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To Clip a Feather (Story)

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PostSubject: Re: To Clip a Feather (Story)   Sun 05 Sep 2010, 05:27

The Enforcers/The Executive Council:
Takayanagi Mitsuomi- President of the Enforcers. 18 years old. The head of the Takayanagi family and the leader of all other clans in the phoenix feathers. The #1 fighter in Toudou Academy. He is feared as a tyrant and nobody will stand against him within the school directly (Aside from the Jyukenbu). He is mostly serious and will not back down. He will employ dirty tactics when needed to get things done. When he meets someone that is worthy of his attention he tends to get too worked up which causes Bunshichi to have no choice but to calm him down. Past events made it so that he could only fight for 3 minutes. He fights using the Takayangi family secret style.

Tawara Bunshichi- Head Advisor of the Enforcers. 20 years old. He is essentially the strategist of the group and all actions are supposed to be passed by him first. Despite being extremely intelligent he often disguises smart moves using humor. He is a pervert and loves big tits claiming that the only thing he can't beat in this world are big titties and shitake mushrooms. When he gets annoyed he threatens to rape girls though it's confirmed that he would never actually do that. He is the #2 fighter in Toudou and is the only fighter in the school who uses a purely self taught fighting style successfully making his moves unpredictable.

Isuzu Emi- Vice President of the Enforcers. 18 years old. A member of the ultra rich Isuzu family. She is in charge of organizing the Enforcers fighters. She uses a shadow weapon fighting style that allows her to produce weapons out of nowhere (seemingly). Despite being considered one of the hottest girls in the school the truth is that she is actually extremely obese but uses a body manipulation technique to fold her fat and maintain a slender form which allows her to use her shadow style. This is a deep secret though and is only known by a few people. She is completely dedicated to Mitsuomi and has romantic feelings for him.

Kagurazaka Shinobu- Head of the Mitsuomi Guard which is Mitsuomi personal group of fighters to obviously protect him. 18 years old. He fights primarily using his legs and knees and arms for defense. He is very effeminate and is believed by many to be a hardcore queer steer homo. He is also called a transvestite by Emi most of the time. He is apparently good at chess.

Shiro Tagami- The 3rd in command of the Enforcers under Emi. 18 years old. He proclaims he is one of the few completely honorable warriors left in the world following a code of bushido. This shown to be true since he is against using despicable methods to get things done. He is reluctant to fight others when they are at a disadvantage but as he holds the same admiration for Mitsuomi as Emi he won't hesitate to take his orders to heart over his personal beliefs. He is extremely tall and skinny and uses what appears initially to be a staff though it splits into sections like a sanjiegun with more sections which allows him to attack in arcs.

Sagara Koji- One of the head Enforcers and the founder and captain of the Lucha Libre Pro Wrestling Club. 18 years old. He joined the Enforcers after his club was constantly harrassed and his precious members were in danger of suffering severe injury. He considers himself the most brutal of all enforcers and when taking on his duty he takes up his nickname and alter ego Saga Mask (where he wears a luchadore mask to hide his face even though everyone knows it's him). He puts 100% into everything he does and while he doesn't agree with the enforcers completely he will loyally do what they ask to protect his club from harm. He uses an ultimate wrestling style that is extremely brutal. He is kind and honorable and refuses to do anything unfairly.

Ryuzaki Tsutomu- Another of the head Enforcers. 17 years old. He is extremely arrogant, believes himself to be stronger than he really is, he is also very sadistic and perverted having no moral codes and absolutely no problem with sexually assaulting women. He fights using the dragon gate of fire. Having always taken advantage of his position he was brutally put into his place by Hiatzu Tseng and is currently still in recovery though he has vowed to take revenge against him.

There are more members and heads of the Enforcers though they aren't as important as the ones listed. We can make them up as we please.

Jyukenbu/ Jyuken Club:
Natsume Maya- Head Advisor of the club who gives Tseng and the rest of the group useful information and advice. 18 years old. She blames the death of her brother on Mitsuomi and supports the Jyukenbu which was founded by Shin originally. She uses the dragon gate of wood allowing her to turn anything made of wood into a weapon and even a neck tie or a twig. She is also an amazing fighter in other various aspects. To conserve her ki she uses body manipulation to maintain her childhood form. She has a habit of doing things indirectly and makes the members do seemingly useless training and exercises that always end up greatly benefiting them in ways that confuse them.

Natsume Aya- A member who is also the younger sister of Maya. 15 years old. She is a student in her first year at Toudou. She can use the 8th dragon gate the Dragon Eyes but has no actual control over the power which leads to bad circumstances when she does use it most of the time. She fights primarily using a sword and once used the Chokutou Reiki without permission which led to a lot of trouble.

Kurei Shunichiro- The Vice President of the Jyukenbu. 18 years old. He is the main strategist of the group and has information on all of the fighters in school as well as their ranks. He doesn't fight and it's wondered if he even can. He is extremely short and has a huge odd shaped head with oval eyes which makes people think he's an alien when they first meet him.

Sugano Kagesada- One of the 5 original members of the Jyukenbu. 18 years old. He has never actually fought for the group even in the past as he was only recruited as a filler in the past before the big accident. He is actually very popular with girls and even has a group of girls who wilingly defend themselves called the Sugano Angels. He appears to use a form of boxing and has trained ever since Shin died which made him quite strong. He is mostly ignored by the other members but Tseng decided to pull him back into the group forcefully. He doesn't admit or show it but he is actually very afraid of Tseng and was apparently blackmailed into supporting the group once again (the terms of blackmail are unknown). He is affectionately referred to as Asshat by the group thanks to an event in the past and because of this Tseng took up a habit of calling people he dislikes Asshat. Despite everything he appears to get along well with everyone.
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PostSubject: To Clip a Feather (Story)   Mon 16 Aug 2010, 15:55

Toudou Academy is a special high school that was established for the students to learn and further their knowledge of different martial arts. It was once regarded as a fighting paradise until an incident 3 years ago where mysterious assaults were performed on students that were in the group Katana. The events that stemmed from the assaults eventually turned into a fullout catastrophe as friends and family were separated. Since then the school had never been the same.
The Executive Council, also known as the Enforcement Group, is a group that more or less rules over the school and maintains the status quo as they see fit. The group is chosen near the end of every year as Toudou Academy holds a school wide tournament among groups and clubs for the position of the Executive Council.
The current Enforcement Council under the control of Mitsuomi Takayanagi, the head of the Takayanagi founding family, is seemingly impossible to defeat to nearly everybody in the school. The Jyukenbu (Jyuken Club), also known as the Anti-Enforcement group, was formed before the events that destroyed the fighting paradise. After becoming president of the Council Mitsuomi left the group and all of their members split up. Since then a new group of students have taen up the group name to stand against Mitsuomi. They are a group formed of 3 individual club leaders and their comrades that have grown close over time, with each leader having their own reasons for standing against the Council.

The phoenix feather clans are comprised of the 12 founding families (The white feathers) with Takayanagi as the sole leader of all, along with 36 branch families (The red feathers). These feather families possess specialties among specific weapons as well as having supernatural abilities characteristic of the family. They seemingly serve under Mitsuomi Takayanagi.
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To Clip a Feather (Story)

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