Rise of the Shinjuken

Return of the Ichi-kun
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Players of the Game

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PostSubject: Players of the Game   Sun 22 Feb 2015, 03:38

Devil houses:
Leader-Lucifer(Gwyneth Bael)

Gremory- Joshua head of Gremory household and one of the four great demon lords,

Phoenix- Thouzer heir to the house of Phoenix head of the tennis team, Raymond youngest son head of the badminton team, their
sisters Lillian, Rachel, Tara, Celine, Heather and Susan

Leviathan- Suzanna and Phibie twin heirs to house Leviathan and presidents of the Drama club


Lucifage- Siegfried heir to house Lucifage head of the Football team, and his sister Lucy

Bael- Ophelia Avengilne heir to the house of Bael and president of the swimming club,

Gwyenth Lady Lucifer

Youngest daughter Yue Freya freshmen

Beelzebub- Ingrid heir to house Beelzebub head of the archery team



Asmodeus- Zuul head of house Asmodeus and one of the four great demon Kings,

Fallen angels:

Cleorichi ask by Azazel to keep an eye on Fili


Loric-president of the Lacrosse team

Nel-she is the president of the debate team





Ayane Mila Miyasaki-child of the white winged Eryinnes clan. has three sets of white wings, their clan is believed to be born from Lucifer's sisters.




Bethany Tali Shen-As a member of the rainbow wing clan her power is exuded by the size of the wing ad the amount of feathers per layer.




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Ariel Celesta Isholy- ?????? years old. Angel. One of the Ten Seraphs. Birth mother of Marcellus. Rival of Xavier. The Sunburst Huntress.
Being the birth mother of Marcellus, she has always been extremely close to him. In fact, they were always so close that everyone, even the other Seraphs, High Ranking Devils and Fallen Angels would often express jealousy over their unbreakable bond. She has always supported him in everything he wanted to do, and the two would often read books together or watch movies, then discuss them at great length. It's said that each was the other's best friend. Since the separation, she has been heartbroken, and has only left Heaven once when she tried to go see him. Despite the pain she felt when he didn't recognize her, she decided to let Marcellus live as he pleased, and ordered her subordinates to leave him be. Unknown to her however, only a few of them have actually listened, though they did at least tone down their violent attempts to drag him back.
She's the epitome of the word angelic, and embodies the perception of angels that the faithful flock bears. She rarely gets angry, and even then, her rage is still calm and turned inward rather than outward. She has nothing against Devils or Fallen Angels, and will always treat them cordially even if they happen to be her enemies. She dislikes taking lives, and will only do so when her hand is forced. Since Marcellus was born, she decided she would only kill to protect him and her Household. She dotes over her son more than anything, and has tended to only do things he would approve of, even if they were detrimental. To that end, some have also claimed that her son makes her weak. This is true in a sense, but he's also her source of strength.
As the head of the Isholy Family, Ariel possesses immense power of light, and incredible resistance to magic. Her prophetic clairvoyance can be used at will, unlike the rest of her family, allowing her to actively predict moves in combat for the most part, though her clairvoyance tends to come naturally in dreams, now revolving around the son she misses. When wielding light seriously, her specialty is to create a bow with arrows of light, used to vanquish enemies with perfect precision and piercing power. She can fire the arrows in any way she pleases, whether it be for pure speed, numbers, power, or others. She can create magic circles and set them up in various areas, triggering them with arrows for a variety of effects like unleashing elemental attacks or defensive barriers.
She has 6 pairs of beautiful golden angel wings, for a total of 12.

Xavier Malcolm Naberius- ?????? years old. Devil. Head of House Naberius. Adoptive father of Marcellus. Father of Lenneth. The Lord of Cerberus.
Despite being one of the most powerful Devils, and giving off an air of nobility and stern dignity, he becomes an over-affectionate creep where his youngest children are concerned. He has nothing but pride in Lenneth and Marcellus, and tends to keep watch over their activities. He's not a fan of anime, manga or games, but will indulge in everything related to his children and their club mates. He always buys multiple copies, and the limited editions every time, and hides it all in a special room within his office. He personally taught Marcellus how to use magic and fight, and becomes irritated when his son loses to anyone, which brings about a "Training Program that makes Hell Weep." Everyone is always freaked out, because he is always on point about it, right after the loss occurs. Everyone has seen him at various Otaku related events, but due to his shoddy disguises, they convince themselves that it couldn't possibly be him.
His wife was Lenora Vinea, the previous Head of the House Vinea in Hell.
His familiar is a traditional, fearsome female black Cerberus whom he named Kubera.
He possessed the most powerful Naberius magic in many generations, and is a master of every element, though he's naturally most powerful with fire, lightning and wind. He enjoys fusing three opposing elements to create chaos on a battlefield.
Appearance wise, he has been said to be the older version of Kirei, and vice versa. He has 6 pairs of devil wings, for a total of 12.

Lenneth Miria Naberius- 16 years old. Devil. Heiress to House Naberius. Adoptive younger sister of Marcellus. President of the Animation Appreciation Club. Sophomore. The King AKA the Lady King (Her Household's formal title for her). The Untouchable Queen.
She has been close to Marcellus ever since he was adopted by her father, and she eventually made him her Queen...much to his initial chagrin. He has since come into the role, despite how annoyed he was at the start, and is the most loyal to her. From the outside looking in, and in general, people mistake HIM for being the King, as Lenneth looks up to her big brother more than anything and tends to veer toward whatever would make him the happiest, no matter how ridiculous. Marcellus is the one that introduced her to the pleasures of anime, manga and video games, turning her into an otaku that perhaps even surpassed him. Her greatest source of pride is her brother, and according to her, it's her greatest joy to be the one that Marcellus most confides in over his phenomenal story. It's been commented by others of her household that she sees her big brother as a God of Otaku, which is said to be incredibly ironic given that they're Devils.
Her goal is apparently to make her brother fall in love with her, and she's trying to write her own manga to make him proud. She likes when he pats her head, apparently. She's usually extremely nice and rather airheaded, but will only get serious and downright frightening when someone screws with or pokes fun at her brother and her household. When she's pissed, she's like a completely different person, and can be extremely sadistic. The same can also occur when she gets jealous, which happens when Marcellus pays too much attention to another girl, or starts to "ignore" her altogether. It has been commented by many that she has the most intense brother complex ever.
Her familiar is a cute fairy named Eri, that normally looks similar to Navi from Legend of Zelda, though Eri gives off a black aura/light. Eri can take a human appearance at roughly the size of an adults hand.
Her magic is exceptionally powerful, with potential to greatly and easily exceed her father, which is why she was named Heiress Apparent rather than her older siblings. She has much to learn however, and takes magic lessons from Marcellus, since he has the greatest magic talent of all the Naberius children. She's naturally weak up close though, and relies on her Household for defense, primarily her Queen of course. She undergoes training though to get stronger in other fields to defend herself better. Marcellus is her main magic instructor, Kirei is her main close combat instructor, and Daenerys is her main weapon instructor.
Lenneth is the only one of her siblings who inherited the power of House Vinea, Spirit Charming, which allows her to communicate with the souls of the deceased. This power gives her ability to wield the spirits of the fallen, regardless of where they're from, with the spirits of her ancestors being the most useful. The spirits can be manifested in a semi-physical form and wielded offensively to great effect, or defensively. She can temporarily absorb spirits in order to gain a boost to her abilities, which is directly dependent on the power and specialty of the spirits when they were still alive.
She has participated in 2 Rating Games. The first was with just her, Marcellus, Alice, Izaya and Serena, and ended in their narrow victory. The second was after Irisviel became part of the Household, and ended in a overwhelming victory. She's been waiting to take on a 3rd now that her Household has been completely filled out by Cynthia.
She has 2 pairs of devil wings, for a total of 4.

Irisviel Kurona Alsael- 14 years old. Reincarnated Devil. Freshman. Member of the Animation Appreciation Club. Former Magician. Bishop who took up both bishop pieces.
An young genius Light Novel Author who had known the Naberius siblings in middle school. When she got to Kuoh, she turned out to be a rather amazing artist, having gotten guidance from Marcellus in the past. She helps him with his current works, as his assistant, and also gives input to Lenneth since she's too embarrassed to ask her famous brother for help. In return, Marcellus aids her with managing the series she's writing under the pen name Leysritt Einzbern. She has written numerous popular one shot light novels about different subjects, and her main light novel series is The Evil Queen, a fantasy romance satire that parodies and blends various mythologies seamlessly to create a unique world. It follows the story of a queen considered to be a tyrant by the rest of the world, but a savior by her people, and is popular for being bold enough to make fun of all the prejudice, stereotypes and stupidities maintained by others while somehow remaining serious and comical at the same time despite having various clashes of opinions. Izaya has taken to analyzing her story on his blog every time she releases a new volume, to help others better understand the genius of her work. She isn't as famous as her three Senpai yet, but is quickly growing in fame despite her young age. In particular, her fans think it's a joke that she's 14 years old.
She can be extremely gullible at times, and places absolute and blind faith in everyone she meets, for better or worse. She has superhuman recollection skills, and can recall every last thing she's ever heard from anyone, at any time, with perfect detail down to the last word, as well their tone. Due to this, she's able to overcome her gullibility when she hears something that contradicts what she already believes. Rather than overcoming, it actually confuses her, so she relies heavily on her friends, primarily Marcellus. She's incredibly clingy to people she likes, and is often the target of death glares from the Lady King since she's clingiest to her brother. People tend to not believe that she's younger than most other Freshmen.
Her familiar is a pure white canary named Sella, who travels around to gather information on what she sees.
Her Sacred Gear is a Time-type called Staff of Preservation, and takes the form of a long silver scepter with a golden orb at the head, from which wings of different types of jewels protrude. Staff of Preservation allows her to slow down, speed up, or reverse/rewind time altogether within a certain range and radius. It is all support, and can be used to heal wounds, though it isn't actually healing since she makes it so the wound was never suffered. When rewinding, she is limited by her individual capacity, and can only rewind back a certain period of time. As she improves, the period of time through which she can rewind will increase, and is currently at 2 minutes when she really pushes it. In other words, if 2 minutes pass after an injury, she cannot do anything, but if it's within those 2 minutes, she can overturn anything regardless of severity, even death. By nature, it's possible for the wielder to completely rewind time to make it so someone never existed, though that would be something only a Physical God could achieve.
-When rewinding time, she can choose whether or not the memories of the involved beings are altered or not.
-Her Balance Breaker, Rivers of Time, allows her to establish a radius of influence, in which she can freely regulate the flow of time to stop her enemies and aid allies, essentially being the one who controls everything within the radius. It can also allow her to rewind time far further back than normal. She hasn't achieved Balance Breaker yet.
She's also very proficient in magic, specifically, creating barriers and setting seals on others for support or defense to strengthen, debilitate and protect. Her offensive abilities are extremely low, though she hates fighting anyway, and isn't bothered by this.

Orihara Shizuo Izaya- ???? years old. Reincarnated Devil. Junior. Member of the Animation Appreciation Club. Knight who took up both knight pieces. A Fallen Angel reborn as a Devil. The Smiling Monster.
A young animator quickly rising to fame, who manages his own website. He's also a really popular Otaku blogger with millions of followers who rely on him for the latest news of all things Otaku. He's working with a big animation company to create an Original Anime, and does personal animations, like making high quality videos of his favorite scenes in manga and light novels and releasing them on his website for free viewing. He and Marcellus consider one another to be rivals, though they remain friendly with a very strong bro connection that excites women in strange ways. He works under the alias Ryuugamine Mikado (Peak of the Dragons), and is apparently connected to the author of Durarara!!.
He's extremely slippery, and rarely confronts anyone up front or directly, the sole exception being Marcellus, whom he's been said to have an unhealthy fetish toward. He's the type that likes to rally and rile up others for amusement, and always knows what to say to hurt, support, or egg someone on. As a result, he's popular with women since he can sweet talk them with ease. Of the Household, he's easily the most fearless, being the only one who wouldn't bat an eyelid even if the Demon Lord showed up to kill him. He's almost always smiling, and likes to enjoy life to the fullest in various ways, primarily messing with others. When he stops smiling, then everyone knows he's either dead serious, or frighteningly pissed.
His familiar is a dark blue snake with high stealth capability, that enjoys stealing things. Her name is Sagara, and she has a habit of wrapping around men possessively when she likes them. Izaya has mixed feelings since Sagara seems to gravitate toward his rival.
His Sacred Gear is a Creation-type called Endless Knife Works. It lets him create as many knives as he wants, with different forms and shapes to suit the situation, and control them telepathically or wield them physically. Combined with his peerless speed within the Household, he can carve apart enemies before they realize what's happening. Apparently, he got this one because he admittedly loves knives.
-His Balance Breaker, Warp and Slice, is a Sub-species that creates thousands of the knives at a time, which are controlled perfectly through telepathy to tear through enemies. It has the added effect of allowing Izaya to teleport to any knife he wants at will, fluidly, allowing him to stay on almost any number of enemies while attacking from literally every direction at once. Anyone who tries to run, he can send a knife after them and teleport instead of wasting energy chasing them. Similarly, he can projectile warp the knives themselves, opening up an infinite variety of paths for active combat transport.
He uses a magic ability, called Double Dealer, that lets him deal increased damage when he strikes the same place consecutively, with each strike getting steadily stronger, and can use this to take down nearly enemy or break through any defense. If the enemy can avoid him for 5 minutes, or create a distance of 10 kilometers, the magic wears off. Unfortunately for others, that's a lot easier said than done, given his supreme speed.
He's also proficient in the art of Senjutsu, and uses Touki to enhance his strength, defense and speed as needed. His Senjutsu technique, Plague Bearer, is designed to debilitate and weaken his targets with physical contact, with each strike increasing the severity of the crippling effects. He can control the output of his Touki in three stages. Touki: Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three.
He has 3 devil wings on the left, and 3 fallen angel wings on the right.

Yuuki Elizabeth Serena- 19 years old. Reincarnated Devil. Senior. Member of the Animation Appreciation Club. Rook that took up both rook pieces.
A famous Video Game Producer who creates popular Strategy RPGs with impressively complex and layered stories. To date, she's created 3 games on par with the immensely popular Fire Emblem series. She's also made a lot of Indie Games in different genres for fun, and released them for mere pocket change. Her alias is Kaya Akihiko.
She's the most polite and elegant of them all, which is ironic given that she's easily got the most brute strength. She likes sweets the most, and will pulverize someone when they eat the last piece of candy or chocolate, and the penalty is even greater if they fail to replace it in time. In particular, Izaya always suffers her brutal punishments. She's been sweet on Marcellus since the day they met at Kuoh, and everyone can't help but think that the two have known one another a LOT longer than they claim. Lenneth tries to disprove this every chance she can, as she's confident that she knew exactly who her beloved brother associated with in the past. When she's angry, it doesn't show in her attitude, rather her actions as she'll often pick up the nearest large blunt object. She's been known to rip street signs and lights from the ground on multiple occasions, and pummel others.
Her familiar is a snow white three tailed fox the size of a small dog. Her name is Asha, and she possesses fox fire that allows her to read the biorhythm and horoscope of anyone she burns, since the fire doesn't do any actual damage. She can take a humanoid form as a 12 year old fox girl, and uses that form to interact with others as needed.
Her Sacred Gear is a State Change-type called Berserker's Hands, and manifests as an aura that allows her to use anything she sees as a weapon, as her Sacred Gear. When wielding said "weapon," it's covered in a dark gray aura of demonic energy, that can vary in intensity depending on her rage and the manual output of power. The aura and the intensity of it controls the strength and weight of the weapon, and can extend past the object itself if it's reach isn't adequate. The greatest strength of it, is that she's not bound to a single weapon and can use anything that serves as a weapon in her mind, meaning that even a blade of grass can become a lethal weapon.
-Her Balance Breaker, Encompassing Rage Field, is a Sub-species that allows Serena to extend her State Changing aura to a large field inside her spacial awareness, while doubling her physical and weapon strength for every person around that she considers an enemy. This makes it so she can literally turn anything into a weapon. She can even rip skyscrapers out of the ground and wield them with ease to smash her enemies. She can combat heavy duty magic attacks with simple pebbles and rocks. She hasn't achieved Balance Breaker yet.

Alice Chiffon Fairchild- 16 years old. Reincarnated Devil. Sophomore. Member of the Animation Appreciation Club. Pawn that took up 5 pieces.
She's the childhood friend of Lenneth and Marcellus, and also Lenneth's best friend. She isn't exceptionally talented in "art" like the Otaku Emperor Izaya, Otaku Empress Serena, Otaku Princess Irisviel, Otaku Queen Lenneth, or the Otaku God Marcellus. However she's extremely passionate, and serves as the one who motivates everyone. Her grades are pretty high, and she's also a determined Martial Artist who practices Karate, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Kenpo and Kendo, which she actually IS a prodigy in. When anyone is down, she's in charge of rehabilitating them with intense physical exercises and games, and powerful pep talks.
Almost sickeningly cheerful and peppy, she generates excitement and energy in others just by talking to them. She doesn't quite understand the concept of personal space, and usually gets too close to others, literally. Similarly, she's extremely touchy, and has a habit of hitting people playfully when they surprise her. Problem is, that her idea of playful is another's idea of painful. She considers herself a Master Martial Artist, and is always looking to expand her horizons in other styles. She enjoys teaching Serena proper technique, dislikes sparring with Izaya because he "runs away", and loves fighting seriously with Marcellus on skill alone. Lenneth suspects that it's only because Alice is always aiming to catch her brother in holds and locks to touch him without getting in trouble. She also has a habit of talking to herself and inanimate objects, like her food, in a grandiose chuunibyou manner.
Her familiar is a dark red and black Chinese Dragon that breathes invisible fire of destruction. His name is Taksaka, and he's extremely moody, hating to be touched by anyone but Alice and Lenneth. He gets into fights with the other familiars at times.
Her Sacred Gear is a State Change-type called Vestiges of Fury, that manifest as dark purple gauntlets and greaves on her hands and feet. This Sacred Gear allows the user to augment their physical abilities by converting magic power into strength. With each increase, her strength, speed, reaction time/reflexes and endurance will increase, and it can last until she runs out of power. She can use more power to throw attacks like the ones she loves from martial arts manga/manhwa. Each use of Vestiges of Fury, is accompanied by a passionately loud "FURY!" Vestiges of Fury houses the purple Blaze Meteor Dragon, Tannin. As the most friendly and caring of all Dragons, his relation to Alice naturally draws in other lesser Dragons.
-Her Balance Breaker, Meteor Fury Blaze, enhances her Sacred Gear, turning the gauntlets and greaves into a revealing dark purple battle suit armor with vibrant bright purple Dragon wings. In this form, her magic power is drastically tempered which allows her to augment her physical abilities even further than ever before. She can cover her body in purple flames, which wield the might of a meteor strike. When she moves, it looks like a dark purple streak. She hasn't achieved it yet.
When she gets extremely worked up, she exhibits the power to use Touki, despite having no training in Senjutsu. She can't control it however, so when her Touki Aura manifests, she gets tired out quickly. In this state, however, she becomes monstrously strong and lethal, enough to even challenge one far beyond her.

Cynthia Noelle Asgard- 15 years old. Reincarnated Devil. Freshman. Member of the Animation Appreciation Club. Pawn that took up 3 pieces, 2 of which were mutated. Defected from the Church and was reincarnated as a Devil.
The averagely average Otaku enthusiast with no skills to speak of. Rather, she's been described by Marcellus to be a "Jack of All Trades, and Master of None." Aside from Otaku things, she is decent at everything but doesn't actually have any real interests. She supports everyone in their endeavors, and is always astounded to be around three of the biggest Creators in the Otaku World. She settles for doing basic things for everyone, like cooking and cleaning. She also took it upon herself to help Marcellus, Izaya, Serena and Irisviel manage their activities with greater precision in order to maximize their productivity while ensuring they have ample time to relax and unwind when they need to. Due to her looks, the group also designated her their Cosplay Quartermaster.
She has very low self esteem, and doesn't think that she's special at all. Due to her low confidence, she has trouble taking compliments, particularly from Marcellus because of his usual phrasing. She thinks that compared to the rest of the Household, she's a useless burden, which is why she does her best to help coordinate their daily lives to the best of her ability. She has no idea that she's actually an amazingly gifted planner. To be even slightly useful to the others, she doesn't hesitate to seek advice from people outside the group in order to improve her basic skills. She recently found out that she loves doing household chores like cooking and cleaning. She's also a talented vocalist, but for some reason, Marcellus told everyone to never compliment her on that.
Her familiar is an unassuming light grayish blue rabbit named Fayt, with no real skills other than being cute and fluffy. Unbeknownst to her, Fayt can actually write as humans do, and communicates with her friends behind her back. He's concerned about her confidence, and wishes for her to find a goal to work toward.
Her Sacred Gear is a unique one known as Banishing Shift. Banishing Shift is an extremely powerful Sacred Gear that is located within Cynthia's heart, and can repel or disperse any kind of attack. It's true ability is to erase anything to nothingness, though this takes an enormous strain depending on what is erased and the circumstances. The effect is highlighted by a pale green light. Banishing Shift is such a powerful Sacred Gear that it can't be utilized normally until the user meets rather specific requirements, which are unknown. When endangered, Cynthia has been barely able to repel and disperse attacks to protect her friends, though she's never used it for herself, and doesn't even realize what she can do.
The only type of magic she can use is telekinesis, and though her potential is vast, she can only use it for very basic things even while concentrating. The fact that she is incapable of drawing out her latent power is what leads to her sense of inferiority and low self esteem. The only ones who know about her Sacred Gear and potential are Lenneth and Marcellus, though Marcellus asked Lenneth not to tell Cynthia or anyone else.
-Her Balance Breaker, Absolute Vanquisher, allows Cynthia to create annihilation fields that can erase things across a wide spread. At it's peak, it can be used as a nuke to wipe out entire regions without leaving a trace. Like her Sacred Gear, she can't use this, obviously.

Kirei Larius Naberius- ???? years old. Devil. Ex-heir to the House of Naberius. Older brother of Lenneth and adoptive big brother of Marcellus. College Student. The Three Headed King.
He hates responsibility, and handed his position to his youngest sister rather than his twin (though it was also because he recognized that Lenneth's magic was stronger than their father's). Thanks to his little brother, he was also introduced to the joys of Otakudom. He's the most popular guy at Tokyo University, with top grades, but is secretly a huge fan of Otaku things. He calls himself the manager of Marcellus, Izaya and Serena since he's their senpai, and has fun setting them up to attend lots of different events. It's always wondered how he manages to keep the highest grades with his overindulgent Otaku lifestyle, and juggling a massive harem that's aware of his tastes and often approach Marcellus for advice on how to get ahead of the other girls somehow.
His familiar is a chibi male Cerberus whom he named Droopy. He disliked Droopy at first, but came to love him despite his many, many faults. In particular, Droopy is exceptionally slow in the head, but unbelievably fast and nimble.
He's the strongest of the Naberius siblings when it comes to hand to hand combat, and has apparently studied and mastered hundreds of different martial arts as a genius prodigy, taking a week at most for any style. He wields the Naberius magic in conjunction with martial arts for devastating effect. He can enhance his physical ability to even overwhelm strong Rooks. He's also a master of Senjutsu and Touki, relying on them to further expand his powerful skillset. His Senjutsu technique is known as Trihorn and allows him to fire up to three massive horns of destructive energy, which can pierce nearly anything.
He has a harem Household with a full set of 15.
He has participated in 4 Rating Games, and won 3 of them. He allegedly got bored and stopped caring with the last one.
He as 4 pairs of devil wings, for a total of 8.

Daenerys Arya Naberius- ???? years old. Devil. Daughter of Xavier, twin of Kirei, older sister of Lenneth, and adoptive older sister of Marcellus. College Student. The Thousand Empress.
She's extremely straitlaced, and no-nonsense. She disapproves of the Otaku lifestyle led by her siblings, and respects the image of her father (with no idea that her father is growing more and more into an Otaku as time passes). She is the most popular and intelligent girl at Tokyo University, and she's the number 1 student with Kirei as number 2. Men are extremely attracted, but are too scared to approach her since she gives off an air of integrity and frank no-bullshit. She also rejects men with harsh efficiency that completely cripples their sense of self...
She tries to make Lenneth take her life more seriously, since she's going to succeed their father. She knows Marcellus doesn't apply himself academically, since he should have skipped middle school and high school altogether (she knows this because she has actively tested him on multiple occasions and seen his IQ to be superhuman). In turn, her siblings keep trying to help her stop acting so stuck up and proper, so she can enjoy her own life more instead of trying to control theirs. She's hardest on herself, which nobody but Marcellus realizes, and thinks it's her fault for not helping to raise them properly when their mom passed away. Due to this, he's actually the closest to her, even though her words cut him the deepest.
Her familiar is a Nine Headed Hydra called Ananta. Daenerys spent 3 days in battle with Ananta, before finally making him submit to her, and he is now endlessly loyal. Ananta is worryingly possessive of Daenerys and allows none to get near her when he's around, going so far as to assault and try to poison even her father and siblings.
She's the most skilled of all the Naberius siblings with weapons in general, and she prefers swords or the bow and arrow. She is a master with all weapons, and uses magic to imbue any weapon she wields and strengthen it drastically. She is also the fastest of them all, and can even outmaneuver exceptionally swift Knights. She attacks so quickly that to anyone who can even perceive her movements, it looks like she has tons of extra appendages.
Her Sacred Gear is the Creation-type, Sword Birth. Sword Birth has the ability to create numerous Demon Swords of different attributes according to the will of the user. Each sword is at a level lower than real Demon Swords. Each sword takes the appearance and effect that resonates with the thoughts of the wielder. The opposite of Blade Blacksmith, which creates Holy Swords.
-Her Balance Breaker, Demon Knights of Hell, is a Sub-species that creates an army of knights clad in wicked, pitch black armor, and armed with Demon Swords. The Demon Knights can reflect the physical abilities of the wielder, thus taking on Lenneth's illusionary speed. When fighting alongside someone she trusts completely, the Demon Knights can also reflect their physical ability, meaning they can possess versatile abilities depending on the situation.
As a master in the art of Senjutsu, she uses a technique called Godspeed, which allows her to transcend space-time as she gains the ability to move faster than instantaneous movements like teleportation, carrying the momentum to strengthen her sword. She's also an expert in the use of Touki.
Like her twin Kirei, her Household is all women, made up of her 6 closest friends. She has the Queen, 2 Bishops, a Rook that took up both pieces, a Knight that also took up both pieces, and the last is a Pawn that took up 7 pieces. Her last Pawn piece is as of yet unused. Kirei has often claimed that she is jealous of Lenneth because she had wanted to make Marcellus her Queen originally. This insinuation leads to much pain and many injuries for her twin. It's also been thought, but never spoken, that she's jealous of her little sister having bigger boobs than her. Even Kirei has never had the thought to say this to her.
She has participated in 6 Rating Games and won each one.
She has 4 pairs of devil wings, for a total of 8.

Valeria Emiriana Kryas- ???? years old. Angel. Queen of Hearts of the Isholy Family. Second in command to Ariel. Childhood friend of Marcellus (Technically, his first girlfriend ever). The Severing Empress.
Being the daughter of a high ranking Angel that was one of Ariel's closest friends before his death, Valeria was adopted into the Isholy Family. Raised alongside Marcellus, the two had always been very close. She had initially been a tomboy, but steadily became more ladylike as she grew up, mostly because she was modeling herself after Ariel, and assumed like many others that Marcellus had a mother complex. When he was taken by Xavier Naberius, she had wanted to go rescue him immediately, but stopped herself when Ariel suggested they would kill him. She has been watching over Marcellus, particularly during the two Rating Games, and has appeared to him various times. She was the first to accept Ariel's decision to leave Marcellus to make his own choice, but hasn't made any attempt to stop other Angels from targeting him, perhaps because she believes he might remember something on his own.
With a strong sense of justice, she can't turn away from people in need, and goes out of her way to help them regardless of their species or standing. She's very sharp and intelligent, and can more often than not see through the facades of others. Conducting herself after Ariel's example, she tends to exhibit similar angelic behavior, though her tomboy nature shines through when she gets worked up, since she'll start speaking more aggressively and even cursing rather than remaining cordial. She knows Marcellus better than he knows himself, and knows every single one of his emotional tells, making her capable of usually knowing what he's thinking. She hates the Naberius Family, mostly Xavier, and has a hard time being nice to any of them. She knows that Lenneth is the only innocent one in the act of manipulating Marcellus, but Valeria still finds her difficult to deal with, probably because they both love him, and Lenneth is rather hostile toward her. In particular, she can't get along with Daenerys, and the two often clash whenever they meet. Nevertheless, she keeps the secret like everyone else, to avoid unfairly tipping the scales of Marcellus's choice.
Valeria is an extremely gifted swordsman and uses her Sacred Gear to wield a nigh endless number of blades. In battle, she has no problem with using one weapon then discarding it for another. She attacks like a raging river, with great strength, speed and ferocity, while retaining an elegant grace and beauty while cutting down her opponents.
Her Sacred Gear is a Creation-type known as Blade Blacksmith. Blade Blacksmith is a Sacred Gear that has the ability to create numerous Holy Swords of different attributes according to the will of the wielder. Each sword is at a lower level than real Holy Swords. Every sword's appearance is in line with whatever the wielder thinks of, and it's ability follows this as well. This is the opposite of Sword Birth, which creates Demon Swords.
-Her Balance Breaker, Shining Titan of Judgement, is a Sub-species that creates a colossal winged titan that is made up entirely of Holy Swords. The Titan possesses immense physical strength, and though it tends to be a bit on the slow side, it's highly durable and surprisingly mobile despite it's size, due to it's wings. The Titan attacks enemies and defends Valeria and her allies. While active, Valeria can continue to create Holy Swords with her Sacred Gear, making this a truly formidable Balance Breaker.
She's a master of Senjutsu, using a technique called Blink, which allows her to have a keen sense of space-time, while moving to any location she can clearly perceive in a blink; it's said this technique was developed specifically to counter Daenerys' Godspeed. She's also capable of using Touki.
She has 4 pairs of golden wings, for a total of 8.

Guinevere Anya Avnas- ???? years old. Reincarnated Angel. Joker of the Isholy Family. Marcellus's former attendant. Former Demon that was reincarnated as an Angel. The Laughing Temptress.
Guinevere was formerly the heiress to the Devil House of Avnas. She disliked the pressure she received from her family to aim for supremacy, as they were obsessed with rising to the top. In particular, she was at odds with the Phoenix Family, since the two families had always been rivals. She came across Ariel's Angel Family one day, and couldn't help being drawn in to the tender way they treated on another with affection. Despite being a Devil, she was accepted as a friend by them, and eventually decided to defect from her family to be reincarnated as an Angel. After becoming an Angel, she was happier than she had ever been before, and served as Marcellus's attendant, or rather his secretary. It took some time for other Angels to accept her being in a position of power within the Isholy Family, but she was able to win them over simply by showing that she was endlessly devoted to the Angels once she became one of them. To this day, House Avnas has been trying to force her to go back to them, but she refuses every time. At the very least, she remains on amicable terms with her mother, Leina Avnas.
She's an extremely playful and free willed person that enjoys life to the fullest. She's incredibly optimistic and bright, and can find humor in nearly anything. It doesn't take much to make her laugh, and she becomes particularly prone to fits of laughter while fighting. She's also very ticklish, and has scared her allies many times since they thought she would really die of laughter at multiple points. Along with her free self, she shows great fortitude and devotion to those around her. Having been shown the ropes of being an Angel by Marcellus, she has always felt indebted to him. She can be very straightforward with her feelings, and rarely holds back in showing her love for him, which leads her to express it in often embarrassing ways. Due to having been in the same position before, she understands Yukina's feelings better than anyone, and the two ended up becoming very close.
Guinevere inherited the power of House Avnas, in greater amount than any other. She wields vibrant pink flames that can be turned solid to attack, rather than just burning others. The pink flames of Avnas also bear the added effect of carrying a powerful charming magic. Those burned by her flames become infatuated with her, and will obey her requests. Those who are strong of mind are resistant in varying degrees, and can withstand the additional effect longer, though a few are immune altogether. She can combine her Angel magic with her Devil power, creating weapons of light and coating them in her flames to produce different shapes and attack in various ways.
She has 3 devil wings on the left, and 3 white angel wings on the right.

Hisui Rei Dynah- ??? years old. Angel. Jack of Diamonds of the Isholy Family. Handmaid of Ariel. Twin sister of Jade. The Archer of Dawn.
Pure Angel that has served Ariel since her parents died in service. Alongside Jade, her main position is being Ariel's handmaid, meaning that she's around the Seraph most often. As a result, she's had countless opportunities to get close to Ariel and Marcellus, being an irreplaceable member of the Family. She's also met the other Seraphs, and many high ranking Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils. In the past, she would practice archery alongside Marcellus, both having been taught by Ariel. The two developed a keen understanding of one another, and an unbreakable bond as partners.
She's easily the most well-mannered member of Ariel's Household, even compared to Valeria, given that she never loses her cool or her temper. She's extremely perceptive and can easily pick up on changes in people and the environment. With a great capacity for empathy, she's very understanding and will happily listen to anyone about any problems they may have. She's never killed anyone, and dislikes conflict altogether, but won't hesitate to fight if someone she cares about needs her. She and her twin are largely alike, but polar opposites when it comes to remaining collected. She's quite reserved about her feelings for Marcellus, and has never acted on them no matter the situation.
Hisui is a master archer and marksman, and possesses all the qualities necessary. She's weak in close range combat and tends to have trouble defending herself if an enemy reaches her. She can use magic, primarily support, and can heal minor to concerning wounds.
Her Sacred Gear is a Sub-species cross between Attribute-type and Space-type, known as Tetra Sagitta. Tetra Sagitta is a Sacred Gear that takes the form of a pure silver bow with a golden string of light. It allows the wielder to fire off magic arrows that can be based in light, fire, wind, water, lightning, ice, and earth. She can fire arrows rapidly, or charge up each one and aim carefully to deal more damage per arrow. The wielder can allow the arrows to distort space, increasing spin, speed, momentum and general piercing power for the arrows.
-Her Balance Breaker, Raining Feathers of Heaven, is also a Sub-species that allows Hisui to manifest magic circles any place she can see, in which her arrows will reach. She triggers each magic circle by hitting it with an arrow, which activates the effect of up to 100 arrows of the designated element to fire off. She can determine the element of each arrow to create a variety of attack patterns. The triggered arrows emerge from the side opposite the side that was originally hit by the arrow. She can layer the magic circles one ahead of another, and in different directions, which each subsequent arrow triggering up to 100 more arrows, making it possible for her to attack multiple ranges from above, below and any direction with potentially millions upon millions of arrows.
She has 2 pairs of white angel wings, for a total of 4.

Jade Lyn Dynah- ??? years old. Angel. Jack of Clubs of the Isholy Family. Handmaid of Ariel. Twin sister of Hisui. The Righteous Lancer.
Like Hisui, she's a pure Angel in service to Ariel as her handmaid, and has met many important and high ranking people from all species. She used to be Marcellus's partner in weapon training, and spent a lot of time with him. She's the one who had seen the majority of his growth as an artist, which he had used as the outlet for his Clairvoyance.
In comparison to Hisui, she's denser, more impulsive, and far more aggressive. She's kind and caring like her twin, but finds it a whole lot easier to get worked up and bent out of shape. When she has a thought to do something, she rarely doesn't follow through on it. She tends to argue with others often when she disagrees with them. She doesn't like killing others, but usually stops caring during the times that she explodes with anger. Her anger subsides quickly, once it begins.
Jade is a skilled weapon wielder, preferring spears to others. She's strong in close combat, but stronger at a distance.
Her Sacred Gear is a Sub-species State Change-type, known as Spirit Spear Chastiefol. Chastiefol is a Sacred Gear that takes the form of a dark silver spear with a black head and two dark gray blades protruding from the base of the head. Having once been a sacred tree in the Garden of Eden, Chastiefol is far stronger than any known metal and will regenerate if it's destroyed.
-The spear can be controlled through levitation, and strikes in line with coordinated finger movements from the wielder to attack at close range and long range.
-Anyone pierced by the weapon can be petrified, and turned into living statues. The wielder can undo the petrification at any time, and it's extremely difficult to be cured by others.
-The spear can be divided into small kunai-like spears then multiplied to overwhelm enemies with numbers.
-It can take the form of a sunflower that shoots out seed-like bombs that explode to deal immense damage to groups of enemies across a wide range.
-It can also take the form a pollen barrier that protects those within, along with slowly healing the wounds of any being protected.
-Her Balance Breaker, Perfect Spirit Spear, is also a Sub-species that turns Chastiefol into an enormous spear with incredible destructive capacity. It can pulverize mountains, and produces vines that suck the magic from anything it touches, transferring it to the wielder or their allies.
She has 2 pairs of white angel wings, for a total of 4.

Elena Garnet Focalor- 17 years old. Devil. Heiress to House Focalor. President of the Cheer Club/Cheerleaders. Sophomore. The Ocean Storm Princess.
As the Heiress to House Focalor, she attends Kuoh Academy. She had been interested in Marcellus since she watched Lenneth's first Rating Game, and once her father learned that Marcellus was the host of the Sacred Beast Seiryu, she decided to claim him somehow. Her first attempt was asking, and when that failed, she challenged Lenneth for rights to him. Lenneth declined at first, refusing to risk her brother, but eventually came around. The Game took a shocking turn, as she found herself getting crushed rather quickly. She had miscalculated the fact that Marcellus wasn't just loved by Lenneth, but the rest of her Household, and lost because she underestimated how far they were willing to go to keep him. She later learned after losing to Lenneth one on one, that they had relentlessly trained specifically to beat her, but she had been so confident that she thought she would win no matter what. Marcellus apologized to her after the Rating Game, and she decided she would continue to pursue him in other ways, to make him choose her instead.
Proud, slightly stuck up and a bit too confident. Despite her beauty, she has a troublesome personality, and tends to be too intense for others. She gives her best at everything, no matter how small, and turns everything into a competition, primarily with Lenneth. She's really good at household chores such as cleaning, knitting and especially cooking. She gets along with Alice, to the irritation of Lenneth, because they're both hot-blooded as hell. She can make a cheer out of any situation, usually preferring to look down on and insult others with them. She can also be really pushy. Despite all this, Marcellus has said she's an extremely sweet girl. According to him, she antagonizes Lenneth so much because she wants them to be friends. She loves the beach. She also dislikes being left out of things, and hates being kept at a distance.
As the Heiress to Focalor, her magic revolves around wind and water. Combining the two, she creates varying levels of monsoons and storms that rage on as violently as they would on the high seas. She's rather physical as well, choosing to fight up close with martial arts whenever the situation allows for it, in line with her personality. Even after beating her, Lenneth claimed that she would be happy to never have to fight Elena again.
Her Household is mixed of men and women. She has a Queen, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops and 4 Pawns. She's been holding on to 4 mutated Pawn pieces, waiting to spend them to recruit Marcellus one day.
She's participated in 3 Rating Games, winning 2 and losing 1. She won her first, lost the second to Lenneth, and then came back with a brilliant victory over House Foras.
She has 2 pairs of devil wings, for a total of 4.

Yukina Vitae Amdusias- ???? years old. Devil. Heiress to House Amdusias (They tend to be antagonistic to and hate on everyone outside their family, even if they don't always show it). President of the Light Music Club. Junior. The Bounded Queen.
She first met Marcellus at Summer Comiket, three years ago, when he was selling his products with his family. She had only been a minor fan of anime and manga, having been dragged along by her friend. After reading the doujin he had drawn and written, she found herself drawn in, talking to him about it. The two had coffee while chatting, and she was the first and only person to accurately peg him as being the author, Doge of the Cerberus. They met again in highschool, where she revealed she was the Heiress of Amdusias. She maintained a relatively friendly relationship with him, and even Lenneth and the others didn't dislike her. Izaya was the one who found out that she was actually obsessed with and stalking Marcellus, after he caught her "borrowing" his boxers after gym class. After reporting this, everyone else started to actually notice her always being around somehow. Lenneth and the girls were rather pissed when they learned that Marcellus had noticed a while back and didn't do anything about it because he found it cute. To this day, she stalks him, openly and from the shadows. She's also a steady ally, however, even though her family wants her to defeat House Naberius, and keep trying to push her into it. As a result, her relationship with her family has become strained, though she is good about keeping it to herself, even when they try to force confrontations.
Yukina is rather soft spoken, and tends to be extremely shy around others. She can't even interact normally with her family. But she can open up to the few she can call friends. She found that Marcellus was the only boy she could connect with since he was the only one who knew how to approach her properly, which led to her obsessive stalking. Normally, she's very standoffish, but when she manages to get alone with Marcellus, she'll be ridiculously forceful. She's a major freak who's into BDSM, going the sadomasochistic route as she likes to dish out pain and loves receiving it too. She exhibits severe yandere qualities toward Marcellus, to the amusement of Izaya, and has repeatedly shown that she has no qualms about hurting people when she doesn't think they should be near him. Despite all this, she's often very cowardly and tends to hide whenever confronted or caught in the middle of doing something to Marcellus. She's an amazing musician with a beautiful voice, and turns into a different person whenever she performs for any reason, becoming bold and confident. She gets turned on when getting hurt, and also when hurting others.
As is the specialty of House Amdusias, she wields pitch black lightning that carries immense cursing power, using it to hex others. Her lightning can take the form of a unicorn when attacking. She prefers to create whips and chains of lightning, using them to strike, torture and bind others while shocking them. Her curses revolve around increasing the amount of pain a person will feel for even the slightest thing. She's weak in close range combat, but many are afraid to fight her because she just laughs and squeals when she gets hit. She can cover her body in lightning chains to increase her defense while shocking anyone who physically attacks her. Marcellus has claimed that he couldn't beat her unless he were seriously trying to kill her, and even then the chances of victory would be virtually nonexistent. She tends to use her lightning chains and whips to grab on to Marcellus when nervous, which leads him to excruciating pain each time.
She doesn't have a Household yet, and has been rather reclusive. She hasn't had any desire to start her Household, even though her family is constantly trying to force her into it.
Even without a Household, she has participated in 2 Rating Games, defeating other Houses all on her own with an overwhelming difference in firepower and overall skill. This has caused many to think she's invincible.
She has 4 pairs of devil wings, for a total of 8.

Sophia Mel Lantis- ?????? years old. Fallen Angel. Free agent. The most successful and legendary information broker. The Illusive Woman. Ophis's Tea Buddy.
She met Marcellus through Izaya, whom she's known for centuries, when Marcellus was seeking information about the Khaos Brigade after a run in with one of their leaders. Having heard quite a lot fromIzaya about the adopted Naberius, she had been greatly interested in Marcellus, and took a great liking to him. She claimed she was breaking her personal rule, when she informed him of the Khaos Brigade and their recent activities. Izaya warned Marcellus to be careful when dealing with her, hinting that despite knowing her for the majority of his life, he didn't consider her to be a friend or even an ally. She decided to ask a favor of Marcellus in exchange for the information, which led to him aiding her in a plan to steal an ancient artifact from one of the museums in Hell. It was troublesome, but they managed to steal the item without consequence. Since then, she's been appearing to Marcellus and the rest whenever she felt the need to, exchanging information when they needed it, and having Marcellus foot the bill with his personal actions.
Sophia is an extremely manipulative, cunning, cutthroat and self serving woman who will do anything and everything to make others do as she wishes (She IS rather cheerful though, despite everything). She's known to have forced even the highest ranking beings to acquiesce to her will, and is rumored to have even the leaders of the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels at her beck and call. This says everything about her resourcefulness in gathering intel and information that nobody else can get. She's virtually untouchable, being elusive enough to avoid anyone whenever she wants to. If she doesn't want to be found, nobody can find her. This gave her the nickname of Illusive Woman, as she's a living legend as an information broker that can control anything like puppets on strings. There are countless rumors about her, the majority being negative and horrific; for example, it's said that she personally slaughtered every living member of her family, something that can't exactly be proven or disproved given the fact that the Lantis Family all died under mysterious circumstances centuries ago. Nobody can ever tell what she's thinking, or what she wants. When someone needs her, they need only leave a letter describing their reasons, and inscribing a special symbol upon it. After that, it's up to her whether or not she wants to show herself. She has been set up more times than anyone can count, and has walked away from even the worst of traps without a scratch on her. Due to her status, many doubt the validity of her very existence, and she's treated like a ghost or a spirit. Because of this, Marcellus has been noted by high rankers to be special, in that Sophia has a genuine interest in, and will always answer his calls. She isn't a student at Kuoh, but mysteriously attends classes as she pleases if she wants to meet Marcellus, usually Charon's class, as they have some kind of history. She actually has rather intimate history with many top tier beings, including the Satan-class Devils, the Seraphs, the Grigori, the Dragons, formerly God, the original Lucifer, the Norse Gods etc...and all acknowledge that she isn't someone they want as an enemy.
Apparently, she isn't bothered by the fact that most people despise her. Lenneth and the girls are open about their disapproval of her, but she tends to blow them off unless she has something to say to them. Needless to say, it frustrates EVERYONE that Marcellus trusts her implicitly despite even her telling him that he shouldn't place faith in her. Still, he claims that she can be trusted. Even Sophia hasn't decided how she actually feels about that.
She wields light like any other Fallen Angel, usually creating bullets of light to shoot her enemies down. According to Izaya, she's extremely powerful in close range combat since nobody has ever actually hurt her, but he can't confirm it since he's never actually seen her fight up close.
She has a unique magic ability called Enigma, which is at the pinnacle of illusion and perception magic. Enigma allows Sophia to become undetectable to anything and everything. In a sense, it allows her to exist only before those she wants to interact with. It is because of this power that nobody can ever find her. This magic can be used in battle as well, allowing her to escape at any time. The only weakness is that she can't attack someone while Enigma is active, unless she sticks to simple physical attacks. She comes and goes as she pleases, and nobody can stop her.
Her Sacred Gear is a totally unique and unclassified type, known as Strings of Fate. Strings of Fate controls a multitude of colorless strings that represent the fate of all things. There are a variety of effects, as Strings of Fate lacks a Balance Breaker.
-The strings can be used offensively, being made sharp enough to cut anything that even brushes against them. In this fashion, she can throw the strings anywhere she pleases to cut up her enemies.
-The strings can be used defensively to create webs and patterns that act as shields against anything that threatens her.
-The strings can also be attached to others, and used to control them like puppets. The number she can control is unknown, but she can't control anyone with unyielding resolve. While under her control, she can make her puppets utilize their full potential, even if they haven't been able to bring it out naturally. This will cause the subject to exhibit severe backlash as an effect of being made to use power that wasn't necessarily active.
-Conversely, Strings of Fate can also allow her to draw out the latent power within a being, so long as they are willing to open themselves to her in body, mind and soul. At that point, the affected being will be subject to her control at any time, regardless of their resolve. In effect, this is a case of "selling your soul for power".
-If the strings controlling people are threaded together, their individual power can be pooled together through the intertwined strings and temporarily given to a single one of those being controlled. This makes it so even the weakest person can be temporarily turned into the strongest.
-After catching a glimpse of this Sacred Gear, Marcellus commented that it reminded him of Doflamingo's Ito Ito no Mi Devil Fruit. Sophia was amused by the comparison, but didn't deny that it was somewhat similar in the end.
As a master of Senjutsu and Touki, she uses a technique called Night's Wing, which turns her wings into terrifyingly versatile and lethal weapons. When using Touki, she can focus the Aura in her wings to increase their strength even further, allowing her to cut through and tear apart her enemies if they get past her Strings of Fate.
She has 6 pairs of Fallen Angel Wings, for a total of 12. She was the first Fallen Angel, and Fell after killing her family.

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Rinslet Syr Odin- ??? years old. Norse Goddess of Destruction. Daughter of Odin and Frigg. The Princess of Valhalla. Heiress of the realm of Asgard. Future leader of the Norse Myths.
As the youngest child of Odin and Frigg, Rinslet has lived the majority of her rather short life in Valhalla. Being among the youngest of the Gods, she was only granted permission to enter the mortal realm about 5 years ago, after her favorite big brother, Thor, convinced Odin to allow it. She was immediately overwhelmed by everything in the world of the humans, but found it all to be incredible and refreshing. It was during her first month that her mother sent her to the Church of Heaven for general aid, which was where she met Cynthia. Rinslet took an immediate liking to Cynthia, to the confusion of the young girl (Rinslet could sense the godly power of the Sacred Gear sleeping in Cynthia). She grew close to Cynthia quickly, and told the Church that if they allowed anything to happen to her, that she would erase them all with extreme prejudice. She spent a great deal of time with Cynthia over the next 4 years, and had to return to Asgard when there was an incident with her troublemaker brother, Loki. When she returned almost a full year later, she discovered that Cynthia had defected from the Church, and that they were planning to retaliate against her and the Devil House she had joined. Rinslet was furious, but managed to control herself and declare that Cynthia was under the protection of the Norse Gods. Having effectively prevented the Church from going after her, Rinslet went to meet with the Devil Family that Cynthia had joined, which led her to meeting Marcellus and House Naberius. Marcellus was the first she met upon heading to the unique city, and the two spent a day together with Marcellus having been forced to lead the young Goddess around the city where all manners of beings made their home. After recalling the reason she was there, she asked the man where she might find Naberius, given that she knew he was a Devil. He was surprised, but answered honestly, telling her that he was actually the adopted son of the Naberius Family. After learning that Rinslet was a friend of Cynthia's, he brought her to the Animation Appreciation Club's room. Cynthia was shocked to see Rinslet, who greeted her affectionately. Everyone else shared her shock, once they found out that the new girl was the daughter of Odin, and the Norse Goddess of Destruction. Rinslet admitted that she had planned to take Cynthia with her by force, and destroy House Naberius if necessary, but decided to honor Cynthia's desire to remain, as she had taken a great shining to Lenneth and the other women related to the House. She became hostile however, after coming to the conclusion that Marcellus was after Cynthia's virtue. She challenged him to a duel to the death, attacking without delay. She was impressed by his ability, but deemed him unworthy of Cynthia. She didn't realize that he had actually been holding himself back to avoid hurting the daughter of the Allfather, and was about to strike him down with her father's weapon, Gungnir. She was promptly stopped by the appearance of Sophia, whom she instantly recognized as one of her father's closest friends, one he had instructed her to never cross for as long as she lived. Rinslet's instincts as a God told her that she couldn't beat Sophia, and she backed down once the Fallen Angel enigma asked her to let Marcellus off. Following this, she became rather wary of Marcellus, wondering why he had the favor of someone like Sophia, who had also informed her that he probably would have won if he wanted to kill her. Since then, she's been on relatively friendly terms with those connected to Cynthia, though that tends to change at times since she's rather harsh toward Marcellus.
Rinslet is an extremely confident and strong willed woman, despite being one of the youngest Gods. She can be quite intense, and likes to throw her name around to others. Respect goes a long way with her, and she possesses nigh boundless pride. She is also extremely honorable, and dislikes tricks and cheap methods to victory. She's nice to most, and very loving toward remarkable women. She apparently steers toward girls, leading others to deem her a lesbian. She flirts openly with any woman that she finds interesting, and has her own harem of females among all species. She enjoys fighting powerful opponents, even if they're beyond her. She has a habit of commanding and looking down on others, particularly those she doesn't respect, and almost always gets her way. She tends to say whatever's on her mind, regardless of others, which gets her in a lot of trouble. She refuses to admit that she's extremely interested in Marcellus, even if someone manages to realize it.
She loves her family, particularly her brothers, and tends to cutely follow their every command. She learned the ways of battle from the men of her family, but has also learned how to please others from her mother, Frigg. Because of Frigg, she has actually mastered all of the qualities a man would want in a good wife, but her impulsive nature causes her to disregard this much of the time in favor of acting like a man would. She is completely shameless in the face of any situation, and would be able to walk proudly through a crowd even if she were completely naked.
During her time outside of Valhalla and Asgard, she has met many of the leaders of the various factions. She holds great respect for Gwyneth Bael, Azazel and Michael.
As the Norse Goddess of Destruction, Rinslet wields a unique magical ability called Dark Matter. Dark Matter is a celestial energy that takes the visual effect of a purplish black darkness. The Dark Matter possesses immense destructive power of nearly unmatched potential, but it can also be used defensively, in an indirect manner through her attacks. Dark Matter triggers an annihilation effect that effectively rejects everything it touches in the most violent way possible. She can physically manifest the Dark Matter in the form of a dark purple and black scythe, called Valiskrom, that can be used to compete in weapon combat.
Having been trained by her father and brothers, she is an extremely powerful warrior who has mastery over all forms of weaponry. While she's extremely skilled, she will lose to someone if competing with a weapon that they've dedicated themselves to. Due to her youth, her power as a God is limited in comparison to others, and she is incapable of drawing on her full power, which has been said to have the potential to surpass even Odin in his prime.
Being the daughter of the leader of the Norse Gods, she can actually borrow every weapon in Norse Mythology as long as it isn't in use by it's master. Her favorite weapons are Gungnir, Mjolnir, Gram, Laevatein, and Tyrfing.

Lilith Aeris Targaryen- 14 years old. Human. Sorceress Candidate of the legendary Covenant of Azrael. The Navigator. The Princess of Space-time. Blooming Flower of Ancient Knowledge.
The youngest Sorceress Candidate in history, as well as the most promising by all accounts. She was born with incomprehensible magical talent and potential, which caused the Covenant's Sorceresses to seek her of their own volition, something that had never been heard of. Since she was 3, she has lived among the Covenant, learning from the powerful Sorceresses who all had their own specialties; Specialties that she had adopted and made her own over time. The coming of age ceremony known as the Rite of Alignment/Alignment Rite, was a sacred ritual that served to unite a Sorceress Candidate with the cosmos from which they draw their power, in other words, the Ley Lines. Typically, the Rite is reserved for Sorceress Candidates that have just turned 21. Lilith was the one and only exception however, and has been allowed to begin the Rite at the age of 14 instead. The Rite is extremely rigorous in many cases, and hers is believed to be the worst in Covenant history. Her goal is long and filled with many difficult objectives, but the start of this path began in earnest, the moment she came into contact with the Azure Dragon, Marcellus.
Lilith is refined, graceful, sensitive, playful, yet serious. She conducts herself with pristine manners befitting that of a queen and, like Irisviel, she displays mature behavior far beyond her years; this accompanied with her superhuman intellect. As Marcellus realized, she tends to be quite domineering. Her arrogance is shown clearly to all, even in her simple actions. Yet she does indeed have an abundance of confidence and the ability to back it all up in spades. She prefers to take the lead in all things, and can't relax unless she's the one controlling a situation, something that comes extremely easy to her, most times. She is very observant, but has a bad habit of pretending not to notice how others feel about her or the things she does/says. Stemming from this, she sometimes can't help herself from acting airheaded and making intentional jabs at others to insult and drive them to anger. In particular, she loves to butcher even slightly complicated names, despite having no actual issue with pronouncing them. She is also very quick and sharp with her comebacks, able to determine the best way to address someone in any situation, whether to flatter or piss them off. She has been told by the Sorceresses many times, that she shouldn't be so critical or antagonistic toward others, but brushes the warning off. The girl is an extreme perfectionist and, once decided on something, she will complete it to the best of her ability, with the best possible outcome.
Her Sacred Gear is a Sub-species State Change-type called Font of Arcana, a prismatic bracelet made of unworldly metal, complete with etched ancient runes. Font of Arcana calls upon the knowledge and power of Magicians who have died, utilizing their essence to increase the base magic abilities of Lilith. She only uses this when she's overwhelmed, as her natural magic talent is already enough to destroy her opponents.
She is equally, yet extremely, proficient in all types of magic: Norse Magic, Devil Magic, Angel Magic, Fallen Angel Magic, Black Magic, White Magic, Fairy Magic, Summoning Magic, Spirit Magic, and Rune Symbols. She also possesses the unique ability to manipulate Space-time with natural ability. Specifically, she holds the ability to create rifts that connect worlds and dimensions through space and time. She can travel to the Dimensional Gap on her own, which makes her instrumental in the plans of Ophis and the Khaos Brigade.

Dorothea Lefiya Aym- ???? years old. Heiress to House Aym. The Vermilion Bird. The Ghoulish Flame Dancing on the Graves of Her Enemies. The Aloof Blaze.
Originally born between the Head of House Aym and a mistress, Dorothea was raised as a bastard. Even in her childhood, she was forced to behave as a servant, bending to the wills of her half-siblings and the other members of the House. Looked down upon and heavily scorned, she faced abuse from all sides, with even her father refusing to stick up for her, perhaps out of shame for having cheated on his wife. Through it all, she persevered, performing her duties as a servant flawlessly, even while so heavily injured that she might die if a strong wind hit her. As if nothing affected her, she could continue moving forward no matter what befell her. During this time, she observed the rest of the House, teaching herself to use their unique Magic, as well as how to wield a blade. On the eve of her 13th birthday, she had a fateful encounter that would change her life forever; a meeting with the Vermilion Bird, Suzaku. The details of their meeting are a mystery to this day, but when she was later found in the sea of flowers on the land of House Aym, now transfigured to blazing blooms, it was clear that she burned with the flames of the godly Phoenix. From this point on, she was recognized as an official member of House Aym, and also named the Heiress. Following this, she went on to become a truly powerful force of destruction, one that inspired fear in all the Devil Houses to some degree. She went through her life, drifting for thousands of years from one battle to the next. In her wake, only the vermilion flames of Suzaku and the invisible embers of House Aym would remain. After exceptionally intense and difficult battles, it was said that her flames burned years after she left the location, only extinguishing on their own later. It was this that earned her her nicknames in the Rating Games scene, as well as her fearsome reputation as a specter that lives only for battle. Since becoming the Heiress, all power in the House was transferred to her, however she had no interest and told her siblings to do whatever they wanted as long as they didn't bother her. As a result of this, House Aym is heavily splintered around said siblings, and they've caused quite a bit of trouble with many Houses. Despite being the only one who could immediately put them in their place and put a stop to their mischief, Dorothea remains detached, clearly holding no interest for the fate of her House. Her family lives in fear that she'll one day decide to take revenge for the atrocities they heaped upon her.
Dorothea is a woman known for being so aloof and detached from everything around her, that it's a mystery how she retains the will to even live. Nothing in the universe can possibly bother her, as she clearly shows time and time again. Her stance is one of absolute neutrality, even when she's seen a grave injustice unfold before her eyes. She could even watch an infant face a cruel death and remain nonchalant. While she burns with one of the fiercest flames in existence, her heart is as cold as stone. The only time she truly feels alive is in combat, particularly against someone who can actually kill her. This is the reason that she's spent thousands of years battling wherever and whenever she can. Beyond the embers of battle, she holds interest in nothing, and thus seeks battle in any way she can. However, even the thrill of combat cannot breathe passion into her heart of stone. Love, hate, envy, revenge? None of this means a thing to her, for she feels nothing for anyone, not even the Sacred Beast she became one with. Suzaku's dearest wish is for his Host to one day have the flames -which he sensed in the deepest depths of her soul- be kindled by another, one who could teach her how to truly enjoy the pleasures life has to offer.
Her Sacred Gear is one of the four Genesis-class, the Vermilion Genesis which holds the Sacred Beast of the South, Suzaku. This Sacred Gear allows its user to create and control an eternal vermilion flame in infinite variety. These flames can burn forever potentially, and can become as hot as the sun itself.
-Being one with the Sacred Gear, the user can become one with and transform into fire at will, though the greatest weakness is high susceptibility to water elemental attacks. In other words, any being powerful enough to wield water to withstand the godly flames, can crush the user. Of course, even with this major weakness, Dorothea has incinerated every Water user to ever stand against her.
-Vermilion Genesis renders the user invulnerable to any and all forms of poisons, toxins and any other negative substances. This is because they can purge their body in flames at any time to expunge anything that could possibly bring harm. As a result, like Azure Genesis, the user can lead even the most unhealthy of lifestyles and still be healthier than anyone. The user can also heal their own wounds swiftly by burning the wounds directly.
-Vermilion Genesis boasts a form known as Sacred Plumage, which manifests the physical body of Suzaku around Dorothea like majestic living armor of flames incarnate. This is a sign that she's wielding her full power and in this state, her strength, defense, regeneration and speed stats are drastically increased, with her speed receiving the greatest boost. Sacred Plumage turns her into an almost unparalleled god of speed, who can incinerate her enemies with flames that burn hotter than the sun itself.
Having inherited the power of House Aym, Dorothea possesses the strong ability to produce invisible flames that can incinerate the very souls of enemies through unholy, immense generated heat. It's called a flame, but in reality, it's actually such severely lethal heat that it assails foes with the ferocity of flames, searing everything to nothingness. Her proficiency is part of what gave her her nicknames.
She's an extremely powerful swordsman, who wields a longsword that's shaped like a flame and always burns as hot as hellfire. She calls the sword the Vermilion Talon, as it's allegedly the literal talon of Suzaku, forged into a weapon in ancient times. She also received this blade upon meeting the Sacred Beast within her.
First a master of Touki through intense training, she later became a master of Senjutsu with instruction from Marcellus. She uses a technique known as Soul Flare, which directly converts her life-force into ominous flames which incinerate everything she touches directly, with virtually no counter. The downside is that overuse can severely weaken her and potentially kill her.
Having participated in countless Rating Games, she's actually ranked in the top 10. She has no Household, nor a desire for one, having fought every battle of her life by herself and with no aid. This earned her the nickname of Aloof Blaze. She has never been defeated, but has had draws in unofficial matches. Her most memorable battle to date was against Yukina Amdusias, which ended in a stalemate. She desires to do battle with the Ouroboros Dragon, Ophis.
She has 4 pairs of Devil wings, for a total of 8.

Fianna Ray Ordesia- ??? years old. Favored daughter of Azazel. The White Tiger. Empress of the Winds.
As the youngest and most recent born daughter of Azazel, as well as his favorite by far, Fianna led a blessed life from the moment she took her first breath. Considered the Princess of the Fallen Angels, she's lived having her every desire granted, no matter how strange. As a result, she was extremely spoiled, by her father and everyone around her, as the other Fallen Angels also wished to be in her good graces in order to receive preferential treatment from Azazel himself. Despite being spoiled, she was also extremely sheltered, and hasn't had the chance to experience things that many others have. She always spent her time reading books about the world beyond her small town, or grand fantasy novels about other worlds rich with culture. She encountered the White Tiger, Byakko, when accompanying her father on a trip to Heaven. She approached Byakko in his slumber, daring to pet him. The White Tiger awoke and found amusement in the girl before him, deciding to choose her as his Host on a whim. Following this, she began to feel less restricted by the protection of those around her, as she had the company of Byakko. However, as curious as she was, this could never have been enough. Long had she heard of the others who were leaving their marks upon the world, and when she finally heard about the man known as Marcellus, fate ordained the two bound by destiny to meet.
Fianna is a very intelligent and curious girl, but can be a bit airheaded at times. She doesn't like having to make decisions herself, and tends to just go with the flow at any time. She's polite and kind to a fault, seen as a saint by those who know her. She loathes violence, only defending herself when she has no choice but to do so. Like the wind, she wishes to cover the entire world and see everything there is. Her adventurous spirit has often gotten her in trouble, which the other Fallen Angels would desperately bail her out of. She loves napping, and can fall asleep anywhere and anytime, when the mood strikes her. She loves her father dearly, and because of his personal interest in Marcellus, she became a bit obsessed with meeting him. Everything seems to just roll off her back, as she can forgive anyone for anything, bearing no animosity for others. She became a huge fan of Marcellus and Irisviel's work when she read them, and eagerly awaits any content released by the two.
Her Sacred Gear is one of the four Genesis-class, the White Genesis which holds the Sacred Beast of the West, Byakko. This Sacred Gear allows the user to create and control infinite torrents of godly wind. As such, it grants the ability to achieve any numbers of effects, from creating a storm that could tear through anything, to making a vacuum that can suck up everything including the oxygen in the air.
-Being one with the Sacred Gear, the user can become one with and transform into wind at will, though they're highly susceptible to fire elemental attacks.
-White Genesis grants the user the natural ability of perfect flight without wings, along with extremely heightened perception and senses. They can pick up on scents from miles away, and see through the wind and the sky to view everything around them. They can disperse harmful gasses at will, both internally and externally, with the ability to also do the same for others. They can also breathe in literally any location, even the bottom of the sea or in space.
-Byakko's main ability is actually creating a godly veil/vortex of wind, which can reflect nearly any attack, acting as a perfect barrier for defense and countering. It can also be used offensively if the user erects the veil and aims it at others. It's also the case that Byakko's attacks are almost impossible to evade.
-White Genesis boasts a form known as Holy Claws, which manifests the physical body of Byakko around Fianna like alluring living armor of the winds incarnate. This is a sign that she's wielding her full power and in this state, her strength, defense, regeneration and speed stats are drastically increased, with her strength receiving the greatest boost. Holy Claws turn her into a nigh peerless weapon of immeasurable strength and force, which shreds her foes with the sky itself.
As a Fallen Angel, Fianna has the natural ability to wield light. Her power takes form as butterflies in an atypical manner, boasting great beauty. If she has to fight, the butterflies of light can swarm her opponents to deal damage by exploding at her will.
She has 3 pairs of Fallen Angel wings, for a total of 6.

Vestinel Urdaen Exeris- 1000+ years old. Human. Self-styled Arch-Battlemage. The Black Tortoise. He Who Wrecks the Shit. Hero of Gaia. Master of the Earth. God of Combat. That Cocky Whoreson that you Just Want to Punch in the Face Repeatedly.
He's the last surviving member of the Exeris Clan, an ancient bloodline of Humans which trace their origin back to the time where Jesus lived. His ancestors were disciples of God's Son, who ended up siding with Lucifer after his fall, when the Devils came into existence. They were instrumental in the Great War between Hell and Heaven in the aftermath of God's demise, having chosen to fight with the goal of eradicating those who blemished Jesus' loving grace and spilled his blood. Having been loved by Lucifer, when the war ended after his death, alongside most of the Original Devils, the Exeris Clan was excommunicated from Hell. Banished by the Devils they were loyal to, hunted by the Angels whom they'd fought, the clan was forced to travel through dimensions and across Earth in search of safe haven. Eventually, they had been allowed into Valhalla, where they spent many ages in peace, repopulating and raising their young, teaching them of the dishonor and shame cast upon them in the past. They intended to find a way to get into the good graces of Heaven and Hell, a goal passed down through their generations. In Vestinel's youth, the clan found themselves beset on all sides, by the Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels. As their elders met with the leaders among the factions (high ranking officials from each side, who had taken action under a temporary truce), they were informed that their bloodline would be exterminated as part of the pact which would solidify their neutrality, a direct result of their involvement in the slaughter of many innocent Humans and legions of Angels from the past. It turned out that Odin had no choice but to allow them entry into Valhalla, something the clan learned when the factions descended upon them with the severed heads of their elders. The Exeris Clan fought for their lives against the overwhelming army, with the sole intent of saving their young to preserve the future of their bloodline. In the end, Vestinel alone survived a most cruel and brutal massacre, having watched his parents, and his younger siblings die right in front of him. He escaped by using the corpses of his slaughtered clan as camouflage, wading through their blood and guts until he chanced upon a portal leading to Gaia. In the world of the Humans, he collapsed and was found by Faust, whom had been acquainted with his clan. After being raised and trained by the greatest Archmage, he made it his goal to bring an end to the Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels alike, alongside the Gods of the same ilk as the cowards in Valhalla. His vendetta is against the factions and he desires to put an end to Michael and the Seraphs, the Seat of Hell and the Pillars beneath it, as well as the black wings of the Fallen.
He hunts all loyal to the Devils, Angels and Fallen, and has become known as something of a boogeyman among them. This reputation precedes him among all Races, as he won't discriminate in who he targets, so long as he has reason to believe that their continued existence is a negative against the weak and oppressed. Guided by Faust in the arcane arts, proving himself to be a genius among geniuses, he encountered Genbu in his teen years, well after his endless quest began. He has close ties to the Covenant of Azrael, as they frequently correspond to share knowledge. He has been fighting and fighting, challenging a number of harrowing trials to spread tales of his heroism and build his myth. Ever since he became aware of the duty of the Sacred Beasts' Hosts, he has moved forward with full intention of becoming God to stand, where he believes he belongs, atop all of creation. He has a colorful history with Lilith, having interacted with her on numerous occasions, with her being one of the few beings whom he respects. He seeks to become the God who will protect the weak and oppressed, something which he does with his every breath, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.
Vestinel is a man as arrogant as he is capable. He is very condescending to most, especially if they're Angels, Devils, Fallen Angels or Valhallan. He believes himself to be the strongest, and has plenty of reason to. He'll use his own body to protect the weak, and takes pleasure in striking down the strong. He has a rather twisted belief in absolute justice, informed by the cruelty thrust upon his clan. He's openly declared his intention to kill the leaders of the factions and fears nothing, meeting any who come after him head on and taking their lives. The massacre of the Exeris Clan is forever burned into the darkest corners of his mind, and he suffers from severe trauma of the highest order, leading him to numerous psychotic breaks in his mentality over the years. He doesn't sleep all that much, as his slumber is plagued by vivid nightmares, and her also suffers from extreme survivor's guilt, which has at times made him attempt to take his own life. In one case, where he nearly killed himself while staying as a guest of the Covenant of Azrael, he was stopped by a young Lilith, which began their history and is the primary reason he respects and also loves her. He isn't so haughty that he ignores the words of others, thus he can be reasoned with, however he's quick to violence whenever it comes to his vendetta or his goal. He's decided that he'll kill the other Sacred Beast Hosts if he must, to ensure he's the one to become God. Genbu has resolved to support him in anything he decides, regardless of his own personal thoughts, but desires to see his Host freed of the pain and suffering he's had to bear for so long.
His Sacred Gear is one of the four Genesis-class, the Black Genesis which holds the Sacred Beast of the North, Genbu. This Sacred Gear allows the user to create and control an infinite amount of earth, as well as channel the power which runs through it. Entire landscapes can be made into hostile weapons, mountains can even be created, granting countless methods of offense and defense.
-Being one with the Sacred Gear, the user can become one with and transform into earth at will, though they're highly susceptible to wind elemental attacks.
-Black Genesis grants its user a level of physical strength and resilience which is almost unparalleled, making them a warrior of extreme fortitude, whose skin can't even be pierced by lesser attacks.
-With the ability to channel and traverse the earth, Genbu also grants its Host the power to control gravity, a mighty and indomitable power coveted by many.
-Black Genesis boasts a form known as Hallowed Shell, which manifests the physical body of Genbu around Vestinel like indomitable living armor of the earth incarnate. This is a sign that he's wielding his full power and in this state, his strength, defense, regeneration and speed stats are drastically increased, with his defense receiving the greatest boost. Hallowed Shell turns him into a nigh invulnerable juggernaut wielding the might of the earth.
As a Battlemage trained by Archmage Faust, Vestinel is both an extremely overwhelming warrior and a peerless Magician, who wields his magic freely in combat, without the need for long cast times or chants. While he doesn't bother wielding Earth Magic, he's mastered every other type and is a truly terrifying enemy to face.
A master in the art of Senjutsu and the usage of Touki. His Senjutsu technique is Hivebane, a skill which channels his power into a mystic golden energy, which is lethal to everything but Humans. This energy can be launched as projectiles, or coat his body and weapons to strengthen them. He learned to use Touki to amplify this technique.
He wields the counterpart to Honjou Masamune, the Holy Sword known as the Blade of Genji. A beautiful nodachi, 8 feet long, with a glistening black blade. The Blade of Genji was wielded by Vetinel's ancestor, Gilgamesh the Blademaster. Gilgamesh was the rival of Goro Nyudo Masamune. The Blade of Genji the opposite of the Honjou Masamune, which is one of the most beautiful and graceful of swords, while the Genji Blade is one of the most vicious and wild of swords. Unlike Honjou Masamune, which is known to be nigh unrivaled in protective capability, the Blade of Genji is a Holy Sword which boasts nigh unrivaled destructive ability.
-The Blade of Genji's Holy Aura is a deep, violent, crimson red which obliterates everything it so much as grazes. It's capable of breeding unparalleled destruction, and has been wielded to eviscerate entire worlds in the past. It resonates when it crosses paths with the Honjou Masamune, as the blade bears a dark will to destroy and devour it.


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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Miyuki Antigone Chiron

Miyuki is the daughter of the Mythical master of the river Styx Chiron and Ameratsu, at a young age her parents split forcing her to live with her mother. She grew angry and unruly and with the great power in her veins her outbursts became quite destructive. The other Celestials forced her mother to come up with a solution. And so she summoned Chiron to teach Miyuki control, and while he was an excellent teacher. He's cold demeanor did little to fill the loving void she craved and thus Miyuki decided to make her father proud of her. By becoming the strongest being alive, and by grade school she was the most feared in combat. She showed no remorse and was cold to everyone. But then she was challenged by a boy in an apron, jeans, and crocks with a frying pan in one hand and a whisk in the other. They battled the entire day and when the sun had set she was on the ground in complete shock staring at the boy. He offered to help her up and she slapped his hand away. So he grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her an inch from his face, and when she looked into his eyes she saw blue flames. As he said "You think you have it tough because your parents are separated? Do you have any idea what I would do to have a family again". And for the first time Miyuki felt sorry for someone, her face softend and she tried to say something back. But no words came out and he set her on her feet and began to walk away, only to stop for a second and say "Your cute when your kind". And with that he was gone but his words continued to ring in her head and she didn't know why. So she went to her father and he sent her down the river to do some soul searching. And when she returned she was a sweet and caring person that valued others over personal goals. Although that doesn't mean she won't put a bitch in their place, her father then told her to seek out some one to serve. So she sought out Marcellus since he knew who the Frying pan boy is, only to find out Rooklyn refused to lead or follow anyone. It was then that Gohma of house Astoroth invited her to join as her bishop, for they both shared a goal of getting closer to Rook. And while helping Gohma to marry Rook was counterproductive to her desire for him it was a way to get closer to him.

Due to her white hair and pale skin she believes she is a Zombie save for her lack of hunger for brains, she has begun training as a butler/maid and even has a job as a maid waitress at one of Marcellus's favorite cafe's.

She has 5 pairs of devil wings and has won Gohma three rating games

She has mastery of all forms of magic and healing arts but specializes in Necromancy/summoning

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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Players of the Game

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