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At the Edge of Uncertainty

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PostSubject: At the Edge of Uncertainty   Fri 30 Nov 2012, 22:11

Riore is a vast world with no shortage of mystery, lore, knowledge and technology. The world is home to many different races and wild creatures, all with a completely unique and differing culture. Traces of the ancient civilization known as the Anemos are scattered all across the world just waiting to be revealed, uncovered or unearthed by the enthusiastic scholars of Riore.
There are multiple continents on the world of Riore, each with different climates and lifestyles. From kingdoms and empires, to farms and villages, there is something for everybody in the lands of Riore. Each different land has varying relations with the other. Some desire peace and understanding to be free to study the past of the world along with the Anemos. Others seek to immerse the world in the perpetual chaos and ruin of war. There are all types present in this limitless world and just about anything is possible.
The most popular legend tells of a group of eight godly beings known as the Children of Catharsis. The Children of Catharsis are said to be a group that appears in certain eras and times to judge the world and its inhabitants. These Cathartic beings are said to be the ones who will lead the citizens of Riore to either unparalleled destruction and chaos, or unfathomable prosperity and peace. This popular legend has been passed down since a time before current recorded history, and many believe that the legend is related to the fall of the great Anemos Empire. Interestingly, the notion of these Children leading the world to ruin has always been the most popular idea and with time, the very belief that they could bring salvation has vanished, leaving these mythological eight to be viewed as harbingers of the end if they were to ever truly exist anywhere outside of the legends.
The Order of Lorelei, which has been protecting the world for many years, has received a revelation from Fon Master Ion that the world will soon be plunged into a great war. This war, as believed by Ion after reading Yulia's Closed Score, will bring forth a force that will change the very fabric of the world. This force is believed to be the fabled Children of Catharsis. The Order of Lorelei has been closely watching all events in the world for signs of the change foretold by Ion. The changes to come are unknown as the dark prophecies in the Closed Score are never clear.

All over Riore, there are scientists, scholars and technicians who seek anything and everything regarding the ancient, extinct Anemos civilization. They believe that anything found can bring everyone closer to the once glorious civilization. These curious and inquisitive souls are hired and sponsored in all continents. Many work directly under the main authorities, while others work exclusively with guilds for personal benefit or selling their findings.
The Kingdom of Daein has been at antagonistic ends with the Kingdom of Kimlasca for as long as anyone can remember. This relation of hate has been stretching past Kimlasca to the allies of the Kingdom as of late. Daein's need for bloodshed is growing more and more every day and people everywhere are beginning to be swept into their crusade for violence. Will Daein's inhumane lifestyle be the trigger that sets Riore down the path to an uncertain fate?

Continents of Riore- Aside from these main areas, there are numerous islands and areas separate in the world where many ruins and spectacles lie in wait.

Mihana: A diverse continent that undergoes the most seasonal changes with summer, winter, fall and spring. The whole continent is in different seasons at different times and the seasons change never being the same in different regions at the same time. The two kingdoms of Celestia and Kimlasca lie on this continent. The two kingdoms have always shared a deep bond and have always been allies.
Celestia is on the northern side and has the best of the cooler weather, while Kimlasca is to the south with the best of the warmer weather and complete with the most beautiful beaches in Riore.

Feraoh: A beautiful green continent with forests, rivers and lakes all over. It is warm year round and life is very prosperous there. The north end of the continent is most abundant in forests and natural reserves. The south end is like a pleasantly elevated meadow with lakes and rivers here and there. There are frequent mild rain showers all over the continent.
The Kingdom of Gallia is located in the north end of Feraoh. The Empire of Terca Lumireis lies in the south end.

Desier: A continent with large horrendous deserts to the east and beautiful green, fertile lands to the west. The western deserts are plagued by massive heat spikes that can easily kill average people without some sort of protection. The eastern steppes are blessed by the spirits of good fortune as pleasant weather is usually present.
The kingdom of Crimea rests in the western provinces. The warrior nation of Midori lies in the eastern deserts. The Republic of Hatari is located in the southern most point of the desert, surrounded by dry canyons.

Greivor: A frozen continent to the west of Mihana. Greivor is made up of frozen tundras and harsh mountain passes. The environment, by its very nature is lethal to any who set foot on the continent without proper preparation.
The Kingdom of Daein makes its spited home on this brutal continent.

Tethe'alla: A continent that has primarily cool weather. The continent is covered in mountains that would be dangerous if not for the carefully made paths and rest zones throughout. The continent is very elevated and has a number of cliffs overlooking the infinite sea.
The Kingdom of Tethe'alla is located on this calm continent.

Weyard: A continent with just about every climate mixed into one. The coldest climates are in the south while the warmest are in the north. The cold cannot match up to Greivor and the warm cannot match up to Desier. These climates change steadily as one goes from one end of the continent to the other. There are minor mountains scattered across the continent with a gigantic mountain in the center.
The Kingdom of Angara is located on the mountain in the center of the continent, which is known as Wisdom's Reach.

Ankhol: A continent with the exact same climate as Weyard, yet reversed as the cold lies in the north with the warm in the south. Ankhol and Weyard are connected by a stretch of land, known as Poseidon's Crossing. Poseidon's Crossing gained its name because the pass is constantly submerged in the sea. Due to this, the land is difficult to pass and is filled with powerful and dangerous sea monsters.
The Empire of Begnion resides on this continent.

Seresia: A continent filled with numerous lakes. The continent is in a state of perpetual spring weather. The continent is believed to be blessed by the gods due to this. There is never any chance of rain or storms, yet somehow the land remains fertile even without the need for nurturing. Scholars attribute this to the vast amounts of Aer and Mana that are somehow perfectly balanced.
The Order of Lorelei's Headquarters is located on this continent in Daath.

Aera: A continent that mysteriously floats in the sky above the clouds, yet doesn't actually move. The continent is actually more like an enormous, wondrous crag of mountains and crevices. At certain times in the year, the continent will lower itself in elevation to a height that can be reached by air ships. This is a spectacle which scholars have been studying for many years.
The Nation of Phoenicis roosts atop the peaks of Aera.

Myorzo: Not actually a continent, but a city that floats and travels Riore by sky. The city is actually inside of a titanic sized Entelexeia named Krones.
This city is home to the Krityans.

Weccea: A dangerous continent thought to be filled with barren wastelands, insurmountable mountains and harsh monsters. The continent is amazingly unexplored and every expedition ever sent has vanished without so much as a hair left. Due to this, various myths and horrors have stemmed in the minds of the common people in rumor.
The Kingdom of Tuaparang is known to make their home in this land.

Charis: A continent with completely random, ever changing weather patterns and climates. The continent is impassable for a number of reasons. The seas of Riore can be quite rough, but the seas around Charis are impossible to sail as there are incredible whirlpools and treacherous reefs. The currents without whirlpools are capable of literally ripping ships apart as well. The atmosphere around Charis is filled with a constant storm of Mana and Aer that creates a destructive storm that annihilates any air ship attempting to pass through.
It is rumored that a nation known as Goldoa exists in Charis.
The most intriguing part of Charis, is that it actually serves as an unbreakable barrier to the rest of the world beyond it. It is thought that incredible things lay beyond it, including the answers to the Anemos. However this cannot be proved or disproved as it is impossible to get there in the first place. A popular story says that the lands beyond Charis are the domain of the Gods.

Hierarchy of Riore-

Order of Lorelei: Religious organization led by Fon Master Ion. The Order of Lorelei keeps watch over the world and adheres to Yulia's Score. The Order itself is split into two factions which are the Fon Master faction that supports Fon Master Ion and the Grand Maestro faction that wishes for Grand Maestro Mohs to take over.
The main force of the Order is the Oracle Knights whom are led by Commandant Vandesdelca Grants. They are also headed by the 6 God Generals.
The Order of Lorelei reads the fates of individuals from Yulia's Score every year on said individuals birthday to give them a better idea of what may come to them in a given year.

Kimlasca: Kimlasca is ruled by Emperor Peony, his younger sister Natalia is the Princess of Kimlasca. A kingdom driven by honor, respect and morals. Kimlasca is likely the most prosperous kingdom with some of the happiest people. The kingdom is seen as a major vacation spot due to having the best beaches in Riore.
Kimlasca is protected by their Knight Squadrons, the finest knights in all of Riore. They frequently send their knights to assist any of their allies when they are in need and remain friendly with other nations aside from Daein who is their enemy.
The Commander of the army is Jade Curtiss, and he is also the Captain of Squad 1.
The Royal Capital of Kimlasca is Grand Chokmah.

Celestia: Celestia is ruled by Queen Shizel, with her daughter Meredy as the Princess. Celestia is a kingdom that freely utilizes the power of nature in their every day lives and creates amazing technology and armaments that run on natural energy rather than Mana or Aer. Of course, they also create plenty of things which require mana or Aer. They are a sea faring people mostly.
Celestia has a powerful navy which is headed up by Max Miacus. The pride of their navy is the Van Eltia, a revolutionary ship that runs both on the sea and in the sky with seamless transition. The Mana/Aer conversion system cannon is also one of the most powerful weapons in all of Riore. The Van Eltia is the personal ship of Princess Meredy with Captain Chat Aifread and her closest friends.
The Capital of Celestia is Eternia City.

Gallia: Gallia is ruled by King Caineghis, with Skrimir as Prince. Gallia is home to the feline Beastrace. Cats, Tigers and Lions inhabit the lands. They're a people who rely on strength for everything. In a dispute, the stronger one is always right. Despite this, they are very happy and coexist with humans who can accept them.
Everyone in Gallia can fend for themselves as the majority of their lives are filled with battle and hunts.
The Capital of Gallia is Belinsk.

Terca Lumireis: Terca Lumireis is ruled by Emperor Ioder and his sister Estellise is the Princess. Terca Lumireis is a kingdom that openly deals with all others in a friendly manner due to being the most innovative in the use of blastia in all fields of the technology. They actively make technological advancements as they have amazing scientists. Due to their trade, they're the only nation that is left alone by Daein for the most part. They are also the best in the use and regulation of Aer.
Terca Lumireis is protected by their Royal Knights, equal to Kimlasca's knights. The Royal Knights are led by Commandant Flynn Scifo.
The Capital of Terca Lumireis is Zaphias, also known as the crown jewel of Riore due to the level of comfort.

Crimea: Crimea is ruled by Queen Elincia. Crimea is a scholarly kingdom that prides itself on knowledge and seeking the secrets of the past. They are the most diplomatic of all nations and thus act as the main intermediary between all kingdoms.
Crimea is protected by the Royal Knights led by Geoffrey.
The Capital of Crimea is Melior.

Midori: Midori is ruled by a council known as The Elders. Midori is a country of warriors who undergo intensive and dangerous training to reach incredible heights as they survive with ease in the hottest known continent on Riore. They train from young to be strong warriors and mercenaries. Their main allegiance is to Crimea, but they assist other allied nations at times. Their greatest asset is the Greil Mercenaries led by Ike.
Midori is a series of villages and towns spread across the desert. The head of these locations is a beautiful city known as Yu Liberte, which is also where their warriors face off in combat for sport and entertainment.

Hatari: Hatari is ruled by Queen Nailah. Hatari is home to the canine Beastrace. Wolves make up the republic of Hatari which is hidden in the desert. They associate with others on the continent but usually never leave due to their lone nature. They accept anybody who comes to them however.

Daein: Daein is ruled with an iron fist by Mad King Ashnard. Daein is the most brutal country on Riore filled with warriors who live and breathe battle, blood and death. They seek chaos and ruin in all things. Daein is a country where the strong are welcome. However, they hate anything and everything that isn't human. If it isn't human, it only exists to be hunted and used for practice. They especially treat animal races horribly as well as half breeds of any kind. Anybody who isn't human tries their best to hide that fact if they live in Daein.
Daein is led by Ashnard personally in battle at times. Most times he leaves battles up to his Generals, the Four Riders of Daein, The Black Knight, Petrine, Bertram and Bryce.
The Capital of Daein is Nevassa.

Tethe'alla: Tethe'alla is ruled by King Mithos, with Martel as Queen. Tethe'alla is the best in everything regarding Mana and the use of it in society and battle. They also have the best scholars and have unearthed the most details of the ancient civilizations including the Anemos. Their knowledge of Mana is the reason for them being the closest to the elemental spirits.
Tethe'alla is protected by the soldiers that serve under Kratos Aurion and Yuan Ka-Fai. The soldiers are tasked with protecting the Chosen, Colette Brunel and Zelos Wilder, who are the ones that can directly converse with spirits, deities and beyond, acting as prophets in a way and a major symbol to the people. The one who protects the two, mostly, are Lloyd Irving and his friends.
The Capital of Tethe'alla is Meltokio.

Angara: Angara is ruled by King Babi. Angara is a kingdom that prides itself in it's aerial power. The kingdom has the greatest air force in Riore which leads many to assume that they have the greatest war assets. They sell air ships to other nations on the condition they remain allies. They are a curious people who are quick to buy anything new that comes on the market. They are also very cautious and will only act when their victory is assured.
Angara is protected by a force known as the Adepts. The Adepts are warriors trained from young ages to protect the kingdom. The Adepts are currently led by Isaac.
The Capital of Angara is Vale.

Begnion: Begnion is ruled by Empress/Apostle Sanaki who happens to be the youngest ruler in the last 200 years at age 15. Begnion is a very religious empire and the Apostle is the extension of the Gods as she is expected to hear their voice, similar to the way the Fon Master reads Yulia's Score. Begnion and the order of Lorelei are closely affiliated. Begnion happens to have many problems that arise from the corruption of the Senators. Sanaki receives counsel from her most trusted advisor, Duke Sephiran Persis.
Begnion is protected by the Imperial Army which is led by Commander Zelgius and Captain Levail.
The Capital of Begnion is Sienne, which happens to be one of the most holy cities in the world, and is equal in importance to Daath.

Phoenicis: Phoenicis is led by King Tibarn. Phoenicis is home to the Birdrace. Ravens, Herons and Hawks live in the breathtaking world above the clouds. They can freely traverse Aera as they can fly. They often go down to the other continents for various supplies when needed. A group of them have become pirates as they plunder any ship they come across. Like the beastrace, the birdrace submits to the strong. They protect the Herons as they cannot protect themselves.
The Capital of Phoenicis is Kilvas.

Myorzo: Myorzo is a place without any rule. The Krityans are all a casual race who can seem very lazy due to their naturally long life spans. They are very advanced in blastia and have the habit of getting in curious in anything they don't know about. Whenever a Krityan leaves Myorzo, they usually never return as they always find something new to do. They rarely stay in one place when on Riore. They are protected by the Entelexeia, Krones.

Tuaparang: Tuaparang is ruled by someone known as the High Empyror. Not much else is known of them other than this, as they are totally isolated from the rest of Riore. Even more so, since every expedition to their lands has yielded ghost like disappearances.

Goldoa: Goldoa is ruled by King Deghinsea, though nobody really knows his name. Unlike Weccea which is an unseen danger, Charis cannot be reached and so nobody knows anything of them. Goldoa is home to the Dragonrace. The Dragons stay out of the affairs of the rest of the world. The Entelexeia also make their home in the lands and seas beyond Charis and Goldoa.

Races in Riore-

Humans: Obviously, the most common of all races. They are everywhere and come in all shapes, sizes, colors and types.

Krityans: Similar to elves, they are creatures with long life spans and interesting senses of time as a result. They are curious by nature. The main notification of a Krityan is their long ears that point straight out from their heads.

Elves: Creatures with pointy ears. They are often magically inclined and excel at things regarding Fonic Artes. They are resistant against Aer poisoning.

Dwarves: Small yet well built creatures that typically dwell in underground caverns where they create complex structures. They are usually the best blacksmiths in Riore. They are immune from Aer poisoning due to the presence of Aer in the underground dwellings and their prolonged exposure.

Half Elves: Humans with elven blood. They are looked down upon by pure Elves. They try to hide the fact that they are half elves as they look just like pure Elves. They are slightly resistant to Aer poisoning and are also inclined in magic.

Beastrace: Beasts that can take human form or transform into their respective animal form. Among the Beastrace there are feline for Cats, Tigers and Lions, and canine for Wolves. They are physically stronger than most other races.

Birdrace: Birds that can take human form or transform into their respective animal form. There are Hawks, Ravens and Herons. They take pleasure from the ability to fly as they wish.

Dragonrace: Dragons that can take human form or transform. They are only rumored as nobody has ever been to Charis and they never leave.

Faerie: Mystical creatures that live with nature. Faeries can come in a variety of forms and types. Unicorns, Sprites, Nymphs, etc.

Half Breeds: Blood mixed among any race other than human and elf. They are treated horribly as they are often unstable, and have some sort of deformity that sets them apart from any other race. Daein is their worst nightmare.

Branded: Any person of a race that has been touched by a spirit or deity. They have a unique mark that they are born with. They are even worse off than Half Breeds, as they are seen as bad omens that will bring trouble wherever they go. They make sure that others don't see their brand. The Branded are gifted with superior abilities however in different categories such as regeneration or strength.

Important Details-

Fonons: Fonons are the sources of all elements. They exist on different frequencies that create different elemental effects. There are 8 known Fonons with a theorized 9th Fonon that has yet to be proven true or not. The 1st fonon is Fire, 2nd fonon is Water, 3rd fonon is Earth, 4th fonon is Wind, 5th fonon is Darkness, 6th fonon is Light, 7th fonon is Sol and 8th fonon is Luna. These 8 fonons make up everything in different varieties and even people are made up of them. Every person also has a fonon they are most compatible with. People who can use the power of Fonons are called Vanguards.

Mana: The source of energy that allows people to use their magic or strike artes. The proper term for magic is Fonic Artes. Mana nourishes the environment and without mana, the world will die. Mana is the embodiment of elements.

Aer: The source of energy that powers technology. In dense concentrations without being circulated, Aer can be very dangerous and harmful to the body. Aer can also cause monsters to become much more powerful in high concentrations.

Blastia: Machines that utilize different formulas to convert Aer for different purposes. The main technology of Riore. There's a Blastia for everything. All Blastia need Blastia Cores to work at all. Some people use Blastia to make themselves perform better in combat.

Order of Lorelei- Religious organization led by the Fon Master. They follow Yulia's score and give readings to the people of their individual scores and tell of prosperity. Cheagles are holy creatures to the Order.

Fon Master: The leader of the Order of Lorelei. The Fon Master has the ability to use the most powerful form of artes known as Daathic Fonic Artes though these artes take a lot of energy. The Fon Master is the only one who can read the full score of Yulia.

Grand Maestro: The second to the Fon Master. Essentially the Vice President role in the order. The Grand Maestro rules in the Fon Masters absence and handles all public matters.

Oracle Knights: The knights that undergo training to fulfill the duties of Lorelei's Order.

God Generals: The 6 highest ranking Oracle Knights that follow the Orders Commandant Vandesdelca. They are Asch the Bloody, Legretta the Quick, Sync the Tempest, Largo the Black Lion, Dist the Reaper and Arietta the Wild. They are the strongest members of the order. The God Generals are thought to be under the Grand Maestro Faction.

Yulia's Score: The so called memory of the planet that tells the future of the world and it's inhabitants. The score is read from fon stones. The score is read to the people at church and individual scores are read in special events like birthdays to guide people. There is also another section of the Score called the Closed Score which foretells of darker prophecies that aren't heard by people outside of the top ranks of the Order.

Gald: The currency of Riore.

Entelexeia: Godly creatures (with intelligence to match) that defend the world from danger from behind the scenes. Their existence is a myth that few people have actually confirmed. They have the ability to regulate Mana, Aer and control Fonon Frequencies.

Gods: There is one God that is sovereign over a specific element.

Children of Catharsis: 8 godly beings said to appear at certain times in the world to lead everyone to salvation or destruction. The story of salvation has been lost in time however so they are thought of as the bringers of the end. The prophecies and stories say that they will wield unworldly power rivaling and even surpassing the Gods themselves. Each one is to represent one of the 8 Fonons. Child of the Irate Flame, Child of the Sapient Sea, Child of the Solemn Terra, Child of the Rending Tempest, Child of the Infernal Abyss, Child of the Valiant Star, Child of the Immaculate Sun and Child of the Chimerical Moon.

Aer Krene: Areas of high density Aer. These springs are nearly limitless, though harnessing the energy is very difficult due to the sheer amount. Being too close to one of these can cause nasty effects. Monsters that live around these are a whole lot stronger than normal monsters. These Aer Springs are quite rare however, and very few people have ever happened upon one.

Elemental Spirits: Staples of Riore. They keep Mana in check among all the Fonon Frequencies. They embody each of the 8 Elements and can be summoned by Summoners.

Deities: Supreme elemental monstrous creatures that hide from the gaze of the world. Wind- Rocs, Fire- Salamanders, Water- Leviathans, Earth- Sentinels, Light- Spectral Ghosts, Dark- Shade Ghouls, Luna- Wyrms, Sol- Phoenix. They sleep in select locations. The deities of light and darkness however are actually sort of common when adventuring, though the others are by no means common.

Monsters- Vicious creatures with little to no intelligence. They often attack in numbers only looking out for their next
meals. The stronger ones lead packs of monsters. Not all monsters are harmful, some are quite docile and will run away
whenever they get a chance.


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At the Edge of Uncertainty

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