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Scripture of Legends (STORY)

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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Sun 12 Oct 2014, 07:42

Sieg makes his way over to Turtle and the Uchiha brothers to engage in a fist bump when the Chakra balance in the air shifts drastically causing
the four to turn around to see two floating Rinnegan.The space around them slowly forms into the body of the Sage of six paths whose hands
start clapping as soon as they form. "Impressive for pathetic little runts i'll give you that but your fun has come to an end" with this he begins to
form complex handsigns. Sync quickly links their chakara as Kokoro activates the Immortal Susano' on them all, this is combined with Sieg's
Black Meteor Jutsu. As the sage completes his Jutsu Turtle finishs his ultimate defense just in time to stop the destructive from tearing through
them just like it did to the world around it.Even as the Jutsu tears up the world around them the Ultimate defense holds true this impresses the
Sage, in response he closes his left eye which morphs the ground the four stand on to the symbol of his eye. Kokoro quickly jabs a Susano'
blade into the center of it forming massive cracks in the earth as the Jutsu raging outside is unleashed inside the defense.Sync uses his Flying
Thunder God jutsu to send as much of the Damaging chakara outside as physically possible while Turtle alters the shape of the defense to block
out any catalyst that may be used for other attacks.
Having just evaded death the four of them are barely standing as the Sages jutsu ends, he raises a hand to sling yet another jutsu when he
doubles over in pain. "Damn I must have over exerted myself raising them" at this Turtle ends the Ultimate defense as Kokoro lower their
defensive jutsu as well. As the four move toward the Sage he fires off a Dojutsu strike that hits Sync after going through a invisble clone of
Kokoro's. Sync falls instantly his body sent into a jutsu driven coma, his eyes however as covered in a Sharingan that is not his own, Seig
catches him before he hits the ground but when he looks up. Turtle and Kokoro say in unison "He got away" Seig curses under his breath before
asking "What do we do now?". Kokoro kneels down and takes Sync as he says "You and Kagura are going to tell all the other kage that
everything that has happened was done by my hand". Sieg quickly retorts "Like hell I am", "Sieg if you don't then the ninja alliance will crumble
as will everything else, they need a malicous force so that is what i'll be". Sieg stares into his unreadable eyes trying to find something when out
of nowhere a woman yells "Sync!" and out runs Kasumi to his side cradling his head as Kokoro rises to a stand. As she sobs over the
unconscious Sync she notices the Sharingan markings over his eyes and this fills her with a trembling rage. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO SYNC!"
Kokoro looks her straight in the eye and says "He stood in my way so he had to be put down" his voice was cold and unfeeling as was his face
and this only made Kasumi more angry. "You MONSTER!" she cried as Kokoro grabbed her chin and said "call me what you will but this all
transpired because you failed to save him!".Kasumi slugs him straight in the jaw before lifting the love of her life and turning before saying "I wish your father never convinced Anko to let you live!".
As the weight of those words weighed down the air she left as a single black tear rolled down his cheek, he turned to face the others to find
Seig's jaw dropped. The ever charasmatic Seig looked at Kokoro unable to speak, Kokoro merely walked over to him and land a hand on his
shoulder as he solemnly says "never speak those words to Kagura or Sync are we clear". Sieg knods and pats Kokoro on the back before
taking his leave, Turtle motions for Kokoro to join him by his shell as he eats a pear. Kokoro lays down to join him as Naruto's daughter crawls
from around the shell and lays upon the mighty Turtle as she coo's "Tortoise sage for the win"..........
[In Konoha]
Kasumi busts through the door holding Sync in her arms, Anko stops what she is doing to run over to her baby and asks Kasumi how it
happened.happened. Itachi starts to walk towards them when he sees a white and black clone standing beside Sync with Kokoro's eyes and instantly says his name. Kasumi looks taken aback as she says "How did you know?" , Itachi waves her off and says "put him on his bed he has a grueling trial ahead of him". Kasumi does as he asks and then turns to face him and say "If it wasn't for Kokoro Sync wouldn't be stuck like this" Anko responds with "What are you talking about". So she explains her assumed version of the Verbal exchange and while it does make Anko sob Itachi seems unfazed. Kasumi says "Your his father how can you be so heartless?" Itachi looks her in the eye and says "You speak of things you are unable to understand". Kasumi growls and shouts "YOUR ELDEST SON IS A MONSTER!" straight into Itachi's face, "He saved you and your sisters life if I remember correctly" retorts itachi.Kasumi stands up and says "You have no idea what Kokoro is capable of!" Itachi stands up and gives her an intense stare as he says "and Neither do you"!

Nomiz adelphous tous alethinous philous
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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Thu 09 Oct 2014, 22:16

First Hokage Hashirama looks to Turtle his eyes filled with dissapointment as he says "This is the man you put your faith in" Turtle merely smirks as Kokoro rises to his feet as seven blood vessels burst along the left side of Sync's face just as his fight with Izuna begins. He then says nochalantly "I'm the only person who ever has and I just don't have the energy to turn my back on him now".Hashirama starts laughing as he shakes his head as he retorts "You remind me of two similar ninja, may your relationship never sour" he then looks over at Madara and sighs. Turtle plops down on the ground and yawns saying "Thats what happens when you give up,". Hashirama looks back at Turtle anger now in his eyes as he remarks "You know Tortise sage", he then sends a tidal wave hurtling at Turtle. Whom merely rolls back as he forms a hexogonal tiles to serve as a surf board that he uses to ride to the top of wave, he then becomes blurred to Hashirama's eyes as he sends Barracuda missles at him. The first hokage quickly counters with thin earth pillars that absorb the minor jutsu, he then strikes them to send the splinters at Turtle.Whom leans down and slaps the wave with his bare hands that transforms it into a massive sea Tortise that flies over tlhe attack and then speeds towards Hashirama, and right before it slams into him Turtle holds his sword and chants causing the blade to glow white. He then stabs the Tortise turning into a vaporal strike that slices through Hashiramas defenses.
Upon landing Turtle's legs are wrapped up in roots as the ground around him caves as pillars of earth slam into his body, as Hashirama starts to send a wood jutsu assualt.The ground underneath him becomes a massive tortise that swallows Hashirama whole and begins to glow with the diffrent elements every few seconds. As the two remain trapped the ground around them begins to shake quite vigoursly,as the two wills raged against their prisons. Until the ground suddenly exploded into dust as the air ignites with the explosions of conflicting elements that transformed the dust into a massive globe of glass.Yet the explosions of color signified that the fight was still on,in fact it seemed the globe began to grow with each explosion.
Madara continued to hurl jutsu after jutsu at Kokoro who countered each and everyone as he moved closer and closer to him, once Kokoro was close enough Madara opened his mouth and breathed out a insurmountable amount of Ameratsu directly on to him.At this time Sync lifted his head towards his brother and for the first time he could not pick up his brothers chakara signature.Madara however kept the fire going wanting to make sure the eldest child of Itachi was dead, when a sudden glimmer appeared in the flames in the shape of Kokoro's eyes. This unsetteled Madara like never before,and when arms covered in Ameratsu flames burst forth and grabbed Madara he had to force himself to exstingush the flames. However the right arm pulled back and punched through his chest removing his heart from his body , and as Madara fell to his knees he saw that figure before him covered in black chakara crying white tears.As his body begins to die Madara says "You have one nothing" and with that the area once known as the sand village explodes.He then coughs as his body struggles to breath and says "a jutsu made from your brothers discoveries, .......you are nothing more then that weak little child from all those years ago". Kokoro merely says "Mizo" and for Madara time freezes as his eyes begin to burn as all his knowledge and dojutsu are being forceibly ripped from him and imprintend into Kokoro.Once done Madara collapses a lifeless body as Kokoro walks over to Sync and ends his Susano',Sync grins and says "I see you stole my Imortal Susano' jutsu Onii-san".Kokoro merely replies "the word stole implies that you were capable of doing it in the first place little brother".
Before Sync can respond the glass globe shatters revealing a shirtless Turtle with healing wounds with two of his ancestors with out anbu masks revealing two of them revealing them to be Hashirama and Tobirama.Standing over a kneeling Hashirama who falls over as the glass lands upon the runied battlefield.Turtle then drops backward and slides down the the hill to the feet of the two brothers and says"That was tiring". Kokoro helps Turtle up to his feet and fist bumps him as a whistle signals of a close friend "You guys sure know how to throw a party, but when it comes to over all destruction I think I have you beat, at least for today"the three turn to see a smiling Sieg.

A short time earlier...

Sieg looked up, his eyes having been on Shiba and Kagura in their silent stare down. "I sense a disturbance in the force..."

"What are you talking about?" Ayane asked with a blank expression, glaring at Sieg when he pushed her aside. "What's wrong with you...?!"

Crispy chirped as Allania touched down with Terumi Mei in tow, his chirps roughly translating to: "Hello there, my lovely Nia, and the not so lovely slut of a former Mizukage~"

"Oh, Crispy!" Allania smiled brightly, taking the rabbit from her lover's head and snuggling him against her chest. "I missed you~"

Ayane sighed, glancing at Sieg, "You know, you could have TOLD me they were coming."

"I could have, but you would have been stomped in the process." Sieg replied with a smirk. "Nia's a lot heavier than she looks, after all."

"A-are you calling me a porker?" Allania frowned up at Sieg.

Sieg chuckled in amusement, "Nope, not me~"

"Well, she is quite the fat little troll~" Mei noted, looking at Sieg. "Hello, my young...thoroughbred~"

"I'd prefer to be called a majestic stallion, but..." Sieg glanced at Allania as Mei wrapped her arms around him. "Not to be rude, but what the shit is she doing here?"

Mei replied before Allania could, "Don't play coy with me, tiger~ Why don't we take some time to...catch up~? Intimately?"

Sieg smiled rather emptily as he looked over at Kagura, whose focus was on Shiba. "As I thought...she won't be saving me this-"

Allania and Ayane's jaws dropped when Mei's hair was cut to ribbons... along with her clothing. "Wha..."

"Huh..." Sieg stared at Mei in surprise as she, for once, displaying modesty in covering her now completely exposed body with a girly scream. "I never thought you'd be so withdrawn from being undressed in public. After what you showed me that night..." He trailed off when he noticed a pissy glare from Allania. "What? We all know it happened, why not be adults about it?"

Allania sighed, "If you had rhymed that to me, I think I would kill you."

Ayane glanced at Allania, sweating a bit. "I think she's serious."

Crispy chirped at Allania: "Sieg and the MILFkage? Can't say I'm surprised. Forget him and stay with me forever, Nia~"

"I..I can't do that~" Allania smiled at Crispy. "I love him, even though he's made some big mistakes~" She glanced at Mei with a cold smile. "And screwed huge ones."

Sieg covered his mouth to stop himself from laughing. {Geez Nia, that was harsh. But funny~}

"Wait, wait, wait!" Ayane exclaimed. "What just happened?!"

"Oh yeah..." Sieg looked to Kagura who hadn't moved, and Shiba, whose nose was bleeding as he stared at Mei.

Shiba muttered under his breath as he leveled a furious glare at Sieg, "Motherfucking lucky piece of goddamn shit... He's fucked Kagura, he's fucked that fine piece over there, and now I learn he's even fucked the hottest MILF in the Ninja World? I'mma kill that fucker...

Allania stared at Kagura, "H-huh? Kagura-chan's eyes, that's... The Mangekyou Sharingan...? But how...? You're still-"

"Alive? Yes, thanks for reminding me~" Sieg remarked in a rather cordial tone. "Sync apparently did something to bypass the requirements."

"I see..." Allania looked from Mei to Kagura. "Then you don't think...?"

Ayane nodded, "Your assumption may well be the case. If the unique ability of a Mangekyou Sharingan matches the user, and Kagura is the only one in her family who is completely invested in pure combat ability... It could very well be the case that her Sharingan allowed her to attack Terumi Mei without our knowledge."

"I'm right here...stop talking like I'm not..." Mei whined, hugging Sieg's leg. "Won't you offer me your-"

"I'm pretty much naked here myself, if you haven't noticed." Sieg mentioned, drawing attention to the fact that his only clothing was his pants.

Allania smiled as Mei looked to her, "Well gee, I'd love to help, but I'm just a dirty little whore~"

Sieg glanced at Allania, "...You used to be so sweet."

"Don't look at me," Ayane barked the moment Mei's eyes set on her.

Sieg laughed a bit nervously, "Just go it in your birthday suit for a bit~"

"You are quite promiscuous, oh husband of mine." Kagura announced, finally speaking. "I had chosen to forget ever walking in on that shameful debacle, yet you have promptly brought those images right back into my head. I am quite livid."

Crispy looked up at Sieg, who decided to hide behind him and Allania. He chirped: "Pussy."

"Shut up, I'll eat you." Sieg growled.

Kagura chuckled to herself, "But well, that did provide a valuable chance for me to assess the new ability I just stumbled across." She glanced at Sieg, who jumped and grabbed his cheek.

"W-what's wrong with you?" Allania asked.

Sieg rubbed his cheek, "Well...someone just touched my cheek... But nobody could have gotten so close without me noticing."

"My love, if you do not understand, I will be sure to educate you tonight. Thoroughly." Kagura responded coolly, causing Allania to smile, Crispy to chirp, Ayane to whistle, Mei to frown, and Shiba to flip his lid.

"I honestly don't like the sound of that," Sieg admitted.

Shiba looked at Kagura, "Are you just going to stand there? Why aren't you attacking?"

"I suppose this will come as a surprise to you, however I have been moving this entire time." Kagura responded mysteriously, noticing the confusion of everyone present. "Have you ever been wounded on your back, Sword Saint Shiba?"

"My back?" Shiba smirked arrogantly. "You think anyone has the balls or the ability to even TOUCH my ba-" He froze, feeling a sharp pain in his back. "What the-" He twisted about, catching sight of a small cut in his back. "How in the hell..."

Kagura smiled, lifting a finger to her eyes. "It would seem that I can perform actions in a different spectrum than the one we have all been perceiving. I believe my brother would refer to it as a Mirror Dimension. A plane that exists ever by our side, but at a distance that nobody has ever reached it. At least, until now."

"Huh...." Sieg, Ayane, Mei and Crispy stared blankly at Kagura, her explanation having gone over their heads.

Allania gasped, "I get it! You mean you can enter this Mirror Dimension, and move about freely, but still act upon this dimension! Meaning you can attack someone without receiving a counterblow!"

"That is correct, Nia~" Kagura smiled proudly at her.

"But then, how are you still able to appear to and interact with us?" Allania asked. "Shouldn't such an ability be similar to Kamui, in that you yourself enter that dimension?"

Kagura shook her head, as Shiba lunged in with a sword Sylfarion sword thrust, being promptly repelled by some invisible force. "You were close, Nia. Keep in mind that it's a Mirror Dimension."

"Ahhh... So you have a mirror version of you carrying out any actions in that world?" Allania blinked in surprise. "A shadow self, would probably be a better description..."

"That's my girl," Kagura nodded. "This shadow self of mine is the one acting right now. So while I speak, I act unseen. As that dumpster slut bitch just learned with her body." She leveled a cold glare at Mei, who hid behind Sieg, who was still hiding behind Allania and Crispy. "Although, I will say this. It took me a bit of time to get acclimated. It is as if I have grown an entirely new set of appendages, and must use a completely separate part of my brain to control them. I can only enter a light jog at best on the other side, however that is plenty when my enemy can't even see it coming."

Sieg leaned in to Allania, whispering into her ear, "Nia? I'm not claiming I get it, but is she saying that she pretty much taught herself how to walk and run again, in another dimension?"

"Y-yeah, that is what it sounds like..." Allania responded nervously.

"Heh." Shiba smirked at Kagura. "So that's it, eh? What a ridiculous ability, just like every other Mangekyou Sharingan user I've encountered. Don't think you've won yet, though. If you can only jog, you can't keep up with my speed~ I'll cut you down now, since you can't seem to actually move your body here~"

Kagura glanced at Sieg and Allania, who were right about to move. "Don't, I have the situation under control." She looked back to Shiba. "If you think you can, then try. But know this, I have already won."

"Bullshi-" Shiba's retort was cut short by the fact that he was now choking on his own blood.

Kagura crossed her arms as Shiba fell to the ground, as if he'd been dropped. "I may have misled you all. They saw that you must first walk before you run, but I wholeheartedly believe that one should run recklessly before walking with dignity."

Sieg laughed as the women and Cripsy looked to him for translation, "In short, Kagura taught herself to RUN first. Jogging is the most minute physical movement she can accomplish~"

"I've said this before, and I think I'll say it a million times more, but..." Allania and Ayane exchanged glances. "Kagura is seriously overpowered."

Sieg smiled bitterly, "Right? I was stronger than her up until 20 minutes ago~"

Kagura looked over at Allania, her Sharingan having deactivated. "Nia, please heal Shiba. I took care not to hit any vital organs, though his spine has been severed at the center." She smiled as Allania shivered from the casualness of the statement. "Sieg, come, we are going to meet my brothers."

Sieg tilted his head, "I'm all for that, but where are they? I know we can all feel those ridiculous clashes of chakra, but..."

"I will show you," Kagura replied, taking a step toward him. "We must make...haste?" She was surprised. Probably because she did a full faceplant instead of taking a step.

Sieg and co. just stared at Kagura, stupid expressions on their faces, since she didn't even seem bothered at hitting the ground. She didn't even wince. "K-kagura..."

"KAGURA!!!!!!!!" Kurotsuchi zoomed over to her daughter, Oonoki landing nearby. "Are you okay?!"

"I believe so, Mother." Kagura replied in a manner that could only be described as chill. "However, it would seem that I can no longer feel my legs. Or the rest of my body, for that matter. Please go on ahead without me, Sieg." Her eyes shifted to signal the direction he would find her brothers in.

"Are you stupid?!" Sieg snapped, hurrying over to her. "No way in hell am I ditching you like this!"

Kagura's eyes focused on Sieg, a smile on her lips. "I assure you, I am not paralyzed. I believe it is a side effect of spontaneously discovering such an ability and pushing my brain beyod what is reasonable. With some rest I should recover. And in time, I believe I can master the Sekireigan without ever losing mobility again."

"You- Sekireigan?" Sieg blinked at her.

"Yes, that is the name I have come up with." Kagura replied.

Allania frowned at Kagura, as Crispy jumped onto her belly. "Why is it that you always end up this way after fighting with Shiba?"

"Hm, well at the very least, I have emerged victorious this time." Kagura noted. "Nia, attend to him firs-"

"No, tend to Kagura first." Sieg ordered Allania, with a stern expression and tone. "I honestly don't give a damn what happens to that guy. Kagura comes first. Only after you've exhausted every option in healing her, can you spare any attention to him."

Allania sighed, looking up at Sieg. "What do you take me for? That was what I was going to do, even if you ordered me to save Shiba first~"

Sieg smirked, nodding and standing. "Well, I'm gonna go on ahead then."

"I shall accompany you," Ayane decided.

Sieg smiled at her, "Roger that~"

Oonoki looked to them, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Sieg replied with a nod. "I need to meet them. It's a reunion we've waited way too damn long to have~ I might end up kicking em' in the nads~"

"You're slipping, that hardly rhymed." Kagura noted.

Mei frowned, muttering curses under her breath as Sieg bent down to kiss Kagura, though she grew quiet when he stood.

"Hey, if Kagura doesn't get better, I'll hurt you in a way you don't like~" Sieg smiled at Mei, who blinked in surprise at having been overheard, but mostly that Sieg had threatened her.

"Put some clothes on, Mei, do you have no respect for yourself?" Oonoki spoke as he floated, covering the former Mizukage in a cloak.

Sieg winked at everyone, "We're off!"

"Aaaand that's how we ended up here," Sieg announced, having briefly explained his own side to the exhausted victors.

Sync stared hard at Sieg, "So our sister unlocked such a wondrous ability... Now I'm jealous, but I really want to know the full extent of that ability-"

Sieg poked his finger into Sync's forehead, causing him to stop talking. "Hey, I know we're best friends and all, but you know. I'm still gonna give you a pounding for what you did."

"Hmph, as long as it isn't the kind of pounding you'd give to my sister or Allania." Sync quipped, in his usual smartass tone. "Can that wait , though?"

"I guess so," Sieg nodded.

Ayane touched Kokoro's chest, looking up into his eyes, "You did it, huh? To think that after all these years, and across multiple generations, that you would be the one to put an end to the Uchiha cycle of-"

"Desperation? Emo feels? Envy at someone else's being bigger?" Sieg smiled at Ayane and Kokoro, after offering his personal summary of the Uchiha struggle.

Kokoro smirked at Sieg, "That does sound about right, but I bet my little sister would destroy that dick you're so proud of if she heard that."

"And that's also why I'm saying it away from her~" Sieg replied.

Turtle let out a content sigh, looking up at the sky. "Things should quickly return to being peaceful again~ I'd say we're all in for a well deserved treat!"

"The last treat you gave me, gave me the runs." Sieg said blankly.

Turtle shrugged, "Not my fault that the Raikage can't handle the best stuff the earth has to offer."

"It's your fault if the best stuff the earth has got is psychedelic drugs," Sieg countered, crossing his arms.

Sync smirked at him, "I think the psychedelic part is your own natural stupidity~"

Ayane smiled as Sieg ground his knuckles into Sync's temples, yielding a rather shocking level of pain for the youngest Uchiha. "Maybe things can start to go back to the way they used to be..."

"They never will," Kokoro replied. "We've all already lost too much."

"I wouldn't say that," Sieg argued, releasing Sync, who hunched over and rubbed his temples. "But at the very least, we'll all have a lot of rebuilding to do."

"Rebuilding?" Sync looked up. "Are ALL the villages so badly damaged?"

"No." Sieg responded calmly, hands on his hips. "Actually, as of now there is no such thing as a ninja village."

"Wait, what?" Turtle blinked at their shirtless musclehead.

Sieg nodded to himself, "My village was erased, by my own actions, I'll admit. Kagura's is done for." He laughed, "Again, by my own actions. And hers, I guess. Risa's place is pretty much done according to Nia, and so is Konoha. Though I guess they're actually in the best shape, strangely. Nia mentioned that I was the one who annihilated Risa's village, though I'm not sure how that came about."

"Probably the Bijuu you hurled across the world..." Ayane suggested.

Sieg laughed heartily, "Either way, we've all got our work cut out for us! I mean, my people are pros at village building, so my nation will be on it's feet again within a week or two. After that, we'll branch out and help the rest of you lot."

Sync shook his head with a sigh, "There are so many things wrong with you."
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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Thu 15 May 2014, 21:04

All the people currently in Iwagakure found themselves watching as a certain massive scale jutsu went off in the distance.

"That was interesting." Shiba noted, holding his sword over his shoulder.

"Yeah." Sieg nodded in agreement, looking to Ayane who smiled and held up a huge mug to his mouth. "Thanks!"

Ayane shook her head. "You deserve it. First you sent the 5 Tails flying like nobody else ever could, and then you helped out with your jutsu."

"Hey!" Raiden and the other 5 swordsmen glared at Sieg as he started to drink.

Sieg heard the men start to yell at him for ignoring them, and lifted a finger to silence them as he calmly drank.

Kagura looked over, smiling at Sieg's no-fucks-given attitude. "That's my man."

"Wow, you were really thirsty..." Ayane remarked, looking at the now empty mug while Sieg let out an incredible belch that sounded more like a roar.

"Alright! Where were we?" Sieg cracked his neck, looking to the swordsmen who were even more pissed at him now. "What?"

Suigetsu had just finished a long handseal process. "Suiton: Senshokuko!" Clasping his hands together, 1000 sharks formed of water rose behind him, in a wall-like formation. The sharks towered up into the sky, before crashing down upon Sieg with the whole area as set collateral.

Ayane blinked in surprise, before looking to Sieg who had calmly extended three fingers, black lightning covering the fingers like a blade or perhaps a spear. She was further surprised when he swung his hand, cutting the massive jutsu in half with ease. "Amazing..."

"And now it's my turn." Sieg lifted his left hand directly above his head. "Raiton: Raiten Kamiyari." 50 spears of lightning formed above him, all 4 meters in length. "Just die already." With a wink, he dropped all the spears at once, directing them to rain down upon the 6 swordsmen, too fast for any but Raiden to evade.

Raiden had reached and passed Sieg in a flash, swinging his sword at Ayane's neck. {I'll hurt him by killing her first!} Were the thoughts of the samurai.

"That's not very honorable now, is it?" Sieg had extended his arm backwards, Kuro Ryuusei covering just the hand, in time to stop the sword from meeting it's mark. "What kind of Samurai attacks a woman during a battle of men? You give real Samurai, like Turtle, a bad name!"

Ayane was a bit annoyed, mostly because she hadn't expected to be attacked, but her annoyance quickly got replaced with anxiety, as she noticed a change in Sieg's demeanor.

"Damn you!" Raiden jumped back from Sieg, his body being covered in lightning as he swung his katana hundreds of times in an instant, lightning streaking forth to cut into them.

"Dust Release: Cube of Hax." Sieg deactivated his previous jutsu, pushing his palms together as the Dust Element manifested in a cube around himself and Ayane, just big enough to defend the both of them. Once safe, the cube dispersed. "Raiten Taisou." 6 bolts of lightning struck the ground simultaneously, revealing there to now be 6 extra Sieg's present.

Ayane looked at the other 6, quickly identifying them to be Sieg's trump card. She was aware that while the 6 were in a previously unknown location, Sieg had a literally limitless supply of chakra. She was more than a bit confused now though, at how they all appeared instantly, and moreso, why Sieg decided to stop. Then she realized it. He had been at full charge the whole time, and with all 6 with him, he would be able to do more at once. It was official, he was pissed.

Shiba had been attacking Kagura with the Silfarion form of his sword, which gifted him with godly speed. He had been cutting into her so fast that even her Sharingan was incapable of keeping up. He stopped, upon noticing Sieg's attitude change. "Aww shit. Looks like Raiden managed to piss off your hubby."

Kagura ignored the cuts over her body, and the blood flowing from them. "It's their funeral. Allow me to help guide you to yours."

"What are you expecting to do when you can't even keep up properly with your Sharingan?" Shiba asked curiously.

"I'll improvise." Kagura calmly responded, performing one handed seals to cast a jutsu that upheaved the ground around them, making a severely uneven landscape.

Shiba smiled, having jumped to avoid some earthen spikes from beneath him. "I see! Then I'll also stay adaptive!" Holding up his sword, the form changed. "Explosion!" He dropped down upon Kagura smiling as she attempted to parry his downward swipe. Upon contact, Kagura was engulfed in a massive explosion that took out the entire block of the area they were in. He landed gently, looking to where Kagura had been propelled by the force from the explosion, and whistling. "You really are the most amazing woman I've ever met. Nobody else has ever shrugged off my explosion like that before!"

"What a troublesome sword you have." Kagura muttered, holding her own volcanic sword above her head as it was coated in the Dust Element. She allowed Shiba to come in for the attack, and when she parried this time, the explosions were erased by the Dust before they could actually trigger.

"That really is a versatile type of jutsu!" Shiba exclaimed cheerfully. "But what if I attacked form a different direction?!" Spinning the blade, he plunged it into the ground, igniting a massive chain of explosions that avoided him and blew through everything around him for 500 meters.

Oonoki and Kurotsuchi had been watching the battles, and grew worried upon seeing Kagura get caught up in the explosions.

"Wait, what is that?!" One of the ninja pointed to the smoke, as a figure rose up above it.

"Is that a... Susanoo?!" Oonoki gasped as the glory of the Perfect Susanoo was seen, drawing the attention of everyone. "How can Kagura use that technique?!"

"Raikoudou Kataikage: Kurokaen Ryuuseiu!" Sieg's 6 clones all activated Kuro Ryuusei at once, branching out to brutalize the 6 swordsmen at once, leaving them no time to set up a tactical plan of defense, as he hadn't waited for them to fully recover from his uber spear rain. His attention went to the Susanoo, bringing honest surprise to his face. "Hey, Ayane-chan. That isn't Kagura's...."

"No, I'm pretty sure that it's Crispy-sama's!" Ayane exclaimed, as surprised as Sieg was. "What is he doing here?"

Sieg blinked, staring at the Susanoo. "To think Crispy can use the Perfect Susanoo."

"Fight properly you bastard!" Raiden yelled, as he advanced with his 5 comrades, Suigetsu having managed to dispel the attacks with Samehada, just long enough to make an opening.

Ayane looked to Sieg. "Did you forget what Samehada can do?"

Sieg sweat a bit, smiling at her. "Yeah but I won't again." With a clap, his clones returned to his side, and immediately spread apart, all at set distances, with equal space in between them. "This is the end! Raikoudou Kataikage: Shichihoshi Tokkan Enjin!" He and his clones placed their hands on the ground, creating a black heptagram with the 6 as the targets, instantly binding them with electricity and negating their ability to use chakra. "Sadly for you, nobody has ever actually seen me use this jutsu before. Even Sync, Kokoro, Turtle, Kagura, Nia and Let have never seen it. So naturally, there was no way for you to know how to avoid it~"

"What the fuck is this?!" Suigetsu demanded angrily, pissed at their inability to move nor use their chakra in effort to escape.

"Your end." Sieg replied, with an uncharacteristic callousness. Letting their chakra flow into the heptagram, lightning sparked and formed several large spheres of pure, concentrated lightning.

Ayane watched in amazement, as the lightning spheres dropped, each yielding a massive, powerful electromagnetic storm upon detonation, each one compacting atop the previous to magnify the effects of each. "I see... so this is why the 5th Raikage is claimed to be the most powerful normal being to ever live... And here, I thought that the only thing you had going was being faster than anyone..."

"So? Are you pleasantly surprised?" Sieg inquired curiously, glancing at her. "I won't lose to any of the bloodlines you people rely on." With a sigh of relief, he stood, his jutsu effect having ended with the swordsmen all down, disabled, with every electric impulse in their entire body having been overloaded.

Ayane blinked at him. "Well, yes... Did you kill them?"

"No, I take no pleasure in killing people if I can avoid it. Besides, they were hired by Sync. I'll have them answer all my questions when they come to. And if they're uncooperative, then they'll die. Painfully. Especially Suigetsu, since his body is water." Sieg replied calmly. "Raiten Taisou." The 6 clones turned into lightning, shooting into the sky and vanishing instantly.

Ayane looked up to the sky for a moment, also confused about the jutsu he'd apparently used twice. "No wonder Kasumi is nervous to fight by your side."

"Hey! I have perfect control!" Sieg exclaimed, a bit offended. He turned to look at the Susanoo. "Let's go check out the situation there."

Kagura was inside the Susanoo, now carrying her favorite bunny. "Crispy~"

Crispy looked up at Kagura as she affectionately snuggled him. He chirped a few times, which translated roughly to: "I sensed you were in danger, and rushed to lend a foot or two!" Of course, only Itachi, Allania and Sync seemed capable of understanding anything Crispy could say.

"I have no idea what you're trying to tell me, but thank you~" Kagura happily giggled, hugging Crispy. Normally, she'd have been upset at someone interfering, even were she to lose a battle, but Crispy was one of three exceptions, the other two being Sieg and Lorelei.

Shiba stared in disbelief. He had to rub his eyes a few times to make sure of what he was seeing. "Did that rabbit just use.... Susanoo?"

"He's a ridiculous little thing, isn't he." Sieg said blankly, having appeared behind Shiba in a subtle flash of lightning, with Ayane. He and Crispy had a certain kind of camaraderie, but neither counted the other as a friend, ever since they met. Of course, both had a mutual respect for the other.

Ayane was surprised, now having experienced the jutsu. {I see, is it that he's literally turning himself and any in contact with him, into lightning itself? What godly ability...}

"Eh? Why are you here? What about my guys?" Shiba asked in surprise, looking at Sieg.

"They're still alive for now, don't worry about it." Sieg replied, rather vaguely. "Kagura! Are you ok?"

"Yes, I am fine~" Kagura cheerfully replied, as Susanoo deactivated and she landed with Crispy.

Crispy lifted one of his front legs, making a motion to Kagura.

Kagura tilted her head, but lowered it so Crispy could touch her forehead. "What are you doing?"

Shiba narrowed his eyes, to get a better look. "The hell?"

Sieg closed his left eye, so he could utilize his full, detailed vision, watching as Kagura's Sharingan changed form. "What the...."

"I-is that the Magekyou Sharingan?!" Ayane covered her mouth in shock, looking to Sieg. "But you're still alive!"

"Yeah, I think I can tell." Sieg replied sarcastically.

Kagura felt a sharp pain run through her brain for a moment, before Crispy lowered his leg. "What is this strange feeling?"

Crispy held up a mirror, to Kagura's face.

{Where did he get that?} Shiba, Sieg and Ayane wondered.

Kagura blinked, upon seeing her eyes, her Sharingan tomoe having merged to form a sharp, smooth pinwheel, with multiple branching wings extending from them. "Mangekyou... Sharingan? But how?" It only took a moment more, for her to remember her brief encounter with Sync, earlier. "I see. So that was my brother's real wedding gift."

Ayane watched Kagura intently now. "I wonder what her unique ability is..."

"Well, it's Kagura." Sieg stroked his chin. "Kokoro and Sync, and Uncle Itachi too. They all have abilities that match them well. So.... something purely combat based?"

Crispy jumped from Kagura's arms, looking up at her and raising a paw before hopping into a Kamui and ending up on Sieg's head. He chirped in amusement, laying down comfortably.

"..................." Sieg just looked up at Crispy, who licked his lips. "Alright, fine, you can stay there. If you try to pee on me like you used to do to Kyo, I'll be having rabbit for dinner."

Crispy chirped again, translating to: "You think you're tough with all that muscle mass! It'll be time for Crispy, to get up in that ass!" He looked to Ayane, nodding as they fell into a Kamui.

Shiba glanced around, spotting the three at a safe distance. "Hm... so that rabbit helped you out, huh? Well, now I'm more interested! What kind of power will you get from those eyes?"

"I suppose we'll have to find out, won't we?" Kagura drew her volcanic sword once again, having sheathed it when Crispy appeared.

Allania watched as Risa was dragged away by 100 of her subordinates, in her rage. She then turned her attention to the atmosphere, sensing the flow of chakra from multiple directions. "Where should I go now...? Konoha seems to be fine. The Sand is ok.... they're still fighting in Iwagakure?"

"Is Sieg-chan there~?" Mei asked curiously, grabbing Allania's wrist roughly.

Allania twitched a bit. "Well, yes he is, but so is Kagura-chan, obviously."

Mei smiled calmly. "Come, I shall accompany you, you dirty little whore~ Let's go see the knight in sexy tan skin that we both dream of every night~"

Allania glared at Mei, before smiling innocently. "Ok~ I can take us there with the Heavenly Transport~" She had mastered the jutsu to a level nobody ever had in the past, which allowed her to safely transport anyone as she pleased. Not like the brutal effects that would tear into any who went through it before. However, she was now contemplating using the original, raw form to let Terumi Mei get torn apart at a molecular level during the transport. Of course, she was too nice to actually do that someone, no matter how much she disliked her.


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PostSubject: Re: Scripture of Legends (STORY)   Tue 13 May 2014, 17:42

Sync’s knees give out as his elder brother hits his chakra points consecutively as his body shuts down and hits the ground empty. Turtle and Hashirama look back at Sync and Kokoro before returning to their bout zone. Madara and Kokoro stare one another down as Sync adverts his empty gaze upward at his brother standing in front of him, feeling his chakra and strong presence. “Don’t you dare talk to me as if you understand what it is I feel. You cannot begin to fathom my bitterness and wishes of eternal damnation I arbor towards my enemies.” Sync adverts his blind vision to the left as he feels Izuna moving ever closer. “How you’ve underestimated my vendetta my kin…” He once again looks up at Kokoro unable to see him but in turn, only darkness. “My goals lie in the darkness and by referring to my logic as idiocy you shame Kyo’s name.” Sync grit his teeth as he forced himself up to one knee as he felt Kokoro’s chakra coursing through his body. Kokoro glanced back at him, balling his fists, “Pull it together, Sync!”

The chakra coursing through Sync’s body moved at a rapid rate which allowed Sync to stand up as the light in his eyes returned to him. “Much better.” Madara watched in suspense. Kokoro’s arm retracted back to his side as his body began to move on its own as he soon found himself on his knees. Kokoro tried to fight back was unable to as he wondered just what the hell was happening. Sync looked down at his elder brother and held a finger down to him as he waved it side by side, “Tsk tsk…by the expression on your face you seem lost. Allow me to explain. By hitting my chakra points and then using siphon to steal my knowledge you unknowingly took my chakra which you of all people should know once that happens I can control whomever takes it. That was a foolish move you made brother.” Sync glanced up at Madara as Madara scowled, “Your brother tried to help you by bringing forth emotions you sealed deep within in order to walk down this path. Are you so blind by your ambition that you would strike the hand that aids you?” Sync narrowed his eyes, “No one shall interfere. Not even the most powerful of the Uchiha.”

Madara laughed and clapped his hands together, “You have interfered with my fight and that makes you a nuisance. How I abhor nuisances! You shall pay for your insolence with your life! I await Kokoro’s expression when he comes to and finds what he cherishes most has been killed by his own foolish ambition!” Sync scoffed, “You insult Kyo as well? Very well. I shall stall you as well until I kill your brother.” Before Madara could cast his jutsu Sync activated his Edo Tsukiyomi and sealed Madara within his own subconscious. Madara feel to his knees in front of Kokoro, his hands laid in front of him as if he and Kokoro bowed to one another. Sync looked down at them both and scoffed, “Be patient as I take what you cherish most away from you.” He grinned as Izuna appeared beneath him, looking up at him “Madara!” Sync jumped off the branch and landed before Izuna, “You needn’t worry about anyone interrupting your demise.”

Izuna laughed, “You truly don’t know what happened with Kyo then do you? How inadequate you have become my kin. You have been tainted by which you abhor the most.” Sync shrugged, “My sole purpose for mastering the sharigan these past three years was just so I could kill you.” Izuna scoffed, “Here I am. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat brother of Uchiha Madara?” Sync reached to his side and unsheathed his black steel katana, “Only one way to find out.” Izuna grinned and unsheathed his katana as well. “A battle of skill then?” Sync dashed forward, swinging his katana down at Izuna, “One of vengeance!” Izuna quickly parried and kicked at Sync, who used his lightweight to his advantage and spun around Izuna, hitting him in the back with his hilt. Izuna caught himself and quickly spun around to face Sync who ran towards him with his katana stationed at his lower abdomen, coming in for a gut lunge as Izuna grinned and stuck his right foot forward, spinning around and performing a riposte which caused Sync’s balance to break as Izuna nimbly used his advantage in stance to dash forward and strike Sync in the chest. Sync stumbled backward and looked down at his bleeding chest and the back at Izuna as the wound on Sync’s chest vanished.

Izuna raised an eyebrow in shock, “What did you…” Sync flipped his katana on the opposite side and held it like a dart, the sharp edge facing Izuna as he pulled his arm back and tossed it at Izuna like a football. Izuna used his sharigan to evade the blade, “Hmph…such cheap…” Before Izuna could finish that sentence he felt an ice cold blade pierce his flesh from behind. Izuna’s back arced from the force of strike as he tilted his head back to see Sync behind him. Sync kicked Izuna in the back as he fell to the ground, rolling a few feet away. Sync lifted his arm slightly and then bought it down as the blood on his katana flew off. Izuna struggled to get to his feet as he grimaced and coughed up blood. As Sync began to approach Izuna he felt a sharp pain through his chest and out his back as he fell to one knee, clenching his chest his left eye shut as he looked towards Izuna, “W-What the hell have you done to me?” Izuna grinned as blood dripped from his mouth, “M-My genjutsu is legendary. Uchiha Shisui’s genjutsu is second to mine. Welcome…to my Izanami…”

Sync felt the sharp pain vanish for a split second and as he stood up the sharp pain returned and caused him to fall to one knee. Only this time he began to cough up blood. He looked up at Izuna who stood before him without a scratch as he looked down upon Sync laughing. “How does it feel Uchiha Syncklarye? To be the one on the receiving end? You think you know everything but not even you could have seen this coming. You are mine. My genjutsu is infallible!” Sync grit his teeth as the same scenario began to play in a continuous loop. Ichi…Ni…San…Yon…Go…Roku…Shichi. Seven times it went on. With each loop Sync began to lose the light in his eyes, “D-Damn it a-all…” Izuna approached Sync and kicked him in the face causing him to topple over backwards. This is how Kyo should have died but that bastard was smarter than I gave him credit for…” Sync’s eyes began to bleed as he wondered what Izuna meant. He would have asked him but with each loop he felt himself slip even further.

Izuna held his left hand in front of Sync as his katana appeared, “It is here I shall end this battle and reaffirm my status as the most brilliant of the Uchiha.” He grasped the katana as Sync gathered the remainder of his stamina and chakra, barely managing to force his left eye open he glared at Izuna as he felt his vision fading rapidly. Izuna was nothing but a blur before him. Right as Sync was fading he heard a voice. It was familiar yet so very far away. Upon hearing this voice Sync was able to open his eyes. Confused as to what was occurring he opened them suddenly and jumped to his feet. He looked down at his body and ran a hand along his chest. What the hell was going on? Where was Izuna? Sync looked around but seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The voice began to get louder and right as Sync turned around he saw Kyo. “K-Kyo? How is this…what the hell is happening?”

Kyo laughed and stood beside him patting his left shoulder, “My twin…the Sync I know wouldn’t give up. You aren’t Sync. Where the hell is my brother?” Kyo pulled the Samehada out and struck at Sync who instinctively activated his byakugan and struck Kyo in the same arm he was wielding the Samehada in before Kyo’s blow met Sync. Kyo jumped back as the Samehada hit the ground, vanishing instantly as he curled his fingers conjuring a chidori in his free arm as he lunged at Sync. Sync smiled and thought to himself, “How predictable…” Sync formed rapid handseals with two fingers, “Fuuton: Dangan Suto-Mu!” A vast array of wind chakra bullets formed in front of Sync and shot at Kyo. Kyo grinned, “You think me so predictable?” Kyo leapt into the air as the bullets followed him, “W-What the hell bro? Is that even legal?!” The bullets bombarded against Kyo who fell to the floor within seconds. Sync shook his head and walked over to him, extending his hand to him. Kyo looked up at him and looked away, “I can get up myself!” Still, he took Sync’s hand as Sync helped him up. Sync looked at Kyo and couldn’t stop smiling. It was like his face was frozen. Kyo laughed, “You know what they say about a person who frowns often. Once they smile their face will remain like that!” Sync laughed as Kyo placed a hand to Sync’s head, “We are connected you and I. I’m always with you, don’t let my choices reflect on you. Don’t let my actions change who you are my brother…this isn’t you.” Sync looked at him as tears began to fall from his eyes, “K-Kyo…” Kyo grinned, “Are you…crying? You are such a pussy! Hahaha!”

Sync pushed him away and wiped the tears from his eyes, “You son of…” Kyo balled his fist and held it high, “Now…that’s the Sync I know…now go kick that arrogant motherfuckers ass! Also…Kokoro…it wasn’t right how you took advantage of his kindness and turned your hate against him. Of all things he is guilty for…this wasn’t one.” Kyo vanished as Sync held a hand out to him, “Brother!” Sync stood there for a minute, contemplating what Kyo’s last sentence had meant. Sync shook his head and balled his fist and smacked it into the palm of his other hand. He understood exactly what Kyo meant. He couldn’t defeat Izuna the way he was now. He had to discard the darkness and the path of hatred and continue on the path that he strayed from. Sync closed his eyes and felt a warm light engulf him. Minutes later he opened them again as Izuna was about to impale him with his katana. Sync threw his weight back and flipped out of the way as Izuna’s blade struck the dirt. “Whew! That was a close call!” Sync wiped a bead of sweat from his brow as Izuna shockingly looked at the ground and back up at Sync, “What the hell? How are you up and alive of all things! There is no way you could have escaped from my Izanami!” Sync scratched the back of his head as he activated his byakugan. “Yea…about that. The old Sync would have never let that shit happen to him! As for the recent Sync?

Let’s not refer to him as Sync…he was a dumbass who got too caught up in a path that would never comply to or with him.” Izuna removed his blade from the ground, “No matter. My victory is still assured!” Sync threw his head back in a fit of laughter, “Oh? Really? Was that before or after I went all spider monkey and escaped your and I quote, “infallible” jutsu? He snickered as he said it. Izuna grit his teeth, “You little shit!” He ran towards Sync as Sync held his hand out, his katana flying into his hand as he threw it towards Izuna like a football once again. Izuna tilted his head and evaded it once more. “As if the same trick would work twice!” Izuna’s blade sank into Sync’s flesh as Izuna scoffed, “You, however, fell for the same trick twice.” A voice was heard from behind Izuna, “Did I? Reeealllyyyy?!?!” Izuna looked behind him as Sync stood there, waving like a jackass. “W-What?” Sync snapped his fingers as the clone that Izuna struck began to envelop him. Izuna tried to fight back but was unable to. “The more you struggle, the faster you’ll get pulled in…much like your mother, eh?” Sync winked at Izuna as he began to frantically claw his way out, “This can’t be happening! I am the most brilliant and cunning of the…” Sync paused him, “Failure say wha? I’m the most brilliant and Kokoro has the whole cunning thing on lock so ya, k thanx bye!” Izuna’s body became enveloped in a sphere of wind as the sphere began to rise higher and higher into the sky. Sync took a deep breath and sighed in relief, “Guess whose back bitches?”

With a snap of his fingers the sphere exploded causing the entire sky to bellow as the very earth itself began to tremble. Sync shielded his eyes and whistled, “Goddamn…The entire planet must have heard that shit…” He looked over at Kokoro and Madara who began to come to. “Just in time for the main event! Hey! Onii-san!!!” He began to wave at Kokoro who stood up and looked towards Sync, “You’re late kid.” Sync waved his hand in the air without a care, “I dreamt I was a dick...it was rather unpleasant if I do say do myself!” Kokoro shook his head, "That wasn't a dream kid." Madara stood to his feet and glared at Sync, “You think yourself above me for that cheap parlor trick?” Sync blinked, "I've a feeling that'll catch on in the 20th century..." Kokoro stepped in front of Madara, “Good morning to you too, ugly.” He grinned. “Shall we?”

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Uchiha Kokoro finds himself hurtling through the air the edges of his coat aflame from a direct hit of Madara's great fireball jutsu.
His body skips across the ground as a barrage of jutsu slam into the runied earth completely missing him.Once his body comes to a stop he
begin to roll building up his momentum and once he builds up enough he arcs his shoulder launching himself into the air.As he flips over the
ground he stretches his arm out and extends his fingers until they touch the ground, he then curls the tips of his fingers to grip the earth and hold him in place in a one handed handstand. Madara is then struck by a thousand sharp bone stalagmites scratching his armor slicing his flesh, he merely smiles and sends walls of flame outward from himself only to be caught in a massive explosion by the Asura's path agumaented bone
pillars.Kokoro then spins himself around as he rolls his legs in a circular motion as a Rasengan starts to form on the sole of his foot. Once
formed he tosses it up and twists his body around kicking the ball of wind chakara straight at Madara.

The Rasengan collides with him and bursts and flows over Madara as a wave of repulsing energy known as Shinra tensei pushing the harmful
effects away from his body.Cracking his neck as he stares at Kokoro and sees the corrupting of his chakara and shakes his head saying "Your
brother has already won me this fight why do you contiune this pitiful charade,bow before me my child and I'll take you in with open arms".
Kokoro's left arm twitched in pain as blood begins to pour from his lip as he replies "Never" Madara shakes his head and swings an
outstretched hand slaming a flaming phoenix into Kokoro's chest engulfing him in flame for a few seconds as he falls to a knee. "Why do you
fight me, you think they will ever accept you as one of them because they won't to them you are just another Me and when their done with
you.You'll be declared an enemy of the nations and all those friends you think you have will stab you in the back beleive me this I know the
same thing happened to me".Kokoro spits out some blood and rises to a stand saying "I do not doubt that you speak the truth but my answer is
still no" Madara growls "Why".Kokoro smiles and says "I refuse to serve any man". Madara chuckles and says "O really then why are you here
if not save them from me" Kokoro chuckles this time and says "to do what my father could never do kill Madara Uchiha and be named the
greatest Uchiha to have ever lived"

"Shame that will never come to pass my son death has already claimed you" Madara replies right before he hits Kokoro with a massive barage
of elemental jutsu. Kokoro still stands his ground blood pouring from all over his body as he commands his legs to move as he runs straight at
Madara his fingers forming complex hand signs. Madara repulses Kokoro with a Shinra Tensei blasting him backward into the air as massive
branches sprout from the ground wrapping around Kokoro's arms as Madara sends jutsu after jutsu into Kokoro. Yet still he clings to life this
makes Madara angrier and thus he summons Susano and starts to punch Kokoro breaking his body more and more with each strike. But still he
clings to some form of life so he wraps his hand around Kokoro's body and begins to squeeze what life remains out of him.

Hashirama and Turtle contiune their epic fight as he says "I fear your friend is dead do you still wish to continue this fight" Turtle circles
Hashirama a tortise tonfa in one hand as his fingers on the other form hand signs.And he says "If it were that easy to kill him then I would have
done it already" he then cracks Hashirama with his tonfa sending a volitale chi strike straight into him as a earthen Tortise swallows Hashirama
that glows red as it turns to magma. After a few moments it erupts into ash as several water dragons break free of it freeing Hashirama "your
faith is admirable if not completely foolish".

Sync screams at his brother in an angry frenzy calling him a faliure and a worthless brother amoung other things.
Madara feels Kokoro's bones weaking and prepares to end it with one more squeeze only to find that he and his Susano are unable to move he
then watches as his Susano's hand opens under some one else's orders. Kokoro falls to his feet and somehow manages to stay standing as he
says "I am the Raven I know death better then any being alive and my time is not up" he then opens his eyes and an immense power erupts
from him as world's chakara starts to regenerate his body.Madara howls in anger as Kokoro encases Madara in a prison of earth that he then
lifts up and hurls into the air and fires an Immolation straight into it disinegrating the rock that it touches as it tears away pieces of Susano and
begins inflicting damage on Madara. Whom desperately tries to stop it only to feel a planetary devastation collide with his Susano's back with
such force that it hurts his own.The damage inflicted even seems to make Madara's eyes start to darken as Kokoro yells up to him "Can you
feel it Madara that icy burn in the pit of your stomach.Feel it growing as it begins to take hold of you thats Fear, and you can fight all you want
you'll not be able to overcome it not anymore".Madara grits his teeth and finds that he can clech his fist so he quickly sends down a Ameratsu
spear straight at Kokoro.

Right as the spear is about to touch Kokoro he flickers away leaving only his coat to be disintegrated by the flames of ameratsu, but this stops
the Immolation allowing Madara Shinra Tensei's out of the Planetary devastation jutsu and begin his plummet to the earth.He wastes no time in
hurling a barrage straight for the ground covering it in a cloud of explosions.Once he lands he notices that he can't see anything through the dust and feels strike after strike hit him in a unending barrage. Madara finds his bearings and goes Susano and swings him self about clearing the dust and finding kokoro whom he swings his sword at.Only to find that Kokoro catches his blade and throws him to the side Kokoro then opens his palm as a massive kamui opens in the sky and massive Black lightning bolts rain down courtesy of Seig whom was amplified by Ayane one of Kokoro's bodies.Turtle appears by Sync and unleashs his ultimate defense protecting them from all the bolts, Hashirama does a similar action while Madara barely dodges a direct hit. The glancing blow tears through the Susano and shatters Madara's armor as a massive slice goes from his shoulder to his hip and begins to bleed profusely. He then kaumi's to Hashirama so that he can be protected as Kokoro walks toward Sync with Thunderbolts slamming all around him but never close enough to harm him. Once he reachs Sync and Turtle the storm stops, Kokoro walks up to Sync who tries to strike him after senseing the corruption but finds he can't even get close to him. Kokoro walks up to him and hits all sync's pressure points and then continues by striking all his nerve points before touching his forehead and absorbing the knowledge he needs to dispel the corruption.

He then cures himself and turns to face Madara when sync asks "What did you do to me?" Kokoro continues walking and says "One day you
may find it in you to forgive me but for now I have forced you to feel little brother, no more hiding behind that idiotic logic for you".With that he
warps to stand before Madara while Turtle and Hashirama return to face one another. Madara looks up at Kokoro and finds himself unable to
move once again and says "How could you seal me in that storm",Kokoro merely says "Remember when you got struck by the lightning"
Madara's eyes open wide.


All across the world the Lightning storm sends of such powerful light that it illuminates the entire Ninja world for a good three minutes before
dissipating leaving the world to wonder what exactly was going on.

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Go Time, End Game, These are some of the terms used to discribe epic show downs but the fight before use now the best word would be Armageddon. With power houses such as Madara and Hashirama, then throw in Isuna and an opponant with a vendetta and desaster is in the making with many casualites in their wake. Only mayhem is to come, a deep wound upon this world that will take centuries and may not heal completely.

"Who the hell is this guy" Turtle exclaims, "I'm not sure but he has a really dark outlook on the outcome of this fight." Hashirama adds "yeah and it's really pissing me off, if you don't mind" Turtle walk over to the gentleman that was narrating who goes flying, Turtle then goes back over to Hashirama "Names Turtle and I will be your opponent for this fight, nice to make your aquantence Hashirama" Turtle hold out his hand to Hashirama who take it and shakes "Nice t meet you too Turtle, would you mind if at first we have some tea and observe the others?" "That would be fine." With that Hashirama makes a table and two chairs from trees and Turtle takes some tea and two cups out of his shell sets them on the table and sits in one of the chairs. Hasirama sits in opposite chair and gets some tea "This is an interesting blend vary earthy and quite pleasent. if we met under different circumstances we may of been sitting here having saki" he says as he watches the fights. "Yes, that would have been nice, though I feel you may have been deluded by what you saw Kokoro and Sync wouldn't do something without good reason even when it come to family," Turtle reveals, just then Sync gives in to darkness as it seems due to a vail of darkness now surrounding him. "It would seen you may be deluded by Sync, his loss of his twin seems to have changed him a great deal," Hashirama differs as Sync finished off Isuna "The lad has just blinded himself for vengence and that wasn't even the true Isuna, a pity and I know kokoro will still stand by his brother for Kokoro has already gone throught a great deal of life lesson. I know know I must stop Sync" Hashirama declares. "Seeing the world through blind eyes can changes your prospectives a great deal, and right know I stand in your way. I'll stand by my friends to the end" Turtle stands and the table and chairs disappear. "I can respect that, let us start our fight then with unarmed fighting" Hashirama states. "Sounds good to me" Turtle excepts.

As quick as a flash Hashirama charges in and Turtle deflects his attack only to be kneed in the gut getting the air knocked out of him. Turtle recovers and stirkes back flurry of kicks and punches which Hashirama easily dodges and blocks, Hashirama then stirkes back with a devistating blow which Turtle counters and sends back tenfold causing Hashirama to fly back. Hashirama recovers "nice one it has been a while since I've been caught off guard like that shall we switch to weapons next being a samuri you must excel with them" "If you'd like I'm fine with that" Turtle unsheaths his sword and Hashirama creates one from a branch, Hashirama lashes out with his blade, Turtle blocks and purries with ease watching for openings as he sees Hashirama's blade start to bend becoming a whip which wraps around his sword. Hashirama tries to disarm Turtle with his whip trick but Turtle noticed and jumps back. "Vary good,Turtle, you noticed my trick we ninjas are vary tricky as you well know, I disarmed many a samuri in my day with that you are quite observent know shall we get serious."

With that Hashirama uses his woodjutsu sending several giant branches to pummal Turtle, in a flash they hit then reside reveling Turtle with several ancestors in a shield with a small crack. "Nice try finishing the fight quick I see know you mean business and you might be a bit impaticent but this fight is far from over" Turtle says as he jumps toward Hashirama, "No friend you got it wrong I act fast to see if the fight is worth the time and this one is" with this Hashirama more branches from below Turtle and above to crush him. Turtle saw it coming and sheds his shell which destorys the attack and leaves a creater in the ground. "Now we're getting serious and the true fight can Begin!"

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It was a scene from the apocalypse, for the men, women, and children of Iwagakure. They watched in fear, as their shinobi and kunoichi fought with everything they had, alongside the previous Tsuchikage. It was taking all they had, to defend the people while fighting back the titanic behemoths known as the 5 Tailed and 6 Tailed Beasts. The 5 Tails was a creature that looked quite like a horse, but with a horned, dolphin-like head. The 6 Tails was, for all intent and purposes, a creepy looking slug.

The 5 Tails unleashed it's rage with an ear-shattering bellow, as it charged the defensive perimeter set to protect the citizens, it's horns primed and covered in a thick coat of chakra. At the same time, the 6 Tails spat out it's corrosive acid in a menacing cloud.

Oonoki sweat heavily, quickly deciding what he could possibly do now. He wasn't as young as he used to be, and everyone knew it. This meant that he also couldn't fight as he once could, what with his bad back and all.

Kurotsuchi stood with her father, exhausted from helping him to defend the village with her greatest earth jutsu. She was the mother of Kagura, and mother-in-law to Sieg, and had conceived Kagura in a night of passion with the great, dead sexy Uchiha Itachi. She couldn't explain it, even now. Despite him having been happily married, they had an incredible spark that neither could resist. Even now, she clearly remembered how his firm handling, and masculine skill had left her loins aching. He had ravaged her like no other man could, and she never did meet a lay as magical as he. It was as if he was a Stark, and winter had just come. When Kagura had been born a bastard, she had actually considered naming her Kagura Snow..... though she just couldn't fathom the reason why. If there was any regret, it was that she had let her beloved, monstrously strong daughter leave the village for a heated, sexual party between herself, her husband, and the mistress, Allania. Naturally, she also wished to be able to ride Itachi again.

"Here it comes!" Oonoki yelled at the top of his lungs. "Protect the people with all you have!"

The ninja roared back with a strong response, their morale having been bolstered. It was no exaggeration however, to say that they all felt unparalleled relief as the heavens grew bright, and a massive streak of lightning bore down, striking the ground in between their defensive line, and the two Bijuu.

"Kuro Ryuusei~~~~! [Black Meteor]" Came the lyrical roar from the strongest "normal" being to ever live. Moving with the black electrical meteor form about his body, Sieg met the 5 Tails head on, clashing with it's head.

Kagura immediately turned her attention to the 6 Tails, lifting her left hand and performing a one handed seal process at blinding speed. Not even a second later, the earth shifted, gargantuan walls raising and intercepting the acid, which instantly burned through the first three walls. The fourth wall would have faced the same fate, however the Dust Element now covered it evenly, effectively stopping and breaking down the acid.

"Tsuchikage-sama! Raikage-sama!" Came the loud cheers from everyone present, their excitement only raising in the next moment. Kagura had quick drawn her broken sword, producing a massive whirlwind that was infused with the Dust Element, cutting into the 6 Tails brutally. Sieg had overpowered the 5 Tails, flinging the beast away and onto it's back.

"Took you long.... enough...." Oonoki wheezed, flying up toward Kagura.

"Grandfather." Kagura spared a glance to her dear grandpa, revealing a strangely soft smile. "Please relax. Sieg and I have this handled."

Kurotsuchi had joined them in the air, having overheard. "Handled? These are BIJUU! And they're much stronger than we remember from the war!"

Sieg laughed having joined them in a subtle flash of black. "Well, we're much stronger than anyone who fought in the war~"

Kagura giggled, which shocked her mother and grandpa, who both knew that Sieg wasn't just emptily boasting.

"Fine, just... be careful!" Demanded Kurotsuchi, waiting until she received nods before pulling her father to safety.

"Let's go, my love~" Sieg suggested, Dust particles falling around them and suspending midair.

Kagura looked Sieg in the eyes. "After all the villages are safe, and we've had a violent reunion with my darling little brother, I'm going to be working both you and Allania harder than ever. I hope you can conserve some energy, because I won't permit either of you to sleep."

Sieg blinked at Kagura in surprise. "Uh.... your wish is my command?"

"Yes, it is~" Kagura responded before drawing her yet to be named volcanic sword, the immense heat immediately being felt by Sieg and even the people a distance away.

Sieg laughed to himself as Kagura flew toward the 6 Tails. "I wonder how she's able to hold that thing without burning herself." Extending his hand, multiple 50 meter spears of lightning sparked into existence and fired off to slam into the 5 Tails after it had recovered and tried to charge again. "Neo Hachi had nothing on me~ If you wanna win, you'll need Barristan Selmy~" He flew forward, practically teleporting to the 5 Tails as it fended off the spears. "Soutei Raikusari! [Lightning Chains of Binding]" Massive blackish blue chains of lightning formed, lashing the 5 Tails, which cried out in anguish as the chains wrapped around it's limbs. With a smirk, Sieg gripped the chain handles and lifted the beast with a single hand, swinging it up through the air and into the sky, before whiplashing the unfortunate thing into the ground, which caved into a massive crater with godly force.

As the 6 Tails unleashed it's corrosive substances in a stream, it found itself in shock to see the stream split with a single swing from Kagura, the corrosives disintegrating instantly.

"I've decided to become more liberal with the Dust Element." Kagura admitted to the 6 Tails as it tried to charge it's Bijuudama. "While I can't and likely wouldn't use Susanoo, who's to say that I can't simply make my own version?" Rather than cutting the 6 Tails like she'd done to the 2 Tails, she threw an extremely exaggerated punch, unleashing a massive fist of the Dust Element, with a remarkable likeness to the Susanoo arms. Needles to say, the 6 Tails face was disintegrated along with a good portion of it's body. As if that wasn't enough, she then gripped her hilt with both hands, unleashing a flurry of slashes faster than almost anyone could even see. With a delayed effect, the 6 Tails was cut to literal ribbons, with only Dust streaks left behind as it's entire body disintegrated. "There, now I'm two for two."

Sieg smiled in amusement. "Susanoo that isn't Susanoo? That's a remarkably good idea~"

Oonoki, Kurotsuchi and the rest of the village stared in disbelief, shocked at how easily Kagura had erased the 6 Tails that gave so much trouble, while Sieg had played the 5 Tails to a humiliating dirt nap. "These two are impossible...."

"Aren't they?" Came a new voice, one of seven.

Sieg ignored the 5 Tails who seemed to be crying, and turned with Kagura to see the infamous Shiba, leader of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist, or rather, just the 7 Swordsmen, as they were called these days. "Haven't seen you since the day you broke Kagura's favorite sword and nearly left me a widow before marriage."

"Heh, you're surprisingly calm to see me, considering~" Shiba replied teasingly, glancing at the other six behind him.

Suigetsu smirked at them as Kagura moved to Sieg's side and the two drew closer. "It's been a while! How'd you like my wedding gift, lovebirds~?"

"Ah, that was actually the best takoyaki we've ever had!" Sieg cheerfully responded, smiling brightly. "Where'd you get it?"

"It was quite a treat, actually." Kagura admitted. "I'm also curious as to where you acquired such a heavenly delight."

Suigetsu chuckled to himself. "My Ma is a god of the kitchen!"

"Awww, you sent them a present?" Shiba scratched his head with the tip of his large sword. "Now I feel like a jerk. Hey, that wound didn't leave a scar, right?"

Kagura smiled at Shiba. "No, it didn't. Sieg tells me that I have a 'freakish healing hex' on me."

"She doesn't get scars." Sieg explained rather simply, hands on his hips. "Anyway, what are you doing here?" He glanced at the man known as Raiden, the Samurai who seemed just as infatuated with him as Harde was. "You're not needed here, if you were thinking of performing your good deed for the year."

Raiden smirked at Sieg. "We're here for your heads!"

Sieg's eyebrow raised as he and his wife exchanged amused glances. "That's fine by our twins~ We're gonna put you all in coffins~"

"Eh? You're pregnant with twins?!" Shiba gasped in shock. "I can't fight you!"

"No... I'm not..." Kagura softly replied, closing her eyes.

"That's a shame, cuz now you're gonna die." Shiba sighed as he spoke, holding his sword at the ready.

Kagura shook her head, dropping down to face him. "I am not the weak woman you faced in Konoha. I never lose to the same opponent twice."

"Which is true technically, since nobody's ever actually beaten her besides you." Sieg added, winking at Suigetsu, Raiden, and the other four. "Come at me, Bros!"

Raiden glared a look of deep passion and fiery longing. "You can't fight us all at once!"

"Newsflash, I SO can!" Sieg responded, taunting them with hand motions.

Oonoki blinked as the fight broke out at high speeds. "Why are they suddenly fighting?!"

"Who knows...." Kurotsuchi replied with a deep sigh. "Kagura better not let that guy cut her like that again!"

Kagura and Shiba engaged in mortal combat, in a storm of swords. As they clashed, their surroundings were cut apart in various directions though Kagura's damage was evident as the lines through the ground made by her yielded intense heat.

"That's some sword!" Shiba exclaimed, actively transforming his sword as he fought, to match Kagura's actions.

"Yes, just like yours!" Kagura passionately replied, having activated her Sharingan as they went at it with neither ceding to defense.

The fight between the other six and Sieg unfolded with the 5 Tails as the battleground. As the six clashed with Sieg, he would evade, skirting around all the parts of the Bijuu and letting their attacks strike it instead. Raiden kept up, right at Sieg's heel as was always the case when they fought. However, Raiden could see that today was different. Usually, Sieg fought seriously, wisely choosing his every action. This tactical awareness was there still, however it had been partly replaced with a gentle casualness that he'd never before witnessed. He was well aware of Sieg's godly chakra capacity, however he saw that no matter how many jutsu Sieg threw at him and his allies, his chakra wouldn't deplete. "What trickery is this?!" Raiden demanded.

Deflecting a sword swing with his elbow skillfully, Sieg kicked Raiden with a lightning powered kick, sending him hurtling back and right through Suigetsu's water body, before he smashed into two of the other swordsmen. "No trickery, I'm just in a good mood for once."

"A good mood?!?" Suigetsu stared at him in disbelief. "Your best friend hired us to make sure you wouldn't be able to interfere with him for an indefinite amount of time! Your village was wiped out!"

"A: I was the one who destroyed my own village, in my ecstasy. B: Not a single one of my people died- or rather, I hope that only one did, but Ned is a roach. C: I'm in a good mood BECAUSE Sync is back!" With a hearty laugh, Sieg directed 6 gigantic, horned demons to manifest in black lightning and attack the swordsmen who all defended themselves as befitted their titles and abilities. "I don't mind at all that Sync is up to something, since I'll just beat it out of him later~"

Sensui, one of the other swordsmen, bit his lip as he cut down his demon enemy. "That doesn't explain how you can take on all six of us right after fighting those Konoha brats, killing the 8 Tails, and handling the 5 Tails!"

Sieg chuckled in amusement. "Well, let's just say I'm going all out for once~ I usually fight alongside my clones, but I'm actually much stronger when I'm not."

Raiden froze, thinking back. He had fought with Sieg more then 10 times, and every time Sieg had indeed been utilizing his clones. He had even felt proud after dealing with what he believed to be Sieg's most powerful jutsu. "That makes no sense!"

"Well, there's no need to understand." Sieg admitted, closing his eyes as he activated the Black Meteor, moving beneath the 5 Tails which had been jumping about trying to shake them all off. "You're right where I want you!" With a deep breath, he let out an intimidating "HIIIIIYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The next thing the six knew, their world was spinning. Kagura and Shiba stopped their duel to marvel at the sight of the 5 Tails soaring through the sky with incredible velocity in it's revolutions. The jaws of every other person dropped, as they stared after the Bijuu until it flew out of sight. Turning attention to Sieg, everyone saw his extended fist, alone, covered in a hypercondensed Black Meteor.

Suigetsu and his comrades fell dizzily, having bailed just before the beast left village limits. Their heads were spinning violently, as they dropped to the ground with loud crashes.

"I.... won't lie." Shiba twitched as sweat rolled down his cheek. "I'm seriously freaked.... I'm scared to get hit by your hubby...."

"Yes, I also wasn't aware of his ability to send a Bijuu flying like that." Kagura admitted, looking up toward Sieg who was floating overhead, as if he was ROFLing... hysterically.

In the Sand Village, Kazekage Ryoko and her dear father Gaara, had just dispatched the 1 Tails and 7 Tails.

Gaara sighed, saddened by having to slay his old Bijuu, despite knowing it wasn't the same Shukaku he knew.

Ryoko turned to Gaara. "Father...." She meant to try to comfort him with her words, but no more came out as all eyes were drawn to the sky. The 5 Tails zoomed overhead like a cannon, with no sign of stopping. "Did that.... really just happen?"

"What... in the holy trinity of bloody fuck was that?!" Kankuro demanded, tripping balls.

Temari stroked her chin. "Perhaps.... it was some... incredible jutsu..." She had no idea how wrong she was. Yes, Sieg had used Black Meteor to fortify his fist alone greater than usual... but it WAS just a single punch.

While it had passed, the Bijuu brought forth a ridiculous storm of air pressure, that toppled all the tallest buildings in the village and caused more destruction than their two enemies actually had.

"Oh, what the flying fuck!?!" Gaara snapped angrily, ripping his gourd from his back and hurling it into Kankuro's face.

Temari had jumped aside, allowing her big brother to get KTFOed.

Konoha's crisis wasn't TOO much of a crisis to be honest. Itachi had made sure to protect the majority of the village with a sustained Amaterasu jutsu, and was still presiding as the young ones dealt with the two halves of the Kyuubi.

Lorelei stretched out with a yawn, having literally crushed the Yang Kyuubei beneath her heel. The fox was underneath her, lying in a massive crater as her eyes returned to normal, revealing that she was no longer in Sage Mode. "Now THAT was fun! Kagura and Sieg woulda loved it!"

"Oh, Sieg~" Harde smiled to himself, chuckling.

Let let out a deep breath, standing by Magenta's side as his body returned to normal, the Dragon Assimilation Jutsu wearing off. "We did it, Magenta.... together."

Itachi chuckled, deactivating Amaterasu as the others around stared jealously while Let and Magenta began to passionately kiss. It surely seemed like they cared not if they fornicated right then and there, in front of everyone. "Ah, youth~ Still Lorelei decimated the Yang by herself. Let and Magenta mostly handled the Yin together with teamwork. These children are worlds stronger than we were back then. There truly is hope for this world, yet." He turned around from his position atop the Hokage Office, looking in the direction he knew his children were fighting. "Kokoro, Sync... you must return safely... Regardless of your actions, this is your home....?" Hearing expressions of pure shock and awe from everyone around, he looked to see what the commotion was about.

Lorelei whistled in amusement, staring as the 5 Tails soared overhead, seeming to fall lower gradually. "Whoa! Who in the Seven Hells managed to pull of something like that!?"

Let cut off his sexual battle with Magenta so they could both take a look. "This is...."

"How many ninja did it take to pull off such a feat?" Itachi wondered, glancing to Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.

"Tons of sexy ladies~" Jiraiya suggested, evading a punch from Tsunade.

Tsunade clicked her tongue. "Even I wouldn't be capable to such a thing, though... it must have taken a whole village."

"All the young boys and men~" Orochimaru mused, with a creepy hiss that caused the other three to move as far away as they could.

The 3 and 4 Tails had just been raped by the Mizukage, Risa, and everyone was now winding down.

"That was incredible, Risa-chan!" Allania exclaimed, hugging her.

Risa smiled, hugging Allania back. "Of course~ I have to be strong for my husband, after all~"

"Oh, you're... still on about that, huh." Allania smiled a bit.

Terumi Mei jumped Allania from behind. "And how is my beloved Sieg-chan~? Has he called out my name while you were procreating~? Every night without fail, I'm consumed with thoughts of that tan stallion, and can't help but to pleasure myse-"

"OOOOOOOOKKKK!" Allania and Risa both pushed their hands in Mei's face to stop her from talking.

"Still, I wasn't even needed here~" Allania noted, with a cheerful tone. "Now, we just have to worry about that..." They turned to the direction where they all felt pulses of chakra. The power of the pulses, along with the fact that they could feel them from so far, could only mean that there was a battle of gods unfolding.

Mei frowned at Allania and Risa, then looked around, a smile coming to her face as she saw all the citizens relaxing now. "All's well that ends wel-"

What happened next, happened so suddenly that nobody really registered it for a few minutes. The 5 Tails had finally completed it's trip across the continent. It had crashed down into the village, utterly crushing the Mizukage Office and everything surrounding, and in a line which tore through over half of the whole village. The force that erupted from it's impact with the ground, called to mind the Planetary Devastation known to those who took part in the 4th Ninja War. Everyone lost their energy as they looked upon their trashed village.

Risa dropped to her knees, not from shock, or exhaustion, but from disbelief and a mounting rage.

"R-risa-chan!" Allania dropped at her side, shaking her. "What is it?! Were you hurt somehow!?"

"M-my statue.... it's....." Risa stared, pointing forward.

Allania followed her view, her face turning bright red as she saw what looked to be a massive, copper penis. "What the HELL is that?!"

"Don't be such prude, you dirty slut~" Mei replied casually, ignoring Allania's spiteful glare. "My Risa erected a statue of beautiful copper, in the likeness of little Sync~ Naturally, in the nude. It was quite majestic. Truth be told, as far as that went, the term little couldn't describe, as you see. In fact, it may have been in bad taste to use the word... erect?"

Allania looked to Risa sadly, after the girl had sent her Sieg-crazy mother flying with a blast of water. "You really.... love Sync, huh...? I'm sorry. What are you going to do?"

Risa gripped the ground, which cracked. "I will.... find the person who did this... and I will.... MAKE THEM WISH THEY WERE NEVER BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jumping to her feet with her battlecry, her top ripped and her eyes glew with a fierce light.

"WTF?!" Allania fell back in shock, frightening by what she was seeing. "K-kenshiro!?"

Sieg was waiting for the six swordsmen to regain their bearings, as he marveled at what he'd just done. "I have a good feeling about this. I'm positive that I just did something more amazing than ANYthing the world has ever seen!"

"Crazy fuck...." Suigetsu, Raiden, Sensui, and the other three said softly.

Kagura smiled proudly, nodding at Sieg. {I'm going to tear every piece of cloth from that deliciously cut body later...}

Shiba smiled nervously. "I feel like you just had a really intimate thought... Though even I got a bit turned on just now."


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As the earth begins to crumble and the winds begin to howl in agony, Uchiha Sync eagerly watched the bout between his elder brother and the Uchiha legend unfold. Extremely interested in the fruition of his brother’s training and Madara’s limitless potential he couldn’t help but ponder who the victor would be in this clash of titans. His eyes quickly followed their rapid movements and lightning quick hand seals until he suddenly felt a sharp pain behind his left eye as he quickly clutched it and continued to follow the flow of battle with one eye until he was no longer able to keep up. He removed his hand from his eye and opened it slowly. “Damn, no matter how much I have trained these eyes I am still unable to use them to its full potential.” Sync cursed his current progress as he thought of how Kyo would have been laughing at him if he were here.

Sync clutched his left hand angrily and looked past the flow of battle to notice Izuna watching him. Come to think of it Izuna was watching him the entire time without making a move. Sync grit his teeth as he faced down his twin brothers murderer. Izuna grinned smugly as he noticed Syncs agony. Sync rose his right arm and curled his fingers as lightning began to crackle in his hand. The dou in his sharigan began to dilate as his dou merged together to create the shape of an black atom as the red in his eyes changed into a dark shade of purple. The dou appeared again and turned into black sickles as they merged with the black atom. Each dou stationing itself. One above and the last two beside one another towards the bottom. Izuna’s eyes widened in surprise as Sync narrowed his eyes. “Prepare yourself you murderous son of a bitch!” Sync kamuied behind Izuna and before Izuna had the time to react Sync pulled his knee back and kicked Izuna in the back of the head, sending him flying out as he grabbed the lightning within his palm, turning it into a lightning whip as he tossed it towards Izuna.

Izuna opened his eyes as his mangekyo sharigan also activated. Izuna grabbed the whip and suddenly felt Sync’s chakra trying to overwhelm him. Izuna tried to release the whip but was unable to as the Sync who struck him with the whip vanished. Izuna grit his teeth in pain as he realized that he was trapped in a genjutsu. Izuna managed to open his left eye barely, “W-What the hell is this?” Sync’s voice came from all directions, “Your grave!” Sync appeared above Izuna in a ball. His knees were pulled to his chest as his arms held them in place. As he moved towards Izuna he shot his right leg out and hit Izuna in the face and down into the ground. As Izuna hit the earth a great upheaval sprouted from the ground as Sync landed in a branch, his eyes raging. “Is that all there is?” Izuna levitated out of the crater with his arms folded together, “I could ask the same of you, Uchiha Syncklarye. If you think such obvious and futile attempts will harm me you have another thing coming.”

Sync grinned, “If you think I’m going to grant you a fast death then you’re fucking mental. I am going to make you suffer for every fucking second of life you robbed my brother of!” Izuna noticed the hate in Sync’s words as well as the darkness in his heart. Izuna shut his eyes, “You’ve changed Sync. Is it revenge you seek? I believe it was you who said you were going to change the Uchiha and how we use hate and darkness to sustain and justify our bloodline. You are nothing but a hypocrite. You are doing the same thing we are. You are letting the hate and darkness consume you just to be able to use the full abilities of the Uchiha clan.” He opened his eyes and began to laugh. “You’re nothing but a joke Sync!” Sync narrowed his eyes in a blind rage which led Izuna to believe he had struck a nerve, which was his direct intention. Sync let out a roar that caused the skies to shriek and rain down lightning. The winds began to cut through trees and the lightning began to shatter the ground.

Sync’s mangekyo sharigan began to glow. Izuna smiled and shrugged, “How the mighty have fallen. You are far too easy to read Sync. It’s a damn shame how low you have fallen. Here I thought you were going to be the one that changed the Uchiha. This is the last time I put my faith in another.” Izuna began to chuckle as Sync began to get restless which was what Izuna was trying to do all along. Sync’s body began to become shrouded in a visible veil of shadow as he stood there and let it consume him. “I will avenge my brother, no matter what the cost Izuna.” Sync unsheathe his black steel katana as Izuna nodded as he unsheathe his katana, “I have no plans on dying today. However, I’ll be more than obliged to send you to hell along with your brother. To show you how compassionate I am, Madara will send Kuro to hell with you. That way all three brothers will be together for eternity.” Sync bit his bottom lip and grinned. “Keep talking you black sheep. I’ll show you eternity.” The shadows began to dance around Sync as his eyes turned completely black. Tsukinami! Izuna gasped in shock as he began to get engulfed in a bright light.

Izuna looked around as he stood up. He found it difficult to breathe, his entire body felt heavy and his body was moving at an accelerated rate, "What is this? Hell...?" He felt a blow strike him in the gut which caused him to collapse to his knees, coughing up blood and bile. "W-Whats g-going on?" Sync appeared above him, upside down as half of his body was coming out what looked to be clouds, "This is where I am going to trap your subconscious when I defeat this pitiful vessel you call a clone." Izuna's eyes widened in surprise as Sync narrowed his eyes, "What? You didn't think I'd figure it out?" Sync dropped down and landed in front of Izuna as he lifted his fingers and snapped it. Within seconds the bile and blood Izuna vomited flew back into his mouth as he gagged and coughed. With one eye open and peering up at Sync he forced himself to his feet, "W-What is this?" He had asked with muffled breathes. Sync walked past him, "This is a combination of Tsukiyomi and Izanami." Izuna turned around, "That's impossible!" Sync kept his back turned to him, "No. What's impossible is you and your foolish brother thinking you had me figured out...you thought me susceptible to be read? Whose on the receiving end now?" Izuna grimaced as he felt a sharp pain in his chest which brought him to a knee. Sync looked back at him, "You made the grave error of linking this clone to your actual body. That would of been your downfall...but I assume you have a counter measure?" Izuna forced a laugh as his eyes began to bleed, "I apologize, Uchiha Syncklarye. I have severely underestimated you" he said admittingly. Sync shook his head, "I don't need your outlandish acknowledgement. Knowing you have submitted to me before you met such a gruesome death is so much rewarding to me.

My brothers death shall be avenged. The moment you cut the connection to your clone I will track your chakra trail and will personally see an end to this." Izuna stood up as a blue aura emitted from him, "That will never come to pass!" He pulled out his katana and charged at Sync as gripped his palm as a black flame formed a katana in his arm, with a single slash he cut through Izuna's katana and struck him in the chest. The chakra from the clone began to seep from it as Sync inhaled it which caused the Tsukinami jutsu to lift. As Sync came back to reality he attempted to open his eyes but found the light from his eyes removed. Instead of losing his temper he calmly felt around for the presence of his allies and enemies. Sync left himself open for no surprises, he knew by walking a path separate from his own he was bound for the darkness to blind him. Sync moved his head northwest as he felt Izuna's chakra trail moving towards him, "Hmph. Let's end this." He leaned against the tree and began to follow the battle between his brother and Madara and the battle between Turtle and Hashirama and he awaited his nemesis to arrive. Blind or not, he will end Uchiha Izuna.

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Izuna and the cloaked figure removed their cloaks revaling that the third assailant is Hashirama Senju this Revelation is stratling to us all and as if to acknowledge our suprise he speaks. "I am here beside by former friends because of a sin that Sync Uchiha will commit in the future, it saddens me to think that you both could have failed I so beleived in you both". He then prepares himself for the battle to come, Sync tries to wrap his head around it but realizes as we all that Hashirama has been ressurected not Edo tensei'ed. I close my eyes and feel the world around me as I say "Sync you shall face Izuna.....but be careful he is not what he seems, Turtle" he cuts me off by saying "Hashirama is mine then" I nod and Sync quickly interjects. "We should face them all as a team and rout them one by one" I shake my head and reply firmly "No" I feel him cocks his head in suprise as he replies "Oni". I reply quite emotionless "our best bet is to spread them apart and face them Mono e' Mono" he tries to interject and I quickly squash all rhetoric "This battlefield is mine and mine alone so do as you are instructed" there is a feeling of silence, my muscles tense in this void of emotion. Sync takes a few more moments before finnally saying "Fine", I nod and say "now Turtle" and with that he flicks his pointer fingers forward. The ground suddenly erupts around our opponents splitting them apart as the three of us charge our selected foe. Madara remains un fazed and responds to my charge by hurling several great fireball jutsu at me I quickly throw a barrage of water tomoe and earth tomoe to cancel it out. Our jutsu collide and dissipate as I rush ever forward, madara quickly fires off a couple lightning jutsu which I easily kamui out of and appear behind him as. I slam my index fingers into his shoulders right before he could kamui away from me, when he reappears he is huffing and puffing he glares at me and says "You think hitting my pressure points is going to stop me boy"he then suddenly uses the Rinngan to recirculate his chakara instantly. The ground beneath me erupts as a massive branch collides into my chest and sends me high into the air, once I hit the peak of air time I feel the air intensify around me and quickly blink to the ground as his Ameratsu cum-busts. I quickly retort "Your eyes aren't what they used to be eh old man?" his anger intensifies as he hurls several more jutsu at me, but each jutsu is met by several flung from my shadow. We both leap back putting distance between us as we slowly begin to circle one another each trying to figure what the opponent is going to do. I take this uncertanty and enhance it with Genjutsu after genjutsu each one harder for madara to break out of until finally I send a massive branch into to him followed by fire tomoe barrage each scoring a hit before flips back and erupts into a Susano'. Which instantly swings it's sword down at me only to be stopped by a glowing black arm, although it still pushes me downwards and crushes the ground beneath me. Then the foot of my Susano' slams into madara's and causes it to stumble back it then turns around slamming another sword into my Susano' torso, I quickly coil the arm above the sword around it and keep it from going deeper as I hurl him to the side and slash my sword down towards him creating devastating damage to the world around him. Madara then rises to his feet and opens his eyes wide which causes or Susano'to flicker and dissipate and with outa breath inbetween he fires off hundreds of jutsu one after the other all hurtling toward me at break neck speeds.
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Standing at the edge of the woods me and Kokoro watch a battle unfolding, I place my hand on his shoulder and meld my mind with his and use my superior will to block out the inner-workings of his mind. While in this scape I stand beside him and watch through his superior eyes as his younger brother Sync engages three cloaked figures attack him. Sync's moves are precise and calculated but seem to be unable to cause substantial damage and more often then not he is forced to rely on his Flying thunder god seal. His ability to survive is most impressive but his technique seems to have detrioated quite attrocially, I turn to see Kokoro's feelings on the matter but his mindself seems even colder then usually and asking him a question is pointless in and of itself. This is not to be an insult to sync but even though his brother is most likely the only person that can see the minor fluxuations in the world to see were his brother is going with his seal. This new sync seems to be quite predictible for even Madara, Izuna and their cloaked friend seem to know what he is going to do although his skill is still enough to keep them from defeating him, the fight has been going on for at least thirty minutes and Madara seems to be getting quite agervated at how long this match is going and so it would seem that the fight is about to reach it's climax.
"With the fight coming to a close we are left to wonder who will be the victor, will Turtle and Kokoro intervene to save a scarred sync or will Madara finish him off before they have the chance. And who is the thrid member of the enemy!?..... find out Next time on Naruto"
Me and Kokoro look over at this announcer guy and both ask "Who the hell are you?" before he can answer Kokoro pushes us to look back at the fight just as Sync Flying Thundergod seals away from Izuna's Jutsu only to be hit by a Fire jutsu from Madara as he rematerializes. The explosion is quite massive as one would expect and send Sync hurtling towards us back first. He flips backwards and lands beside us completely unaware of us do to my cloaking jutsu, his body tenses up when a Bijuu-bomb sized fireball closes in on us. Before sync can react Kokoro fires a beam from his left eye the pierces the ball and negates it. This causes Sync to take notice of us as he shouts "What took you so long!".
Madara's laugh is his only answer as the mightiest Uchiha takes notice of us as well "I have been waiting for you Kokoro and I see you have brought a child of Senju, I wish to see how strong you have grown. I hope you are more entertaining then your pathetic brother." Kokoro stares back at Madara with out saying a word, as a stream of black tears flow from his left eye as a side effect of the nulifacation dojutsu he used. Alot has changed about Kokoro over the years he now wears a coat similar to Minato except for it being black and with only a etching of the flames outline in blue with a Kanji on the back for Chaos around his neck is a Tomoe necklace. His lower abdomen is wrapped in black bandages and he wears pants that reach halfway down his calves.No shoes or shirt and the most noticable difference is that his eye's have the shape of a twelve petal lotus flower. Sync moves to retort only to have Kokoro reach out his hand as a sign to stand down as he looks to face Madara whom says "Don't dissapoint me" he then removes the cloak and his power level spikes as he takes a step forward and continues "I plan to tear every petal of your sharingan to shreds before destroying you myself" He then charges blade in hand as he summons forth a planetary devastation jutsu, Kokoro slides his middle finger down the palm of his had making a small incision as as black flame takes the form of a sword and he summons his own planatery devastation . Once Madara gets under the two descending attacks the fabric of reality wavers as Kokoro materlializes swinging down at Madara who blocks the stirke and propels them both towards the the attack as both summon a second larger planatery devastation. At the sight of the second planetary devastation Turtle's eyes go sage mode as the earth beneath sync forms into a mighty turtle body that forms a mighty barrier that connects to the barrier created by the third assailant. Sync looks up at Turtle and then over to his brother and mutters to himself "how could they have surpassed to this degree" as the four planetary devastations collide Madara and Kokoro clash blades and barrage each other with jutsu as they traverse the exploding debri. Unable to make headway Madara lands on a platform and unleashes Susuano and brings his blade down towards Kokoro whose left arm glows and creates a Susuano arm that blocks Madara's as his left arm unleashes a massive beam of molten flame that slams into Susuano and begin to melts it whilst pierecing it as well as destroying the remaning fragments of the planetary devastation. Madara roars in frustration as he is forced to kamui to the ground as Kokoro lands ready to strike as Madara asks "What technique was that?" Kokoro solemly responds "You mean Immolation?, a technique used only once by Indra in his lifetime". Madara activates his sharingan canceling Kokoro's ameratsu blade which becomes a metal bone blade that was once a part of kyo's body as madara howls "My Sharingan is connected to yours by blood boy so don't be suprised by that trick" the two Uchiha then engulf themselves in Susuano, Madara with his dual swords and Kokoro with his one. The two fling multiple jutsu at one another as their Susuano strike at one anouther the feedback of these attacks are so great that Turtle is forced to form the ultimate defense around the two in order to protect the others. Sync remains agitated at his brother as he shouts at Turtle "Why is he holding back he should unleash his vengenace upon madara for kiling our brother" Turtle cocks his head and says "I wouldn't think you would need to be told that answer" Sync even more frustrated yells "That's not even an answer" Turtle knods and says "I guess your right" The two then notice three Susuano Impale Madara's and lift it in the air as the three fire off an immolation at Madara who it appears had just broke free of one of Kokoro's genjutsu finding his Susuano trapped as his body began to become quite damaged by Immolation he breaks it his Susuano into there mighty blades that slam into the other Susuano as he kaumi'ed away from Kokoro's susuano. madara then appeared by cloaked Izuna and the thrid assailant.
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Kagura descended from the skies, directly in between Sieg and Allania. "Well, this is rather troublesome. My little brother doesn't seem to know what a good wedding gift is."

"Heh, and leave it to him to give it to us so late~" Sieg added, kissing Kagura on the cheek as Allania hugged her in relief. "The 5 Tails and 6 Tails are in Iwagakure. I think Gramps can handle it until we're done though?

"Do you even have to ask?" Kagura replied calmly, drawing her broken sword.

Allania blinked in surprise. "You... still carry that around?"

Let stroked his chin. "That does not surprise me, to be honest."

"How do you wish to proceed?" Asked Kagura curiously, glancing to her husband. "Shall Nia and I deal with the 8 Tails?"

"Nah, I got it." Sieg replied calmly. "Back me up Let, I've got some things I've been wanting to try out."

Allania giggled, smiling at Kagura. "Looks like we get the 2 Tails~"

"Boring. The 6 Tails is mine." Kagura decided, lifting her hand as balls of the dust element rained down from the sky, atop the 2 Tailed Cat.

"I live!!!!!!" This explosive voice came from the unwelcome Nedelphinus, as he burst out from under some rubble. "No meteor can best me!"

Sieg froze in surprise, looking over at Ned. He looked up at the 8 Tails, nodding slowly.

Let tilted his head, watching as the 8 Tails stomped Ned. "W-what?! Did it listen to you?!"

"I think Hachi could sense that the world is no better with Ned in it." Sieg replied, scratching his head contemplatively. "Hey, Uncle B! Darui, Mabui, C."

The four named off appeared behind Sieg as they were called.

Mabui smiled at Sieg warmly. "I have evacuated the citizens to the Valley of Clouds and Lightning. As long as our guardian remains, they are safe. All the injured are receiving treatment as we speak. Thanks to your protection, there were no fatalities."

"Thank you." Sieg smiled back at her before continuing. "I want you guys to go ahead to the other villages and help out however you can. Take everyone who can still fight. Kagura, Nia, Let and I will be more than enough to take on these ugly bastards."

"MY LOOOVVVEEEEE~~~~~" It was a rather shrill and frightening, female voice that yelled this time. It belonged to a girl that appeared in a blazing trail of flame, dressed in red, with long unkempt white hair. She pushed her way to Sieg, holding his arm tightly.

Kagura turned to the new girl. "Who is this slut? Why is she all over you?"

"Agria..." Sieg pushed the girl away from him gently. "I forgot you were out of the village..."

Agria smiled creepily. "I'm ready to service you~"

"What?" Kagura was right about to cut the woman down, when Allania grabbed her.

"D-don't... Sieg actually owes her quite a bit... for various reasons. She's one of the people we grew up with." Allania explained. "I don't like her either, though. She's just like Miss Mei."

Let pointed beneath the 8 Tails foot. "Your brother is there. Retrieve him when you find an opening, and prepare to be transported by Mabui."

"I don't take orders from you, Dragon Dick." Agria replied with a nasally voice.

Sieg sighed, patting the creepy girl on the head. "Agria~ If you do what Let just said, I'll do any one thing you want later."

Agria's eyes widened at the prospect of having her beloved Raikage in her debt. "Really...? Do you promise?"

"Yes, I promise." Sieg replied, flashing the best forced smile he could.

Kagura shook her head in disappointment as Agria suddenly became obedient, moving aside so she could save her brother. "What happened there? Why do you cater to that dumpster trash whore?"

Sieg scratched his head. "It's a bit complicated... when her parents were on their death bed, they sort of tricked me into promising I would always look out for her. They didn't care to secure safety for Ned, so I decided to do as they asked. It's ok though, Agria has a one track mind. Even if she remembers my promise, it's easy to manipulate her."

"Ah...." Kagura smiled now, turning away from Sieg. "Yes, that's right~ I'm proud that you can be devious~ I love you more and more every moment, it seems!"

Killer B shook his head. "Stop flirting and fight! Don't mess with our light!"

"Right." Sieg cracked his knuckles. "Let's make it snappy! Think you can kill it in 5 minutes?"

Allania shrugged, smiling to herself. "Isn't that too long? Kagura-chan and I only need one minute~"

"Well said, Nia." Kagura agreed, taking off from where she stood, flying over to the 2 Tails.

Sieg waited until Mabui transported the others away, before activating his Black Meteor Jutsu. "Let's do it!"

"Yes." Let nodded as his body transfigured, becoming scaled as he became half dragon. "I'll provide support if you need it."

The 8 Tails shot all 8 tails out at Sieg, chakra bursting forth from each tail. Sieg punched the chakra bursts right back at the beast, moving at a speed exceeding even the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, as he attacked from every direction in practically the same instant, throttling the monster before dropping down from above and kicking a hole straight through the octopus creature.

Upon touching down on the ground, Sieg lifted both hands. "Lightning Release: Raiten Kamiyari!" 10 of the 50 meter spears appeared above the 8 Tails, shooting down and impaling the beast to pin it through the ground.

With a deafening shriek, the 8 Tails chakra gathered in it's mouth, forming a dense sphere.

"Bijuudama!" Let yelled, pushing his hands to the ground.

"Wait, I got it!" Allania yelled over to them.

The 2 Tails had already fired a bijuudama, which Allania had used the Heavenly Transport Jutsu to redirect directly in front of the 8 Tails. Before the 8 Tails could fire, Sieg detonated the 10 spears into a powerful lightning pillar that staggered the titan. The 8 Tails was hit by the 2 Tails bijuudama, and blown back violently, leaving a line of pure destruction for a few miles.

Sieg glanced at Agria, who had retrieved Ned before fleeing with Mabui, leaving himself, Let, Kagura and Allania alone. "Whoa.... I know they were supposed to be OP, but isn't that a bit much? Are these stronger than the original?"

"Sync did call them Neo Bijuu." Allania replied, performing a Magma and Storm Release jutsu in conjunction. Storm rays rained down from above the 2 Tails, as magma streams burst up from underneath it, the jutsu combining into a devastating explosion that engulfed the massive beast. The Cat shrieked, releasing a pulse of chakra to clear the jutsu away, though it was injured.

"Enough of this farce." Kagura said calmly, swinging her broken sword once to cut off both tails of the cat. Sheathing the broken sword, she drew the second, a black blade with red cracks reminiscent of volcano rock. Raising the sword above her head, the dust element filled the entire sky, forming a massive extension for the katana. The Tsuchikage descended at high speed, cleaving the 2 Tails in half, the dust element exploding with full force, instantly disintegrating the entire beast, leaving nothing left.

Allania clapped happily. "Amazing, Kagura-chan! That's the new sword Lorelei told us about?!"

"Indeed." Kagura replied, sheathing the katana. "It was forged from the hottest materials found in the worst volcano back home. A manmade legend, if I do say so myself. Of course, the heat never subsides, so I prefer not to wield it."

Allania tilted her head. "Are you saying that.... it's like holding a volcano in your hands?"

Kagura smiled confidently. "You should know I wouldn't have it any other way~"

Let's jaw dropped as he saw Kagura's feat, having heard her explanation. "You certainly did choose the scariest woman to marry. Did I ever tell you that?"

"I think you remind me of that every day." Sieg replied, deactivating the Black Meteor as the 8 Tails boosted itself toward them. "Guess I'll also get serious then, since Kagura did~" The Raikage stepped forward, performing an extensive array of handseals at godly speed. "Soutou: Shinjinbukai Shuurai Arashi!" The sky itself shifted above them, as the black lightning poured down like rain, onto the 8 Tails with perfect precision. The first volley of the storm beat the 8 Tails to the point it was unable to move. Another storm volley rained down, followed by another, and then a series of 10 volleys one after the other. Despite the distance from the godly jutsu, it's effects could be clearly felt, the entire atmosphere now electrified. Once the annihilation ended, there wasn't anything left aside from what looked to be a bottomless pit with a radius the size of the nonexistent 8 Tails.

Kagura nodded proudly as she observed the destruction. "Very good... So he did learn to control that jutsu after all~"

"Mhm~" Allania smiled at Kagura. "It took a while for him to master the handseals properly though."

Let returned to normal with a slight sigh. "In the end, I was not needed here."

Sieg pat Let on the shoulder roughly. "Don't worry about that! I'm sure there's plenty of fun to be had in Konoha! Nia, send Let so he can reunite with Magenta."

"Roger!" Allania turned to Let. "See you soon, Nii-chan."

Let nodded to Allania, Sieg and Kagura. "Be careful." In a flash of bright light, Let was gone.

Allania turned to Sieg and Kagura. "To Kagura-chan's?"

"Sieg and I will be more than enough to handle measly 5 and 6 Tails." Kagura said calmly. "Why don't you transport yourself to the Mist or Sand?"

"Well... ok, see you soon?" Allania asked.

Sieg kissed Allania on the lips quickly. "Maybe~ After Kagura and I are done, we're going to follow Sync."

"Eh? Do you know where he is?!" Allania's question wasn't answered, as Sieg held Kagura's hand and both transformed into lightning, shooting into the sky and out of sight. "Unfair... 3 and 4 in the Mist. 1 and 7 in Sand. Ryoko-chan, Gaara-sama and the others can hold out. I'll go check on Risa-chan and the others, since Miss Mei seemed to be the weakest Mizukage." With another flash of light, she was transported to the Mist.


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Seconds later the man in the black hood appeared on a cliff of a mountain, overlooking the Hidden Village in the Clouds as his white flames vanished as quick as they were formed. His teammates Inazuka Tenshou, Uzumaki Reyna, and Nara Yoshi stepped forward and witnessed the elevated breathtaking view of the Cloud Village. Reyna adverted her recent solomon eyes to Tenshou, "The view is so gorgeous...It reminds me of home." Tenshou kneeled down to stroke Priya, "I wouldn't get caught up in it's glamour, after all it's going to be torn asunder after we get through with it. No point in catching nerves now...ya know?" Yoshi ran a hand through his hair as he flipped through a strategy notebook, "You are positive this will work, boss?" The man in the black coast placed his hand to his own left shoulder, clenching it as he flung the coat from his body. Reyna, Tenshou and Yoshi grinned as they laid their eyes upon a man with short jet black spiked hair, two scars upon his lower right eye and upper right side of his neck. His eyes revealed the sharingan but were unlike any they have noticed. This man had his Eternal Mangekyo activated, it resembled that of an atom but was purple and black. The dou around his atom corneas were shaped like dagger heads. On his person he carried two katana which sat on his back, perfectly in line and on top of one another in a horizontal fashion. The Uchiha crest laid on back of what appeared to be black and purple armor crafted from wood of the Senju bloodline. The man looked at Yoshi and nodded, "My strategies are always spot on."

Tenshou laid a hand on the man's right shoulder and smiled, "Lighten up, there's no way in hell we will let you carry this burden by yourself." The man looked toward him and nodded, "If it pleases you, you may use my proper name now. The plan is about to be executed, it matters not if anyone were to catch wind of who I am. The black coat is no more." Reyna chuckled and placed her hand to his other shoulder, "Are you ssssuuuurrreee? No more paranoia?" The man brushed their hands off and took a step forward as his hair swayed in the wind, "No more behind the scenes." Yoshi walked up next to him, "Well then, Sync-sama...are you ready to save our loved ones?" Sync adverted his attention from the Cloud village to Yoshi, "I was born ready. The others should be in Sieg's office by now preparing for the operation. Come, let us join them." Priya let out a yawn and jumped onto Tenshou's shoulders as the three of them gathered around Sync as they all were pulled into a purple kamui.

Drake, Kirin and Xavier entered Sieg's office as Sieg sat in his chair with Let at his right and Allania at his left, "What can I do for you?" Drake stepped forward and turned his head slightly behind Sieg and noticed a broken window, "...Dare I ask?" Let crossed his arms, "You really shouldn't." Drake shrugged as Allania stepped forward, "It's great to see you guys again, how are you?" Drake remained silent, "..." Xavier remained stationary as he crossed his arms. Allania stood there smiling, "Is...that an Uchiha thing?" Kirin laughed and stepped forward, "We are well your ladyship. Thanks for asking. How are you this gorgeous day?" Allania giggled, "We are quite we...." Drake intervened, "Cut the small talk." Sieg leaned back in his chair in surprise, "So it speaks!". Let smiled as Drake walked over to the desk and thrust his right arm into the air as a black hole appeared. Sieg smiled, "You bought us gifts?". Drake ignored him and pulled out a scroll, throwing it to Sieg's face as Let extends his arm and catches it. Drake raised an eyebrow, "That's rather impressive. The scroll is heavy." Let shrugged, "It's no heavier than a feather to me." Sieg glanced up at him and gave him an odd look as he began to open the scroll. As Sieg began to open the scroll Drake peered back at Xavier and Kirin who bowed their heads and exited the room quietly. Sieg put the scroll down and grinned, "Cute." Drake stared at him, "Do you accept these terms?". Sieg took a deep breath, "This is what I think of your terms." Lightning strikes down and destroys half of the building up to where the office ends. In the midst of the attack Drake activated kamui and grabbed Allania and dragged her with him into it. Sieg stood up as Let offered Sieg his coat as he put it on, "Well, time to go to war~"

A few miles away from the village Kagura was sitting down writing a random story about a great heroine as she looked up and noticed smoke coming from the Cloud village, "Ah, they must of prepared a bonfire for me." She continued to float amongst the clouds. Back in the Cloud village Drake appeared in the town square and threw Allania to the side as she gained her balance and looked at him, "You know you are risking war here, right?" Drake grinned as he activated his Mangekyo sharingan as a navy blue susanoo covered his body, "Is that so? I hadn't noticed." He unsheathed his katana and raised his arm, preparing to attack Allania. Allania jumped back and raised a wall of light, stopping susanoo's blade where it stood. "If you wanted to cut me you should of at least bought a totsuka blade." She smiled as Drake grinned, "Here I thought you were just a pretty face." Xavier leapt down from above as white insects fled his body and began eating the light. Allania stood there and watched, "That's impossible! Those bug's no longer..." Xavier jumped up as Kirin flew in from under him with a rasengan in hand, as Allania cast a new wall of light deflecting the blow but still being pushed back by the sheer force. Sieg jumped down from the top and caught Allania in his arms as Let ran in front of them and began to breathe fire at them, using the wall of light as an amplifier. Kirin retreated behind Drake as Drake diverted his eyes from the bright flames, "Damn! I can't see shit!" Xavier slid directly in front of the fire as black bugs began to absorb Let's jutsu. Sieg flicked his hand out as 40 spears appeared around him. The spears were all 4 meters in length with enough force to pierce even susanoo. The spears launched toward Drake and company. Drake raised his hand to block them but three of the spears pierced his left arm, lower torso and heel. Drake bit his lip and fell to one knee as susanoo vanished. "Fuck...he's tougher than before." Xavier and Kirin stood in front of Drake as the remaining 37 spears made it's way toward them as Kirin took a deep breath as green bugs fled from Xavier's body and into Kirin's mouth. The rest of the bugs covered Xavier's body entirely. Kirin grinned, "Suck on this!" He let out a roar of pure wind chakra toward the spears as the green bugs latched onto them and caused them to all blow up in the same instance. Sieg whistled in amusement. Let looked at Sieg, "You don't see that everyday." Allania nodded to herself, "Using the bugs to amplify an element was very smart."

The smoke began to vanish as Kirin stood on one knee breathing heavily. Sieg laughed, "If you guys waste so much effort to match me when I'm only joking around, how do you manage to match me when I actually put forth the effort?" Kirin stood up wiping the sweat from his forehead, "We are only getting started!" Let and Allania looked around, "Hey...where did bug boy go?" Sieg raised an eyebrow in amusement, "We?" Sieg raised his arm as a spear of 50 meters appeared above his head, directed at Kirin. Sieg shook his head, "Just so we're on the same page I can't fully control this jutsu yet." Kirin stepped back, "S--- anytime now!" Sieg tilted his head, "Wait, what...?" Just as Sieg finished that sentence a meteor began to fall upon the Cloud. Let and Allania look up, "Sieg...was there always a big ass meteor above our heads this entire time?" Sieg looked at them, "Say what now?" Sieg looked up, "I thought that shadow was a figment of my imagination this entire time!" In the distance a voice was heard. "Planetary Devastation!" Sieg immediately raised his hands quickly, "Lightning Release: Raisou Kakuheki!" A dome of lightning surrounds the village as the meteor lands into it, annihilating everything outside the barrier in a 70 meter radius. An unexpected Kagura noticed the blast and quickly flew above the blasting zone. "Oh...I guess it's not better than a bonfire." A clone of Sync appeared before Kagura. Kagura looks up, "Oh, the one who doesn't even show up for his own sisters wedding decides to grace us with his presence now?" The clone remained silent. Kagura stood up, "You wouldn't happen to be the one responsible for this...would you?" The clone activated it's sharingan and used the Tsukiyomi on her. Kagura grinned, "You should know that doesn't work on me, dear brother." Before she could counterattack the clone vanished. Kagura took her hand off her blade, "Well, nice seeing you too, I guess."

Let and Allania looked up and around as Let took a step forward, "How are we still breathing?" Sieg dusted his shoulders, "I would of had the same thought, but I surrounded the barrier with the dust element." Allania smiled, "Crisis adverted?" Sieg shrugged, "I dunno, our guests of honor are gone. Man, I hate kamui." A voice was heard from above, "Your spear is looking hard and erect, as usual." Sieg looked up and smiled as a purple kamui appeared, as Tenshou, Yoshi and Reyna stepped out of it. Sieg crossed his arms, "Well...I'll be damned, and it isn't even my birthday. My only question is...how could you manage that with a straight face?" Sync stepped out of the kamui as it vanished. Let and Allania gasped, "S-Sync? What the hell is going on?" Sieg stepped forward, activating his lightning armor technique, "I could ask the same thing." Sync looked at Let, then Allania, then Sieg. "...The only thing you must know is this." With a snap of his fingers Sieg's spear turned around and was now directed at him. Sync's eyes widened in exhilaration, "I now declare the 5th Great Ninja War!" Let grits his teeth, "What the hell is this, Sync?!" Allania runs forward, "Sync-sama! I don't understand!" Sync tightens his fists as he becomes cloaked in a clear veil of Amaterasu, "You are not meant to understand what your feeble mind cannot comprehend." Sieg steps forward as lightning surges around him, "It looks like this is something only fists can settle, eh bestie?" Sync crossed his arms and scoffed, "I'm not going to even dignify that with a response." Yoshi, Reyna, Tenshou and Priya stepped back as Sync tilted his head at them, "I entrust the rest to you." The group nodded as Sync turned around to face the Etherion seal. Sieg, Allania and Let watched him, "Is he going to do what I think he is?" Sync walked toward the seal as the protective barrier around it vanished. Sync stepped into the middle of it and formed a series of hand seals, placing his right hand onto the seal. Sieg, Let and Allania took a step forward as Reyna, Tenshou and Priya got in front of them. Sync closed his eyes, "The time is now...RELEASE! Neo Bijuu!"

Within seconds the entire sky became dark, the sun vanished along with the clouds. There were no traces of light. The lightning around Sieg vanished. Within seconds the light returned along with the sun and clouds. Kagura looked up as the light returned, "A party? Without me? Unforgivable." The lightning around Sieg returned, "What the he...." Before he could finish his sentence two loud roars were heard from ahead of them. Sync looked ahead at Sieg, Allania and Let as Killer B joined them. Sync began to float as the 2 & 8 tailed Bijuu stood behind him. Killer B took a step forward, "Hachi!" Sieg cracked his neck, "Not making this easy on us, eh buddy?" Sync looked down upon them, "As we speak the Neo Bijuu have been released on all of the villages. The Bijuu have been sleeping within Etherion this entire time. Each Bijuu is attacking the respective village it's former Jinchuuriki host resided in." The 2 tailed beast growled as it's tail began to swirl. Let looked up as Allania shook her head, "This is madness! Why, Sync?! What do you profit from this?!" Sync remained silent as his body began to warp into kamui, "In the Cloud spawned the 2 & 8 tailed. In the Leaf spawned Yin Kyuubi as well as Yang Kyuubi. In the Sand spawned the 1 and 7 tailed. In the Mist spawned the 3 and 4 tailed. And in Kagura's village spawned the 5 and 6 tailed beasts." Sieg, Let, Allania, and B looked at one another, "This isn't good...it's an all out war. The villages will be destroyed in hours if we don't do something." Sieg cracked his knuckles, "The only thing we can do is fight, no matter how difficult the challenge!" Sync vanished but not before wishing his friends good luck. Miles away Sync appeared in a forest ahead of the Izuna's rendezvous point. Sync opened his eyes and peered into the horizon, "This ends today, Uchiha brothers." His eyes widened as his dou began to merge with his cornea.

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The two lords of the outlaws flux into a cavern that looks like it has been crafted into a massive home and from the pillars carved from the stone. Chains are visiblely protruding cascading across the hall to two wrapped up figures with eye's like demons whom tilt their head in sarcastic wonder as they calmly say in unison "What horrid event could cause you to pay us a visit?" Both lords walk up to the two and the lord with the constantly spinning eyes says "You Ungas always misread the situation I have come here to offer you an oppurtunity" at these words the two stare intently at the both of them and before curiosity forces them to retort "What kind of Opportunity ?" The dark eyed one replies "Bijuu Chakara, as much as you can drink".
The two of them laugh and say " What's the catch ?" His eyes almost glint as he says "You have to help the ninja nations defeat them, and there will be no casualties. You will then return here and remain here till I have need of you next". The two shift and bit before retorting "If one gets in our way ?" he responds "You keep them alive and unharmed by you" the two laugh and say "Always so strict with us we swear your no fun, but the Bijuu are so you have a deal but we are going to need more chakara to get there". At this the lord turns around as the ungas's eyes become splitting images of the lords eyes minus the color as he opens his left hand. A Kamui portal appears releasing one of Kyo's chakara tanks, the brothers devour it and grow slightly in size as the second outlaw undoes the chains. The wo brothers bow to the lords and teleport out of the cavern.
"Are you sure we can trust them ?" the second lord asks, the first merely replies ' Yes I outlined everything for them Turtle". Turtle knods and turns towards the entrance and says 'Then shall we get going Kokoro" Kokoro Uchiha nods and the two start walking out as a voice echos in his mind (You would use those lesser beings in your stead?) His shadow responds (Are you so blind to his strategy little cub) the second voice gets angry and retorts (We are Uchiha Kikoro and that means we are above such petty tactics) the voice of Kikoro responds (Cleary you do not have any idea of our family history) before Kyo's voice can respond Turtle says "Would the two of you cut the chatter I need you all at your peak" Kokoro then widens his eyes as a mental Jutsu is unleashed to end the argument he then turns to Turtle and says "Thanks for distracting them, now do your thing so we can keep the element of suprise" The two start sprinting forward Turtle uses a fusion of handsigns and ki symbols to hide their chakara signatures with the power of the tree's as they close the distance to the caravan of Izuna Uchiha.

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A wooded area is a beautiful place, it’s peaceful serene with a combination to colors and sounds where one can relax and be one with nature. Thought if you take at same wooded area at night it can be quite different, it can either be spooky having sound that are just like during the day but with the lack of light the sounds are more unknown and creepy. Then there are the times at night where the night is vary festive and active, on such nights fireflies light up the woods with their glowing dance, nullifying the spook and chill of an dark wooded night. These nights have been happing often since a quad has arrived in these woods…..

Two thrones made of trees sit in a wooded area fireflies surrounding the it, in the thrones sit two guys in casual attire. There are also two girls one kneeling next to one of the guys and the other sitting cross legged and appears to be in some sort the trance. She speaks, “ Ringtail sends concern about a caravan going through Retingo the area doesn’t have much traffic and this caravan has many guards, and these guards are good for bandits have attacked it twice with no avail. He feels it necessary to mention they didn’t hold back.” “We’ve been trading intel for like four years and Ringtail still feels he needs to give reason for his concerns, what do you think of that Koro” “Well Turtle, he is afraid of us and it saves us from pesky Q&A in certain situations, Nonki tell him to keep eyes on it cause if he loses it there will be trouble” Nonki sends the response. “Nice one Koro, make Ringtail sweat a bit” Turtle says, “Urrissa has an update with the Samurai, apparently they are close to finding a way to combat the ninja. Word is that development my be starting. She has also found others loyal to your family who don’t follow your Uncle’s ideals,” Nonki explains, “Good and bad news gotta love it,” Turtle exclaims. “Should have known, just like Samurai, hiding in wait till the perfect time to strike, the slimy snakes” the other girl retorts “I see now Cocaum, you being the Snake Sage should I take that as a complement?” Cocaum glares at Turtle, just then Turtle and Koro turn to a new presence, then they relax. “Speaking of snakes Hanzo what news do you bring” Cocaum jumps to her feet with a start ready to attack as Hanzo appears, “No need getting up on my account, the little one is going to destroy his statues of Athearion in order to draw the enemy out” “We will send our best to help” Koro responds, “You don’t wish to help?” Hanzo asks, “We have more pressing matters to attend to” Hanzo vanishes “Nonki, Send word to everyone to defend the villages and the two of you do the same, me and Turtle have our own business to attend to,” In a blink of an eye every ones gone and the thrones are no more, only trees stand in their wake.

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Kumogakure, the Hidden Village of the Land of Lightning. It was a quiet and peaceful day where the skies were clear, ironically, without a cloud in sight. Within the Village Administration Building, on the 5th floor, the Kage office.

Let Hawk, the most trusted vassal and right hand of the current Raikage, Sieghart Fernandez. He was sitting at the table placed to be his work station, and looked up from his work to his best friend, brother, and lord. "Can we still be called the Village Hidden in the Clouds when the day is like this?"

"It doesn't happen that often, but if you'd like, I guess we could change the name?" Sieghart looked to his friend with a sly smile, the scar reaching up through his top past his lip curling.

"Uncle A would probably kill you~" Let replied.

Sieg shrugged, stretching his arms out as he yawned. "Nah, he couldn't if he tried."

Only 3 months after the battle 3 years past, in which they'd lost a friend, Sieg had officially challenged Former Raikage A for his position. This action caused a huge stir, the likes of which hadn't be seen in the Land of Lightning since the time where the 3rd Raikage had gone head to head with the 4th Hokage of Konohagakure. Even the Feudal Lord of the land had personally traveled to the Valley of Clouds and Lightning, the most sacred ground in the Land of Lightning, along with the top ranking ninja of the Cloud. It had been the first time anyone actually had the balls to openly challenge the Raikage since the time of the 3rd, and all the citizens eagerly awaited to hear the results, along with even other ninja from other nations. It had produced a mass of confusion as there had been no news of the outcome, even after 24 hours. It was only 240 hours later, 10 days, when the people finally received news. The Feudal Lord personally made the announcement, with both participating parties present. Everyone was shocked to their core, seeing their much respected Raikage, and their beloved star. The Raikage was in a state which forced him to remain in a wheelchair, his body tattered as if he'd singlehandedly participated in a war. Sieghart however, now had a body riddled with scars. The most noticeable was the one that stretched up from his torso, through his lips. Sieg was declared to be the 5th Raikage, and everyone heard about what happened. The battle had raged on for a full 8 days, and the Valley of Clouds and Lightning... a place which was considered holy, had been devastated, half of the entire mountain range leveled. The news spread through all lands like wildfire, all of the Land of Lightning rejoicing in a festival that last as long as it took for the to hear of the outcome. Since then, Sieg had led the Land of Lightning to the heights of prosperity, alongside the Land of Earth.

"Uncle A and B have been happy to be under your leadership it would seem." Let noted. "Have you seen your wife lately?"

Just a year ago, Sieg and Kagura, the Tsuchikage, had been wed. All of their friends and family had been there aside from Kagura's brother Sync. Kokoro and Turtle had popped in after the ceremony to give their wishes. The wedding was extremely big, as people of all nations had attended to celebrate the first time two Kage's had ever been married.

Sieg scratched his head. "She's coming here tonight... It's kind of hard to find time to be together though. Maybe we should just... you know... merge our lands?"

Let smiled a bit. "I don't see that working too well, but it could be possible with you two~"

"How about you and Magenta?" Sieg asked.

Let blushed slightly, coughing a bit. "Fine, I suppose. We spend time together whenever we can, so.... What about you and my sister?"

Sieg blinked, a bit caught off guard. "Er... well... same as always I guess?"

A few months before the wedding, Kagura and Allania had some sort of incredible moment together, in which Kagura came to love Allania like a sister, the same as Lorelei. As a result, Allania, who was Sieg's secretary, was allowed to share the Raikage with his wife. Of course, only their closest friends knew this, though others in Kumogakure naturally suspected the relationship between Sieg and his childhood friend.

"I see." Let stroked his chin. "It might be a good idea to... announce your situation."

"Eh?" Sieg showed a genuine expression of surprise. "Weren't you the one who decided we should hide that for now? I mean... I'm already married, and I'm also with Nia... I know Kagura's the one who insisted on it in the first place, but Lorelei said some scary things. Though apparently even she gets along with Nia now..."

Let shook his head. "My sister only continues to grow more popular. All of the men around are trying to court her, you know. One in particular is trying his hardest... a ninja by the name of Nedelphinus."

"Ne.... what?" Sieg smirked, holding back laughter. "What kind of ridiculous name is that~?"

"I also find it funny..." Let chuckled lightly. "A-anyway, I heard he was going to ask you and I for advice."

Sieg was about to respond, as someone knocked on the door. "Ah. Come in."

Let gasped as the man in question entered the room. "N-nedelphinus..."

"Raikage-sama! I've come to ask for your assistance in making Allania-chan mine!" Nedelphinus yelled.

Sieg twitched. "Is that... right.... Ned?"

"Yeah!" Nedelphinus replied. "I want to know every inch of her body! Oh and it's Nedelphinus..."

"I'll call you Ned, thanks." Sieg replied without a care for how rude it sounded.

Let walked over, putting his hand on Sieg's shoulder to calm him. "Just be nice. Courteous."

Sieg grew quiet for a few minutes before nodding, listening to everything Ned had to say. Apparently, he'd fallen madly in love with Allania, from the moment she healed his wounds over a year prior. "And you've.... been stalking her ever since."

"Yeah I- No, not stalking!" Ned shook his head. "I just... watch over her to make sure nobody brings harm to her!"

"Well she can handle herself." Sieg said blankly. "She doesn't need someone like you following behind her every step."

Ned smirked. "I also peep at her in the bathroom~" He gasped as Sieg and Let both smacked the table, which nearly gave out, despite being highly reinforced. "I thought you were gonna be nice!?"

"You peeped on my sister...?" Let stepped toward Ned, until there was another knock. "?"

"Sieg~ Let~ I'm back~" Allania announced.

Sieg gasped, looking around.

Ned smiled. "Perfect! Get us together now officially!"

"Ned... you gotta hop out the window." Sieg said sternly.

"B-but there's a cliff outside!" "Yes, move like a ninja." "I'm not doing that!" "Get in the bathroom on the double!" "The party's in pants and Allania's in trouble!"

Allania entered the room, just as she saw something fly out the window, kicked by Let. "Brother? What did you just kick?"

"There was a rabid raccoon..." Sieg answered, nodding to Let as they both coughed in unison.

Allania smiled. "Well, ok~ Kagura-chan sent word that she'll be arriving earlier this evening~"

Sieg scratched his head. "R-right~"


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Three years had passed since the great assault on the Village Hidden in the Leaf. That same day the village was attacked Konoha lost Kyoshiro Uchiha in the fray. Kyo was a respected ANBU assailant and a beloved brother. The eldest brother Koro shortly vanished after the battle and loss of his brother. No one has seen or heard from him since. Sync, Kyo's twin on the other hand took his brothers death harder than his parents Itachi and Anko. Ever since that day no one has seen much of Sync. If anyone were fortunate to even catch a glimpse of him they would try and ask him how he was. Sync wouldn't acknowledge them and continued to move along, as if everyone in the world was dead to him. Sync would retreat to his laboratory and people would assume he was drowning himself in work to overcome his grief. They would be severely mistaken. Days and months passed and people began to see less and less of Sync. Until one day he vanished...


Eight ninja jumped out from the ground surrounding a female ninja as they twirled chains seared in flames around their bodies. There headbands showed that they were from the Village Hidden in the Sound. The girl smiled as she shrugged, "Eight rugged burly men just to handle an innocent woman like me? Not that isn't a fair fight now, is it?" One of the ninja grit his teeth, "Like hell! You took out three of my elites like it was a cake walk! No way you can take down eight of us." The girl smiled, "I don't know about that. You renegade types tend to be overestimated but can never step up to the plate when it really counts", she finished with a light wink. The sound ninja growled as the fire searing around his chain now combusted along the chain. "You bitch! We will show you how sound ninja get down and dirty!" The girl chuckled to herself, "You have the wrong idea sir. Had I wanted to take your lives I would of done so already. I once slayed 1000 men single handed. To me you are nothing but mere dribble." The eight sound ninjas began to move in, "You'll regret that you leaf cunt!" The girl smiled, "Oh I -highly- doubt that. Yoshi! Gatsuga!" Above their heads appeared a black hole as two leaf ninjas jumped out of it. Yoshi clasped his hands together as tendrils lashed out from his body and found their way up and around the sound ninjas bodies. Gatsuga grinned, "All is going according to plan!" A cat popped her head from Gatsuga's bag. "Priya!" The cat transformed into a beast of great size. Almost like a lion as Priya and Gatsuga spun around at rapid speeds around their opponents creating a tempest. "Here we go! Inazuka Special: Tempest Clash!" Priya and Gatsuga leapt back as the tempest began to pick up speed. Soon after the tempest destroyed the entire area within a 22 mile radius. "Oi! Reyna! Are you alright?" Reyna coughed, "Damn Priya and Gats...did you guys have to level the entire area?" Reyna yelled, "That's what you are worried about? Is anyone wondering how we got out of that unscathed?!" The smoke cleared up and everyone was surrounded by a lavender colored susanoo. A gaping crater was left in the wake of the technique. "Well...that went well. You guys overdid it..." A kamui appeared as a man in a black trench coat came out of it. Yoshi shrugged, "Pri and Gats had no choice to kick it up a notch. There were 3000 elite units waiting in ambush for us." The man in the trench coat ran a hand through his hair. "I suppose annihilating them takes priority over our mission being jeopardized." Pri transformed back into her kitten form and leapt off Gats and rubbed against the trench coat man. Reyna shook her head, "Anyway, thanks for saving our ass with susanoo." The trench coat man snapped his fingers as susanoo dispersed. "I'm not completely without sympathy...you know?" Reyna, Gats, Pri and Yoshi all grinned. "We know that too well!" The trench coat man looked towards the sky. "Come my fellow comrades. Let us go meet the others. All should be prepared by now. Surely this diversion was more than adequate for -his- tastes. Yoshi walked up beside the trench coat man. "How long will you wear the trench coat Lord..." The trench coat man rose his hand. "No one must know my identity or our entire mission will be compromised. This mission is of vital importance. One that will determine the fate of our nation." Yoshi looked at him worry. "Surely you..." The trench coat man laughed. "Your compassion honors me, Yoshi but I would rather stain my hands in blood rather than let my status carry me through this. For I am not the same man I used to be. Three years of this can really fuck a person up, you know?" Yoshi remained silent as the others gathered around the trench coat man. "Three years...it's almost over." Black flames engulfed the team and soon after the team vanished.

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The battled had just ended and Sync Uchiha cradled Kyo in his arms as he tried every healing Jutsu he knew in a futile effort to save his dead brother. Kokoro was crouched beside sync and saw the tears forming in his little brothers eye's showing his diminishing spirit and so he rose to his feet turning his back to sync as he said "get a grip of yourself little brother you are the commander here and as such you have a duty to preform....your personal feelings will have to wait!" Sync raised his head tears streaming down his face as he stared at his brothers shoulder, and as the words pierced his heart Kasumi screamed "You Heartless Monster do you have no feelings?!" even Tonks said "You bastard" but before Sieg could respond Turtle said "Kyo is dead and though this is a horrible thing wasting time on him could mean that other families suffer a similar experience when master Sync could make a difference." Kasumi's contorted in anger as Sync replied "As always your are right Onee chan and Turtle-sama I faltered thank you for helping me regain my composure". And before another word was uttered Sync gave all the others orders to gather the wounded and other survivors, he then turned to talk to Kokoro but say he was missing. "Onee-chan?"

As Naruto got up to leave his office he felt a presence enter from the window Naruto merely said "Kokoro to what do I owe this visit?". For a moment he was silent but then Kokoro responded "I'm tired of running it's time I accepted my true path", at this Naruto spun around with a look of astonishment as he said "What brought this on?". And Kokoro responded "It doesn't matter all that matters is that I stop running from what I am" , "And what of your responsibilities ?"Naruto chided. "They are Sync's now he is the future of the shinobi...and I never was *Kokoro places his anbu mask on the kage's desk and looks Naruto in the eye*". Naruto merely shrugs and says "Seems alot to put on his shoulders but I doubt you will change your mind so will you tell me what happened?", Kokoro replied "I failed.... I was delayed and because of it many had to suffer and so I Kokoro Uchiha relinquish my position , rank, and home. I willingly soil my name and shall brandish the shame I shall bring as a walker of shadow *at this he destroys his mask with a single punch and continues*for the darkness in me shall be the tool of destruction......Reborn I shall be in the realm of shadows!" Naruto looks and with a deadly serious face he replies "May your will be as strong as your resolve" Kokoro turns to leave and shout over his shoulder "Seal every one of my files from birth to support missions, tell no one of my choice be they family or official....only the Kage may know of me or anything I do" Naruto blinked and said"It is done are you sure you don't want Sync to know ?". Kokoro replied "He must never know" and with that he left....

As Sync cast the last healing Jutsu on the last soldier the village cheered, kasumi dabbed the sweat from Sync's face as Naruto walked up with a strange aura of depression as he whispered "I see so Kyo has fallen". Sync stood up and walked towards naruto when he noticed that Turtle was gone,which sent a cold feeling coursing through him. Kasumi noticed and asked "What's wrong?" and all Sync could say was "Onee-chan is gone!"

Several dimensions away Turtle sits in-front of Kokoro as he responds "You want me to train you? haven't I already done that?". Kokoro shakes his head and responds "No what we have done before is nothing compared to what we will do now.....I want you to push me beyond my limits and break me down so that I may achieve true strength". Turtle scratched his head and said "and this will prepare you for the realm of shadow how? I mean this will be strictly physical from how you make it sound". Kokoro sighed and responded "Nothing a sage does is exactly how it seems ....you taught me that". Turtle smiles and says" I guess I did so how long before you face this trial ?", "in Sync's realm's time 3 hours" responds Kokoro "And in this realm"responds Turtle "Two and a half years of ageless torment!" says Kokoro. With a laugh Turtle says 'Well lets get started!"

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On their way to eradicate the enemies planning to invade Konoha from the ground, Sieg, Kagura and Lynda were conversing at the expense of the eyesore known as Harde.

"-and then he tried to act like we were friends or something. Does having that thing active 24/7 cut off the circulation of blood to his head?" Sieg said, looking to Lynda.

"Hmph. I've thought the same thing myself. As for his.... Opinion of you. As it turns out, he's been a fan of yours for a few years. He's infatuated with you and wants to be just like you." Lynda responded calmly, causing Sieg to stop, gagging as he covered his mouth.

Kagura smirked at Sieg. "I see~ Harde is INFATUATED with you~"

"S-shut up Kagura..." Sieg coughed, kneeling over a bit, on the verge of hurling. "That's disgusting!"

Lynda smiled. "In fact, if you go to his room... You'll find that he has a huge poster of you covering his ceiling."

"H-his ceiling?!" Sieg asked in surprise, his left eye twitching.

"It's so you're the first and last thing he sees every day." Lynda replied.

Kagura held Sieg's hand as he went pale. "It'll be ok... I'll make sure to erase all those thoughts from your mind tonight~"

Lynda looked to both of them in amusement. "By the way, you two have really been engaged since you were 6?"

Kagura smiled, twirling her hair around her finger with a proud smile. "Yes. It's been over 11 years since Sieg proposed to me~"

"Horny much?" Lynda mused as Sieg sighed and Kagura laughed. "Well jokes aside, I'd say you're one of the luckiest girls in the world~ I wouldn't mind having a husband like Kumogakure's Black Comet either~"

"Really..." Sieg said softly, walking a bit faster to move on ahead of them.

Lynda shrugged. "As it happens, I've often found myself wishing for the chance to fight alongside the two of you. Sync calls you two the 'Demon Couple'. He also mentioned that the prodigy Tsuchikage is a scary broad~"

"Sounds like Sync, that's for sure." Sieg said as he closed his left eye, scanning their surroundings. "Alright, we're within range. Sync said there's 600 of them right? So... 200 each?"

Kagura nodded in agreement. "That sounds just fine. Let's strike fast and hard."

"Heh! They won't know what hit them~ Shall we compete to see who can finish first?" Lynda suggested.

Sieg shrugged. "I usually don't do things like that, but I suppose there's no harm every once in a while."

The three broke into a sprint, covering the remaining ground in short moments to engage the samurai, delivering a surprise attack to kill a few of them as a warning signal.

"Oh shit! It's the Tsuchikage!" The samurai yelled in slight panic.

"Is it always like this?" Lynda asked, looking to Sieg.

Sieg shrugged. "Just about always, yeah~"

Kagura stepped forward, scanning the group. "All of you are going to die. Please prepare yourselves." Kagura lifted her sheathed blade, deflecting an attack that split off behind her.

Lynda and Sieg both stepped aside casually as the trees close behind them fell.

"Halt heathens! I care not who you are. For I, Erza Scarlet, shall vanquish you!" A red haired woman stepped forward, dressed in a samurai's robes and bearing two swords.

Kagura tilted her head as the other samurai cheered. "Hm." She glanced back at Sieg and Lynda. "Change of plans. She seems to be the strongest, so I'll handle her while the two of you clean up the rest."

"As you wish, Kagura~" Sieg agreed as the Lightning Armor activated.

Lynda nodded, stomping the ground which rumbled as chakra covered her body. "Not a problem!"

Erza gasped as Sieg vanished in a flash of lightning, and Lynda kicked off the ground which cracked beneath her. Behind Erza, a group of the samurai were sent flying through the air.

"Well then." Kagura raised her sheathed blade as Sieg and Lynda began their extermination. "Shall we get to it?"

"Tsuchikage or not, I will cut you down like any other!" Erza remarked before charging, brandishing both of her swords to attack with dual downward swings.

Kagura swung her sheathe up to meet Erza's blades, pushing against them for a moment before overpowering and sending her off her feet through the air. Erza was surprised to be overpowered so easily, but collected herself and landed with a backflip, to find Kagura had already closed to distance. Swinging her sheathed blade, Kagura struck Erza who was unable to defend in time before being flung across the ground. "Have I overestimated you?"

Erza pushed off the ground, landing on her feet as the shape of her swords changed. She sprint forward, swinging both swords to release a storm of wind that knocked Kagura into the air where the wind formed to blades which tore at Kagura.

"Hmph." Kagura snapped her fingers as a sphere of the Dust Release formed around her instantly, completely staving off the attack as Kagura dropped down, stabbing her sword into Erza's back, slamming her into the ground which blew apart on impact.

Sieg looked over to Kagura after releasing a storm of lightning spears. "I sort of feel bad for that girl. I think it would take the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist to give her any real trouble~"

"Your fiance truly is an inspiration to everyone around her." Lynda admitted as a fist of chakra sent a group of samurai flying through some trees.

"Not yet..." Erza said softly, pushing herself to her feet.

Kagura smiled slightly. "I do hope you weren't giving it your all."

Some time later, Sieg and Lynda had wiped out the underground unit.

"Goodbye." Kagura, who had spent the time playing with the one known as Erza, drew her blade and cut her down in a clean motion. She sheathed her blade before turning to Sieg and Lynda. "Well that's that. Shall we?"

Lynda clapped a few times, in awe of Kagura. "It's no wonder you're the youngest Kage in history."

"Yeah, that's Kagura for you." Sieg agreed, smiling at Kagura until she winced, placing her hand over her eyes. "Kagura!" Sieg hurried over to support her when she staggered forward. "Are you ok?!"

Kagura took a deep breath, nodding. "A shard of her blade got in my eye. I'm fine now."

Sieg rubbed Kagura's cheek gently before smiling. "Don't push yourself ok? I'll carry you back~"

"Sieg..." Kagura looked to him before smiling. "Thank you."

Back in Konoha, at the place Itachi's unit was told to wait at.

Ryoko blinked as Itachi and Allania spoke excitedly. Or, at least, Allania was speaking excitedly. "I feel so left out..." Ryoko muttered.

"Hm? Did you say something, Ryoko?" Allania asked as she glanced at Ryoko who shook her head quickly.

"Sieg told me you were capable to both the storm Release and the Magma Release? I look forward to seeing your aptitude Allania." Itachi said with a smile as Allania blushed a bit nervously.

Kiekeo was standing a bit away from Let and Magenta who had seemingly had a case of love at first sight. "I thought Magenta wasn't into guys..."

"I see! So you're one of the many daughters of Neji Hyuuga!" Let said.

"Yep! He's a horny bastard~" Magenta replied, touching Let's arm. "Your arms are so big and strong~ I heard about you from Sieg, but I never thought you'd be so... handsome."

Let was surprised at how forward Magenta was. "Ah, well... You are.... very.... beautiful. My Mother has been continually coercing me into finding a woman to settle down with, but I had had no real interest in doing so."

"Wow! Same here! I didn't care about guys until just now! So how much can you put back?" Magenta asked enthusiastically.

"Put back?" Let asked. "Do you mean alcohol?" Magenta nodded. "I don't drink anymore. There was an incident a few years ago when Sieg and I had gotten drunk.... The both of us had agreed to never touch the stuff again for safe measure."

Magenta tilted her head. "What do you mean? What happened?"

Let thought for a moment before responding. "In the land of Lightning, we have a sacred and secret location known as the Valley of Clouds and Lightning. There's a mountain that was once considered to be a holy sign...."

"Ok...?" Magenta said, waiting for him to finish.

"Let's just say that the mountain is now a deep hole." Let said with a sigh.

Magenta clapped in surprise. "You two destroyed a mountain when you got drunk!? That's hardcore!"

"Well, that's only the beginning..." Let muttered as he scratched his head.


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Itachi moved toward his beloved Anko and placed a hand to her shoulder, stroking it tenderly as Allania let out a squeal. The squeal was ignored due to the unsettling tension in the living room. Finally, Anko placed her hand to Itachi’s and tilted her head to give him a nervous smile as she arose. Itachi looked around at the new and old faces, “It’s good to see you again, Sieg and Kagura.” Sieg nodded, “I wish it were under better circumstances…” Kagura shrugged to Sieg’s comment, “It’s great to see you again as well, Itachi-sama.” She bowed slightly. Lorelei smiled and patted Iatchi’s shoulders. “Likewise, godfather.” Itachi nodded gently, “Are any of you aware why exactly Naruto-sama summoned you?” Everyone looked at one another as Kyo cleared his voice, “Another mission I take it?” Sync shook his head. “…Mother…father, do not change the subject.” He clenched the Totsuka blade and gave them a glare. “How could you not tell us? I mean…that is the truth, am I right?” Kyo tilted his head at Sync. “What are you on about, brother?”

Itachi met Sync’s glare as Anko grit her teeth and turned the other way. Itachi opened his mouth as Sync interrupted him. “The truth of it…” Sync shut his eyes and placed the blade in his lap. “Nii-san was not the oldest. Nee-chan was. Mother and father had a girl before they had Nii-san. The girl was a stillbirth…she died within the womb. Nii-san and nee-chan were twins as well. Nii-san was alive.” Itachi closed his eyes as Sync opened his, a single tear falling from his left eye. “I am correct, aren’t I mother…father?” Itachi opened his eyes and smiled softly. “Your power of perception is truly amazing, my beloved son…you are very correct.” Anko fell to Sync’s lap as tears fell to the blade. “Syncklarye…I am so sorry we didn’t tell you…I-I…” Sync blinked as his face began to redden. “H-Hey! Don’t use my full name!” Sieg, Kagura, Allania, Kasumi, Ryoko, Lorelei, Let and Harde began to laugh. “That’s your full name?! Harde wiped a tear from his eye as Sync looked down toward his crotch. “Ah…the Hydra has been slain.” The group threw their heads back and began to laugh as Harde frowned and placed his arms around Lorelei. “The power of my love!” < 3 Lorelei closed her eyes and balled her fists as a vein appeared on her temple. “Get your tentacles off me!” She flicked him in the nose as he flew through the back door and through 16 houses within a two mile radius. The group slowly inched their heads to the back door as they looked at Lorelei. Sync shrugged. “Now you see why she is no –hit- with the men. Haha!” Lorelei grinned, “Funny is that Klarye?” The group laughed as Crispy jumped from Allania’s shoulder and onto Sync’s lap giving Lorelei the rabbit foot.

Anko and Itachi looked at another and laughed as they hugged Sync. Sync looked up at them. “I know what you are going to say.” Sync scoffed and waved them away. “I don’t need you to apologize. You have no reason to. You were doing what was best for Kyo and I. You sought to protect us and any good parents would do the same. He blushed once more as Itachi and Anko smiled, “You hear that baby? We are good parents!” Sync sighed. “Times such as these are why I don’t say nice things.” Kyo smiled and held his arms out. “Family hug!” Itachi and Sync looked at one another and coughed, “Queer.” Anko glanced toward her imaginary watch. “Who would like some tea and rice balls?” Sync raised his hand. “Oh! Oh!” Anko rushed to the kitchen as Kyo stood there with his arms open. Ryoko laughed and pat his head “It’s okay love.” Kyo hung his head, “I don’t get it!” Harde crawled through the back door and tugged on Kyo’s pants. “I’ll hug you!” Crispy jumped off of Sync and shot a great fireball jutsu at Harde, sending him back out the household. As Anko was preparing the snacks Sync stood to his feet and stretched out. “Now that is taken care of.” He looked at the group as Sumi stroked the back of his head, “Are you feeling better?” Sync shrugged her off, “I’m fine Kasumi no need to worry about me.” He smiled at her as she took a seat on the couch. Sieg, Kagura and the others all sat down as Itachi leaned against a wall behind Sync. “What was the reason we were summoned?” Kagura bluntly asked. Sync took the Tetsuka blade into his left hand. “Konoha is on the verge of an attack from a mercenary attack. The group all exchanged glances as Sieg stood up ready to retort as Naruto walked through the back door and look at the dented areas. “This wasn’t made by no mere mortal.” He chuckled as he looked at Lorelei.

Sync bowed as the group rose to their feet and bowed to the Hokage. Naruto held his hand up, “Formalities aside…Sync is correct. In a few hours we will be under a massive attack from the Samurai nation. The Seven swordsmen are said to be amongst their ranks.” Sync grits his teeth. “Our own blood will turn against us?” Naruto calmly leaned against the wall near Itachi, “They are mercenaries after all. I expected as such. Raikage A has given me Sieg and Kagura to help bolster our numbers. I had Itachi and Cocuam return from their mission as well as Reyna and Kirin.” Sync grinned, “The whole group is coming back just for a chance to fuck someone’s day, eh?” Naruto smiled, “That’s not all.” Sync raised an eyebrow, “Oh?” Naruto ran a finger through his hair. “Shikimaru, Kiekeo, Drake, Lynda and Magenta are all returning for the fray.” Sync waved his hand above his head. “This battle was over before it even began. We won this already.” He grinned as Naruto walked toward Sync. “Then there is you Sync. I need you to put a strategy together now that you know who is attending this piñata party.” Itachi raised an eyebrow at Naruto’s metaphor as Sync gave a large grin. “My dearest Hokage…why I’ve had a strategy that would of won us this battle without the assistance of our shinobi.” Naruto smiled, “That’s what I wanted to hear. What’s the verdict?” Sync brushed the bangs from his face. “We are all to meet in the Hokage’s office in an hour. Dismissed.”

The group disbanded as they mentally and psychically prepared themselves for the battle to come. Kyo plastered the wall that Harde busted with a grim look on his face as Anko was packaging snacks for the units. Itachi sat in the backyard on a lawn chair and sipped sake as he watched Kyo bust his ass smiling blissfully. Ryoko and Let were at the ramen stand with Naruto taking advantage of his generosity as he treated them to free bowls of ramen. Allania sat next to Itachi sipping some peach cider as she chatted him up. Itachi seemed rather fond of her and how much of a die hard fan she was, literally. Harde was no where to be found. Lorelei and Kagura were up in Lorelei’s room messing with one another’s hair and downing dozens of boxes of dumplings. Kasumi was in Sync’s room laying on his bed, lost in thought. Sync was by the graveyard paying his respects to a sister he never had the chance of meeting.

Sync got up off his knees and placed two yellow lilies at her grave as he made his way to the pond near the forest. He gazed upon the ripples and removed the contacts he had quickly placed in when he found his Sharingan had activated without him knowing so. He didn’t want anyone to know he had unlocked or had the potential to use the eyes of the demon king. As he looked into the pond he began to stroke his eyes as the Sharingan began to shimmer. Why wouldn’t the Sharingan deactivate he asked himself. No matter what he did he couldn’t get it to shut down. He would soon wear the contacts for life rather than let anyone know he had the eyes of the demon king. He would soon rather die than conjure its power. As Sync placed the contacts back in Sieg walked up from behind and took a seat next to him. “It’s not like you to be so quiet. What cha up to?” Sync sat up and looked at him, “Nothing, just thinking.” Sieg lay back on the grass and looked up at the bright blue sky. “Hard to believe in a few hours we will be overrun with chaos.” Sync looked up at the sky and laughed. “I almost feel sorry for them. They stand nary a chance against our superior military prowess.” Sieg nodded, “I agree. But…speaking of hard where is the hydra at?” Sync shrugged. “I haven’t seen him since Crispy pulled a Lorelei.” Sieg looked back toward the sky and flipped to his feet as Sync shot him a inquisitive look. “What do you know, Sieg?”

Sieg turned his back to Sync and shrugged. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Sync laughed, “That’s my line you flaming blighter.” Sieg began to walk off, “I’ll see you in the conference room.” Sync waved him off. He knew Sieg for far too long and far too well to know when he is hiding something. It didn’t bother him though. Sync got up and dusted off his clothes as he looked toward the village and grinned. “Our family has arrived.” He quickly made his toward the village. In Lorelei’s room Kagura was getting her hair straightened. Kagura looked at Lorelei’s wall and noticed a poem. “Is that from Drake, sis?” Lorelei chuckled and tugged on Kagura’s hair. “Yes it is.” Kagura blushed and smiled, “How is he?” Lorelei smiled brightly. “Over. We ended it years ago.” Kagura spun around quickly. “What happened?!” Lorelei ran a hand over her bedspread and looked at her. “Its…” Sieg knocked at the door and walked in. “Sorry to interrupt, ladies but our guests have arrived.” Kagura nodded as Lorelei jumped to her feet, “Well duty calls!” Lorelei smiled and gingerly followed Sieg downstairs as Kagura frowned. “I’ll get the truth out of you yet sister.” She grinned and followed after them.

Drake and Magenta stood at the south gate as Sync ran up toward them, waving. Magenta began to jump up and down as she began to wave back! “Oi! Sync! Ya bastard!” She ran up to Sync and punched him in the arm twice before ruffling his hair. “It’s great to see ya again. Where does the time go?!” Sync rubbed his arm and laughed as his eye began to twitch. “Magenta you crazy crazy bitch! The years haven’t been kind to you!” Magenta’s lip twitched as she smiled at him gingerly. “Watch it, you twerp.” She smiled as sweet as can be and made her way to the office as Drake drew his blade and cut at Sync. Sync threw one foot back to distance himself from Drake as wind began to envelop his arm, meeting Drake’s blow as Drake nodded and threw a kick to Sync. Sync met his knee with his other arm and kicked his free foot out from under him. Just as he hit the ground, Drake appeared behind him with his blade to his throat.

“Hmph. Not half bad, brat.” He laughed as he sheathes his blade. Sync pats his back, “Well met Drake. Your skill hasn’t dwindled.” Drake placed his hands behind his head and chuckled. “You have gotten pretty good, boy. I’m proud of you.” Sync nodded, “We are meeting in the conference room.” Drake looked past Sync and brushed his nose with his thumb. In that instance he was gone. Sync placed a hand to his head. “Show boating mother fuc…” Kasumi wrapped her arms around Sync from behind and nuzzled into his back. “There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Sync leaned back into her and smiled. “I was greeting Magenta and Drake.” Kasumi let him go and looked back. “Yea, I just saw them. Is it just me or did…” Sync nodded and shrugged. “Yes, she kills with kindness now. The lack of grammar now eludes her overly kindness.” Sumi threw her head back in a fit of laughter as she turned around. “Coming, dear?” Sync shook his head. “I need to find the others first.” Sumi pointed to the office. “Everyone is already there. The rest entered through the other gates. I was sent to find you.” Sync nodded, “Very well let’s not keep them waiting.” Sync and Sumi headed toward the conference room.

As Sync and Sumi entered the conference room everyone was seated in an ovular table. Sumi took her seat next to Sakura as Sync took his place in front of everyone. Everyone looked at Sync as he cleared his throat. “It’s been awhile everyone. I’m glad to see everyone is looking good and ready to fuck shit up.” Everyone gave a laugh as Sync pulled a paper from his sleeve and placed it upon the wall as the wall began to light up, expanding the map. “This is a map of our village and all the possible points of entry. I have sealed off all points of entry apart from the four gates. Atherion will prevent them from using the sky as a point of entry. We will be split up into eight units. Four units will be placed at the gates and the other four will be used as ambush units. With the units I have chosen there will be no quarter for the enemies. The units I have chosen all support one another in terms of abilities and elements as well as knowledge. Does anyone have any objections at this point?” Shikimaru stood to his feet and pointed at the west gate. “The West gate has two points of entry yet on your map it isn’t blocked.” Sync smiled. “As expected of you Shikimaru-senpai. The West gate does indeed have two points of entry. The enemy will undoubtedly send a small but flexible force through this point. An ambush unit will be awaiting them when they enter.”

Shikimaru nodded, “No quarter indeed.” Sync looked at everyone and handed maps to Sakura who handed them out to everyone. “You all have a map so you know what to expect. I have taken any and all scenarios into mind. There will be no surprise from the enemy other than the seven swordsmen whose power is without equal. They will be our only problem since I have no specs on them and cannot put together an optimal team to combat them.” Sasuke and Naruto gave a grin as this comment as Sync placed both of his hands on the table. “As for the units, they are as followed.”

North Gate – Kasumi, Kyo, Reyna

South Gate – Shikimaru, Kirin, Cocuam

East Gate – Kiekeo, Let, Magenta

West Gate – Lorelei, Sieg, Cocuam

Ambush Unit I – Naruto, Sakura, Anko

Ambush Unit II – Kagura, Sync, Sasuke

Ambush Unit III – Itachi, Allania, Ryoko

Ambush Unit IV – Crispy, Anko, Lynda

“Units will switch off as they see fit to optimize combat and efficiency. Behind every Gate unit will be an ambush unit to claw down any enemies that pierce the frontal. Ambush units are mobilized to also vanquish any threat that I have accounted for if our enemy is as cunning as I think. Are there any questions about units or the strategy?” Everyone raised their hands as they looked at Crispy. Sync sighed, “Crispy is a fucking demon. Don’t question him; he will light your asses with flames so black it makes Sieg’s Black Comet fail in comparison.” Sieg frowned, “Hey!” Sync and the group chuckled as Crispy jumped on Sync’s shoulder. We have exactly an hour before the enemy gets into position. You are all dismissed to make whatever preparations you may have.

I ask that only Sieg, Kagura and Lynda remain. I have a special task for you three.” The group exited as Sync called them up to the front. Sieg and Kagura sat on the table next to Sync as Lynda leaned against the wall, her eyes remained closed. “Kagura and Sieg I would like you to meet Lynda. The younger sister of Harde.” Kagura and Sieg blinked and looked at one another. “You’re kidding!” Lynda opened her eyes and glared at them. “Sieg laughed nervously. “What we meant to say is your brother is…a…” Sieg leaned into Kagura and whispered, “What the hell do I say!?” Kagura shrugged, “You opened your mouth. You take the fall.” Lynda sighed, “Would you both just shut the fuck up? My brother is a complete idiot. A failure to our family and a black sheep of the Rock legacy. On top of that he irritates me and I would like nothing more to see him and his odd…disorder fall over lifeless.” Kagura, Sieg and Sync looked at her with a surprised reaction as Sync got up. “Well, damn! That is…” Sieg interrupted, “We will get along just great!” Kagura laughed, “This is too great.”

Sync sat back down and looked at them. “Seriously you guys…” Lynda wove her hand above her head, “Continue, Sync.” Sync closed his eyes. “There is one thing I didn’t mention to the others. An underground unit is going to be used to throw the formation into a panic. I want you three to travel to the outskirts of the south gate and wipe the underground unit out. The unit consists of 600 samurai. I trust I can leave this issue to you?” Kagura and Sieg grinned as Sieg cracked his knuckles and Kagura stroked her sheathe. “Damn right.” Lynda balled her fist as the room began to shake violently. “I appreciate you thinking so highly of us.” Sync got up and looked at them. “You three will make an indomitable force. This is why I am sending you on this secret mission. You are to leave immediately. I’m sure you will be done as the enemy forces begin their march. Dismissed.” Sieg, Kagura and Lynda nodded and headed toward the outskirts of the south gate.

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The Night is a whimsical and ominous time where the worst of things could happen but the worst is always presumed. Kids have night lights to feel safe but some of the worst things lurk in the shadows and if it’s dark they can’t hide for all is the same, those dark things need the different spectrum to be clocked but the light to be able to emerge. This knowledge all should be aware of with it one can control the outcome of the worst situation.

A shadowy figure descends upon its unsuspecting pray but suddenly he opens his eyes and the shadow is finished as a beam of light slices through the it and it dissipates. “Common first strike it seems like your just seeing what I got so bring it on and lets have some fun,” Turtle retorts to the darkness. As lighting flashes it attacks with shadow tendrils and Turtle is entangled, “Hold on now, this is way to hand-zee for the first date,” with that Turtle kicks off the ground ceiling and walls and uses the momentum to unravel himself and lands with Bo staff in hand. The tendrils attack again but Turtles deflects them and makes his way to the center of the apparition “I said no to the groping but someone’s hard of hearing so time to say good bye,” With that he slaps a talisman at its core and the apparition is sucked into itself and gone. “That should take care of the shadows”.

The floor falls out from beneath Turtle and he is now in the basement and the way back gets farther and farther away, “really this game? Well sorry I don’t play…….. Well this game at least,” Turtle stomps the ground as pressure builds, “I left a piece of myself behind” the hall is pulled back to him but he’s still in the basement the walls start to splinter sending jagged pieces at Turtle, he deflects most but a few make it through and sink deep in to his flesh. The splinters were still attached and torn out of Turtle causing his blood to gush “Ha Ha nice effort but this isn’t some anime, all can’t be made reality” the gushing stops and the splinters attack again, Turtle does a writing and the splinters shatter upon hitting his skin. “Hard to penetrate the Turtle Shell isn’t it,” Turtle activated an early stage of his ultimate defense that hardens his skin, the house wasn’t happy with this so it became enraged and tries to devour Turtle becoming a giant worm thing with five maws down the throat. Turtle is swallowed and headed for the first maw, “I’m no midnight snack but if you plan on eating me be ready for indigestion.” with that Turtle pulls out his katanna and stops his descent as well as dropping a few explosive tags.

The worm disappears and Turtle is back in the room with Kokoro with the candles relit, ”Over already, that was a breeze” Kokoro stands “You ok, I hope you weren’t critically injured” Kokoro’s voice was vary feminine, and Turtle noticed that he had boobs (I guess now I should say she) “because that’s my job, I will kill you the same way I was killed!” She throws blades ,which were berets and hair ties, from her hair and they pierces Turtles bark skin, she also hit pressure points which caused Turtle to crumble to the ground. “I take it that your Kokoro’s sister and you want to take out your frustrations on me his should we say mentor, Cute ,you and your aggression, I got a glimpse of your lighter side as Kokoro entered his meditation. The only thing is” Turtle stands up and removes the blades, “someone who fights angry doesn’t fight whole heartedly and I taught Kokoro not to do that and you and him are one in the same so you are not his sister, but it would be nice to fight her some day. So this will take no time, bring it on!” Turtle redirecting his Ki to counter act the pressure point and prepares to fight. She charges him weapons flying from who knows where, Turtle deflects the weapons and once she gets close Turtle easily dodges due to her rage causing her to impale herself on one of his Katanna. “Kokoro male or female would never fall for that, you are not his sister, if anything you are his self regret.”

The hovel returns, broken and falling apart, Kokoro awakens and Turtle falls to a knee after sheathing his swords, “Over already I thought it would take longer……” Turtle is cut off and he begins to be absorbed into the hovel, he is now part of the floor as Kokoro stands, “Turtle you ok look at this place I’d better fix it.” Kokoro uses mend jutsu to fix the hovel, Turtle unable to say anything become one with the hovel forever no longer an individual unable to breath he begins to no longer exist……….”NO!!!!!” Turtle unsheathes his swords and slices his way out of the hovel. All returns and finally Turtle senses that Kokoro is done sheathes his swords and drops to a knee. Kokoro exits meditation. (Rye’s Replay Meanwhile back in Amgenkure)

Ringtail paces as usual “How the hell am I suppose to know the job is done, Mongoose, always got to be an enigma don’t we,” then he senses someone approach he glances out the window and sees a woman. She knocks “who’s there” Ringtail asks “I come to you with a proposal,” the woman replies. ‘What the Hell’ Ringtail wanders, “I need to find someone and I don’t know this land, the payment is a hefty one,” she continues, ‘Holy Shit, is she the one, but if she was wouldn’t she be’ Ringtail ponders, “All I need is a few men or women that know the area, and possibly the people” She divulges. “Who is it you seek and why do you come the a Nin establishment or were you unaware?” Ringtail enquires. “I am aware you are Nin which is why knowing locals is slim but it never hurts to ask, I have no other choice. The one I seek I don’t even know, what I need is intel.” the woman declares, “You’re the one after the Nephew aren’t you, what happened to the nin you already hired?” Ringtail asks, “They didn’t work out the group drew too much attention, and were imbeciles and are now no longer with us, will you aid me?” she says almost desperately. Ringtail opens the door and allows her to enter. “I maybe able to help Lets talk” Ringtail says with a smile, “You can call me Rissa I’m glad you reconsidered, now shall we discuss how we can help each other” Rissa says and they begin to converse.

(Back in Amgenkure)

The three swordsmen charge as Turtle and Kokoro get back to back ready for to fight, the shortest swordsmen with a great sword attack Kokoro first breaking from the others, Kokoro draws his short swords and deflect the attack with ease. The other two attack as one, the tallest wielding a broadsword and the other a short and a long sword, Turtle parries and dodges using his katana and a side step, with the side step Turtle nudges Kokoro and Kokoro knows not to move that direction. The short guy retaliates with a horizontal swing to his left which would have decapitated the tall if not for him ducking, Turtle and Kokoro take a joint step out of the way of the blade as the tall swordsman bops the short one who glares as Tall get him to refocus with hand motions. From that all three jump back and regroup, Tall and Duel wield attack from opposite sides, Kokoro and Turtle block their attacks and they push Turtle and Kokoro back holding them in place as Short attacks with a vertical downward strike, Kokoro and Turtle shrug the others hold just in time the block Shorts strike, Short then hold them as Duel and Tall circle around to attack Turtle and Kokoro from the side (Duel on Kokoro‘s side and Tall on Turtle‘s). Kokoro brushes Turtles shoulder slightly and with that they flip Short over them, Kokoro rolls over Turtle’s back and blocks Tall, Turtle block Duel then Short turns to charge attack but Turtle and Kokoro spin and use their momentum the fling Duel and Tall into Short.

“Why don’t we just use our jutsu, we could beat them easy with that ,” Short exclaims “Cause if we use ours then they’ll use theirs and who know what will happen.” Duel explains “Besides we were told to gauge their strength and we can’t do that if they decide to run” Tall declares. “Heh, heh, we’re not going anywhere ya see cause like you where told to gauge us we where told to beat you and that’s what we intend to do” Kokoro proclaims, “Fat Chance Piss Ants” Short answers as he rise his sword and charges at Kokoro, Tall and Duel split up and the battle commences.
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Rain patters against the side of the hovel as the man known as Koro etches an ancient Senju/Uchiha symbol into the floor as Turtle placed ceremonial candles known for there long lasting nature in each corner of the room. Upon finishing the placement Turtle oiled his blade in a spiritual substance as Koro finished the symbol and set incense to burn before walking into the center of the room and sitting cross-legged in the center of the symbol taking a deep breath .This is a sense of Hesitation as Koro says “You sure you want to do this Turtle?” Turtle smiles and retorts “Now your worried about me?…Not when we were sparring in the temple but now. If I whooped you arse then I’m sure I can take your worst now” “So be it….Ayane come here” Koro responds, and Kokoba comes walking in and says “master Koro you never use my first name” Koro nods and says “I know that was wrong of me it does not matter how you look and act you are still my Ayane ……never allow me to call you by any other name. That being said I need you to put 700 yards between you and this place, and do not return unless the flare is sent do you understand me?” Ayane nods “Then go” as Koro says these words she is gone and he begins the meditation. Turtle stands ready as he mutters “now he is suddenly sensitive what’s next snuggling….” Turtle then is struck by a Geta as Koro retorts “I can still hear you” Turtle shrugs and wait’s a few seconds before muttering “acting like a damn woman” a few seconds later Koro replies “ I have another Geta with your name on it Turtle”

A few moments later the silence of meditation is broken as the walls and floors begin to warp and splinter around the two, with shadows creeping at the corners of the candlelight which is dimming more and more each second. Turtle knows this darkness is watching him and begins to hand sign and draw with his left hand until his eyes begin to glow internally, a chilling wind blows over him as the candles are extinguished and the shadowy figures leap upon him!

Meanwhile hundreds of Miles away Sync Uchiha falls to the ground as Anko opens the door as Kasumi Ryoko and Allania run to investigate what happened. Sieg closes his left eye and scans the area for an assailant but after seeing known turns to see Sync’s head resting nicely on Kasumi’s lap he walks over to ask what’s going on when Kyo blurts out “What a drama queen always got to be the one in the spotlight ..*Kyo is suddenly smacked by a fire bomb jutsu from Krispy and coughs up a little smoke*Damn rat” Sieg tries to hide a smirk as he helps Kasumi and Anko carry Sync to his bed and lay him down. Kasumi sits by his side as Anko helps the others get comfortable…….

(In the Dreamscape of Sync Uchiha’s mind)

Sync notices that his body feels to heavy to move , so he opens his eyes expecting to see his room and his companions but instead sees that he is lying in tall grass surrounded by trees and that the sky has no stars moon or light to speak off. Moving his head around he notices his body is glowing purple and he thought to himself “Simply Impossible there is no way such a side affect could exist unless (Sync remembers a talk with Kokoro about tri-lingual translations, if his hands were not Immobile he would have smacked himself for such childish actions)…. But why am I” the sound of footsteps caused him to stop his current thought as he tried to locate the being by the sound it made but each time he moved his head the rustling was coming from the opposite direction that he faced. The sound kept growing louder and faster until finally it sounded as if it were right in front of him Sync moved his gaze till he faced the front and the second he did the Tetska blade plunged through his chest sending an overwhelming pain that begin to crawl up his body until it covered his eyes causing him to thrash his head about until a hand grabbed his chin and caused him to look into it’s eyes. And when Sync did he say his eyes with the Sharingan which started to spin rapidly as it’s markings warped purple fluid ran down his cheeks. He tried to wrench free from the gaze but found he couldn’t move his head now. Sync tried to scream but no sound came out, and then he noticed strange motions and hand movement in the beasts eye reflection which caused the back of his brain to start hurting as he remembered every action like he was a camera. And when the technique was done being shown he was blinded by the sheer brightness of it’s creation and all he could think as he felt his head touch the ground was “ What is that technique” and as his vision returned he heard a familiar voice say “ Shiden Unindo Bakudan, Segan-style” Sync almost cried in astonishment as he looked at the figure that was his brother and began to say “Big broth….” when he suddenly noticed a female standing beside him with the same eyes as big brother as well as the Uchiha features confused he looked to Kokoro and was about to ask as Kokoro says “Sorry” Sync then begins to dissolve from the world and as he reaches for his brother he hears the woman say “I love you baby brother” .

(Back in the Uchiha household)

Sync sits bolt upright panting his brow covered in sweat, the others look at him with surprise when he suddenly hunches over in pain as his chest begins to feel like it’s caving in causing him to fall out of the bed and onto the floor as he tears off his sweater and undoes his vest as he moves a hand to his chest he slowly slides his fingers to his chest feeling cylinder like object he grasps it as Kasumi goes to his side he rasps “Stay back ….everyone” Kasumi moves back a step or two while ,Sieg quickly pulls both Anko and Allania back as Sync pulls the object out slowly and realizes that it’s the Tetska blade. Clenching his teeth he places both hands on the Sheath he gives it one final pull removing it from his body causing him to collapse whilst clenching the sword Anko brushes the baffled Sieg aside and begins to cradle Sync who slowly says “ I saw Big brother with a woman …….she had his eyes” Kyo and the others looked shocked, Anko starts to cry and everyone hears a familiar voice say “I wondered how long it would take some one to notice…..even with his eyes sealed shut. I had hoped to protect you from the truth” everyone turned to see Itachi with a solemn face in the door way. Kyo shouted “So I was right about Kokoro being a clone of Madara whom was made by Orochimaru to become the new Sage of Six paths , and he killed our sister and used Syphon to take her looks so that we wouldn’t notice and stole the the Rinnegan that should have been mine !” Sync and Sieg look at Kyo and say “ Are you Fucking serious you Carver loving SumBitch” Itachi shook his head “I wish that were the case……”

(Meanwhile back in Amgenkure)

Turtle sheaths his sword and drops to a knee as Kokoro exits his meditation he sees several cuts and bruises that suddenly heal as Turtle begins to breath normally. Kokoro quickly rises to his feet as his shadow finishes the hand signs for the Restoration jutsu which causes the hovel to be repaired as well as Turtle’s clothes . He then rises and mutters “Eximo” and with this the darkness is dispelled, Turtle rises and dusts himself off saying “Done already? Thought it would take longer” Kokoro laughs and pats him on the back and says “The day is not yet over and I’m sure there are plenty of people that want us dead “ the two laugh and head back into the main hub of Amgenkure, meeting up with Ayane before moving through the crowded streets until they reach a building in the exact center of the village Ayane walks into the building while Turtle and Kokoro climb up the sides and reach the top. Kokoro removes the top half of his clothing revealing tribal Uchiha markings many of which resemble the Tomoe of the Sharingan and rings of the Rinnegan among others he then sits on the center of the roof and holds both his hands out letting the rain collect in his palms as Turtle takes a seat a few feet in front of him and begins to do handsigns and draw symbols in the air which caused the air to grow thicker in atmosphere as a feminine figure began to form from the rain itself. As it fully formed the temperature dropped drastically and the sassly posed spirit says “Can I help you boys?” before they can respond three cloaked figures land around them and draw swords as the tallest one says “Sorry to interrupt but we have business with these fellows” The spirit turns around to face him and snarkly replies “ If you boys want a pact teach these children some manners” Kokoro and Turtle rise to their feet as Kokoro says “See I told you there would be more” Turtle laughs and replies “I guess your right, so gentlemen shall we ?” the hooded figures knod and charge them.

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The crazy broad known as Lorelei joined the group on their way to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, AKA Konohagakure. Only 5 minutes into their resumed travel, it began to rain. The group trudged on through it however, the rain of no real consequence to them. Not yet anyway.

Allania: It's kind of cold, isn't it?

Sieghart: Ah, Nia? Do you want my coat?

Lorelei: *She scoffs rudely as Kagura gives Sieg a look* Of course the playboy can't keep it in his pants!

Sieghart: W-what are you talking about?

Kasumi: You should let this one go Sieg~

Sieghart: *He sighs* Whatever.

Allania: *She holds Crispy, garnering warmth from his fur with the rabbit somehow keeping from getting wet* It's ok Sieg~ Crispy is really warm!

Kagura: *She bites her lip as she sees Crispy and Allania* It figures that only an animal can find something of value in you.

Let: Oh god...

Allania: Did you hear that Crispy? *Crispy made a movement that could only be described as a rabbits version of nodding* I think Kagura is jealous! Don't you? *Crispy chirped cheerfully as Kagura twitched and glared to Sieg*

Sieghart: *He looked away, pretending he didn't notice* (What the hell am I supposed to do about Crispy? There's nothing that can be done if he doesn't like someone.)

Ryoko: Can't we all just get along for the time being?

Kasumi: Actually, I think this might be as good as it'll get.

Sync: Hmph. We'll see about that.

Kyo: The way you say that doesn't seem like you mean it in a good way.

Lorelei: *Everyone stopped as they came upon an incredibly deep mud path* Yo. 1 Second Man! Are you gonna let my sister walk across this?

Sieghart: Always picking on a man. No wonder guys turned tail and ran.

Lorelei: I dare you to try and rap at me again. Let's just see what happens~

Sieghart: *He shook his head, trying not to think about what the man in a womans body known as Lorelei might do to him* Here everyone, allow me.

Sync: *He pats Sieg on the shoulder before he pulls off his coat* I got this~

Sieghart: S-sync?

Kasumi: Seriously?! *Crispy chirped in approval*

Sieghart: Wow! Never thought I'd see the day, where Sync Uchiha would make the mud go away~

Sync: Now, how to go about this delicate procedure... *He looked at everyone blankly before walking behind the group*

Let: Hm? What's he doing?

Lorelei: *She crosses her arms in amusement and waits* I wonder~ *Everyone but Kagura and Lorelei gasped in unison as they turned to see Sync kick Allania in the back and send her flying face first into the mud. Lorelei and Kagura burst out laughing in unison as they saw it.*

Sieghart/Let: Bastard! *The two immediately moved to perform a Double Lariat on Sync, but stopped when Kagura and Lorelei both stepped in between* This is so messed up!

Kasumi/Ryoko: Ah.... *They both helped Allania out of the mud as she began to cry. Crispy, who covered himself in fire to stave off the mud seemed to glare at Sync as he gave him the rabbits foot yet again* There there... *Kasumi wiped off the mud with water before glaring at Sync angrily*

Sync: What~? We had a perfect way across!

Sieghart: *He shook his head and moved over to Allania as she hugged him* I'm so sorry Nia...

Allania: W-why would he...

Sieghart: Uh don't think about that ok? *He takes his coat off and puts it around her, helping her to her feet* Come on. Let's get out of here ok?

Let: Yes. Let us go on ahead. *Let and Sieg led Allania along with Kasumi and Ryoko following closely behind them with Kasumi holding Crispy*

Kyo: Dude. That was the most major dick move you've ever pulled!

Lorelei: Bullshit! That was fuckin hilarious!

Kagura: *She grits her teeth and looks to Sync* Look what you've done! *She slaps Sync on the head and angrily follows the others*

Sync: Ah whatever. You know you all loved that!

The rain let up just before the group made it to Konoha. For the remainder of the journey, everyone but Lorelei and Kagura ignored Sync, pretending he didn't exist.

Sieghart: So we're here at last. That felt like it took a lot longer than it should have. Are you feeling better Nia?

Allania: Um... sort of... *She's still holding on to Sieg*

Kasumi: At least Crispy was able to dry you off pretty well! I wonder what that THING was thinking though.

Let: What THING do you mean?

Ryoko: The THING nobody can hear of course~

Kyo: Oh that THING.

Lorelei: You see, Kagura? You're better off ditching that playboy. He jumps around from woman to woman faster than Harde's erection pops up!

Kagura: Don't joke like that sis. Sieg isn't like that.

Sync: Hey speak of the devil! *He points to Harde who is ahead of them by an inn trying to talk to a girl there. Sync frowns when nobody acknowledges what he said.* Hey...

Let: Ah, isn't that Harde?

Kyo: Yep. You can spot that freak from miles away!

Sync: Fine. Be that way.

Kasumi: *They approached Harde and the inn maiden* Harde, what are you doing?

Harde: Oh! You're all here! I was just uh... getting some digits-

Maiden: Do you all know... *She trails off when she spots Sieg* H-hello there...

Sieghart: Hello~ Is this wild animal causing you trouble~?

Maiden: Yes! He scared away all our female customers! And then he started hitting on me! You're really strong and really handsome~ Can you get rid of him for us?

Harde: H-hey! I'm right here!

Kyo: *He thinks for a moment before picking up a stick and poking it into Harde, pushing him away from the inn* That seems to work.

Maiden: *She smiles at Sieg* Please, stay here~ It's on the house!

Sieghart: We'd love to~ But we have urgent business with the Hokage...

Maiden: Ah! Now I know! Aren't you The Comet of Kumogakure?!

Allania: Well he is... but...

Let: Sieg, we really should be going...

Kagura: *She pushes past everyone and grips Siegs arm tightly with a glare to the woman* Don't try to take my man you immodest, slutty temptress! Retreat now if you value your life, whore! *The woman screams and runs inside in fear from Kagura*

Sieghart: Kagura, what the hell? You don't need to scare everyone away.

Kagura: Perhaps I wouldn't need to if you would be less nice to women!

Lorelei: You wouldn't need to if you ditched him~

Harde: *His anger and jealousy toward Sieg quickly subsided as he noticed Lorelei* Lorie! My beautiful! It's been so long!

Let: Is something... missing from this picture? *Everyone looks down at Harde* Dear lord! It's gone!

Allania: *She holds on to Sieg* I'm scared... what's going on?

Sync: *He scoffs as Lorelei proceeds to screw with Harde by flirting with him* For some reason it is only gone in Lorelei's presence. It's a mysterious inextricability.

Sieghart: You're kidding...

Sync: Oh? What. You can all hear me now?

Kasumi: I'm still mad at you. Just so we're clear!

Ryoko: Yeah! I've never seen something so mean before! *Allania quickly moved to the other side of Sieg away from Sync as Crispy spit some fire out at him*

Lorelei: *She giggles as Harde runs off quickly* He won't be coming back for a bit!

Kagura: Why?

Lorelei: I asked him to find the 6 leaf clover I saw in the meadows outside of Konoha earlier!

Let: There's... a 6 leaf cover?

Lorelei: I dunno! I've never seen one~

Sieghart: *He sighs* He deserves that but strangely I still feel a bit bad for him.

Lorelei: Anyway, Alla... whatever your name is, how was the mud bath? Did it work wonders for your dry skin? *She smiles as Allania sniffles and Sieg glares at her, hugging Allania again*

Kagura: *She twitches* This is getting annoying now...

Sync: *He sighs a bit* Come. Let us return to our home for a while before meeting with the Hokage.

Kyo: Really? You actually want to go home?

Kasumi: That's rare...

Sieghart: I thought we were going to meet with Uncle Naruto immediately?

Sync: Will all of you just shut the fuck up and come along? *He closes his eyes as he leads the way to the household of Uchiha Itachi and Anko*

Allania: W-wait... their home? Does that mean...?

Sieghart: *He nods to Allania as Kagura pulls on his other arm roughly and he flicks her in the forehead* Yeah. Uncle Itachi might be there.

Allania: I-itachi Uchiha?! Really?! N-no! I won't get my hopes up! There's no way he'll be there!

Let: Uchiha Itachi huh? I also wouldn't mind meeting him.

Kyo: I dunno. Dad might be out on a mission.

Sieghart: I'd like to meet Uncle Shikamaru again~ I'm confident that I might be able to beat him in Shougi this time!

Sync: Ha! The day that happens is the day pigs fly! *He looks to Allania* Nope that day isn't today.

Allania: *She frowns and holds Sieg tighter as Lorelei laughs and Kagura glares at Sync*

And so the group stopped in front of the home where Kokoro, Kyo and Sync Uchiha had grown up...


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An hour later the group had met up at the exit gate. Crispy and Allania were the first to arrive, followed by Sieg and Kagura. As Kagura approached Crispy his puff ball of a tail shivered as Kagura reached a hand for him. Allania looked back and pulled Crispy into her arms protectively. "Kagura! You scare the cute out of him! Kagura's eyes narrowed into a slit as she inched towards Sieg and placed a gentle kiss upon his cheek, grinning smugly at Allania. Allania glanced at her and frowned a bit as Crispy noticed her discomfort and gave Kagura the rabbit foot. Kagura's left eye twitched as she tried to force a smile. In a predicted turn of events it happened to frighten Crispy even more as he jumped in Allania's shirt. Kagura gave a snare as she attempted to place a kiss on Sieg's lips.

Sieg moved out of the way with a chuckle. "I'm not competing in this convention." Kagura gave him a grimacing look which caused Sieg to tense up as she forced herself onto him. Right as she was working her demon magic on Sieg Sync and Sumi walked up and noticed the inappropriate display of affection. In a manner of defense Sumi positioned herself near Allania as Crispy poked his head out of Allania's shirt as Sumi loved on him. Sync's attention was caught by Kagura and Sieg as he chuckled and reached in his pouch, pulling out a dog collar as he placed it around Kagura's neck. Sieg noticed this and immediately pushed Kagura off of him and distanced himself as Kagura blinked and looked down around her neck with a glare towards Sync. Sync shook his head in disgust. "Such an indecent display of affection in public. What did I tell you about humping the legs of strangers? Come, I'll take you to a dog park where all of your humping fantasies will come to life!" Kagura grit her teeth as she lifted her leg and spun it around, kicking Sync in the side of the face, causing him to smack into Allania, taking them both down. Sync shook his head and looked down at Allania's breasts, noticing Crispy situated between them as Sync's right eye twitched causing him to jump to his feet.

"Good Gandhi! What the fuck Crispy!? Are you trying to catch something? That skank is riddled with diseases from unknown worlds!" Allania looked down in embarrassment as Crispy frowned and jumped out of her shirt, making hand signs and blowing a grand fire ball jutsu at Sync which hit him and sent him flying half way across the village. Sumi smiled, "Couldn't of done better myself." Allania got up and dusted herself off smiling at Crispy, "Thanks cutie!" Crispy chirped in content. Kyo, Ryoko and Let walked up to the group, their heads all watched Sync fly across the village as they looked at Allania. "Sync said something mean didn't he?" They all nodded as Let, Kyo and Ryoko sighed. "To think he'd learn by now." Kagura looked around and nodded. "That's everyone." Sync walked up to them, dusting himself off as he stood ahead of the group. Let thought to himself. "How did he manage to get back so quickly?" Sync coughed, "well played guys." Crispy and Sumi laughed as shouting was heard from the distance. "Waaaiiitt!" Allania and Let knew that voice all too well. Their eyes drooped as they all turned around and saw a lady running towards them. The woman stopped in front of them, "W-Wait Letty and Nia!" Allania and Let walked towards their mother. "M-Mother..what is it?" Sync folded his arms. "Well, this ought to be good." Their mother reached up and ruffled Let's hair.

"Be careful out there you two. Protect one another and always stay together." Let nodded, "Yes, mother of course." Allania nodded and smiled. "Yes, mommy!" Sync thought to himself, "Mommy, eh? Hehehe." Their mother smiled and looked at Let, "Letty dear, don't bother coming home till you find yourself a nice woman. Konoha is full of beautiful women." Let blushed and looked the other way, "Mother...p-please" Sync laughed and ruffled Let's hair. "Don't get your panties in a knot ya old crone. I'll make sure Let gets la..." Sumi fwapped Sync across the head and pulled him by his ear dragging him away. Their mother looked at Let who shrugged. "I...don't know him mother." Their mother nodded and looked at Allania then at Sieg. "Try your best, dear." Allania smiled and hugged her mom. "Yes, mommy!" Sync tickled Sumi and fled to the front of the group. "Everyone ready?" The group nodded as Nia and Let's mother walked over to Sync and placed a hand on his shoulder. Sync slowly turned his head to her. "Who the hell do you think you are! You are not worthy enough to touch this!" Sieg frowned and walked towards Sync as the mother held him at bay. "Sync, darling. You are an incredibly smart child but your lack of respect to your elders and peers will be your downfall. You will find yourself in a situation that will endanger yourself and your squad." She smiled at him as the group recited in unison, "Amen." Sync scoffed and flicked his wrist. "Begone you fowl witch demon. If I wanted you to recite the bible I would of summoned you. Speak not until you are spoken to.

Sync turned his back to her and walked towards the gate. The mother chuckled as Sieg and Sumi bowed towards the mother. "We apologize for his behavior. We will see to it his attitude is better when we visit again." The mother smiled and shook her head. "It's quite alright, dears. That boy is burdened with a terrible fate. Perhaps it is fate that conjured him into this. He will soon face a crossroad in which he will be subject to change." Sumi and Sieg bowed as the rest of them ran after Sync. Once out of view Sieg kicked Sync in the jaw. Sync shook his head, "That..I deserved." The group laughed as the ground shook suddenly causing two trees to fall in their direction. Let and Sumi both charged forward and cut the trees in tiny pieces causing them to rain upon them like sawdust. Sync looked up as Sieg and Allania looked around the premises. Crispy jumped out of Allania's shirt as two more trees fell towards them. Ryoko and Kyo took a leap forward as Kyo kicked the tree away. Ryoko followed up and used her sand shield to break the tree in half. As the group took a circle formation a woman appeared in the middle of the circle. Before anyone in the group had time to react she placed both of her hands to the ground as a wave of pure chakra knocked them all off of their feet, scattering them throughout the forest. Sync and Let caught their balance as the shadow moved towards Sync kicking him in the arm.

Sync took the blow and caught her free arm as Let dashed in and performed a lariat towards her. The shadow countered the lariat which caught Let off guard and sent the two in a spiral towards the opening of the forest. Sieg and Kyo caught their balance as took a back to back formation as Kyo activated his mangekyo sharingan. Sieg blinked and sighed, "Really, Kyo? You know who it is we face right?" Kyo grinned, "This is finally my chance to beat her!" Sieg placed a hand to his head, "Why me?" The shadow dashed towards them as Kyo unleashed an Amaterasu ball towards the shadow. Sieg took advantage of this and appeared behind the shadow at light speed. The shadow smacked the ball back at Kyo who was open. Sieg growled as he was presented with a ultimatum. Either save the reject or get a hit in now and rub it in her face later. Sieg knew what the right choice was. He appeared before Kyo and pulled him from harms way right as the ball hit the ground, causing them to get hit from the after shock, causing them to tumble back to the opening as Sync held a hand out towards them as a veil of wind caught them. Sync smiled, "Pretty fucked up, eh?" Sieg and Kyo grunted. "What is she immortal?" Sumi and Allania ran through the forest as Crispy's head spun around. Allania formed hand signs and launched a ball of magma towards the shadow. Sumi dashed forward with two water whips as Ryoko and Kagura appeared behind the shadow. Ryoko created a sand coffin as Kagura stood dormant which Sumi and Allania couldn't quite understand. The shadow kicked the ball of magma towards the sky as the sand coffin enclosed around her Ryoko grinned. "Got her!"

The shadow threw her hands out as the sand flew at them instead. The women fell to the ground unable to move as Let appeared before her in the scale release, Sync appeared before her with a hand to her back coated in a white light, Sieg appeared before her in lightning armor and Kyo appeared before her with susanoo protecting him. The shadow looked at the men and laughed, "Now why didn't you do this in the first place?" The veil covering the lady vanished as a woman with long red and purple hair stepped out from the veil. "You all have gotten strong." The men powered down as Sync scoffed, "Thanks for trying to kill me you black hearted two faced bit.." before Sync could finish his sentence the woman snuggled him against her breasts. "Love you too, Sync!" Sync blushed. "Oi! Get the fuck off of me!" The woman smiled as Kagura leapt onto the woman. "Lorelei!" Lorelei smiled and kissed her head. "Hey sis!" Let looked at Sieg, "You mean?..." Sieg nodded as Let backed up. "dear god..." Lorelei smiled and glared at Sieg. "Yo, hallow balls. What's up? Sieg nodded and shivered. "This is beyond crazy." Sumi smiled and Kyo dusted himself off, "So damn close."

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PostSubject: Sync;s Long Ass Reply.   Thu 26 Jul 2012, 22:41

An hour later the group sat around a large rectangular table, eating lunch at one of Sieg’s local joints. The waitresses all wore tiny skirts and short tops, hovering around Sieg and wiping at his face for every crumb that touched him. Kagura menacingly shot them a glare of a greater terror to befall them if they didn’t step away from her man as the group got a laugh of her jealously. Minutes after Kagura’s performance Sieg and Sync stood up and stretched, excusing themselves from the table.

Sync peered at one of the waitresses as she passed by, “Never again, Sieg. The stench of skank is powerful in these parts.” He shot Allania a glare as Sieg blinked at Sync, “Dude…come on.” Sieg grinned and picked up a bread roll, “I’m going to show Sync around the village so he can get a feel for it and decide a place to install his gadget.” He took a bite of the roll as Sync scoffed, “Gadget? You insolent dog lord sunnuva bi…” Sumi then kicked Sync in the back of his knee causing him to face palm onto the table. The group blinked in surprise as Let’s left eye twitched, “Damn…poor kid.” Sync stood up, dusting himself off as he looked at Sumi; “Fair enough” he coughed and walked away with Sieg as Sieg chuckled, “Way to keep your dignity, haha!” Sync shook his head in defeat, “Just…keep walking.” Harde watched them walk off towards the resident’s area as he got out of his seat and looked at Kyo, “I have something personal to take care of, and I’ll meet up with you all in Konoha.” In a blink of an eye leaves surrounded him and he was gone. Kyo tilted his head and shrugged, “That was unusual.” The females looked at one another, silently as Kagura blurted out, “Could anyone see that his erection totally was sticking out of the leaves?” Let and Kyo spit up their tea in surprise as the females chuckled amongst themselves. Sumi ran a hand through her hair, “It’s the most distinctive feature about him.” Allania blushed, “How can you say that with a straight face?” Kagura shrugged, “I don’t give a damn who he is, I would cut that shit off at any given moment.” She said with her eyes closed, sipping her tea casually. Ryoko laughed and took a bite out of her strawberry cake, “How do you manage Sumi?” Sumi took a sip of her soup and sighed, “I grew up with him”. Allania laughed, “Poor thing must have gone through hell from Sync.” Kagura glanced at her, “Funny how you said thing”. Ryoko laughed, “Poor is the last word I’d use.” The females laughed as they mocked Harde. Kyo and Let sat there, uncomfortable. Let shook his head, “At times like this…I wish I were deaf.” He and Kyo stood up, “We are going to join Sync and Sieg.” Ryoko nodded and pulled Kyo down to her and gave him a kiss. “Don’t get into too much trouble.” Kyo shrugged, “I can make no promises.” He and Let took off as Let waved to Allania.

The females settled down as the remaining males left. Allania looked at Sumi, “Is Sync always so…you know..” Sumi looked at Allania and laughed, “Sync is an interesting man, he is very complex, not even I fully understand him..” She sighed as Kagura shook her head. “Unacceptable.” Allania, Ryoko and Sumi looked at Kagura. “Think of a man as a sword, an extension of you. Keep him sheathed in public as much as you can.” She nodded to herself as she spoke. Ryoko and Sumi blinked and stared at Kagura. “That is some pretty messed up logic.” They laughed, “Poor Sieg must be kept on a lease.” Kagura smirked, “Boy…you have no idea.” She gave a menacing grin as she continued to sip her tea that made Ryoko and Sumi gulp in discomfort.” Meanwhile, while the women discussed the gruesome topic of men in Kagura’s presence Sieg and Sync approached their second round around the village. Sieg strolled down the walkway with his hands behind his head as the women of the village waved at him. Sync glared at Sieg and gagged a bit as he stopped in the middle of the town, observing the monument of the Third Raikage. “Could this be..” Sieg stood next to him, “What are you getting at?” Sync placed a hand to the monument and closed his eyes as the monument began to glow. Sieg blinked and stepped back, “Yo, bakaro! The hell are you doing?” Sync ignored his monkey rhythm, “This is the center of the village, the centerfold in which Atherion can be stabilized.” Sieg scratched the back of his head, “That was pretty quick.” Sync opened his eyes and stepped back, glancing back at Sieg, “You are dense, you know that?” Sieg blinked at him, “What are you on about now?” Sync laughed and ran a hand through his left bang, “Allania is into, it’s so obvious like a rabid beast in heat.” He shrugged as Sieg’s mouth dropped, “You’re fucking with me…” Sync scoffed, “Kagura is indifferent to her for what other reason then? Skankzilla doesn’t flirt with you, she is merely around you.” Sieg looked at Sync, “Skankzilla?” Sync chuckled, “Skank mixed with beast is such a result.” Sieg pat Sync’s back, “Chill out with the name calling.” Sync dusted his arm off his back as if removing filth from his back, “Asking me to do so is like asking me to restructure my entire genetic code.” He looked at the monument. Sieg sighed, “This is shocking. Yet, damn it makes sense.” He laughed and watched Sync, “What is it you don’t like about her?” Sync kneeled at the monuments base, “She reeks of desperation, and it’s pathetic. She is a disgrace to…” Sync recalled Sumi’s words and shuddered. “Fuck it, I’m retarded pay no mind to my rambling.” Sync frowned upon himself hearing what he said as he thought to himself. “Fucking Kasumi…insulting my intelligence with her slutty brainwash.” He scoffed as Sieg watched his facial expressions change rapidly, worried. Sieg stepped forward, “You alright there Galileo?” Sync blinked and laughed, “You know of Galileo? Interesting.” He stood up as Let and Kyo caught up with them.

Let looked at the monument, “You found what you were looking for?” Sieg nodded, “Looks like he did.” Kyo observed the monument, “This old crone was the Third Raikage?” Sieg grit his teeth, “Hey, dipshit shut the fuck up on matters your tiny mind can’t comprehend.” Sync shook his head, “Like you are one to talk” he smiled as Sieg hung his head. Let intervened with a cough, “The ladies are in their rooms, Raikage A was so kind as to provide Team Sync with hospitality.” Kyo nodded, “We appreciate it, thanks.” Sync looked to Let, “Team Sync? The flying fuck?” Let tilted his head, “You don’t like it?” Sync shrugged, “I ain’t some fan service like Kyo over here.” Kyo looked at Sync, “Hey!...Wait…” Let, Sieg and Sync laughed as Sync looked to the sky, “It’s starting to get dark, this won’t take long. I’ll need you three to step back while I engrave the power into the monument.” They nodded and stepped back as Sumi, Allania and Ryoko joined them, “Is Sync about to do it, brother?” Let nodded to Allania as she smiled, “This is exciting.” Sumi and Ryoko watched in silence as Sync turned around to face them, his eyes closing as strange markings appeared around his body as a flash of light temporarily blinded the group for a few seconds. When their vision had returned to them an orb of light surrounded the monument and nothing could be seen. Kyo activated his Sharingan, “Not even my Doujutsu can see within the barrier…” Sieg, Allania and Let looked at one another, “That’s pretty damn impressive; leave it to Sync to hid such a force from us.” Kagura approached them and leaned her head on Sieg’s shoulder. “Do you feel the warmth radiating from the barrier?” Sieg nodded and kissed her forehead, “It’s like a microscopic sun.” Allania and the others watched in awe as the barrier began to expand, causing them to step back. Ryoko took ahold of Kyo’s hand, “I wonder what he’s doing in there.”

Sync opened his eyes as the markings began to glow brighter. His breathing began to shallow as beads of seat rolled down his face as he clapped his hands together, placing them on the monument as a strange seal was placed on the monument as chakra veins appeared across Sync’s body, draining life energy from his body and into the seal on the monument as he began to wince in devastating pain as the seal grew brighter. “Almost there…” Sync grit his teeth as all the power in the Cloud Village went off, rending the entire village dark as Let, Sieg and everyone looked around. “What the hell?!?” Sumi held a hand to her chest, “Sync…please don’t push yourself…” Sync’s eyes turned purple for a few seconds, the rinnegan appearing in them as the six paths along the eyes began to glow a bright violet. Within a few seconds the rinnegan vanished as the light in the Cloud returned, this time only brighter and more potent as the crevices along the pathways began to light up in beautiful colors, the crevices in the kage office began to light up as a strange orb of energy appeared above the monument, catching everyone’s attention. Sync grinned half dead as the markings vanished from his body, the seal vanishing from the monument as the barrier began to crack as it shattered into pieces as Sync placed the giant scroll in front of him, blood droplets leaking from every pore in his body as he leaned against the monument, trying to catch his breath as Sumi and Allania gasped, rushing forward in an attempt to heal him as Sieg along with everyone else rushed to Sync’s side, worried about him. Kyo, Sieg and Let glanced at one another, “What…did he do?” Let inquired as tears streamed down Sumi’s face. Ryoko stood behind Sumi and patted her back as Sumi and Allania sat on their knees noticing their medical chakra wasn’t working. “What did you do, Sync?” Sumi laid her head to his chest as she felt a heartbeat, quickly moving her head away as the group looked at her. Sync blinked slowly, opening his eyes as the orb of light above the monument merged with him, healing all of his wounds as he shook his head and stretched, standing to his feet as the remaining energy shot up into the air and dispersed around the Cloud village creating a silver barrier around the entire village. Sumi looked at Sync who cracked his neck and looked at everyone, scoffing. “The hell is up with you? You look as if you seen a dead man.” Sumi smiled and clung to him, “Sync!” she smiled and placed small kisses all over his face. Sync blinked and blushed, “H-Hey! What the hell’s gotten into you!?” Sieg, Kagura, Let, Kyo, Allania and Ryoko laughed as Sync blinked in confusion. “You all are on that opium, I already know.” He frowned. Sieg pat Sync’s back, “Well met, Sync.” He looked up into the sky as the barrier circulated around the entire village. Allania smiled and pat Sync’s back, “That was…amazing, you are amazing! Especially in person..I mean how did you do it?!”

Sync looked at her still not all there and shrugged as he looked around the village. “Atherion has been successfully written into the monument.” Kagura and Let nodded as Kyo laughed, “That’s my bro!” Sieg and Sumi smiled, as he latched onto him, “I’m glad you’re alright.” Sync looked at her. “Yea…” Sync attempted to step forward but passed out as Sieg caught him. “Gotcha!” Kagura looked at Sync. “He is just tired, his vitals seem fine.” Sumi and Allania smiled, “Good to hear.” Kyo yawned, “We are all tired. Let’s get some rest and report to the Raikage tomorrow.” The group nodded in agreement.

Within a few short minutes Sieg placed Sync on a bed next to Kasumi as Ryoko and Kyo shared a room. The rest of the group returned home to get a well deserved rest. The following morning…

Sumi and Sync jumped out of the shower, clothing one another as Sumi smiled and kissed Sync, “Are you sure you are alright?” Sync nodded, “Yes, I feel excellent. All my energy has returned to me.” He clenched his fist in satisfaction as they joined the others outside as Sieg placed an arm around Sync, “Good morning! How’d you sleep, bud?” Sync scoffed and looked at Sieg, “Sounds like someone had a good night.” Sieg smiled brightly, “A very good night~” Sync laughed, “Kagura was the man last night?” He shrugged Sieg’s arm off him as Sieg stood there shocked, “How’d you know!” He ran after him as Let and Allania laughed at their stupidity. Sumi looked around, “Where is Kyo and Ryoko?” Kagura walked up next to her, “They are waiting for us in the kage chambers.” Kagura and Sumi looked at the sky as the barrier was no longer there.” Sumi looked at Kagura, “What happened to the barrier?” Kagura shrugged, “All will be explained when we meet with the Raikage.” The group made their way to the Raikage’s office as A and B grinned. “Sync! Well done, the energy in this village is amazing, it’s almost alive! I am severely impressed.” Sync shrugged, “You damn well better be.” He walked up to A and slid a document across the table. “Konoha has fulfilled their end of the deal, we await your signature.” A laughed heartedly, “I like you, kid. You waste no time.” A placed his signature to the document and slid it back to Sync as he stood from his chair. “From this day forward the Cloud and Leaf are now allies.” The group cheered in excitement as A sat down. B did a spin and began to dance, opening his mouth to rhyme as Sync interrupted him. “Save us the headache and quit while you are ahead.” B shrugged and kept silent as Sync rolled up the document and placed it in his pouch. “I believe you want an explanation to how Atherion works, hm?” He reached in his pouch and tossed a scroll towards A.

“That scroll has everything you will need to know about Atherion. It is a limitless and infinite supply of energy. No matter what you do it will not diminish. The source of its power is in the monument of the Third Raikage. I took the liberty of writing your genetic code into the seal so only you, the Raikage A can use the power as you see fit. Of course, you cannot override my authority. All you can do is erect and kill the barrier at will. Only I, Sync Uchiha may access the source of Atherion.” Raikage A sat there and nodded, “Fair enough, thanks for sharing your creation with us. We are in your debt.” Sync scoffed, “Those words mean nothing coming from you.” A laughed and walked up to Sync patting his back as Sync flew through the 3 stories below as B and A blinked, looking down at him. “Oh shit! Oi! You alright boy?” Sync’s body twitched as he stood up, looking up at the three holes as the group surrounded the hole looking down. “Yea, I’m good.” He cracked the bones in his body as he murmured, “Fucking behemoth bastard doesn’t know his own fucking strength.” As Sync headed toward the door Crispy appeared in front of him, his puffy tail vibrating as Sync looked down at him. “Crispy…what brings you here?” Crispy jumped on his shoulder and nuzzled his cheek as Sync laughed. “Mur Mur mew mur mew mew mur murrr..” Sync blinked, “Alright, will you be our escort?” Crispy churred as Sync laughed, “Alright, excellent. It’s been awhile since we travelled with you.” The group walked down the stairs as Kagura looked at Sync, “You alright? That was one hell of a tumble.” Sync shrugged, “I’ll live.”

Kyo and Sumi blinked as they saw Crispy. “Crispy!” Sumi ran towards him as he jumped in Joy and clung to Sumi, nuzzling her cheek as Kyo walked up to Crispy. “Did father send you?” Crispy gave Kyo the rabbit foot as Kyo looked away, “Fine, be that way.” Kagura blushed and looked at Crispy, “Aw….he’s so cute.” Crispy looked at Kagura and jumped off Sumi’s shoulders hiding behind Allania as she smiled and picked Crispy up, nuzzling his nose. “Hey there, cutie!” Crispy churred and licked Allania as Sync blinked, “Oi, Crispy! Get away from her you might catch something.” Crispy glared at Sync and gave him the rabbit foot as well. Sync blinked, “jackass.” He scoffed as Kyo looked at him, “Crispy doesn’t usually take well to strangers.” Sieg looked at Crispy. “Hahaha! He is afraid of Kagura!” Kagura glared at Sieg who shut up.” Ryoko looked at Sync, “what is Crispy doing here?” Sync looked at everyone. “Naruto wants us back to the village, as soon as possible. He has another mission for us and this time he requests aid from the Cloud. Apparently A wants Let, Allaskank and Sieg to assist us.” They looked at Sync, “Alla what?” Sync scoffed, “shut up and let’s go!” Allania ignored Sync as Crispy jumped off Allania’s shoulder and led the way to the gate and stopped before it as he began to speak. Sync and Sumi nodded as Allania said, “Understood!” They looked at her, “The hell? You can understand him?!” Allania laughed cheerily and yipped, “It seems I do!” Sync frowned, “Great, Crispy speaks skank now.” Kyo and Ryoko looked around. “Alright, let us all get supplies we need and head out.” The group nodded.

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With all the chaos and pandemonium going on around one can get distracted at least for most but Mongoose stays ever vigilant tracking the missing Nin Ringtail has sent him to eliminate. “It seems that this is their most resent campfire that means we’re getting close” A massive explosion happen that shakes the ground and Mongoose doesn’t even look up, “that should slow them down so you can do what you need to do….. Find them I will.” He jumps to the ground from the trees and examines where the Nin treaded and soon finds the direction they took, “the prints aren’t to fresh it will take time to locate them. Mongoose returns to the trees following the tracks feeling a bit woozy “Always fixing your brothers messes I see, hope he realizes this some day.” Mongoose continues and soon the feeling passes.

After a few hours Mongoose finds the missing Nin’s fresh trail “about time damn Nin must have no idea where their going” Someone appears behind Mongoose “look to be thirty to fifty, Coda, what can you see,” “ not too much they’re in an unusual area like a path way that’s somewhat in the ground with a lake, and yes they do seem lost.” Coda explains “Well let’s remedy that, little brother” Mongoose put a hand on Coda’s shoulder and his vision expands seeing every detail and so can Mongoose, “Forty-two enemies, no, forty-three,” Coda remarks, “Hold up the woman in the shadows that’s Urrissa one of the Shogun’s generals this proves his involvement.” Mongoose exclaims, “So we have to take out one of the Shoguns generals, that won’t sit well with him,” “I don’t think so she’s probably just here for observation the Shogun wouldn’t risk war until his nephew is found, he won’t chance losing his people favor.” declares Mongoose “You really think she’ll let us take out the Nin without getting involved ,” asks Coda “We’ll soon find out, Now I’ll use the lake to get in close and you go around and flank,” Mongoose instructs “I gotcha we splitting the kills or can I go for extras,” suggests Coda, “this is assassinations always split or get noticed remember that and Little Brother have fun.” Mongoose then sprints off through the tree tops and then jumps in the lake with no splash of any sound at all. Coda takes off to begin his fun not making a sound ether.

Two of the Nin were filling the water skins one of the nin as he is filling a water skin looks down and sees a beautiful woman in black ballad shoes swimming just under the surface pursing her lips for a kiss which he goes in for, she just holds his head under until he drowns, to late the other notices what his ally is doing and then he sees the woman as her face changes and she reviles rows of sharp fangs he tries to run for help but the mermaid jumps out of out of the water and slits his throat. “Sexyjutsu with Genjutsu good combo” Mongoose mutters softly while keeping to the shadows. Coda runs in silently throwing two razor shurikins hitting two nin in the back of the neck severing their spins and ending them while his shadow motions a jutsu that brings forth roots and impaling two others preventing detection, “that was fun” Mongoose makes his way to another group of nin then pauses to assess the situation “Five on patrol if I do this right I can take each of them out in a short time with out them noticing” he thinks to himself. After learning their routine he put his plan in action hiding by a tree as one of the nin walk by Goose steps out and quickly breaks the nin’s neck then Goose snicks in the path of another and up palms the nin’s nose into his brain ending him as Goose creep up behind the thirds jabbing the nin in the throat stopping him from alerting the others he suffocates in silence allowing Goose to run up and target several of the forth’s pressure point cutting off their blood flow and throw a kuni into the heart of the fifth’s before they could react, “Fourteen to go.”

Coda runs and slides up behind a nin and punches his fist through his chest doing a silent Bruce Lee “waaaaa” five nin notice and go running at him weapons drawn. Coda uses Genjutsu making them see each other as the enemy decapitating each other as he grabs another nin doing an exploding jutsu on his head with glowing flames cuts it off killing the first and throws the head at the final nin activating the jutsu taking him out with a low blast muffled with Genjutsu “Ha ha ha like a jack o lantern” Coda thinks to himself. Goose now jumps in the middle of a group of nine nin as a glyph of perpetual silence etches in to the ground under them and a misty bubble surrounds them as the nin attack and Goose uses taijutsu to fight blocking countering attacking he takes a few critical hits to deliver fatal blows and soon defeats the nin after which he collapses in the shadows to recuperate “Five huff huff to go”.

(Got to finish this quick) thinks Coda as he silently sprints forward throwing his sword into the skull of yet another victim , he then leaps into the air kicking one in the back of the head and as he descends he kicks it to the side causing his neck to break as he hit’s the ground and rolls to a stand were he slugs another in the jaw flinging him to the ground as he back kicks a third in the throat causing him to stumble back as he turns and catches the fourth as he punches at him. Effortlessly grabbing the mans wrists and flipping him over as he flows right into a series of palm strikes on a fifth which cuts off his blood and chi flow the man falls clawing at the air Coda cracks a sinister smile before back flipping into a inverted spin kick crushing the second’s nose and knocking the third out cold. Feeling the sixth charge he sticks out his tongue and ensnares the sap in Tsyukiomi the man instantly falls to his knees and then crumbles to the floor as his mind is completely destroyed in an instant . He then activates the Sharingan in his hand slowing time , with this he charges seven and slams both his palms into the mans chest causing it to implode he then turns and kicks the knee of the third out the back of his leg and finish’s him off with a Chuck Norris style triple roundhouse. As the second man tries to react Coda grabs one of his arms and pulls it forward as he palms his shoulders severing it form his body and pimp smacks him with it before impaling him with his own hand . At this the effect of his hand Sharingan ends , and as the eight and the Ninth charge him he turns and drops to a knee jabbing his index and middile finger into their chest and initiates syphon they begin gasping as the color fades from them and they slowly decompose or so it would appear to the outside world, and in a mere fourty five seconds the only trace of them is their armor and weapons on the floor!

After a few minutes of meditation to redirect the pain, Goose leaves the shadows and makes his way to the last five nin, at an open field like area they spot him and start to charge as they do Goose a jutsu and a pentagram appears on the ground when the first nin reaches it a shadow Goose runs down the line of the pentagram until it gets to the nin and the shadow follows Gooses motions and beats the nin to death then from that nin another Pentagram forms catching another nin who gets paralyzed in the middle of the pentagram as five other shadow Goose dart from each point of it and brutally beat him and then grab each of his limbs and his head and tear him pretty much limb from limb. As the third pentagram appears the three nin run away from it the pentagram rises up and catches the third in it like a spider web at this point Goose swings his arm in a cutting motion making the star and the nin gets cut with each motion, the Pentagram then falls touching the one before it and a forth starts to form. The nin were sure to steer clear of this pentagram they were just out of range the only thing in it was one of the nin’s shadows and it was the head of his shadow then the pentagram spun and a thin line of red appeared on his neck and his head fell off while the last nin was freaking out the pentagram was all ready around him and spectral hands started to pull him into the pentagram until he was gone.

“Well little brother it appears our job is done here shall we head else where” Mongoose proclaims, “Wait,” The woman from the shadows steps in to the field admiring their work

Urrissa the Shogun's General
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“That was pretty impressive the two of you taking out 42 nin I have to say I enjoyed the show,” “Thanks, it always pleasure to meet a fan of disembowelment, it‘s quite a rarity these day” Coda declares, “Just doing what we were hired to do, now if you don’t mind we need to find another kill job,” Mongoose retorts. “Hold on, you said hired does the mean your open for another job perhaps,” She asks “It doesn’t work like that,” Goose interrupts , “yeah, see first you need one of these,” Coda holds up an ominous coin thet he was flipping between his fingers, “All you need is a coin and a name before you know it they’ll be slain” “How can I get a coin, I need help in finding someone,” “The coin finds its way to those who need it” Coda jeers, “You hear our jiggle we kill do you want this person killed,” She ponders as Goose gets a glimmer of hope in his eye, “no I need him alive.” is her responds, the glimmer dissipates “Then we’re not the ones for the job, find yourself a tracker” with his cold response Coda put his hand on Goose’s shoulder and their gone, “Wait,” She turns and they are gone with no smoke, no sound , she can’t even sense a thing almost as if they weren’t even there like she imagined the whole thing, but the bodies were still there so she knows it was real, “I hope we meet again some time mysterious assassins just as I hope to see Gipsgo.”

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Scripture of Legends (STORY)

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