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Heroes of the past Age

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PostSubject: Heroes of the past Age   Sat 07 Feb 2015, 08:58

Great houses of Janos

Lumerias: Ruling family house Lavellan
Lord Bishop Cairn Lavellan
His wife Niah Lavellan
His two sons Lucius Lavellan(Grand Marshall) and Leonhardt Lavellan(Captain)
His brother Sterling Lavellan(General)
And his daughter Shea Lavellan(Ambassador)
Sworn houses to the Lavellans
Dar-lathans , Animas, Wardens, Amell’s

Kasrotho Vorn of Morathis Mountains: Ruling Family House Bracken
Heavens Lance Oros Bracken
His children Nyomi Bracken(Field Lieutenant) and Lukas Bracken(Vice Admiral) Wallace Bracken(Reagent)
His Sister Queen Adrian Stark
Sworn Houses to the Brackens
Dracos, Flame sons, Slythiren, Marveins, Stone childs,

Martel: Ruling family house Grim
Eye of Magi-Seighart Grim
His adopted children Mortise Thorn(Pale cloak commander) and Issac Powell(Vice Admiral)
His sister Bethany Grim (Governor)
Her Children Lyna Grim(Sephiram Commander)and Jon Grim(Sand shear commander)
Sworn Houses to the Grim
Thorns, Powells , Seven tower Magi’s,

Isles of Eden: Ruling family the Pentaghasts
Seventh Sword Thea Pentaghast
Her Children Vaughn Pentaghast(Heir to the Seventh sword) and her Daughter Penelope Pentaghast(Maiden of the blades)
Houses sworn to the Pentaghasts
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th swords.

Vael: Ruling house the Starks
King of the Realm Liam Stark
His daughter Princess Akiko Stark
His wife Adrian Stark
Houses sworn to the Starks
Vaels, Hawkes, Shepards, Queens, Irvings, Spencers, Strifes, Squalls, Auditores, Gales.

Sea of Blades: Ruling tribe Grimores
Chieftain Roland
His daughter Elise
His Wife Nora
Her bastard Rotho
Beast Lords
Bear King Yogi, Lion King Tyrion, Wolf Lady Nymria, Cat lord Turk, Tiger Lady Tabatha, Hawk King Horus, Raven lord Nemea, Heron lady Isis, Dragon King Nobunaga

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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Heroes of the past Age

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