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Weapons of Argus

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PostSubject: Weapons of Argus    Mon 20 Oct 2014, 10:09


Name:your birth name

Codename:name given to you by Argus

Physical sysnapsis:Your physical capabilities

Mental Anaylasis:Your mental stability and personal flaws

Gear:tools of your trade

Appearance:How you look

Personal files:Your personal history

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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Age : 28 Registration date : 2008-09-20 Number of posts : 738 Location : .............
Class: Rouge
Race: Half-Dwarf
Affinity: Darkness

PostSubject: Re: Weapons of Argus    Tue 21 Oct 2014, 06:50

Name: Theodore Roman Isely(Only Einreich knows his true Identity),Pike
Codename: Saiko

Physical Synapsis:
*Deconstructed/Reconstructed DNA
*Increased Bone structure flexibility and Density
*Enhanced Muscle and joint elasticity
*Heightened Metabolism
*Enhanced Strength, Reflexes and Agility(Limits unknown)
*Heightened Senses
*Superior Threshold
*Ability to alter pigmentation coloring of hair and eyes
*Normal, low-light, and Dark vision
*Minor regeneration,is heightened in UV rays
*Can store UV as energy and food for long stealth ops

Mental Analysis:
*Superior IQ
*Heightened mental processing
*Neurological networking ability
*Telepathic capabilities (Extent unknown)
*Hallucinatory episodes of Individuals close to him
*Severe Trust issues
*Suffers from Episodes of Reclusion and Detachment from others
*Dependability questionable

Gear: Hoshigiri style Folded Adamantine Battle-axe with Blackened Petrified Redwood handle wrapped in oiled Elk leather, Two Moon steel Bastard swords with Tanned Bear hide leather hilts, 90lb Composite Ebony longbow with red elk carvings, An assortment of Throwing axes, bundles of 3ft weighted throwing daggers, Several switch hatchets, a 4ft folded black steel katana with white dragons carved into the shadow oak hilt, a black .45 caliber 911A pistol with a fitted revolver hammer with a filed down oak handle and 12 bullet magazine. Custom assault class armor
On Job-Pike’s hair is wet and clings to his face neck and shoulders with random strands having black totems of Native American and Japanese Mythology figures. His face is painted in varied aggressive supernatural spirit depictions with a wide array of colors with high usage of Black, this intensifies the fear his black void of eyes invoke on others. His custom assault class armor is made up of three layers, the first layer contains mesh Kevlar with leather and chain mail, the second layer consist of layered flex metal scales with black leather over non jointed areas to further protect vitals. The third layer is a condensed coated silicon material. He wears fingerless gloves and sound resistant combat boots, he has several secret pockets with which to hide his throwing weapons. As well as holsters and harnesses for his weapons.

Off Job-Pikes black hair almost always looks like he just woke up, with a few strands swaying in front of his green-grey eyes, he sometimes has stubble, or a five ‘o’clock shadow but usually is clean shaven. He normally wears T-shirts but occasionally wears dark colored button up shirts, he either wears Jeans, Cargos or Gym shorts. He teams this up with sneakers, he stands 7ft tall and weighs around 286lbs His skin while most often Tan can range from Olive, Red, Black and lastly Yellow. His pigment changes only when necessity arises.

Personal Files:

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons of Argus    Tue 03 Feb 2015, 08:55

Birth Name: Renya Raatko

Family Name: Azhor Al Ghul

League Name: Shaytaan Al Thi'b (The Demon's Wolf)

Codename: Chaos Seer

Physical Synopsis: Results of League training-
*Near superhuman reflexes and senses
*Unfathomable pain threshold
*Peak human ability
*High resistance to most poisons and other lethal substances
*Superhuman acrobatic ability
*Master in hand to hand combat

Numerous exposures to Lazarus Pits-
*Abnormal longevity (doesn't age)
*Enhanced strength
*Enhanced speed
*Enhanced stamina
*Enhanced agility
*Enhanced durability
*Inhuman acrobatic ability
*Unnatural regenerative ability
*Superhuman potential

Mental Analysis:
*Rapid processing ability
*Remains calm and collected in any situation
*Skilled at weighing options and deciding the best course of action in any circumstance
*Ability to see the future at will. Up to 3 seconds ahead during combat. Time to meditate and/or focus allows for much greater future sights than usual.
*Willing dissociative mentality: Can become an entirely different person at will, as a result of having studied humans extensively.
*Ability to create his own luck
*Extensive capacity for empathy: Result of actively viewing the futures of others.
*Always thinking and acting for the sake of allies

Gear: Black steel katana forged in Nanda Parbat. Dual daggers capable of being merged together to transform into a bow. Quiver of custom made arrows. Multitude of throwing knives, kunai and shuriken. Razor wire. Propulsion based zipline gauntlets (used to get around quickly with immense maneuverability, and for use against targets). Black assassin robes made of special carbon fibers (designed to fend off and absorb damage from projectiles, blades and blunt damage).

Appearance: Long, straight, dark red hair ending at the shoulders. Usually tied in a ponytail while in the field. Bright blue eyes. Lightly tanned, caramel colored skin. Has a well toned body, standing at roughly 6'1. Prefers to wear clothes that conceal the body. Always wearing clothes outfitted to hold small projectiles and combat knives. Combat boots outfitted with hidden blades in the tip, heel and soles.

Personal Files: Records sealed.


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons of Argus    Sun 22 Feb 2015, 07:35

Name:bird (was never given a real name)

Codename:humming blades

Physical sysnapsis:can change size making herself grow and shrink at will.
can camo herself to look like any one or any thing using light reflecting pigments in her body
she can fly faster than a humming bird just about at the flashes speed.
the feathers covering her body can be as hard as blades and slice threw nearly any thing but are light as feathers when needed.her feathers can also grow and shrink and replace themselves when she needs them to.
she can regenerate at inhuman speeds as long as the wound isnt fatal.

Mental Anaylasis:is average level intelligence but is deathly afraid of fire. she has super genius knologe or all blade like weapons and fighting styles.

Gear:two long katanas worn at her hip. a small pouch of candy for energy and a simple first aid kit.

Appearance: she has rainbow feather like hair and rainbow eyes.large rainbow feather wings and a rainbow feather tail.her skin is a light bluish grey with hints of yellow and her hands are like black gloves but all of her skin is covered in microscopic feathers making it super soft and able to change colors.she has claw like tallon fingernails and claw like tallon feet makeing her able to grip with her feet like a harpy.hates wearing shirts so she uses her feathers to cover her breasts so she looks like shes wearing a feather top.

(she changes into a bird a lot when she is week sick or just not needed)

Personal files:she was found being tortured in a circus by the ring master who forced her to fly threw several flaming hoops in a small air maze with nets all over so she couldn't get out. she would turn into different things and change colors for the audience who never knew she was being kept like a pet.he would also force her to steal from the audience using her shrinking powers to steal wallets and jewelry. if she didn't do that he was going to kill her or set her on fire witch he had done several times. when the circus was found out by the authorities they offered her a specal job. work for the good guys and they would forgive her for being a thief. she agreed and has been working as a hero ever since.when asked about her parents or how she came to be part of the circus she does not know. she only knows ever since she can remember she has been there and has always been called by the name bird.
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PostSubject: Re: Weapons of Argus    Sun 26 Apr 2015, 01:43

Name: Einreich Typhon Queen

Codename: Grand Master

Physical synapsis:
*Strong Reflexes and Agility
*Average Strength
*Perfectly Toned Physic
* Superior Observational skills
*Keen Eyesight
*Grand Senses
*Strong Threshold

Mental Analysis:
*Incredibly Smart
*Tactical Minded
*Strong Discipline
*Has a good Sense of Character
*History Buff
*Seeker of Ancient Disciplines
*Weapons Master

Gear: tools of your trade


Personal files: Your personal history

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons of Argus    

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Weapons of Argus

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