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Pieces of the Game

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Class: Freshman, sophomore, Junior, Senior

House: Devil, Fallen, or Angel (View list for name)

Club:*based off House and King

Piece: Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight, Pawn. (Pawns are the most flexible piece as the foot soldier they can take a temporary rank up to another piece in enemy territory),(Knights Speed), (Rook Power/tank), (Bishop heal and protect), (Queen a perfect balance of all the pieces) *Note that your piece is based off what most suits your talents not your overall power
Sacred Gear:*Must be discussed in with Curtis in person unless impossible

Physical Description:*How you look sucka

Job:*Curt and Rye only (Cause odds are your all rich bitches)

Web of Affection: (who you are connected to)

Tale of Woe: short sweet Description of your life

** Each King only has 1 queen piece, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 8 pawns. Depending on your Sacred Gear ou may take up more pieces then normal
Kuoh Academy-formerly all-girl school
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Name: Marcellus Mathias Naberius

Nicknames: The Frozen King, Blade of Cerberus

Age: 18 years old? Technically thousands of years old.

Class: Junior

House: House Naberius (Cerberus)/Isholy Family
*The Naberius Household Power is the ability to seamlessly combine any three elements, regardless of whether or not they oppose each other. Their most powerful combination, and most natural affinity is with fire, lightning and wind. When attacking, their most natural offensive pattern is for their attacks to take the form of varying shapes and sizes of a Cerberus, and they can utilize this natural flow of power to make their magic attacks physical as well.
*The Isholy have natural control over light like all angels, along with very high resistance to magic. Their unique power is inherent prophetic clairvoyance that manifests in a different way for each of the main members. In Marcellus's case, his clairvoyance comes to him in his creative thoughts and is manifested within drawing, particularly manga. Ariel Isholy is one of the Ten Seraphs, and she has a specialty of turning light into a bow and arrow to eviscerate her enemies.
Marcel's Clairvoyance has been noted to be extremely atypical, even within the Isholy bloodline, something Ariel keeps in mind after a comment from her husband in the past.

Club: Vice President of the Animation Appreciation Club (AKA The Otaku Club)

Piece: Queen- Having been trained by Xavier Naberius, Marcellus is strong in hand to hand combat, swordsmanship and magic. His sword skills are above his hand to hand skills, and his magic skills are the best by far. His natural affinity is with water and ice, due to his Sacred Gear, and those two are the elements he is by far the most powerful with. He is inherently incapable of using lightning magic and fire magic, and lightning magic is highly super effective against him, while water/ice is totally useless (in fact he can absorb water and ice), and he's impervious to fire. He is also able to wield light in the same fashion as his mother, once he recovers his old memories.
His main specialties with non-elemental magic are transportation, mind control and illusions.
He's a master of Senjutsu, the Sage Arts which allow individuals to wield their life-force as a constant source of energy, through rigorous training and meditation. He's one of the first beings who unlocked the ability of Touki, which manifest life-force as a powerful Aura that increases strength, defense and speed. He was so proficient in the past that he could cut through magic with his blade alone, or even counter it with his fists and feet. His Senjutsu technique is known as Perfect Counter, a skill only capable of countering. Perfect Counter allowed him to reflect nearly any attack, be it physical, magical or even spiritual, returning it at the one who launched it, or others while adding his own power atop it to make it stronger. Perfect Counter could be used with a sword or barehanded, and was a universally praised skill. While almighty, it was never invincible.
He's also able to choose how the ability is used, making him capable of just stopping most attacks in their tracks and holding them in place, with his hands or blade, before deflecting them or volleying them right back. Naturally, he could also control the output of his counters when conducting them.
His proficiency carried on into his new life, though he lost the ability to use Perfect Counter without his knowledge. In its stead, he uses a technique called Full Counter, which allows him to reflect only magical attacks.
Ace- Former Ace of Seraph Ariel.

Sacred Gear: Azure Genesis- A Unique Sacred Gear that holds the Azure Dragon Seiryu, one of the Four Sacred Beasts. This Sacred Gear allows the user to literally create and control an endless amount of water. It can be wielded as water in many versatile ways, or turned to a vaporous gas form or even ice. The limits are only the power of the user, as the most powerful of beings would be able to create oceans at will.
Marcellus primarily uses Azure Genesis defensively and for support, in order to protect himself and others or propel them with hydro pressure. Rather than using water or ice based magic spells, he will simply attack with his Sacred Gear, as it's far more efficient.
-Azure Genesis is one of the four special Genesis-class of Sacred Gear that one cannot be born with. Seiryu's tears imbued the Sacred Gear within Marcellus, effectively making his body itself the actual Sacred Gear.
-Azure Genesis has the inherent effect of allowing the user to actively control the flow of their blood in order to recover from wounds at a drastically enhanced rate, while being capable of swiftly expelling any negative substance from the body to keep it perfectly healthy, regulating biological functions of the body as well, to the point that Marcellus can actually lead a lifestyle that would be detrimental to others; for example not needing to actually sleep if he doesn't want to.
-It can also allow the user to turn into and fuse with water, though that takes the most power. Its negative effect is being highly susceptible to lightning elemental attacks, making any master of lightning magic the natural enemy of Azure Genesis (though even this weakness can be overcome through certain methods, according to Xavier).
-Azure Genesis boasts a form known as Divine Scales, which manifests the physical body of Seiryu around Marcellus like torrential, living armor of the bottomless depths of the sea incarnate. This is a sign that he's wielding his full power and in this state, his strength, defense, regeneration and speed stats are drastically increased, with his regeneration receiving the greatest boost. Divine Scales turns him into an almost indestructible Dragon which recover from damage faster than damage can be dealt, wielding the ocean depths with power that can drown entire worlds.
Along with Azure Genesis from Seiryu, the other three consist of Vermilion Bird Suzaku's Vermilion Genesis, Black Tortoise Genbu's Black Genesis, and White Tiger Byakko's White Genesis. Seiryu is the Sacred Beast of the East, Suzaku is the Sacred Beast of the South, Genbu is the Sacred Beast of the North, and Byakko is the Sacred Beast of the West. Where Seiryu embodies water, Suzaku embodies fire, Genbu embodies earth, and Byakko embodies wind.
Due to the Genesis Sacred Gears having the Sacred Beast become one with the host body, the users can interact with their Sacred Beast at will, however none of them can achieve Sub-Species or Balance Breaker, due to their body being in a perpetually natural state of Balance Breaker by technicality. In other words, the power of the Genesis-class is determined solely by the capability of the four who host them.
Of the four hosts of the Genesis Sacred Gears, one has been prophesied to become the vessel for God at some point. Each of the four were chosen by the Sacred Beasts, with one going to each species: One to the Angels, one to the Fall Angels, one to the Devils, and one to the Humans. Because of the current events, Marcellus is an Angel reincarnated into a Devil, thus the Devils now possess two of the Genesis Sacred Gears, Azure Genesis and Vermilion Genesis, which is apparently a problem for balance. It is also rumored that rather than being the vessel, one of the four will actually ascend to one day replace God, with the power to create miracles.

Weapon: Honjo Masamune- A Holy Sword originally forged by the greatest swordsmith of Japan, Goro Nyudo Masamune. In life, he was venerated and in death he was made legend. Unknown to humans however, Masamune was said to be a loyal servant of the heavens. As a result, the 5 most famous swords he forged were ascended to Holy Swords. Of the 5, the Honjo Masamune was the greatest and most beautiful, which was thought to be lost sometime during World War II. This sword is a katana with a golden hilt inscribed with ancient symbols, a silver oval handguard, and a deep blue blade that looks like it's made of sapphire with a strange energy flowing within it's crystal-like edge. It's arguably the most beautiful katana ever conceived.
*Like all Holy Swords, the Honjo Masamune possesses immense holy power and is thus extremely powerful against Devils, and is the strongest class of sword as far as offensive power goes, capable of unleashing holy aura to attack from afar. As the greatest Masamune Nihonto (Japanese Sword), the Honjo also possesses unique qualities and abilities.
*As an extension of its forgers philosophy of the calm and serene warrior, Honjo Masamune can bring harm only to those that it's wielder wants to hurt, and even the inflicted damage can be controlled by manipulating offensive percentages as the user pleases, making it possible to fight seriously without killing someone when necessary. For example, the wielder could throw the most powerful attack they can possibly muster, and manipulate offensive percentages to defeat the target/s without erasing them, and just knocking them out. Conversely, this also means that the wielder can multiply offensive percentages against those they truly wish to harm, though there will be repercussions in the form of a certain percentage of the dealt damage being inflicted upon the wielder. The highest multiplication is at 10,000% (100 times) of the top damage the wielder can natural produce at 100%, and the damage received increases according to the multiplication.
*When utilizing the holy aura to attack, it will react to its wielder, and change color while utilizing other elemental attributes. Red for fire, ocean blue for water, white for wind, dark purple for lightning, light brown for earth, icy blue for ice. While wielding the aura, elemental attributes can be combined, and the aura can be made to attack in any shape the wielder desires, even taking the form of other weapons while active.
*The sword is bound to its wielder, but can be temporarily lent out to and borrowed by those the wielder trusts. However, whenever the true wielder needs it, they can instantly teleport the sword to them. In the same manner, the sword can be stored in a suspended dimension when not in use.
*Energy can be charged up to unleash more powerful attacks, and the longer the charge time, the more devastating the ensuing attack. According to legend, the Honjo Masamune once split an entire mountain range into two halves, and can decimate cities and beyond in the hands of a capable wielder.
*Honjo Masamune is powered by the stamina of the user, and utilizing more high-level abilities will lead to quicker and more severe exhaustion which can lead to loss of consciousness through overuse, and also comatose status. Due to this, the wielder will only use the power of the sword against others when deemed to be absolutely necessary.

Physical Description: Having been an Angel at first and reincarnated into a Devil, his left wings are the black Devil wings, and his right are the golden Angel wings.
Sealed Angel memories- 4 pairs of Devil Wings, for a total of 8.
Post recollection- 4 Golden Angel Angel Wings and 4 Devil Wings.

Familiar: The Legendary Dogerus. One of the rarest familiars out there, and a proud manifestation of the House of Naberius. Praise the Doge! For some reason, Marcellus named the Dogerus Alexander.

Job: Super Mangaka under the pen name "Doge of the Cerberus", referred to as DotC by fans. Aside from his club members and extremely close friends, none know his secret identity. He doesn't actually need money, but does it for the fun. Has serialized and completed -doing the writing, illustration, inking, etc. by himself- 4 different manga with 50+ chapters each, all set in the same original world at different time periods. Currently writing the popularly gruesome Seinen adventure sequel, The Sun of Darkness: Apocalypse Countdown, which has exceeded his usual length so far, along with a prequel to the whole series, Holy Sunshine.
It is wondered how he can write a series proclaimed to be the most profound, thought provoking and perfectly structured of the decade, despite his grades being so low. In fact, he does the bare minimum required to pass any course at the lowest cutoff, and uses his time to work on his manga, or help his Lady King and friends.
He establishes contracts using his unmatched manga creation skill, as every single one of his fans inadvertently becomes contracted to him. The ones who are in dire need of assistance are able to reach out to him unknowingly, and he visits them in an enigmatic disguise to maintain his secret identity.
As a result of his contracting method, he has millions upon millions -billions in actuality- of contracts, and is a High-Ranking Devil with Peerage, even though he remains as Lenneth's Queen. In fact, he actually holds the most contracts among all Devils, because the vast majority of the entire world is in love with his work, with his fans only increasing in number every day.

Web of Affection:

Ariel Celesta Isholy
Xavier Malcolm Naberius
Lenneth Miria Naberius
Kirei Larius Naberius
Daenerys Arya Naberius
Alice Chiffon Fairchild
Orihara Shizuo Izaya
Yuuki Elizabeth Serena
Irisviel Kurona Alsael
Cynthia Noelle Asgard
Valeria Emiriana Kryas
Guinevere Anya Avnas
Hisui Rei Dynah
Jade Lyn Dynah
Elena Garnet Focalor
Yukina Vitae Amdusias
Sophia Mel Lantis
Rinslet Syr Odin

Tale of Woe: Marcellus is the son of Ariel of the Ten Seraphs, and was born an Angel. He had a very close relationship to his mother, and was raised with great affection, as she was grooming him to succeed her in the future. As such her House was largely set around him after his birth. When he was 3, he encountered the Azure Dragon Seiryu, and was deemed worthy of bathing in the tears of the Sacred Beast, thus earning the Sacred Gear to the happiness of his mother. Things should have remained good and happy, however Ariel's greatest rival, Xavier Naberius, came to know of her son. Some time later, Marcellus happened upon Xavier in Japan, and was taken hostage. He was actually treated well, and spoke quite a bit with the high ranking Devil. Xavier had been planning to kill Marcellus as revenge for a certain crime Ariel committed against him in the past, but found the boy to his liking, especially when he realized that the child was the holder of Azure Genesis. Instead, he sealed away Marcellus's memories and made him think he had amnesia, and that he was a human who had been influenced by Seiryu's tears and lost his memories in exchange for the Sacred Gear. From that point on, Marcellus was adopted by and lived with the Naberius Family. He quickly grew close to them all, particularly Lenneth and Daenerys. Of course, Lenneth was the one he came to care for most, and he was finally reincarnated as a Devil when she turned 11 and made him her Queen. Like Marcellus, Lenneth is the only one of the family who isn't at all aware that her beloved brother was actually an Angel beforehand (Though you'd think she would have figured it out, given that her brother is highly resistant against holy items and has proven capable of handling them without issue). The talent that lent to his rise as the Otaku God had first blossomed in the first week of being adopted, when he read his first manga, Berserk. Since then, he has become a phenomena amongst Otaku everywhere, and has proved capable of turning even the most rigid of people into Otaku as well.
The second member of Lenneth's Household was her childhood best friend, Alice, whom Lenneth had known since she was a toddler. Alice was always close to Marcellus since they met as well. A few months after he became Queen, Alice had gotten caught up in a dispute between House Naberius and a group of Fallen Angels, and despite Lenneth and Marcellus's best efforts to keep her safe, she ended up being struck down by a Fallen Angel when she tried to shield Lenneth from an attack. With her dying breaths, she claimed she was happy as long as Lenneth survived. She was reincarnated as a Devil by Lenneth, and took up 5 Pawns. She adapted to the lifestyle with surprising ease, to the shock of Lenneth and her family. When asked why Lenneth didn't just use a Rook piece by Marcellus, she replied that she felt Alice would be more appreciative of being able to Promote to the other pieces when needed. She was absolutely right.
The third member was Izaya, whom Marcellus met in his first year at Kuoh. Izaya had started as a Fallen Angel, having apparently stolen Endless Knife Works from the original user. He had been the Fallen Angel who struck Alice down originally, and became rather obsessed with Marcellus after getting injured by him. When they met again in the same class, Marcellus instantly recognized him, and the two ended up fighting again, properly this time. When Marcellus came out victorious, having recently attained the Honjo Masamune, Izaya decided it'd be a lot more interesting to live as a Devil. He asked Lenneth to reincarnate him, and naturally, she was dead set against it at first since he killed her best friend. Alice apparently didn't really care that he had killed her though, and Marcellus was able to convince Lenneth after Izaya saved them both from another Fallen Angel attack. Because of the past, he's nicest to Alice rather than Lenneth, perhaps out of an uncharacteristic guilt for killing her.
The fourth member was Serena, who Marcellus quickly became well acquainted with when he met her in Charon-sensei's class after she transferred, just a few months after Izaya joined. They became fast friends, entrusting one another with their secret identities after each realized that they were huge fans of the other. To the chagrin of Lenneth, Serena had asked her brother to accompany her to Winter Comiket, and he, of course, accepted immediately. While there, Marcellus finally met Angels. Coincidentally, it was a group in his real family, and they were shocked to meet their Young Master there. They confronted him, chiding him for worrying Ariel all those years when he was perfectly fine. This confused him greatly, as he had no memories of them or the Angels. When they gave up and decided to bring him back by force, he was forced to fight back and reveal the existence of Devil and Angels to Serena. He disabled two of the Angels, and was nearly captured by the others when Serena intervened to defend him, slapping one of the Angels. The Angels couldn't hurt her, and opened a way for Marcellus to run away with her. Despite his confusion, he was grateful to her, and explained to her how the world actually worked. Serena was intrigued, and decided to pledge loyalty to the Naberius, particularly Lenneth, after spending a weekend with them. All of the family was shocked, since she took up both Rook pieces, and she quickly showed them why she required them both.
Lenneth was challenged by the Heir of the Valefor House, Rendon Ein Valefor. After a period in which both sides could train in preparation, the game was played. Lenneth scored a narrow victory though, receiving high praise for winning while severely outnumbered. Though she attributed her win to her big brother. The most impressive point in the game was the climax, when they decided to initiate an all-out assault with Lenneth providing heavy artillery support for Marcellus, Alice, Izaya and Serena while they charged in and went head to head with the remaining 2/3rds of Rendon's Household, then teaming up to defeat him. Afterwards, she and Alice finally became Freshmen at Kuoh, being reunited with Marcellus at last, after a whole year "apart."
The fifth member appeared then, in the form of Irisviel, a highly capable and intelligent young girl that Marcellus, Lenneth and Alice were friendly with in Middle School. She had moved away, but returned to the town later, which was when she reached out to them. Having always shared the same interests, she had been aided by Marcellus greatly in the past, and had since improved immensely as a writer and artist. She was in her last year of middle school now, but was sure to try and spend as much time with the group as possible, becoming friends with Izaya and Serena. Marcellus was the one who first sensed something special about Irisviel, and convinced Lenneth to take a leap of faith and explain things to her. Fascinated and awestruck, Irisviel showed that her parents had been Magicians, of which she was also. She proved herself to be skilled even as a human, with magic, and was happily reincarnated as a Devil.
The second Rating Game challenge came from the Heiress of the Focalor House, Elena Garnet Focalor, who had actually only challenged Lenneth for the right to take Marcellus from her when she and her family became aware of the fact that he didn't just wield the Honjo Masamune, but that he also owned the Azure Genesis. Lenneth was beyond annoyed, and declined at first, refusing to risk losing her brother. She was largely coerced into it by Xavier and Daenerys though, to show off to the rest of the Houses. Irritation turning to fervent rage, Lenneth angrily agreed and opened the lid on the Rating Game that saw the crushing defeat of Elena, devouring all her pieces without losing any, before Lenneth fought and beat her one on one. The most impressive feat had actually been when Marcellus beat Elena's Queen, her strongest Bishop, and 4 of her Pawns in a 1 vs. 6 face off, after revealing Azure Genesis for the first time in a Rating Game (Xavier had told him to avoid using it in the previous Rating Game for some reason), which was what earned him the nicknames of Frozen King and Blade of Cerberus.
The sixth and final member showed up just a few months after, as Cynthia a Church exorcist. She had been sent with a militant group to specifically target the Heiress Apparent of House Naberius, before she could grow too powerful. Armed with holy weaponry and items, the assault was hard and brutal, and came as a surprise ambush while Lenneth was alone after club activities. They would have killed her, had they not underestimated Marcellus's ability to sense when Lenneth needed him. Upon arrival, he struck without hesitation, outright killing everyone who directly tried to bring harm to his little sister. Cynthia had tried to help the rest of her comrades escape, throwing holy water vials at Marcellus. She, and the others, were shocked to see that the holy water seemed to have no effect despite the rather vast quantities. Marcellus was still pissed, and probably would have killed Cynthia in his fury, had the Angels not shown up once again, this time with Ariel's second-in-command. Cynthia narrowly escaped with the others. Marcellus was joined by Izaya and Kirei, but rather than fight, the Angels decided to leave after giving Marcellus some cryptic words about his mother and leaving it up to him to decide where he belonged. He didn't give this a second thought however, as Lenneth was badly injured. They took her back home and had her treated, which was when he thought over what he was told. More confused than before, he decided to wait until the Angels appeared to him again, to ask them what they were talking about. While on his way back from a meeting with his Editor, Marcellus stopped off for some coffee and donuts at a cafe, which was where he ran into Cynthia, a full month after the encounter. She was frightened when she saw him, carrying trauma from when he tried to kill her, and ran away. He chased after her, cornering her in an dead end alleyway. She prayed to God for mercy and a swift painless death, despite her fear, and was shocked when the Devil bowed his head to her. She was further shocked upon hearing his pained apologies. As it happened, he regretted deeply that he had been so enraged that he killed her allies even though he hated taking lives if he could help it. The two got to talking, finding that both could open up to the other, and sharing their life story with one another. Cynthia admitted that even though he was a Devil, he was more compassionate and moral than any human or Angel she'd ever encountered. The two exchanged contact info before going their separate ways, and met up various times to chat and hang out over the next few weeks. Soon after, she was alerted that the Church was retaliating with force against House Naberius, mainly to kill Marcellus as retribution. She only found out because Marcellus had been supposed to meet up with her, and changed the meeting spot. When he never showed, she decided to go to the original meeting spot, where she came upon the battle. Her comrades had employed severely underhanded means and joined up with the Fallen Angels, overwhelming Lenneth, Marcellus, Alice, Izaya, Serena and Irisviel. She leapt into the fray, trying to stop her allies from attacking. When they tried to go through her to get to the Devils, Marcellus shielded her, taking a grave wound in the process, despite having already been in bad shape beforehand. He would have been killed right there, had Cynthia not unknowingly used Banishing Shift to disperse the attack before it went all the way through. Cynthia was horrified, and Lenneth's berserk switch was flipped, causing her to lay a colossal smackdown on the Church and the Fallen Angels for a good few minutes before passing out. Marcellus tried to protect them all once Lenneth was down, and was fortunate when Xavier arrived with Daenerys, Kirei, and their combined 3 Households, literally tearing through the Church lackeys and the Fallen Angels, leaving a single member from each side alive to convey the message that there would be a massacre if they ever attacked again. The message was received loud and clear, as no further attacks came. Cynthia was relieved to find that Marcellus was safe, when Irisviel told her about the healing factor provided by Azure Genesis. Lenneth was annoyed at first, after learning that her brother had been meeting Cynthia for almost a whole month in secret, but quickly got over it when recalling that Cynthia tried to save them, as well as realizing that Cynthia was a closet Otaku and a huge fan of her brother. To the surprise of all, Lenneth offered Cynthia to join them. Cynthia was hesitant, having only ever known the Church, but she was convinced by Marcellus once he woke up, telling her that he refused to ever let her go back to the organization that threw her aside to kill him, and that he would always protect her. At last, the Household was complete.
Since then, Marcellus and Izaya became Juniors, Serena became a Senior, Lenneth and Alice became Sophomores, and Irisviel alongside Cynthia became Freshmen at Kuoh, joining the Animation Appreciation Club. Many things have happened since, and many more will continue to come for them and the many other important friends they've made, because trouble never leaves them be...

Mystery: Marcel's father, Marcellus Sr, was actually the Son of God, Jesus, after the second coming. Upon returning to life after death at the hands of Humans, he no longer felt the same way for them. After some soul searching, he decided to lead a life with a connection to that which goes the most against everything he advocated in life, war. To that end, he chose to bear the name Marcellus, which leads back to the Greek God of War, Ares.
Lucifer's fall, the birth of Devils, actually occurred because of Jesus' death. He sought vengeance upon the Humans for their blasphemy, as he adored Jesus. This led to a great war, when the Angels leapt to the defense of the Humans. Through this, Fallen Angels also came to exist during the war, setting three sides. God himself couldn't bear to take part in the conflict and stayed away for a long time, eventually showing himself during a battle where Lucifer and Michael nearly killed one another. To stop them, he himself was struck down by both. The death of God is what began the war between the Races, which impacted the story so much and eventually ended in the death of Lucifer along with many of the original Devils. The death of God is also what resulted in the creation of the Genesis Sacred Gears, which were believed to have come from him.
Marcellus Sr. met Ariel after a battle in which she nearly died, the two falling in love. Following this, they became partners, fighting together for the sake of Heaven. Michael didn't actually realize who Marcellus was at first, only learning the truth later on. Meanwhile, Lucifer had actually managed to cling to life as a spirit and was the first to learn Marcellus' identity. This sparked him to change his view, as the person he once started the war for, had become someone completely different as a result of his death. Lucifer decided that, instead of waging a war for a righteous cause, he would simply breed chaos everywhere for no real reason, until he could achieve his goal of becoming God.
During the duel between Ariel and Xavier, Lenora was actually possessed by Lucifer. Lenora, under Lucifer's possession, interferes with the duel when she arrives with Marcellus, attempting to kill Ariel and save her husband. Marcellus moves to protect Ariel, cutting down Lenora in the process and killing her. The shock of his action hit him so hard that he was weakened to the point that Lucifer could enter him. Xavier held his wife as she breathed her last breaths, his sorrow turning to hatred for Ariel and Marcellus, who fled. Prior to this, the last person to see Lenora before she was possessed by Lucifer was Daenerys, while Marcel was the last to see Marcellus before he was possessed and disappeared.
Lenora had a feeling that something might happen to her if she went with Marcellus to stop their spouses from killing one another (he was the one who convinced her in the first place). With Marcellus' aid, she used Magic to separate her womb from her body, leaving it in a protected dimension within the Naberius domain. As a result, even if she died, Lenneth would be born properly when the time came. Of course, Marcellus never got the chance to tell Xavier that he helped Lenora protect Lenneth. After all, Xavier was justifiably enraged, as he saw it as Lenora attacking Ariel to save him, with Marcellus killing her when he didn't have to.
Marcellus knew that Lucifer had entered him, as well as that Lucifer had been controlling Lenora before he killed her. He couldn't stop himself however, as he refused to let Ariel die. He was well aware that he didn't have long before Lucifer possessed him and took control, so he did a few important things. First, he removed his son's memories of him, entrusting his signature scarf and the Honjou Masamune to the boy. Erasing himself from Marcel's life was the hardest thing he ever had to do, as his son screamed and cried like his life was ending. Second, he informed Michael and Odin of the state that Lenneth was in, making them promise to ensure that Lenora's final child would be born safely. He also had them promise to hide the fact that he was leaving, however he never told them that he was being possessed by Lucifer, since they wouldn't have hid it from Ariel. Third, he went to Ophis and told her and her alone, everything, including the fact that if they ever met again, he likely wouldn't be himself anymore. Ophis promised to preserve his memory by keeping it all to herself, even from Sophia. The promise Marcellus begged of her, was that she would watch over Marcel for him, and stay by his side for as long as he lived. She couldn't agree to it completely, but did promise that she would make sure Marcel only ever lived the way he wanted to.
Marcellus left without ever saying goodbye to Ariel, as he couldn't bring himself to face her. Following this, with Marcel suddenly having forgotten him, he and Ariel became closer than ever. Lenneth was later born and Xavier kidnapped Marcel, making use of the curse to take him from Ariel. Originally, he was going to kill Marcel in front of Ariel as vengeance, but found himself unable to kill a boy that had nothing to do with his grudge. Xavier felt conflicted for a long while, whenever he looked at Marcel, who was the spitting image of the man who killed his wife.
At the heart of everything, is the fact that Marcellus Sr. was the Son of God. His existence was the key to everything from the very start, including the existence of Devils and Fallen Angels. Thanks to him, Lenneth was born with immense power, years after her mother's death. He disappeared after killing Lenora, because Lucifer caused her death to invade his body. He's also the reason that a group of Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels, known as the Shadow Sect, was formed and exterminated the Exeris Clan; he foresaw the rise of Vestinel and wished to see how far he could go along his future path of justice and vengeance.
When Marcellus returns over a century later, it's actually Lucifer in complete control. He decides to mess around with everyone in the worst way, beginning with his "disposal" of Arenstear Agares, under the claim that Arenstear and his conspirators wanted to ruin the life of his son. Following this, those in Marcel's camp go to see him frequently, especially the Agares Family, all demanding to know what became of Arenstear, since they knew he'd secretly gone to meet Marcel. Marcel is deeply confused the whole time, as he hasn't seen Arenstear in a few years. Arenstear later reveals himself to have barely survived, returning to announce that Marcel's father was the one who nearly killed him. Everyone is shocked by the revelation, with Ariel nearly losing her mind as she begins searching for her husband. Later on, it's revealed that it's actually Lucifer inhabiting Marcellus' body, and that he intends to ruin everything that everyone has worked so hard to protect or achieve in his absence. His true goal, however, is to destroy Marcel's persona and take him over completely to become God. Before this though, he orchestrates countless events, both good and bad, in order to eventually force the Hosts of the Sacred Beasts to kill one another.
The Sorceresses were unaware of Lucifer's actions behind the scenes, but he was also unaware that, without Lilith's direct assistance, Marcel was destined to die by the hand of Vestinel. Once Lucifer learns of this crucial fact, he alters his plans to support Lilith, choosing to reveal himself to her and offer aid in her Rite of Alignment.
Lilith is the one who undoes the curse Xavier put on Marcel, returning his memories to him along with his full power as an Angel. In the process, Marcel also unlocks the power of God, which he inherited from Marcellus Sr; in the form of the All-Seeing Eyes of God, which allow him to see the "Truth" of the world. Past, present, future, everything in the world is laid bare to him. He can also share his vision with others, make them see what he wants them to see, induce severe hallucinations and nausea, see through all falsehoods and illusions, see through the eyes of others, switch the vision of others, etc. Use of the All-Seeing Eyes of God take a dire toll when overused, starting with a mind tearing headache and ending with the possible shattering of his soul. This is because, while Marcel has the full functionality of the All-Seeing Eyes of God, Marcellus Sr. had the sustainability, thus his ability was much weaker while bringing no harm to him. Lucifer wants to unite both sides to perfect them.
As Sophia knew Lucifer well, she's the first person to realize that Marcellus Sr. is actually him.


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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Name: Rooklyn Calcifer

Nickname: Stein, Rook, Lyn, Wonder chef, Tiki Man

Class: Junior

House: Infinity

Club: Is a Sub-member in all clubs

Piece: Shield charm

Sacred Gear: Fortress-Eternal Fortress (Incomplete)-Grants the wielder the power of Invulnerability through absorption, for a set time based on the individuals overall power. When the time expires if any of the energy from the attacks is not expelled via Riptose then they suffer from the side-affect called Backlash. When inactive the wielder exhibits a defensive aura that strengthens the body’s threshold. Beaker mode known as Guardian in which the wielder sacrifices the protection of Fortress to bestow its protection upon others on their team that they wish to protect at the cost of their own body.

Unconquerable Fortress (Complete)-The wielder becomes an indestructible and immovable force that can only be hurt by the strongest beings in all creation (God/Lucifer/Dragon God). Only the original user had the ability to access this and it is said that if he did not age he would have been an Eternal entity.

Entity Within: Calcifer- Known simply as the Flames of Chaos, legend speaks of his destructive power leveling empires and eras. His flames are hotter than Hellfire and Holy fire combined times ten, it is unaffected by water or any other means of flame snuffing. During the Great War Calcifer was at his strongest and lit the world aflame which threatened all entities on earth. A warrior and shaman clan teamed up and sealed him inside a babe. Those who are granted the power of his Flame are also harmed by it in the process.

Sacred Blade: Hierophant- A blade said to be forsaken by God and Lucifer, it was shattered into two pieces said to be protected by the seals of Heaven and Hell. Hierophant is known to humanity as the Sword of the Void. The sword was forged by a child born with the blood of Muramasa and Masamune who was possessed by an archangel family known as Forge.
*The Hierophant is enchanted with the ability to reform itself as any weapon/weapons, each form seems to take on its own aspect as if it were its own unique weapon. A legend has been told that it swallowed the soul of its creator and all whom would call it master thus each form is the embodiment of a soul trapped within.
*This blade holds the power to extinguish Heavenly and Demonic energies with a single strike, which can either stun an opponent of the three factions or nullify an attack. As a second function this blade can also absorb said energies to strengthen itself and the wielder.
*When it absorbs magic the blade becomes charged with anti-magic a function that makes it useful against magi. As a side effect the wielder is allowed to use anti-magic abilities, in return the wielder is continuously damaged until anti-magic effect is discharged.
*The Hierophant and its wielder are able to synchronize with one another and become one each feeding itself into the singular entity that they have become. But it comes at a grave cost as do all forms of power.

Iphalem-A shard of the Hierophant that was entrusted to the Mcloud clan, it is a weapon that can change shape and form and is imbued with the quickening an alternate form of Life-force renewed by the consumption of Life-force. Justice and Vengeance are words that are always on this weapon.

Gurgurant-A shard of the Hierophant that is said to only be wielded by a man whose heart that has been given to chaos. This weapon is stored in the soul of a Behemoth known as Gurgurant, it is a massive and wicked great sword. It’s evil energy said to be corrupting that devours the power of others with each slice until it’s power is so much greater that it knocks the opponent unconscious

Physical Description: Rooklyn’s has medium-length spikey black hair, with red streaks going through it his bangs obscure his eyes. His left eye was replaced with a Behemoths his body is also covered in long since healed scars from his child year. The most notable is in the shape of a wicked cross from the Seraph commander and father of Ariel Mathias. The second is a claw like scar from Lucifer’s brother Belial, unlike the Angels, Demons and Fallen he has no wings unless he is wielding Heirophant which give him void energy wings. On all his school uniforms and other attires he has three needles in his left shoulder of varied size. Under his school jacket is either a tank top or nothing at all, it should be said when he uses Calcifers power the red streaks in his hair turn blue.

Job: Owner and chef of Devilish delights/Fallen Dishes /Angelic Delicacies, Master seamstress (does all the uniforms and swimsuits for the schools/makes outfits for the AAC/makes alterations and the like) floral botanist

Web of Affection:
Ayane Misaki-Fallen queen

Tale of Woe: His body was damaged in a fight when he was still very young and as such his nerves were very damaged leaving him unable to feel pain. He doesn’t talk about his past with anyone and as such there is very little that can be gathered other than the fact that it was a struggle to get where he is now.

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous

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Name: Filli Stone Forge

Class: Freshman

House: Mediator (no house but able stand in)


Piece: A special mercenary piece Hammer and Anvil

Sacred Gear: Ultimate Forge- The wielder is granted the ability to gather and forge anything rather creating something from gathered materials or honing/enhancing objects, people, magic/energies. It also allows the wielder to sharpen weapons, minds, and hearts to turn the tides of a battle, it grants the ability to observe the field of battle with the feelers used to search for materials to comprise strategies.


Physical Description: He has an almost whimsical look with strait black hair a toned body average looks with wise eyes of green. the way he looks around you can tell his mind is always calculating.

Job: Employed at Devilish delights/Fallen Dishes /Angelic Delicacies,

Web of Affection:

Suzanna and Phibi

Tale of Woe: Parents Mom was a devil dad was an angel when Filli was born God and Lucifer were destroyed and Filli got the sacred gear of creation. Filli had to constantly to acquire as much knowledge as possible. In his travels he met many people helping them then he was gone to the next place, though sometimes he left an impact and was remembered.

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Pieces of the Game

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