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Toudou's Finest (Stats)

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PostSubject: Re: Toudou's Finest (Stats)   Mon 16 Aug 2010, 16:03

Name: Tseng Hiatzu

Age: 17

School Level: 2nd year student at Toudou Academy.

Behavior: He possesses inhuman perception ability and catches on to moods and feelings of others quickly. He is quite intelligent though it isn't always shown in the way he carries himself. He is mindful of his pride and would sooner die than run from a fight, it is the same thing with breaking a promise. He is a handful to those who care for him. He hates being told he can't do something and will usually do it either way. When it comes down to it he can be quite serious. He cares more about the well being of his friends than he does about himself and even when fatally wounded he would be quick to make sure others are ok, this gets him into a lot of trouble with his friends. He is quick to hide things from others if the information will hurt them and he is impossible to read. The only time he goes to class is when he needs to talk about something important with a classmate or if his strange mood allows it, this is extremely rare and whenever he is present the teachers are fuming with annoyance and anger. He is very reliable and often gives good advice which leads nearly everybody in the school to talk to him often, even older students seek advice at times. He doesn't care about what others think of him unless the opinion is from one of the dear friends he cares for. He is extremely skillful in a fight and can always find a perfect opening on an opponent given the chance. He enjoys the thrill of fighting one who outclasses him, his ability to adapt and transcend himself within battle offers a chance to survive and maybe even win. He enjoys sleeping and gets cranky without enough sleep. Despite being so calm and collected he has very dirty thoughts that nobody knows about.

He is 6'0 and weighs 175 pounds.

Epithet: Inugami, Mix Man, Conqueror

Goals: To end the rule of the current Enforcement Group. To protect the ones he cares for. To become stronger. He has an interest in the phoenix feathers for personal reasons unknown to all. To defeat 'Double Impact' Tawara Bunshichi (Head Advisor of the Executive Council, in name) in a one on one fight.

Martial Arts Style: Wrath of the Wolf- Jiujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Capoeira, Iron fist, Kenpo, Boxing, Shaolin fist and Gentle palm, all mixed into one along with the secret style of the Hiatzu family, Hiten-ryu, passed down through the generations. He constantly switches his fighting style in a fight and never fights the same way twice in a row, sometimes he mixes them all and sometimes he uses one individually, this has led to his secondary epithet. His skill with a blade is also something to be reckoned with (thanks to Madoka) particularly when he is up for Yamato duty.

Special Ability: Wolf Spirit- Wolf Claws, Wolf Fangs, Wolf Paws, Wolf Sight, Wolf Howl, Wolf Nose, Wolf Instinct. This ability can be incorporated into every aspect of his style due to extreme and unheard of versatility. With Wolf Sight he can ennhace the distance seen as well as better foresee attacks. Wolf Howl allows him to communicate with other ability users. Wolf Nose allows for finding opponents by scent when his eyes fail him. Wolf Instinct allows extreme perception ability that allows for quicker reflexes. Wolf Paws allows increased physical movement. Wolf Fangs increases the sharpness of his style and allows for piercing effects. Wolf Claws is the signature part of the Wolf Spirit and allows him to call upon the power of the Wolf Gods creating black claws of ki that can tear through anything they attack. This Dragon Gate is seemingly dark and chaotic to most though some see it in another way.

Ki: His ki has no stem to any elements rather it allows him to utilize special techniques that deal with guiding ki from one point to another using a medium. After brutally extensive training he has mastered the 1st Dragon Gate, Air Tiger Hidden Spirits and he can fortify his body with pure ki. He has access to the 8th Dragon Gate of the Hiatzu family Wolf Spirit. His Ki is normally a light shade of purple but with Wolf Spirit in effect the ki becomes black and dark purple.

Techniques: Uraate- This is fulcrum-based transference skill; an example of Ki transmission that teaches one to shift the point and force of impact by striking the dead center of an object. At expert-levels, a practitioner can transmit the force of impact wherever they please, as long as a medium exists to transmit their power through. The base of many of his techniques.

Forged Needle Strike- This technique is the greatest of secrets within the Takayanagi clan, passed down for generations. It is a technique which uses the fulcrum-based transference skill of Uraate to transmit the user's power through the air. This is achieved by collecting the rotational force of one's motion until it forms unto a needle, forged by their own ki. At that point, that collected atmospheric force would then be directed from the circular motion into a straight line (via punch), where it is sent barreling into the target. This was taught to him by his eldest brother Yuan who "stole" the technique from the Takayanagi family. It is done in a slightly different way than the original.

Falling Leaves- A technique that utilizes ki projection from the knuckles. The blows strike a few at a time randomly like leaves in the fall. A signature technique.

Reverse Step- A technique that uses speed and precision along with timing to stop weapon attacks and return the force to the attacker by compressing it in the palm with ki and releasing it more powerfully upon touching the opponent. The entire movement seems like one step. Despite being a technique specifically for beating weapon users it can also be used against unarmed fighters. A signature technique.

Rushing Phoenix Elbow Drop- A technique that deals with the transference of striking strength through ki. The user strikes the palm with his fist at full strength and using his ki he transfers the pure power from the fist through the arm and into the elbow releasing the power along with the force of the elbow itself thus dropping the opponent like a sack. A signature technique.

Godly Double Palm Blast- With this the user opens the 1st dragon gate and projects the ki released in between his two palms rotating the energy in the normal clockwise rotation and when the force has reached the prime from the rotation the user reverses the rotation which sends the ki into a destructive frenzy. By pushing the palms outward he releases the ki like a kamehameha wave. A signature technique. Can only be used once in a fight safely.

Flowing Palm Impact- A technique similar to the forged needle in that it can only be achieved through a medium. This however is different as the palm now directs the force and instead of the air the medium must be solid. A technique learned from Leliana.

Storming Hurricane- A special type of throw that deals with rotating the ki around the entire body instead of one area. If successful the user will lock the key joints of his opponent using both arms and legs and with one fluid motion he will dislocate the joints and twist allowing the rotating ki to transfer to the opponent creating a hurricane of ki that leaves the opponent ravaged. This is a signature technique. The technique is extremely risky since the user must leave himself open. There is very rarely a chance to make it work and even then it is still nearly impossible to complete but on the chance it is successful it is a complete finishing technique that is impossible to stand after.

Fist of the North Star- A technique that relies entirely on one arm focusing tons of ki in it. The user punches and releases the amazing amount of ki all at once which instantly tears the very air around him and the force that strikes the opponent is extreme. This technique is so powerful that the users arm will be dislocated with each use at the least and at most the arm will be broken. As such it can only be used twice in a fight, once with each arm. This technique was learned from Darren.

Diamond Palm Smash- A technique that draws from mastery of Gentle Palm and Iron Fist. The user keeps the fundamentals of this art in mind while gathering ki in a different way than usual. The ki is then released through a thrust of the palm with a short and extremely powerful burst. This technique is meant for either repelling incoming weapons or protecting others from attacks. It can also be used on an opponent as long as the fight is brought to point blank range but if the technique doesn't work then the user is left wide open. A signature technique.

Soul of the Conqueror- More of a state of spiritual awareness. The ki is synchronized with the Ceremonial Blade Yamato and the soul of the vanquisher grants the power of destruction. The specifics of this are unknown but it is very dangerous for everyone when this comes into play.

Weapons: His body itself is a weapon. He sometimes carries a katana for unknown reasons. He also shares the responsibility with his siblings of carrying the Ceremonial Blade; Soul Vanquisher Chokutou Yamato, the counterpart to the Ceremonial Blade; Soul Eater Chokutou Reiki.

Club: Proud Wolves Club. Their club room is the Dojo at the south side of the school and happens to be one of the biggest in the school. They got the dojo as their territory after challenging the old users the Judo club. After thrashing them they took to the dojo. When the club was first formed they were threatened by other clubs including the Enforcers but when an assault actually came they beat down every single thing sent at them which got them recognized by the group even though they were against them.

Club Members:
Kiirina Hotaru- 18 years old? 3rd year Toudou Academy student. The head of the Hotaru feather family. She was gifted with the 8th Dragon Gate of the Hotaru family, Dragon Palm, which allows her to heal wounds by manipulating ki. She has shown much promise in being able to take the ability to a different level than her other family members. Her Martial Art style, Hand of Harmony is a mix of Gentle palm, Reverse flow and Jeet Kune Do. She specializes in redirecting attacks and using an opponents force against them. She cannot use any of the natural Dragon Gates and like Tseng she project her ki through a medium which helps her in many different ways. Her ki is turquoise.
She is a genius recognized by everybody in the school, She is kind and Caring and doesn't have it in her to hurt someones feelings, She is almost always honest and she is very devoted to her friends.
She met Tseng during his first month in attendance at Toudou Academy and having been in the Enforcement Group she was sent to set him straight since he hadn't been attending class. When she finally found him he was single handedly fighting part of the Enforcement Group led by one of the leaders Ryuzaki. He was protecting a girl and though he wasn't a match for Ryuzaki he kept fighting and as Ryuzaki was angered at his persistence she stepped in to stop him. After taking care of his wounds she learned that Ryuzaki was sexually harrassing the girl Linali. She decided to quit the Enforcement Group to the dismay of others and became friends with Tseng and Linali.
Epithet- She doesn't have one.
She is 5'11 and 130 pounds.

Linali Cheng- 17 years old. 2nd year Toudou Academy student. A foreign exchange student from China who decided to stay after enrolling at Toudou. She does not have access to an 8th Dragon Gate. Her Martial Art Style, Flying Talons is a mix of Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, Chinese Kenpo and Goju Ryu. She only uses her legs and her lower body during a fight though she does upper body conditioning as well. She has access to the 4th natural Dragon Gate, Green Belt Wing, and can utilize the ki from this gate to gain extreme aerial ability and graceful swiftness and nimbleness. With this she can also create drafts of wind that serve different purposes. She has access to the 6th Dragon Gate, Orange Belt Water. Her ki is drawn from the water element and thus she can manipulate water while in contact with it and use it as a weapon. Her ki is sky blue.
She is adventurous, caring, complicated, energetic and she loves to fight. She is extremely polite most of the time and makes sure that people mind their manners. She is also quite touchy and doesn't realize when she is being too touchy.
On her first day at Toudou at the entrance ceremony she ended up sitting next to Tseng who was busy sleeping. After some time she realized that he was the only person there that was sleeping through the amazing heart warming speeches at the ceremony. Eventually she got annoyed and forcefully dragged him out of the auditorium to an area behind the 3rd year cafeteria. When he woke up the comment he made somehow made her angry and she challenged him to a fight. She completely dominated him with ease and was extremely dissappointed in how weak he was. Right when she was going to leave some 3rd year students surrounded her. Right before anything bad could happen Tseng beat the crap out of the students, to her surprise, with a power she had never seen. He apologized for not taking the fight with her seriously as he was deprived of sleep and she believed he didn't realize what he had actually done. After making introductions she became his first friend at the Academy. She never admitted it to anybody but she was actually trying to force Tseng into situations where he would have to fight so she could see the power he showed when they first met.
Epithet- Graceful Swallow
She is 5'10 and 125 pounds.

Jeral Kabane- 18 years old. 3rd year Toudou Academy student. The younger brother of the head of the Kabane feather family he was gifted with the 8th Dragon Gate of the kabane family, Soul Blade, which is a special ability that allows him to materialize large blades out of nowhere. This ability works differently from his brothers. His Martial Art Style, Bladed Fury is a mix of MMA, Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, Taijutsu and Karate. Along with the Sould Blade 8th Dragon Gate he trained to gain access to the 7th natural Dragon Gate Red Belt Earth. When he opens this gate he gains the ability to draw and direct energy from the earth and guide lightning to a certain degree, he can't use this unless in direct contact with the earth though. His ki is within the metal element and so he can manipulate metal to a degree. His ki is red orange.
He is brave and strong and doesn't back down. Like Tseng he would rather not run from a fight. He regularly flirts around with girls and can't maintain a steady relationship. He has extremly good senses and a superhuman sense of smell.
He had heard the rumors of the heroic feats of Tseng after the confrontation with Ryuzaki of the Executive Council. He introduced himself to Tseng and told him that he would challenge him in a month to see how strong he was in accordance with the rumors that stated that Tseng only lost because he fought back when he was barely able to move. When the time came he had an all out fight with Tseng in the middle of the school day which managed to draw the attention of everybody in the school that day. He was winning for the majority of the fight as Tseng couldn't counter attack against his blades but only at the end did he realize that Tseng wasn't just taking a beating but he was waiting for the one chance when Jerals guard would be down. He took the chance the instant it opened and struck Jeral with a full on Forged Needle Strike. He got back up after the attack but Tseng had already moved again and hit him with yet another Forged Needle. The battle was close but he lost to Tseng. Since then they started hanging out and managed to become friends.
Epithet- Dead Blade
He is 6'2 and weighs 234 pounds.

Madoka Mawari- 15 years old. 1st year Toudou Academy student. At a young age she was forced to be the head of the Mawari founding feather family after her parents died. She does not have an 8th gate. As trademark of her family she has mastered swordsmanship and is a prodigy. She can use any bladed weapons, mainly swords. She typically carries weapons on her at all times. Her Martial Art Style, Dancing Blades is a personal style learned within her family as one of the most elite sword arts if not the most, the style is considered a supreme form of fencing. She doesn't have access to any of the natural gates and her ki is not linked to any element. Her ki is yellow and pink.
She is carefree and kind. She loves sweet things and can usually be manipulated by something that is sweet and delicious. She has a way of referring to people with cute nicknames. She does anything she can to get Tsengs attention and praise. When she fights she usually doesn't hold back and thrashes anybody she faces. She always makes sure to act mature though she can never keep it up.
At the start of Tsengs 2nd year he was forced to do the opening ceremony by the Enforcement Group if he wanted to pass the 1st year. He reluctantly agreed and gave the opening speech to the new 1st years. He also had to give an account of his own first year and anything that happened. He took that opportunity to bad mouth and bash all the assholes in the Enforcers Group. After the speech was done students from all grade levels attended the ceremony when they heard Tseng was doing it. When the demonstration part came Ryuzaki decided to step in and beat the crap out of Tseng in front of everyone. Having not had a chance to rematch Ryuzaki honorably Tseng decided to take that chance for revenge. He fought evenly with Ryuzaki at first and then revealed that he wasn't giving it 100%. Tseng went all out and hit Ryuzaki with a Forged Needle Strike inches away from his heart just to spite Mitsuomi who was in attendance of the ceremony. Madoka was entranced by Tseng and introduced herself to him after the ceremony. She decided to join the Proud Wolves Club and the Jyukenbu group. Even though she has only known everybody for half a year she has a huge crush on Tseng. Her and Aya are rivals for Tsengs affection and constantly fight though Madoka usually has the upper hand in their verbal conflicts.
Epithet- Blade Master
She is 5'6 and 110 pounds.

Family History: The Hiatzu family was one of the 36 branch red feather families of the phoenix for 100 years after the founding 2000 years ago. They split off from the Phoenix and became one of their greatest enemies. Having been in fatal conflict for the last 1900 years the reason for the whole conflict was lost in time. The Hiatzu clan would temporarily assist other groups against the Phoenix Feathers.
The Hiatzu family was one of the top 5 strongest feather families in the Phoenix and those born with their bloodline would gain the supernatural ability Wolf Spirit. Tseng is one of the youngest of 5 siblings. His eldest brother Yuan (24 years old) is the current head of the Hiatzu family, he was born with the Wolf Spirit and has since mastered it. His elder sister Leliana (21 years old) wasn't born with the Wolf Spirit but has access to 4 of the natural Dragon Gates. His elder brother Darren (19 years old) also wasn't born with the Wolf Spirit but has access to the 5th natural Dragon Gate Yellow Belt Fire with mastery of the techniques stemming from it. His younger sister Meryl (12 years old) was born with the Wolf Spirit but events as a child made it dangerous and near impossible for her to actually use the ability, she started training to open the 3rd natural Dragon Gate, Blue Belt Wood, but is unable to willingly use it.
Tseng grew up close to his older siblings and as a child he would always follow them around wherever they would go. On his 9th birthday however he discovered something about his family that slowly started to make him distrust them. His father Ken and his mother Dalia eventually caught on and casually poked the issue to find out what the problem was. Since then the only ones in his family that he truly trusted were his siblings. In middle school he was sent to a private academy for starting fighters. Because of his skill level at the age of 12 he was far ahead of other students and often beat on them when they annoyed him. Because of his emotional instability he was removed from the school and had to stay at the household where he would be taught by Leliana and Yuan. 2 years later they sent him to a normal highschool but he didn't fit in with normal people so he got himself expelled on purpose. They kept him at home for yet another year before finally deciding to send him to Toudou Academy. He made a friend on his first day there, Linali, and soon he became respected in the school despite being a 1st year student.
He created the Proud Wolves club and became one of the 3 who revived the Jyukenbu group. Many in his family particularly his parents hated that he became friendly with members of the feather families eventually befriending Madoka the head of one of the 12 founding families, the Mawari family. He told his family that he would cut all ties with them if they were so against it. They didn't want to lose him however so they bit their tongues and tried to get over it. When they realized that the Jyukenbu was actually against the Executive Council they became more tolerant though there is still bitterness in the meetings.

Yuan- 6'2 weighs 200

Leliana- 5'8 weighs 130

Darren- 6'4 weighs 220

Meryl- 4'10 weighs 95

Ken- 6'0 weighs 185

Dalia- 5'7 weighs 140
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PostSubject: Toudou's Finest (Stats)   Mon 16 Aug 2010, 15:57

Name: What you are called. Your family or clan name will be your last name.

Age: We are in high school. 15 to 21 years old.

School Level: What grade or year you are in. 9th grade= 1st year student. 10th grade= 2nd year. 11th grade= 3rd year. 12th grade= 4th year.

Behavior: Any distinguishing traits your character may have. At least one thing that makes you stand out from everybody else.

Appearance: What you look like. Maybe you have a different appearance at different times. Include height and weight.

Epithet: The nickname given to you by the martial art world. This goes off of something special about you, maybe your signature technique or your families special abilities.

Goals: What you aspire for.

Martial Arts Style: The type or types of martial arts you base yourself on. Perhaps you are all about mastering one specific style or you enjoy making use of multiple styles.

Special Ability: The supernatural or special ability of your family. Also state how you can use this ability in accordance with your Martial Arts Style. This is the 8th Dragon Gate.

Ki: State if your ki has any special properties like stemming from the 5 elements- Wood, Fire, Earth, Water and Metal. Everybody can use the basic 7 Dragon Gates- Air Tiger Hidden Spirits, Metal Silk Voice, Blue Belt Wood, Green Belt Wing, Yellow Belt Fire, Orange Belt Water and Red Belt Earth. Red feather families have access to the special 8th gate which doesn't need any element, these gates can include Dragon Eyes, Dragon Claws and other Dragon features that grant special powerful abilities when you can master them. It should also be noted that not everybody can use every gate and not everybody can use any at all. It takes extensive training to be able to open gates. Also state what color your ki is.

Techniques: Any techniques you can use. It would be wise to put a description of your techniques though you don't have to.

Weapons: If your style requires the use of any weapon then state what they are.

Club: We are all the leader of our own individual club. Together we gathered our clubs to revive the Jyukenbu group. The Club should be based on an interest or a special martial art shared by all members. Examples are the Judo club, Wrestling club, Karate Club and so on.

Club Members: We should each have at least 4 members in our club excluding ourselves. Feel free to detail as much of the characters as you want. Make sure to put an appaerance for each.

Family History: Your childhood and life up to now. Anything special or crazy that happened to you.You can also state how you met your group or formed them if you wish.

PM me for any questions or ideas.

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Toudou's Finest (Stats)

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