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A New Generation of Heroes

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He Who Was Born With the First Troll and Shall Perish With the Last

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PostSubject: A New Generation of Heroes   Thu 28 Aug 2014, 23:35

Name: (Your real name, and any nicknames used by friends or family.)

Race: (What Tales race you are, along with which world you're from. EX- Half Elf of Tethealla. You can be a member of the Kresnik Clan if you want.)

Titles: (Accolades granted through various means, as a badge of honor for having accomplished certain things, etc.)

Age: (How old you actually are.)

Appearance: (What you look like. Use pictures, or you can write your physical description.)

Traits: (How you act, what kind of person you are. You can be as descriptive as you want, or remain mysterious, so long as we have a general grasp of how your character may act.)

Fighting Style: (Name of style and description of how you fight. Say who taught you, or if you were self taught.)

Mana Affinity: (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Moon, Sun or Neutral. You can have three affinities at most, which determine the three elements you're strongest with. If you're neutral, you can use all elements with equal mastery, but would naturally be beneath someone who has a specific affinity in said elements. Also write the primary color scheme of your mana.)

Style Shift: (This is a rather ambiguous part of the stats that refers to the way you enhance your fighting style and battle actions as the RP proceeds. This can be very creative. Whether you want to have a creative pact with a God or Deity, tether with a Spirit, call upon an Entelexeia, enter Overlimit and receive a surge in your natural abilities... Whatever it is you want to do to have your character get a boost. If you're a member of the Kresnik Clan, your Style Shift will be your personal Chromatus, so you can detail what your Chromatus powers are.
Keep in mind that your Style Shift can alter or enhance certain artes if you want, and you can also have some artes aside from Mystic Artes that can only be used during a Style Shift. And if you want to have a relation of some sort to a higher existence, it also has to conform to your affinity.)

Martial Artes: (The artes you can use through weapons and physical fighting. You can have elemental Martial Artes. You can be as creative as you want, but remember to be reasonable. Make up as many as you want, and you can add more whenever you come up with them.)

Spirit Artes: (The artes that take time to charge up Mana before casting. Usually elemental, you will have many more artes that relate to your Mana Affinity. For example, if your affinity is Fire and Light, The majority of your artes will be composed of those elements. Again, be as creative as you want.)

Arcane Artes: (The strongest artes you can use on your own, though use will exhaust you faster than other artes. Classify whether an Arcane Arte is Martial or Spirit. Up to 8.)

Linked Artes: (Conditional artes that can only be used when paired up with a partner. You don't have to have any, but if you do, remember to categorize them according to the partners you have. You can also have a single Linked Mystic Arte with every partner if you want.)

Mystic Artes: (The most powerful artes you can use in battle when using your Style Shift. Be very creative with their effects, which can range from damage/heal to straight up map wiping damage. If you have multiple effects in an arte, remember to be reasonable in balancing the effects. You can't have one Mystic Arte that does everything under the sun. You can have up to three.)

Equipment: (Whatever weapons, armor, accessories, items and other things you have on you at any time. Another thing you can be creative and fun with. Can be played for jokes.)

Partners: (Your friends or colleagues that you go on adventures with and aid with various things. You can only use Linked Artes with a set Partner, though our characters can all use Linked Artes together when they fight. You should put at least a brief description of why you're partners and your relationship.)

Personal Records: (Some details of your past, present, and possible goals for the future. You don't have to be TOO detailed, but put just enough to show that your character isn't a one dimensional bore. Can be practically anything you want. Feel free to write about how you met any of your partners.)


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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He Who Was Born With the First Troll and Shall Perish With the Last

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PostSubject: Re: A New Generation of Heroes   Fri 29 Aug 2014, 02:18

Name: Reishin Lunargale. Called Rei, only by close friends. Hates being called Shin.

Race: Anemos. From the Ark of Creation within the Temporal Crossroads.

Titles: King of Transcendence?- "You have the same name as the leader and most famous of the Seven Legendary Heroes. But are you really the same person? Other people don't seem to think so. No matter how many times you tell them."

Scary Brother- "Your dear twin sister is so beautiful that both men and women alike have to do a double take to confirm that she's real. However, few would dare to risk being killed by you while trying to get close to her. What? You wouldn't kill them? You'd just make sure they could never get it up again? Bro, it'd be more merciful to kill them!"

The Sexiest Elder- "Among your people, you're still considered a young adult. But amongst the mortals, you're ancient! Nevertheless, that doesn't stop you from charming the women of the world left and right! You've still got it, baby! At least, that's what Roshi would say."

Transcendent Troll- "You created the art of trolling. You possess the troll that keeps on trolling, even without your presence. The troll that trolls across dimensions and worlds. You must find someone to pass your troll artes down to."

Age: 10,669 years old.

Appearance: Reishin is 6'0 and weighs approximately 175 lbs. He has long straight platinum silver hair that ends just past his neck, it is usually tied back in a ponytail. He has bangs parted from the forehead that reach down just past his eyes. He has heterochromia like his sister, so his left eye is a light violet, and his right is a bright gold. He has a unique garment that lets him transform his clothing into anything he wants, so he's always dressed in a different, stylish way every time someone sees him. He tends to stick to black and silver colors though. One thing that he wears 99% of the time though, is a scarf of some form.

Traits: Reishin is first and foremost, a troll (a playful one). In fact, it's speculated that he truly was the first troll to ever live. He very rarely takes anything seriously on the surface, and always picks the best way to troll someone, in any situation. Everyone who has ever been against him agrees that despite his masculine beauty, his personality is extremely ugly. But fuck those guys. His trollish tendencies are only overwritten by his unmatched love for his twin sister, Rialiya. He will always do anything she asks, no matter how impossible or unreasonable. Of course, he tends to make the impossible possible, which makes everything Rialiya could ever ask to be possible on some level.
When people ask him questions, he enjoys answering their question with his own question. One that seems completely irrelevant and random, yet actually pertains directly to the real answer to the original question. Yes, he's so roundabout that he comes off as a jerk at times. He's an extreme sadist as well, especially where Muzet is concerned. Probably the reason the two have such great chemistry.
Despite his lighthearted and fun nature, he a man of honor and chivalry, and will die before ever breaking a promise to anyone, no matter how inconsequential. In line with this, he has been described to become incredibly frightening when he's fighting. He enjoys it so much, that he tends to radiate an intimidating aura of bloodlust, so great that those without strong wills usually won't bother attacking him.
His appetite is as immense as the power he once wielded, though he can be extremely picky about what he eats too. In other words, when eating the feasts he refers to as a basic meal, he will eat at most 5% veggies, with the remaining 95% being all meat. One good thing about his extreme gluttony though, is that any truly good cook pretty much has him as a friend for life... whether they want that or not.
He cares about all his friends immensely, and has a way of making friends with exceeding ease. He also tends to be quite flirtatious and affectionate with any girl he becomes interested in. If he likes a girl, their fate is practically sealed to end up liking him too, since he's very pushy... in a kind and gentle way? Despite this, he has rather amusing difficulty in revealing his true feelings to anyone but the allies he fought with in the distant past.
One interesting thing of note, is that he actually doesn't take himself seriously at all when he's not fighting someone. So even when he's ridiculed in the worst, most embarrassing, or horrible ways, he would just laugh at himself. Of course, the moment someone aims their ridicule at anyone he cares about, primarily Rialiya, it would be smart for everyone to just run away aimlessly. As a result of his refreshing personality, everyone feels safe and relaxed around him, but that also makes it hard for anyone who meets him to believe that he's really the leader of the Seven Legendary Heroes.

Fighting Style: Transcendental Causality- An overwhelming style of fighting that came to fruition with the culmination of Reishin's already overpowering skill with bladed weapons, along with the extensive teachings of Sekundes and Chronos. The result was a unique style, the likes of which had never before been seen. Combining power over time and space, Reishin's blade transcends the bounds of the universe and strikes with speed, precision and might beyond parallel. Selectively taking control of and manipulating the flow of space and time, he weaves across a battlefield with brilliant grace, painting a picture of perfect beauty to any fortunate enough to have seen his fight.
Reishin can selectively and concurrently slow down and speed up the flow of time, while freely connecting, manipulating and altering space at will for a variety of incredible effects.
He also uses powerful Spirit Artes as needed, but is far stronger as a close quarters combatant.
Currently, Reishin is actually in a drastically weakened state, only capable of using up to 10% of his true power. His style is so great though, that Ravelt is the only weapon truly capable of withstanding his power. Dein Nomos, the Lance of Will, the Eternal Sword would work as well. He could also use "lesser" legendary weapons, but only for a very limited time. In this weakened state, he uses more Spirit Artes in battle to compensate for the loss in ability.

Mana Affinity: Neutral Affinity. The primary color scheme of Reishin's Mana is black, purple and silver.

Style Shift: Universal Spirit Tethering- Reishin tethers with Muzet to combine his power over space and time, with her dimensional distortions. It's only possible because they've been together so long. Adds a warping/distortion effect to every arte to bring forth a whole new level of fatality.
As it happens, Reishin can also tether with literally any Spirit to combine his space/time power with theirs, though his natural affinity is with Muzet. It's also possible for him to tether with multiple Spirits at once to drastically increase his power at the cost of becoming tired quickly. During the War of the Schism, he tethered with every Great Spirit at the same time, including Chronos, Origin, Maxwell, and Sekundes. Though that may be part of the reason he's been weakened so dramatically.

Martial Artes: Spacial Rend- With a swing of the blade, Reishin produces a dark purple flying blade slash of neutral Mana that travels through space to strike his target. Requires both hands with the sheathed Ravelt. [Ravelt; sword form. 1 target. Long Range. Can be used repeatedly in a chain.]
While Tethered with Muzet, this arte can be warped to multiple different locations, confusing the enemy before striking from a direction they weren't prepared for.

Celestial Dragon Combo- Imbuing his fists and feet with neutral Mana, Reishin unloads on the enemy with a swift barrage of alternating punches and kicks, before ending with a dual palm thrust to produce a black dragon that rushes forth to crash into the enemy and knock them down. [1 target. Short range. 6 hits before dual palm thrust.]

Gust of Wind Dance- Performs a graceful and exotic dance in a forward circle, striking enemies within his pole range, and ending with a wide sweeping strike that produces a powerful gust of wind that flings foes through the air with immense force. [Ravelt; naginata form. Targets in range and radius of naginata. Up to 8 hits before the wide sweep.]

Super Ultimate Demon Champion Wargod Slash- An arte in which Reishin intimidates his enemies with the dangerous and heroic sounding name, and then using their fear against them, he moves in and simply sends the enemy flying with a single kick. This is one of his joke artes usually used for entertainment. It should however be noted that the single kick is extremely forceful. [1 target. Short range.]

Weight of the World- Reishin casually drops Ravelt atop an unsuspecting enemy for an instant kill. His pride prevents him from ever doing this in a serious battle. [1 target. Short range. Cheap as fuck.]

Overclock Barrage- Slowing down the passage of time around his target, Reishin assaults the enemy with a variety of attacks. When time flows properly, the enemy takes every hit all at once. [All targets within slowed radius. Short range. Impossible to dodge.]

Spirit Artes: Gehenna Blaze-


Paradisial Flare-

Wind Blade-


Eternal Winds-

Water Spout-

Aquatic Devastation-

Tidal Wave-

Rock Trine-


Terra Break-

Bolt Strike-

Thunder Blade-

Supercell Storm-

Freeze Lancer-

Ice Age-

Dark Laser-

Chaos Nebula-

Light Burst-

Nova Cataclysm-

Lunar Orb-

Moon Burst-

Solar Rise-


Time Out-

Time Alter-

Passage of Time-

Universal Step-

Connected World-

Boundless Space-

Arcane Artes:

Linked Artes: Rialiya=


Mystic Artes:

Equipment: Ravelt- The Blade of Transcendent Hope. It can take the form of any bladed weapon in existence, as the wielder wishes. Reishin is the only being that was ever able to draw the blade, which is usually in katana form. He is also the only being capable of lifting the weapon, as it becomes heavier than the world for anyone else who tries. As such, it can actually be an incredibly cheap weapon for battle purposes since he can just drop it on someone to kill them, but he's too into the thrill of battle to do such a thing... right? It's the sword that represents the potential that exists in all life. At the moment, Reishin cannot actually remove the blade from it's scabbard, due to having lost faith in mortals, thus he just wields it with the scabbard. This also limits him to 10% of his true power... when he really pushes it.
Conqueror's Blade- The physical manifestation of the Great Spirit of Dimensions. This blade is capable of cutting through dimensional bounds with simple swings. According to legend, it was the complement to Ravelt as the King of Transcendence dual wielded both of them flawlessly.
Celestial Raiment- A special cloth made out of Spirit Realm fabric that takes any form and color the user wishes. He enjoys using this item to change his clothes repeatedly in a short amount of time, causing others to freak out since he couldn't possibly change so quickly when his outfits are always so intricately fashionable.

Partners: Rialiya Lunargale- Twin sister of Reishin. As the two lost their parents when they were young, they always only had one another until meeting Duke. Rialiya considers Reishin to be the most important thing in the entire universe. If given the choice between saving every life at the cost of Reishin's, and vice versa, she wouldn't hesitate to choose Reishin. She shares a connection with Reishin that lets them communicate telepathically from almost any distance or location. Because they're so close, it has often been joked, for thousands of years by their friends, that the two are sibling lovers. Of course Rialiya is her brother's sister. So the joke was on their friends when they stopped denying that they were lovers. Only Duke knows the truth for sure.
Due to being the one who took care of Reishin, Milla, Khroma, Muzet and the Four while they all lived together, she has become a rather incredible cook. Her specialty is preparing huge feasts without losing the flavor and spice from dish to dish.

Duke Pantarei- Duke is Reishin's best friend, and practically a brother to him. He and Rialiya are in love, but due to knowing everything about them, he accepts that he would only be second behind Reishin. The two are always on the same wavelength, and usually don't need words to understand one another.
In the past, it had often been said that the two pairing up in battle was the most unfair obstacle anyone would ever face.

Muzet- Muzet has been with Reishin and Rialiya almost as long as Duke, and knows them just as well as he does. They have an extremely complicated (fucked up) romantic relationship. Despite everything though, they do trust and love one another. They fought a war together, after all. She's also technically Milla's older sister, and enjoys teasing her in a rather doting fashion.
It has been said in the past that the two were made for one another, due to Reishin being a hardcore S, with Muzet being both an S and M. Of course, she leans more toward being an M with her kinky tendencies. Where others see excessive abuse, she sees a deep way of showing affection. And she claims that nobody can Tether her like Reishin can.

Milla Kresnik- Being the mother of his child, Milla is probably the only woman that can be said to be equal in priority to Rialiya, as far as Reishin is concerned. She was the only Human of the Seven Legendary Heroes, but never once slowed any of them down. In fact, she could hold her own and even defeat any of them one on one. To date, she's the only person aside from Rialiya who ever tamed the beast known as Reishin Lunargale.
Milla could get away with anything, and often harassed the man she loved, while trying to see how far she could go without pissing him off. She never reached that limit, though to be fair, there likely never was one. The two were inseparable, and had a habit of completing sentences for one another. When teamed up, the word "restraint" was no longer in their vocabulary. Their combined destruction tally far exceeds that of any other thing in all of existence.
At first, Muzet hated her, but she quickly grew on the Spirit. She was always free-spirited and livened up any situation just as Reishin would. She's often been called the female half of Reishin, actually.

Yulia Jue- The relationship between sweet, lovable Yulia and Reishin was always ambiguous. Even to the friends they traveled with. They got on like old friends from the moment they met, and she was the only one who could see through Reishin's trolling. Something even Rialiya can't always do. Sometimes, she and Reishin would act like siblings, but at other times they flirted and got rather intimate. It's unknown to all how exactly he felt about her. The one thing everyone knew, was that she was eternally grateful for being freed by Reishin, when she was captured by Elf hunters and held captive for years.
Her thing was to punish others when they screwed up, and everyone who knew her was afraid when she set her eyes on them. She loved household chores, and was the one who taught Rialiya how to cook as amazingly as she does today. Nobody knows why, but Reishin tended to do everything she wanted, even though she never actually demanded or asked for anything. When paired in battle, she would always take care of healing and supporting Reishin, who ignored defense when she was around.

Dhaos- The relationship between Dhaos and Reishin was a bit difficult to explain. The two often butt heads over even simple matters, but were friendly when eating and drinking together. They primarily communicated by insulting one another, though both admittedly seemed to enjoy it. He was the one who taught the group how to use proper Spirit Artes, as he was the first being to ever do so. He was the one who fought Reishin the most often, as he was usually irritated by Reishin's behavior.
When they teamed up, he could just focus on annihilating every enemy in the most flashy way possible, since Reishin made it impossible for anyone to attack him.
As a fellow Anemos, he was always kind to Rialiya.

Yggdrasil- As the Angel who once had no emotion, he was taught, or rather forced to feel by Reishin. He tends to be withdrawn and enjoys observing everyone in their jolly moments. Due to his almost mechanical personality, most didn't want to believe he was a real Angel. As a result of being around the other heroes, he softened up and learned to express true emotions. One thing he never got though, was the ability to understand jokes. Reishin and Milla had too much fun playing pranks on him and tricking him with false information about life.
In battle, he usually followed the lead of the others, responding to take any role that was needed at any time. His physical strength exceeded even Reishin's so the two would rush head on into battle and throttle their enemies barehanded most times.

Khroma- Khroma was found by Sekundes during the War of the Schism. She was raised by Reishin and Rialiya, alongside Milla, so the two act like sisters. Like Milla, she views Reishin and Rialiya as her parent figures. Something which adds to the strange belief that Reishin and Rialiya are lovers. Reishin teases her a lot more than he teases Milla though. She seems to be afraid of Muzet on some strange level.

Milla Maxwell- Milla is Reishin's daughter, and was raised by him and Rialiya. Despite the way Milla is, she's very affectionate to her father and aunt, though they tend to act more like siblings. Their connection also allows her to feel his presence. It's thought that Reishin's ability to tether perfectly with any Spirit is the reason she is able to serve as the Envoy of Maxwell. She wants to introduce Jude and friends to Reishin and Rialiya.
If someone compares her with Reishin, after side by side observation, they'll find that the two are similar in some ways, opposite in obvious ways, but the same in the strangest ways.

Emeraude- Emeraude was a classmate of Reishin's, when he was growing up. She happens to be one of his biggest supporters, after Rialiya and Muzet. She is in love with Reishin, but doesn't know if he feels the same way due to his trollishly playful personality. Either way, they make a fierce team when they do team up. She's also his stalker...don't ask.

Leia Rolando- Yet to meet.

Cheria Barnes- Yet to meet.

Nanaly Fletcher- Yet to meet.

Fourier- Yet to meet.

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca- Yet to meet.

Anise Tatlin- Yet to meet.

Alice- Yet to meet.

Gauche- Yet to meet.

Droite- Yet to meet.

Karla Outway- Yet to meet.

Jude Mathis- Yet to meet.

Erston Outway- Yet to meet.

Ludger Will Kresnik- Yet to meet.

Elle Mel Marta- Yet to meet.

Rolo- Yet to meet.

Yuri Lowell- Yet to meet.

Reid Hershel- Yet to meet.

Kratos Aurion- Yet to meet.

Yuan Ka'Fai- Yet to meet.

Asch Fon Fabre- Yet to meet.

Personal Records: Reishin and Rialiya Lunargale were born in the Ark of Creation, which exists within the Temporal Crossroads, as members of the Anemos. Anemos are the race that predate all who can be considered mortal. They were born to a pair of unassuming parents who could never have imagined their children would grow up to be two of the seven most beloved, revered, and powerful people to ever live. These parents were killed early on in the life of the twin siblings, at the hands of a certain Deity.
Growing up more or less alone, Reishin and Rialiya took care of one another in equal parts, each being the most important thing of all to the other. Unfortunately, the two had horrible luck, and zero friends... Skipping ahead past all the traumatic and heart wrenching drama, wouldn't you know it. They ended up smack dab in the middle of the single most destructive war in the history of creation.
It all began one day, when Reishin had taken his sister outside the Ark, for a nice long walk through the Temporal Crossroads. Waltzing on past the various worlds that comprised their Universe, they could catch rather informative glimpses of the events occurring in each. It was there that those two became the witnesses for ground zero of the War of the Schism. Out of nowhere, the Temporal Crossroads shook, the boundaries being shattered as unfathomable waves of mana flowed forth. Gods of legend, Deities of myth, and Entelexeia of nightmares, all burst forth from what appeared to be the same place. In their wake, came none other than the Primordial Spirit Maxwell himself. Joined by Origin, Chronos and Sekundes, he gave chase after and faced down the beings of unmatched power. The Primordial Spirits found themselves incapable of besting them all, which led to the initial breach of other worlds. As it happened, the Spirits that made the Universe had been in deep slumber, watching all the worlds. Thus, they were weak. Some beings stuck around to finish them off, and were promptly stopped by Reishin and Rialiya. In a flourish of steel and valor, the twins fought to defend the four Spirits, managing to drive off the beings after a long and drawn out battle. In the aftermath, Maxwell spoke to the two. They had been shocked to find young Anemos in the Crossroads, as it was thought to be impossible to traverse them for an extended period. He was the first to realize that the twins were unique, even when compared to the Anemos as a whole.
Reishin offered to check things out for the Spirits, using the situation as an excuse to enter the other worlds without permission from the Anemos elders. As there was no other choice, Chronos was the one who decided to allow it, telling the two that they were to find out the state of the other worlds in their stead, while they recovered. Against Rialiya's better judgment, she supported her brother and left the Crossroads for the first time. The first world they visited was Terca Lumireis. At first, they didn't do much in the way of finding higher beings, as they explored. Coming across all sorts of trouble, they overcame all odds due to Reishin's quick thinking, decent swordsmanship, and wits. Eventually, they met a fellow Anemos who was labeled as one of their greatest warriors, Duke Pantarei. He had been assigned to Terca Lumireis as a guardian of sorts, and was fighting to protect people from the unbeatable enemies. On their first meeting, Reishin and Duke fought, simply because Rialiya seemed to have gained an instant crush. She had been shocked to see her brother get his ass handed to him so grandly, when he had never lost to anyone else back home. Due to this meeting, Reishin initially hated the cold, stern and by-the-books Duke. As they traveled together, tracking a God, they experienced many things together. Being with the twins lightened up Duke immeasurably, and opened his mind to new possibilities as he watched Reishin grow stronger and stronger through every encounter.
In the world of Ephinea, the three worked to stabilize a dire situation and ended up against a God known as Lambda. Things seemed hopeless, until they were joined by a mysterious woman. She introduced herself as Muzet, the Great Spirit of Dimensions, and claimed she had been sent by the Primordial Spirits. Having heard legends about her, the three had been relieved to have her aid. They quickly found that she was nothing like the stories made her out to be. For instance, Reishin quickly established dominance over her after she informed him of Tethering. With the oddball Spirit, Reishin was the one to cut down and banish Lambda back to his world.
The world of Atamoni is where the group was joined by The Four: Efreet, Sylph, Undine and Gnome. Funny enough, Muzet found herself jealous when Reishin discovered her could Tether with all of them, though it was worst for Undine. The main conflict there actually stemmed from Muzet's jealousy, as she aided some Entelexeia in their destructive rampages. Tethering with The Four, Reishin, Rialiya and Duke defeated Muzet and the Entelexeia, befriending one known as Elucifur. Muzet was afraid Reishin wouldn't forgive her, but he was surprisingly willing to. After torturing her, of course. Something she fell in love with him for, apparently...
Rieze Maxia is allegedly where Reishin had the fondest memories, as it was where he met her. Milla Kresnik... The woman changed their lives with her strong will and attitude, throwing herself into the war without hesitation. Despite being human, she kept up with them just fine, even showing herself to be as capable of Tethering with The Four as Reishin was. To Rialiya and Duke's surprise, and Muzet's scorn, it seemed that Milla had gotten Reishin to fall in love with her. Together, Reishin and Milla defeated the God Susanoo and forced him to flee.
Their journeys next led them to meeting Yggdrasil, then Yulia, and finally Dhaos. Through it all, they had been joined by the Primordial Spirits. Reishin was taught by Chronos and Sekundes, Duke by Origin, and Milla by Maxwell. Rialiya met and became the master of Aska and Luna. It was when Reishin pulled the blade Ravelt from the Schism itself, that the group became known as heroes in every world. Together, they clashed time and time again with the Gods, Deities and Entelexeia, making some friends, and worse enemies. They learned the reasons behind the conflict as they defended the mortals, which led to Reishin's decision involving the Universe. Fastforward past some crazy crap, and you have the worlds all joined as one, the 11 Champions eventually leaving to do their own thing.
Reishin and Milla had a child together, due to Maxwell, though circumstances led to their daughter being raised without her mother. Named Milla as well, Rialiya aided her brother in raising the girl. And the Entelexeia Khroma. They lived as a family, with the Great Spirits.
Milla and Khroma went out into the world, while Reishin, Rialiya and Muzet remained. However, it looks like they are once again going to be tossed into the middle of a conflict that threatens the Universe... Difference being, Reishin is no longer the same hero that everyone knew and loved... With his faith in mortals almost nonexistent, will he be able to rise up and save the world once again?


Izaya's The Boss:

Stomp That Shit!:

Shizu-chan's Seismic Toss:

Chill Izaya/Poor Izaya:

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Young Black Dynamite
Young Black Dynamite

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PostSubject: Re: A New Generation of Heroes   Fri 29 Aug 2014, 02:32







Fighting Style:

Mana Affinity:

Style Shift:

Martial Artes:

Spirit Artes:

Linked Artes:

Mystic Artes:



Elize Lutus- Harem member

Estellise Sidos Heurassein- Harem member

Judith- Harem member

Driselle Sharil- Harem member

Mystearica Grants- Harem member

Khroma- Harem member

Vera- Harem member

Rutee - Harem member

Personal Records:
Pride of A King:
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PostSubject: Re: A New Generation of Heroes   Sun 01 Feb 2015, 07:52

Name: Formerly Tekutara Aerotho, Now-Jin(Two)
Race: Half-Krytian/Elf(Origin unknown)
Titles: Enigma-No one knows who are and to make it better you don’t even know who you are
Subordinate?-You enforce the rules so well it seems you wrote the book
Gilgamesh?-There is no weapon you do not use
Muramasa-To be the greatest you must never stop learning new ways to hone your craft
Soulless swordsman-Swords is what you do
Heartless bastard-You have done the unthinkable to those whom are known as Hero
Man with the markings-Your body is covered in an ancient language that few even know exist, could it be a bridge to your past or the past of others. They only appear when Mana fills the air
Jin-you are the second
Project Jin-You were created for a purpose and wrapped in a prototype armor
Knight of Dusk- when the light fades so shall you stand against the tide
Sword of Durangel –Your are the left
Appearance:6’1 240lbs Tannish green skin that almost hides the nearly invisible purple markings that go from his toes up to the back of his skull and Jaw. Most of it following his skeletal structure, the markings glow a deep black when mana is within the air. It’s glow intensifies with the addition of more mana. From the right side of his forehead to the left part of his chin lies a wicked scar from the hero Cress Albane. An indented star shaped scar covers his entire left eye from the mighty lance of Ludger Kresnik, with a deep scar running along his collar bone from Yuri Lowel. He has a piercing scar along his left shoulder and shoulder blade from Reid Hershel. A massive scar goes from his right shoulder to his left hip from the great sword of Ruca Milda. Along with a deep stab to his left pectoral from the blade of Veigue Lunngburg. A long vicious slash is right under his right pectoral from Mila Maxwell, across his whole left side is a large X from the dual blade of Lolyd Irving. Between his fourth and fifth rib is a wide scar from Sorey the Hero. Right above his navel is a deep stab wound from Shing Meteoryte, to his lower right abdomen is a fist sized indention from Jude Mathias. A wide scar runs the length of his Forearm from Asch, a long deep stab to his lower back is from the coward Emile. Across his right hip is a scar from Stahn Alireon. From his knee to his foot on the left side is a scar from Kyle Duminas. And lastly from his ankles to his face are small indentions from the quick fists of Senel Coolidge. Jin has mid-length wavy dark blue hair with a milky white streak through the left side of his hair. His bangs cover his slanted Dusk grey with green Iris eyes and go all the way to his cheekbones. His ears are pointed like a full-blooded elf save for his right ear which had its tip clipped by a sword. Jin wears a tribal Black raven coat matched with a black under armor shirt. With a black and grey pants that go down to the tops of his feet but don’t cover the toes. He wears a separate attire when forging

Traits: The man that was Tekutara was noble kind and fierce but that man is nothing but a figment of misplaced reality. Jin was accidentally activated and once it came around people its subliminal coding made it hurt people and try to take what they loved from them. This led to a painful form of reeducation which led Jin to embark on a Journey. Jin is severely blatant and will tell people exactly what he thinks with no concern for the feelings of others. As a side note he has trouble understanding emotions be they others or his own. He never apologizes for things he has done nor will he try to explain himself to others as he sees no purpose to it. He will not ask to be forgiven or try to make up for his misdeeds as the past is the past and cannot be changed. His vibe seems to attract women to him and while he makes a killing when they try to become closer it becomes rather estranged and awkward. One oddity is that he is quite Sardonic.
Fighting Style: Apocalyptical Cadence- A wicked style that could rival the Heavens and the infinite beyond. Mastery of weapons fused with Mana dispersal and manipulative mind bending assaults take control of any field of battlefield
Mana Affinty: Neutral, A deep dripping almost suffocating Black that takes forms that seem to havea mind of their own. Some speculate it is a spirit that was devoured by Jin
Style Shift: Ashura Jin-The God Susanoo removes the shackles placed on Jin and the two fuse into the entity Ashura Jin. In this sentient form they are the embodiment of War, their Mana threshold is infinitely higher. This allows them to create infused barriers that allow them to tear the fabric of space and deliver far greater damage than normal with normal strikes and artes. As a secondary factor they are able to form giant Mana appendages and weapons to strike out at their enemies. Unfortunately this power comes at a cost as his physical body starts to deteriorate the longer this form is active.(Massive amounts of Mana cover the two in a cocoon for a few short moments before dissolving. Jin’s hair becomes Icy blue with a streak of frost white down the center of it. It becomes jagged and flows like a river down his back, his eyes become a lightless black and his once tannish skin becomes an Icy granite color. The markings on his body glow a light killing black while random blue sigils ignite over the skin of and on randomly. During certain artes a massive crest appears behind Jin’s shoulders.

Martial Artes: Fist of the Beast King: Jin rolls mana around in his torso in a high velocity before releasing it in a snap fist, the neutral Mana erupts into the face of a Massive roaring bear and slams into the target, exploding into a sonic boom [Singular or closely clustered opponents](In Ashura Jin Mode this arte is transformed into the Fist of Susanoo)
Jeet Kun Doh-Jin channels mana through his leg and releases it with a rolling side Kick forming a crescent Mana blade slicing his opponent [Neutral mana Singular attack]
Ki Shim Ra-A blinding flurry of Strikes to the chest that are charged with Lightning Mana[Singular based Lightning affinity/chance to stun]
Call of the Wild-Channels his primal energy as he charges his foe and quickly hits them with an elbow jab, followed by a clawing rake he then flickers behind them and gives them a Palm blast to the spine. Chained with a right knee and reverse spinning push kick knocking them off their feet, he then fragments and hits them with a barrage of thrown weapons. Before ending it with a quick straight creating an ionic explosion (each hit of the combo charges the opponent with negative mana and the final strike acts as the trigger) [singular opponent]
Dragons Dance-The user flickers around the opponent hitting them in their vital points charging them with Mana before setting it off with a snap of his fingers causing the Mana to explode into a Dragon before dissipating [short range one on one attack](Changes when linked with a Martial artist)

Quatro-Genji channels Neutral mana from his core and swirls it around his body in four seprate directions,they flow out to each appendage and he sends them erupting forth in four directions as Fangs or claws of destruction and erupt upon contact with his targets[one to four targets at once]can be used with any weapon that is not ranged only)

Black arrow-Genji channels his mana into a bow and forms a giant arrow that when fired it sends out shockwaves outwards as it flows down it's path until it's energy is released in a massive explosion[(can be charged with any element that Genji needs to get the job done)straight line with a 4 foot diameter around the arrow/cluster explosion](when in Awakening Jin Black arrow becomes Obsidian Gungir and it's output parameters are tripled)

Splinter-Genji charges the shaft of the arrow with a good amount of mana and when the arrow releases it factures into fifteen smaller homing arrows that slam into the target all at once causing a moderate amount of damage[One target at any range](this arte can be used with thrown weapons as well)

Dance of thousand blades-Genji summons a thousand bladed weapons that rain down from the sky and plunge to the ground below(it is not uncommon for some of his foes to be struck by the fallling blades)once upon te ground Genji forms mana tethers that bring the blade to him for his onslaught,the arte does not finish until all blades are buried inside target(s)[This is either used on a impressive foe or used to defeat hundreds as it is rather draining to inact](when in Awakened Jin state it becomes Rain of ten thousand blades)

Thanatos cleaver-Genji grips the handel of his weapon with both hands and drags his blade upwards from the ground that sends a wide arcing windscar style slash that splits the earth around it until collides with it's intended target and erupts in such a powerful force that it launches them into the air[Dark/Fire affinty slash that goes in a straight line,used for launching his foes in the air](only useable with two-handed weapons)

Decsending Damnnation-Genji flickers into the air and slams his weapon into launched foes and sends them hurtling into the ground creating a crater from the sheer force[Uses Light and earth/targets single foe launched in air]

Howling Salvo-Genji slide across the ground sending a barrage of mana charged shots into launched foes that he ends with a back shot that ignites the sky with a large explosion damaging all caught within it[can be charged with any element,juggles one to five launched targets ](Guns)

Aserting authority-Genji taunts his opponet with his nonchuk skill before bitch slapping them with the chucks[short range moderate damage]

Flicker-a movement arte that makes Genji look that allows him to move across the field with extreme ease[used for movement purposes only]

MT's Lotus Dance-Genji grips two katanas in his hands and his feet and strikes while in perpetual motion making it impossible to read as he mixes in Fangs and Ieatsu strikes[can take on 1 to 100 opponnets with attacks ranging from Moderate to massive]

Reaping slash-A wicked Dark affinty slash that travels at the speed of light[single strike for moderate damage easy to use]

Spirit Artes: Ieatsu Focus-
Haku heshinan-
Haku Masunari-
Haku Shen-

(The artes that take time to charge up Mana before casting. Usually elemental, you will have many more artes that relate to your Mana Affinity. For example, if your affinity is Fire and Light, The majority of your artes will be composed of those elements. Again, be as creative as you want.)

Linked Artes: (Conditional artes that can only be used when paired up with a partner. You don't have to have any, but if you do, remember to categorize them according to the partners you have. You can also have a single Linked Mystic Arte with every partner if you want.)

Mystic Artes: (The most powerful artes you can use in battle when using your Style Shift. Be very creative with their effects, which can range from damage/heal to straight up map wiping damage. If you have multiple effects in an arte, remember to be reasonable in balancing the effects. You can't have one Mystic Arte that does everything under the sun. You can have up to three.)

Equipment: (Whatever weapons, armor, accessories, items and other things you have on you at any time. Another thing you can be creative and fun with. Can be played for jokes.)

Partners: (Your friends or colleagues that you go on adventures with and aid with various things. You can only use Linked Artes with a set Partner, though our characters can all use Linked Artes together when they fight. You should put a brief description of why you're partners and your relationship.)

Sheena Fubyashi

Naomi(Nyotengu) Kresnik

Kenya Nolan



Personal Records: A boy woke up in the remmants of a a smouldering lab, with ancient symbols on the back of his neck that mean "Jin" he had nothing no memories, no person to help him just a voice in the back of his headcompelling him to move.Not that he had a choice as his body moved on it's own, and no matter where he went he seemed to be drawn to these indiviuals that were known as heroes to the masses. He first ran into Mint and Cress Albane and upon seeing him injured Mint tried to help only to struck by the Being known as Jin rendering her unable to walk.Cress grew angery and engaged the Jin in a fight and while they went at it for hours but Cress got the upperhand and cleaved the Jin's face open and it blacked out.When he awoke their was a letter from Mint saying that she hoped he was able to get help for his condition, this only filled the voice that echoed in his mind with more anger and thus he continued to travel. Next came Ludger whom went chromatus after the Jin nearly killed Rollo the cat, their fight ended with Ludger's lance periecing his eye.And as the boy fell to his knees bleeding from were his eye once was he say some dark gear device on the tip of Ludger's lance which shattered as the boy passed out. When the boy woke up he no longer felt restricted but his body still moved on it's own were he ran into Yuri lowel, Estelise and Karol, after his body knocked out Karol and broke Estelise's arm.Yuri beat him and sliced open his collar bone and as the boy faded from the world he heard Estelise cry out "His eyes their burning red".Then came Reid and all the others until the boy was covered in scars he had no home and with the word of him being this evil being he had no one. yet his body still went on somehow until he met a women her name was Nyotengu and she had come to end him,but as they fought she noticed his body was moving on it's own and so she began to bark orders at him The first was "Fight" this confused the boy and as she kept screaming it he grew so angry that he felt his body come under control and he speared her to the ground.After a long and exstensive process she made the boy become the controller of his own body and gave him a will of his own.She then claimed him as hers, she then set about getting him a name and the one they found fit was Genji and thus the boy became Genji.And Genji had Nyotengu and she helped him grow as a person as he made his own way as a warrior.Before long they found themselves in a

(Some details of your past, present, and possible goals for the future. You don't have to be TOO detailed, but put just enough to show that your character isn't a one dimensional bore. Can be practically anything you want. Feel free to write about how you met any of your partners.)
Still in progress!

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A New Generation of Heroes

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