exchanged glances in surprise.

Tseng tilted his head, "What?"

"Onii-chan, Mommy usually..." Meryl looked up at him.

Aoi scratched her cheek, "Aunt Dalia usually shows up out of nowhere, every time you say something like that."

"But the coast is clear this time," Aya added.

Maya laughed, "So we're concerned that Aunt Dalia isn't showing up to complicate things?"

Jeral was drinking some nerds koolaid, "Maybe she's waiting for the best time to strike?"

"All times are the best time for her," Kiirina noted.

Rosalie spoke up softly, "Dalia-sama seems more than capable of turning any situation to her favor."

"Ugh, stop calling her by name." Tseng said in disgust. "Keep saying her name, and she'll show up when you don't want her to. Just like the malevolent banshee she is."

Wei looked at him, "Dude, that's your mother."

"And?" Tseng shrugged.

Tai laughed, "You can't really blame her. You're the most important to her, but you're the only one who spurns her motherly love. If Lady Dalia were our mother, we would love to be in your position."

"Yeah..." Honoka nodded in agreement.

Tseng frowned, recalling the situation with their parents. "Sorry."

Ouka opened her mouth to comment, but decided against it when she also noticed the other orphans had gotten quiet. Having parents isn't always so nice.


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Ouka and Tseng sit across one another as the two of them downed an entire bottle of Sake’, Ouka slammed the bottle on the table. As Tseng tilted his chair back on the edge of one leg and made it spin by controlling the muscles in his leg. The others clapped at such a feat for a thoroughly hammered Tseng, Honoka tried to perform a stance only to slip and fall. Tai catches her with one arm while downing his third bottle. Honoka hiccups and tries to thank her brother he smiles and waves for her to go play, as she crawls towards the others Wei puts his hand on Tai’s shoulder. “Sucks alcohol has no effect on us isn’t it” says Wei and Tai nods. The two at the others just in time to see Ouka lift the back of her shirt up to show a scar she has. The other girls gasp in awe, Tseng shakes his head and throws his shirt to the ground showing his scars are far worse. Needless to say the others start to join in the scar showing contest.

As Maya shows her scars Tai becomes irritated with faking the drunkenness and the two brothers leave the room. Their exit is unnoticed by the others, they make their way to the balcony as the cold evening winds blow against their bodies. They take a seat on the railing and stare at the swaying of the trees, a few hours go by when they feel Ouka’s aura drawing toward them. She stumbles for a second before reaching the railing. She turns to face the door and slides down against it till she is sitting down. She stares at the door and asks “You two are Lin Kuei aren’t you”. Tai stares into the night sky with its twinkling stars “Yea, is that a problem for you”? Ouka shakes her head and says “you know Tseng is risking a lot having you on his team right? I’m just wondering what makes you worth that kind of danger”? Wei sighs and says “No Idea” Ouka lays her head back against the railing before saying. “If it comes to it promise me you’ll protect him”. Tai stares at the moon with a sudden fierceness as he says “only if you promise to accept Honoka into you’re and Tseng’s relationship….and treat her with affection”. Ouka suddenly straightens as she says “Why would I do that”, Tai and Wei rise to a stand ad Tai says “because you’re asking me to die”.

As Ouka rises to her feet to look at them they leap off the railing and disappear as if into nothingness. She stares over the balcony as Tseng walks up behind her and asks “why are you in a state of confusion”? Ouka turns to look at him and says “I talked to your Lin Kuei a second ago”, Tseng sighs and says. “Just no keeping you in the dark is their princess, what you talk about”, Ouka gives him a concerned look. “What does Honoka mean to you” Tseng looks at her confused “You talked about Honoka”? Ouka scanned his face for some tell only to be kissed by Tseng so sweetly that she forgot what she was talking about. Tseng looked into her eyes and said “You are the only one for me Ouka, now tell me what you talked about”. Ouka looked away from his gaze before saying “I asked them to take the ultimate sacrifice should their involvement endanger you”. Tseng made her look him in the eye before saying “Do you not believe in me Ouka”? Ouka stared back at him and says “You and I both know that there are Ascended that could massacre our entire Houses”.

Tseng sighs and says “I seriously doubt they would be concerned with a couple of Lin Kuei becoming a royal family”. Ouka wraps her arms around Tseng and places her chest against his chest before saying. “If they were just a couple of Lin Kuei you’d be right but they aren’t are they, my guess is they are the bearers of Djange and Tsuki the Fallen ones”. Tseng looks up to the heavens and says a faint glimmer of red, he closes his eyes and says. “Komu Shinta Tokin(she has returned)”, Ouka looks up at Tseng and asks “What did you say”? Tseng Smiles and says “Nothing lets go to bed” as they head toward the door his Orochi spirit engulfs the air around him. (Djange is mine Tiamat).


In the woods the Lin Kuei brothers were practicing their stances each with a silver eye and a yellow their Aura’s becoming slowly becoming more stable. Tsuki and Djange’s spirits began to intertwine as it slowly started to become its true form. As they entered the fourth minute blue tiger stripes began to form on Tai’s skin and streaks of black hair in Wei’s hair. Both close their eyes as the mental strain starts to become too much for them.

(In Tseng’s room)

Ouka’s breasts shake as she rides Tseng like a wild beast her nails digging into his shoulders as she pulls him deeper and deeper. Until they both release and she collapses on top of him, she pants frantically as she listens to his heartbeat. Tseng grabs a bottle of water and chugs it before asking Ouka “Want some crackers”? Both start laughing shocking Honoka, Marie rose, Hitomi, Leifang, Kairi, Linali and Kunieda and Aya. Who were watching their performance?

(Back in the sacred grove)

The Brothers lay opposite each other like a Ying and Yang symbol as Rachel, Momoji and Helena finally reached them. Rachel undid the buckles of her black leather ensemble and pulled Tai towards her as she removed his clothes. Helena brought Wei’s head to her chest and began to run her hand through his hair. Her powerful chi energy slowing the chaotic energy that was in the air, but she soon became affected. Her lips meeting Wei’s as she drove his hand through the whole in her shirt and placed it upon her bare breast. The brothers at first were being led by the women but as they pierced into the women upon them their eyes opened both with a silver and yellow one.

(Back at the house)

Ouka lay sleeping beside him as Tseng rose to a sitting position his echo location still not reaching far enough to find Tiamat’s vessel. Honoka entered the room distracting Tseng as he looked upon her and asked “What’s up Honoka”? She went and sat down by Tseng tears in her eyes as she said “I’m the weakest member of the team aren’t I”? Tseng tilted his head before saying “What makes you think that Honoka-chan”? She lays her head on his shoulder and says “Jeral and the others are some much stronger then I am, and I don’t have any special skills”. Tseng ruffled her hair and said “You do have special skills I just wanted you to master the basics beforehand so that you don’t lean too much on your SS(Special skill) techniques. But if it will make you feel better I’ll force Tai and Wei to teach start your true training. Just remember they come from a different style of training and it may be more difficult than my teachings.” Honoka smiles and gives Tseng a quick kiss before walking to the door and saying “Thanks for the pep talk Tseng-chan”. With that she leaves and Ouka rolls over and says “your too easy on her” Tseng turned around to meet her and says “I’m really not you have no Idea what Lin Kuei training is like”. He then kisses Ouka and pins her to the bed “Round four”

(In the sacred grove)

The brothers release as their bodies revert back to normal and they pass out completely, Tai with Momoji and Rachel on either side of him. Wei however just had Helena lying beside him.

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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Once there was a mighty dragon God and he watched over the people, but one time when he was sleeping demons attacked. The people went to the dragon and demanded the power to defend themselves. So the dragon gave them its blood to drink and a power manifested within them, all but two drank from it. Those that did became the first of the Dragon gate users, the two that did not were exiled. And cursed to never be allowed to enter the heavens their brothers choose. Thus Martial arts were born and while the millennium of years that followed showed its decline. The new Era changed that, as the Families that wielded the Dragons gates choose to conquer the known world. And while their belief in the Dragon is meager at best, he bestows them with the fighting spirits of the beasts within. Which allows a martial artist to reach levels beyond humanity.

It was the head of the Hiatzu family that lead the charge and with the victory he granted each of his Lieutenants. A place as part of the new royal families, and together they would all rule the land. But as with all Hiatzu he set in place a Grand Tourney for which those below could prove their mettle in combat. For the winning team a seat on the royal family, and while many will lose any who participate shall be honored. This lead to a shift in the way of life as the strong were favored and the weak were downtrodden. A few centuries have passed since then and the Hiatzu family has chosen. To relinquish its royalty to live the life of a warrior once more, this decision was made by the new heir Hiatzu Yarai Tseng. Wise and noble wolf and bearer of the Celestial serpent Yamata No Orochi.

Even with being the youngest of the Hiatzu family he could have called on any of the royal families. For aid in his team but he choose not to lean on the legacy of his old family, he instead choose to hand pick them himself. And this is the story of his Journey up the pyramid of combat to find the true meaning of Marital Arts.

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Cheers echo throughout the arena as two combatants circle around one another amidst the unconscious bodies of other combatants. Djinn side steps a blow as he slams his elbow into the attacker’s skull. Dropping the man instantly, only to be struck from behind and sent spinning across the ground. “Jakka, Jakka” the crowd shouts as the beast kicks and stomps Djinn, before picking him up and throwing him against the arena wall. Djinn gets to his feet only to be struck by hit after hit after hit, blood starts to mist out of his mask as he tries to breath. His body a literal ragdoll to the behemoth in-front of him and yet each time he gets back up. His silver eyes never wavering from his foe even as he takes a hook to the left of his skull. Causing him to fall to his right knee in the blood soaked sand as the man steps ever closer.

Up in the royal rafters sits a Meditating Daichi beside Tseng whose golden eyes are affixed to Djinn as each blow. He sees the corruption send out pulses throughout Djinn’s body as it slowly moves and grows. Tseng begins to crumble the railing beneath his hands as he holds back his will to interfere. Partially out of respect for Djinn and partially out of knowing that they want him to interfere

Between each blow to his body Djinn’s silver eyes probe Jakka’s Dragon steeled skin for a chink of some kind. But can’t seem to find any as his body gets knocked across the sandy floor, for every raspy breath he makes red mists gusts out of the vents of the mask. He rises to his feet as if out of a grave only to be knocked down to his knees. He attempts to rise again only to be struck down to the sand again. It is now that his vision starts to pulse a bad sign that means he is starting to fade, if he doesn’t turn things around soon he will most certainly lose.

(Meanwhile in a booth shielded from those with prying powers sit two men and a young girl watching the fight.)

The young girl turns away from the screen unable to watch the brutal assault on her brother, as the men sit and watch one looking thoroughly annoyed. “Is there a point to this display of yours Fisk” asked the annoyed man with slicked back black hair. Fisk turned to look at the other man and shook his head before saying “a brute is still a brute even if it is Immortal”. The annoyed man drew his knife and held it to Fisk’s throat as he coldly stated. “You are becoming less useful to me by the second”. Fisk merely pushed his glasses back on up and says “You would think a man as old as you would know patience Vandal. But as a gesture of good faith I’ll show you what the point is” and with that Fisk clicked a button. That changed the spectrum of the screen to show the effects of the Dragon’s curse. It showed the pulsating like roots inside Djinn and the fragments around Jakka.

(Back to the fight)

Djinn rises to his feet once more as Jakka raises his arms high into the sky for a final blow when a voice shouts. “Djinn stop playing around”, Jakka swings and hits nothing but air causing the crowd to gasp in surprise. Jakka growls as the blood on the arena flow rises up in a mist around the two combatants. As Jakka goes to swing two Djinns flip back from his every strike drawing him closer and closer. Until they land as one, Jakka laughs and charges forward as Djinn movs his stance forward and slams his right palm into Jakka’s steely chest. His chi bypasses the armored skin and is releases as it goes towards his back. Amidst this strike the massive spirit of Djinn’s erupts from the air. The Decayed best filled half the arena and roared in dominance as Jakka flew back several feet before crashing to the ground unconscious. The banners snapped from their posts and were flung around as if in the wind. As the walls of the arena cracked and the railing burst upon the spectators. There were no cheers just silence and the occasional scream, as Djinn stood in the center of the arena his pupils no bigger than the point of a needle.

Daichi and Tseng jumped down into the arena as the announcer squeaked “fifty nine TKO’s for the Deadman”. Daichi slung Djinn’s arm around his shoulder as Tseng lead the way out when a familiar voice rang through the air. “The Demon, The Beast and The Deadman the Hiatzu Trio always a grade above the rest”. Tseng stopped in his tracks as the crowd started to clap and cheer, he looked to the booth that was like a void of nothingness in the midst of everything else. His focus is broken by Daichi as he says “we don’t have time to worry about Fisk in his games Djinn’s in real bad shape”. Tseng looks at both the twins and nods saying “You’re right Dai get Jinn out of here, I’ll be right behind you”. Daichi sighs before he and Djinn make their way out of the arena. Tseng stares up at the booth for a second longer before going to join only to find Hayate standing before him. “You would risk everything your family has ever done for that thing”? Asked Hayate , “So you think I can’t win” responds Tseng coldly as Hayate evasively says. “I would never think to say such a thing, I just don’t want you to get hurt trying to save a piece of trash like that”. Tseng slowly starts to walk away before saying “Do not speak ill of my family again, friend or not I’ll destroy you all the same”. Before Tseng could leave Hayate said “Royal family or not they’ll eradicate you all if they have to”. “Then let him come”! States Tseng as he leaves the arena entirely. Hayate sighs and says “it’s not just Fisk anymore, the pest seems to call more and more to his side each day”. But his words are just noise in the wind…..

(Back in the booth)

Fisk stands before a telecommunication screen as he states “What more do you need to see Young master Tseng is plotting against you”. Several voices clamor in opposing statements as Fisk slams his fist on the table. Before saying “He flaunts a test subject of Geedo with the power to destroy you all and you still think he has love for you”. He stops for a second before letting out a breath and slicking back his hair. “I just hope that you are right to place your faith in Yamato-no-Orochi”. And with that he ends the transmission and turns to see Honoka facing him with an angry look on her face. “What is it my dear” asked Fisk politely as Honoka shakes her head as she turns to leave. Vandal Savage rises to leave as he states “You would be wise to keep your little girl happy”. And with that Alistair Fisk found himself alone as his phone began to ding with the messages of people willing to turn on the Hiatzu. He smiles and says “It has begun”!

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Shadows danced across the surface of the boy's mind, teeming and overwhelming, each bearing a vision of events from the past, present or the future. It was impossible to tell, with how quickly they passed. These shadows, visible even underneath a darkness more daunting than any other, all seemed to share their home within it. Specifically, this darkness had a rather unique form. 8 serpentine tails, 8 serpentine heads, a creature as vast as an entire Continent; the Celestial Serpent that once threatened to eradicate all life on Earth, its power peerless enough to bend the Gods to its will, subjugate the Celestials and bring the Heavens to their knees.

Yamata no Orochi towered over the dreamscape where it had made its home for the last 21 or so years, ever since the day that boy was born. The boy he looked down upon condescendingly, the boy whose back was turned upon him. It had been about 7 years since the child had even taken a glance at him. "You are in conflict, Brat."

"Am I?" Tseng replied coolly, an ethereal wind blowing against his face, his hair and jacket fluttering along its flow.

"It speaks~" Orochi remarked, his voice a surprisingly gentle hiss. "You must be truly scared, to allow conference with me."

A laugh was heard in response, as Tseng turned around to face the continental being without an ounce of hesitation. "If you really believe that I feel the emotion of fear, at this very moment, then you're about as dumb as you are needlessly large."

He continued without a blink, as the hydra's 8 heads all lowered before him at once. "When I asked Onii-sama and the rest of my family to follow my lead, I made a promise to show them what I once promised to show you. A world where paradise can be attained by all with the resolve to reach out and take the reigns of fate in hand."

Reaching out with his left hand, he touched one of the gargantuan heads. "Fisk, the Phoenix Families, Yami, the Murim, the Syndicate, the Black Forest Clan...it doesn't matter who comes for me. Because, Orochi, anyone who dares stand in my way...will be crushed."

Closing his hand, the Celestial Serpent's body immediately shrunk to fit within the boy's hand. "You have no need to feel concern, my cute little snake~ I'll make the dream you so desperately chased back then, a reality. That was, after all, the pact we made 18 years ago, wasn't it~?"

Orochi's 8 heads stared up at the boy, who now looked as great to him, as he had just a moment earlier. "...It is good to see the resolve I saw back then. Tell me, did watching that other child struggle against his own fate, rekindle the flames that burn in your heart?"

Tseng smiled warmly upon the hydra, "I'm by no means perfect, Orochi. What happened 7 years ago, may always haunt me, but I'm now surrounded by people who won't let me wallow in self pity for what I've done. I'll stumble and I'll fall, just like any other human being. But I'll always get right back up, to pay back a hundredfold, what I was dealt."

The serpent's eyes blinked in unison, as the boy planted a gentle kiss upon his head. "Hmph, human? I have seen everything the universe has to offer, Brat. There exists no human that can stand as my equal."

It was then that the hydra grew once again, this time to the same size as his host. "You, Tseng, are by no means human. Follow the will of that accursed Bloodline. Become a Demon that shall bend everything above and below the heavens to your feet, just as I once did. For your kind...for beings like us, paradise is the single sight we shall never lay eyes on. So struggle all you will, fall and rise, again and again. I have seen the path you walk, to its very end. When you get there, take a good look, and you will finally understand the folly in your claims. You cannot change your fate, for it was sealed the moment I chose you as my Host. Pain shall be your song, suffering shall be your blade, and destruction is your calling. The final thing that you and I see together, will be the sight of sanguine downpour that drowns this world~"

Back in reality, in an area outside of the tournament facility, under the bright sun.

Hiatzu Tseng opened his eyes, meditation ending as he looked up at the sun, chuckling. "Ever the colorful character, Orochi. I'll teach you what happens when people underestimate what I'm capable of."

Rising to his feet, he took a deep breath. Perhaps it was an effect of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, however when he reached a certain point in meditation, his mind would be opened to the point where he and the Spirit within him could convene.

"Um...Lord...Tseng...?" A shy voice called out from his side.

Tseng turned sharply, smiling at the short girl. "Honoka-chan, what a welcome surprise~ You're certainly a sight for sore eyes right now~"

Honoka's cheeks grew rosy as she shifted nervously, "Um...is he...? Is my brother...?"

"Don't worry, Djinn is being healed by Kii-chan right now." Tseng explained calmly, setting a hand on his hip. "He'll be perfectly fine."

"You mean Hotaru-sama?" Honoka replied in surprise.

Tseng nodded in response, "Who else would I mean?"

He leaned in closer to her, smiling as she blushed more. "Why don't you come back with me? Your brothers would be happy to see their beautiful little sister~"

"B-beautiful? Not me..." The girl nervously backed away from the man, who advanced like a snake prepared to strike.

"Well this is worrisome indeed. For such a cute girl to harbor doubts of her own appeal~" The Hiatzu heir extended his hand, placing it against the wall that the girl had backed up into.

Honoka's face was red as she lifted her hands to cover it, "Lord Tseng...please stop teasing me..."

Tseng tilted his head, "I'm not teasing though, I'd think it obvious that I'm attracted to you."

The girl opened her mouth to speak, but stopped as she lowered her hands and saw that he'd backed off. "?"

"Let's go for a walk." He decided suddenly.

"A walk...? To where?" Honoka wondered.

Tseng ran a hand through his hair as he turned to the nearest door which led back inside, "To have a chat with that dumbass you so foolishly align with."

Within the room where the Hiatzu's representatives could rest.

Kiirina let out a sigh of relief, as a pale white light faded from her hands, signalling she'd finished using the Dragon's Palm. "That should do it. You'll be better of healing on your own from here on."

"Thank you, Kiirina-sama." Daichi bowed his head politely, his brother doing the same.

With another sigh, the immortal Queen of the Hotaru Clan gave the brothers a frown. "We've known each other long enough for you to stop treating me that way. Are we friends, or was I the only one who thought so?"

Djinn scratched his head with a laugh, "Sorry, sorry! Force of habit, no offense meant~"

Daichi nodded in agreement, "Yes, apologies, we most certainly see you as a friend!"

"Good~" Kiirina replied, smiling warmly at them. "Now, if Tseng could come back already, we can discuss what to do about the underhanded methods that Alistair is using to try and trap you three."

It was then that the door opened rather loudly, with the entrance of a certain group of familiar faces.

"S-sorry we're late!" Jeral exclaimed, clasping his hands together pleadingly. "Don't be mad!"

Kiirina giggled as she looked at them, "Relax, Tseng isn't here~"

"Oh thank God," Jeral sighed, taking a breath of relief.

"Ah, he wasn't really mad that you all didn't show up on time." Daichi noted. "Things will probably work out after Tseng's match."

Linali tilted her head, "Where is he, anyway?"

Ouka looked at Djinn curiously, "And what happened to you?"

"Well, I won but-" Djinn looked at them, explaining what had went down.

With a scoff, Maya took a seat atop a table. "Fisk is one pathetic piece of crap, isn't he?"

"Looks like being a bitch is his MO." Jeral suggested.

Rosalie was sitting by Kiirina now, holding her arm. "What a despicable man, interfering with such a time honored tradition like this tournament."

"He's definitely a jerk," Aya agreed, looking up in thought. "I wonder what Tseng-sama wants to do about it."

Aoi looked at her phone as she leaned against a wall, "I just hope he talks to me about it first. Tseng-sama's reputation is a literal hit and miss with the world. If he does anything extreme in retaliation-"

"I won't do anything extreme, don't worry, my Angel~" Now leaning against the wall at her side, Tseng ruffled her hair. "I've already made a statement~"

The group was just about to ask what he meant, when they noticed the girl who had arrived with him.

"Honoka-san?" Ouka tilted her head.

"Nii-chan, you're okay!" Honoka jumped on Djinn. "I was so scared when that guy was beating on you! I mean, I knew you'd win, but I hate seeing you get hurt like that! Why do you always get hurt so badly anyway?!"

Djinn hugged his sister, stroking her hair. "I'd say my hands were tied in this instance, Little Sister. When all of your potential opponents suddenly make it their life's mission to end yours, you just play it by ear."

Tseng nodded in agreement, "Certainly."

"Well, that's something that you, of all people, are well aware of." Ouka remarked, smiling at him.

Daichi chuckled, patting Honoka on the head as she frowned. "Not to sound like I'm unhappy with your presence, but why are you here?"

"And what did you mean, Tseng-sama?" Aoi demanded, turning to look up into his golden eyes. "What did you do? Is it related to Honoka-san being here?"

"Yes, Tseng-mikoto, what DID you do?" Rosalie wondered, staring at him suspiciously.

"Well~" Tseng smiled at Aoi and then Rosalie, causing Ouka to lose her smile almost instantly. "Geez, Reina, put the claws away."

"Claws~?" Linali and Maya beamed at Ouka, who jumped when they advanced on her.

With a red face, Ouka pushed the two away from her. "I'm not one of your cats!"

Tseng laughed as the group looked to him, "So what happened was..."

A short while ago, before Tseng and Honoka met with Alistair Fisk.

Honoka walked quickly, in effort to keep pace with the man who was so much taller than her. "Tseng-sama, wait! What did you mean? What are you going to talk to him about?"

Tseng glanced over his shoulder at her, "Just a few trivial things, no need to worry your cute little head off."

"But-" Honoka's interjection was cut short immediately, upon spotting the man she'd been in the company of, just a few short moments ago. "Mr. Savage...

"Hm?" Tseng looked forward to spot the well dressed man, with his slicked back hair. "Good afternoon~"

"Yes, indeed, a very nice afternoon, my Prince~" Vandal Savage responded with a polite smile, hands behind his back as he came to a stop.

Tseng tilted his head, studying the man curiously. "Have we met before? You have one of those faces."

Vandal was visibly surprised then, but remained smiling. "Unfortunately not, Prince Tseng. I would certainly remember meeting someone as charismatic as you."

"I guess I can say the same to you," Tseng agreed. "I'm not really a prince anymore, though."

"Nonsense," Vandal reached out, placing his hands upon the Hiatzu boy's shoulders. "I have heard many things, I have seen the things you have accomplished. I feel an affinity of sorts with you, my boy. Yours are the eyes of one with the power to shake every Realm to their cores. There can be no other more worthy of being called Prince!"

Tseng smiled at the man he'd just met, "That's a nice thing to say, even though it's a tune I've heard before."

Vandal chuckled, releasing him. "Oh I'm sure your allies put many idea into your head! I simply wished to express my interest in you, my Prince!"

{Those eyes...why do they bring back the memories of that time? Meeting him in person at last, how am I reminded of those damned Arbitrators? Hiatzu Tseng, could he actually be...? No, of course not. Such a thing is even more foolish.} He took a breath, smiling at Tseng and Honoka. "Good day, young ones."

"Um, bye Mr. Savage!" Honoka bowed quickly.

Tseng turned as the man walked off, "Wait, your name please."

"Ah, where are my manners?" Vandal did an about face, taking a rather theatrical bow. "I am the simple man known as Vandal Savage. One of little consequence to the Celestial Serpent, I assure you~"

Tseng stroked his chin as Vandal continued walking, a few men passing by and following him. {Vandal Savage, huh? I figured as much. So that's the man that was once something of a rival to Elder, Kii-chan and their friends. I didn't realize that someone who once supported my cute Orochi could be so charming. What a simple man indeed, to have guards in the form of Elite Masters~ But well, he's not my concern now. I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of him in the future.}

He turned again, starting back down the path as Honoka hesitantly followed.

"That reminds me," Vandal lifted a finger, glancing back at the Black Demon. "Please, give my regards to dear Kiirina~"

Back in the present.

Kiirina was clearly concerned as she stared off into space, "Vandal...so he's back. I didn't expect to find him in Japan again, after..."

"Care to share with the class, sweet Kii?" Tseng poked her cheek playfully.

"Sweet tea to sweet Kii~" Aya giggled in amusement as Ouka sighed.

Honoka tilted her head, "You really know him, Hotaru-sama?"

Linali waved at Honoka cheerfully, "Vandal Savage was one of Grandpa and Kii's rivals waaaaaay back when~ His reputation is about as questionable as Tseng's, according to what I've heard~"

"Questionable..." Muttered Aoi with a deep sigh.

Daichi stroked Honoka's hair, "Let me guess, he's acquainted with Fisk?"

Djinn crossed his arms as their sister nodded silently, "Is that so?"

"He sounded sweet on you, Kii." Tseng admitted.

Rosalie gasped, shaking her head. "Ojou-sama!? You weren't involved with him, were you?!"

"N-no!" Blushing brightly, the embarrassed Empress shook her head vigorously. "Not in the way you're thinking, at least! Vandal is...it's complicated, but you're aware that I'm not the only person with immortality, right?"

Jeral nodded, "Hirohiko Nii-sama and Mitsuiro-nee said that you're the only one with perfect immortality, but there are a small handful of others who attained immortality in a different, more limited way."

"Not including those who mastered the Revitalizing Genesis technique, of course." Daichi and Maya added in unison, smiling at one another.

Kiirina looked off at her empty side, "Yes, well, Vandal has been around almost as long as me. I won't go into details, but his level of immortality is quite close to mine. It's just limited in that he requires a rather specific source in order to fuel it."

Tseng clapped a single time, before anyone could ask questions. "Understood, so back to the mexican standoff between Honoka-chan, Fisky-poo and myself~"

"Mexican...?" Honoka tilted her head in confusion.

"Don't hurt yourself, Honoka." Djinn suggested, patting her on the head. Like the rest, he'd clearly heard Tseng's indirect message to not pry about Kiirina's past.

Within the room where Fisk had gotten comfy for the events of the day.

Alistair laughed to himself, drinking wine in a cheerful mood as he went through the messages on his phone. "Never before, have I seen such a beautiful sight! The Royal Bastards that have looked down on me for so long...it's only a matter of time before I break them!"

"Ohhh~?" Leaning over the chair the man sat in, Tseng looked at his phone with a smile, his ponytail dropping over his shoulder to brush against Fisk's face. "Exactly who...are you going to break?"

Alistair froze then, unable to make a single move as cold sweat drops ran down his face. His eyes alone could move, casting upwards to see the Hiatzu behind him. However, rather than seeing the feminine man, he could only see an infinite darkness, which took the form of a nightmarish hydra. "T-tseng..."

Stepping around the man, Tseng took a seat in the chair ahead of him, lifting the bottle of wine and taking a rather large chug of it for a few seconds. "Huh, this is good. Did Vandal bring this for you? Of course he did, you're far too uncultured to attain such a thing on your own. I'll be borrowing the rest, unless you mind?"

"I..." Alistair closed his eyes, quickly calming the nerves that had nearly been shattered under the pressure of the prince. "Not at all, I was growing tired of it anyway. How did you get in here?"

Tseng motioned with his left hand, waiting until Honoka nervously sat on the armrest and he put his arm around her waist. "I sweet talked your cute aide, sorry for showing up unannounced like this."

Alistair felt unnerved, with those golden eyes glued to him, but nodded. "Yes, of course. What reason would she have to turn you away? You are, after all, always going to be a Prince. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you please."

"At least try to hide your contempt, Alistair." Tseng said coldly, before smiling and speaking more playfully. "Anywho~ Even if I am a Prince, I've never been interested in the same thing as you. I think that was made abundantly clear in the past, that I've no desire to wield the kind of power that would have me possess those beneath my station. Never suggest that you and I are anything alike, when the only thing driving me is my love of Martial Arts. Now that said, I'm here for two reasons."

He lifted the index finger of his right hand, using the left to pull Honoka closer to him, the girl blushing bright red. "I would like to think that, despite our history, we both respect the intelligence of one another. You are someone whose work and achievements I will always respect, even if you yourself are someone I can't stand. As such, it should come as no surprise that, even without the need to find out from my loyal Mugen Tenshin, I'm well aware of what you want. That disgusting display against Djinn just gave me all the clarity I needed on the matter. So getting to the point, could kindly listen and inform those who would stand against me, of my message?"

Leaning forward, he closed his eyes with a wicked smile, which sent a chill down the man's spine. "My family has agreed to not get involved in my disputes, so long as our ancestral home remains untarnished, and you make no attempt to bring my little sister into this. In other words, so long as you leave the Hiatzu Manor, and our vast, beautiful land out of your spiteful plans, I'm the only Hiatzu you have to deal with. Please understand that any attempt to drag the rest of my family in, will simply end badly for you. And I honestly think you don't need much convincing, but if anyone ever dares to even think about touching even a HAIR upon Meryl's head...well, I'll brutally slaughter everyone and everything even remotely involved. Harming my sister ensures that the blood of you and your allies shall rain from the Heavens and dye the oceans forever crimson~"

His smile became innocent immediately, as he hugged Honoka tightly. "Secondly, I just wanted to tell you in person, that Honoka-chan will be seeing her brothers after this~ Also, I'm going to have her come back home with us, where she'll stay as long as she wants~ Understand? You won't be doing anything to force her to return. Not until she herself makes the decision~"

"Lord Tseng?!" Honoka gasped at his statements, staring at him in disbelief.

Fisk blinked as Tseng stood, watching him lead Honoka to the door.

Tseng looked at him blankly, "By all rights, I should have done something fucked up beyond measure, when you messed with Meryl the first time. I ask that you remember that you live now, only by my sister's mercy. There will NOT be a second chance. Nor will there be a first chance for anyone who hurts her from here on."

As he opened the door, he winked with a grin. "I'm really looking forward to seeing who comes after us first~ Tell them to grant us no quarter, for they shall receive none~"

Once again, back to the present...

Djinn, Daichi and Jeral burst out laughing as one, highly amused by how their sworn leader had handled the situation. "He must've shit himself!"

"Tseng-sama...I understand that you had to make things clear, but you just declared war yourself..." Aoi said softly.

Tseng twirled his hair around his finger in a girly manner, "I did, and it was pretty fun~"

Linali giggled, "This is the exact kind of exciting event I follow you for~ I can't wait to see what they throw at us!"

"Better to start a war on your own terms, rather than theirs." Maya remarked, laughing heartily. "Well, I trust your judgment more than anything, so if you thought it was the best move, I'm with you!"

Aya hugged Tseng, "I'm with you no matter what, Tseng-sama!

Ouka twitched as she looked at Aya, "I'm...always going to be in favor of anything you decide to do, Yarai."

Kiirina smiled slightly, "I dislike how you acted on your own like that, but I'll do whatever I can to support you."

Rosalie nodded, "Yes, as will I! I can't forgive that horrible man for defiling the sanctity of Martial Arts! In Ojou-sama's place, I'll do whatever I can to fight for you, Tseng-mikoto!"

"You're so cute, Rosa~" Tseng moved from Aya to Rosalie, wrapping his arms around her affectionately. "I just wanna eat you sometimes~"

Honoka covered her mouth as Rosalie turned crimson red, unable to defend herself as Tseng rubbed his face against hers.

Daichi crossed his arms, watching with a smile. "If you feel so good about it, so do we."

"Yeah, let's kick their asses like bosses!" Jeral exclaimed, punching the air.

Djinn leaned back in his seat, looking at Tseng. "More importantly, are you ready for your own fight?"

Tseng released Rosalie, letting her cling to Kiirina. "Naturally. I'm planning to make a massive statement, regardless of what challenge I face. After all, my beloved Meryl will be watching~"

"Speaking of~" Hiatzu Dalia hugged him from behind, having snuck upon on him, and everyone, the same way Tseng had to Fisk.

Tseng practically shrieked like a girl, his face turning red. "W-what are you doing here?!"

Dalia released him when he struggled, setting a hand on her cheek. "Oh my baby, why fight it when you know you want it?"

"Aunt Dalia~" Aya jumped on her.

"Onii-chan!" Meryl ran over, being picked up and hugging her brother tightly. "I missed you today~"

"I missed you more~" Tseng replied, back to his in-control self as he snuggled his sister.

The girls all stared at Tseng, with the same thought. {That reaction to his mom was so cute...}

Dalia stroked Aya's hair as she smiled warmly at everyone, "Ara ara~ You got beaten so beautifully, Djinn-chan~ Of course, the reversal was even more beautiful~"

"Thank you, Aunt Dalia." Djinn bowed his head politely.

Tseng glanced at Dalia cautiously, as Meryl made the rounds and greeted everyone.

"Where's Kairi?" Meryl wondered, having settled in Ouka's lap.

Ouka stroked her hair gently, "Home, finishing the homework she tried to blow off~"

"K-kairi's always procrastinating..." Rosalie said softly.

Dalia tilted her head, looking to the door. "Why are you two stalking about outside? I assure you, you look just fine~"

Kiirina giggled as the door swung open again and the other two girls entered. "Nice to see you."

"Hello, everyone." Kabane Nui curtsied politely, 'looking' at her big brother. "Jeral."

"Uh...hey Nui..." Jeral scratched his head nervously, caught off guard by how coldly she'd greeted him.

His mood brightened immediately as he looked at the final girl. "Hey Leliana-chan~"

"Yeah, whatever, hi to all." Leliana replied bluntly, before wrapping her arms around her little brother. "Hey Tseng~ I can't wait to watch you show the world once again, that you're the bestest of the restest~"

Tseng leaned against his big sister, kissing her on the cheek. "I'm glad you're here, Lily, it means a lot to me~"

"Like I'd miss watching you kick ass~" Leliana responded, kissing him on the cheek this time. In this case, it only hit his cheek because he turned to guard his lips from her.

Nui stepped in, taking Tseng's lips where his sister had failed to.

"Ara ara~" Covering her mouth with the sleeve of her kimono, Dalia observed with a smile.

She looked at Leliana, who looked irritated, then to Ouka, who had pulled her right hand back, her index finger extended menacingly.

Tseng ended the kiss after a few seconds, patting Nui on the head. "Thanks for the...charm of luck."

"Hey, what do you think you're doing in front of me?" Leliana demanded.

"Apologies, Onee-sama~" Nui embraced Leliana swiftly.

Leliana sighed, "Well, I can't stay mad at you, I guess."

Linali giggled, holding Ouka's wrist as she calmed down. "You should get used to it~ Your fiance's lips aren't yours alone~"

"Hmph," Ouka looked away stubbornly, pulling her hand free.

Honoka stared at Tseng, blushing as she focused on his lips. {Was he going to kiss me earlier...?}

Djinn and Daichi exchanged glances, watching their sister.

Stepping in the center of the room, Tseng motioned to Honoka. "Honoka-chan's going to stay with us, at least for the next few days. Is that okay?"

"Yes, Onii-chan!" Meryl replied cheerfully.

"I don't mind, just don't get any ideas about getting too close to my Tseng." Leliana said calmly, setting her hands on her hips.

Nui smiled brightly, "I suppose I shall also sleep over then~"

"Yes, the more the merrier~" Dalia remarked. "It's been a bit quiet with Ken, Yuan and Darren off and about on their own business~"

"Can Kairi come over too!?" Meryl looked up at her future sister.

Ouka kissed her on the forehead, "I could never say no to you~"

"Who can?" Tseng wondered, picking his sister up princess style.

Jeral laughed a bit, "So we'll have a fun few days to look forward to after this is over, huh?"

"Um..." Honoka took a nervous bow, holding the position. "Thank you so much! It means a lot that I can stay with my brothers for a little while, and-"

"There's only one person to thank, right?" Kiirina calmly replied, glancing at the effeminate man.

Tseng was busy rubbing his cheek against his little sister's, as he looked to the young girl. "No need to thank me, Honoka-chan, you know me. Family is important~"

Daichi chuckled, "Besides that, I doubt it's just us that you want to spend time with."

"Huh?" Honoka looked up at her brother, blushing.

"Hm, by the way, what happened with your fight, Daichi-kun?" Linali wondered, while embracing both Tseng and Meryl.

Daichi responded with a cool smile, "Oh, mine was simple. Easy. Not a thing to worry about, really."

Aoi turned to Tseng as he put Meryl down, "Is it time already?"

"Mmm, they like to save the best for last." Came the joking reply from Tseng, as he walked to the door. "It's time to teach them who's truly blacker than the ace of spades."

"Good luck, Black Dynamite~" Dalia cooed, kissing her baby on the cheek. She hid her mouth once again upon seeing her son's face turn bright red, causing him to hurry out ahead of them. "So adorable~"

"Wait, Onii-chan!" Meryl exclaimed, running after her brother.

"Is it okay to tease him like that before a match?" Kiirina wondered, standing by Dalia as the rest of the group left ahead of them.

With a mysterious smile, Dalia lowered her hand. "You should know as well as I do, Kiirina. That boy's level of focus is at least on par with that of any Grand Master. Perhaps, even on par with a Legendary Master like you, Hayato, or Uncle Genji~"

Kiirina nodded, now following with the mother of the Hiatzu siblings. "Yes, you're right. At the very least, it's pointless to worry about Tseng's concentration being thrown off just from that."

While the group made their way to the viewing area reserved for the Hiatzu, the Black Demon approached the location where the contestants of the final match would meet to enter the fighting grounds.

"Hiatzu Tseng, we meet again." The man who called out was rather well built, his wavy hair a vibrant red. "I'm glad I could catch you now, before you march off to struggle like a dog once more."

"I wanted to tell you, in no unclear terms, that I won't allow you to be defeated by the hand of any but my own illustrious self. When we meet in the finals, only one of us can be crowned the-" He'd trailed off upon noticing that the raven haired man just kept on walking without paying him any heed. "HEY!"

Tseng stopped abruptly, glancing over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

The man gasped, his face turning almost as red as his hair. "Stop playing dumb! It's me, Per Degaton! Your one true rival!"

"Interesting, I was certain I had many more rivals, each more impressive than you." Tseng replied calmly, smiling as the man glared. "Anyway, it's been a bit hasn't it, Per?"

Per Degaton shook his head, "Per DEGATON! You will address me with the respect I command!"

Tseng's smile darkened as his lips twisted upward. "Will I now?"

"!" Sweating under a heavy aura of intimidation, Per took a step back and shook his head again. "I just uh...don't lose!"

Tseng whistled as his rival hurried off without looking back. {Did I scare him~?}

Meryl hang over the railing, staring down onto the stage as she watched the fighters emerge. "What happened to the rail?"

Daichi pat her on the head as all eyes went to the twisted railing, "Your brother used it as a stress ball."

"Lord Tseng did that?" Honoka blinked in surprise.

Leliana smiled proudly, "That's my Tseng~"

"Here he comes~" Jeral noted, hoisting Meryl to sit upon his shoulders as the announcer called out Tseng's name.

Below, on the stage which was edged off by a circle of deep looking water, with solid earth ground, the final fighter had entered.

"For many, he's the main reason for attending this tournament in person! Welcome the notorious Prince of the Hiatzu, the Black Demon, Hiatzu Tseng!" The announcer proclaimed, the statement receiving huge cheers from his fans, mostly fangirls. If there were any boos, they were overshadowed by the reception.

"Wow, he really is popular with chicks, huh?" Jeral leaned on the railing with a smile. "Makes me jealous~"

"Well, the chances of you ever being as famous are very slim indeed, Big Brother." Nui said calmly as she watched the object of her obsession.

Kiirina sighed as Jeral got quiet and averted his gaze from his sister, "I wonder how this fight will go."

"How indeed~" Dalia replied with a chuckle.

"Yare yare..." Tseng closed his eyes, holding his hands behind his head as he walked to the center of the arena. "I wasn't expecting my fans to outnumber my haters today. I guess this means I can't take it easy like I was planning, and just knock out the last ones standing after you guys fight each other."

He smiled as he felt hostility and irritation from everyone around him, "That was a joke, you shouldn't take everything so seriously. Actually, why don't you all come at me at once? It'll be boring if we make this a battle royale~"

"You think you can fuck around, just because you're famous!?" One of the men pointed a finger threateningly. "Don't get cocky! You won't be pulling off the same bullshit that despicable monster did earlier!"

"Hoh? You have the audacity to insult my cousin in front of me?" Tseng opened his eyes to look at the speaker. "How about this then?"

He lifted his left hand, extending his fingers completely. "I'll give you this long before I fight back."

"5 seconds?!" The other 59 Martial Artists practically jumped when the idea was heard. "That would be-"

"No, no, no, no, no." Tseng shook a finger playfully. "5 minutes. From the moment we begin, you'll all have exactly 300 seconds to do whatever you want. I'll do nothing to fight back during that time, so what do you think? Won't our audience enjoy it?"

"What's this?!" The announcer asked. "It seems that Hiatzu Tseng has declared that he won't lift a finger to fight back for 5 whole minutes, so long as all the fighters team up on him! A mind game? Or a daring stunt?!"

"You arrogant bastard! You think anyone would believe you!?"

Tseng shrugged nonchalantly, "Why would I lie? This is my honor I'm putting on the line here. You see, I'm absolutely confident in my ability to take everything you gentlemen have got, and still be the one standing at then. Similarly, I certainly possess the resolve to show you that I never make empty promises. What kind of warriors are you, to doubt the words of a man willing to lay everything on the line and fight with his spirit alone? Surely, you have no reason to truly believe I'm lying."

"For real?" Leliana looked rather surprised now. "Tseng's totally serious, isn't he?"

"Indeed~" Dalia responded in amusement.

Meryl frowned, "Why is Onii-chan saying that? He'll get hurt if he doesn't fight back..."

"He has no intention of losing here," Ouka assured her. "He did say he planned to make a grand statement, so perhaps this is part of it? To show that, even if his body is broken, his spirit won't be?"

"You really do understand him well," Daichi remarked. "I'd say you're on the money."

Linali leaned over the railing by Meryl, "Hm, I wonder..."

With the fighters in agreement, Tseng stood his ground in the center of the arena, a calm expression on his face.

"Let's see what happens now! 5 minutes, people! 5 minutes where Tseng won't lift a finger to defend himself or fight back!" The announcer claimed, as a loud gong was rang to signal the start of the fight.

His two fists held firmly on the sides of his waist, Tseng took a deep breath, sliding his left foot slightly outward as his Ki gathered in high concentration, as seen by those with keen eyes. His skin took on a much darker color as he closed his eyes to focus.

All 59 warriors immediately charged in, crashing into the man from all directions with fierce and heavy strikes, each one seeming to spare little effort as they began. However, even under their combined assault, Hiatzu Tseng remained right where he stood, without even twitching. Due to adrenaline, the attackers had yet to realize that the pain being dealt and received was oddly unbalanced. The fact that the man hadn't budged even slightly, spurred them further, their pride injured as their attacks came more fiercely, techniques being unleashed left and right.

"Seriously? He's not gonna defend at all?!" Jeral asked in shock, as a rather explosive kick struck Tseng's head so hard that the ground shook for a moment.

Nui tilted her head, "His Ki is...?"

Kiirina blinked once, "Tseng...that technique is..."

Linali nodded, an amused smile on her face. "Now I understand why he made me teach him so suddenly. The technique Tseng is employing is called the Iron Body Technique. As Kii noticed, it's one of the Dragon Arts in the Murim. Specifically, it's the specialty of the famous Iron Fist School that some of you have probably heard of. It works by circulating one's Chi to the part of the body they want to strengthen, and enhancing the density of the skin, which is signaled by the darkening of skin~ It makes you slower overall, but gives one the strength and durability of steel~ Masters can utilize it offensively, but given that Tseng just learned it last night, all he can do is stand there like a turtle~"

She paused as the group glanced at her curiously, "I already knew, but Tseng is really ridiculous~ He's far from mastering it, but he's already secured the basics after just 12 hours~ That's a feat that blows right through the previous record for learning that technique! It's incredible how he learns so quickly! To be honest, he's probably feeling all the stronger attacks since his isn't perfect yet, but if I didn't know he just learned it, I'd think he already overrode his sense of pain~"

"The way he picks up on things truly is uncanny," Kiirina admitted. "These days, watching Tseng is a lot like seeing Hayato in his youth."

"So Tseng-sama spoke literally?" Aya wondered. "He's testing that Iron Body Technique against the attacks of 59 Advanced Practitioners?"

Dalia giggled, "My baby will probably be feeling it badly after this~"

Djinn chuckled, "I thought he was doing this to poke fun at me, but he'd already planned to since yesterday, huh?"

Honoka covered her mouth, "Will he really last all 300 seconds? W-what if they seriously injure him?!"

Meryl looked nervous, as she disliked seeing her brother get hit, but nodded. "Onii-chan never goes back on his word."

Rosalie smiled at her, "Tseng-mikoto is probably unparalleled in terms of his recklessness, but I've never seen him fail to deliver on anything he says~"

Daichi grinned, "I'm more looking forward to seeing how he'll dispatch them after this is over!"

"So am I~" Leliana admitted, her butt shaking behind her as she stared at her brother. "He'll definitely blow them away in a spectacular manner~"

"Y-yeah, spectacular." Jeral agreed, his eyes now on Leliana's rear. {Goddamn...}

Nui waved a hand, blocking her brother's view. "You should pay attention, Jeral. Maybe you can see why Tseng is almost infinitely better than you are."

Maya smiled sympathetically at Jeral, {Poor guy.}

"The time is drawing near..." Aoi said softly, her eyes glued to their leader.

Aya gulped a bit loudly, as the attacks started to break through the iron defense, blood splashing about from some heavy knees and elbows, which had cut Tseng's body. "Tseng-sama..."

Dalia watched quietly now, a gentle smile on her face as the color of her eyes changed, her irises now a crimson red, with her pupils now golden dragon slits. {Oh my~}

"Aaaaaand...that's five minutes!" The announcer boasted in disbelief. "He really did it, that crazy bastard!"

As excited gasps left the mouths of those in attendance, the fighters desperately sought to continue, with no intention of giving their opponent any time to fight back.

The color of Tseng's skin returned to normal immediately, as the Ki bolstering his body was released. His fists opened swiftly, hands extending out straight and moving outward, as if drawing a circle with his palms. As a spherical field became visible, highlighted by a very thin layer of Ki every incoming attack was brushed aside by swift and flowing palm movements.

"There it is! One of the Legendary Techniques of the Invincible Superman, Seikuken [Control of the Air Sphere]!" The announcer explained rather excitedly.

Opening his eyes as a pulse of Ki radiated out, Tseng now knew the exact positions of every single person in the arena and beyond, but immediately narrowed down to the 59 surrounding him. {Whew...I was a bit worried at the last minute. The pain was really bad, and it felt like I might break early~ I scare myself with my own resilience sometimes~}

"Tenraiarashi Hinote... [Divine Tempest Blaze]" As the Seikuken lowered, his Ki released through his hands, in a violent rotation, which immediately caught those directly around him. Spontaneously, his Ki ignited into an incredible inferno, which forced everyone around him off their feet, the flames carrying them through the air a short distance, before he pushed his hands downward, the flames colliding with the ground and exploding with enough power and heat to repel even those unaffected.

As the announcer went wild about how he'd used one of the Hiatzu secret techniques, Tseng shot through the flames, leaping over one of the larger men and clutching the back on his shirt in the process. With a graceful twist through the air, he effortlessly hurled him through the air, where he crashed into a few who were off at the back, breaking the formation of the remaining warriors as he landed with poise. {Okay, 11 down from my first attack. 4 more immobilized for the next few moments.}

3 men advanced in unison, attacking from the back and both sides, with a variety of elbows and kicks. All three missed their mark, and the one who had been at the back, now found his target at his. "How-"

"How indeed~" Tseng sang cheerfully, spinning on his right foot as his left cut through the air in an arc, delivering a wicked hook kick to the temple of the man, KOing him instantly as he crashed into one of the others. Stepping past the third, who aimed to follow up, Tseng slammed a fist down atop the one he'd kicked, the force transferring through his body and crashing into the one beneath him, the ground blowing open as they both hit the ground coughing up blood.

Another pulse of Ki traced the positions of those still in the fight, as the third lunged in with a flying side kick. Turning to face him, the feminine man did a swift back flip, kicking the chin of his assailant, who was KOed before he landed and retreated to the other side of the area instantly, as if he'd teleported.

Honoka gasped upon seeing the movement, the announcer mistakenly claiming it to be a certain 8th Dragon Gate ability. "W-was that the Shukuchi?"

"No, that was another Dragon Art, right?" Ouka asked.

Linali nodded, "Yeah, the Lightning Steps. He used one stage to get behind that guy, another to slip past him, and then the same to flee to the other side of the field and throw them off. It was pretty awesome how he chained in from that flip kick, though~"

"He really does use his brain when he fights~" Nui remarked, whistling. "If he'd continued the fight from there, he'd have been quickly overwhelmed even though his individual level is much higher than theirs."

Jeral blinked, "That's right, it's always good to fight from the position most advantageous to you. Tseng always tells me that when I'm left wondering how I come up short in a spar."

"This holds true for Martial Artists everywhere, particularly those with skills like my own." Dalia began with a smile. "But positioning, tactics in general, are essential to control the flow of battle. One must be able to know when to strike, and from where, or when to retreat and regroup, in order to disrupt a dangerous flow of combat~ Tseng excels at this, so his actual battle potential is many times greater than all 59 of those young men combined~"

"Oh!" Leliana jumped for joy, as electricity sparked on the ground, before a wave of lightning crashed into those in front of Tseng. "He's gonna go with my favorite style! He should finish it with one of my techniques~"

"That's right, Tseng-sama's mastery of Hiten-Ryu allows him to pull off Dragon Gate techniques through manipulating elemental forces, rather than actually opening them!" Aya exclaimed, standing by her cousin.

"Yes, what he lacks in free ability of control, he can make up for by utilizing any type of so called elemental technique." Kiirina added.

{From 48 down to 34- no, it's 35. One of them was skilled enough to avoid the brunt of that technique. That's enough for me to clean up all together, right?} Tseng observed the opponents ahead of him, each inching around cautiously. {Understandably, they won't attack as haphazardly as before. Some have already exhausted themselves from that savage lynching, so they're hanging back in effort to try and recover even a modicum of Ki. Unfortunately for them, I don't plan on letting them stay awake long enough~}

He looked up toward the stands, directly at the viewing area where his family and friends were. {It'll make Lily happy if I finish in her image. And to be fair, her techniques really are destructive. I'll go with that fun one, I just hope I don't hurt myself in the process~}

Looking in another direction, at the location he knew Alistair Fisk was watching from, he simply smiled, to the confusion of the audience. {No holding back.}

Stepping forward with his left foot, lightning surged through his body, gathering in his right fist mostly. "Rairyuu no Jinraiya Dageki! [Lightning Dragon's Thunderclap Arrow Strike]"

The atmosphere warped around Tseng, as a shadowy figure came into sight, its serpentine body slithering about through the air. In the next instant, with lightning speed, he launched into the nearest warrior, then the next, and so on. As each was knocked off their feet, a streak of lightning flashed, cutting across the entire arena and crashing against the wall. A thunderously loud sound exploded, as the wall was pierced straight through, cracks running about along the distance of the entire arena. Tseng now stood in front of the wall, pulling his right fist back as the arena walls collapsed from the point of impact and out, the entire facility shaking as if there had been a violent earthquake.

Gasps of shock and awe filled the entire area, as they found a rather sizable hole beneath the spectator stands, which now looked suspiciously close to caving in beneath the audience. Their attention went from that to something else entirely, as a deafening roar was heard, the Celestial Serpent's fearsome form hissing at the heavens as it spread beyond the entire arena and into the skies. With a loud stomp, Tseng pumped his fist high above his head when Orochi roared once again. In the next moment, the entire arena exploded with cheers, people jumping without a care for what would happen if the ground did give out beneath them.

"The Noble Wolf of the Hiatzu Clan howls proudly!" The announcer bellowed, all eyes on Tseng, instead of the destruction he'd caused, much less the unconscious warriors he'd bested.

"So Aoi-chan~ Still concerned about Tseng's image~?" Maya wondered with a grin, as Meryl, Leliana and the rest went wild over the overwhelming victory.

Aoi blushed brightly, "N-no...for the moment, at least, Tseng-sama's image has soared~"

Dalia giggled happily, "That was quite the impressive finish, no~?"

Kiirina nodded in agreement, "Yes! He wasn't joking when he said he was going to make a statement!"

Daichi laughed heartily, "Now that was a show!"

Djinn smirked, "I set him up for that one."

"Yeah, your earlier attack damaged the walls already, so he followed up~" Aya noted.

"But still, that cousin of ours sure is something else." Djinn remarked.

"Funny, that's what he frequently says about the two of you~" Leliana pointed out.

Ouka smiled as she watched Tseng, "I love seeing that face he makes after-"

"-sex?" Nui interrupted.

Jeral laughed as Ouka glared at Nui, who retreated to Kiirina's side.

Rosalie clapped alongside Meryl, "Tseng-mikoto was brilliant! Unnecessarily destructive as usual, but brilliant nonetheless!"

"Onii-chan said he can't sleep at night unless he knows he's satisfied with the destruction he caused in a day~" Meryl said with an innocent smile.

"Well, you believe every excuse he has, so~" Linali pat her on the head.

Honoka stared at Tseng in awe, "Lord Tseng is so strong..."

Tseng took a deep breath as Orochi faded away, turning to the area he'd smiled toward just a moment ago. Extending his right fist, which had brought down the walls, he lifted a thumb, sharply turning it down with a taunting grin. "Bring it on, bitch~"

Hayate chuckled, standing atop the arena and looking down upon one of his masters. "My concerns still stand, but it would seem I was a fool to doubt him."

"Yes, Master will always shine, even in the deepest darkness~" Kasumi claimed, watching her liege with a warm smile.

Alistair Fisk grit his teeth, his wine glass shattering in hand, some shards piercing his flesh rather deeply. "You arrogant, spoiled little fuck! I'll wipe that goddamn smile right off your face, and sever all eight of those heads you're so damn proud of!"

Vandal Savage chuckled as he observed the boy who was now posing for pictures in the arena, while taking care not to step on his downed opponents. "What a boy you've chosen this time, Orochi! I never thought that one who harbored YOUR will could be received so well at any time!"

His laughter intensified, as Tseng took a fall, winking at those watching him and sticking his tongue out. "A joker as well, eh? I do so look forward to growing more intimate in the future!"

"Intimate? That's gay." The voice of another man was heard at Savage's side.

Vandal glanced at the man who was wearing a cloak, his voice rather youthful. "You sound as exuberant as ever, Muramasa."

"Yeah, well~" Muramasa grinned beneath his hood, leaning over a rail to look at the boy who was now taking time to thank every person he'd fought, as they came to. "Man...looking at this kid..."

He chuckled, "Rather than the Hiatzu's Heir, I can only see that idiot and his dumb, alluring smile~"

Vandal chuckled as well, "Yes, that was my own opinion, even when I met him a short while ago! What a coincidence for us to reach the same conclusion! Perhaps, that boy is not a Hiatzu at all."

"It's possible~" Muramasa suggested with a shrug. "How is Kii doing~?"

"I didn't see her myself yet, but I passed a message along to the Prince." Vandal replied.

Muramasa laughed a bit, "I see! I'll go see her one of these days, I just hope she doesn't try to kill me on sight~ Anyway, thanks for inviting me. I was able to get a blast from the past, just now~"

He turned to his associate, "How did your actual business go?"

"Hm, that remains to be seen." Vandal responded, looking toward the Hiatzu's viewing area, where he could clearly see Djinn, Daichi and the others. "They show promise, to be sure, but I must see their growth beyond today. What about you?"

"Our plans? Same old, same old~" Muramasa claimed, starting to walk off. "Give me a call if you're ever in my area! We can get some drinks and bang some bitches~"

Per Degaton walked over as the hooded man left, "Master, who was that?"

"Nobody of concern to you yet, Per." Vandal replied calmly, looking at his disciple. "What did you think of his glorious display? It reminded me of the epic battles in my past~"

Per Degaton looked away nervously, unwilling to admit that he'd been scared of Tseng when confronting him earlier. "It was alright, I guess. I can do much better."

"Can you now?" Vandal gave him a look of minor distaste.

In the country of Korea, within a dark bar.

Furinji Chun-Woo blew out some smoke slowly, eyes on the broadcast of the fight. {That kid's gotten stronger again. Might not be too long now until he stands on the same stage as us.}

Back in the room of Tseng's group.

Kiirina's eye twitched as she healed Tseng with the Dragon's Palm, "You let yourself get hurt like that for 5 minutes, then decided to try a technique that take a huge toll on your body? I really have to wonder sometimes, if you're a genius or an idiot."

"If you insult me like that, I'll get turned on~" Tseng claimed, smiling at her.

Leliana hugged Tseng as he winced, from Kii pushing on a rather painful pressure point in his hand. "You were great~ I fell in love all over again~"

"M-me too Tseng-sama!" Aya exclaimed.

"You were quite glorious~" Nui agreed.

Aoi smiled at her beloved lord, "Though it would have been really nice if you didn't act like a clown after all that...if you'd refrained from that, your image would only have improved, but now those who disapprove of you will be able to attack once again..."

Dalia poked at Tseng's right arm, causing him to yelp. "Wow, it's really broken nicely~ Yet you kept swinging it around after the end~"

Tseng pushed the women away from him quickly, "Stop that! And I didn't actually realize it was broken at the time! Admittedly, I might have gone just a bit overboard this time..."

"Just...a bit?" Jeral sweat nervously as he watched his best friend.

Ouka sighed deeply, "Tseng, as incredible as that was, what would you do if we didn't have Kii?"

"Yes, you owe your life to Ojou-sama!" Rosalie claimed, aiding Kiirina in healing him.

Tseng nodded in agreement, "You're right. I owe Kii big time. Without you, I wouldn't be able to throw caution to the wind and survive with my heavily do or die attitude."

"If you're aware there's a problem, you should fix it." Kiirina retorted blankly, pinching one of his nerves by manipulating his Ki.

Maya, Daichi and Djinn laughed as Tseng yelped in pain again.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I swear I won't do it again!" Tseng exclaimed, biting his lip.

Kiirina sighed as Rosalie giggled, "You say that every single time you end up this way, you know. One of these days, I'm going to teach you a lesson by leaving you to suffer."

"Wow, are you capable of doing something that savage?" Leliana wondered.

"Of course not, Lily." Tseng replied, smiling as Meryl sat by him and hugged him. "If I start crying, Kii would break down instantly. I call it my 'Empress Slaying Emotional Shock' technique."

"EMES?" Honoka tilted her head with a cheerful smile.

"You can call it that if you want~" Tseng laughed.

Dalia smiled a bit darkly, "In hindsight, you did well to use that particular technique of Lily's~ Had you used the one that supercharges her whole body at once, I think you'd break much more than your right arm~"

Everyone smiled at Tseng, who glared at his mother in irritation, growling at her.

"Down, doggy." Djinn quipped.

"Or down wolfy?" Daichi stroked his chin in thought.

"Don't even start," Tseng hissed. "Everyone, just shut up!"

Meryl kissed him on the cheek, "Stop teasing Onii-chan~ He's tired~"

"Is he really?" Ouka and Linali wondered, watching as Tseng relaxed against Meryl.

Dalia turned her back to everyone, walking over to the windows and looking outside. {Tseng succeeded in taunting Alistair and his conspirators grandly just now, but he's also gotten the attention of beings that he'd have been much better off not getting deeply involved with. Djinn-chan, Daichi-chan and Honoka-chan are one thing, but if he continues that style of showy bravado, he might end up in an even more precarious position than those three are~ I just hope that an event like the one from 7 years ago doesn't happen again. After all, just as the future wants to happen, so too does the past deeply desire to repeat itself.}


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A barren forest with skeleton trees only a few leaves upon their branches, a man and five women stand amongst these decrepit trees. One of the women a wolf shaman consoling the group on something of grave importance, after a long discussion the other women seem to agree though the gentleman seems uneasy. The shaman walks up to him to try and smooth over his doubts the other women uneasy with the shaman’s closeness to him but when she seems to convince the guy they relax and the shaman commences with her ritual. Once the shaman finishes a large blast radiates from the shaman hitting the group and the surrounding trees becomes lush with leaves.

Eyes a bit glossy, inability to focus, Daichi knows something is not right here but all he can do is see it through. Battle rages on what seems to be a battle field, attacker charge at Daichi brandishing weapon in hopes of cutting him down, Daichi dodges but there were others in waiting and attack before he can get his bearing. Daichi blocks, a pair of gantlets stop the weapons of the attacker, Daichi twists causing the weapons to clash and allowing him to get away. Still unable to focus Daichi tries to get some bearings yet to no avail, then there’s a burst of Chi that devastates the field, the enemies fall and four women make their way to him malice in their eyes toward Daichi. The women seem familiar to Daichi and their look is perplexing to him, from what he remembers they were friends, but as they get closer to him the start becoming pained, “No, why know we’ve finally found……. Rrrimmm.” Daichi can hear the women’s bones crack and pop as they morph into animals (a tiger, a hawk, a wolf, and a fox). They attack Daichi fangs, claws, and talons, he has no defense he just takes the damage, all he can do is contemplate on the situation. “Why am I dreaming this, what does it signify, are those women from a previous life?” then he wakes.

After waking that morning Daichi writes the events of his dream in his dream journal and heads to the dojo to train with his twin Djinn. They start with a quick meditation to focus themselves with a tear rolling down Daichi’s cheek due to the link that happened during they bow to one another and then they charge feet and fists fling blocks parries several hits landed and in a matter of thirty seconds over two hundred and fifty hit are completed. Then they break off from each other, clothes torn a few bruises and cuts slowly heal due to the meditation. “You seem to be working through some stuff been a while since you started so aggressively”, Djinn remarks. “Yeah, but you also asked for some aggression from your fight yesterday, what would you have done if I didn’t push you in the end?” Daichi responds. “Hey, I had it covered choosing the blows I knew I could take but even when I’m stupid in fights you don’t go as all out as now, what gives?” Djinn asks. “Just one of those damned dreams dealing with a past life thing and I just can’t seem to figure it out.” Daichi answers. “So, have you work that out of your system, are you ready to really start training?” Djinn reveals, “Yes, I blew off enough steam we can get to training.” Daichi retorts.

Djinn and Daichi meditate once again this time crossing their consciousness and making them one. Once they exist the meditation they have mismatched eyes, each possessing one of the others eye. In this state Djinn and Daichi’s minds are connected, they attack one another knowing what the other one is planning to do, most of their early attacks are countered but soon they stop thinking of their attacks and relay on instincts. Attack, react that’s how the fight goes for a while until they start to think one thing and do another fooling the opponent. As Djinn and Daichi’s fight continue they start to respond to the feel of chakra flow of one another and the world around them and the fight begins to become really intense. They begin to manipulate the chakra of the world around them to aid in their battle, in this state the brothers can’t control what memories, thoughts, dreams, and even fantasies will be sent to the other, everything is oblivious to them except triumphing against the other. Then as if a mental alarm goes off, Djinn and Daichi stop and meditate and return to normal, “I think that was the longest yet, weather that’s good or bad I can’t tell you but good training session regardless.” Daichi exclaims. “They have returned and are in search of you,” Djinn says, “What?” “The girls from your dream, they have returned and are in search of you.” Djinn responds. At that a reporter walks by interviewing Tseng and at first glance Daichi sees the Wolf Shaman then a woman in a white and black business coat and gray skirt and pink hose.

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Reporter: “First off let me be the first to congratulate you on your performance in the last qualifying round for the Grand tourney. And to be the only participants that made it through without a single member getting knocked out.”

Tseng: *Cracks a grin* “We were just getting warmed up”

Reporter: “Do you care to explain why only you and your cousins have competed up to this point?”

Tseng: *chuckles* “No one wants to watch a one sided fight”.

Reporter: *nods* “That’s a strong statement, so allow me to follow up with a strong question. Is it true that your cousins practice forbidden arts?”

Tseng: *merely states* “Nothing is forbidden in the pursuit of true martial arts, only dependency on cheap tricks is forbidden in the Hiatzu clan.”

Reporter: *nods* “So you don’t deny that your cousins are using the Setkara Mak, a style that if perverted can break down the opponents body with the slightest of ease?”

Daichi: “We actually use Tapered fist a style often confused with the Setkara Mak. Especially the way Djinn uses it. So Tseng is that training session going down or is raising our publicity more important?

Tseng: *gives Daichi a disappointed stare* Don’t make me strike you Daichi.

Djinn: *Laughs* I thought that was the point of training Tseng

Tseng: *Lets out a tired sigh* It’s a wonder how anyone could believe these numbskulls are fiendish users of the Setkara Mak. *Shakes his head in disappointment*

Reporter: The one sure way to quiet these outrageous claims would be to allow me to observe a training session.

Tseng: *His eyes bore into the reporter scanning for anything out of place, unable to find something he sighs* If you think it will end the rumors I would be a fool to refuse you.

The four of them venture to the sacred training grounds of the Hiatzu. Where the other fighters had already begun their daily training task. Tseng leads Djinn and Daichi to a sand pit and takes his place in the center while Djinn stands at the north. And Daichi takes his place at the south end.

Tseng: Time for the last elemental property…Lightning,.

Reporter: So your cousins are Elemental users?

Tseng: I thought you were just here to observe?

Reporter: ..

Tseng: *Closes eyes for a second* No they aren’t Elementals. Now if you’ll let us continue>

Reporter: Proceed.

Tseng: *Turns to face Daichi* hit me

Daichi assumes his stance and takes a calming breath before breaking into a strike that releases a blinding light that sends a fracturing streak through the air at Tseng. Who deftly dodges it only to have it fracture and catch him across the shoulder.

Tseng: *lets out a sharp breath* Stings a bit more than I thought it would *Flexes his arm a bit* Alright now Diachi I want you to strike the solid block behind you.

Daichi turns around and swings sending out a blinding flash that travels straight into the block which looks unaffected at first.

Jeral: It’s unaffected? How is that even possible?

Tseng: Look closer Jeral

Jeral: *Stares at the stone and is completely shocked to see the small pinhole that goes through the center of the block and allows him to see what’s behind in.* What the Fuck?! How is that even possible?

Djinn: Nice so am I following suite?

Tseng: No, your connection to one another makes repeating the process pointless. Now to take it to the next level. I want you to charge yourself and hit me.

Djinn releases a deep breath as he assumes his form and harmonizes his being, releasing energy from all his chakra points. He doesn’t open his eyes till his body feels electrified, his eyes then burst open and he charges forward. To the others he appears motionless, but to Tseng Djinn blinks from to step to step. As he Djinn goes for a strike Tseng swings at where he sees him going. Only to see Djinn’s body split into two thereby avoiding the strike and Tseng quickly spins around to face the fragments as they blink about. In an effort to thwart Djinn Tseng twists his left foot sending a powerful burst of chi into the sand causing it to. Fly into the air but to Tseng’s surprise the flickers disappear in the flurry. It takes Tseng a few seconds to see the light transferring grain to grain. Tseng strikes out at the air as a sonic boom erupts the sand returns to the ground as Tseng stands fist extended with wisps of smoke coming from his chest and back. Djinn is crouched on the ground behind him his fist in wet glass as his body gives off the same smoke. The right side of his stomach grows red from the graze of Tseng’s strike. Tseng lets out a chuckle as he turns to face Djinn the bruise from Djinn’s strike just starting to form.

Jeral: Damn that was sick, it was like watching two titans in a fist fight

Djinn: ….

Tseng: That was unexpected, I knew you were going to exceed my expectation for today’s drill but. Not to that extent to actually become the essence of lightning, clearly I am better at this training thing then I thought. *Smirks*

Djinn slowly rises to a stand exhaling out of his nostrils and turns about before opening his eyes as his cells return to normal.

???: *Whistles* I had heard that Hiatzu had some strong fighters in the tourney but even I am impressed by that display.

Tseng and the others turn to face the speaker.

Tseng: And who are you?

???: My Name is Ume and I’ve come here to test your mettle Hiatzu Tseng

Tseng: *Bursts out laughing*

Ume: So do you accept?

Tseng motions for her to come down and the two take respective spots at the edges of the sandpit. Daichi stands as referee and shouts fight, Tseng bursts into to action sending a massive blast of Chi at her. She launches a flurry of chi strikes ahead of her before diving though them, making it through the blast unharmed. Tseng closes the distance and the two start trading blows, his strikes hit hard. But with each strike from her they get slower and weaker his eyes open wide with surprise as she knocks him on his back. Jeral and Meryl run to him as Ume spits some blood on the ground.

Meryl/Jeral: How?

Daichi: She uses Lo Quin Ko To, a style that was supposedly squashed in a clan war. And it’s said to be only taught to males of the Quin clan.

Meryl: Father refused to fight Quin

Tseng: A Ying style meant to defeat Yang fighters, I am glad it has not been extinguished the world would have been lesser for not having it.

Djinn: Face me

Ume: Have it your way

Tseng: Djinn you can’t win against her

Djinn changes his form where his fingers are partially curved and waits for Ume to charge, she strikes his ribs as he hits her stomach before juking behind her. She turns about and cracks him across the face causing him to twirl in the air. As he spins he wraps his feet around her arm and slithers down it and around her body hitting all her points causing her to fall to her knees. As he flops to the ground coughing up dark ooze and smoke.

Ume: How?

Jeral and Meryl go to check on Djinn only to be stopped by a fully recovered Tseng who shouts “Leave him”.

Daichi: *Chuckles* Po Ne Ko Cha, Soft paw clever Djinn

Tseng: I can’t believe that parlor trick could thwart her

Daichi: Her style uses the force of the opponent’s Yang against the opponent where as Soft paw converts. Yang into Ying thereby countering her counter.

Tseng: So he used his emmotions to fuel it.

Daichi: Yeah

Tseng; I see, clever Djinn

Tseng walks over to Djinn and unleashes a Chi wave that eradicates the ooze, he then helps Djinn up as the Decayed beast smirks in Tseng’s face. He ignores the spirit as he turns to face Ume. Holding up Djinn.

Tseng: Your welcome to clean up here and you can stay if you like

Ume: Are you inviting me to be your fighter

Tseng: If that’s how you see it then so be it, just know that I will break you down and rebuild you stronger then you could ever be on your own.

Ume: Challenge accepted

Meryl leads Ume to the showers and leaves her a towel and kimono before going to finish her school work. Ume finds herself returning to the fight with Djinn as she scrubs her bare skin, she finds herself feeling fluttery. As she remembers how he slithered across her body like he knew every part of it. Her face grew red as she began to wash herself off only to jump in surprise as Djinn walked past her.

Djinn: Good fight


Djinn: *Starts to lather himself up* And?

Ume: I am a WOMAN!

Djinn: *Looks her up and down* So you are

Ume: *Stares at Djinn bathing with all her emotions a bubbling and finally decides to ask* What emotion did you use when we fought

Djinn: Pain

Ume stares at him blankly before tackling Djinn to the ground and kissing him which leads to the two making love in the shower. Ume being the only one unaware the Ayane is watching them and growing heated.


Tseng is cooking dinner with Meryl and signing some goofy song.

Meryl: What do you think of Ume

Tseng: *Cocks an eyebrow* Interesting to say the least

Meryl: *Nods* I was thinking the same thing. I hope she makes a great addition to the team

Tseng: She will, but just because her style combats mine doesn’t mean she doesn’t have more to learn. After all Djinn beat her with her own weapon so it shows her lack of knowledge and with her element of surprise gone. She will need to learn to cover her weak points.

Meryl: So if she were to challenge you again

Tseng: I will win because of her lack of adaptability. Now I need to make a crash course to get her up to speed.

A gong goes off as the two finish making dinner signaling the others to come to the dining room. Jeral was the first in the door followed by Kiirina and the others.

*Back by Djinn*

Djinn catches a kunai thrown from Ayane as he rolls Ume over to the side as he gets to his feet and tosses it back at her. Making a thunk sound as it pierces a beam.

Ume: *Props herself up on her elbows* What no cuddling?

Djinn: ….

Ume: Wow, and hear I thought the Tseng and Jeral were the lady killers.

Djinn: *Catches yet another Kunai thrown by Ayane* That’s enough Ayane stop acting like a child.

Ayane: *Steps out of shadows* maybe I should throw them at you instead.

Ume: *gets up and covers herself with a towel* how long has she been here. *Wraps the towel around herself* Stalker

Ayane steps forward only to be stopped by Djinn, she looks into his eyes for some kind of message. But only sees an emptiness like an eclipse of the moon …….

*Back at dinner*

Tseng: Kiirina I need your help with teaching Ume her style is best suited to your skills

Kiirina: Of course, how is Djinn preforming?

Tseng: He seems to be at 100% why is there something I should know?

Kiirina: No, just worried he was pretty banged up yesterday

Djinn: *Finally enters the dining room* I told you not to worry about me Kiirina all it will do is give you wrinkles. * a strong wind blows past Djinn splitting open his cheek causing the others to laugh at him*

Tseng: You brought that on yourself Djinn

Daichi: I dished for you bro

Djinn: *Takes his seat* Thanks bro

After dinner everyone goes their separate ways and Tseng goes to his study where he finds a thinks ass hand bound book. On his desk with a note that reads “For indulging me the other day V.Savage”. Tseng takes a seat and opens the book and begins to read it, after only a few minutes he tosses the book at the wall. Unfortunately, his eyes are able to finish reading the book before it thunks against the wall. His muscles are tensed as his hands quake in anger with tears rolling down his cheeks. The pain is too much and so bursts out of his room and charges down the hall passing Kiirina who is instantly concerned about him. He keeps running until he reaches his personal training ground. Which has the same gravity as Venus and he unleashes the pent up aggressions. In mere seconds blood is pouring down his arms as he stands over heaps of rubble, Tseng and his spirit let out a epic roar that creates a sonic boom over the
Hiatzu manor.

Djinn: What could anger the great Orochi ?

Tseng: How could you not tell me, *Turns to face Daichi as well* either of you!?

Daichi: We told you it would only distract you and from the looks of it, we were right.

Tseng: *Growls* You are both so infuriating

Djinn: You waste your time worrying about people like us, we aren’t worth the trouble
Tseng; *Knocks Djinn down with a powerful punch* What was done to the both of you *another tear rolls down his cheek* Is unforgivable

Daichi: And a distraction to your greater goal, like Djinn said it will only derail you and jeopardize your mission. As sad as it is to say there is no time we can devote to this if you still desire to compete.

Tseng: Are you guys keeping any more secrets from me?

Djinn: …..

Tseng: Whatever, I’m going to help you gain your true spirit back Djinn, and before you say that it is unimportant. I need you at your strongest if we are going to win this tourney.

Djinn: There is a Lunar eclipse in three days

Tseng; One battle at a time…

Daichi: Tseng, it’s for the best if we keep the others in the dark, we’ve come so far to get lost in me and Djinn’s past. I’m sorry.

Tseng: Have it your way then.

Before leaving Tseng ,Djinn and Daichi have an all-out spar not a single one holding back. Had anyone besides the Celestials seen it. They would not have been able to describe it in any language. It was beyond brutal and violent as the three released the chains they used to bind them. At the end the three collapsed unable to move until they meditated for three hours, at which point Tseng and the brothers parted ways.

*The next day*

Tseng and Kiirina had been pushing Ume to her physical and mental limit since 3am, and to his dismay Tseng kept glancing over at the twins. His thoughts filled with the contents of the book even though he tried to forget it. It was during this time that Ouka stepped into his view.

Ouka: *turns to see what Tseng is staring at* You swinging both ways now cause your looking at the twins. Like a thirsty Circe Lannister.

Tseng: *Snaps out of trance* And what if I do? Think you can handle all out the Hiatzu inside you?

Ouka: *Raises eyebrow* If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were challenging me Hiatzu Tseng.

Tseng: *Smirks* I would never *Winks*, so what brings you down here other than having us mind fuck my cousins.

Ouka: Like I need a reason *crosses arms*

Tseng: Well you are missing out on valuable training time, something you don’t do lightly.

Ouka: Fine Kiirina called me concerned about you, says you acted unlike yourself last night. I didn’t think anything of it till just now.

*Kiirina has Ume follow her away from the couple*

Tseng: Well *Looks at Kiirina and Ouka* I’m fine, Mother just caught me unaware

Ouka: So it has nothing to do with this book *Holds out the hand bound book Tseng had read the night before. To her surprise Tseng’s hand grabbed the book and nearly tore it from her grasp* So it does have something to do with this.

Tseng: Leave this one be Ouka *Arms begin to shake*

Ouka; What could be in this book that could affect you so, and so bad that you would willingly keep secrets from your fiancé.

Tseng: It is not my secret to share

Ouka: *leans in close to Tseng and whispers* Then whose is it’s

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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Muffled sounds filled the chamber, the inner sanctum of an ancient temple, detached from the rest of the world. Hushed, excited voices. Noises expressing relief and awe. All attention seemed to be directed to the center of the room.

"Look, dear~ He has your eyes~" A woman spoke, tender affection flooding out from every word.

"Y-yeah, he does! And my hair!" A man, clearly flustered, responded. "A-actually, doesn't he only look like me? Is this normal!? Why doesn't he look like you at all, when you're the one who popped him out?!"

"Popped out? What are you, three?" An irritated young girl asked, clicking her tongue loudly. "You're the one who put him in there, stop making like you can't say it!"

A commotion was heard, as a larger male covered the young girl's mouth, stopping her before she flew off the handle. "Er...she's just emotional over this whole thing, sorry."

"Uh, yeah, I know." The nervous man claimed, scratching his head nervously.

"Look closer, Kyo-chan." The woman suggested, her eyes having never left the infant in her arms. "He may have your eyes and your hair, but doesn't he have my...well, everything else?"

"Eh? Really?" The man leaned in closer, hearing a soft sound from the baby.

A deep sigh was heard, as a more mature woman approached. "You're so pathetic sometimes. Look at that nose, those cheeks, that complexion. There's no way they came from anyone other than our glorious Asu-sama~~~"

The woman giggled as her close friend was prevented from embracing her. "Thank you, Sor~"

"Do you think he can see and hear us~?" A childish female inquired, skipping closer to watch the baby.

The man shrugged, "I doubt it. He was just born, there's no way that he's developed enough to really register any of the information being received by his brain."

"Oh, so now you start acting like a respectable, reasonable adult. How typical of you." A youthful male quipped, flicking a needle toward his friend.

The man's hand moved on instinct, fast like lightning, to catch and pull the needle out of the air. "Hey! What if you hit him?! Everyone knows how much of a klutz you can be when you aren't fighting!"

"The fuck? Did YOU really just call ME a klutz?!" The youthful male growled, though his hostility faded immediately as he noticed something. "H-hey...didn't you just say he shouldn't be registering much of anything?"

"Y-yeah, I did. So?" The man tilted his head, glancing at his partner, as she motioned to him. Looking down, he realized that the infant had grabbed his hand without touching the needle, and was currently staring at him.

"...Why is my hand over here?" He wondered.

The woman sweat a bit as she moved her hand, having pushed her husband's aside after he got worked up when catching the needle. "That's a question I was thinking to ask you, myself. More importantly, is that all you took away from this~?"

The man's eyes widened in shock, as he looked again. "L-look?! He's looking at me! He's touching me! Look at those tiny hands~ Those beautiful eyes~ He's so cuuuute~ He must love me more already, right~?"

"Unbelievable. This is the man hailed as the greatest genius beyond the Heavens and Earth?" The young girl clicked her tongue once again.

The man gasped as the baby's eyes left him while his hand lowered. He blinked as the infant stared at and reached up for his mother. "What?! Why?!"

"In your own words, Asu-sama is the one who popped him out." The mature woman noted calmly, before squealing at the sight of the mother lifting her newborn to her breast. "SO FUCKING CUTE!"

"Sorana, language!" The large male exclaimed, in a hushed tone.

All eyes went to him, then. "'Language.' Really?"

"Your age is showing again," The woman dubbed Asu noted with a soft smile, watching as her child clutched her hair in his hands, pulling.

"Welcome to your life. This will be your home, these colorful people your family~"

The baby made a sound which sounded suspiciously similar to a sigh, before he looked straight up, toward the decorated ceiling of the temple chamber. "...Gah..."

"Is he trying to talk?!" The group eagerly drew closer.

"More importantly, I feel like he just bit his thumb at us..." The youthful man suggested, his eye twitching. "Uppity little-"

"Whoa, there! Chill, Shin-chan!" The man called Kyo yelped, waving his hands in defense of his child.

Asu tilted her head, watching as the baby lifted his hand toward the ceiling, one of his fingers trembling as it seemed to point upward. "What is he...?"

She froze upon realizing that the atmosphere of their natural paradise was stagnant, devoid of life. No sound was heard beyond their temple, no small animals, no large predators, even the wind was quiet.

A chill ran down her spine... "Kyo-chan...I think we're in danger."

"What?!" All attention returned to the woman, whose eyes displayed horror as she stared at the baby.

"I...I think he's been trying to warn us this whole time..." Asu admitted, feeling her hands shake as she tried to calmly keep hold of her child.

Kyo's golden eyes changed, taking an appearance which was wholly foreign, among the living, dead, Celestial and supernatural. "Everyone, get down!"

Everything went black, as a deafening boom sounded out, sharp like shattering glass. As the world shook, wicked winds, infernal heat and chilling frost were felt, all at once. Screams and cries rang loudly, as sounds of struggle consumed the atmosphere.

"It took some time, but here we finally stand. And not a moment too soon, as I see." An unworldly, dark, terrifying voice spoke after a few moments, as if its owner was the very manifestation of the concept of fear and despair.

"That child knows not what role it was brought into this world for. You escaped me once, but not again. Today, you two WILL give me what is mine by right."

"That's...not going to happen." Kyo answered sternly, a sharp sound being heard, like a sword being drawn.

"Classic. Just as it was when our kind gave yours the power you cling to. The promise made then, was broken in the most disrespectful manner. It would seem the Seers of the Natsume were correct about ONE thing, at the very least. The past desperately desires to repeat itself. In the same way that your ancestors bit the hand that fed them, the two of you will now rebel against the one whose hand brought that thing into this Universe."

"He's not a thing! He's our son!" Asu cried, tears dripping upon the infant.

"Son. How comical. The thing you clutch to your breasts, is no child. Neither Human, nor Celestial, nor anything in between. What you hold in your arms, the THING you so desperately wish to protect...is simply a tool. A tool to be used for MY desires. A construct, created to carry out MY will. An...abomination, one which shall grant the dream I saw so long ago... The being you refer to as your son, is and has never been more than, the key to unlocking a Universe worthy of me."

"Dress it up however you please," Asu responded coldly, rising to her feet. "This is OUR son. His NAME is Tseng. And he is NOT yours to do with as you wish. If you'll take him from us, it'll only be after I've breathed my final breath. The only abomination here, is YOU."

"...Then perish, you shall."

With that, all grew still and silent. As if the world, the entire Universe itself, had frozen in place.

Silence...and then a sound. One that could only be described as slippery. Loud hisses, menacing slithering, words of a dead and ancient language.

"Yesss...you will do very nicely...do not disappoint me, child... You will be my-"

Opening his eyes abruptly, Tseng's eyes focused in less than a second, taking in the familiar sight of his room in the Hiatzu Manor.

He allowed himself to blink twice, before sighing. {If I'm to believe that dream, the first real noise I made was a sigh. Disappointment, hm? Sneering at those around me...}

{Heh, dream though. What kind of dream allows one to vividly recall even the scents?} Sitting up in bed, he ran a hand through his hair. {Every time I have that dream, I think it's more and more complete.}

{Asu, Kyo, Sor, Shin. Those are the names of my parents and my real family? Ah, this time I heard Sor's full name. Sorana. My aunt? Aunt Sorana? Asu is my mother, Kyo is my father. Shin is very close to Kyo. Sorana treats Asu, the way Rosa treats Kii. Foolish antics, then chaos. I felt something. I wasn't scared, nor was I surprised. I suppose I expected it, and believed that they did as well. They should have. Whatever...whoever was there, it was something eerily familiar to me. That annoying, ugly hissing could only belong to Orochi, of course. I know he's been hiding loads of things from me, but...it's not like he'd fess up if I confronted him. He always ignores me, every time I bring up these dreams, or rather these flashbacks. More importantly, that thing that arrived. It claims that my parents owe it for my birth? I'm not Human, I'm not a Celestial, I'm nothing like either, or anything in between them. I'm an...}

"Abomination..." Tseng said slowly, softly, unaware he'd spoken the word aloud.

"Lord Tseng?" Honoka shyly peeked into the room after opening the door. "I um...Djinn-nii and Dai-nii said that you'd be happy if I woke you up this morning, so..."

She shrunk away when the Prince's golden eyes fell on her, a cold and dim light shining subtly within them, a light which might snuff out all around it. "Y-you're mad, right? You wanted to keep sleeping, right? I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I'll ask Lady Leliana to punish me!"

"Oh, Honoka." Tseng blinked once, before smiling at her. "Don't be silly, it's just as my nosy cousins claimed. I'm beyond overjoyed, for your cute face to be the first thing I see upon awakening~"

Honoka blinked as she suddenly felt herself pulled into the room, the door being shut as she was pushed against it. Looking up, she was less than an inch away from her crush, who was staring down at her with a slightly sadistic smile. "L-lord Tseng?!"

"What a treat, indeed." Tseng remarked, stroking his chin with his free hand, the other pinning the flustered girl to his door by her wrists. "Last night, I wasn't in the mood to indulge Lina in our usual game, but I find myself oddly...prickly, this afternoon~"

"Prick...ly?" Honoka tilted her head, realizing he was topless. Looking down slowly, her eyes scanned his toned, muscular body, lower and lower. And lower still. No clothes to be seen...

"ARE YOU NAKED!?" She gasped.

"I am. But the real question here is, why AREN'T you?" Tseng responded without hesitation.

He was about to follow up, but stopped and released the girl as devilish flames burst from her body. Swiftly stepping back, he evaded the flames and stepped to his right to avoid a fast punch, jumping back to dodge the flurry of kicks which followed.

Landing with a foot atop the post of his bed, he crouched down, smirking as he saw the girl panting heatedly, the flames still burning. "I'm sorry, Honoka-chan. If I knew you were that sensitive, I think I'd have stopped joking a lot sooner."

"Eh...?" Honoka immediately settled down. "Joking? That was...a joke?"

It was then that she saw he was wearing boxers, and then that she stood up straight, before her shoulders drooped in disappointment.

"How interesting you are, Honoka-chan." Tseng remarked, now sitting with his legs elegantly crossed atop his bed. "Did you want me to take you just now, or didn't you? Your body is telling me no, but your face is screaming yes."

Honoka's face turned red, just like the flames she'd produced, before she opened the door and stormed out while screaming, "I WOKE YOU UP LIKE THEY TOLD ME TO!!!!!!!!!"

Wincing as he heard the echoing and enduring scream, Tseng rubbed at his left ear. "This'll be fun to explain over breakfast. Hopefully, Ume won't pry too much. Then again...I have a feeling that she has no real room to."

His expression once again returned to being inhuman and emotionless, not over his flashback, but over recalling the event which occurred the previous night.

"Then whose is it?"

Tseng replayed his fiance's question in his head once again, {Reina's not wrong to prod like that. I hate when she's sharp. Still...}

He shook his head a few times, "No, Tseng. Don't think about finding your family right now. Don't think about it...don't think about that fucking book, either... Don't... Yeah... Yep, I've got more important things to deal with. Who cares if something called me an abomination, or whatever? I've always lived, knowing that to be the case. Even next to Djinn and Daichi, I'm nothing like anyone else. I've always accepted that. I'm just a monster, playing at human, playing at life. And now, it's time for the 8 headed monster to get out of bed and put on the greatest act of his life. Again. Just...like always. Maybe you were right, Orochi."

Except, it wasn't just like always. Things were different now. And others would notice.

"Master..." Kasumi called out, pushing off from the wall she was leaning on, as her lord emerged from his room and made for the stairs.

"Kasumi?" Tseng glanced at her with a warm smile. "It's been a while. You should have told me you were back home."

Kasumi smiled slightly, scratching her cheek. "Well, Master, you would normally know I was back, before I actually return."

"Is that so?" Tseng tilted his head.

"So..." Kasumi shifted a bit nervously. "Ane-ue is here as well."

"Ayane-nee?" Tseng set a hand on his hip, as his Ki Tracing pulsed once. "So she is."

Kasumi frowned at that point, holding her hands behind her back. "Master, if I may speak bluntly, you are clearly out of it. I expected you to be even sharper than ever, given the blinding brilliance you displayed to the world in the final qualifier of the Tourney. Yet, it's as if your usual, abnormally keen blade is dulled by...something."

Tseng stared at her blankly, before smiling playfully. "Kasumi, you were almost on a roll with that whole waxing poetic thing~ You're as bad with words as ever, aren't you?"

"I'm being serious!" Kasumi exclaimed, blushing now. "I mean, no matter what, I'll always protect you, but everyone else will be unnecessarily worried if you show yourself to them like this! I may not particularly like her, but Aoi-san will obviously feel responsible for your current state!"

"That's also just like you, Kasumi." Tseng remarked, running a hand through his hair. "Even showing concern for someone you dislike being around. I really am lucky to have such a caring shadow..."

He paused as he heard her shuffle about in embarrassment, trying to figure out how to respond. "We still have some time before breakfast. While everyone else gets ready for the morning, why don't you accompany me to the main dojo? It's been a while since we've sparred, but it's as you say. Despite being wholly aware of what you said, I can't do much about it right now. Playing with you might be exactly what I need."

"P-play..." Kasumi cleared her throat, turning away as she vanished in a storm of sakura petals. "You're as misleading as ever, but...I'll meet you there."

Tseng laughed a bit as he heard her voice distantly, "Why is she so against walking next to me? Does she really take her shadow role so seriously?"

"Tseng~" Leliana sang cheerfully, skipping down the hall at the speed of sound, before wrapping herself around him. "Good morning, my adorable little brother~"

"Good morning, Lily." Tseng smiled, hugging her a bit tightly.

"Was that Kasumi-chan?" Leliana wondered, noticing the scattered sakura as they disintegrated.

Tseng lifted a hand to stroke her cheek gently, "More importantly, I'm a bit sad that you aren't cooking breakfast this morning. Did you leave it to my Princess again so you could sleep in?"

Leliana's cheeks turned pink, as she rubbed against her brother affectionately. "Only because she asked me to~ Do you want me to add some of my loving touch, just for you~?"

"You should know that I can't get enough of your loving touch, Lily." Claimed Tseng, who released his sister as she did the same.

He smiled warmly after her, as she ran off, raving about how she'd make sure he'd feel amazing after breakfast. "Lily...what am I to do with you, my beautiful big sister?"

In the grand dojo of the Hiatzu Manor.

Kasumi was seated in the center of the sparring circle, eyes closed. As the doors opened, so did her eyes, her lips curling into a pout. "You're late, Master."

"Sorry, my clingy sister came along to distract me." Tseng admitted, winking at her.

Kasumi smiled in response, "Which clingy sister are you referring to?"

"The big one," Tseng replied immediately, walking over to her. "Shall we-"

He cut himself off as he looked to the side, seeing a couple he didn't expect. "Why are you two here?"

Kasumi glanced at Nui and Linali, who both wore bright smiles on their faces. "They claim that, where you fight, they will always follow."

"They aren't wrong, they're both my stalkers." Tseng agreed, setting a hand on his hip. "Nui? Lina? Do you promise to behave, making no unnecessary comments?"

"Of course not." Lina replied without hesitation.

"Nooope~" Nui cooed in a lyrical manner, her supposedly useless eyes glued to him.

"The expected answers." Tseng commented with a blank expression, before shrugging. "Okay, let's get it on~"

"Oooh, kinky~ Right here and now~?" Linali purred, making pawing motions at them, her cat ear headband twitching.

Nui covered her mouth, "I certainly hope so~ I would love to film our passionate foursome and send it to Ouka-chan~"

Tseng glanced at them, "I hope you do understand exactly what Reina would do to you, if you sent her something so blatantly perverse."

Kasumi's fists shook, her eye twitching slightly. "If the peanut gallery could kindly refrain from running their mouths..."

"Message heard, loud and clear!" Linali and Nui exclaimed, both saluting as they leaned on one another.

{Why won't Master be more stern with them, for once?} Kasumi wondered, holding in a sigh as she took a stance. "This will be a serious spar, will it not?"

"Yes, until one of us scores a decisive action." Tseng confirmed, nodding for emphasis as he lowered his hands in a relaxed manner. "I suggest you seize the initiative, I'm still a bit sluggish and-"

His eyes narrowed sharply, as he lunged forward with a spin, landing a few meters ahead while turning to see his shadow touch down on the foot she just kicked with. {Just as fast- no, even faster than the last time I saw her. Just as Hayate said, she's always pushing herself beyond her limits for the sake of gaining the strength to serve as my shield.}

"Don't think about unnecessary things in battle, Master." Kasumi advised, as her other foot cut through the air multiple times, with a flying tornado kick. "You're the one who used to tell me that."

Evading the first two kicks within a hair with minimal effort, Tseng moved his hands to push aside the succeeding kicks. "I did, but I recall continuing with 'unless you're in no way disadvantaged by thinking in battle'. In other words..."

Catching her ankle at the last kick, he whipped his wrist upward in the same moment he released it, tossing her above him. "Unless you're Hiatzu Tseng!"

Throwing a kick straight up, directly above his head, an explosion of air pressure was unleashed, slamming into the ninja.

A flurry of sakura petals obscured vision on impact, Kasumi stepping down at Tseng's side and gently pushing her shoulder against his left lower back. "It isn't like you-"

Pulling her farthest foot into the other, her Ki carried from the ground, through her feet and up to her shoulder, where it all released at a single point, unleashing a focused, bullet-like burst. "-to speak so arrogantly."

Smirking in amusement as he leaned away and leapt in the same direction, against the flow of the technique, Tseng seemed to float without resistance, over a few meters. He landed without a sound, pausing for an instant before taking another step back casually. "It isn't?"

Nui whistled, "Kasumi-san's as skillful as ever."

"Moreso, I think~" Linali added. "The technique she just used was a hybrid of Aikido and Kenpo, using external Chi to fortify your own for a single moment."

She moved her hands in a wavy manner while speaking, "She applied it to her base style, pushing all of her Chi into that singular point with grace and skill, rather than strength~"

She smiled, licking her lips as Tseng glanced at her subtly. "He's pretending to be fine, but seeing as he didn't have time to defend or use the Iron Body Technique, Tseng took at least half of the attack directly~ He just minimized the impact by moving along its flow~"

Nui clapped lightly, in awe of Lina's skillful explanation. "As expected of Hayato Ojii-san's granddaughter~ Could it be that Tseng-chan is still off balance after losing to that Ume woman yesterday~?"

"Oh, you saw that too?" Linali tilted her head.

Tseng couldn't help but laugh, "Sorry to burst your bubble, but I needed only 2 minutes to fully recover from that short exchange we had. I'm in no way drained from that little skirmish."

"Big talk, when you lost." Linali and Nui said in unison.

Kasumi's eyes widened, "You...lost to someone? A woman named Ume?"

"Oh, YOU didn't see it?" Tseng looked genuinely surprised. "Yeah, she kinda, sorta, kicked my ass."

"...Were you serious?" Kasumi asked sternly.

"I'm always serious, Kas~" Tseng replied with a childish, cutesy tone, shaking his butt in a girly manner.

Kasumi let out a sigh, as she surged forward with godspeed, leading with a number of knifehand thrusts from the left, following up with a lightning fast, wide reaching roundhouse kick.

"You always get so mad when I lose to someone..." Tseng mumbled, smiling bitterly as he lifted his left hand to push aside each thrusts right before it connected, leaning far back into a handstand as he evaded the kick. Pushing up and over his hands, he shot into a backwards traveling somersault kick, leading with the left leg and following with the right.

Kasumi retreated back a meter with a few sakura floating in between them. {Damn, he disrupted my momentum so easily. No matter. If he refuses to get serious...}

Tseng stood up slowly, stopping at a crouch as he saw his shadow move her hands in a circular form, which left subtle afterimages behind. {She's...going to use an assassination technique on me? A troublesome one, too.}

{At least it would be, if I hadn't been right by her side as she learned it from Ryu-chan~} He smiled calmly, standing and moving his arms and legs to specific positions, alternating while taking rhythmic steps in various directions.

Kasumi would have normally smiled, as she found her high speed, omnidirectional strikes being parried with such ease, however... {He's still playing around. Do I really have to hurt him, before he takes this seriously as he claimed he would?}

Stopping before the final strike, a rising heel kick, she instead jumped into a beautiful twist, bringing her left foot down from above, while pulling the right up from below.

"?" Tseng blinked in surprise as he blocked the first kick, then the second, with his right and left forearms respectively. {That's new.}

With an even breath, Kasumi pulled and pushed her legs together, locking them around her lord's arm while arcing her back downward without actually falling. Working her hips upward at the same time, her Ki propelled her legs above her as she performed an inverted corkscrew spin.

Tseng smiled as he flew above her in a clean arc, still locked down by his arms. {Kasumi...you should know better than anyone, but...}

Moving just his lower half, he lifted his legs against the current momentum, his muscles exploding in his upper half alone, all his strength building in his arms as he skillfully moved to an upright position while lifting her to break her grapple hold raise her toward the ceiling. "It's 1000 years-"

"-too late for me to throw you? Yes, I'm well aware." Kasumi interjected, her eyes glowing fiercely as her Ki tempered, petals dancing around her as she unlocked her legs and gently placed her soles against the ceiling, leaving the right foot while throwing the left downward.

Linali and Nui were both leaning forward, in excitement and disbelief, as they saw the ninja use her master's specialty against him, pushing down from the ceiling while directing all of her strength into the left foot which would inevitably connect with the head of Tseng.

Tseng, was clearly shocked as he watched the lethal foot drop in slow motion. {From this position, she could easily kill me in an instant, if she follows through as my head hits the ground, rather than redirect the point of impact to the ground. This is scary, is this really my Kasumi? Scary...and totally hot.}

As the foot reached his head, his mind went blank. Moving his hands in a circular, wheel motion, his Ki flowed out evenly, producing a strong wind which revolved directly around his body. As he leaned into the wind flow, he performed a lightning fast 180. At the same time, he grabbed Kasumi's ankle and pushed a foot up into her floating ribs. Carrying along the revolution to complete in a 360, he re-positioned himself and her in a flash.

The two bystanders' jaws dropped, as the dust, kicked up from impact with the ground, cleared to reveal Tseng standing over Kasumi, her leg lifted at a sharp and painful angle in his hand, with a foot gently pressing down atop her side, his heel directly connected to her ribs.

"From there...Seismic Step would instantly cripple Kasumi-chan, at least for 3 months, even with Kii-chan's aid..." Linali whispered to herself, blinking. "Tseng always...manages to outdo himself~"

Kasumi winced, smiling brightly as she shifted her head to look up at him. "That's my Master~"

Tseng stayed silent, remaining as he was as his lips curled into a sadistic smile. "Honoka-chan fought me off earlier, but I wonder if you would do the same right now~ From where I stand, this position is...heh, I'll have to tell Jer, Dai and Dji~ I've just created a new sex position~"

"How would you bang from that position?" Nui asked curiously, crawling over to them.

"Like this," Tseng replied, twisting his hips and kneeling downward while keeping Kasumi in place. "Granted, you'd have to be really flexible and have at least HALF the control that I have~ Care to test this one, Kas?"

Kasumi's face turned crimson red as she smacked the ground loudly, "N-no! Not in front of them!"

"So what you're saying is..." Tseng nodded, releasing her immediately and hoisting her over his shoulder. "Well, Tseng needs some nooky before he gets a cookie. Tell Lily and Princess that I'll be there in 10, no 20 minutes."

"Wait! Can't we at least discuss how you got out of that, first?!" Linali begged, clinging to his leg. "I'll join you! I mean, I'd want to regardless, but I'm really curious!"

"I hate feeling left out." Nui remarked, pushing into Tseng.

Kasumi's face, somehow, got even redder. "M-master...I don't feel comfortable with this at all..."

"Life's all about new exp-" Tseng suddenly looked dejected, dropping Kasumi and pushing the other two off of him in one clean motion, throwing a swift spin kick, which directed a gentle current of air to set each on the ground safely. Completing the spin, he stepped toward the door.

"Is everything okay, Onii-chan?!" Meryl asked frantically, as she barged into the dojo in a huff.

"Yes, now that you're here, my lovely Meryl~" Tseng sang cheerfully, sweeping her off her feet. "How fast did you run, to be so out of breath~?"

Meryl blushed as he kissed her on the cheek, "I heard Kasumi-nee scream..."

"Oh, right. I was like WHOOSH! And she was like, WHAM! And then it was grand, slam, thank you, ma'am!" Tseng proclaimed, moving dramatically with each word.

Kasumi sat up, Lina and Nui turning to her for a few moments, before they laughed at Tseng's goofy antics.

Meryl giggled, clinging to him as he moved spastically. "D-don't drop me, Onii-chan!"

"Drop? You? Never~" Tseng claimed, standing up straight and rubbing his cheek against hers. "I love you so much that I'm willing to ignore my base desires, for the sake of putting a smile on those little lips~"

"Base desires? You mean carnal desires, right Onii-san?" Kairi skipped into the dojo, hugging him around his waist.

"Hey there, Imouto-chan~" Tseng shifted Meryl, setting her down by Kairi so he could kiss them both on the head.

Kairi smiled brightly at him, keeping hold of him. "So was I right?"

"Yes." Tseng replied simply.

Meryl looked up in thought, "Carnal?"

"Of or relating to a carnival." Tseng explained, his blatant lie making it difficult for the three girls behind him to hold in their laughter.

"I see! You're so smart, Onii-chan~" Meryl leaned on him affectionately.

"Your big brother can only be the best, because you're the cutest." Tseng pointed out, stroking Meryl's hair and ruffling Kairi's.

Giggling Kairi held his hand atop her head, "Hey, where's Sis? I wanted to mess with her while she slept, but she wasn't in her room this morning!"

"Yeah, Reina apparently woke up early to have Princess teach her more about cooking." Tseng noted, looking toward the direction of the kitchen.

Kasumi smiled warmly, watching him. {Yes, that's the Master I love~ He's brightest when he's sharper than anyone~ I do wonder what had him so out of balance, though. Perhaps Ouka-sama will know.}

"Now come along, my little harem." Tseng said playfully, holding Meryl and Kairi's hands as he made for the exit. "Let's see how our Cherry Blossom is faring~"

"Well, Kasumi-chan, I can say one thing." Linali noted, getting to her feet as Tseng led the two young ladies out of the dojo. "When Tseng's like THAT, nobody can defeat him~"

"How unfortunate that he's only like THAT, when drowning Meryl-chan in his brotherly love~" Nui quipped, turning about to follow them.

Kasumi held her arm, smiling at Nui left as well. "Linali-san? Was it really so one sided? Master fighting this Ume-san, I mean."

"Yes, it was." Linali replied calmly, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Granted, Tseng was nowhere near his sweet spot."

"Oh, I see! He lost because he wasn't in perfect neutrality?" Kasumi wondered, smiling at her.

"Well, maybe." Linali shrugged, turning to leave. "It's not like he's weak, even when he's excited~ I think he was genuinely caught off guard, but he also didn't continue the fight, when he could have. Knowing him, he gave up after taking Ume-chan's attack, knowing that Djinn-kun would leap at the chance to take a crack at her."

"Would he...really stop just for that?" Kasumi tilted her head curiously, heading after her.

Linali giggled a bit, "We've been seeing some interesting sides to Tseng, ever since he started taking this 'whole teaching thing' seriously~ For all I know, he might be happy to accept a loss with grace, in order to further his students' training progress~"

Kasumi smiled to herself, "Linali-san...I always enjoy talking to you. You may be a bisexual pervert, but you are truly insightful when it comes to Master~"

"You know, I can also get excited by negatively positive comments like that~" Linali sang cheerfully, causing Kasumi to run ahead of her without pause.

In the quiet, yet always entertaining town nearest the Hiatzu's ancient lands, Tenjou Town.

On the grounds of the world famous academy of Toudou, a paradise for the Martial Arts, where students gathered from different countries, sometimes different Realms...

Within the Headmaster's office, a few of the biggest names in history, Gods of the Martial Arts World, sat around a tea table to share words and a delightful foreign brew.

The Untouchable Queen's eyes were their natural, vibrant indigo, as she looked toward the window. Outside, she could see countless students relaxing and chatting, training vigorously, or challenging their peers to honorable duels. "It truly is refreshing to be here~ I must admit, I miss my own school life far more than I ever believed I would~"

She ran a hand through her hair with a thoughtful smile. "What a sight...Humans and the children of Celestials, all pursuing Martial Arts with the same honest heart~"

Toudou Academy was most famous for being the only educational establishment which openly accepted those of Celestial blood, who were born in the Celestial Realm.

The Invincible Superman stroked his beard with a gentle smile, watching the students as well as his close friend. "Yes, it truly does serve to bring it all full circle. What a feeling, knowing that our ancient struggles were what brought such a beautiful era to Earth~ Surely, there are many disturbing functions beneath the surface, however such a thing once existed only in our Empress' inconceivable dreams~"

Dalia giggled, glancing at him. "Kiirina would hit you in embarrassment, if she heard you say that~"

Furinji Hayato chuckled, "Indeed, she's always been the most bashful being in the Universe~ I always wonder how she handles being in public, especially with Tseng-chan, Lina and those children~"

Headmaster Toudou Housen, who had held his position for the last century, grinned at both of his good friends. "Speaking of our littlest giant of a Prince, just how IS Tseng-kun doing? I've truly missed him gracing Toudou with his presence. I know the young ones are in agreement on that matter~"

Hayato scratched his head, "Truth be told, I also haven't seen Tseng-chan in a few months~ I hear regular updates from my adorable Lina though, every now and then. Our cutie of a disciple has already graduated into a Master in his own right. For the results of his teaching, we need look no further than the brilliance displayed by Djinn-kun and Daichi-kun during the qualifiers~ I have often contemplated going to take a peek for myself, however I wouldn't forgive myself if I broke that boy's concentration~"

Dalia jolted slightly, after hearing Hayato's last statement. "Yes, certainly~ I also wouldn't forgive myself if I did something to break my baby's focus~~~~~"

"?" Housen and Hayato exchanged glances curiously, as the Hiatzu Queen laughed a fair bit louder and more roughly than normal.

Dalia stopped laughing as the two men stared at her, lifting her cups to take rather loud sips. "...Oh fine, perhaps I have bothered him a tad, recently."

"How recent, may I ask?" Housen raised an eyebrow.

With an innocent smile, Dalia pointed off to her side casually. "Oh, only a few days or so ago~"

"What a coincidence, that sounds like you were messing with the boy during and after the qualifiers~" Housen suggested with a smirk. "Funny, no?"

"Mmm, quite so!" Hayato agreed with a vigorous nod, laughing boisterously.

Dalia's smile faded after a few moments, her hand dropping to a cake knife on the table.

Both men's instincts sharpened to their deepest depths, watching the woman without blinking.

"Relax, I wasn't going to attack you." Dalia assured them, lifting the knife to cut another slice of the lemon frosted vanilla cake they were sharing, sliding it into her plate.

Hayato let out a deep sigh, as he stared at her. "Dalia? Did we not all agree that, no matter how much we missed and desired to be around him, that we wouldn't do so if we believed it would shaken his resolve?"

He continued as the woman, who usually controlled every situation, shrunk away like a child to nibble at her cake. "It's no secret to anyone, that you're the one who's most easily capable of absolutely shattering that tempered resolve, so why would you do such a thing?"

"...Does a mother need a reason...to want to hold her beloved son?" Dalia asked with a soft, gentle tone.

She looked down at her cake with a sad smile, as the men watched her sympathetically. "I'm sorry. I was fully aware that he might lose everything if I met him at that time, however...I couldn't help myself. Sometimes, I feel as if...if I don't see him, if I don't touch him...I'll never be able to meet him again."

Housen took a breath, scratching his chin. "Dalia, is it Tseng-kun's parents?"

Hayato blinked, considering the Headmaster's thought. "Could it be...? Have you learned something new of Kyo and Asuna?!"

"No...well...perhaps." Dalia leaned her head to her left with a frown. "I don't know where they are, unfortunately, but...I saw the place where Asuna-sama gave birth to Tseng..."

"What?! Where?!" Hayato demanded, unwillingly stomping his foot down, the force sending cracks along the floor and producing a powerful quake across the academy grounds.

Housen sweat as they heard excitement, students and teachers confused over the sudden earthquake. "Hayato, I understand you're desperate to find your old comrades, but please restrain yourself."

"Ah...you're right." Scratching his head with an apologetic smile, Hayato hunched over from his normally hulking stature.

Dalia smiled bitterly at him, "Hayato-sama, you may be one of the few who can understand my feelings for Tseng."

Hayato nodded, "Of course...I never gave it much thought until just now. You're as desperate to keep him, as I am to find those two..."

Closing his eyes, Housen leaned back in his seat. {I suppose they're both comparably obsessive in those respective interests of theirs.}

"A temple..." Dalia spoke calmly. "Ancient, detached from the rest of the world... Actually, rather than to say it seemed isolated, I honestly felt as if it wasn't a natural part of Earth. It felt almost...Celestial."

Hayato blinked a single time, "Ah, yes. As you'd expect from the Undisputed Genius Beyond the Heavens and Earth, Kyo is the greatest Sorceror to ever live. It was always a simple matter for him to connect, isolate or sever spatial boundaries at will. Tell me, this temple. Was it constructed with a marble-like material?"

"Yes, it was." Dalia responded, looking up at him in surprise. "Do you know it?"

"That explains one mystery, at least." Hayato noted with a wry smile. "What you saw is the place known as the Temple of Heaven and Earth, atop Izumo Mountain."

Housen looked at him in awe, "THE Izumo Mountain? Where the Celestial Vanguards and their allies slayed the physical body of Yamata no Orochi?"

"Yes, and as the legends go, our dearest swordsmith, Masamune, took the Celestial Serpent's fangs and forged the Kusanagi Blade. The Goddess Amaterasu took its scales and created the Magatama Jewel. The Goddess Tsukiyomi took its eyes and created the Yata Mirror. Thus were the Three Imperial Regalia of Japan produced." Hayato explained calmly, while stroking his beard. "The Temple received its name as the Regalia were made there. It was also there that the Regalia were entrusted to our Empress, Hiatzu Yarai and Takayanagi Naraku."

Dalia closed her eyes, "Yarai-sama later had the Kusanagi Blade melted down in the Primordial Flames of the Celestial World, to forge Reiki and Yamato, which were later given to my ancestors, the Natsume Priestesses."

"Meanwhile, the Yata Mirror and Magatama Jewel were hidden away by Kiirina-sama and Naraku-sama, never to be seen again." Housen added, crossing his arms in thought. "Of course, this came after you all used the Three Regalia to break into the Celestial Serpents insurmountable Realm in the last circle of the Celestial World. There, you faced Orochi in all its glory and fought the final battle to finally rid our Universe of that monster of snake."

He couldn't help but to chuckle, "What a fitting place Tseng was born in..."

Hayato nodded in agreement, "Especially considering that Orochi's Spirit now dwells within our Tseng-chan. After it was all over, Kyo had erected a barrier of sorts, to separate Izumo Mountain from both the Celestial and Human Realm. When he and Asuna went missing, we all assumed that they'd gone into hiding there for some reason, but we could never find the entrance since it changes every 24 hours at random."

"...I wonder what happened on the day of his birth, for Tseng-chan to wind up in the Celestial World." He tapped his foot to the ground gently.

Dalia took a deep breath, "I don't know yet, but I fully intend to find out. Now that we know where, the only issue is learning how to get there. I believe that, if I can visit Izumo Mountain, I'll be able to learn of Kyoshiro-sama and Asuna-sama's fates."

Housen glanced at her, "I hate to ask this, Dalia, but have you ever used the Dragon's Eyes to look directly into Tseng's history?"

"I have, yes." Dalia admitted, lifting a hand over her eyes, which changed as the Dragon's Eyes became active. "For some reason, I can only ever see vague images and hear strange sounds. Something is actively preventing me from even beginning to delve past the surface. Naturally, I've determined that I'll likely never get anything definitive out of him. And considering he didn't even spend a full 24 hours with his parents after birth, he himself won't be of much help."

She smiled, then. "Not that I would complain about that particular detail. He's already well aware that he's not our child by birth, but I don't know how I would fare if he actually knew anything about them."

In the dining hall of the Hiatzu Manor.

Tseng led Meryl and Kairi by the hand as they entered, Nui, Lina and Kasumi right behind them. "Morning, everyone~"

"Tseng-sama! Good morning!" Aya immediately got to her feet, bowing.

"?" Ume blinked as Aoi followed Aya's lead, shifting to stand as the rest greeted him, minus a certain younger sister.

Djinn stuck his hand out to stop her, "Don't bother, those two are literally the only ones who do that every morning."

Daichi was sitting calmly, with Honoka clinging to his arm and shyly peeking at Tseng. {What did he do to her when she woke him up earlier?}

Ayane shot Ume a look of disgust, before looking to Tseng. "Tseng Nii-sama, I'm happy to see you again."

"Are you actually, though?" Tseng smiled at Ayane, her irritation clear as day. {As I thought, Djinn and Ume-chan hooked up. Ayane-nee probably saw and reacted...well, in the usual manner. I count my blessings every day, that I got the sweeter, more innocent sister.}

Kasumi tilted her head when Tseng looked at her, blushing as he stared for a bit. "P-please don't speak of what just happened..."

"Huh?!" Jeral slapped his hands down on the table. "What happened?! Something juicy?! Details, gimme details!"

Maya joined him in excitement, "Give US details!"

Kiirina sighed, glancing at them. "Really, you two...?"

"Sis!" Kairi ran over to Ouka, who had remained seated with a bothered expression.

"Oh, Kairi...I forgot that you came over last night." Ouka admitted, as her little sister jumped into her lap to hug her.

Aoi sweat a bit as she noticed Kasumi suddenly look at her, before looking away. {Just like always...}

Daichi glanced at Leliana, who looked annoyed as she stared at her little brother. "Tseng? Our dear cousin is giving you that look again."

"Ah," Tseng turned to his big sister as Nui and Lina quickly took seats at the table, dragging Meryl along with them. "Are you mad?"

"Well, no." Leliana glanced off to her right, at nothing in particular, for a few seconds, before smiling at him. "Just as you wanted, I poured my love into what was left of breakfast, salvaging the mess that little Ouka made~"

Ouka's face turned bright red as she flailed, "I-I didn't make a mess! Mine just didn't turn out as well as yours always do, that's all!"

Aya jumped in shock when the Tenjouin Princess shot her an intense look, "Y-y-yeah! Ouka-chan did her best! There was just nothing she could do for her pancakes to turn out like yours, Lel-nee!"

"Wait, Reina tried to make pancakes?" Tseng's eyebrow raised in curiosity. "You didn't throw them away, did you?"

Leliana tilted her head, "I was going to, but Ouka looked like she'd fight me, so I left them alone."

She motioned to the plate in front of Ouka, which was covered.

Kairi had been pinching her sister, angry to be ignored. "Whoa, let me see Sis' shitty pancakes!"

"K-kairi, language!" Ouka gasped, pulling on her sister's ear roughly.

"Huh?" The group turned to the gold eyed Prince, who had laughed rather suddenly.

Kiirina smiled at Ouka, "You really remind me of an old friend sometimes, Ouka~"

"I'm sure~" Tseng sang playfully, as he paced around the table with all eyes on him, to Ouka and Kairi.

Kairi looked as her brother lifted the cover, revealing a stack of misshapen and deformed pancakes, with a multitude of messy white smudges across them. "Whoa, Sis...did you even TRY to make them circular?"

Meryl smiled innocently as Ouka turned red, embarrassed as she heard other comments. "I think they look cute though, Ouka-nee~"

"Meryl..." Ouka smiled slightly, at her other little sister.

Tseng leaned over her and Kairi, sniffing subtly at the pancakes. "I also think so. They're just as awkward as you are, which makes them surprisingly adorable."

"They smell pretty good too, at least." He added, paying to mind as Ouka's body jolted with his rough compliment. "Well, let's see how they taste. I've always wanted to try eating something that my sea salt Cherry Blossom made."

"Wow...what a nickname..." Ume mumbled, staring at Tseng and Ouka, who was watching him nervously as he picked off a piece of the pancake and put it in his mouth.

Djinn spoke without looking to her, his eyes observing his royal cousin. "That more or less summarizes the way these two have always been with one another."

Ayane let out a low, menacing growl, which drew Ume's eyes, but not those of the man she loved. "..."

"The verdict, Master?" Kasumi inquired, having stuck close to Tseng, following him as he moved.

Tseng didn't answer, taking another piece, chewing, then another and so on...

"Uh...so bad that he can't talk about it?" Jeral scratched his head. "Harsh..."

"Well, he's eaten a whole one now..." Kiirina noted. "How bad could it be?"

Leliana smiled to herself, "Considering who made them, who knows~? She just dumped in loads of white chocolate chips, thinking that would be enough to appease my Tseng's tasteful palate~"

"Lel-nee..." Aya smiled nervously at her.

Ouka stared at Tseng with a frown, as he chewed on in silence. {Yarai...hates them... I want to die right now...}

Tseng swallowed the pancakes, licking his lips slowly before looking at his fiance. "Reina, I won't lie. They could use some work. Well, lots of work."

He continued without pause, even as she shut her eyes tightly. "They're dry because you overcooked them, the consistency is all over the place because you didn't flip them enough, and it's honestly more chocolate than pancake."

Leliana nodded along, in perfect agreement with everything he said. "Right? Just what I thought~ She-"

"But-" Tseng interjected, cutting off his sister. "It's not like I'd ever actually complain about only tasting white chocolate."

He shrugged a bit, chuckling. "As I said before, they're just as awkward as I'd think. In the same manner, they're...great."

"...What?" Ouka opened her eyes, staring at him in disbelief, the rest sharing her confusion.

Tseng smiled at her, "Despite the flaws, I can taste and feel the effort you put into making each one. Your stubbornness in refusing to allow my Princess to help you, your insistence on doing what you felt would be best. Your fear over what you'd do if I said I hated them."

"Considering how much I love all those parts of you, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like them." He added, setting his hand on his fiance's chin. "I love them about half as much as I love you, which places them in my top 5 pancakes of all time~"

"Awwwww~" The girls couldn't help but squeal as Tseng kissed Ouka on the lips.

Leliana pulled her hair over the lower half of her face, hiding the fact that she was moved by what Tseng admitted.

"That's my boy~" Jeral quipped, flicking his nose with a grin.

Daichi and Djinn exchanged glances, both thinking it was a relief to see their cousin in high spirits.

A short while later, the group was seated and eating a variety of delicious breakfast items.

Tseng sat with Ouka in his lap, his arms around her as she fed him her pancakes happily.

"I love seeing Onii-chan and Ouka-nee like this~" Meryl noted, smiling brightly as she watched while nibbling on a piece of bacon.

Kairi was sitting by her, "Yeah, when Sis is all dere and no tsun~ I should send a pic to Mom and Dad~"

Linali, Maya and Nui were staring at the elated couple. "It'd be wrong to ruin their atmosphere, huh?"

"Y-yes, so please keep your perverted antics under wraps." Kiirina responded a bit nervously.

Kasumi noticed her own sister, staring at Djinn longingly. {Sister looks so frustrated right now.}

Jeral smirked as Ouka kissed Tseng, feeding him mouth to mouth. {Damn, that's hot...}

"Hey Leliana-chan~ Have you ever done that before~?" He looked to the eldest Hiatzu present.

Leliana sighed, "I used to do it for Tseng all the time, but he hasn't allowed it since he started going through puberty..."

Nui let out a disappointed sigh, "Jeral, you aren't even a spark next to the dazzling conflagration that is Tseng. If you believe you'll ever be nearly good enough for my Onee-sama, you're sorely mistaken. Please lower your concerningly high standards."

Ume's jaw dropped as she listened, seeing Jeral's visual destruction in real time. "Aren't...they siblings?"

"Yes, but uh...well..." Daichi scratched his head. "The pain you feel over that, is one we are all very well acquainted with."

"Yeah, those two are also always like this." Djinn admitted, in between scarfing down loads of eggs, sausage and bacon.

Aya smiled a bit, "Tseng-sama? Will you...eat Lel-nee's as well?"

"Of course, yours as well." Tseng replied after breaking liplock, to Ouka's dismay. "As soon as I'm done with Reina's."

"Really?" Leliana perked up with a hopeful smile.

Tseng nodded, "I did say I wanted to taste your love~"

"You really can't find another way to say that!?" Kiirina blushed as she looked at him sharply, though Leliana melted with happiness.

Tseng smiled at her, "Well, I'm also waiting to taste your love, whenever you're ready. In a much less figurative sense, of course."

Daichi chuckled as Kii turned bright red and covered her face, mumbling something about wishing Rosalie was there. "Speaking of, what exactly did you do to our little Firecracker this morning?"

Honoka gasped, turning red. "W-w-who says we did anything?!"

"Well, your face, for starters~" Kairi pointed out, flicking a drop of water at her cheek.

"Plus everyone heard that scream." Maya noted.

Meryl tilted her head, "Did you do something to Honoka-san, Onii-chan?"

"Nah, not yet." Tseng replied without hesitation, grabbing Ouka's wrists to stop her from jamming her fingers into his throat.

Ume looked from Honoka to Tseng, then to Djinn and Daichi. {Huh. These people are even weirder than I thought, not that I have room to say it. Isn't Honoka also Tseng's cousin? Well, I guess his actual big sister desperately wants to ride him, so maybe incest runs in the family.}

She blinked as she noticed Tseng give her a blank look, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. "...Oh! So! You know, finally getting the chance to see you two together in person, I really get why the world goes so nuts over you two as a couple!"

"R-really?" Ouka blinked, her cheeks bright pink now.

Tseng was about to make a comment, but decided against it, electing to just pull her even closer to him.

"Yeah, I didn't want to admit it before, but I guess you guys really are the cutest and most beautiful pair in the world~" Ume decided with a smile.

Ouka curled up against Tseng, squealing. "She said we're the best couple in the world~~~~~"

"Yes, she certainly did, Reina~" Tseng smiled warmly as he stroked her hair gently.

Meryl giggled as she watched.

Kasumi smiled, {They're the same as ever, huh.}

Later that morning, after breakfast had ended.

"So what's on the menu today?" Ume asked curiously, as she followed the group out to the vast plains by the manor.

Tseng glanced at her, "We'll continue with you later, but right now I'd like you to watch a competitive sparring match."

"Oh yeah? With who?" Ume looked around at everyone.

Tseng smiled, turning to the two he had in mind. "Lina? Maya? Will you two neko-lovers go at it for us?"

"Should it be rough or gentle~?" Linali and Maya asked in unison, both smiling cheerfully.

"Whatever suits your fancy~" Tseng responded with a slightly seductive smile.

"It's been a while since we've gotten to show off~" Maya cooed.

Linali laughed, her cat ears twitching. "Let's keep it close and intimate~"

"Can we please keep the perversion to a minimum?" Ouka requested, holding Tseng's arm a bit possessively.

"Fiiiiine." The two cat lovers sighed, to the amusement of the others.

Ume smiled, "The daughter of Yami's leaders and granddaughter of the Invincible Superman vs. one of the last remaining Natsume women? Sounds like fun~"

"It'll look fun too, trust me." Tseng winked at her as he took a seat with Ouka, Kairi immediately pulling Meryl to sit in his lap.

---------part 1

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As everyone sat together at a safe distance, the two girls stretched out while facing one another.

"This will be interesting, considering how this is Maya-chan's best possible battleground." Leliana noted. "And Lina's able to thrive in pretty much any environment, with her mobility."

"Maya's also got the advantage in that she can make her attacks connect from any distance." She added, glancing at Tseng and Kiirina, who both nodded.

Ume tilted her head, "What do you mean when you say Maya can attack from any distance?"

"She's highly proficient in one of the Natsume Secret arts, Uraate. It's one of the most unique and high-level Ki Transference skills out there." Kiirina explained with a smile. "You'll understand soon, though."

Djinn glanced at Ayane, who was silently gripping and clutching his arm to her chest. He decided not to say anything, turning his attention to the girls. "Don't keep us waiting now~"

"Aiya~ I seem to be having some performance issues, with such a big audience~" Linali claimed, while slipping off her slippers and kicking them over to Aya, who scrambled to catch them.

Maya smiled calmly at her, cracking her knuckles. "Wasn't the audience in all those tournaments a lot bigger? I don't recall ever seeing you struggle to perform back then~"

"I'd argue that this audience is far bigger, though~" Linali claimed, winking to her side.

"Oh." Tseng blinked a single time as he noticed Kairi subtly point down to his waist. "I'm actually pretty average as far as size goe-"

Covering his mouth immediately, Ouka pinched her little sister's cheek, which caused her to yelp. "Enough of that!"

Kiirina tilted her head as Meryl did, "What...are you talking about?"

"My ego~" Tseng claimed, pulling his fiance's hand from his mouth.

"True, your ego is probably vaster than the island of Japan." Daichi quipped with a chuckle, patting Honoka on the head as she struggled to visualize how big Japan was.

Ume nudged Djinn, "Is Tseng actually big?"

"I'd rather not answer that." Djinn replied calmly, smiling when Jeral laughed.

Aoi sweat a bit, noticing Leliana giving some of the girls a blank stare. "Please get on with your battle!"

"Right, right, we can't have an outburst now can we?" Linali lunged forward without hesitation, jumping into a front flip to lead with an axe kick.

Maya lifted her left hand, pushing her wrist into Lina's ankle to push the kick off target, immediately countering with a straightforward palm thrust with her right.

Twisting her torso to narrowly avoid the palm, Linali spun horizontally to throw a spinning roundhouse kick. As it landed on Maya's guard, her elbow, she seemed to grasp the woman with her foot while pulling the other up to perform a somersault kick.

Whistling as she retreated backwards, Maya watched her close friend land from her flip. "What happened to your performance issues?"

"Can't you tell? I'm totally tense right now~" Linali claimed in response, immediately charging once again, this time leading with a lightning fast left straight.

Maya moved her arm to defend, but immediately crouched as she noticed Lina's hand open at the last second, her fingers shooting out to release 5 bullet-like bursts of Ki.

"Whoa." Ume blinked as the Ki bursts exploded in the air behind Maya.

Linali grinned as she through a downward knife thrust at Maya, wind barreling downward in a sharp stream.

Shifting from her crouching position, Maya evaded the knife thrust and the wind, while lifting her hand and sliding it against Lina's. Her arm slithering like a snake, she locked it skillfully around her opponent's while throwing a low sweep kick, which cut the grass and launched it around them in a perfect circle.

Having jumped to avoid the sweep kick, Lina straightened her body out directly above Maya, her arm still captured. {Is she gonna throw me~?}

Maya grinned this time, wagging a finger before placing it against the ground, the grass glowing subtly before it suddenly extended and shot upward.

"!" Linali curled up, the color of her skin darkening as the grass surged into her like a storm of spears.

Kiirina smiled as she looked to another location, which Linali landed in a few seconds later. "It's always incredible to see how she can use the Iron Body Technique while airborne. Even the current Master of the Iron Fist school can't pull it off as easily as Lina can."

Ume whistled, looking to Linali, who stood and shook out a bit, revealing her clothes were riddled with holes now. "Wasn't that the same technique you used in the final match before, Tseng?"

"Yeah, I learned it from Lina." Tseng replied with a smile.

Maya clicked her tongue a bit loudly, watching Lina. "Aaaaah...and here I thought I'd surprised you enough to end it right there. Should I have focused on just your legs to break that iron defense?"

"That sounds like you were trying to cripple me, Maya-chan~" Linali sang with a dark tone, as she touched her shirt. "I liked this one, too, you know~ It's the first top Tseng ever tore off of me~"

"Now that you mention it, I was wondering why it looked so familiar." Tseng scratched his head.

Ouka gave him an irritated glance, gripping his arm tighter.

Linali sighed a bit loudly, "Now you've done it, Maya. We may be fellow neko-lovers, but even I can get angry over sentimentality~"

"If it really means that much to you, I can fix that top for you later-" Maya cut herself off, kicking off to her right as the ground was cut in a scythe-like swath. Looking up to see Lina had kicked from above suddenly, she shuffled a few steps back, a circle of energy flowing around her feet and cycling through her body. Throwing a swift uppercut, the impact carried through the atmosphere, directly into her.

Pushing her right hand down, it darkened on its own as she allowed the transferred strike to explode against her palm. At the same time, she twisted upward as the wind blew around her.

Ume watched in awe as Linali somehow propelled herself forward, feathers seeming to fall around her. {It's one thing to see her fight on TV, but another to see in person...she really must have invisible wings, to be able to move like that!}

Descending at a sharp angle, Lina's foot shot into the ground, which was torn apart in a half circle as she made contact, spinning to see that Maya had jumped to evade her. {Exactly where I want you~}

Completing the spin, she kicked forward, vanishing from sight.

{Crap, jumping was my first instinct.} Maya released a pulse of Ki, which scanned her surroundings as she sensed her friend directly above her. {No time to move.}

Linali threw a dropping sidekick directly into Maya's back, blinking as she felt like she was kicking a dense wall. {She strengthened her clothes?}

As Maya launched into the ground, propelled by the explosive force from the kick, she twisted to land on her feet, wincing as she grasped at the grass while tearing across the plains. As she came to a stop, she lifted the same hand to throw a number of blades of grass, which imbued with her Ki and fired off like throwing knives.

Without losing any altitude, Linali threw a perfect spinning kick to unleash a swirling gale around her, which deflected all the grass knives while boosting her higher into the air. {It's a bit far, but I can improvise.}

Once again entering a high speed rush, she reached Maya almost instantly, twisting her body to throw an overhead roundhouse, which struck downward like an axe kick.

Standing up straight, Maya lifted herself on her toes while throwing an upward knee strike to connect with the kick.

"What an exchange!" Daichi commended, clapping as the two produced a shockwave which created a small crater beneath them.

Thrusting her hand upward, Maya caught Lina's ankle, pulling down sharply to throw her to the ground while pulling back her free hand to make a fist.

Right as she was thrown to the ground, Lina extended both hands to push against the ground and prevent an impact. At the same time, she pulled her legs back, striking out with both at the same time in a similar manner to what Tseng had done to Kasumi earlier.

"Oh...?" Tseng raised an eyebrow as he observed both kicks connect upon the exact same spot on Maya's arm, pushing her away. {That's my Lina, I guess. She always finds a way to use my moves in her own way. Her adaptability really is scary~ But Maya's probably going to capitalize on that distance to compensate for her arm being injured just then.}

Jumping back to create even more distance on her own, Maya grounded her feet solidly as a circle of power flowed once again, more noticeable than before. "Ryukei Qigong..."

Leliana covered her mouth as Linali landed and took a low stance, her Ki charging up to a ridiculous degree, which seemed to produce an incredible current of electricity. "Tseng? I don't think we're far enough to avoid being caught up if they clash with THOSE techniques."

Tseng smiled in amusement, "Yeah, definitely not. Empress?"

Ume was confused to hear them, as they were at least 500 meters away from the action. "What? What are they gonna do?"

"I think that's enough, you two." Kiirina decided with a stern voice, as she stepped between them in a blur.

"?" Linali and Maya both looked at themselves as they felt their buildup of Ki fade away immediately. "Fiiiiiine..."

Ume gasped, looking from Kiirina to where she had just been sitting. "Huh? I didn't even see her move! She was way faster than Linali!"

Ouka ran a hand through her hair calmly, "Kiirina just moved to strike their Ki Circulation Points and prevent them from continuing the battle. Of course, I myself only saw the faint shadow of her afterimages."

Kasumi and Ayane nodded, "Yes, her speed and technique is just as flawless as ever."

Tseng chuckled, "Yeah, even to me, it looked like Kii literally split into two, despite the fact that she stopped Maya first."

"As always, your perception is scary~" Nui cooed. "You were able to follow her movements better than I could~"

Leliana smiled proudly, "Of course. There's nothing that Tseng's gorgeous eyes can't see through~"

Ume twitched a bit, "Wait, you're not gonna claim that Tseng saw everything just now, right?"

"That's exactly what he did, actually." Daichi and Djinn answered, as if it was obvious. To back up their response, the group nodded as one, as if it wasn't even slightly surprising.

"Tseng's strongest quality is his perception," Linali explained, standing up straight as she shook out her numb arms. "Grandpa always says that Tseng's perception is already on par with his, if not even beyond it."

Maya nodded, also shaking her arms out. "Yeah, his eyes are absolutely ridiculous, just like his Ki Tracing."

Kiirina waited until the two gathered by her, before reaching out to gently massage their shoulders, which provided instant relief to them. "At the very least, Tseng is one of the 5 most perceptive beings on Earth. Even beyond the vast majority of high-ranking Celestials. If he'd been born a lot earlier, he would have made it a lot easier for us to defeat Orochi."

Tseng smiled as everyone heard a low, vicious hiss, which sent shivers down their spines on reflex as a gargantuan shadow passed over the land for but a second. "Orochi just said that you're full of shit, Kii~ I wonder why he's more willing to talk when it's to respond to you~ When I try to ask him something, he gives me the silent treatment~"

Meryl looked up at him, "Orochi always sounds scary, Onii-chan..."

"Oh, but he'd never do something to scare you~" Tseng insisted, kissing her on the nose.

Ume had grabbed on to Djinn in fear, "Wait, what? Tseng can TALK to Orochi?! Orochi can talk to us?!"

"Somehow, he can speak through Tseng." Daichi explained, looking to his brother as he subtly shook his arm in effort to remove Ume from it. "Of course, Tseng's the only person we know of who can communicate so perfectly with his Spirit. It's possible to an extent for anyone, upon reaching a nirvana-like state through meditation, but Tseng can do it without that. Then again, my personal belief is that he's attained a natural state of Nirvana~"

"And I always tell you that you're wrong, totally wrong~" Tseng waved his hand dismissively.

"More importantly," He turned to Lina and Maya to change the subject. "Well done, even if you both got too heated just then~"

"Nonsense, we were going to hold back." Maya claimed, holding her hands behind her head casually.

Linali nodded in agreement, "Yes, yes, we were both just playing around still! It's not like it would have been anywhere near as bad as it is when you and Leliana-chan go at it, body to body~"

"Body against body, mine and Tseng's~" Leliana squealed, holding her cheeks as she blushed brightly. "I like the sound of that~"

Tseng smiled nervously as everyone looked at him blankly, "Lina, you said that on purpose, didn't you...?"

"No way, I'm nowhere near that good at manipulation~" Linali claimed, shaking her head as she and Maya pulled Kii over to the group.

"It has been a while," Djinn noted. "Why don't you two siblings show Ume what it's like when two Royals fight?"

Ume's eyes sparkled, "Yeah! I totally wanna see that! Leliana-sama's one of my favorite Martial Artists of all time!"

Leliana blushed, looking away. "A-actually, I've sort of retired~"

She continued as Ume gasped, "When Tseng made that promise to us, I decided to settle down as his housewife and devote all my time to supporting him in his leisurely down time~"

"Leliana Onee-sama, please stop talking like that..." Ouka mumbled, glancing up at Tseng.

"Well, Dji-chan isn't wrong." Tseng admitted, standing up as he set Meryl and Kairi down from his lap. "Even though he just loves to see the result whenever Lily and I fight, it would definitely be a valuable experience for Ume, after Lina and Maya."

Maya smirked, "Yeah, yeah! Lina and I are relatively equal, but it's great to see two totally unequal opponents fight!"

Jeral grinned, "I love watching Leliana-chan fight at all, so I'm all for seeing her kick Tseng's ass again~"

"Were you guys even listening?!" Leliana snapped with a low growl, everyone feeling static against their bodies. "I've retired! I don't train at all anymore, so I don't want to fight-"

Tseng slid his hand over his big sister's gently, lifting it between them. "What a lie, Lily. Hiyori-onee always sends me pictures and videos when you two go out with your friends. Not to mention the footage of the tests you undergo for all those scientists and researchers. According to those, while you stopped training, you never stopped fighting~"

Leliana blushed, looking up at him. "Hi-hiyo-chan's such a liar, she said she wouldn't tell you about any of that!"

She spoke again, lowly and rather menacingly. "I'm gonna punch her really hard when she gets back home...!"

Tseng sweat a bit, feeling electricity flow through his body as everyone backed further away from them on instinct. "Lily, there's nothing wrong with that. The only reason I never said anything, is because it made me happy to know that you still enjoy fighting so much. There's no point in my getting stronger than you, if it's only because you let me. I'll feel better about being the one to protect you, if it's when I've properly surpassed you."

Leliana's face got redder, as her eyes changed color. "Tseng, you..."

{Regardless of the outcome, he'll be really happy if I agree, right? I'm not just seeing that because I want to, right?} She looked down in thought, as she considered the scene she saw through the Dragon's Eyes. As her eyes returned to normal, she looked up at him again. "Okay, fine. But only if Kii is watching us closely. Even if it's you, I don't know that I can stop myself from seriously harming you."

She lifted a finger to push against his chin.

Tseng smiled, gently grabbing her finger as well. "Of course~ And I'll also try to refrain from doing something to hurt you. After all, I can't bear to see my beloved Lily in pain~"

Ume bent down by Meryl and Kairi, whispering as Leliana shuddered and got even redder somehow. "They're siblings, right? They're actual siblings, right?!"

Meryl looked up at her with a smile, "Yes, but Onii-chan and Lily-nee have always been like this. I've always been jealous of how close they are~"

Kairi laughed, holding Meryl's hand. "That's what everyone else thinks about you and Onii-san, you know~"

She looked to Ume, "But yeah, even though they're siblings, they always act a lot more like lovers! They're just careful not to show it to the rest of the world~"

Daichi and Djinn pat Jeral on the back as they heard him sniffle loudly, wiping at his eyes.

"There's nothing wrong with their relationship," Nui said calmly. "It's incredibly beautiful, if you ask me~ Tseng is the only man worthy of my Onee-sama's love~ Long have I desired to see their mutual attraction blossom in the most majestic and intimate manner~"

"In other words, straight up incest?" Ume blinked in surprise.

"No, it'd be wincest!" Aya exclaimed, advancing on Ume rather suddenly. "Incest for the win!"

Honoka blushed, looking at Tseng and Leliana. "I-incest? Really?"

Kiirina cleared her throat loudly, "If you two are going to fight, then I'll be sure to observe closely and stop you from getting too carried away."

Ouka nodded in agreement, her cheeks pink. "Y-yes. It would be nice to see how far Yarai has come in comparison to Leliana Onee-sama."

"You're always so possessive of him~" Maya noted, poking Ouka in the side. "How jealous you get of his own big sister~"

Tseng spoke up quickly, to prevent the inevitable argument which would arise. "Like Kii and Reina said, let's get this underway."

His serious tone sent a chill down everyone's spines, the same way which Orochi's voice had moments ago, and everyone fell in line immediately.

-to be cont.-

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Endless Descent to Supremacy

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