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To Bring About the Ultimate End - The Jutsu Finale

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PostSubject: To Bring About the Ultimate End - The Jutsu Finale   Sat 07 Dec 2013, 20:03

The 4th Generation wasn't entirely sure what occurred during the 4th Ninja War because what they thought to be the end game bout was in fact an illusion placed forth by the jutsu Infinite Tsukiyomi. The 4th generation thought to have defeated Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Madara and the legendary ten tails, Juubei. The version of the Infinite Tsukiyomi that Madara had used in the 4th Ninja War was in fact one of two versions of the Infinite Tsukiyomi. The two versions are known as Infinite Tuskiyomi: Alpha and Infinite Tsukiyomi: Sigma. The version Madara used was Sigma. The versions Sigma and Alpha are similar to the Izanami and Izanagi but instead of being limited to one host it is able to be used on more than one person at a time. Madara used Sigma on the Ninja Alliance to make it appear as they defeated him during the war, when in truth he never was defeated after he broke free of the Edo Tensei and became counted amongst the living once again. Gaining his soul back Hashirama Senju was no longer on par with Madara. Madara was just as powerful as the Sage of the Six Paths but with one downfall...he did not have access to all the jutsu in existence as his ancestor did. During the 4th Ninja War the Ninja Alliance was able to defeat Uchiha Obito and seal the Juubei once again. No one expected that Madara would of survived. But...just what has Madara been doing all this time? Surely being the new Sage of the Six Paths he could of wiped out the Ninja Alliance any time he pleased, what was he scheming? His younger brother Uchiha Izuna was now running the show on orders from his older brother. Little did the 5th Generation know that Madara was secretly pulling the strings behind scenes and letting the Ninja Alliance think that Izuna is the mastermind behind the plan. However, there is a weakness behind both versions of the Infinite Tsukiyomi. The hosts that it was used on are able to defeat the caster of the jutsu if they all sacrifice themselves. You see, the caster of such a jutsu has to mark the hosts with his chakra ,in a sense, in order for it to work with sure satisfaction. Shortly after the death of Uchiha Kyo, Uchiha Sync found out that Madara was alive and well and exactly what he was planning. Not letting what he knew onto anybody he secretly created a plan to lure Izuna and Madara out and eradicate them both in one fell swoop. Somewhere during the 3 years Sync had vanished, he held a meeting for the shinobi of the 4th & 3rd Generations and shared with them the only way of defeating Madara for good this time. The plan was known as the Jutsu Finale - Genesis End.
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To Bring About the Ultimate End - The Jutsu Finale

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