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Endless Descent to Supremacy

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PostSubject: Endless Descent to Supremacy   Thu 30 Apr 2015, 05:26

"We may be a small group, but our passion is as great as our numbers are low. We may face many hardships, the odds may be heavily stacked against us, we may make countless enemies, but so long as we believe in one another, ourselves, and our honest pursuit of the Martial Arts, we will always find victory. Together, let us fall into the endless pits of strife, ever aiming for the next lowest edge to grab hold of."

Prize of the Cosmic Trials of Supreme Martial Arts: Limited-time access to the Imperial Regalia of Japan.

Kusanagi no Tsurugi- A mythological blade which symbolizes the Virtue of Valor. Bestows upon its wielder the power to cut through any enemy. In the hands of a particularly valorous individual, this blade can rend even immaterial concepts and entities, thus holding the power to potentially rend reality.
It holds no power, should its potential wielder be a coward or weak.

Yata no Kagami- A mystical mirror which symbolizes the Virtue of Wisdom. Bestows upon its wielder the ability to reveal the truth behind falsehoods, discern facts even with no trail to them, and instill great knowledge upon others. In the hands of a particular wise individual, this mirror can be used to alter the dispositions of entire worlds, including Gods and Celestials, to bring pure enlightenment to masses, or even to remove intelligence, as well as bind objects, individuals and concepts.
It holds no power, should its potential wielder be a fool or narrowminded.

Yasakani no Magatama- A majestic jewel which symbolizes the Virtue of Benevolence. Bestows upon its wielder the right to create miracles. In the hands of a particularly benevolent individual, this jewel can undo tragedies, grant peerless bounty, bring about utopia, and even rewrite set rules of the Universe.
It holds no power, should its potential wielder be malevolent or impure.


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PostSubject: Re: Endless Descent to Supremacy   Sun 13 May 2018, 04:38

It is said that thousand years or so a Summit Solstice of the gods is preformed, were there heavenly mantle passes to new flesh made divine. During one such Solstice Izanami was said to have died giving birth to Kagutsuchi the incarnation of Fire. This however is a lie that was created by Izanagi to keep the truth from the universe. The truth being Twin mortals invaded the Summit Solstice and challenged the Gods. The divine beings laughed at them but accepted their challenge and which ended with Izanami’s being sealed in the same host and banished to the underworld. Izanagi was filled with such rage that he threw them into ritual pools for the Solstice. Their souls bounced from each other with so much force that their bodies denigrated into the pools turning one pure black with his soul glowing white in the center of the deepest end. And the other pool pristinely white with his dark soul absorbing light in the center of the deepest end. Izanagi then pulled their souls from the pool cursing them with all his might as he cast them to the earth. Declaring “You shall never feel the absolution of the Heavens nor the Damning loss of the underworld! I curse thy spirits to walk forever eternal, to walk each dawn anew and to collapse upon themselves each Dusk!”. He then took then went to the Loom of life and tore their threads from its weave erasing everything about them even their names. “Should your souls ever fade a Calamity shall rise in your ashes” he whispered across the wind”.

Present Day

The time for the next Summit Solstice has come and Izanagi knows that the mortals have deviated from the days of undying loyalty. So they must be distracted for their own good of course. As the gold strewn ivory gates open in the sky he steps out the light of dawn erupts to life behind him. His massive figure casting a shadow over the land as he looks down on all of his creation with a smile. “Rejoice my children for the time has come once more for the Grand Tourney to be held. For this Tourney the champions shall have the honor of holding the Imperial Regalia. What secrets will it reveal to you my child, *he pauses for dramatic effect as he smiles wider*. And for this most special of Tourneys a festival shall be held in the honor of our champions. Where we shall all break our bread as one Gods,Celestials, and Men, and what better way to celebrate this unifying moment. Than to have a performance by a member of each of the Phoenix families! So if the heart of a warrior beat in thy breast then rise up and conquer all that Stand before you!” He whispers, the words echoing across the planet until all of creation has heard his decree. He takes one last glance over the realm of mortals his eyes fixing on a single location. Ushige the city of Decay, his smile fades into a grimace as he watches the infernal blight festering there. His eyes glowering in rage for a second before he returns to the Celestial realm. Leaving behind a glowing timer in the sky that starts to count down towards the date of the Tourney’s start.

It had been 60 years since the last tourney, the easiest thing to compare it to would be the rise of pirates after Gol D. Roger in the Onepiece manga. All looked in the direction of the new leader of the Hiatzu, only to find that he had left on a pilgrimage in search of the last living masters of the Bao-ken style. His wife Ouka being the one to enter them into the tourney, which leads to people far and wide flocking to the manor in hopes of joining his team.

Three days prior to the announcement to the Grand Tourney

Tseng sits at a table beside Meryl as he checks he work for any errors his face is playfully placid making her fidget anxiously. He narrows his gaze for a second, she goes pale and panic and sees he has gone too far. So he cracks a smile and says “Everything’s perfect Meryl what are you worried about?” She falls to a laying position letting out a deep breath as she wipes her face in frustration. “It’s supposed to be about historical figures, but I didn’t write about those dusty old farts.” She says as Tseng gives her that big brother look, “Meryl” he says softly as she sits up aggressively. “What do the old lords have on our big brothers, those phoenix lords are glorified seat warmers. Dji and Dai have done way more and never get any credit for it”, she shouts her voice carrying through the halls. And before Tseng can react a wizened old voice says “She speaks the truth you know Little Tseng”. Tseng spins around into a kneel greeting the voice “Apologizes Madam Gao I wasn’t aware of your arrival”, The old woman chuckles as Meryl runs over to her glomping her softly as she squeals “Granny Gao”. The old woman hugs her with a smile as she says “Oh my little Meryl how you have grown into a such a ray of sunshine, your family must be so proud”.

Meryl looks up at Gao a little teary eyed as she says “They still haven’t come home, I miss them so much even Tseng misses them. Can’t you make them come home Granny Gao everyone listens to you even Mama!” Madam Gao’s eyes soften as she strokes Meryl’s hair as she replies “if I could make the journey you know I would my child”. Tseng walks over and pats Meryl on the shoulder and says “we’ll continue this later Meryl. Right now I need to take Granny Gao to her room ok.” Meryl nods grabbing her assignment before leaving the room, the second she leaves Madam Gao smiles and says “Such a sweet child”.

Tseng nods before looking her in the eye and asking politely “What brings you here Madam Gao I know it’s quite the journey from the mountains”. She waves the concern off to say “I come here for you Lord Tseng to advise you that is”. Tseng frowns and says “Tseng is just fine Madam Gao, and what could you have seen to make you travel down here alone?” Her face is solemn as she places her hand on his shoulder. Saying “I foresee a series of battles ahead that will eventually end in failure unless you are reunited with your twin brothers. But from it a great Calamity shall be born wrought of one man’s pride.” Her eyes grow glossy as she looks away possibly with more to say but unable to speak the words. Tseng stands there in silence absorbing the information and letting it sink in.

In the silence Madam Gao thinks to herself [Shiro my love forgive me for what I have set in motion. I no longer blame your brother for what happened to you both and though I know what comes next means that I will lose you forever. He must pay for his actions, as must I after one last night with you].


Ushigie the city of Decay, at one time it was a jewel to behold but time and politics took its toll upon it. Just being its vicinity felt strange to Tseng, it was like the very air and earth was trying to pull him apart but he continued to push on. Upon reaching the crumbling city gates he was greeted by two young kunoichis of the Mugen Tenshin that kneeled at the sight of him. “Lord Tseng” they chimed in unison as Tseng motioned for them to stand.

“Are my brothers still here?” Tseng asks wearily taking in the crumbling walls and narrow ghetto streets as he spoke.

The senior apprentice nodded and said “yes milord Tseng, they were just yesterday playing soccer with some of the children. They also brought down a large elk for the community to share it was truly a grand gesture”.

Tseng clicked his tongue in slight annoyance, “Thank you”, “Juniper” she chimes before he can ask. He smiles and continues. “Thank you Juniper, but there is no need for the Lord nonsense, after all, we are just people in the end”. Her cheeks start to glow red as she stammers “But”, Tseng raises an eyebrow as she quickly skips the word and says “Tseng”. “Return home my Mugen Tenshin, I need to do the rest on my own”. The two bow and vanish in a swirl of petals.

The second Tseng makes his way through the gate to the city he can feel eyes all focusing on him: and from his peripherals he sees the beady eyes of the inhabitants staring at him in awe. Tseng realizes he is likely the only prince or lord to have entered the city in a thousand years. Sadly, that is not why he is here and so he starts doing his Ki tracing following the path displayed before him. The streets are so narrow and the ground so uneven and covered in rubble that he actually has to take the effort to avoid tripping.

As he continues forward he sees several children kicking around a soldier’s helmet in a caved-in house on his left. Tseng wonders if these were the same kids that his brothers played with, sadly he doesn’t have the time to ask and so he continues on. The further he goes in the more people seem to be enthralled by his presence some of them even starting to celebrate and sing. Such strange folk Tseng thinks to himself, as he weaves through another intersection. Tseng stops when he hears several soft footsteps behind him, he turns to see to whom do they belong and is surprised to see. Mice, house cats and feral cats, dogs, wolves, an assortment of lizards, Monkeys and even to feral tigers. Following him like he is Moses leading them to the ark.

Tseng almost laughs in response when he hears a tink, tink, tink, he quickly turns to his left to see the kids playing soccer again. Realizing what’s going on he closes his eyes deciding to change tactics as he lets the worlds energy flow over him becoming submerged in it all. His body begins to feel the sensation of floating just below the water’s surface, where the light of day can still warm your face. While in this state he could feel motion through the energy and where it was coming from. A trick Daichi and Djinn had taught him. The energy was rough and choppy from two strong forces pulling and pushing it around which could only be two individuals. Tseng makes sure to take the extra second to pinpoint their location, which turns out to be the skyscraper at the center of the whole city.

His eyes snap open as he parkours up the inside of the caved house all the way to the roof and starts running across the curved roofs to the center. It takes him only a few minutes to reach the center of the skyscraper. He crawls inside through one of the windows finding himself on the stairs inside, so he follows them all the way to the top. His heart is pounding but not with something as silly as emotion no a deep instinctual yearning. As he reaches the summit he finds his pace slowing as he walks out onto the rooftop to see the twins sleeping out in the center.

Tseng stops for just a second staring at them, surprised they look the same as they did before they had left.

“Getting slow in your old age little brother, I expected your arrival much sooner” bellows Djinn without even opening his eyes.

“Perhaps he is getting too complacent without us there to compete with him Dji” chimes Daichi with a smile.

“What do you expect when you’re in bumfuck nowhere” chastises Tseng with a smirk forming as he speaks.

“I suppose we should call you Lord Tseng now” Djinn replies.

“Only if you want me to punch you in the throat” Tseng fires back.

“But Lord Little brother sounds so weird when you say it”, Daichi replies snarkily as the two sit up finally.

“You're joining in on this two Dai,” Tseng asks slightly annoyed as Daichi shrugs.
“So we‘re not allowed to show our support of you being appointed the next leader of the Hiatzu family because you don’t like being called Lord.” Barks Djinn more aggressively then he had wanted to. Regardless the two opened their eyes to look at him with neither’s eyes focusing on him as if the two were blind.

Tseng stands there silently unable to think of something to say at this moment. As he looks his brothers over. Noticing that Djinn has four Black Magatama on the ridge of his right ear, and a three on his left ear ridge with the missing one being glaringly obvious. Daichi on the other hand had four white Magatama on each ear ridge.

“Enough of this Dji he isn’t here for congratulations or to have a brotherly squabble we are best known for,” Says Daichi smoothing everything over.

“Your right as always Dai, he wants us to fight beside him in the tourney like we always talked about as kids before we even knew how to throw a proper punch” grunted Djinn

“So will the last remaining Bao-ken masters join me in this endeavor,” asks Tseng.

“But it’s not our promise that has you so interested in winning the tourney is it Tseng” Daichi quips nonchalantly.

“No it’s not” says Tseng solemnly. Thoughts of regret flowing into his mind.

The twins go silent as they get to their feet, dusting off the rubble that clings to them. “Always wasting your time on crumbling old relics like us”, Djinn asks rather coldly.

“Oh I’m sorry, Djinn, some people actually give a shit about your sorry ass!” snaps Tseng quite annoyed at this point.

“Full name drop Djinn you’re in trouble no bro” chuckles Daichi, getting him a narrow eyes from Tseng

“And how long do you think that will last when we aren’t the people you know and love? Got an answer for that oh mighty Tse”, Djinn asks devoid of any emotion making his comment even colder.

Tseng’s eye twitches showing he is fully fed up with the self-dissing, his fists snaps straight for Djinn’s face. Only for him to flicker out of the way at the last possible second, and it is in this moment that Tseng feels the pincer grab. Tseng counters by stepping into Djinn using his pincered arm to palm him back with the momentum. He is caught off guard by the feedback shockwave as Djinn slides back a step or two. It was like striking a 40’ titanium wall, his hand was still singing as he took his stance ready to continue.

In the blink of an eye Djinn is swinging for his face, only to blur before contact before switching to the abdomen. Tseng deflects it just in time only to get caught by a palm to the ribs knocking Tseng back a step. Unfazed Tseng looks into his brother’s eyes and sees the fire burning within them and can’t help but smile. With a crack of his neck Tseng’s aura erupts from his person filling the air with a force similar to gravity.

Tseng and Djinn move in at the same time, Tseng leading with his right and Djinn with his left perfectly countering the other. After this testing blow, Tseng goes into a simple combo most of which Djinn counters with the Tai-chi water stance. The blow Tseng connects with is a spinning back kick to the abdomen. Knocking Djinn back a few steps only to get a side kick to the knee and an elbow to the collarbone. Taking him to a kneel, he instantly retaliates with a forearm strike to Tseng’s thigh tagging him causing him to drop down. Into a forearm to the jaw sending him to the ground.

Tseng effortlessly reverses the tag and rolls to his feet only to find Djinn in his face, the two were so close their right legs were entwined. Stopping both in their tracks as they stared into each other’s eyes waiting for the other to strike when. Tseng’s eyes go wide as he dodges to the side narrowly missing a spear that had been aimed at him. Djinn, however, moves in its path wrapping his fingers around the blade as his left elbow snaps the shaft. And in a blink of an eye, he is on the attacker like a berserker stabbing them in the gut. As he lifts them in the air running forward, and it is in this rage that his spirit is unleashed with such force that the ground collapses beneath him. Sending him and the assailant hurtling down the layers of the Skyscraper.

“Djinn!” shouts Tseng as he runs over to the whole staring down the shaft trying to locate his brother.

Daichi lets out a sigh as he looks at Tseng and says “Damn, you and Meryl have always been his greatest weakness. We better go get him, preferably before he brings the whole building down desecrating the body”.

Tseng stood up and before following Daichi and asks “They had the same Ki signature as you and Djinn”.

“Did you think Fisk stopped project Geedo with us? No, we were just the precursors to his true goal” replied Daichi with a chuckle.

In a Top secret facility in Tokyo

A wiry man with brown hair is smashed into a wall as Vandal Savage Snarls in aggravation. “I thought I was clear the last time we spoke Alistair but allow me to reiterate. Tseng is off-limits, I have spent centuries waiting for this moment. And your feeble mind is starting to become a liability”. States Vandal coldly

“You promised the end of the Phoenix families, yet he we are no closer to the fall of those monsters” spits Alistair only to get slapped to the ground.

“All that you desire will be done when Lord Tseng takes us to the Summit were I will absorb the essence of the gods. Then our new world will be born and only then now go back to the hole you belong”. Shouts Vandal

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Endless Descent to Supremacy

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