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Plight of Janos

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PostSubject: Plight of Janos    Sat 07 Feb 2015, 08:54

Long ago it is said that the Goddess Ashera created Janos and it’s first inhabitants. They were the Duren’gra Ellen’dil Draco , Urslan , Lupine, Felineis, Aviaotory. They were the first and born to power and ferocity. From them came seven that would desire to usurp Ashera. They assaulted all that would deny them worship culling most that would oppose them. A mighty white gold dragon by the name of Naga rose up and led the charge against the Fell Gods. The battle that ensued sundered the earth and buried all combatants in an earthen prison. Ashera then remade the races in an attempt to make them more content. These new races are Beorc, Manakete, Dwarves, Elves, Bears, Wolves, Lions, Tigers, Cats, Hawkes, Ravens, and Herons. Unbeknownst to her the Fell Gods corruption warped some of her creations into entities known only as the Rotho. Their bodies marked with brands of varied size, and it was through them that one got unearthed and took the mantel of Grima Fell God of Dragons. It blessed it’s Rotho with the Insurmountable powers of the First races. It then had them raise the other Fell Gods and they moved to assert their godhood. But the dwarves unearthed Naga and under her banner the mortal races banded together. Ashera blessed their weapons and gave them an emblem made of fire to seal the self-proclaimed gods. The battles were long but the forces of good prevailed. Naga then granted her generals domains of their own. To her Son Vaege the emerald fields of the eastern highlands which he dubbed Lumerias. To the Gallant wyvern rider Slynt the Morathis Mountain lands of Kasrotho Vorn and its dwarven thaigs. To the mystical Gorthos the red sea of sand Martel and the seven towers of the Eye of Magi academy. To the dancing swordsman Arthur Pentaghast the plentiful Isles of Eden. To the paladin of faith Victor Stark the heart of the realm Vael, and to the wandering nomad Krom the Sea of blades. She then took blood from all but Krom and crafted a tomb for the emblem to be held. That would only be opened by the blood of the five. A thousand years has passed in peace, and although the fell gods were imprisoned their darkness seeps out of its prison calling to those that are weak to its call.
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Plight of Janos

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