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Return of the Ichi-kun
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Heroes of the new age

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PostSubject: Heroes of the new age    Sat 07 Feb 2015, 08:57

Race: Beorc, Dwarf, Elf, Dragon(Add color), Tiger, Cat, Lion, Bear, Hawk, Raven, Heron, Wolf
Class: Lord, Mage, Archer, Thief, Myrmidon, Mercenary, Fighter, Cavalier, Knight, Soldier, Wyvern rider, Peg knight, Nomad, Barbarian, Shaman, Shape shifter,
Appearance: How you look
Inventory: What you are currently carrying
Personal tale: (Whatever you feel is important to know about your character)
*Laguz are unable to use weapons and must carry stones to transform, Humans are unable to shape-shift

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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Heroes of the new age

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