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Scripture of Legends (STORY)

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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Wed 11 Jul 2012, 09:52

As sync and the others began their fight with the Missing Nin, Sai and his squad stand at the edge of the woods. As Sai and Cocuam examine the site were the first victims were found as they try to ascertain how the victims were infected. Kokoba finally asks “How long are you going to have them play C.S.I. before you finally fill them in?” Koro coldly responds “Would you prefer we get ambushed and possible fall prey to the Virus Kokoba” she goes silent and stares at the ground feeling foolish for mocking Koro as she says “So what have you found?” Koro shakes his head and responds “That’s the problem I can’t sense a living thing besides us out here for the next 300 yards. ……..wait I think that I can just see ……..there is something their” at this Koro sprints forward towards the force he sensed without a second thought Kokoba tries to stop him but stops mid sprint and runs back to Sai and Cocuam shouting “Koro just ran into the forest !” Sai looks at her quizzically saying “Really? That seems so unlike him” Cocuam shakes her head and cheerily and responds “Not really, because my Oni-chan is so strong his mind can change in an instance!” Sai tries to emulate surprise and he says “Oh really how very Interesting” his mind began to ponder on this when kokoba shouted “We are losing him!” at this she ran back after Koro Cocuam quickly followed while Sai took flight on another ink bird.

After a few minutes the sound of an explosion filled the air Kokoba and Cocuam turned and looked back but saw nothing through the line of trees, Sai on the other hand saw the blast and was quite surprised as he remarked “So that is just a fraction of Atherion’s power hmmm now that is interesting” . But as the three became distracted by Sync’s demonstration they unwittingly passed Koro whom stopped as his heightned senses picked up Atherion even as his brother unleashed it feeling what it did he merely sat and crossed his legs as he began focusing his chakara and for the first time since he severed his pysche the being known as kokoro now stand in the mind-scape that he had created walking past his personalities he walk to the center and spoke a a dead Dialect that only he could speak and his brother decipher and as the words left his lip a thousand pentagrams that overlapped rose with a circle around each persona. The sliver that still called himself Kokoro rose his hands and said “ Iugo Modus Philous Si Tantum Spiritus (Connect to me my bound brothers if only for a moments breath!)” as he speaks this chains are produced from his hands and wrap around the other persona’s causing the chains and the Personas to begin glowing as the complete Kokoro assumes control his shadow begins to ripple and then connect to the trees shadows which then swirl into a 6 meter Ying-Yang around him his hair begins to rise up as if gravity is slowly pulling it up and pure white lightning streaks begin to etch down his fingers and up his arms as the crater that was created begins to regenerate until it is like the blast never happened even the wildlife was restored to life. As he feels the life return he quickly releases the Jutsu, his heart is beating erratically and his body has a definite fever with his arms now numb and barely functional he feels that the rest of his muscles are completely exhausted and to top it all off his head feels like it’s about to explode! All the while the air begins to swirl around him as darkness seems to be forming in cloud like substances, with so much going on Kokoro begins to gag as if to vomit causing his whole body to shudder but instead of Vomiting like one would expect his skin began to change sag and droop all over his hair becoming thicker and more frayed. And for a few moments this condition began to worsen when suddenly the sagged flesh began to crystallize and crumble revealing that underneath his skin was firm baby smooth tan and yet still bearing his healed over scars. The excessive hair sheds instantly, the white lightning streaks are no were to be seen on him and the only pain he feels is the seals reforming on his eyes which causes him to fall to the ground and wreathe in pain as the ritual re applies itself to him. Once the pain had passed he rises to his feet he says “Yet another mess I have had to clean for you , will you ever really grow up? I wonder? ……Eximo(Release)” as he speaks the ancient word his persona’s are freed the air stops swirling and the blotches of darkness cease to exist, his heart rate returns to normal and he asses his situation “Damn, used a little more than I wanted to be lucky if I’m at 60 %(Is actually at 49-50 %) ……. Need to use my head for this one” he closes his eyes for an instance and when they open he is now being controlled by a new persona he rises to his feet as his senses returns and he feels ….. Danger! In an instance he appears and grabs Kokaba and tosses her back as his shadow forms hand seals causing clouds of fire to burns the assaulting insects as he and Kokaba appear several yards away.

Koro notices Sai a several feet to the right and Cocuam is flipping back as she reduces her mass after using it to negate the Insectoid attack. He then looks forward and sees a woman with a light Kimono that is rather light like a night gown , her body wasn’t covered enough for combat and yet as she twirled about Insects formed from beads of water… no not water it has a fragrance. And then it hit him she was the cause for the virus and the owner of the sweet Pheromone that was tied to it all and she seemed to be sweating no not sweating but excreting it! From the movements it seemed that she was creating them from the pheromone but if that were the case how could he neutralize this situation and without . Sai suddenly shouts to Koro “Get in there and keep her back so that we can regroup” Koro looks at him as if annoyed at his interruption when Sai retorts “That’s an order Uchiha!” Gritting his teeth Koro dives forward as bugs fly towards him his hands form several signs and as he lands the earth splashes up and swallows the first barrage and as it returns he is already dashing at an angle as she flings more and more bugs at him, but each time his foot touches the ground four wisps of fire come into being and slam into the coming Insects. And it is during this little spar that Koro sees why Sai needed him to advance, Sai’s gear lay a mere inch in front of the opponent and so he continues ot move closer, but the closer he gets the more barrages she is able to launch in succession. So he flips back a step and dashes forward dodging all of her barrages and grabs the bag as she attacks only to find her target is no longer their. For in that instant Koro blinked to the branch above Sai dangling his back in front of his eyes as he notices it he snatches it out of the air and says “Good job Koro now that I have what I need what is your assessment of the situation?” Koro clenches his fist as he enters Nakuta mode successfully folding his chakara and blocking the virus from entering his body for the time being as his last blink was not fast enough to dodge getting stung “Well unlike Shino’s clan she isn’t commanding bugs she is creating them” Sai knods and responds “Interesting to say the least” Koro continues as if not interrupted “ao that means that she is to fast to out attack up close so we can either try to overwhelm her or distract her so that I can neutralize her” Sai flips her scroll open and begins to paint signifying to attack Kokaba drops to the ground as she finishes her hand signs spikes fire up from the earth and tear a few insects apart as Ink birds and wolves charge the bugs. Cocuam uses her family jutsu to grow larger and smash the bugs and Koro dashed forward using fire jutsu but as he got up to her again she unleashes torrents of bugs causing him to double back to Cocuam in defeat as he says “Damn not quick enough ….. Cocuam?” Cocuam turns to look at him and says “ Yes baby ?” Koro responds “I need you to toss me at the woman can you do that for me baby ?” she nods and picks Koro up and when he yells now she throws him he makes himself to spin as torrents of fire spin around him and become the form of an arrow cutting through all the bugs and as he nears her she creates the wall of bugs which stops the flame arrow but he blinks behind her and touches the back of her neck with his thumb, index and middle finger and sends her into a Genjutsu dream that makes her collapse instantly he then lifts her up and flings her over his shoulder and says “Well lets get back to the village” and with that he and the girl are gone!

Koro appears in the lab behind Shikimaru and sets the girl on the table removing the Kimono he flips her on her stomach and begins to massage the lower part of her back over the spot were the endorphins are located and then moves up the back causing her body to shiver as the Hormone that creates the pheromone flows up her body and begins to secrete giving off a sweet scent causing Shikimaru to turn around and notice the two are their he quickly takes several vials and sets to work

One hour later the cure is made and everyone is fine Naruto gathers the squad and begins to congratulate them as the girl wakes up and stands facing a worried who she reassures that she is fine she then turns slightly and looks at Koro and says “You saved me ?” Koro Shrugs and says “You could say that” she blushes and smiles saying “Thank you …” “Koro” Interjects Koro and she continues “Thank you Koro my savior “ she then blinks and is surprised to see that Koro is gone as are all the others!
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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Fri 22 Jun 2012, 21:24

In the skies above the current battleground... A bit of a ways away.

Sieghart: Hey Kagura.... you saw that right?

Kagura: Yes. I would assume it to be Sync.

Sieghart: Heh! So they ARE being attacked! In a way I'm happy that this isn't just a run of the mill escort.

With Sync's group

*Kasumi and Ryoko bind the first of the 50 Missing Nin using a combination of sand and water to hold them in place. Taking this opportunity, Sync, Kyo and Harde move in to take them out before they have the chance to do anything.*

Sync: *In a flash Sync is ahead of Kyo and Harde* Achiever of Nirvana Fist. *Gathering chakra densely within his body, Sync delivers a simple yet swift array of attacks. The first Nin takes a palm to the chest followed up by a rising knee to the face. The second is struck by Sync's shoulder and combined with a punch to the gut.* Hakke Kuushou! *Sync turns to the third closest to him and thrusts his left palm outward releasing an invisible wave of chakra that explodes into the poor caged rat.*

Harde: *Harde opens the Gate of View and charges forward at great speed* Leaf Whirlwind! *With the extremely heightened physical ability, Harde's spinning display of kicks crashes through 3 Missing Nin with the might of a hurricane*

Kyo: Dance of the Willow! *Several long bone blades grow from Kyo's body and in a dancing motion he moves in toward the remaining four bound Missing Nin piercing their bodies in vital organs, moving as if drawn around by the wind before backing away and returning to normal as Sync and Harde join him*

Kasumi: Nicely done!

Ryoko: Now let's just- *Something in the sky catches Ryoko's eye* What's that?

Sync: *The remaining Missing Nin charge as Sync looks up along with the others* Ah, it would seem the demons are set to descend!

Directly above the Missing Nin... Unbeknownst to them, some are about to meet with immediate and inescapable death.

Sieghart: Lightning Release: Raiten Kamiyari! *Fifteen 4 meter detailed black spears of lightning shoot down from the sky, piercing and killing 4 Missing Nin on contact, wounding 3, and missing the rest who evade.*

Kagura: *Kagura and Sieg drop to the ground right in front of Sync and the others* Well well~ It's nice to see you all of you~ *She turns to them with a slight smile*

Sieghart: Long time no see! Here to pick you up by courtesy of Killer B!

Sync: Black lightning? That's new. I'm sad to hear that your nonsensical sense of rhyme and rap has only deteriorated though. *He slaps Sieg on the shoulder* Can't believe someone as violent as you is Tsuchikage.

Kagura: I'll take that as a compliment.

Kyo: Well well! If it isn't the freaks who got married when they were 4!

Sieghart: We were 5 Kyo. And we're engaged, not married.

Kasumi: *She hugs Sieghart and Kagura tightly* It's been ages! Don't listen to Sync though! I love hearing you rhyme!

Ryoko: I never expected to see you here Kagura-chan! So this must be Sieg?

Sieghart: Nice to meet you. Ryoko of the Sand I presume? *He shakes Ryoko's hand politely*

Harde: *He smiles at Kagura* Wow I had heard you were the youngest Kage in history as well as the first female Tsuchikage. But nobody ever said how beautiful you were!

Sieghart: *He and Kagura both look down at Harde then up at him* Keep it in your pants tricky dick.

Kagura: That's disgusting. In the middle of a battle? Really?

Sync/Kyo: Tell me about it!

Harde: *He grits his teeth and glares a bit at Sieg, knowing immediately that he isn't someone he can get along with*

Missing Nin: Whoa! Oh shit! Isn't that sexy scary chick the Tsuchikage?!

Nin Leader: Oh! And the sweet candy with the mark under his eye is The Comet of Kumogakure!

Missing Nin: No way!

Sync: Sweet candy?

Kyo: The fuck?

Kagura: *She glances at Sieg who twitches a bit and smiles at him* So you have male fans too hm? Not just Allania?

Sieghart: Kagura...

Sync: Allania? Why do I feel that this name irks me to no end?

Sieghart: Its good to be known, but not for a reason like this...

Nin Leader: Don't you remember me hunny? It was a cold winter night 2 years ago! The Great Killer B and his young protege led an elite Ninja group to exterminate a group of Missing Nin hiding out at a cove by the sea shore! Yes my darling... I was the one who got away... *He licks his lips at Sieg who throws a single spear of lightning that barely passes by his head silencing him*

Sieghart: You guys relax. I'll return these idiots to pax. *Sieg flexes a bit as black lightning surges around his body with the Lightning Armor activated and his hair spikes up from the jutsu*

Kasumi: Even the armor's black?

Kyo: How the hell do you get black lightning

Kagura: It's a hidden technique of Kumogakure. *Sieg is already directly in front of the Nin Leader and drives his fist into his chin, uppercutting him as lightning bursts off and flings him into the air high above*

Nins: So fast!?

Nin 1: So this is the strength of the only ninja to ever train under the Raikage huh?

Nin 2: Yea. He got rid of that fag for us so let's do him a favor and deliver a swift death!

Sieghart: Train? No I never learned from the Raikage. I'm just the only person to ever SURVIVE him! *Sieg swipes his hand down and the queer Nin Leader drops down impaled by a lightning spear* Hell Stab! *Sieg holds his right thumb down as an incredible amount of lightning chakra is concentrated into the fingertips* I'll put you fools down without letting you feel a thing. *One of the Nin already stabbed his sword into Sieg who looked down with a smile as the sword cracked and broke in half as Sieg swung his right hand quickly and split the man in half diagonally* Raikoudou Kataikage! *Six clones of dense lightning appeared in a flash next to Sieg, all with activated Lightning Armor* Disperse! *Sieg along with his clones moved at unmatched speed smashing through every Nin they touch as Sieg closes all fingers aside from the pointer as the Hell Stab elongates and concentrates onto it*

Ryoko: That's a lot of chakra!

Sieghart: Not really. *He thrusts his fingers into the Nin who are fighting with his clones, piercing right through them and leaving huge gaping holes in 2 of them. Sieg draws his hand across his body raising the other fingers and swinging as 3 more are split in half in a flash* 33 left? *Sieg drops to a knee as the 6 clones move away from the Nin they were fighting and surround a group of 7, spread out in a perfect circle of equal distances from one another* Shichihoshi Tokkan Enjin! *Sieg and the clones place their hands on the ground as a heptagram circle seal inscribed by lightning forms underneath the group. Sieg and clones release their chakra into the seal as 7 large sphere of lightning appear above the seal and drop down, detonating on impact into contained and compiled explosions that stack into a violent storm of lightning without leaving the seal. When the technique ends, Sieg stands and the clones all fade into lightning that flows into him, returning the remaining chakra* That makes 26~

Kagura: Oh you're having fun~

Kyo: So dogs CAN learn new tricks!

Sieghart: Ah shut up. *He smiles a bit as the armor jutsu is released*

Kasumi: What are you doing?

Harde: Wasn't that your defense?

Kagura: Yes but he doesn't need it right now.

Sieghart: *Sieg pulls his coat and pants off quickly, tossing them to Kagura and revealing his black skin tight flexible battle suit*

Harde: Wow! That's a lot like mine! Stop trying to copy me!

Sieghart: Don't ever think we're anything alike you freak!

Kagura: Hm... And Sieg is always nice to people.

Sync/Kyo: *They exchange glances* That's pretty homo dude.

Sieghart: Shut up you two! You're just jealous!

Kasumi: I think it works on him.

Ryoko: How is he not embarrassed wearing that?

Kyo: This guy's never had any shame. I mean he proposed to Kagura when they were 5.

Sieghart: It's ok. I already know i'm sexy. Why be afraid?

Ryoko: Well yeah you are but still... you've got nerves of steel...

Harde: A kindred spirit but I can't bring myself to like him....

Sieghart: Kuro Ryuusei. *Black lightning covers Sieg's body in a dense spherical form like a meteor though he can still be seen clearly within*

Kagura: He only needs that weird suit for this jutsu. You're about to see why~

Missing Nin: Kill that fucker! *All of them perform handseals for high level jutsu but stop as the one furthest ahead of them is crushed against the ground inside an enormous crater and they see Sieg standing with the jutsu active and a foot lazily on top of the poor man*

Sieghart: *He sighs a bit* And that was the weakest I could get for a demo... Oh well~ *He smiles at the Nin who target Sieg with their jutsu, annihilating the space he stands with a torrent of wind, fire and water. Sieg is already behind them* Where were you aiming?

Kyo/Harde: Holy shit!

Ryoko: What's with that speed?!

Kasumi: That's just like the Flying Thunder God technique right Sync?!

Sync: Wow.... Looks like Sieg came up with a seriously incredible jutsu! Even I'M impressed! Looks like my genius finally rubbed off on him!

All: Way to be conceited!

Sieghart: *He slammed his elbow into the nearest Nin who couldn't react at all as every bone from his spine and out broke through his torso. He's already behind at the other side again as everyone turns their attention to the one just hit. Sieg's second target is struck by a knee to the back of the head and his skull literally caves in as he axe kicks a third that crashes straight down through the ground into a crater. This time he moves into the middle of the group and spins on his back in a break dance* Break It Down Yo! *He kicked his legs out through the movement as the ground shattered from extended contact with the meteor and 3 more met their demise while being knocked through the air with bones grinded down almost to dust.* Pop Lock Toss! *He pushes his left palm into another's chest, grabbing his shirt and throwing him up high into the air, already directly above as he reaches the maximum height and Sieg drives his right fist into his gut sending him spiraling into the ground, charged with lightning as his body explodes outward against 2 more underneath him. Sieg lands right next to the Nin as the 2 hit by the discharge are already down in two separate craters. Sieg crashes through 3 more and Kuro Ryuusei fades after the 3rd one goes down in a crushed mess.* Whoops, I got too excited! Kagura my dear~

Kagura: *She smiles* You told me not to fight right? Of course, it can't be called a fight in the first place if the targets are annihilated in one blow. *She touches the ground with her left hand and snaps her fingers on her right as little silver/white spheres drop down from the sky*

Kasumi: Is that snow?

Ryoko: Wow that's pretty!

Kyo: Wait isn't that...

Sync: The Dust Release? Yes. *At that point the spheres hit the ground and detonate into violent explosions, lighting up the entire area and temporarily blinding everyone in the process*

Sieghart: *When the dust settles, the last 13 Nin are all finished and Sieg is covered by an earth barrier which crumbles to nothing as he sighs in relief* Nice one... Looked just like snow!

Kagura: It's my own take on the Dust Release. Like it?

Sync: Ah I see what you did there! Compacted dust that you left in the sky prior to our rendezvous! Very impressive as usual Demon Queen! You and the Demon King both learned some new things huh? *They look to Sieg who sits down in a meditative position*

Kasumi: Tired? You should be after all that chakra you used just now!

Ryoko: That Kuro whatever jutsu must drain chakra like no tomorrow!

Sieghart: Yeah, but it's fine.

Kyo: Need a moment huh?

Sieghart: Just a minute or so. *He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as his chakra immediately begins to regenerate at an impossible rate*

Sync: Another new jutsu! You've developed one to restore your chakra back to full within moments rather than hours!

Sieghart: *He peeks at Sync with one eye open* Same old smartass, know it all Sync. Same old rude Kyo. At least you both stay consistent.

Kasumi: Well in their case it's not always a good thing *She winks at Sieg and Kagura playfully*

Kagura: I can imagine! *Sieg stands up after a minute*

Harde: How did you recover so quickly? You barely had any chakra left!

Sieghart: It's a secret. So.... Shall we?

Kyo: Yeah. I'm freakin hungry now! *Kyo begins to walk off ahead casually as Kagura puts a hand on his shoulder* Hm?

Kagura: Why walk when you can fly? *Kagura has already touched all of them, as well as Harde reluctantly and everyone is floating off the ground*

Sync: Oh I've always wanted to try this!

Kasumi: Whoa! This is really cool! *She does a few backflips in the air*

Ryoko: I didn't know you could fly Kagura!

Harde: Amazing! As expected of the Tsuchikage! Is it ok if I too call you kagura-chan?

Kagura/Sieghart: No./Hell no.

Kyo: heh. It's the stick ain't it?

Sieghart: To say the least, yeah.

Sync: *He shrugs as Kagura leads the flight to Kumogakure* Better off not asking. Seriously.

Harde: .....

Back in Kumogakure, at the main entrance to the Village right after the stairs, the group lands after a pleasant and refreshing flight in the skies above the Land of Lightning.

Kyo: Damn that was fun! You should teach me that jutsu!

Kagura: No offense, but that's not something you could ever learn.

Kasumi: Take us for food Sieg!

Sieghart: Now? Don't you want to get business out of the way first?

Ryoko: It can't wait?

Kagura: It CAN wait. But it shouldn't.

Sieghart: My esteemed Uncle, as powerful as he is, has very little patience.... if any at all!

Let: *He and Allania approach the group* Indeed.

Allania: Welcome back Sieg! *She smiles at him*

Sieghart: Hey Let! Hey Nia~

Kagura: *She glares at Allania for a moment before making introductions for everyone*

Let: It's a pleasure to meet all of you. *He bows politely*

Kasumi: What a well mannered guy! Sync could learn a lot from you!

Sync: Hm. Maybe so. *He shakes Let's hand* I like you.

Harde: pleased to make your acquaintance! *He smiles at Allania* Do you have a boyfriend?

Sieghart: No she doesn't, but she doesn't need one if it's you. *He pulls Allania further away from Harde*

Allania: *She glances down and quickly looks away from Harde* Sorry.... I stand by what Sieg said.

Kyo: Nice to meet you.

Ryoko: Good afternoon!

Allania: So you're Sync? We've all heard a lot about you! We're going to be your escorts while you stay here!

Sync: *He looks down at Allania's hand for a moment before looking at her face then to Sieg* It's you... that stench.

Sieghart: Stench?

Kyo: I don't smell anything.

Sync: The stench from Sieg.

Kagura: He doesn't smell bad at all. What are you talking about?

Allania: I don't get it.

Sync: The stench of a skank. It's all you. *Everybody stares at Sync in surprise with Allania speechless*

Kasumi: Sync! *She smacks Sync on the head and he hits the ground*

Kyo: Dude! You don't even know her!

Let: Skank?

Kagura: Ah. Sync is right of course.

Allania: What?! I'm not!

Harde: Uh.... You smell like vanilla!

Let: Please don't look at my sister. I beg of you.

Sieghart: Don't take everything Sync says seriously... anyway! Let's go!

Sync: *He stands and watches Sieg walk ahead leading everyone else before looking to Kasumi* What the hell?!

Kasumi: What's wrong with you! *She pulls him by the ear and follows Sieg who leads them to the Raikage's building and up to his office*

Sieghart: *He glances at everyone else* Hold on a moment. *He knocks and waits a second before opening the door. A lightning charged knife flies at Sieg's head and he tilts it calmly as it goes right through the wall behind him.* Uncle A, we've returned with our guests.

A: Ahahahaha! Well done Sieg! Well done! I'd have killed you if that hit you!

Sieghart: Well it would have killed anybody who wasn't me~ *He motions everyone to enter*

A: Ah! These kids huh! Come in! Take a seat you fuckin brats! Which one of you is Sync Uchiha?! *He looks at Harde* It better not be him...

Harde: Pleased to meet you!

A: I can see that....

Sync: First off, *He crosses his arms* who the fuck are you?

B: *A stands up with a stone cold expression* Yo hey ho! Don't mess 'round yo! Bro gonna go off like fireworks Synco!

A: *He stands directly in front of Sync menacingly for a moment* I'm the one who runs this shit! The strongest ninja in the world you little piece of shit!

Sync: *He nods a bit and pulls out a scroll* Oh yeah? I'm the one who made this shit! *The scroll glows brightly*

Let/Allania: Oh crap... *They glance to Sieg and Kagura who just smile a bit*

A: Heh... I like this brat! You've got a lot of balls! *He slaps Sync on the shoulder roughly and Sync falls down almost dislocating his shoulder*

Sync: Hmph! *He stands back up and stretches his arm* Well played. *His hand glows and he smacks A who activates Lightning Armor*

A: Nice try brat! You're good in my books!

Sync: Oh yeah? *He glances at Allania with a mocking smile*

Allania: *She whispers to Sieg* Is there a reason he's doing that? I thought he was nice!

Sieghart: Nice? Sync's a lot of things.... Nice isn't always one of them~ He's probably just joking around though. Maybe...

B: Let's get on the road with this show! Take it real slow!

Sieghart: Nice one Uncle B! *The two fist pound*

Sync: Shut the hell up.

Kasumi: Behave Sync. *She holds his hand crushing down roughly causing Sync to wince in pain*

Sync: Ok ok!
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"Well well well aren't you an ugly bunch. i didn't know there can be so much ugly in one place." kyo said and laughed. "kyo you shouldn't make them feel bad before their deaths." Ryoko said. "well thats where you and I are different those who stupidly face me deserve to die."said kyo. "kid you have a big mouth hopefully you have the balls to back it up." says missing nin A. "he can talk all he wants I just want a piece of that slut over there next to him before we kill her." missing nin B says and both he and missing nin A laughed. "oh shit things are about to get messy." sync says while blocking missing nin from attacking him. Kyo clenches his fists and he yells "what the fuck did you call my girlfriend you ugly ass punk bitch." missing nin A laughs and says "i think we made the lil baby mad." "oh my mistake man you must be her bitch ill make sure your alive to watch as we have some fun with her." missing nin B says. "kyo ignore them those are just words no need to get to worked up here, what we need you to do now is focus." harde says as he busts a guys head into a tree. "yea hun no need to use your rage fist here." Ryoko says worriedly."Aww did lil baby get offended by what we said and the slut and senior chode over there are worried about him." missing nin A says. Both harde and ryoko quickly turn to look at kyo and they both say "kill them." Ryoko my love make sure no one else get caught up in my attacks cause these fuckers are gonna wish they didn't piss me the fuck off." kyo said as his muscles began to bulge out."so you finally decided to play ill tell you what we will give you the first move." missing nin ba says. "brother forgive me for this I know how you hate forbidden level jutsu." Kyo said as he began forming the hand signs for his multi arm jutsu and then his life force clone jutsu. "hopefully i can successfully string this in their with these." kyo says as he begans to use his lightning strike armor and it lightning chakra slowly begins to cover my body as some of my first chakra container disappears. "what the fuck are you." missing nin c says "I am called many things but you may simply call me by Death." kyo says as he dissappears behind missing nin c and grabs his arms and quickly jerks them back as a sickening pop is heard as they both pop out of socket and break."you I will not kill you will deliver a message but not yet." kyo says as he tosses him over to one of his lifeforce clones who pops out pieces of his bone and creates dagger like weapons and jabs them into each of the missing nins arms pinning him to a tree."

"now who is .." kyo begins to say as another missing nin tries to dropkick kyo but kyo catches his leg and twists it breaking his leg in two and then bashes his head onto the ground and curbstops it. "please don't interupt me while im.." kyo says as another one goes for a punch to kyos gut but kyo dodges to the side and kicks the missing nin in the air as another missing nin begins to use a ninjutsu kyo dashes away from his line of sight while sending a life force clone behind him and kicks the missing nin towards kyo as the other missing nin that kyo kicked in the air began to fall back down. kyo grabs the one in the air under his chin with his left hand while catching the other one with his right around his neck and slams the one in his left to the ground breaking his neck while at the same time twisting the other missing nins neck breaking it. "well now you guys are impatient sons a bitches ill give you that." Kyo says as he feels a sharp pain in his right arm and he looks down and sees a sword sticking through it. "what the hell man no need to bring weapons into a fist fight, but if you really want to though I can humbly abildge you with a quick death." says kyo as he yanks is arm inwards towards him so the person who stabbed him gets flung forward as kyo makes spike of bone appear from his body where the missing nin was headed impaling the missing nin straight through the head.
"now where the hell is the one who called Ryoko a slut." kyo said as he scanned around looking for him. As kyo turned around all he sees is a giant rock fist hit his face causing his mask to break and fling kyo back into a tree. "Dammit you bastard you broke my mask and since you are the first one who dared to break my mask i shall give you the option how you wanna die. Do you wanna A. die slowly or B. quickly?" kyo said "i choose option C. you die now ." missing nin A says as he throughs a spear made of rock at kyo. "unfortunatly there is no option C. and you gave away what type of jutsu you use away without me even trying to do anything.' kyo says as ryoko's sand blocks the spear. "thank you my love" kyo says "no problem hun." ryoko says. "now love would you be so kind as to throw up a huge barrier of sand dividing me from you guys so that what im about to doesn't affect your fightning." kyo said. "of course but what are you gonna do and how many missing nin do you want on your side." She says. "well when i was with orochimaru sensei he taught me a little jutsu for the chuunin exams but i was too afraid to use it for fear of what it would have done to the stadium but since there is room I can perform this jutsu and you'll know it when you see it and lets see i already incapacitated one and killed four. based off the jutsu im gonna use and how much chakra i have left i will be able to deal with 12 more including the dipshit who called you that word and the dumbass who chose option c so thats 19 in all." Kyo says as ryoko builds up a huge wall of sand around her and the others while surrounding herself in a globe of sand so she cant get interrupted and uses her third eye technique to watch whats going from high in the sky.

"well lets began shall we." kyo says as he dashes towards the dumbass who chose option c and kickes him to the right sending him into the wall and as if on que some sand breaks off the the wall and binds the missing nin so he cant move and another wall of sand is put around me and him. "now you know what happenes when you chose option C right." Kyo says "fuck off you asshole." missing nin A replies. "wrong answer, the right answer now is i get to chose how you die and they always are slowely now look into my eye." kyo says as he casts tsukiyomi on him "ryoko remove the sand" he said and the sand begins to disappear and all thats left is the missing nin quivering in pain as he feels he is being stabbed millions of times in a second. "well i think he has had enough." kyo said as he undid tsukiyomi and prepared for the final technique that will end it all. "No let me go please i will leave you alone for good" missing nin A says. "no i got something even better." kyo says as he looks him directly in the eyes "no no dont send me back." he says "dont worry im not." Kyo says"may you burn from the inside out. Amaterasu." kyo says as the missing nin's eyes are engulfed in a black flame that quickly spreads throughout his body coming from the inside out. kyo closes his eyes dispelling the flames and turns away from the charred corpse that remains of the missing nin. "Ryoko, time for me to test out orochimaru sensei's technique." kyo says as he uses the hands seals for the summoning jutsu summoning Manda. The sand departs as 13 missing nin ready for a fight appear but as soon as they see the snake you could smell the fear in the air(at least i hope its fear :/). Manda says "why did you summon me young one." "we have some work to do." kyo says as he points to missing nin B (lets call him doug). "doug your next" kyo says as he and manda move aside to show what had happened to missing nin B "manda could you rip him in half for me " kyo says. "i would love to" manda says as he darts forward grabbing doug and slowly pulling him apart as well as crushing 2 missing nin on the way. "well manda lets split the kills shall we you get to kill those 5 and i get to kill the rest deal" " sounds like a pretty good deal can i eat them?" "sure whatever you want just make sure you have room for the reinforcements." Kyo said as he turns towards the remaining 5 "now who wants to bet i can take all of you to the ground before you can lay a finger on me. Kyo says as he uses one of his lifeforce clones to fully restore him and then desummon him. "hahahaha you can try but unlike those retards we know what you can do now." "oh really i doubt you do know what i can do ." Kyo says as he begans to fold chakra in his hands. "well your welcome to come at me any time." A missing nin begans to run left and another to the right will the rest began to use ninjutsu to pincer me in to that one position. kyo quickly sidesteps a blast of water and fire from 2 of the 3 shinobi from the front will dodging the attack from the right and slamming a rasengan deep into his face leaving lightning crackeling throughout his body sending him straight to the ground as kyo makes a bone sword and stabs him in the chest while dodging the missing nin from my left and slam him with the rasengan in the side sending him flying towards the water ninjutsu user knocking them both down. While dodging another fireblast kyo dashes over to the 2 missing nin kyo knocked down and stab one straight through the head which went through the chest of the other one. "well looks like its you 2 and i havent been touched yet and i have 3 rasengan left." kyo says "i wont let you use those on me he says as performs a huge fireball jutsu and sends at kyo.Kyo dashes forward and uses his eye to absorb the technique and slammed the 3 rasengan into the fire user slamming him into a tree. Kyo quickly dashes over an quickly finishes him off. "why didnt you attack my the whole time." Kyo says to the last missing nin. "I unlike them believe in honor and fighting 5 against 1 isnt honorable." the missing nin says " i was also waiting till you used those rasengan so that i wouldnt have go up against them since i only use weapons." "since you were honorable about the fight I will give you the option of how you want me to fight you." kyo says as he releases all his current jutsu. "how about a sword fight." "deal" kyo says as he unsheathes his blade and dashes forward slashing down at his opponent. The missing nin blockes the attack and pushes kyos sword back and slashes his sword into kyos gut leaving a huge gash before kyo could dodge leaving kyo surging in pain. "your a pretty good weapons fighter and fast too a deadly combination." kyo says. "thanks your not bad yourself if i were anyone else that strike would have broken through their defense an sliced them through." Kyo steps back a step and swings from the side and then as it gets blocked he forces the missing nin back and then swings again from the right only for it to be blocked again. Kyo then slashes from the left and as its blocked he pushes the missing nins sword up so it leaves an opening for a stab but the missing nin quickly stepped back and blocked it. "well well i guess its time to end it. I tried to prolong it as much as i can but by now the rest of your group are either dead or are going to be dead. "you werent fighting serious the whole time." " the first strike i was hoping to end it but when it failed i decided to prolong the fight to see how it might end if i fought on your level but we would only end up fighting till one of us ran out of stamina which in the end would be me and i have too much to live for." kyo said as he ran forward slashing up at the missing nin only for it to be blocked.kyo then jumps over the missing nin and takes the other side of his sword and brings it down slicing the missing nins arm off and slicing into his chest ending the fight.kyo then moves over toward missing nin c and tells him " your message to tell the next group is that they should be prepared for a swift death. *kyo puts on another mask* "now go." The missing nin dashes off deep through the forest.

As Ryoko put up the wall of sand Sync glanced around, “There numbers are dropping rather rapidly along with our stamina. This is going to be rather close unless I…” His words were interrupted as the leader charged at him with two chakra blades, slashing in what looked to be a rage as Sync evaded his strikes, and moving under his left blade severing his left arm’s chakra point as his arm became limp. Sync then took two puddle steps back, glaring at his opponent as his heart began to beat. “Damn…my body still hasn’t adapted to the power.” He looks at his hands as they begin to shake as the leader laughs and sticks his blade into the severed arm, restoring the sealed point as Sync bites his lip in frustration, the cut on his right arm from their previous confrontation started to ooze more blood. The leader laughed and slowly walked toward Sync. “Is that…all there is? I must say I am disappointed. What happened to all those rumors about you? I suppose it was all talk.” Sync took another step back as Sumi shot herself from a branch of a tree, grabbing the leaders neck as she passed and coated his body with water as it begin to freeze him rapidly as Sync closed his eyes, appearing behind him and touching Sumi’s shoulder as they both vanished as the entire area exploded, taking out the entire forest area as they reappeared next to Kyo, Harde and Ryoko. Sync fell to one knee, holding his right arm and panting. “Thunder God Segment: Decimation” he closed his eyes and let himself fall back to the ground. It seems that his body was still adjusting to the new power; it initially cut his overall performance by 75%, a steep price for such great power. Harde looked around, “How the hell did we get here? We were just fighting in a forest.” Sumi laughed and sat next to Sync. “Sync destroyed the forest at a molecular level using a…” Sync sighed, “Sumi, no need to tell them what I did and how I did it. That information is for your ears only.” Sumi nodded and held her tongue out, dumbfounded. “In any case, are you alright, Sync?” Sync sighed as his body began to glow a light blue, his wounds slowly vanishing as he opened his eyes slightly. “Yea, give me a minute” Harde placed a hand on his hip and laughed, “The rumors are true, hm? You really are something Sync. You can do stuff I never thought possible.” Kyo laughed and placed an arm around Ryoko, “Bastards got what was coming to them.” Sumi and Ryoko smiled at one another, “Girl power!” The blue light vanished as Sync stood up, testing his arms and legs. “Healed slower than expected…but it’ll suffice for now.” He looked around and unsheathed his katana as the remaining 50 slowly made their way toward them from the other side. Harde and Ryoko glared at them as Kyo cracked his knuckles and grinned, “I’m just getting warmed up.” Sumi closed her eyes as small orbs of condensation began to form around her. Sync held his katana in an open stance, “Break is over, shit just got real.” He glanced over at Ryoko, Kyo, Sumi and Harde. “The previous unit we faced was the opening act; this last unit has all the professionals in it. It’s all or nothing.” Kyo scoffed, “I made mince meat out of the last unit and it will be the same with this unit!” Ryoko looked around, “What happened to Manda, Kyo?” Kyo cracked his neck, “He must have booked it when Sync went atomic level up in there.” Harde reached into his pants as Sync shot him a disturbed glare as Harde pulled his nunchuk out, swinging them around in an offensive motion. Kyo shook his head and faced his opponents. “No comment, brick dick.” Harde laughed, “Don’t be jealous, Kyo.” Sync held his katana in a backwards motion as he glanced up at the sky, a smile appearing on his face. “All we need to do is hold them off; the demon couple of the Clouds should be joining us momentarily. Pull your drawers up! And don’t piss in them!.” He grinned in excitement.

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As Sync and company passed the third landmark a sudden breeze of discomfort hit Sync as he turned around, looking up at the trees as the leaves began to fall to the ground. Slowly, yet gently their petals fell as if they were somehow losing their way. Sync placed a hand over his eyes to block out of the sun as he flipped his hair from his face, removing his glasses as he gently parted his lips. “What is this feeling? Could it be?” Sync took a step in the opposite direction as Ryoko and Kyo placed a hand on his shoulder. Ryoko tilted her head and pat his back, “Hey, Sync what’s bothering you?” Kyo followed Sync’s eyes as he noticed what caught his attention. “Ah, you feel it too? Something is brewing back home.” Sync shook his head and placed his glasses back on. “Yea, Onii-kun is handling it so all should be well.” Sync was tempted to take just one more step in that direction, but he knew if he did he wouldn’t stop until he was home. With a determined look and his teeth grit together he turned toward the rendezvous point and took two steps forward, setting them back on their way, silent. Harde turned to Kyo and Ryoko as they silently began to follow as well. “What just happened there?” Kyo glanced at Harde, his bearings set, “Sync and I have an uneasy feeling something is going on at home.” Ryoko continued to follow, silent as if something were on her mind. Harde rubbed his left shoulder. “How come I didn’t get that feeling?” Kyo diverted his attention towards Sync’s back, ignoring the question as Harde scoffed and let the question linger. Seconds later the trees began to shake as rain drops poured over a single area, a voice lingered with the wind. “You don’t have the connection that they do, Harde.” Harde and Ryoko looked up and around, trying to locate the voice as Kyo held in a laugh. Sync closed his eyes and sighed, thinking to himself. “What the hell is Kasumi doing here? Is Onii-kun worried about me?”

The pouring ceased as the droplets caught on the leaves began to compose, creating a figure as it takes form. Ryoko and Harde blinked at the unknown figure as Sync and Kyo walked up to it. The water evaporates as a woman with red hair and bright violet eyes steps forward and waves with a big smile, “Hey, guys!” Kyo let his laugh out, “Well met, Kasumi. Korro send you to help?” Kasumi nodded her hands behind her back as Harde stepped forward and brushed his left hand on his suit and held it out to her, “Kasumi? You are Sync’s woman if I aren’t mistaken, pleasure to final meet you.” He held a hand out to her as Kasumi looked down, blinking and shook the hand gently. “Mhmm, likewise.” Ryoko stepped forward and smiled, “Kasu, it’s been awhile! How have you been?” Ryoko leapt forward giving Kasu a squeeze as Kasu laughed happily, hugging back, “I’ve been great and you? Korro asked me to accompany you”

Ryoko churred in excitement, “Finally! Another female!” She looked at Kyo and smiled, “No offense, dear.” Kyo shrugged and walked past Sync, “None taken.” Kasumi glanced at Harde from the corner of her eye, thoughts of distrust within as Sync ran a hand through his hair and glared at Harde, “Girlfriend? Pfft, don’t assume things you premature…” before he could finish his vulgar sentence Kasumi jumped onto Sync, wrapping his arms and legs around him, giving him a spider hug. Sync blinked and turned his head to the side, blushing. “H-Hey! Get the hell of me you…” before he could finish his insulting sentence Kasumi pressed her lips to his, causing Sync’s eyes to widen and close, kissing her back gently. Kasumi smiled against his lips and gently pulled away, gazing into his eyes. “I missed you, Sync…” Sync sighed as his blush got brighter. “I…missed you too, Sumi.” He slowly wrapped his arms around her as if he was going to hug her back, but instead and placed two fingers at her waist and poked it causing Sumi to jump back off him, giggling.

“Hey! You cheated!” Sync grinned and dusted off his attire. “Cheat? Me? You’re the one who attacked my lips!” Kyo let out another laugh, “An attack was it? Even so you looked as if you were enjoying it.” He said as he glanced at Sync with a teasing motion. “Sync growled and turned his back towards them as Harde glanced up and frowned as he darted toward Sync, suddenly as Sumi evaporated and appeared before Sync in a fluid motion, her body now in front of Harde as he gave her a quick thumbs up. Harde’s and Sumi’s eyes met as they nodded, as Harde pushed off Sumi’s shoulder kicking their assailant in the neck, killing him as a rain of weaponry fell upon them. Ryoko opened her pouch as the sand danced around her fingers, creating a sand shield above them as she looked at Kyo who nodded, creating a rotating chakra in his palm as he slammed the energy against the shield, and causing it to spiral and create a vortex, sucking in two more of the assailants.

The sand retracted back to Ryoko as Kyo looked towards Harde, Sumi and Sync. “You guys alright?” Sumi and Harde nodded as Sumi looked at Sync who was cleaning his glasses. “Are you alright, Sync? She said as Sync placed his glasses back on and sighed, “You guys are slow.” Ryoko frowned, “You knew and still you didn’t bother to help?” Sync shrugged, “Atherion is life threatening business, I need all the chakra I can muster to pull this mission off. Till then I expect you to be able to handle it.” Kyo shook his head, “Uh huh, sure boy genius. I know you; you always have a plan and a back up plan.” As Kyo and Ryoko glanced at one another they and the group became surrounded by assailants. Kyo and Ryoko stepped back into Rotation Formation which included Harde, Sumi, Kyo and Ryoko in a circular formation, in which Sync was in the middle as that was their target of protection. One of the assailants stepped forward, with a row of seven behind him as he glared at the group, “Hand over Sync Uchiha and you all shall be spared.” Sumi and Harde got into position as the man shook his head in regret. “Wrong choice, kids.” Sync glanced at their surroundings and placed his hands on the shoulders of Harde and Ryoko, stepping out of formation his expression serious, for once as he placed a hand to his temple. “I know who sent you and I will not go back. I have been assigned a mission and I shall see it out.” The man who seemed to be the leader laughed. “I should have figured you would have known. Why continue to return if you…” Sync interrupted. “Shut your gorilla ass up.” He ran his fingers along his temple, “Was it really necessary to bring a unit of 120 S rank missing ninja just to bring me back?” The leader gave Sync an impressed look.

“The rumors are true about you. I am severely impressed.” He clapped as his men took up arms and stances. “You even managed to notice our backup Nin a few meters away…I am most impressed, this shall be entertaining.” He looked around and snarled. “Our orders are to capture Sync alive and bring him back! The others are expendable, kill them! Failure is not an option!” Sumi, Harde, Kyo and Ryoko looked at Sync who just stood their in the open. Sync parted his lips calmly, “They won’t deign lay so much a finger on me. You guys can focus on your enemies rather than me, I can handle myself.” Sync glared at the leader, his eyes narrow and serious for the first time in a long time as 70 of the S rank missing Nin charged at the group Sync grinned, “I welcome you to your graves. You shall be the first to witness the fruition of studying.” He activated his Byakugan.

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Gaara enters the dilapidated temple as Turtle and Koro rouse, “I hope the temple sufficed for your training my friends” Turtle smirks “Yes it did but what’s the true reason you came,” Gaara has an insulted look, “Do you forget that I am your host, Turtle, and you throw accusations.” “No, I just know you, and that Cocouam wouldn’t just come to your village to improve her tan and admire the scenery, though that won’t stop her.” Turtle suggests as Cocouam steps out from behind Gaara, “Oh, but it is very lovely and I could use some more color, I come with news from the Hokage, we have a mission Koro.” Gaara looking discouraged politely admits, “You got me Turtle, can’t slip anything past you, though I hope you don’t feel that you must leave?” “No worries, Sand Shrew, this I know but I must get moving as well no matter how much I still have to learn from the temples spirits, I’ll have to return to help fix it up,” with that Turtle walks off in to the desert, after walking a few yards he flips the coin salutes goodby and as the sun reflect off the coin, he’s gone. “I best get going to, Kokaba I’ll meet you there.” Koro grabs Cocouam and instantly vanishes, then Kokaba gets up and walks into the desert. “I got to get some normal friends.” Gaara exclaims as he shakes his head.

At a rocky mountainous area an outlaw band’s camp is concealed in the heart of a cluster of rocks, a lone missing nin paces nervously. He seems a bit unsure, he passes an empty table and turns to pace again when he notices an ominous coin that wasn’t there before. The color in his face drains due to his nerves getting the better of him as his eyes survey for the entity of which has placed it, he jumps at the dark cold voice. “A bit jumpy are we Ring Tail,” “I wasn’t sure that you would be the recipients, I’m treading on thin ice with this.” Ring Tail responds the source of the voice steps into the light. He’s a tall shady character with slicked back dark hair, a stern face with scars, he wears a black trench coat and a black traditional cotton Chinese shirt with black kung fu pants and black ballad shoes. “No need to fret, I’m here so why did you summon me cause if you waste my time you’ll regret it” the shady character replies. “It’s just you but the others will be needed, one won’t suffice to prevail with this goal.” Ring Tail exclaims then the character runs up and grabs his shirt and holds him in the air with one hand “I’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT!” the character shouts, and then somberly follows as he set Ring Tail down “What you are to do is explain the reason you summoned me here, Now talk.” Ring Tail composes himself and says “I am sorry for wasting time, as you well know we missing Nin have established a counsel amongst ourselves but still act independently. Recently a few of the outlaw groups were approached with a job by unknown assailants; one to attack a team going to the cloud village, another to assault the leaf village in an unusual way, and the last to find a samurai hiding in the ninja territory. My sources have discovered that the same person is the one that hired them and that it was the head of the Samurai.” Character interrupts “Are you saying you want us to stop their missions” “No, I want you to take out the Nin going after the samurai in doing that the samurai ninja war can be postponed” Ring Tail declares, “What do you mean postpone the war?” shady character asks “I believe the samurai is the nephew of the Samurai Lord and his presence in the ninja territory prevents the Lord from attacking us ninja.” Ring Tail reveals “I see, now you said take out as in kill right?” Shady character clarifies. “Yes, why else hire assassins, not one should be spared” Ring Tail decides. “I take it you have an ulterior motive here, might this clan be just over yours,” the assassin hints. “That’s just a bonus, the ninja are not ready for this war yet, will you take the job and if yes what payment do you require?” “We’ll take it and your payment is that you now owe us we’ll collect some time, but be warned if you need us again the debt will stack but we will always get the job done no matter what, you keep the coin and soon you will get word the job is done.” and with that the assassin was gone.

As the Assassin meets with Ringtail, the Hokage Naruto had started to pace in front of the Hidden Leaf village gate his brow furrowed in grief at the current state of his beloved Konoha. When he suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder , this causes him to turn around and see Koro with Cocuam under his left arm her eyes focused on his face. Naruto does the same but the two of them are powerless to see what is going on. For the second that Koro touched Konoha soil his senses picked up the agony of the women who were afflicted, his nostrils were filled with the sweet scent that the afflicted were secreting from their flesh and could even taste that the scent was more then a aroma. And he had the feeling that the cause was not in the village, having assessed the situation he looks down at Naruto and says ’It seems that sickness attaches to females perhaps due to the fact that it seems to be a sort of feminine hormone based virus’. Naruto blinks surprised at the spot on assessment without any explanation and says “Well what do we need to fix the problem?” Koro solemnly responds “that’s the problem what we need is the origin of the strain and I do not sense it in this village…..do you know were the first” Koro suddenly stops talking as he feels a pulling sensation which leads to a sudden increase in knowledge to were the first victims were found and tracks leading into the forest he then tilts his head down to look at Cocuam and says “Go get master Sai, Cocuam my dear” Cocuam gets on her tip toes and kisses Koro and says “Okay Koro-chan” she then runs off towards the Kouken-chikara(Guardian Force) division building as Naruto says “I take it you found out were the source is?” Koro shakes his head and says ‘Only a lead to were it might be Naruto-sama I suggest you tell Shikimaru to try and stabilize the victims as it might take a while to acquire the source” Naruto nods in acceptance and starts to walk away only to turn around and ask “You never asked why I choose you and not Ino or someone else to do the Job why is that?” Koro smiles and replies “Because the second I got here I knew that your heavy hitters are all out on missions save for you Shikimaru, Temari, Hinata and Sai, plus Temari was the third to be afflicted” Naruto quite shocked at Kokoro’s abilities responds kind heartedly “Glad your one of us Kokoro”. Koro looks at the ground as the wind whips dirt and shreds of grass across the road as he says “I am touched by your kindness by Kokoro is not a name of reverence it is one of horror and infamy much like Madara Uchiha” Naruto shakes his head and says “Your not a monster Koro why can’t you accept that?” Koro laughs and turns away from Naruto as he replies “Because your wrong, but then again I think we both know the truth about that, you just haven’t run out of tributes yet!” at this Koro cracks a vicious smile and chuckles darkly as he starts to walk to the forest Naruto hears the beating of wings and looks up to see Sai and Cocuam flying over his head on a giant Ink bird, he then looks back at where Koro was only to realize he is already gone he sighs and says to himself “Was he joking or just messing with me? Probably better off not knowing” and so the Hokage shakes his head as he sprints of to see Shikimaru.

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As the rubble settles and the dust dissipates both Turtle and Koro walk over to the corpse of the believed Spy. The eyes of Koro’s eyes scan over the body and picks up every detail possible, Turtle goes to a crouch near the bodies head and says “Find anything of interest? “ . Koro smiles a says “Well other then the wounds that we caused this person was disfigured beforehand so that they could not be recognized but he seems to have been in great physical condition minus the fact that he is dead now, and there seems to be the letters enolc evil across his head” Turtle shakes his head in Disappointment “why can’t it ever be like an anime were we kill the freaky guy and it turns out to be like the asshole we chase for like three seasons and then when we have the final confrontation we come to an understanding and end the fight by sparing them and show them the error of their ways” Koro turns to face Turtle as he continues to check the body for anything and laughingly says “were the hell you see that Shit?” Turtle looks almost shocked and retorts “It’s almost in every Friggen Anime!” Koro responds “Really?” Turtle almost annoyed says “Yes! Now did you find anything?” Koro smirks and sets three senbons down followed by two knives a Kunai and a Free Ramen token redeemable at any ramen shop. Turtle looks at the Items and calmly asks “anything else” Koro tosses him a scroll that says( Good sir or Madame you are a lucky individual chosen to spice up seemingly drab replies Signed by Brian Naidoo). Turtle replies “Who is this Brian Naidoo and what the heck does he mean by drab reply?” Koro shrugs and responds ” I dunno but when I was younger me and my bro Sync found this rune and stumbled across this scroll that spoke of something called Sub-text and the believed parameters of my jutsu Syphon” Turtle still trying to find out who this Brian Naidoo responds “A bit strange don’t you think?” Koro shrugged and rose to his feet and turned around to head back to the main hall when his shadow sees that the left hand of the body is open and on it’s palm is a ominous coin. He stops and says “It can’t be?” Turtle looks back at the body and sees the coin and the sight of it causes his eyes to appear more fierce as he smiles and says “Looks like we have work to do Little brother” Koro smiles as his shadow picks up the coin and says “So I take it we head out in the morning Oni-chan” Turtle nods as he rises and walks over to his pack and unfurls his bedding. He then sits cross legged on it and begins his pre-sleep meditating, Koro on the other hand walks over to a dark corner and sits down as Kokaba walks over to him and starts to massage his muscles n tendons ,his vessels and Chakara points to aid in the expansion of and constriction of his bodies structuring. His eyelids flicker with each touch as he slows his breathing and forces his mind to not respond to the agony of it all and when she finishes he tears her out of her clothes and begins to ravish her and she him in a way that is both primal and yet technical and completely sensual. And as they finish up his body hungers for Cocuam and Kiekeo as it has for so many nights but he has gotten what satisfaction can be had with one and so he pulls her closer and kisses her forehead as he drapes them in a sheet . Turtle now finished with his pre sleep ritual lays upon his bedding and the three of them drift off into the realm of Dreams.

Meanwhile elsewhere

Tonks closes up the entrance to Kyo’s training grounds and notices Kasumi heading toward the gate with a pack on he quickly jogs over to her and says. “Were you going so late Sumi-chan” she turns to him and replies “What I am supposed to do!, protect Sync”. Tonks chuckles and says “You mean you can’t bare to be out of your precious Sync’s bed Toots” Kasumi gets red in the face as she shouts “How can you be so neglectful of your purpose” Tonks scoffs “Sorry but I don’t roll around underneath the sheets with my masters little brother like you !” Kasumi looks at him angrily and balls her hands into fists with the Intent to punch Tonks in the face and he mockingly says “Go ahead make my day sweet thing” she looks at her fists and unclenches them as she becomes placid like a lake and responds “You are just child” Tonks laughs and says “ That may be so but I don’t Fuck nerds! No wonder Kokorro choose your sister over you” Kasumi turns and looks down at the ground as she tries to hold back tears and says “That’s not the reason “ Tonks sees he went to far and looks at the ground feeling like a piece of shit “Aww come on Sumi-chan I didn’t mean it like that I was just being a jerk”. Kasumi turns to see Tonks now sulking and goes over to him and says “Yes you did but it’s ok, you didn’t know so I forgive you this time” she lifts his chin and kisses him on the cheek, she then turns and becomes and transforms into a water dragon and flies off towards her Sync Tonks shakes his head and turns toward town as he mutters “I don’t belong with these people no more then you do Kokoro” and with that he heads off to the bar.

Morning time in the Ancient temple

As Turtle wakes he stretches and goes into his morning meditation, while Koro rises to a sitting position and stretches as a naked Kokaba rolls over and looks at him with admiration in her eyes she rises to her knees and lets the coiled sheet fall to the floor. She is about to reach for Koro when her loving face shows a sudden annoyance “Cocuam and Gaara are on their way here” Koro drapes her Kimono over her and says “Yes I know, and it was looking to be such a promising morning but the real question is what to do?” as Koro sits in thought Turtle responds “worry not Little brother I’ll stall them until your work is done, just don’t take to long you hear” Koro nods and smiles as he puts on his shirt and coat and turns as Gaara and Cocuam enter the temple.

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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In the Valley of Clouds and Lightning, a sacred training ground hidden in Kumogakure. There is a shrine at the peak where a small group has traveled.

Kagura: I see. So you still do most of your training here hm?

Sieghart: Yeah. *He's sitting in a meditative position breathing in and out under a constructed device utilizing light energy which smashes down upon him* Let and I do this while Nia usually practices with Uncle B and Darui.

Kagura: Hm.... Using the Heavenly Transport Technique in such a way, I have to admit it never crossed my mind. Rather, you should be more considerate of Aunt Mabui.

Mabui: *She smiles at Kagura* Not at all Kagura-chan! This is good practice for me as well. Since Sieg practically forced me into doing this, it's become much easier to actually control practically.

Sieghart: See? Everybody wins~

Kagura: That's right. *She looks to Mabui with a smile* Why don't you increase the load~

Mabui: W-what? Are you cra- I know you're crazy, but Sandaime Raikage-sama was the only person in history who has been able to survive the transport! Any more than this and Sieg might-

Kagura: It's fine. The man I am to marry is not so weak as to be torn apart by something of this level.

Sieghart: *He laughs a bit* I'll be fine. I'm pretty sure anyway.

Mabui: *She sighs in defeat* Alright but don't blame me... It's good Let-kun isn't here today. *She takes a deep breath as the chakra output from the device increases by half*

Kagura: *She smiles when Sieg starts to sweat heavily with a strained expression* It can't be called training without going overboard right?

Sieghart: Uh.... yeah. Sure.

Mabui: So why exactly isn't Let here anyway?

Kagura: Aunt Ash has forced him into marriage meeting. It would seem that the engagement between Sieg and I may have made her feel desperate for grandchildren.

Sieghart: Which is strange. There's still Nia. It's not like she would ever have a problem getting any guy she wants! *He opens his eyes to look at Kagura and Mabui. Kagura has a blank expression and Mabui looks a bit annoyed and depressed.* W-what is it? Was I wrong?! It's not like Nia's ugly or anything right?

Mabui: *She shakes her head* I don't understand how someone can be so straightforward and honest but so dense all the same...

Kagura: Yes. It's probably Sieg's only minus as a whole.

Sieghart: What are you talking about? Did I miss something?

Mabui: Your whole childhood with Allania-chan apparently... *At that point they look to the stairs leading up to the shrine as Let approaches with Allania, Let is wearing a highly formal silk kimono* What timing!!!!

Sieghart: *He tries to hide a smile as they approach* So? Anyone getting married?

Let: Hmph. Only you.

Allania: He said that they weren't his... type.

Kagura: Is that so? Well then what IS your type Let?

Let: *He opens his mouth to answer but decides against it and looks to Sieg* I see you've increased the gravitational output...

Mabui/Sieghart: It was all Kagura.

Kagura: Are you planning to train Let?

Let: Actually... *He pulls off the kimono and tosses it behind to Allania now with no shirt and training pants* I'll join Sieg! Let's triple the output!

Sieghart: *He blinks at Let in awe* So it's not that they weren't your type, it's that you planned to get through as fast as you could to come train more? Also.... just half more is difficult. If you want to die you can go right ahead!

Let: I see... *He stares at Sieg's arm where blood has started to flow from a rip in his skin*

Allania: Hey! Tone it down! Do you want to hurt Sieg?!

Mabui: I didn't want to do this in the first place!

Sieghart: It doesn't hurt. But.... how much is this in comparison to the full jutsu?

Mabui: Not even a third. *Sieg and Let look a bit depressed* You know... not even A-sama can endure the jutsu without his lightning armor at full blast. And even then he comes out with moderate damage. You're the only people dumb enough to use this as a training method. Granted, it DOES seem to make you two a lot stronger, but you'll probably die if you do it as often as you have been.

Sieghart/Let: Nah! We'll be totally fine!

Sieghart: My rap is better than this crap~

A few hours later after finishing up the daily training and having lunch with Mabui, Let and Allania, Kagura and Sieg set out to the border.

Kagura: *Using the secret Flight Jutsu passed down to her through the Tsuchikage line, Kagura flies above the clouds with Sieg holding his hand as they move* The weather is quite pleasant~

Sieghart: Yeah it is! Just to make sure, you don't have to be touching me to fly right?

Kagura: Yes that's right. But to be frank, there's somewhere else i'd much rather be touching you. That, however, will have to wait until we bring Sync to Kumogakure~

Sieghart: *He laughs a bit* Somewhere else huh~ We'll have time to tonight! I mean, provided that things go according to the plan. But with Sync, things tend to get complicated.

Kagura: True enough. Trouble finds him quite easily.

Sieghart: Speaking of which, Kyo'll probably be with him too.

Kagura: Is that so? Sync and Kyo. The last time we met them, they were 6 right?

Sieghart: Yeah. It's been 9 years. From what I've heard, neither of them have changed very much. Then again the same can be said for us. I mean aside from you becoming hot~

Kagura: Thank you~ You're hot as well~ *She turns suddenly to kiss him quickly*

Sieghart: *He smiles and chuckles as she turns back around* I've only met their older brother a few times. I suppose you've met him a few more times than me though.

Kagura: Yes. He's cut from a different cloth than the other Anbu that occasionally offer assistance.

Sieghart: He really is! So is Grandpa Oonoki still on vacation?

Kagura: Yes he returns later this week. On that note, i'm rather impressed with Uncle A. He's really getting on in the years now, yet it hasn't slowed him down a bit. I had thought that with the way he lives he would also have back problems, but he seems to be even healthier and stronger than he was during his younger years. If only the same could be said for Ojii-sama.

Sieghart: Yeah well, age isn't really factor with Uncle. The only thing that's changed is that he isn't nearly as violent and excitable as he used to be~

Kagura: That's true. Allania would be in the morgue right now if he were.

Sieghart: Oh but never say that in front of him ok? Uncle B and Master Darui mentioned it once...

Kagura: And?

Sieghart: Well. The Valley of Clouds and Lightning is missing a few mountains right?

Kagura: He.... destroyed the mountains? For being told he was getting soft?

Sieghart: Actually! He was trying to throttle us, and the mountains were just collateral damage.

Kagura: He went for you as well?

Sieghart: Uncle doesn't discriminate when he's angry you know. *He looks to the ground and points ahead to Kagura* There's the gate border! It'll probably be a while before Sync and Kyo get here.

Kagura: Right. *She descends pulling Sieg with her and dropping suddenly right in front of the gate that acts as the border between the Land of Lightning and the Land of Fire. The ninja currently on duty immediately get on guard but relax when they see Sieg and Kagura*

Gate Guard: Oh Sieghart-sama! Tsuchikage-sama! We heard you two were set to come here!

Kagura: Good afternoon. *She bows her head politely*

Sieghart: Any sign of Sync? Or anyone?

Gate Guard: No. Just a few animals on the other side. Our spotters haven't seen any people since this morning.

Kagura: Hm. Shall we wait inside the outpost then?

Gate Guard: Oh! Go ahead! Make yourselves at home! Uh... sorry if it's a bit messy...

Sieghart: It's ok. Just let us know if you spot anyone ok?

Gate Guard: Right! Synclakyre Uchiha-sama correct?

Kagura: That's right. He'll be with two others.

An hour later.

Kagura: They should have been here by now. At top speed it should only take 3 to 4 hours to reach the border from Konoha.

Sieghart: You're right. Maybe they took a detour?

Kagura: No. Sync is the type that takes the quickest and most efficient route in anything he does. They may have been attacked.

Sieghart: Attacked? Hm. Now that I think about it, it's rather strange for our spotters not to see ANYBODY. We've got merchants and the like coming in and out of here 24/7 after all.

Kagura: Come. We should cross the border and meet up with them. Just in case.

Sieghart: *They get the guards to open the gate and they cross over into the Land of Fire* Just so we're clear, i'm your escort alright? So if something DOES happen, let me do the fighting.

Kagura: Of course. Nothing turns me on more than having you protect me~

Sieghart: Really? I never knew that! *The two head down the path from the border toward Konoha*
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There was little chatter as they set out until kyo notices a chakra source out in the distance and he says "hey guys we got someone coming get ready because if it is who i think it is things are not going to be pretty at least for me." "why who is it" harde said."its Ryoko" kyo said as he started out to meet her. Harde turned to look at sync and asked "why would things not end well when its kyos girlfriend?"
Kyo must have forgotten that today is their anniversary and he is worried what she might do. Lets go see the outcome who knows it could be funny" sync said as he was about to set out but harde put a hand in front of him "lets not interfere" he said. Meanwhile Kyo had finally got into a position where ryoko and he would cross paths but kyo didn't see her headed that way so he started to scan around until he was tackled to the ground by ryoko. "gotcha" she said as she hugged kyo and gave him a kiss "where you headed to on a day like this" she said. "well you see its not like I wanted to forget what day it is but sync came by and said we had an s rank mission to meet the raikage and I got excited and forgot to do anything;but, I have an idea of what we can do." Kyo said. "you and your missions" ryoko said disheartend "well i guess I could listen to what your idea since i came all this way to spend time with you even though it looks like i wont be able to" she said. "that's where your wrong" kyo said. "My idea is that you accompany us throughout the mission which should last about a couple weeks and all that time ill do what you want me to do. I can also check and see if I can stay with you at your village after the mission for a few days." He said. Ryoko ponders for a bit until finally she says "sounds like a good plan and you have to do everything i tell you to?" "yep even though i may live to regret it later on. now lets head back to where sync and harde are." kyo said and they headed towards their direction. "Are you guys ready to set out again." harde said. "yep" kyo,ryoko, sync said as they began heading back out to the cloud village.
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Sync ran up and came to a gentle halt, bowing at Tonks. “Good evening, Master Tonks. Have you any word from brother eldest?” Tonks diverted his attention to the young prodigy. “Not as of yet, although his training has taken him to the village in the sand.” Sync’s cheeks puffed up in excitement. “That is most satisfactory. Once we are finished with our mission we shall go meet him, that is if he doesn’t relocate himself before we do so.” Tonks nodded, “Very well, I shall pass your regards to him” Sync smiled in agreement and looked at Kyo, with an excited grin. “Look, Kyo!” Sync reaches in his vest and pulls out a silver scroll, tossing it into Kyo’s hands. “This is our first official mission for the village! This mission reflects the entire fate of our future! Isn’t that exciting?” Kyo blinks and opens the scroll, quickly reading over the content. “Not that exciting, this will be a cinch although I am interested in traveling to the Cloud village for the sole reason of meeting the Raikage.” Sync sighed and placed his hands at the back of his head. “After their techniques too?” Kyo grinned and cracks his knuckles, “Is there any other reason?” Sync blinked repeatedly. “Did you take into question that they might decline you?” Kyo gave a confident huff, “Pleeassee! I’m Kyo, and besides that’s why the genius is coming with us!” He ruffled his twin’s hair as Sync fended off his hands and stepped back, giving his twin an irritated glare. “Stop treating me like a child! We are the same age, and besides only Onii-kun is allowed to do that!” Kyo shrugged, “That may be the case but you know how it is.” Sync stuck his tongue out at him, “They can blow it outta their rear end. I don’t care what they think. I may be young but I know what I am doing. Hell, I only came back at the Feudal Lord’s request. He thought I should take a break and run some missions for my village.”

Kyo chuckled and waved his arms in a sarcastic manner. “I had forgotten you are playing with the big boys now.” He chuckled some more as he stepped past Sync. “Well, shall we get this event under way?” Tonks smiled slightly and pat Sync and Kyo on the shoulder. “Good luck, boys. Remember to watch each others backs. There are some who would attempt to get in your way.” Kyo and Sync looked at one another and shrugged, saying in unison, “They get in our way, they die. Simple. They dunno who they are fucking with.” Tonks laughed, “It’s awesome when your minds get connected like that. Anyway, I better be getting back to the task at hand.” He looked towards the sky, “Naruto just set off a flare so something is up, good luck!” He took off in a sprint towards the kage building as Kyo twirled the scroll in his hand, “Harde, eh? Haven’t seen that stiff bit in awhile, wasn’t he testing for his Jounin rank?” Sync laughed, “Haha, stiff…his name is Harde! You are so naughty.” Sync took off towards the gate laughing as Kyo stood there. “…That wasn’t supposed to come out that way, damn.” He took off after Sync heading towards the gate as a lean man with short black hair awaited them at the gate. Sync and Kyo came to a halt as the man walked up to them and grinned, “Well! Long time so see, boys!” Sync and Kyo patted his back, “Well met, Harde. Haven’t seen you in awhile how have things been?” Kyo and Sync looked at one another and balled their fists, “Stop repeating me!” “No! “You!” “Argh!” they turned away from one another as Harde stood there in shock, “Holy hell, you two have gotten good at that! Are you two performers?!” They shot him a glare as his smiled, “Alright, alright! Haha I’ve been busy ever since I was ranked up, shit gets real out there. Been awhile since we were paired, ready to kick some ass?” Kyo grinned, “Please, I was born ready. It’s going to be a fun and interesting trip indeed.”

Sync ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes sharpening, “Agreed, here is where you two will see the fruits of my training and studying.” Harde pat Sync’s back, “Look forward to it!” Kyo handed the scroll to Harde, “Have you read the specs?” Harde nodded, “Yea, Kiekeo ran it by me as she ran off on a mission.” Kyo placed the scroll back in his coat. “That takes care of that, everyone ready for some shit?” The three of them nodded in unison as they heard a familiar voice yelling in the background, “Waaiiitt!! Sync! Kyo! Hold on!” The three boys turned around and paused as Kyo and Sync shot each other a blank look. “That can’t be...no way, why would she?” A woman with dark blue hair came running towards the gate as Sync blinked, “Mother!!” Anko ran up to him and gave Sync a big hug and smiled brightly, “On your way already? I had hoped you would come home and greet your father and I!” Sync blushed and scratched the back of his head. “I was going to visit when I got back from the mission, I didn’t want you to get more worried about me.” Anko sighed and ruffled his hair noticing dirt on his face, “You are so silly, you don’t need to worry about us.” She licked her thumb and rubbed his check with it as Sync blushed deeper. “M-Mother!” Anko chuckled, “Stay still, darling. You have got dirt on your cheek…there! Got it.” Sync shook his face and looked at her, “No need to worry. We shall catch up when we return, alright?” Anko sighed and stood up. “Alright, be careful.” She looked at Kyo and smiled, “Take care of your brother, alright dear?” Kyo nodded and waved his left arm confident in his abilities. “Yea, sure.” Harde grinned and leaned against the left side of the gate. “It’s getting late, sorry Mrs. Uchiha. We must get going now.” Anko nodded, “I understand, please take care of one another and good luck.” She kissed Sync and Kyo’s cheek. “Your father would have stopped by but he just took off on a mission with Kiekeo.” Sync kissed her back and smiled brightly. “It’s alright, father is a busy man.” Kyo pecked his mother’s cheek and headed towards the gate, “Later, mom we will be back in a few weeks.” Sync hugged his mother one last time. “Love you mother, we shall return in a few weeks.” Harde followed after Kyo as Anko smiled and kissed his forehead, “I love you too and am very proud of you, your father is too although he wouldn’t admit it.” Sync rubbed his rose and grinned, “It’s what I do!” He looked back at Kyo and Harde. “They are ready to leave so I shouldn’t keep them. Stay well mother!” He took off in a sprint after them as Anko stood up and smiled, holding a sheathed blade to her chest as she saw them off, “Sorry, baby I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m not ready to let him go.”

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Sun high, heat visible, the dilapidated temple sit like a mirage on the horizon, two dots enter will any leave? That is the question for two warriors are about to face off and only one can emerge the victor.........

Turtle feels a shiver down his spine "You ok turtle" Koro asks, "Yeah, it's just.... well you ever get the feeling that your being watched and they were narrating what your doing and just getting it completely wrong", "That's pretty specific... humm.... not that I can say but now that you mention it.... that feeling is creeping up," "No, it may just be that I said something, now you understand why I a hermit I'm a bit paranoid hope I didn't mess up your concentration" a transparent octogon appears at Turtle and his clones core with different symbols in them and as they focus other branch from the main octogon ,or panel, it contunes until all the panels are connected. All the muscles in Koro's right arm are tense as the ball is now palm size and inside that another was made and so on until it was twelve thick layered like an onion, his right peck also tenses; the tenstion relieves as the onion is complete and palm sized. "No I'm good you but are you ready old timer." "I've been ready, think you got enough ball for this," Turtle remarks with a smirk. "No mercy, now your going down and you can't hide in your shell on a hill to escape." with this Koro gets ready for the pitch. "Young-en I'm a hermit to spare the world give me all you got."

The shirtless one launches his mighty attack at the unfortunate foe aiming to end him, but what is this the foe has a shield and seem to want to catch the attack like a strike ball. From the force behind the attack is tremendous even with his giant transparent mitt there he doesn't stand a chance, or does he?

Turtle braces for the the impact and as it hits he closes the panel around it, "That wasn't so ba......." Blam, all the balls explode and Turtle and Koro get blasted back but most the destructive force was contained. "You were saying" Koro asks and Turtle answers "Basic if you have tweleve balls why contain them if you stacked them you could throw them like a lance and you'd get more force as well as delayed detonation, you've got to try it," with that Turtle returns to the meditive state and calls forth his ansesters the create the defence once again. "It's worth a try, so I hope you have a an idea of how you'll cotain it cause if what you say is true the last trick won't fly," The air around Koro dissipates as the muscle in his right arm become tense once again except the whole right side of his torso become tense as the palm sized balls appear one after another. "Don't worry about that I'm devising my next move as we speak just keep control of your Ransenga" "Please, I'm not Kyo, and I remember all your lame ass training." Koro smriks. "Lame ass training huh, your going to eat those words one day, gemme your best shot." Koro throws his lance.

An interesting turn of events, they both servived the blast but the fight has just begun as one creates a lance with his balls of power and has his sights honed on his enemy. It's flung and lands true at its targets heart, NO, the enemies shield is up again but he was closer this time and there was no time to create the mitt. What's this, he was pushed back and the shield has pushed insideout like the lance hit some sort of net, dang it was envoped again. Will one of their demised ever come or am I just wasting my time, only time will tell.

Koro marvels as his ball burst one by one and the force build till the final ball explodes "And now time for us fly...." KABOOM, was Turtle right,him and Koro go flying and the temple crumbles a little more. "That's a keeper, leave it to a Samruia for an idea like that," Koro get up and dusts off, "you alright, Turtle" Turtle spring boards off new rubble and land back in place, "Fine just went through the window but that last attack gave me an idea only problem is you'll have to go through another lame ass lesson but you'll be able to do the lance in both hands and then merge them in to one uber what ever you choose, so what do you say?" "I've already gone through so many what one more," Koro compromises. "Okay, you'll have to get into the horse stance and atune to nature" Turtle does as he explains, "once you get in that state focus on your Ransanga and this time instead using just the right side feel it in your whole body everything is connected we are one with nature." Koro does what he was told and gives into Turtles words and the tenction builds in his body and the balls begain to form in each hand, soon the lances are created. Turtles soothing voice returns to Koro, "Good now bring the balls to your core and focus on them merging, once they merge you will know, and you will have to toss it from hand or your muscle will burst and that's a mess I don't want to clean up," Koro feels what Turtle describes so he opens his eyes as he tosses it from hand to hand and what he sees is a trident that has barbed tips, "I'm not sure you'll survive this Turtle but I can't hold it any longer brace yourself" he throws it.

Now the death will come to the poor man with a turtle shell on and not to be mean but it's about time. This match was too drawn out, it's been hours with no avail but the end is near, what I didn't see that the turtle's defence was up but I'm sure that trident will cut through, damn, he's stack the panels behind each other in the trajectory of the trident. Ha, the extra prongs receded and now the main prong is drilling through the panels the balls spinning like buzz-saws tearing toward it's target his demise immanent farewell ara-shell.

As the trident comes barreling toward Turtle he get ready to jump off the last panel when it stop three shy, "I almost had to retreat and then you'd have to explain to Gaara why the temple was destoryed" Koro retorts breathing heavily "You'd through me under the bus?" "Hermit!!! HELLLOOO, we looks out for ourselves," Turtle elaborates.

And no one is defeated and the rightful winner is exhausted and the loser is to cowardly to finish true victor and my time was completely wasted what a dank fight indeed YOU BOTH SUCK oh that was a bit loud, Shit.

An exhausted Koro reviles, "Score one for your paranoia you were right," Turtle, "Got one more attack in you or should I just deal with the spy" Koro, "No together, go" Koro throw an explosive into a piler over the spy and Turtle signs over his sword's hilt and quick draws sending a wind blade at him and the spy is cut in hafe and smashed.
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The crisp air whips around the skin as the
moist ground begins to become firm with the rising of the sun!At first
it's light stings the eyes but as the the eyes begin to adjust it
becomes quite apparent that their is a newborns face in the sun and when
it spots us it begins to giggle and smile as it rises above the gateway
to the sand village.Confused and unsure of what to do we both move
forward only to find four short ninja's walk out the gates their
headpieces aren't from any villages and they have some kinda screen in
their bellies.we stare at them when suddenly the purple ninja
says"Tinkiwinke"the yellow one says"Tipsy"followed by the orange one
spouting"Lala"and the shortest one depressingly saying"Poe".We look at
each other and then back at them our only thought is*What the Fuck* It
is now that Gaara turns the Screen off looking at us intently as he
says"So what do you think?"Turtle looks at me and turns to Gaara and
says"What in the nine hells is that?"Gaara looks taken aback as he
slowly responds"it's a beta program for the improved development of
Children,I heard that naruto was working on one called Don't be like
Sasuke so I knew I had to make one of my own"Koro leans forward and
replies"Why was their a baby in the sun?"Gaara responds"Whats wrong with
that?I saw it as a way to explain the Bijuu.Turtle's response"but
aren't the Bijuu trapped in the Moon?Gaara's reply"Well yes but"Koro's
response"and whats with the freakie tubby ninja's?"Gaara"their called
Teletubies"Koro"The whole thing is retarded"Gaars rather aggervatedly
replies"It wasn't my first choice!I originally wanted Temari giving
lesson while topless but Ryoko said it would send the wrong
message"Turtle"I see her poi.."Is cut off by Koro"Your first I dea was
better Gaara now can we or can we not use the abandoned temple for
trainning?"gaara closes his eyes lets out a breath and replies"Yes I
will have Ryoko take you both there*Mutters to self"I knew the Topless
temari lessons would be better"*Turtle and Koro rise to their feet and
bow to Gaara before turning to leave,both shaking their heads at what
just happened.As they exit the the Kazekage's office they see Ryoko who
nearly jumps with excitment when she see's Kyo's older brother.Turtle
looks at koro and he shrugs as Ryoko runs over and hugs him Koro
politely hugs her back and says"You have grown so much since the last
time I saw you Oko-chan"Ryoko replies"To long Oni-chan did Kyo-chan have
something for me?"She stares at him as if he forgot,koro slips his left
arm into his Haori and ruffles around before grabbing a necklace and
giving it to her"In truth he didn't give me a gift Oko-chan so here is a
necklace I made on my free time"Ryoko's face drops alittle"Now don't be
like that,it's not like he forgot"Ryoko looks at koro with a challenge
in her eye"Really then what would you call it then?"koro
responds"Turtle"Turtle looks at koro"What"Koro responds"A little
help"the young sage asses the situation"not stepping into this one"koro
turns back to an annoyed Ryoko and slumps as if defeated"Alright i'll
spill the beans*Takes a sharp breath*he didn't have a gift for you
because he wanted to make this anniversary special! He muttered things
like all the way and multiple positions maybe a home cooked meal."Ryoko
blushes and replies"he really said that?"koro nods and says"Yea"Ryoko
takes a breath and composes herself and turns towards the door"Well then
Oni-chan we need to get moving so I can get over to konoha and see

*They travel out of the sand village and into the desert as they
toward the abandoened temple of the Sand.with minor conversations the
whole way there.And now they stand before it's doors,Ryoko goes to leave
and waves goodbye as Turtle and koro enter the behemoth of a building*

Turtle sets down his pack and begins his preparations he says"I can't
believe you lied to her and on top of that you gave her the necklace you
were going to give to Kiekeo"Koro removes his Haori and chinese shirt
before saying"If anything it will help Kyo-kun to be more of a man with
his woman and stop focusing on power so much,hell he was even folding
his Ransegan the wrong way which lead to his sneeze breaking the
opposite arm."Turtle finished crossing his legs and is in the process of
meditating"You could have told him that instead of watching him mess it
up".Koro now standing on one end of the room whilst facing Turtle"How
will he learn"Turtle responds"I guess your right a lesson learned by
ones'self is always more fruitful but what you did with Ryoko was just
mean.I mean we both know that this will be Kyo's farthest mission from
home and you told his woman to meet him on the day he leaves"Koro begins
to fold his Chakara into his right hand"Is that today?"Eight clones sit
around Turtle drawing symbols and making hand signs"it is"the air
starts to swirl around Koro as the giant ball in his hand begins to
reduce in size as two of his pike piercings start to glow"Matter
resolved Sync won't be happy that they are going to be delayed"breathing
large breaths through his nose as he swirls Ki and chakara in-front of
his core as he taps into the power sealed away here"i see and the other
one"Koro grits his teeth as all the muscles in his right arm become
tense as the Ransengan ball has been reduced to the size of his
palm"Informing kokaba-chan she is on Guardian duty"


Kyo were gonna need to tell sync that we leave in the morning"Kyo looks
at Tonks like he is crazy and says'Why is that?"Tonks looks back at
him"Ryoko's coming here for your anniversary or something koro-kun has
been trying to warn you for days"Kyo looks at Tonks"Really?"Tonks"Yea
you dork"Kyo shrugs"guess I have been alittle occupied with other things

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Wed 30 May 2012, 01:46

At the Hidden Village of Kumogakure, the Raikage has summoned the greatest Chuunin team, led by Killer B and comprised of Sieghart, Let and Allania following their recent return from a dangerous A-rank mission that preceded the S-rank mission of escorting the Tsuchikage.

Killer B: *He leads the way ahead up the long stairs to the village* Yo ho! The B Squad back, get us some racks!

Let: Racks...? (Let's thoughts: I wonder if he means that the way I think he does.)
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Kagura: What the hell did you just call me? *She looks blankly to Killer B who whistles and walks off ahead*
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Sieghart: Uh.... Kagura. He wasn't talking about you. I promise he wasn't! *He smiles at her*

Kagura: Hmph. *She looks away from Sieghart seeing Allania at his other side* (Kagura's thoughts: That woman is an eyesore.)

Allania: Whatever. So what do you think Raikage-sama needs us for? We had to disarm all those bombs in that factory while taking down those rogue ninja. Then we had to be an escort for the one person on this green earth who definitely DOESN'T need an escort. (Allania's thoughts: I hate her sooooo much!)
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Sieghart: Uncle B said something Sync coming here because of that super duper handy power source. Kagura is here as the Tsuchikage for the same reason. I know better than anyone she doesn't need an escort, but it's red tape and all that. Rules, you know.

Kagura: Are you saying you didn't want to escort me then? Even though it's already been 4 months since we've seen each other?

Sieghart: I never said that. I'm happy to have you here. Really!

B: *He and Let are behind watching Sieghart who is in between Kagura and Allania trying to keep peace between them* Poor guy huh? 2 high maintenance broads who just can't get along~

Let: Yeah I know.... don't call my sister a broad by the way. *He looks ahead as they enter the village and a rather large group of girls is waiting* Ah looks like the Sieg Brigade found out we were back!

Sieghart: *He glances behind to Let* Really? Let?

Kagura: Sieg Brigade?

Allania: Oh yeah! It's a group devoted to extolling, gossiping, fantasizing, discussing and what else.... oh right, loving Sieg. 99% of the single girls in Kumo are a part of it~ Doesn't that just make you oh so mad~ *She giggles to herself as Let roughly grabs her by the arm and pulls her back toward himself and B* You may have went too far. You know how possessive she is don't you?

Allania: Oh? I totally forgot!

B: Damn! This chick crazy!

Girls: Sieghart-sama!!!!!!!!! You're finally back!

Sieghart: Good afternoon ladies, it's a pleasure to see you again- *He catches Kagura looking at him out of the corner of his eye* Sorry, but we really have to be going. Raikage-sama has called a meeting of S level importance that may have an impact on the whole world and the lives of everyone in it!

Let: *Let and B laugh as the girls quickly separate clearing a path as Kagura grabs Sieg by the arm and walks ahead with him while they follow* What an over dramatization~

B: A'ight kids! Let's get our tails to big bro fo he gets pissed yo!

Allania: Oh yeah. The last time we kept him waiting he destroyed the wall with one punch right? *She motions up to the Kage HQ where the wall on their side from the Raikage's office is covered in white construction tarps*

Kagura: I see. So Uncle A is as nonsensical and violent as ever. I wonder when he'll begin to cripple like Grandfather.

Sieghart: You're pretty damn nonsensical and violent yourself you know~

Kagura: *She looks at him with a smile* And?

Sieghart: Just saying.

Allania: *She looks to Let with an annoyed expression* I hate how close those two are!

Let: Er yeah?

Allania: It's not like she owns him! Haven't I known Sieg longer?!

Let: Well isn't it that Sieg was the one who proposed in the first place?

Allania: But he was 6!

B: Gotta turn up the charm girl! Seduce the brat cat!

Let: Brat cat? He hates cats.

Sieghart: *As they enter the Raikage's building they spot a lazy looking guy leaning against the wall in front of them* Master Darui? You awake?

Darui: Yeah yeah..... damn man! Can't even catch a few winks.

Kagura: Hello Darui. It's nice to see you again. *She bows politely*

Darui: *He looks her up and down along with Allania as she enters with B and Let* Well damn. Those tits got bigger huh?

Let: Yeah let's just go on.

Sieghart: R-right. *He walks off with B and Let as Kagura and Allania throttle Darui before catching up*

Darui: So how was the mission? *He's rubbing his jaw wincing with a busted lip and battered body*

Allania: Annoyingly long.

Sieghart: It was fun!

Let: I agree. We got a good amount of battles there~

B: These mofos busted a cap in those hoes!

Darui: Hmph. Didn't I tell you two? It ain't cool to be so battle hungry. Why fight when you can grab a pair of tits- *His head is through the wall from meeting Kagura's foot without her looking*

Sieghart: Battle hungry? Me? I'm pretty sure that's just Let.

B: For reals!

Allania: Yeah. My brother can only think about fighting~ Mom thinks he'll never find a girl!

Kagura: I think Let is quite attractive actually.

Let: Really?

Sieghart: Really...

Kagura: Yes. But that's all. *She keeps going up the spiral staircase not noticing that everyone slowed down a bit*

Sieghart: Ouch.

B: Musta stung!

Let: It's.... not like she meant it that way.

Allania: Keep telling yourself that~

Sieghart: Poor Let. You really do only think about fighting. You should rap with Uncle and me sometimes!

B: Rap trumps all that other crap! Bakero!

Let: I'd rather not. You two never make sense when you free style. Ah, you mentioned Synclakyre Uchiha right? That's the genius kid with the brother complex right?

Kagura: That's right.

B: Yep!

Allania: I see...

Sieghart: Brother... complex?

Let: Yeah.

Sieghart: Sync isn't..... oh wow. Now that you mention it he really is! Weird...

Darui: *He catches up to them* Nah. The weirdest one is you. What kinda 6 year old little boy proposes to a rigid chick he just met? *They turn to him seeing his left eye black and blue*

Let: Great point. Nobody could have ever expected that.

Kagura: Yes~ That really caught me off guard!

Sieghart: Oh that isn't weird. Aren't things like that decided by parents from youth?

B: Yea, but the kid ain't never the one doin it yo!

Allania: Well Sieg is the most shameless person in all of history. He's always been doing and saying things nobody else would actually voice. But even then, marriage is way too much. Especially coming off like a stalker like that.

Kagura: *She smirks a bit* I detect jealousy Allania. *She moves closer to Sieghart*

Sieghart: What are you jealous of Nia?

Let: He's the most dense too.

Darui: Damn straight. My student gets bitches with that attitude.

Allania: Shut up! *She angrily passes everyone and opens the door to the Raikage's office* Raik- *She shrieks and jumps back in fear as a lightning charged steel stress ball flies at her*

Sieghart: *He silently pulls her toward him as the ball rips straight through the wall and beyond the building into the village* ....... *Everyone watches B walk in first*

Kagura: Hmph. How long are you going to hold her Sieg?

Sieg: Hm? *He looks down at Allania who's clinging to him*

Let: Is Uncle A angry?

Darui: Yea. He said you guys took too long for such a simple mission.

Sieghart: *He let's go of Allania* Well there were more enemies than the scouts let on so it took a bit longer than we expected.

Allania: *She blushes a bit* Er right.

Kagura: *She glares a bit at Allania before pulling Sieg in after B*

B: Yo bro what's good?! We gonna get that super light ant thing right?

A: You.... DUMBASS! First off it's called Aetherion! Second! Where the fuck were you?! You bastards should have been back 5 minutes ago!

B: Eh? Ain't no thang. Cool yo jets brokage!

Kagura: Good afternoon Raikage. It's a pleasure to meet with you again.

A: Ah Kagura-chan! There you are!

Sieghart: And he's happy again.

Allania: Raikage-sama...

A: Oh Nia? Sorry. I thought Sieg was coming in first.

Sieghart: So you wanted to kill me?

A: So when's the marriage huh?!

Kagura: *She looks to Sieghart* That isn't exactly up to me.

Sieghart: Some time this year maybe? *He smiles a bit nervously* (Sieg's thoughts: Have they all forgotten that I have to beat Uncle to become Raikage and marry Kagura in the first place?)

Allania: *She whispers to Let* Why does he like Kagura so much?!

Let: I think her personality makes her more popular with guys than girls.

Darui: So can we get this over with? I wanna go ice myself before sleeping.

Kagura: Yes you look horrible.

Sieghart: Even though you made him look like that~

A: Hm. So how did it go?

B: Perfect bro! Bakero!

A: Good. As you all know, Sync Uchiha is coming here. Since Sieg and Kagura are the only kids he considers friends here, I want you two to meet him at the border.

Darui: Hey A. Kagura IS the Tsuchikage you know.

Sieg: So you're ok with acknowledging that even though you've been saying all that stuff?

Kagura: It's not a big deal. We will leave immediately.

Allania: W-what? We haven't had time to rest for the last week!

A: Oh. I meant just Kagura and Sieg.

Allania: Uh huh...

Kagura: Finally some alone time!

Sieghart: Heh yeah~

B: Take a break first crazy lovebirds! Fatigue'll bust yo words!

Let: *He chuckles* Why don't we train a bit Sieg? Kagura?

Kagura: Hm? Ok then.

A: Ah wait. Let. Your damn mom made me set up a marriage interview. So go.

Let: WHAT!?

Sieghart: For real?! That's hilarious! With who?

A: I dunno. She just made me promise to make Let go.

Sieghart: *He laughs after hearing Let go* In a way this too is training right Kagura?

Kagura: Indeed. It would do you well to learn how to talk to women as well as Sieg. Even if nothing comes of it.

Allania: Have fun Onii-chan!

Let: Shit... *He shakes his head and waves a bit annoyed before turning to leave*

Darui: That it?

A: Yeah. That's it you lazy piece of shit! You're all dismissed. I want to talk to Kagura-chan~

Sieghart: Sure you do. Later then Uncle, Kagura-

A: Where do you think you're going? Let's have a family chat.

B: A'ight i'm in!

Sieghart: I think i'm gonna regret this. Heart to heart with us usually leads to violence.

Kagura; It'll be fine Sieg.

Allania: *She grits her teeth* See you Sieg...

Sieg: Oh yeah, see you later Nia.

Darui: *He closes the door and leaves with Allania* You're in Sieg's eternal friend zone girl.

Allania: I don't wanna hear that from YOU!
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-Meanwhile at the training grounds- "hey Tonks let me know when your in place so i don't hit you with my jutsu." Kyo said. "how far am i supposed to go again?" said Tonks. "go back farther.... farther... farther... farther... now right and stop. There is the spot." Kyo said as he began charging up his rasengan. "alright now pray that i don't lose focus." Kyo said as he began to close his hand down on the rasengan making it shrink smaller and smaller. "ACHOOOO." Kyo sneezed causing him to lose focus and the rasengan to blow up leaving a huge crater in front of him. "dammit i think i broke my hand on that one. who the hell was talking about me." kyo said as he began focusing on his bones healing where it was broken and pushing out the broken pieces. "well that went well moron hahahahha." Tonks said while laughing. 'Hey its not my fault i'm so sexy people talk about me all the time." Kyo said and started busting out laughing with Tonks. "well I think I'm done with that jutsu for now; unfortunately, I gotta quickly finish my lightning strike armor before my mission. Kyo begins to focus on his lightning chakra and he begins to become engulfed with lightning chakra "alright time to check and see how stable it is with my secret technique. remember Tonks keep this between us got it." Kyo said. "i can't make any promises you know your big brother and how protective he is." Tonks said. "I don't mind him knowing its sync I don't want knowing. well here we go. make sure your clone is in place to let me know when he is coming." Kyo said. "alright" Tonks said as he sees 2 more sets of arms begin to appear out of Kyo. "just a little bit more until its finished." Kyo said. "stop the jutsu sync is coming and he has seen my clone" Tonks yelled out. "oh shit." Kyo said as he began reversing the jutsu. "almost there........and done." Kyo said as a few minutes later Sync came up.

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Ground Zero – The acclaimed spot where the war between the Senju and Uchiha took place. Years later they had joined forces and created the Village Hidden in the Leaf. A spot chosen, which was the place their war had taken place and created a crater in the earth itself. Five generations later a strange but familiar light illuminated the village Hidden in the Leaf. This light was known as the sixth element – Atherion. This element was an accident waiting to happen. Not only was it an element but it was an energy source that never depleted as long as the seal remained in tact and unhampered with. A few months later this energy source was implemented into Konoha. All of their applications now ran off this unlimited energy source known as Atherion. Its creator was the greatest mind of the 5th generation, also son of Itachi and Anko – Sync Uchiha. Sync was always a brilliant mind, months prior to his creation of the sixth element he was scouring the forest of death in search of his enemies during his chuunin exam and came across the odd artifact. He later decided to run tests on it; little did he know his tests would almost blow the village sky high. As a result he created the most innovative source of the generation. It’s been a month since Atherion was linked to Konoha and since then the Raikage has had his curiosity piqued. The Raikage and Hokage had come to an agreement of an alliance so long as the village Hidden in the Clouds is supplied with Atherion. The Hokage agreed to this, being that they both go way back. The Hokage called upon Sync for his first B rank mission, which was to travel to the Cloud village and link the element into their village. Sync slowly made his way into the Hokage’s chambers, upon him knocking on the door he straightened his glasses and opened the door without awaiting permission. Upon him entering Hokage Naruto chuckled and told him to enter the second room. Sync slowly stepped towards the other room, weary of the way Naruto had said -enter-. Upon Sync entering the room a nude Naruto leapt at him from the top of the ceiling, “Hiinnnatttaaa-chan!!!”

Sync looked up, his vision now abstract. “Note to self, wait for approval to enter – P.S. Have big brother gouge my eyes when he returns.” In a matter of seconds the nude Naruto stuck his feet out and kicked the now scarred Sync through the second floor and on top of Sakura’s desk. Sync didn’t have the willpower to open his eyes, in fear of what awaited him. Sakura chuckled and poked at his sides, causing Sync to squeal and jump to his feet his eyes still closed. Sakura placed her hand to her forehead and sighed, “What in the hell happened?” Sync opened his eyes, his left eye twitching as he dusted himself off and checking himself for any broken or injured ligaments. “N-Naruto happened…dunno if he and Hinata were supposed to have sexy time or whatever, but I was power kicked by a nude Naruto. The sad part is once he realized I wasn’t who he was expecting.” Sakura interrupted briefly, “Obviously.” Sync went on, “He stuck his feet out and screw kicked me down here. I think he went sage mode!” Sync stretched his neck out and felt his face for his glasses. “Ah! They didn’t get destroyed. Mother would have a fit…It’s my 69th pair this month..” Sakura sat back in her chair, tossing her head back in a wild laughter. “Hahaha! That’s totally your luck! I’m so telling Kyo!” Sync sighed, “Please…anything but that! Not that he’d tease me nonstop, it’d be jealousy that it didn’t happen to him” he said softly. Sakura stopped and blinked, “Wait…what?” Sync scratched the back of his head, “Ah, nothing Aunt Sakura..hehehe…”. Sakura shook her head and stood up, “What a mess…when I see that Naruto I’m gonna…” Naruto same running down the stairs. “Sync! I am so sorry about that. You see, Hinata was supposed to come and well,” Right before he could finish Sakura ran up to him. “Narrruutttttoooo!” Naruto blinked, “Oh, hey Sakura-ch…” before he could finish his sentence Sakura balled up her fist and punched him through the wall and half way across the village. Sync held his hands over his eyes as Sakura looked at him for the score. “….24 meters, that’s a new high, Aunt Sakura.” Sakura cackled, “CHA! Now..to clean up this mess.” Sync rubbed his stomach and thought to himself. “Damn that hurt..” He looked down and picked up the mission specs. “Ah! Now I won’t have to wait for him to return. The specs say it all, let’s see. Travel to the Cloud village with Kyo and Harde. Haven’t seen Harde in awhile, this ought to be fun.” He looked at Sakura who began to pile up her papers. “I’m going to get Kyo and Harde, Aunt Sakura. I’ll see you when I get back!” Sakura sighed, “Sync..you and that carefree attitude will get you in serious trouble someday, but you have Harde with you so it’s not all bad. As for Kyo, keep him out of trouble?” Sync gave her thumbs up, “Don’t I always? Later!” He took off a sprint, excited for his first B rank mission as well as a mission regarding the future of Konoha. He couldn’t wait till his big brother visited him so he could tell him about the big news, now where the hell was Kyo?

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Five years ago the acclaimed Madara Uchiha whom had thought to be dead from the earth shattering battle between himself and the legendary Hashirama – Leader of the Senju Clan & Home to the strongest element in existence made an appearance a generation later disguised as the leader of an infamous group known as the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki were a group of misfits who traveled the lands in teams of two, in pursuit of bijuu and jinchuriiki (Hosts with bijuu sealed into them) in order to collect them for a greater evil. Despite their subterfuge tactics and callous behavior they had invaded and breached all of the nation’s securities. Worried about the balance of their lands the leaders of each country called together a summit to deal with this threat. The meeting place of the summit was in the territory of the ninja’s most deadly and formidable rival – The samurai. Upon the summit taking place Akatsuki launched a surprise attack in order to thwart the unity and conciliation of all the countries. Their efforts failed thanks to the kage’s of the countries teaming up together and stopping their vendetta. The summit was concluded and the treaty was created – The countries were now allied with one another and their goal was the annihilation of Akatsuki. This was soon to be known as the 4th Great Ninja War. The samurai joined the treaty due to the Akatsuki invading their sacred land and defiling its soil. As the lands prepared for the war, Akatsuki began the slaughter upon the lands. Within a few short months Akatsuki had made allies of the strongest and most ruthless syndicate warlords in the lands and had finally captured the final bijuu. The nine tailed fox demon. As the united lands pressed forth the leader of Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha revealed his ultimate plan of world domination. He planned on gathering the nine bijuu in an effort to unseal the strongest demon in the world, the tenth tailed beast, the Jubei. The Jubei was only to be awakened by having the essence of the tailed beasts before it. Madara Uchiha also revealed that long ago the Sage of the Six Paths had done battle with the Jubei and was unable to defeat it, so he split the immortal beast into nine forms – The Bijuu and sealed its original being into a mass of light in the sky – The Moon. Once the Jubei was revived he would then absorb its being and become the jinchuuriki of the ten tailed behemoth. The ninja of all the lands did battle against Madara and his pawns, eventually claiming victory a few short years later. They had created a seal in which would reverse the absorption of the Jubei and leave Madara vulnerable just in time for them to combine their strongest techniques and wipe his existence from their lands. It didn’t go as planned though. The seal worked and the Jubei was sealed back into the moon, along with the other nine bijuu still within it. Madara was able to deflect their strongest techniques in a split instant and volleyed it back at them, wiping out a majority of their strongest shinobi. In that split second the kages of the lands launched an unexpected preemptive strike and were able to finish off Madara Uchiha.

As his lifeless body withered away he cocked a grin. Vowing this wasn’t over and that he would return to plunge the world into darkness, he also quoted a piece from the Scripture of Fate (A scripture yet to be discovered) and how it would affect everything they would come to love and appreciate which made the surviving shinobi of the lands uneasy. This was the end of the 4th Great Ninja War. The united shinobi and their lands had been victorious. A year later when their lands had started to recover along with their economy, the lands broke their treaty and continued life before the Akatsuki bled into the picture. Rumors had it that remnants of the 4th Great Ninja war and the Akatsuki still existed but had yet to be proven. With everything on the verge of going back to its natural cycle the samurai had become rather restless. Reports of samurai in the ninja lands, along with reports of various shinobi going M.I.A had been bought to the kages of each country. Two months prior to these reports the shogun (Leader of the Samurai country) had called together a leader summit in the Fire Country regarding that his warriors be allowed access into their lands once more in search of his nephew (Heir to the throne). The leaders got together and came to a decision. Grateful for their help in the 4th Great Ninja War the leaders of the countries declined admittance into their lands in fear it would stir an internal war in their borders. Furious, the shogun drew his blade on the feudal lord as the kage’s of the villages along with their two shadows drew weapons and held signs at ready. The shogun scoffed and told them that they would come to regret the decision. He sheathed his blade and fled back to his lands, with no pursuit from the shinobi. The shinobi got together after and predicted a 5th ninja war. Any news regarding the heir to the Samurai throne was to be directly and swiftly delivered to the feudal lord himself. It looked like the shogun was ready to risk even a war to find his nephew. This made the leaders realize that the heir was either an icon, held a secret of some sort or was some sort of weapon. Despite their lands recovering from the 4th war the shinobi felt they were more than ready if a 5th War dawned upon them, this time they were going to be…prepared. The finals words of Madara Uchiha were engraved into their memories and beated with their hearts. The war in which they had done everything in their power to advert could become a reality. The 4th Generation did what it could and now could only guide the next generation into hopefully finishing what they started. The story of the 5th Generation now unfolded. Can they accomplish what their parents couldn’t? Or will their efforts be in vein? Either way a storm was coming and they are the only ones capable enough to push through it.

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Scripture of Legends (STORY)

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