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Those Who Challenge Fate

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He Who Was Born With the First Troll and Shall Perish With the Last

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PostSubject: Those Who Challenge Fate   Fri 30 Nov 2012, 22:21

Name: (What everyone calls you. The continent or kingdom you hail from.)

Titles: (Accolades given or granted by friends, foes and acquaintances.)

Race: (Human, Krityan, Dwarven, Elven, Half Elven, Beastrace, Birdrace, Faerie, Half Breed, Branded. If there's another race you wish to be, tell me and I'll ponder it.)

Loyalty: (The Kingdom, Organization or Guild you are affiliated and loyal to. You can't be related to or be from Weccea.)

Rank: (Your position with whom you are loyal to. If with a kingdom, Captain, Lieutenant or whatever. If a Guild, then who you are in said Guild.)

Age: (How old you are. Obviously you know how humans age. Other races age at varying rates. If you're older than you look then be sure to say so.)

Appearance: (How you look at any time. Describe or put a picture. Include height, weight and any other features you have on your body.)

Traits: (The way you behave and feel about certain things. What annoys you, makes you happy, etc. At least 5 traits. Physical traits can also be described.)

Fonic Frequency: (The Fonon/Element your affinity lies with. Only one- Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness, Light, Sol or Luna.)

Fighting Style: (How you battle, your style name. Who taught it to you or if you're self taught.)

Blast Caliber: (Your basic style of fighting. The name and an overview of the style's focus. Blast Caliber is the style from which you can use your novice to intermediate Fonic Artes or base to arcane Strike Artes. You can fight for a long time since this is how you normally are and you expend little Mana. Some artes may only be available from this Caliber.) (Be unique and creative.)

Burst Caliber: (Your most powerful style of fighting mastered through countless hours of training. The name and overview of the focus the Caliber deals with. Burst Caliber is the style you switch to to cast your most powerful advanced Fonic Artes, your altered Fonic Artes [Altered Fonic Artes are special forms of your intermediate or advanced artes that can have different effects], your altered Strike Artes [Higher forms and degrees of base or arcane artes. Altered artes usually serve as a variation between artes or a continuation, like utilizing a different element with the arte.], and your Burst Artes. You expend more energy in this Caliber and can become exhausted quite easily at times. Also describe what happens when you shift to Burst Caliber. Some artes may only be used from this Caliber.) (Be unique and creative.)

God Caliber: (A fighting style that transcends any possible limits of a warrior and brings them to the lengths of godhood and beyond temporarily. From here you can unleash your Mystic Artes, the most powerful techniques in existence. God Caliber can only be accessed by those who are the strongest of the strong. It depletes your energy and may leave you in a coma, unconscious or dead.) (You can fill this out whenever you wish. Just keep in mind that we can't use it for a long time so you have plenty of time to think about it. I will let you know when this comes into play for us.)

Fonic Artes: (These are magical attacks like launching a fireball or calling a swarm of meteors. These are spells that call for staying still and focusing to cast.) (You really only have to put the names of the artes as long as you can remember what each one does. If you explain the arte however, you won't need to do so within the RP itself, where as if you don't you'll always have to write the detail when you use the arte in the RP. I recommend that you describe the artes.) (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Altered- Novice Artes have short to very little casting time. Intermediate Artes take longer for better results. Advanced and Altered Artes take quite some time for extremely powerful high class spells. Novice Artes can be cast instantly like strike artes while in Burst Caliber and Intermediate has half the cast time.)

Strike Artes: (Attacks involving your body and weapons that can be used on the spot unlike Fonic artes) (I recommend you describe them.) (Base, Arcane and Altered.)

Burst Artes: (These are your 2nd most powerful techniques unleashed from Burst Caliber. They can be magic based, strike based or even a combo of both.) (You are limited to having 9 burst artes at most. The first Burst Arte is the primary, non elemental one with the subsequent 8 being the elemental variations of it.)

Dual Artes: (Artes performed with a friend. Burst Arte level. Can be used from Blast Caliber or Burst Caliber.)

Team Artes: (Artes performed with 2 or more friends. Mystic Arte level. Can only be used from Burst Caliber. These can't be used over and over as each person expends a huge amount of Mana.)

Mystic Artes: (Unleashed from God Caliber this is your most powerful technique/s. As mentioned above this doesn't come into play for us for quite some time. You can go ahead and fill this out or wait.) (You can only have 3 mystic artes by the end.)

Equipment: (What you carry with you. Weapons and any armor. Personal items, herbs, accessories, or blastia. Describe what they are and if they have special uses.) (You can change your equipment at any time through the rp, just make it a believable amount of items.)

Friends/Family/Associates: (Anybody you know well enough to mention as well as your relationship with them. Companions, rivals, friends, family, etc. If they are a warrior just describe their fonic frequency and fighting style at least.)

Records: (Your past. Anything that shaped the person you are today. Anything important in your past. Doesn't have to be too long. Just enough to get the point of your life across.)


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He Who Was Born With the First Troll and Shall Perish With the Last

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PostSubject: Re: Those Who Challenge Fate   Thu 13 Dec 2012, 19:10

Name: Reishin Fairchild of Charis (He is claimed to be from Charis, though not everyone really believes him.)

Titles: Enigmatic Swordsman- You are the first person to ever learn the ancient Anemos fighting style! Or are you...?
Reishin the Silver Dragon- You met with the Mad King Ashnard, and rather than quiver in fear, you actually made him acknowledge your strength! The Mad King himself has become rather fond of you and granted this title.
The Silver Dragon of Kimlasca- The title granted by Ashnard has been modified by the people who have seen your strength of will.
Legendary Food Fighter- You met the Wonder Chef and took on every challenge he threw at you! Dish after dish, you continued to eat without a sign of strain! The Wonder Chef has resolved to defeat you with a single dish one day. To this end, you have been granted this title until the day you are beaten! It also came with a cool pin for your clothes.

Race: Anemos Branded. Child of the Rending Tempest.

Loyalty: Has pledged absolute loyalty to the Kingdom of Kimlasca, its Royal Family and its people. Adopted son of the illustrious Fairchild family.

Rank: Captain of Squad 10 in Kimlasca's Royal Knights. Personal bodyguard and knight of Princess Natalia. He is considered to be irreplaceable in the Kingdom and has earned Emperor Peony's absolute faith and trust.

Age: 19

Appearance: Reishin is 6'0 and weighs approximately 175 lbs. He has long straight platinum silver hair that ends just past his neck, it is usually tied back in a ponytail. He has bangs parted from the forehead that reach down just past his eyes. Normally, he wears a predominantly black battle coat with silver trim on the sleeves and an ancient golden rune on the back. Underneath the coat he wears a dark blue sleeveless chinese style silk vest with red buttons. He wears black pants with gold trim down the sides. He keeps his sword/s at either side or on his back, usually hung from a strap.
Reishin's left eye is a light violet and his right is an ocean blue. At certain times his eyes seem to glow a mixture of gold and red. He has a purple brand on his back in the form of a storm of wind and lightning.

Traits: Reishin is driven by his loyalty to Kimlasca. He wouldn't hesitate to give his life for others. His closest friends are the only family he needs. He radiates a cool, calm and refreshing atmosphere that positively influences those around him. His cool demeanor is usually shown while he's on a mission or in presence of others but he lets loose when with his friends. He is always on guard even when he should be having fun, but he never actually lets others know this. He is confident in his ability and knows what he can and can't handle, which he will tell others up front even though he will still do things he is incapable of. When something gets him worked up, he can become very anal, stoic and strict, though this attitude fades after he starts to relax. He's extremely stubborn and won't budge once his mind is set on something. He has a habit of being incredibly insensitive and harsh with what he says at times, though he doesn't even notice it until his friends bring it up. He finds great thrill and excitement in battle and especially loves one on one duels with a worthy and powerful opponent. During situations in which he is lost in battle, he loses all senses not regarding the fight, and becomes insanely wild and primal which sort of scares his friends at times, though they can tell when he is about to go wild due to a specific type of smile he has. He doesn't approve of cowards, traitors and two faced people. He will become annoyed and angry when anybody questions his loyalty, even slightly. He is strategical when calm, but sometimes lets his judgment be ruled by his heart and emotions rather than logic. He usually acts on spur of the moment impulses and instincts however, and never second guesses himself unless a friend is harmed due to his actions. He can be amazingly manipulative and charming to the point that he can usually get others to say or do things they normally wouldn't, with ease. Reishin is almost always a gentleman but loses all formality when angered, cases of anger happening most often when someone insults Natalia or Cheria. Reishin refuses to be hit in the back boasting that "it's shameful for a swordsman to have wounds on his back", he really believes this but the main reason is because of his brand. He unwillingly picks up attention from girls wherever he goes and has a habit of natural flirting when he talks to them. This often gets him in trouble with Natalia, Cheria and Mirajane. He looks up to his Master, Duke Pantarei, as well as his "big brothers" Jade Curtiss and Emperor Peony who are role models for him. He usually avoids taking lives when he can, but won't hesitate when it comes down to it. According to Sothe, Reishin actually enjoys taking lives to a certain degree though he denies this.
Reishin is unable to use fonic artes and so he prides himself on being superior in terms of physical strength and strike artes. He is ambidextrous and wields his blade the same way in both hands and either direction. As one of the Branded, Reishin has great potential and superior regenerative abilities. He is possibly the greatest multitasker in the world and can do loads of different things at one time without losing the slightest bit of concentration on anything, this trait makes him one of the best body guards anybody could ever have if not the best. He is both adaptable and unpredictable, being able to instantly change the way he fights to deal with any situation he faces without pause. Reishin also has an incredible lung capacity with which he can hold his breath for over an hour.
Reishin is also one of the last few Anemos left in the world, though Duke told him to keep this a secret along with his Branded status. As an Anemos, Reishin has the ability to telepathically communicate with others selectively or as a group, with the ability being more efficient the closer he is to someone and even better when used with another Anemos. Telepathy is best with Rialiya as they are twins and can share even the most intimate or complex experiences and memories with one another as well as communicate across great distances so long as there's no Aer interference. It's also possible to create a psychic projection of himself across distances to convey information and the projection is practically a physical copy in his case. Along with this, Reishin also has the ability of telekinesis to a certain extent and will use it as needed in order to retrieve something. They also have the ability to read minds, but refrain from this entirely unless there's no other option in a situation as it's the greatest violation of privacy.
He thanks Cheria repeatedly for helping him "develop the ability to have the perfect memory" though she continues to tell him that a perfect memory can't be taught or given.

Fonic Frequency: Reishin is a 4th Fonist with his affinity being in Wind/Lightning. He uses Mana to perform elemental Strike Artes, as he is incapable of casting Fonic Artes.

Fighting Style: Gladius Tractius (Sword of Time and Space)- The greatest sword technique in the ancient Anemos culture. The style primarily uses katana for battle. The user attacks swiftly, often faster than the eyes can see, going beyond even the senses. The style is named for being a transcendental blade art that surpasses the bounds of space and time. The style is meant to mix peerless swordplay with powerful Fonic Artes, however Reishin compensates for this by developing Strike Artes powerful enough to match Fonic Artes. This style actually works much better overall as well.
Reishin learned this style from Duke, but in reality, he had always known the style and was just revisiting it under Duke's tutelage.

Blast Caliber: Rending Tempest- Regarding the term ,"A wise falcon hides his talons", Reishins Blast Caliber takes that same approach during a fight. He fights with his blade sheathed, relying on his vastly superior speed, skill, foot work and reflexes, moving around all over the place skillfully kicking the crap out of his enemies and bashing them with his sheathed blade, striking with the might of a swift tempest. He can also switch to the defensive and dodge continuously while looking for an opening to counter. The only times he unsheathes his blade is when he is using a strike arte or aiming for a finish or a kill. When he is facing a powerful opponent however this changes as he will keep his blade unsheathed more often than usual.

Burst Caliber: Void Trance- While using his Burst Caliber, Reishin unsheathes his blade and utilizes all of his skills and artes in sync, rhythmically swinging his sword while using his sheathe as a second blade or for defending. He moves around raining down a merciless storm of destruction upon his opponents. He gains access to his Altered Strike Artes and his Transcendental Blade Burst Artes. When activating his Burst Caliber, a hazy black storm of wind bursts forth from Reishin's body, wrapping around him as an aura shroud and covering him for the duration.

God Caliber: Limitless Void of Eternity

Fonic Artes: Reishin is the only person who can use the unique Fonon Frequency within the 4th Fonon variants known as Void. He is unable to use the Fonic Style however and is believed incapable of using Fonic Artes.

Base Strike Artes: After all base artes requiring the use of his sword, Reishin sheathes unless in Burst Caliber.

Dragon Fang- Reishin unsheathes his blade and swings at the same time, unleashing a high speed purple fang forged of wind toward his enemies. The Fang can be curved toward angles upon release. [1 target. Can release multiple fangs in a chain. Mid range.]

Zephyr Rend- Reishin moves toward the enemy, unsheathes his blade, slashes the enemy, phases through the enemy, swings the blade again horizontally at the enemy's back and sheathes the blade in one lightning fast moment that often breaks guard or staggers the target. At the speed of this arte it seems as if Reishin simply passes through the enemy like a ghost. [1 target. Can create a chain of artes through this one. Short range.]

Crushing Kicks- Reishin delivers two swift consecutive kicks, a roundhouse followed by a hook kick, to the enemy following up with a jump back kick that knocks the enemy back. [1 target. 3 hits. Short range.]

Wind Blast- Reishin gathers white wind around his free hand and palm strikes an enemy releasing the wind for an explosive strike. [1 target. Knocks an enemy down. Short range.]

Storm Raid- Creates a large silver chakram of wind and spins around launching it off at high speed. Multiple enemies in arc. Chakram can be controlled momentarily after being thrown though Reishin is defenseless during this time. [Can be used in midair. Long range.]

Void Sphere- Reishin raises his sheathed blade defensively as a 2 meter black wind sphere surrounds his body creating a shield. As the name suggests, everything within the sphere is erased and damage can barely penetrate. He cannot move while this arte is active. If an enemy is within the sphere they are wounded and this can be used offensively if Reishin is already in motion when the arte is used.

Afterspark- Reishin simply swings his sword and whether the swing connects or not, the target is struck by a bolt of yellow lightning a moment afterwards. This arte never misses. [1 target. Multiple ranges.]

Net of Despair- Reishin dashes forward, back or to either side sending a variety of quick weak slashes through space and time to catch the opponent. This arte can trap enemies for varying seconds. The arte is purely for counter use. [1 target. To the untrained eye it seems as if he barely moved without doing anything. Short range.]

Heavens Blades- Creates multiple red blades of Mana and launches them into the clouds letting them rain down upon opponents. [Multiple targets. Long range.]

Blossom Storm- Reishin vanishes in a storm of rose petals appearing near an enemy to unsheathe his blade and create a chance to strike, the flowers immobilize nearby enemies. This disorients the enemy and confuses them. Can be used as a counter or distraction. [1 target. Mid range.]

Super Ultimate Demon Champion Wargod Slash- An arte in which Reishin intimidates his enemies with the dangerous and heroic sounding name, and then using their fear against them, he moves in and simply sends the enemy flying with a single kick. This is one of his joke artes usually used for entertainment. It should however be noted that the single kick is extremely forceful. [1 target. Short range.]

Arcane Strike Artes: Reishin sheathes after any arte that isn't exclusive to Burst Caliber.

Howling Circle- Reishin spins in a quick circle unsheathing his blade and swinging to release a powerful blue wind that cuts any target close by. [Multiple targets in short outward radius. From Burst Caliber the circle becomes a vortex that can be directed. Short range.]

Lunar Dance- Reishin rushes the enemy and quick draws his blade delivering 4 quick strikes while circling around the enemy before sheathing which knocks them away. [1 target. Blast Caliber exclusive. Short range.]

Dragon Pulse- Reishin dashes forward lunging with his blade and releasing a great burst of red wind that will carry enemies struck successfully. [Multiple targets in a line. Burst Caliber exclusive. Multiple ranges.]

Brutal Beat- Reishin attacks with a surprisingly graceful barrage of kicks all delivered with the same leg to the same target in succession and without pause. As he gets more into the rhythm of the arte, the hits rise higher. [Minimum hits is 12 and maximum is 144. 1 target. Short range.]

Thunder God Blade- Reishin forges a massive 10 meter blade of pure lightning, blue and red in color, and tosses it into opponents. The arte has extreme piercing power and explodes upon hitting something hard enough creating a torrent of lightning in the aftermath. [Multiple targets in a large radius. This arte expends lots of Mana so it may be impossible to use other high level artes until Mana regenerates. Mid range.]

Dividing Edge- Reishin dashes forward to kick an enemy into the air and follows after, delivering a quick midair volley of attacks moving through the air like a falcon and hitting the enemy from different directions before dropping down from directly above and piercing the enemy with the Mana charged blade, leaving it there as he touches down and the energy explodes outward grounding the enemy as Reishin catches the blade. [1 target. 5 hits or more with the ending blast able to hit other enemies in range. Usually starts from the ground but can be initiated from the air if a target is close enough in midair. Mid range.]

Thunderous Assault- Reishin attacks with a series of kicks taking the enemy/enemies into the air and bringing his hand down to launch a severely damaging red lightning bolt that blasts the enemies. [3 targets at most. Anywhere from 5 to 30 hits. Short range.]

Lightning Barrage- Reishin becomes one with silver lightning and creates up to 7 clones. The 8 attack together delivering inescapably quick blows to the enemies before moving above and surging downward for powerful static explosions. Each clone is able to utilize all base artes while the original can still use any artes he wishes until the end. The barrage can last anywhere from 5 seconds up to 30. Any number of targets. This arte requires a ton of stamina and after this arte is finished Reishin cannot move for at least 10 seconds while he regains his energy depending on which artes are utilized during this time. [Burst Caliber exclusive. Multiple ranges.]

Brilliant Cross- Reishin tosses his blade up into the air jumping up into a front flip to grab it and perform a downward stab to the ground creating a very large cross of bright white light that purges any enemies in range. Reishin takes a bit to pull his blade from the ground after this arte so it can't be linked with others. [The cross is varying with 30 meters in any direction at most. Mid range.]

Fatal Bet- Reishin transforms his sheathe into a blade by covering it in energy, he then charges his Mana to a great level and swings both sword and sheathe almost simultaneously creating an x slash of pure mana that rends time and space and berates enemies brutally. [The sooner the arte hits, the more hits are dealt. Mid Range. The arte takes a few seconds to charge making it a bet that could be fatal to either Reishin or the target.]

Infinite Destruction- Reishin continuously swings his blade at his targets, launching aerial slashes with each compounding slash dealing increased damage. This arte continues until he's hit or decides to call it off, usually when the enemy is done for. [All targets in front of him. Infinite hits. Burst Caliber exclusive. Multiple ranges. Reishin is left open during this time.]

Perpetual Ruin- Reishin becomes one with the sky teleporting about the field unpredictably to others and comes from all directions smashing down and across as powerful bursts of black energy engulf his enemies. His limit is normally 15 teleportations after which he stalls for time if needed to regain energy. In his recharge time he can only perform Base Artes sparingly. [Burst Caliber exclusive. Multiple ranges.]

Altered Strike Artes:

Dragon Chaos- Releases 3 Dragon Fangs in one burst. The arte takes one swing for all 3 fangs to be released in one direction or selected directions. Fangs can divide and re-converge at one target or start in a line and break off. [Multiple targets. Mid range.]

Sky God Blade- More powerful version of Thunder God Blade aside from the lightning blade being black and purple. Violent silver winds now surround the Blade and along with the lightning torrent released on impact, a wind gust tears things apart. [Multiple targets in a very large radius. Mid range. Expends a huge amount of Mana causing Reishin to go on the defense until recovering energy.]

Zantetsuken- Altered form of Lunar Dance. Reishin quickly shuffles with build up steps and swings his sword sending a slash through space to strike the enemy. The blade is sheathed as the attack is finished. There is a high chance that the hit will be an instant kill to weaker enemies. [1 target. Multiple ranges. Can be used in chained succession given the chance.]

Guardian Wind- Altered form of Howling Circle. Reishin lifts his blade into the air summoning a column of purple air around him that allows him to heal allies in range and repel nearby enemies. [Medium radius. Short range.]

Sakura Stream- Altered Blossom Storm. Sakura petals fly around Reishins blade and as he swings it, the sakura burst onto the enemy in a stream that cuts the enemies. [Multiple targets in way of stream. Arte can be used multiple times in one moment. Multiple ranges.]

Ventus Deus Vadus Ire Iratus- The extension of Super Ultimate Demon Champion Wargod Slash. The original kick from the arte initiates an extensive barrage in which Reishin takes off after them and hacks away while creating incredible bursts of storming wind that thrash the enemy from all sides holding it in place, after the barrage Reishin swings his blade and a circular outward gust shoots the enemy forward where Reishin moves in an instant having a hand already charged with mana which he releases into the enemy in a large spherical form, the sphere of mana smashes into the enemy and grinds them to a solid surface where the sphere explodes on contact. [1 target. Short range. Very large radius from spherical impact.] This arte deactivates Burst Caliber upon use until energy can be regained. The artes name translates to "Where the wind goes, God's judgment shall follow".

Burst Artes:

Transcendental Blade- Reishin swings his blade with such speed and force that space actually tears open with each hit, he then sprints forward cutting the enemy a few more times as space explodes. 36 hits minimum. 72 hits maximum. [Multiple enemies if close together. Mid Range.]

Transcendental Blaze- Reishin spins his sheathed blade at extremely high speeds generating a white wind tunnel that rips through time and space, he unsheathes and swings his blade to ignite the tunnel with crimson/royal blue flames and incinerate his enemies. [Multiple targets in the tunnel. All targets in a line.]

Dual Artes: These are artes Reishin performs with a friend. Burst Arte level. Can be used from either Caliber.

Falling Roses- Performed with Natalia. Reishin attacks multiple enemies leaving rose petals in his wake on the enemies. Natalia fires arrows of light that home onto the roses piercing through the enemies. [Long range. Multiple targets.]

Radiant Dragons- Performed with Cheria. Cheria imbues Reishins blade with light and he rushes toward the enemies at blinding speed with a dragon of light surrounding his blade as he thrusts his blade and two dragons rise off his blade gnashing his enemies. [Multiple targets. Mid Range.]

Fatality Zone- Performed with Sothe. Sothe creates a veil of darkness blocking all sight and binding enemies. Reishin relies on his senses to determine enemy locations, performing Zantetsuken on all of them. [Multiple targets in a very large radius. Long range.]

Terra Cross- Performed with Hubert. Hubert creates an upheaval of the earth causing spires to rise and pierce enemies as Reishin drops down from above performing his Brilliant Cross that merges with the power of earth increasing distance and brutality. [Multiple targets. Mid range.]

Blade of Purgatory- Performed with Mirajane. Reishin performs Thunder God Blade and Mirajane empowers it with extreme fire. The attack creates an enormous explosion destroying many enemies. [Multiple targets within large radius. Mid range.]

Valiant Charge- Performed with Asbel. The two rush enemies at full power attacking from both sides in unison moving in a weaving fashion while leaving energy within the attacked enemies. At the end of their charge they both sheathe their blades and the enemies are blasted by wind and sol. [Multiple enemies in a wide line. Short range.]

Tidal Spark- Performed with Jade. Jade creates an enormous tidal wave engulfing enemies while Reishin imbues the wave with lightning. The enemies are destroyed between heavy water pressure and biting electricity. [All enemies around. Multiple ranges.]

Lunar Gale- Performed with Rialiya. Reishin performs Howling Circle as Rialiya imbues the wind with a majestic lunar shine. Through the fusion of wind and luna, enemies are pulled into the gale and shredded between wind and luna. [Anything sucked into the gale. Mid range.]

Team Artes: These are artes Reishin pulls off with 2 or more friends. Mystic Arte level. Used from Burst Caliber.

Twilight Blade- Performed with Cheria and Sothe. Cheria and Sothe imbue Reishins blade with the power of light and darkness becoming a towering blade. He swings it downward onto enemies while adding his own element into the mix, effectively erasing them from existence. [Multiple enemies in large line. Mid range.]

Elemental Shatter- Performed with Mirajane, Hubert and Jade. All 4 of them mix their respective elements of Wind, Fire, Earth and Water at full power. The combination brings forth a destructive elemental force that shatters the atmosphere and aniihilates every enemy. [All targets. Hits everything.]

Flamestorm Purge- Performed with Natalia, Mirajane and Rialiya. The power of wind, luna, light and fire come together in an epic storm of energy that destroys all enemies caught up in it. Wind, fire, light and luna mix into a hurricane that catches all targets and pulls in distant ones. [Multiple enemies. The Arte can be controlled by the 4 and moved to engulf even more enemies.]

Mystic Artes:

Eternal Blade of Perfect Annihilation-

Equipment: Font of Guidance, Caladbolg- The Caladbolg is a katana with a shiny golden blade that has a crimson flame-like edge and a black oval hand guard with white ancient runes inscribed upon them. Caladbolg was the blade of the sixth King and first Emperor of Kimlasca 1000 years ago, Emperor Darren. Reishin was entrusted with the blade by Emperor Peony upon being knighted by Princess Natalia. Caladbolg is named aptly so as only one who is true of valor and bravery along with possessing great strength can wield the blade. The blade is a badge of honor, showing strength of character and the ability to lead others through charisma alone. It was forged by the Anemos Blacksmith, Muramasa.
A few apple gels (Heals small wounds). A few orange gels (replenishes a small amount of Mana). He also has an old/ancient, seemingly plain katana which is the first weapon he received from Duke, though he usually leaves this in his room at the castle. This weapon happens to be a weapon known as Ravelt that was wielded by Reishin before his forced reincarnation over 1300 years ago.

Friends/Family/Associates: The only ones aware of Reishin and Rialiya being Branded are Duke, Cairn, Amelia, Jade, Cheria, Sothe and Ember. Only Duke, naturally, knows their identity as Anemos.

Rialiya Fairchild- 19 years old. Anemos Branded. Twin sister of Reishin Fairchild. 8th Fonist; Affinity, Luna. Child of the Chimerical Moon. Former Priestess of Anima.
Rialiya is very kind, caring and gentle. She is lovely and beautiful to any who see her. She is very charming and polite. She is incredibly spiritual and can connect empathetically with anybody and anything she meets. She is capable of feeling sympathy for just about anyone and can be easily swayed by the emotional words of others at times. She is very dreamy and dreams of various things throughout the day, often finding herself lost in her own thoughts until called back to reality, usually by Reishin. She is intelligent but quite naive as she usually likes to give people the benefit of the doubt in situations even if their stories or excuses are nonsensical and unrealistic. She tries to see good in everyone and in turn can be hurt easily when betrayed by someone. Due to her nature, Reishin is always looking out for her. Rialiya loves her brother more than anything and would never do anything to hurt him. When away from Reishin for too long, Rialiya tends to get lonely and withdrawn despite usually being in the company of her friends at the time. She has an unexplainable romantic attachment to Duke though she doesn't understand it herself at all and tries to refrain from mentioning it at any time, especially to Reishin. Rialiya shares the same psychic abilities as her brother, albeit to a greater degree of efficiency in all areas aside from telekinesis. She has a silver brand on her back in the form of a moon.
Rialiya washed up on the shores of Kimlasca, off the coast of the seaside port town Chora, alongside her twin brother Reishin at the age of 4. They were found clinging to one another by Kimlasca's young Princess Natalia and her best friend Cheria. They were at the beach with Jade, Asbel and Hubert, and got the boys upon finding them. In the capital of Grand Chokmah, Rialiya awoke after her brother in a room of the castle to find Reishin defensively staring down an amused Jade with Asbel interested, Natalia and Cheria confused, and Hubert hiding behind the girls in fear of Reishin's glare. When Cheria attempted to make nice with them, offering her hand to Rialiya, Reishin smacked her hand away to the surprise of everyone else before pulling his sister along with the phrase "Back the hell off bitch!" as Cheria and Hubert both cried. Rialiya didn't understand what was going on but she and Reishin came upon a seemingly dead end at the end of a hall as they were cornered by Jade and Asbel who tried to explain things to them. They were shocked, Rialiya included, when Reishin jumped out the nearby window and pulled his sister along, carrying her as he somehow dropped 5 stories safely with Rialiya crying now from the fright of the drop. Reishin carried his sister away from the castle grounds and into the city at an empty garden where he comforted Rialiya and got her to stop crying. He claimed he would protect her somehow just as they were found by some city guards led by Natalia and Asbel. Reishin quickly made his escape, carrying his sister and clearing a 5 foot fence in one leap. Reishin and Rialiya were chased down by Asbel relentlessly for over an hour as the chase led them back to the castle where they were trapped in when Natalia and Nephry intercepted them in the castle gardens with Jade joining on Asbels side to ensure they wouldn't run again. Rialiya clung to her brother as they were approached by the strangers. Something about Nephry reached out to the twins who submitted first to her with Rialiya following Reishin's lead. They were eventually coaxed into talking as the others introduced themselves. When Reishin introduced himself and Rialiya, they were led to an area behind the castle used as a training ground, Reishin spoke to Asbel and Natalia while Rialiya clung silently and shyly to her brother. They were introduced to Cheria and Hubert, and Jade got great entertainment of the event when Reishin apologized to Cheria for the way he treated her and what he said, revealing that he and his sister only knew basic language with Reishin saying "Sorry for calling you a bitch. I don't really know what a bitch even is, but it was just the first word that popped into my head!" With this, the children became fast friends and Rialiya first started to open up to Natalia who actively pursued talking to her. The twins met the young Emperor Peony along with the father of Asbel and Hubert, Lord Aston Lhant, as well as Lord Cairn Fairchild. As it turned out, Peony, Aston and Cairn had been watching the previous chase. Cairn and his wife, Amelia, as it happened, were unable to have children after trying for a few years, and so when the question of what to do with them came up, Cairn asked permission to adopt Rialiya and Reishin. They were brought to the Fairchild Manor in Grand Chokmah, and the next day while they were playing with Asbel, Hubert, Cheria and Natalia, Lady Amelia was escorted to the capital from the Fairchild owned city of Serenity where she was shocked to find that her husband had adopted Reishin and Rialiya. Upon meeting, Amelia fell in love with them as quickly as Cairn had just the day before. Cairn and Amelia discovered the two were Branded and accepted the fact. It only took a few days for the twins to warm up to their new parents afterwards and they lived as a happy family from then on, with Rialiya and Reishin spending the majority of their time with the other children. It was only a week after having been adopted that they met Duke. Duke was at the castle to meet with Peony and Jade, and spotted Reishin trying to practice with Asbel. Rialiya met Duke later during dinner that night. As she was seated with Reishin and the others, Duke entered the dining room and he could hardly contain his shock upon seeing the twins together, only magnified upon being introduced and hearing their names. They in turn were confused over his reaction, as was everyone else, but they both noticed that they felt an incredibly powerful connection to Duke. Duke quickly took Reishin on as his student which only added to the shock of everyone else as he had never shown interest in students prior. For the next 2 years, Duke had taken Reishin and Rialiya, mostly Reishin, along on trips all across the continent of Mihana, through Kimlasca and even Celestia, teaching them various things as well as informing them of their Anemos status and teaching them of basic Anemos history and skills. During this time they met Mirajane and Ember Rastein, the daughters of Lord Donovan Rastein. Mirajane being devious and manipulative while Ember was short tempered and violent, they were put in danger when they snuck out of the Rastein city of Ivalice, but managed to come out unharmed and ended up as friends. It was on their 7th birthday that they encountered Sothe. Rialiya was scared when Reishin and Sothe had a fight upon meeting, but they became quick friends after that with Sothe joining in with their mischievous little group. Shortly after this, Rialiya, along with their parents and everyone else, was sad upon learning that Duke and Reishin would be leaving Mihana to embark on a journey. Like Natalia, Cheria, Nephry and Amelia, Rialiya didn't want her brother to go. Reishin however, convinced her it would be ok. Everyone else eventually gave up on trying to convince him to stay and it was Cheria that shocked everyone when she literally begged Reishin not to leave them. Her brother stayed firm in his decision though and set out on a journey that would run 8 years. Rialiya was extremely withdrawn for a while but was accompanied in depression by Amelia. The years flew by and Mirajane had apparently snuck off to journey with Reishin and Duke, though she was forced to return home after 4 years. Over the years, Rialiya became very skilled in Fonic Artes as well as learning many support and healing artes. After 8 long years filled with unfortunate circumstances over Hubert being given to the Ozwells, Rialiya heard news that Reishin had returned with Duke. Reishin had kept in contact through their telepathy occasionally just to let Rialiya know he was still alive, and now he had returned to take part in the Rising Sun Tournament for up and coming knights to show their skills to the whole kingdom. Rialiya traveled to Barona with Cairn and Amelia where they met up with Natalia, Jade, Cheria, Mirajane, Ember and Sothe, learning that Reishin would participate as an exception though Cheria was seemingly indifferent to Reishin's presence in Barona. As Reishin and Duke were getting situated, Rialiya had no chance to meet them before the tournament started. She did however, meet Duke at the start and after their awkward reunion Duke joined in watching with the others. Asbel won the first fight followed by Hubert who won the second and everyone was worried when Reishin fought in the third match as he was losing due to nerves over being in front of such a big crowd. There was a heavy silence which Rialiya was going to break first until Cheria surprised everyone and became the first to cheer Reishin on despite having made everyone think she hated him. Everyone else cheered Reishin on after that and upon looking into the crowd to see all of them for the first time in 8 years, Reishin instantly changed the tide of battle, coming out on top with ease. Following this first victory, all his other matches went smoothly with Reishin breaking all the tournament records in match performance as his average match time was only 15 seconds. The semi-finals last fight came down to Reishin and Hubert and everyone noticed the two suddenly had some sort of violent rivalry going on now. Reishin conquered Hubert through an amazingly tough battle and moved on to the finals where he faced Asbel. Due to his narrow victory over Hubert, Reishin was unable to defeat Asbel, though he tried his hardest and ended up passing out halfway through the fight though he kept fighting unconsciously to everyone's amazement. There was a party to celebrate Reishin's return as well as the reunion of the friends. Rialiya cried tears of joy for the first time in 8 years when she embraced Reishin. She was happy when he reconciled with Cheria and got along with everyone like he had before aside from Hubert whom he kept a strange antagonistic relationship with. The following month, everyone was surprised when Reishin and Asbel were made Captains in the Royal Knights while Reishin was also knighted as Princess Natalia's first and only knight. Duke revealed that he wished to borrow Reishin for one last journey in which he would finish up the training. This time, Reishin had the full support of all his friends, his family as well as the rest of the kingdom who had grown fond of him after his performance in the tournament. It was 2 years later when Reishin returned to Kimlasca for good and took his position as the Captain of Squad 10 coming home to an extravagant party that encompassed all of Grand Chokmah and even beyond in his honor. During the party Reishin and Rialiya snuck away when they sensed Duke reaching out to them. Duke ended up leaving with the Entelexeia Khroma but ensured the twins they would meet again. Then next 2 years were jam packed full of excitement as Rialiya worriedly awaited Reishin when he went off on adventures with Squad 10, Rialiya was jealous that Mirajane and Cheria were joining him as members. During those 2 years they also had an action packed adventure in Gallia where they made many new friends and met again with Duke. Rialiya has been perfectly content spending even a small amount of free time with her beloved brother.
Rialiya fights using the chakrams known as Twin Moons which was given to her by Duke. Rialiya's Blast Caliber, First Moons, has her attacking from mid and long ranges with her chakrams while she unleashes Novice and Intermediate Fonic Artes and provides intermediate support and novice healing artes.
Rialiya's Burst Caliber, Lunar Storms, has her telekinetically controlling Twin Moons to attack from all ranges while casting powerful Advanced and Altered Fonic Artes and proving major Advanced Support Artes as well as Intermediate Healing Artes for her comrades. She chains Fonic Artes together with perfect execution and speed to bombard enemies with a storm of lunar might. When activating her Burst Caliber, the essence of the moon flows from her as her body is covered in a lunar glow. Rialiya's Burst Arte is Violet Surge.

Duke Pantarei- Over 1300 years old, gives age as over 200. Anemos, claims to be Elven. Hero of Riore, known to be the strongest in the world. 8th Fonist; Affinity, Luna. Former Goyousei member.
Duke used to be a serious man whose cold demeanor won the love of everyone around him coupled with his polite nature. Duke was never the type to make jokes as he was quite rigid. After the biggest event in his life when his best friend Reishin as well as his sister Rialiya, with whom Duke was in love, seemingly died right before his eyes, he resolved to become more like Reishin who was literally as free as the wind with his personality. Duke is still seemingly cold and apparently rather spiteful of those he meets for the first time, but he actually does try to make nice with people. He rarely jokes or smiles and when he does, the people around him misunderstand as he has bad timing and his jokes are seen as antagonistic put downs that usually end up making people cry. He had never been the type to take a student until a chance meeting with the reincarnations of Reishin and Rialiya. Upon meeting them, he again began to become softer and more approachable by others. He has a difficult time expressing hi feelings to the two however as he keeps their personal history a past from them.
1000 years ago, Duke and Reishin served as the two most powerful members of the Anemos' Goyousei with Rialiya as the Priestess. They were sent to the lands and seas beyond Charis, known as The Veil among the Anemos as they are the lands that Yulia wished free from Anemos influence. Every so often, the Goyousei would be chosen to watch over The Veil, a duty Duke and Reishin were chosen for back then. Taking Rialiya, along with the Entelexeia Phaeroh, Belius, Gusios and Khroma, they set out to The Veil. Upon entering, they split up with Belius and Gusios exploring the nature while Reishin, Rialiya and Khroma went one way and Duke and Phaeroh went another. The two groups embarked on totally different yet extensive journeys. Reishin and Rialiya's journey led them along a cataclysmic path which led them to meeting their fated companions, the Children of Catharsis. Duke's path led him along a heartbreaking path as he learned of the history of The Veil as well as the identity of the greatest threat, the Children of Catharsis, whom he came to know the identity of as the two he cared for most. Duke faced off with Reishin and the other children multiple times, Duke coming out on top the first two times before losing every other time. Phaeroh, Belius and Gusios also joined in the fray with the last fight when Reishin was called by Phaeroh and caught off guard when his old friend attacked him. He was protected by the other children who disobeyed Reishin in staying away. This battle ended in a draw as they were summoned back to the Anemos civilization when Maxwell and Sekundes appeared. Duke attended Reishins session where he explained everything he had experienced in The Veil. His story amazed everyone and Duke found himself doubting the threat now as his own best friend had made the lives of everyone in The Veil better through his actions. King Seyfert however, wanted to use Reishin and the Children as a power tool to coerce the citizens of The Veil into becoming Anemos slaves willingly. Duke was shocked at this while Reishin angrily declined and told off Seyfert. Reishin and Rialiya were both locked up. While speaking with Princess Evangeline of the dark situation, they heard that Reishin broke out. Duke met Reishin when he went to free Rialiya and Reishin was happy to find that his best friend would join them as he helped rescue her. The three fled the Anemos with the help of Khroma and Phaeroh but had to fight against Dhaos, Remiel and Barbatos, the three remaining Goyousei members. Reishin and Duke made short work of the three to the shock of everyone witnessing as the Gods Sekundes and Maxwell stepped up to bat. Their fight took them to Charis where Fortuna and Nereid also joined the battle. Belius and Gusios had brought the other Children of Catharsis to join the battle as King Seyfert arrived with his subjects. A violent battle took place and Duke and Reishins group came out victorious when combining their strength. It was then that the never before seen God of the 9th Fonon, known only as the Wise One, appeared surprising all. His power overwhelmed all as he had the power of all. After a devastating attack, they were protected by Reishin's Void. It was then that Reishin unleashed the full power of the Children of Catharsis and summoned an unholy worldwide storm of Void. The storm drove the Wise One and all those under him and Seyfert from The Veil and effectively sealed off The Veil for the next 1000 years with only Entelexeia capable of passing through. Through this act of defying the most powerful being in existence, Reishin had bound himself and each of the Children to the God of the element they bore as they all died together. Duke was told by Reishin to lighten up before his passing and then Duke was left alone. 1000 years later, he had a chance meeting with Reishin and Rialiya reincarnated as children, exactly the same as he remembered them. Through a series of events, Duke became Reishins teacher and resolved to give the two the peaceful life they had wanted more than anything 1000 years prior. After teaching Reishin everything he felt he could, Duke left the two with the promise that they would definitely meet again. Duke also met with the other reincarnated Children of Catharsis along with Ember who was also reincarnated and with Reishin and Rialiya in Kimlasca. Duke learned that two of the Children, Airi and Ein, recovered their memories upon meeting with Reishin by chance. Duke however, made them promise not to interfere in the new life Reishin and Rialiya had made for themselves. The two painfully acknowledged this and agreed to stay away from the two. Duke has been traveling the world, keeping watch over everything and working alongside Khroma, Phaeroh, Belius and Gusios to keep the Aer of Riore under control to fight against the unknown plans of the Wise One.
Duke fights using the mysterious Anemos blade known as Dein Nomos, which is capable of cutting through and destroying both Aer and Mana even in their purest forms. His Blast Caliber, Moon Rave, has him ripping enemies to shreds in instants, teleporting across the battlefield and casting powerful Fonic Artes while smashing them with Strike Artes.
Duke's Burst Caliber, Lunar Gauntlet, has him controlling Dein Nomos telepathically to tear enemies apart from afar or up close. He casts powerful Fonic artes in an instant, ravages the field with devastating strike artes and chains together limitless combos of both. When activating his Burst Caliber, the space around him distorts, causing everything around him to appear unrealistically bent out of shape. His Burst Arte is Distortional Blade.
Duke is one of the few people in the world capable of utilizing a God Caliber. His personal God Caliber, Final Eclipse, forces the moon to rise if it isn't already risen, and an eclipse takes place inverting all color to black, white and sepia. He has the power to endlessly distort everything around him during this time and only those with a God Caliber or of great existence, such as Entelexeia, stand a chance at this point. His Mystic Artes are Big Bang and Full Moon Reave.

Cheria Barnes- 19 years old. Human. Secretary of Kimlasca's Royal Knights Squad 10. 6th Fonist; Affinity, Light.
Cheria has a very bright and cheerful personality. She is almost always polite and graceful. She tends to take a motherly role around her friends without meaning to or realizing it at times. She is very good at cooking and enjoys doing so. She enjoys helping people whenever she can in any way she can. She likes kids, animals and generally any cute thing. She can become stubborn once her mind is set to something and apparently is the type to hold grudges when someone angers her. She is very intelligent and honest and serves as a foil to the manipulative Mirajane whom she hates. She cherishes her friends and family more than anything and is loyal to Kimlasca, having served the Royal Family for as long as she can remember. Being that she likes to help, she is sometimes taken advantage of when others push work onto her, though when this happens Reishin angrily sets the culprits straight. Cheria used to be very sickly as a child but eventually became as healthy as could be and now enjoys exercise. Cheria gets along with everyone but Mirajane.
Cheria first met Reishin with Natalia when they were 4 and found him and his twin washed up on the shores of Chora. After bringing him back to the castle in Grand Chokmah, Cheria was victimized when trying to be friendly, being called a "bitch" by Reishin who fled with Rialiya. Cheria cried which in turn caused Hubert to cry. They watched from the sidelines as Asbel and Natalia chased down the monkey like Reishin who carried his sister. When the chase ended, Cheria and Hubert were introduced and she was happy when Reishin apologized to her. Like Reishin she didn't even know what bitch meant but just thought it was a mean word. She was surprised but thrilled when Reishin and Rialiya were adopted by Cairn and Amelia Fairchild. Cheria and Natalia both found Reishin adorable and it was Cheria who did academic activities with Reishin so he could learn things with her. She was the first to realize that Reishin had a perfect, computer like memory and convinced him to take tests that adults couldn't complete, finishing them with ease. Cheria was ecstatic and found herself being taught things by Reishin instead of the other way around since he soaked up knowledge like an endless sponge. She was happy when Duke started taking interest in Reishin, but got a bit lonely when he was gone for days at a time along with Rialiya. At one point when Reishin had brought Mirajane and Ember home with him, Cheria got along easily with Ember but couldn't stand Mirajane who felt the same about her. Everyone was surprised when the usually timid and law abiding Cheria began to actively compete against Mira in even the most basic of tasks. When Reishin fought with Sothe on his 7th birthday, Cheria, Rialiya and Hubert cried the whole time while Asbel, Ember and Natalia cheered Reishin on with Mirajane advocating the fight in general. After everything was resolved, they added Sothe in as their friend. Unfortunately, it was shortly after this that Cheria and the others learned that Reishin would be leaving Mihana with Duke for a long training journey. Over the next week, the girls tried to convince Reishin to stay while all the guys had accepted it, with Asbel being jealous that it wasn't him being allowed to leave. Surprisingly to all, it was Cheria that ended up breaking down and begging Reishin not to leave them behind. She was crushed when Reishin left anyway. Things got worse from there for a bit as a girl they befriended, Sophie, was killed and Hubert was given away to the Ozwell family which created a rift between everyone. Cheria ended up pushing the blame of misfortune onto Reishin because he had left them. Over the years, she learned how to use knives from the times that Sothe was in Kimlasca and refined her healing skills and Fonic Artes, even surpassing Sothe in knife mastery. Cheria kept herself busy over those 8 years in various ways to keep from stopping to think about Reishin or Duke, whom she had come to hate. Cheria happened to be at the port in Barona when Reishin and Duke finally returned after 8 long years. Cheria was actually very relieved to see Reishin, but upon their reunion she became angry when he acted all chummy and friendly like nothing had happened. She told both Reishin and Duke off before leaving them without looking back. Everyone else could tell she was in a bad mood and she told Natalia and the others that Reishin had come back. Unlike Cheria, they were all happy and even moreso when they finally saw him again when he stepped foot on the field during the Rising Sun Tournament. Sothe and Duke revealed that Reishin had been granted an exception to participate. When Reishin was losing badly, Cheria immediately began to regret what she had said to him. Sothe tried to convince everyone that he was losing due to stage fright, but Cheria knew that he couldn't concentrate because of her words. She broke the silence and became the first to cheer Reishin on, being followed by Natalia, Nephry, Ember and then everyone else. It was her cheer however that got through to Reishin and the moment after their eyes met at that moment, Reishin quickly reversed the flow of battle and came out victorious, breezing through his other matches without so much as a scratch. Everyone became worried though when Hubert met Reishin in the semi-finals right after Asbel marched on to the finals. It was confusing, but everyone saw that Reishin and Hubert now had some sort of antagonistic rivalry. The match was very close and heart racing, but Reishin barely defeated Hubert in the end. It was a match where everyone was torn between who to cheer for and so went for both of them. Cheria was a bit sad when Reishin lost to Asbel in the finals, passing out halfway through, because she felt he would have been able to win had he been in the same shape as Asbel. Cheria and Reishin talked alone the whole night while he was recovering and resting and they were able to reconcile after everything as she informed Reishin exactly what had happened in Kimlasca while he was away. Everyone was surprised the following month when Asbel and Reishin were both named as Captains in the Royal Knights while Reishin was knighted by Natalia as her first and only knight. Duke wanted to finish up Reishin's training and they would leave for another 2 years. This time however, it was with everyone's support. after the 2 years, Reishin returned for good this time to Cheria's excitement. There was a huge party to celebrate his return as well as his acceptance of the position as Captain of Squad 10. Reishin asked Cheria to be his secretary while he made Mirajane his Lieutenant. Duke apologized to Cheria for having taken Reishin away from her for 10 years, but she also apologized for the harsh way she treated him previously, which made Rialiya very happy. The following 2 years were packed with action and adventure as Reishin won the trust and love of the Squad as they wracked up achievements and mission completions. Also during these 2 years, they had an exciting adventure in Gallia where they became friendly with the royal family of the Beastrace kingdom. All in all, Cheria has been more than pleased as she spends much of her time with Reishin. The only downside to this is that she spends just as much time with Mirajane with whom she is always fighting.
Cheria fights using throwing knives to attack from afar. Cheria's Blast Caliber, Swift Judgment, has her unloading her knives into the enemies and punching them full of holes with Base and Arcane Strike Artes while she casts Novice and Intermediate Fonic Artes from a distance and keeps her teammates healthy with novice and intermediate healing artes.
Cheria's Burst Caliber, Holy Valkyrie, has her movements changed as she weaves in and out of enemy reach to pierce them with her knives and throw them off guard with her Altered Strike Artes. She mixes up her strike artes to keep enemies guessing before delivering the finish as she combines novice and intermediate Fonic Artes that are chained in combination along with her Advanced and Altered Fonic Artes. When activating her Burst Caliber, a golden light flashes and blinds enemies while covering her body in the light. Cheria's Burst Arte is Shining Judgment.

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca- 19 years old. Human. Princess of Kimlasca. Younger sister of Emperor Peony. 6th Fonist; Affinity, Light.
Natalia seems demanding and harsh to some people but this is only because she loves her kingdom and her people. She has a big heart and constantly does her best to get better conditions for the citizens of Kimlasca even interacting with them frequently to learn what they want or need. The people of the kingdom love Natalia just as much in return and show complete devotion to her. Natalia loves being with her friends but doesn't approve when they do stupid things (Reishin and Sothe). Despite being a princess, she always forces her way along with the others when they go on dangerous travels, which causes more trouble for Reishin who has to look after her. She is extremely graceful and polite like a fairy tale princess. Surprisingly to many people, she loves ghost and horror stories as well as the chance to find out if scary legends are true or not. She can't leave people suffering whether they're Kimlascan or not and always tries to help though it's Reishin who usually gets stuck with making things better. She is a master archer which is the only reason Reishin allows her to participate in battle. She is very hard working and likes others who work hard. She is surprisingly gullible as shown when Reishin convinced her that Jade wore glasses to contain the unmatchable laser beams that would vaporize the world around him if ever removed. Since then she has always made sure that Jade never removed his glasses while she was with him. Unlike Cheria, Natalia can't cook at all and when she does she tends to make poisonous dishes that will kill those who consume it. Despite being a princess, Natalia has the stamina of a farmhand and her intense motivation can be contagious to those around her.

Sothe Whespier- 19 years old. Human. Main envoy between the Kingdom of Kimlasca and the Country of Midori. Assassin from Midori. 5th Fonist; Affinity, Darkness.

Hubert Ozwell- 19 years old. Human. Lieutenant of Kimlasca's Royal Knights Squad 1. Successor to the Ozwell Family. 3rd Fonist; Affinity, Earth.

Asbel Lhant- 20 years old. Human. Captain of Kimlasca's Royal Knights Squad 2. Next lord of Lhant. 7th Fonist; Affinity, Sol.

Mirajane Rastein- 20 years old. Human. Lieutenant of Kimlasca's Royal Knights Squad 10. Next lady of the Rastein territory. 1st Fonist; Affinity, Fire.

Ember Rastein- 18 years old. Human Branded. Lieutenant of Kimlasca's Royal Knights Squad 2. 1st Fonist; Affinity, Fire. Child of the Irate Flame.

Jade Curtiss- 35 years old. Human. Commander of Kimlasca's Military and Captain of Royal Knights Squad 1. 2nd Fonist; Affinity, Water.

Emperor Peony Upalu Kimlasca- 35 years old. Human. 45th Emperor of the Kingdom of Kimlasca. Commander in Chief of military.

Nephry Balfour- 32 years old. Human. Strategical Advisor and Aide to the 45th Emperor of Kimlasca.

Mieu- 7 years old. Cheagle.

Mia Ryouran- 22 years old. Human. Member of the Greil Mercenaries. Warrior of Midori. 4th Fonist; Affinity, Wind.

Gauche and Droite- Twins, 17 years old. Half Elves. The two main members of the guild Leviathan's Claw. 6th Fonist and 5th Fonist; affinities, Light and Darkness respectively.

Records: (Your past. Anything that shaped the person you are today. Anything important in your past. Doesn't have to be too long. Just enough to get the point of your life across.)


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