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Part 1: Friend and Friend, Foe and Foe, Friend and Foe

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PostSubject: Part 1: Friend and Friend, Foe and Foe, Friend and Foe   Thu 28 Aug 2014, 23:15

10000 years ago, the Temporal Crossroads that connected all the worlds, separated by the Schism, was opened. To those living in their respective worlds, the event was seen as the beginning of the end. Gods, Deities and Entelexeia; beings of immense and unimaginable power appeared and threw all the worlds into chaos. Those who had lived their lives in those split off worlds had undergone many tribulations to achieve various ends. Many heroes had risen to save their worlds in the past, but they weren't equipped or prepared to face down the threat of these beings that exceeded every limit there was. Just when all hope seemed lost, a new existence entered these worlds. With enough power to fight back those who had crossed over and caused unparalleled destruction, the newcomers were seen as the champions the worlds needed.

Primordial Spirit Maxwell, Lord of Spirits. Commanding the Four Great Elemental Spirits: Efreet, Undine, Sylph, and Gnome.

Primordial Spirit of the Void, Origin. Wielder of the Eternal Sword.

Primordial Spirit of Time, Chronos. Master of the ebb and flow of time.

Primordial Spirit of Space, Sekundes. Sovereign of all space.

King of Transcendence, Reishin Lunargale. Disciple of Chronos and Sekundes. Wielder of Ravelt, the Blade of Transcendent Hope. Master of the Great Spirit Muzet.

Moonlight Queen, Rialiya Lunargale. Master of the Great Spirit of the Moon, Luna and the Great Spirit of Light, Aska.

God of Preservation, Duke Pantarei. Disciple of Origin. Wielder of Dein Nomos, the Sword of Eternity. Partner of the Entelexeia Elucifur.

Milla Kresnik. Disciple of Maxwell. Wielder of the Lance of Will, Lance of Creation.

Mother of Fate, Yulia Jue.

Celestial Father of Spirit Artes, Dhaos.

Seraph of Order, Yggdrasil.

Aided by the Four Primordial Spirits, the Seven Legendary Heroes faced down the Gods, Deities and Entelexeia. Through various battles of epic proportions, the 11 Champions repelled the threats of these three overwhelming existences in what would collectively become known as the War of the Schism. As it happened, the source of the troubles was the Schism itself, which had divided the worlds. The Gods, Deities and Entelexeia, bearing their immense power had all been secluded to a single world in order to protect the mortals living in other worlds. As a result of being locked away, their frustration had mounted to the point where they'd united to force the Temporal Crossroads open and enter the other worlds as they pleased. Realizing that the entire problem was something as simple as deprivation, Reishin Lunargale offered the solution of destroying the Schism and uniting all the worlds, to bridge the gap between mortals and those beyond them. For all with life to live in peace and harmony. It took quite a bit of finesse and persuasion, but Reishin successfully convinced the Four Primordial Spirits to do as he asked, dispelling the Schism and putting all the world together like flawless stitch work. The Primordial Spirits, were reluctant, but agreed only because of the respect they all had for Reishin, as the strongest of the Seven Heroes. There was a condition, however. This would be something of a trial period to see how things worked out. The Primordial Spirits devised a unique ritual that would have people aim to complete certain conditions in order to reach the created holy ground, the Land of Canaan. There, the Spirit Origin would grant a wish to the first to reach him. This was to be a fail-safe, in the event that the new world became a liability.
The title King of Transcendence is said to have come from Reishin Lunargale's efforts in transcending the barriers of the Schism, the cultural divides of the various worlds, and the differences between all the people within, while uniting mortals, Spirits, Gods, Deities and Entelexeia.

The time period after the joining of the worlds came to be known as the Saga of Genesis, as there were various incredible changes. Due to the worlds being combined, there was a surge in Mana, granting an immeasurable life force to nature. As a result, people were able to make numerous great advances in technology to raise the standard of life. Dhaos taught the mortals how to cast Spirit Artes using the Mana flowing through their bodies, which added to the advancements, as people learned how to cast various other Spirit Artes to aid in everyday life. Yulia founded the Order of Lorelei, which served as the governing body that was charged with keeping the world at peace and in balance. For thousands of years, there was a calm without war or discrimination. However, with the disappearance of the 11 Champions through the Temporal Crossroads, things shifted. War returned, along with discrimination. Spirit Artes became used not only for things in life, but as crucial weapons in war. Gods, Deities, Entelexeia and Spirits became reclusive in many cases, avoiding mortals. Ever since the Champions left, the world has shifted between times of peace and times of war. Alliances were formed between people who became collectively classified according to the world they originated from.
Recently, there have been various strange phenomena occurring. Paradoxical dimensions that varied from the original world began to appear. In general, people haven't noticed this, though some unlucky souls have been dragged in and trapped in these new Fractured Dimensions. The cause is yet unknown, however the problems arising from these Fractured Dimensions have caught the attention of those beyond the Temporal Crossroads. The legend of Canaan has become known as Origin's Trial, and was said to have had an expiration date of sorts. Could the appearance of these Fractured Dimensions be the signal that Origin's Trial must be completed...?


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Part 1: Friend and Friend, Foe and Foe, Friend and Foe

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